My Girlfriend describes her introduction to blowjobs and sex
Kim’s First Blow Job

This story is about female bisexuality and female cum addiction making a nice girl into a slut. Hope you enjoy.

I was fucking my girlfriend Kim in her big comfy bed. As was her want she pulled her wet velvet pussy off my nice fat cock and swapped her mouth down onto my cock.

Kim loved to give head. She was also very good at it. She would get my cock very wet over the full length of the shaft then hold her small hand at the base and deep throat the rest of the cock until her lips met her fingers firmly. Sometimes I would hold her hands away from my cock and force the full fat length of cock down her tight throat, but that often lead to small tears in her throat skin, as she was very petite, and my cock was quite fat. I didnt like to hurt her, but she seemed to like it.

She would usually get her other hand wet with pussy juice and use it to squeeze and stroke my balls as she sucked my cock down and stroked me at the base. It was a very strong amazing method and unlike most chicks she never had any trouble making me cum.

You can tell if a chick loves the taste of cum. They ask you to cum and say things like "give me your cum baby, I need it" Kim was begging me to cum and licking the slit of my cock trying to encourage me to shoot in her mouth. She kept up with the deep throat and hand sliding until I erupted a big load of cum into her mouth.

As the first spurt came out, she instantly and smoothly pulled back to just having the head of my cock in her mouth, there was no jerk of the head or surprise. Just deliberate and joy full acceptance of the cum into her mouth and joy as each spurt pulsed onto her tongue. She would swallow some and park some in her cheeks like a squirrel. I pumped half a dozen big pulses of cum into her mouth and she was purring and loving the taste and feel of cum in her mouth. Kim kept sucking as my cock pumped cum into her mouth. When I stopped shooting she started taking my cock deep again. I could feel her mouth was full of cum, and she was loving the feel of my still hard cock in her cum filled mouth. It took my cock a few minutes to get really soft and I could tell she was allowing me to relax, not forcing me to be hard again for her pleasure. She was just loving my cock with her mouth until it finally popped out of her mouth totally clean of my cum.

She snuggled up into my shoulder and chest and said "Thank you for my yummy treat"

I replied "the pleasure was mine I can assure you, where did you learn to suck like that babe"

She said "oh a while ago, a girl needs a few skills you know, just to keep her man happy"

I asked "have you always loved to swallow cum, I mean when I was younger, girls used to say DONT CUM IN MY MOUTH"

She said "Thats my little secret"

I said "Hey I really want to know, it will turn me on"

She replied "Guys like to ask questions, but they dont really want to know the answers, they always want to think they are the only ones that a girl has been with"

I said "I'm not like that, Im intellectually interested so I can understand your sexuality, and Im a dirty bastard and want the hot sexy details"

She relented and began to tell me how at barely 15 she visited her life long male school friend who was 16. He lived nearby and his mother was not home which was unusual. They were only friends but she had thought he was hot for years. They sat on the couch watching tv and unusually he put his arm around her shoulders. She allowed it and liked the close cuddle.

He soon asked if he could kiss her. Kim wanted that and said yes ok, but she didnt know how. They started slow and eventually she opened her mouth to his probing tongue and found she really enjoyed that. They pashed for a long time and she found she loved to kiss.

Her virgin pussy had become so wet she was worried she was wetting the couch. He kept trying to get his hand in her panty’s but she wouldnt let him, even though she wanted it, as she was so wet she was embarrassed.

After a while he placed her hand on his cock outside his shorts. It was her first touch of cock and apart from a few naughty thoughts at night, had not really thought about cock before.

She had seen her slutty girlfriend suck a guy off a few months back and that had looked fun. The friend had pulled her mouth off the guys cock as he came and let him shoot over the floor.

Over the years she had seen her fathers breed dogs get hard cocks, and seen them fucking the breed bitches and get tied to them afterwards. She had also seen cum pouring out of the females vagina as the dogs became untied and had actually touched the dog cum on the floor. Kim had seen one dog ejaculate after dry humping on her leg a couple of times and that had made her feel very funny in her tummy. She even admitted encouraging the dog more than once.

Her male friends cock was big, and she was fascinated by his cock. He soon undid his belt and pulled down his fly. She kept stroking his cock through his underwear. He kept trying to get his fingers in her panty’s, but she stopped him every time. After a while he moved the underwear down and his cock swung free. He was 8" long, very thick and was uncircumcised. Her hand slipped easily over his cock skin as he had leaked a lot of pre-cum. Kim’s pussy pulsed at the feel of his cock. She instantly knew that his cock was perfect for sliding into her hungry virgin pussy. She also knew her parents would kill her and she would get pregnant and ruin her life. Her friends hands were all over her tits and she was happy to let him do anything to them to keep him from finding out how embarrassingly wet her pussy was. He soon pulled her t-shirt off and unclipped her bra. She had lovely firm C cup tits and big sensitive nipples. Soon he took his shorts and underwear completely off leaving his cock fully exposed for her exploration. He was pushing her head down to his cock but she wasnt ready for that yet.

Instead she started rubbing her tits on his cock and stroking him more. This dramatically increased the amount of pre-cum he was leaking. It smelled lovely, fresh salty and very manly. Her pussy was on fire and she knew if she let him touch her pussy, she would not be able to stop him fucking her. She realised her only chance was to make him cum some other way, then she could get away and not be found out for wetting her pussy or get pregnant.

She moved closer and closer to his cock, his hand was very firm behind her head encouraging her down. As her lips touched the top of his cock she slipped out her small pink tongue and tasted cock for the first time in her life.

She loved the taste. She loved the feel. She opened her mouth wide and started lowering her mouth onto his hard cock. He lifted his butt off the couch pushing into her mouth and at the same time pushed the back of her head down. Soon his cock was deep in to the back of her throat and made her gag. Kim moved her hand onto his cock shaft so he couldnt make her choke. He was pushing into and out of her mouth and soon she started lifting up and down as well as she wanted to make him happy. She started sucking hard on the end like she'd seen her friend had done months ago. He responded to this by pulsing his cock. The pre-cum was leaking into her mouth and it just tasted nice to her. After a few minutes of sucking he started bucking wildly and she realised he was going to cum. She had no where for the cum to go and she didnt want to mark the couch and be found out by his mother. She steeled herself for the finish and soon he started pumping cum into her mouth.

It was his first ever blow job and his first ever cum with a girl. He had cum by himself many times but this was a big cum for him. He pumped 20 or more big squirts of cum into Kim's mouth. The taste was similar to the pre-cum and she didnt find it unpleasant. Her mouth quickly filled and he was pumping his cock into her mouth so fast now she was scared of making a mess. There was nothing else to do, she swallowed, first 1 then 2 then 3 big mouth full swallows of his cum, and it kept coming out of his cock. She had no choice but kept swallowing.

Finally he stopped coming and she kept sucking him till he got hard again, as she didnt know to stop. Once he got hard he started pumping his cock into her mouth again. After a few more minutes of fast stroking, sucking and deep thrusting of his cock into her mouth, he erupted again. She was more ready this time. She took the entire load and found this load sweeter but smaller than the first. She was swallowing this load too, but not forcing herself now, it was going down fairly easily and she was enjoying her power over him.

After he finished this time he pushed her head away from his cock. She tried to kiss him but he wouldnt allow her. Kim was still horny as hell and wanted more but he was finished. Soon his mums car came in the drive so they dressed quickly and Kim slipped out the back and went home. Once in her room she fingered her still virgin and very wet pussy to her first ever orgasm and loved it. The bed was very wet and it took her a while to dry it.

The next day he asked her over after school and Kim readily agreed. When she got there the mother was home so they went outside and ended up in his fathers workshop shed at the back. He asked her if she wanted to kiss and she agreed. Once again, after very little kissing she had pussy juice literally running down her legs. He kept trying to finger her pussy. She couldnt let him feel she had wet herself, so this time she undid his fly herself and slid down to his undies. Once on her knees she free'd his cock and started sucking him. He came in under 30 seconds filling her mouth with cum. She swallowed all of this and kept sucking him. He was soon hard again and was forcing his cock down her throat. She used her hand to stop him by holding the base. After a few minutes of deep sucking Kim actually came hard. Just from sucking cock. It was her first ever orgasm with some one. She started sucking him faster and harder, even used her teeth a little and was rewarded by another big blast of cum down her throat. She swallowed that and the rest. As he stopped shooting she slipped a hand down to her pussy to see how wet she was and touched her pussy. She came straight away from her own touch and finished him off sucking and cuming on her knees.

She didnt want sticky fingers from her pussy so she also licked her own pussy juice off her fingers and loved it. They went outside and talked and played for half an hour and it was Kim touching and rubbing his cock and smiling at him that got them back into the shed for another round of her sucking his cock for two more big loads of cum. They were soon outside again and eventually climbed a tree. While on a big branch shaded by leaves Kim sucked him again. She found she could press her pussy hard onto the branch, especially her clit, and made herself cum a lot until he finally shot in her mouth. She noticed the branch was wet when she moved.

They also went back in the shed where she let him cum from rubbing between her tits, but she got her mouth on the cock head as he came and swallowed the little that came out. They then dressed and exited and soon she was heading home.

Kim asked her sister if you could get pregnant from sucking cock and swallowing cum. Sister said "ewww no you cant get pregnant but you never swallow its disgusting. Why? Was she sucking cock?" Kim denied it and said something about just talking at school.

Kim realised she was different to her sister in a lot of ways. She knew her sister was fucking her sisters boyfriend. Every time her mother went out and left the two girls at home her sister would call up her boyfriend and he would be straight over. Kim could hear them fucking loudly in her sisters room. On one evening Kim was in the bathroom and saw her sisters boyfriend walk naked into the toilet behind her. He had a long loud piss then flushed the toilet. As he came out he stopped and looked at her in the bathroom mirror. He said “looking good little sister” Without any thinking Kim had dropped to her knees and sucked the guys semi hard cock into her mouth. She could taste his piss and his cum and also her sisters pussy, all still on the skin of his cock. She sucked him hard and deep while fingering her wet pussy and they both came within thirty seconds.

After that once Kim would make a point of being in the bathroom while her sister was fucking him in the bedroom and often got to suck him as he went to or from the toilet.

For the next couple of months Kim would also suck off her own friend every day. Sometimes on the weekends she would suck him till he came in her mouth up to 5 times in a single day. Most sessions had him shooting twice or 3 times into her mouth. By the 5th time on a day He was only able to manage the 1 cum in her mouth. He was always playing with her tits and they had grown to a D cup over the time.

Kim wondered if the sex play made her tits grow, I said it was just her growing up.

Sometimes he was so horny in the mornings walking to school with her, that he would force her into a hedge shrub and force his cock into her mouth even when she said no, which sounded like it wasnt often.

Her friend was becoming more and more demanding of her for actual sex. He wanted to touch, lick and fuck her pussy. Kim was scared to let him in case he learnt that she was pissing herself every time she had cock in her mouth. She was also scared of getting pregnant. One girl at her school had become pregnant and it was a scandal. Soon he gave her an ultimatum to fuck or he would move on.

While she was trying to decide what to do Kim found out he was already fucking her slutty friend. Kim was upset but could not allow him to find out about what she thought was her pissing problem.

Kim’s sister was put on the pill to help with her acne and so Kim’s mother also put Kim on the pill to ensure that her skin was clear. Kim spoke to the Doctor about her wetness problem and he told her to use sanitary pads all the time, even when not having her monthly period.

Soon Kim was back sucking her friend off a few times a week, even though she knew he was also fucking her slutty girl friend. Sometimes his cock had a different sort of taste to it, and she knew it was her slutty girl friends dried pussy juice still on his cock.

Eventually her girl friend found out and Kim promised her not to suck the guy anymore.

Kim realised she loved sucking cock and so had to go and find another guy to suck. She made more close ties with some guys at school, and eventually was able to go home with 1 after school. His cock was much smaller than the first guy and although he gave her lots of cum she wanted it every day so she cultivated other friends. Kim eventually had many guy friends who would be happy to let her suck them until they came in her mouth. By the end of the year Kim would happily end any kissing session with a guy by sucking him off. She realised guys would stop trying to get their hands in her panty’s if she
got their cocks in her mouth. She always had the sanitary pads in her panty’s but was ashamed of how wet she got. She loved the taste of cum and saw kissing and cock sucking as equal. Kim would suck any guy she kissed, and if she sucked a guy she would suck him to completion in her mouth and swallow.

Kim often masturbated in the bath and had gotten used to squirting pee as she came in the bath. Sometimes at night in her bed she would rub her clit and accidentally squirt. That was difficult to conceal from her mum and sister so she did her best not to make that error.

On one occasion after school at the swimming hole she ended up sucking 3 different guys in the one afternoon. None knew about the other, but all came at least twice in her mouth. Nice big fat loads of yummy cum. That night Kim didnt want dinner and thought she must have swallowed over two cups of cum. She was so proud of herself she put a note in her diary. She fantasised about drinking a cup of fresh warm cum and had that fantasy till this day.

She was hooked.

By the time Kim was 16 she was sucking off at least 6 different guys a week and had become very popular at school. Sometimes she would even suck the guys off at school. Once she was caught by a teacher and during the telling off she got, she kept smiling seductively at him and keeping her mouth slightly open, until she was told to get on her knees and see how bad she had been, ending up sucking off the 6' dark skinned teacher till he blew in her mouth and all over her D cup tits and school uniform. Kim went to his classroom every chance she got to see if he was alone. She got to repeat the blow job on her knees many times and to this day had a thing for being forced to suck sexy older men. She still had a reputation as a good girl. Where lots of girls were fucking often and some had got pregnant. Kim had not even let one guy put his hands in her pants or touch her pussy. She was on the pill now and knew she could not get pregnant but she was still embarrassed at how wet her pussy got.

One night she stayed over at her girl friends house and they were told to sleep in the same big double bed. In the dark they cuddled and talked about boys and fucking and cock sucking. Kim was very turned on by the talk and admitted to her friend that she couldnt let a boy touch her pussy as it got too wet. Kim also admitted she had sucked the boys cock and thought it had her girl friends dried pussy juice on it. The slutty friend eventually started kissing Kim and she returned the kiss. It became very passionate and they both got their hands on each others tits and fingers into each others pussys. Kim even licked her friends pussy for over an hour and made her cum many many times. Her friend even squirted a few times and made Kim squirt with her fingers as well. Kim realised she wasnt the only one who had a wet pussy and that might squirt.

Kim was seeing her first male friend again and after much talking and honesty had even allowed him to feel how wet her pussy got. He begged her to let him lick her and they spent many afternoons in his back shed in 69 with his cock all the way down her throat and her pussy ground into his mouth. She found he would make her piss by licking her clit with his tongue as he slid a finger inside her pussy to the hard lump she now called a G-Spot. In later years she realised that was not piss but female ejaculation or squirting.

She also took to sitting on top of him with her pussy lips either side of his hard cock and rubbing her clit up and down his cock. I asked if he ever got in her and she denied he had fucked her but said many times his cock had slipped a few inches into her pussy opening but she had pulled it out and not let him fuck her.

One day at the swimming hole while she was sucking one guy and fingering herself, his friend came sneaking up behind her and started fingering her wet virgin pussy. She allowed it as she was still wet from swimming and thought he would think it water. It turned her on immensely to be touched while sucking cock and came many times and didnt even notice he had replaced his finger with his small cock and was now fucking her pussy. He was small so it must have gone in very easily. She didnt want to be fucked so she made the first guy cum quickly in her mouth and then stopped sucking the first guy. She turned and sucked the second guy with the small cock to stop him cuming in her pussy. Her mouth was very persuasive and he came very soon. But not soon enough. The first guy got hard again and slid his cock forcefully into her until then virgin pussy.

He was much bigger and she knew her throbbing pussy was full of hard cock. She continued the sucking and was loving being fucked. As she had already cum a few times from being fingered, she had a massive pussy cum with the big cock hard in her pussy. She kept fucking with both guys for quite a while that afternoon and it wasnt till she got home that she realised she had finally lost her virginity. She spent extra time in the bath that night fingering her squirting pussy to many shattering orgasms. As she dried herself she made the decision to do everything with the two guys again very soon.

Kim realised she loved her mouth and her pussy forced full of cock at the same time. It became regular for the two guys to invite her to the swimming hole and end up sliding their cocks into her mouth and pussy at the same time. She even allowed both to fuck her tight wet pussy at once and loved the feel of two cocks in her. She was sitting on the big cock guy, him balls deep in her pussy and the other guy with the small cock fucked her sopping wet pussy from behind in doggy. Occasionally he would miss and his cock would go a few inches into her ass but he would correct his aim quickly. She always wanted them to cum in her mouth though and soon loved the taste of her own pussy mixed with cock.

Kim got a job at the local supermarket packing shelves after close and her boss was quick to see she was confident and oozed sexuality. He arranged her shift to be on late with him and once they were alone he offered her extra pay if she would let him suck her pussy. She insisted she was a virgin but would like to learn how to suck him off as well. They spent many hours in the store room after closing sucking his cock and him licking her sweet little pussy. She would swallow every load he gave her, and suck every drop of cum from his cock before letting him go. Her pay was double her friends so she had to hide the extra money in a tin so no one would find out.

The manager even gave her a plastic vibrator and at home Kim experimented with all the ways of using the vibe including sliding it up her ass as she rubbed her clit. When she admitted she had had the vibe in her ass the manager demanded to see it done. After a lot of discussion she agreed and a night later had him licking her pussy and shoving her vibe up her ass. After many many of her big cums, he had pulled the vibe out and analy raped her. She was screaming no but her body kept cuming hard and so he would not stop. She was really upset about this and quit her job and would not talk to him again. She did not report it though.

Kim also revisited her overnight stay at her slutty girl friends house and realised she loved pussy juice and squirt just as much as cum. Her slutty girl friend admitted to her boyfriend she was fucking Kim and the guy demanded he get cut in. So one night while the two girls were in beg together he snuck over to the house and climbed in the window. It was dark in the room and they had to keep quiet. Kim related how the bed was full of skin, curves , muscles, softlips, wet kisses, hard cock, probing fingers and the bed was soaked from both girls squirting. How she finally got to lick cum out of a warm tasty pussy and maybe got her ass fucked hard for the first time with her agreement by a big cock, but she wasnt sure as it may have been a few fingers instead.

By the time she had told me all of this my cock was so fucking hard it was humming, I forced her mouth down on my cock and made her suck me till I came in her mouth. Big hard thrusts and squirts of cum.

She swallowed every drop and continued sucking me till I was hard again. She then turned and offered her sweet ass for fucking and shoved a big vibrator in her pussy while I fucked her ass hard.

She said to me when dressed "now dont you go getting all crazy on me because I told you about how I learnt to be good at sucking will you"

I assured Kim I was cool about it and just thought she was a sex goddess. She told me she still had her school uniform from those days and it still fitted well, would I like to fuck her while she wore it, I agreed enthusiastically but that is another story...

It became a regular sexual theme between us, that Kim would quietly whisper her dirty sexual past in my ear between sexual rounds. I constantly wanted to hear dirtier secrets, and would get very hard and excited hearing her exploits. She began to love the sex and told me more and more about the darker side of her sex life to get me turned on. I would sometimes ask her to repeat favorite stories, and she was always the same story on even the smallest details, so I thought she was telling me the truth.


2014-05-22 07:43:03
Thanks for your feedback. You sound like a very lucky man, sharing that kind of physical intimacy over many years of marriage.

Ive asked a few lady friends about the swallowing and they agree that it has become more fashionable and that girls that wont swallow are more in the minority in 2014. Would anyone comment on that?

The question of cum addiction is a completely separate question in my opinion. Ive only ever known the one lady who was willing to admit to being obsessed with having cum in her mouth. Altho I have seen another lady be so embarrassed she would blush, but still go ahead and suck my cock after sex with her as she loved the combined tastes.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-05-14 16:49:21
In contrast to Anonymous Reader, I will state positively that many girls don't mind swallowing. I had many during my high school and Navy days and all would suck me to the finish. There were three types: No cum in the mouth at all, cum in the mouth but spit, cum in the mouth and swallow. There was a fourth kind, very rare: swallow it all and just keep going until I came again. Only knew two of those kind and married one of them ... still married to her in fact, and she still loves to suck me. I'd have to say, at least in my experience, that most girls suck cock, but only about 1/3 will not swallow (or don't know they could ... psychological, you know?). Most of them like a little bit of "gentle force", and most of them like a little bit of "gentle restraint". A few of them even like a little role-play bondage. With compassion and care, both end up having a lot of fun and it ends up with a great cuddle afterwards.


2014-05-14 12:10:47
Thanks for your feedback. Its nice to know someone actually read my story and wanted to give some feedback. Sorry that you didn't like the story and voted it down.

It sounds a little like you didn't really agree that some girls like cum. That lady definitely did. Is there anyone else out there that is like her or have you met someone like her?

Anonymous readerReport

2014-05-13 16:17:22
Most chicks don't much care for the taste of a guys cum but do it because they know he enjoys it or they just want to be 'cool'. I was touched by MY partner going down and swallowing my load but never insisted on it. I was just feeling affection for her for her showing her love for me by doing that.
But I think most chicks would prefer drinking Milk of Magnesia....
I didn't care for this story so I voted a thumbs down.

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