A sophomore party that will go down in history
This story has the title Alex, but there are many other boys who have sex in these stories Alex is just in every story.

It was the fall of sophomore year in high school. It was homecoming weekend and many of the sophomores had high expectations going into this weekend. There was going to be a great football game and a huge party afterwards. One boy who was particularly looking forward to this night was Alex. He was short, about 5'8", and had wavy blond hair. He was fairly attractive and did not have a girlfriend. He was so excited when he woke up Friday morning, because this was the day of the game and party.

All day the only thing that anybody could talk about was the game and the party. Nobody paid any attention in class. The whole second half of the school day was used used for a pep fest for the big game. Everyone was chanting and there were all sorts of fun activities. It was a great way to spend a Friday in school.

When the bell rang announcing the end of school everybody rushed out of the gym. All of the students wanted to get home as fast as they could. Alex got a ride home with his friend Evan, because Evan was having a few friends over for a pre-game party. Before the two boys got home they had to run a quick errand. Evan was going to pick up a bottle of vodka for the pre-game party. He met a guy he knew in a store parking lot and got the bottle for twenty five dollars. When they got to Evan's house the other three boys that were coming over were already waiting in the driveway. Their names were Matt, Torrey, and Logan.

Evan parked in the garage and let the other boys in. They were all so excited to party. Matt had gotten a bottle of rum too so they were going to get really messed up. The boys decided that they would watch the Minnesota Twins game and would take a shot for every run they scored. It was an exciting high scoring game with the Twins winning 9-8. The boys had not drank more than ten times before this so they were all really drunk from thei nine shots. They decided that Logan was the least drunk and that he would drive the boys to the football game.

The football game was crazy. It was the loudest high school football game ever. The stadium was sold out with 10,000 fans. It made the game even more intense for the five boys since they were so intoxicated. Half the time they didn't really even know what was going on and they just yelled random things. They had a great time and the team won 35-17. Everyone was happy and ready to go to the big party at a boy named Reed's house.

Logan drove the five of them over there and they were ready to get trashed. It wasn't long until they had a lot of people there and they got a game of beer pong going. Alex and Evan teamed up and won nine games before losing. By this time they were so smashed that they could hardly stand up. The ydecided that they should take a break and go sit down on a nearby couch.

Just as the two got to the couch Logan had taken a girl named Abby to a bedrom nearby. They didn't know each other well, but they had both been drinking and told each other everything about each other. They went to the bedroom to get a little more privacy.

When Logan and Abby got to the room Abby was able to convince Logan to strip naked and said that she would if he did first. Logan had been waiting to have sex for nearly a year now and wasn't going to let this chance slip by, so he got his clothes off as fast as he could. So there was Logan standing there with his perfectly tan skin, black hair, and nice 6.5 inch cock sticking straight out. He was very mature for his age and had lots of armpit hair, some abdominal hair, and even had to shave hius face. Abby got undressed equally as fast and they immediately began to feel each other. The yfelt each other all over and went and laid down on the queen size bed in the room. Logan just couldn't hold himself back and brought his penis right to Abby's vagina. She nodded her head in approval and Logan began to slide into her. She giggled and squealed with pleasure as he got the head in and then he pushed in inch by inch until he had his full cock buried in her. It was the best thing either of them had ever felt. Logan began to rock slowly and they both breathed heavily. He began to pick up speed and Abby started to rock with him. The started to make out and pick up more speed. Abby started to moan. It was quiet at first and then she got really loud and reached her orgasm. Logan lost control and began to shoot cum up into her pussy. It was the perfect way for both of them to lose teir virginity.

Logan and Abby made their way back to the couch and now it was Evan's turn to get a room. He took a girl named Lauren into a different bedromm. This one had a king size bed. They undressed each other knowing what was going to happen next. They didn't waste any time and Evan basically tackled her on to the bed. He shoved his 7 inch rod into her and she yelped in pain and pleasure at the same time. Now even though Evan had the bigger cock he looked younger than logan in every way. His voice wasn't as low, he had just a little armpit hair, no abdominal hair, and shaved just once per week. Sop as I was saying the teen boy worked fast. He began to thrust fast and hard and was near cumming in about 1 minute. He was so into this fucking. It took another 30 seconds and Lauren was screaming in pleasure as she had her orgasm. Her tight pussy squeezed Evan's cock as he tried to hold in his cum. He finally burst out into an orgasm and yelled in pleasure. Evan had the ability to cum like no other boy. One time he tried masturbating every night for a week and came a half gallon of semen. He shot into Lauren glob after glob of semen and did not stop. She began to overflow and the cum was splattering everywhere. Finaly evan stopped and Lauren scooped up four handfulls of his cum and drank it all.

As these two fuck buddies finished up Alex found a girl of his own, Ashley, and took her to the bathroom. Alex still looked like a 12 year old. He had a baby face, squeaky voice, and just a few strands of armpit hair. However, his dick was a different story. He was no little boy in the pants. He had a raging 8.5 inch cock ready to destroy this girl's pussy. They got into the shower together and started to wash each other's bodies. They began to make out and that was when Alex's cock touched her soaking wet pussy. As the two hugged and made out he began to slide his cock into her. He stuffed her to her limits and they had the most passionate sex ever. It laste for a half hour and then finally Alex started to feel that familiar tingle in his balls. He started moving faster and the two reached their orgasms at the same time. They moaned in pleasure and did this for a few minutes before they dried each other off.

When Alex got back out of the bathroom it was time for everyone to go home. Logan drove the boys home. It was a hell of a night.

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2014-05-13 13:26:03
Very boring and pointless. There is no plot line so no story to follow and the sex scenes were so rushed and shallow this doest even work as a bait piece. Absolutely no entertainment or enjoyment value at all. I'm guessing you age is secret because you are actually too young to be posting on this site, at least this attempt at a story reflects your lack of age or maturity, and your just wasting yours and our time. (PuppetMaster)

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very boring story, took me all my time to pluck up the willpower to finish it - quite agree dont give up your day job

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wham, bam thank you maam. Boring! Don't quit your day job.

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