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7 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by:
Chapter 12: "Titivate"

The morning after the long, memorable gang-bang when
seven beautiful ladies had their insatiable way with me all
at once, I found myself cruelly jarred awake by a bolt of
lightning and accompanying thunder that actually rattled the
house down to its very foundation at 5:15am. I quickly sat
up in bed, startled, estimating that the lightning bolt had
hit no more than a quarter-mile or so away from the mansion.

Though it was a monumental struggle for me just to get out
of bed - my body had been pushed beyond its physical limit
over the previous 10 days thanks to these incredibly ravenous
women, thus meaning that I felt extremely sore and achy - I
eventually rose to my feet and limped my way over to the
collection of floor-to-ceiling windows which oversaw the
sports complex and pool outside. This island was a paradise,
indeed, but unfortunately it was not immune from the terrible
storms which plague the South Pacific on a routine basis.

The rain which came down so hard yesterday afternoon and
last evening had not let up one bit. Even worse, there were
continual flashes of lightning and loud rumbles of thunder
now, and the wind was gusting so much that it howled.

Having spent most of my time on this island over the past
17 years, I was used to these type of storms. However, I
was fairly certain that none of the ladies - except Kristanna
(who had been to the island a lot as well) - had been through
a massive electrical storm like this. Lightning and thunder
eruptions are much more harsh and severe in this part of the
world - the South Pacific - than anywhere else.

I wanted to be sure that all of the ladies were safe and
sound. Instead of checking on them from the voyeur room, I
thought it would be best to do so in person. I threw on some
clothes and put a hat on - to hide my tousled hair - then
left my personal suite and ventured for the guest corridor.

Once there, I could hear the storm as it raged outside.
Still, I quietly opened the door to Pamela and Amy's room -
not wanting to startle them. A smile came to my face as I
saw both goddesses curled up together in bed, lost in sleep.
Their bodies were entwined, and their lips close, as both of
them were frolicking together in the land of dreams. It was
quite a lovely (and very stimulating) sight.

I gently closed the door and went to the next room, which
belonged to Devon and Camille. My eyes went wide at what I
saw. Devon and Camille were fast asleep as well, but they
had some company - namely Kristanna. All three of them were
huddled together upon the near bed, sleeping peacefully.

It was good to see that Kristanna had found some bed-mates
after the massive gang-bang which took place last evening.
The original plan was for Kristanna to share the same bed
with me once the others finally left us last night. But
instead, Kristanna was disappointed when I told her that I
was so exhausted and sore after what I had gone through that
I rather just spend the night by myself. But I was happy
that she had found a temporary home with Devon and Camille.
The three of them, dare I say, seemed to make a good couple.

As I closed the door to their room, another lightning bolt
flashed outside, followed by the loud rumbling of thunder. I
wondered to myself how these ladies could sleep so easily
through such a storm, while it woke me up so suddenly. That
certainly did not seem to make a lot of sense, right? I was
supposed to be the hardened islander here... correct?

A check of the third suite told me that not all of them
were immune. While Trish was in bed, sleeping like a log,
Lindsay was seated at the window - looking outside. Another
lightning/thunder combination made the charming 18-year-old
cringe and shudder in absolute fright. She was mortified...

"Lindsay?" I spoke quietly. "Are you okay?"

She turned and looked at me. "Jeremy!" was her scream. I
made my way over to her as she fretted, "I hate storms!"

I placed my hand upon her shoulder and offered, "You must
be the only one, then. Everyone else is asleep."

"How can Trish sleep through this?" Lindsay exclaimed,
glancing at her lover - all tucked away in bed. "I have been
awake for an hour because of all that lightning and thunder!"
I could not believe how whiny and upset Lindsay was. She was
quite emotional. Did the weather affect her this much?

"Everyone is asleep except you and me," I reiterated. "I
see that you don't like storms. But they happen here on the
island. Expect a couple of more really big ones before the
next four weeks are up. It's just a way of life here."

Lindsay shrieked in fright as another bolt of lightning
struck down - this one someplace close, on the island. The
little blonde then looked up at me with tears in her eyes.
"I HATE lightning! I just wish it would go away!" A loud
rumble of thunder ensued, which upset Lindsay all the much
more. "Make it stop, Jeremy! Make it stop!"

I offered the young woman, who was seemingly acting ten
years younger than her actual age with this vocal outburst,
a peculiar expression. She was throwing a temper tantrum,
plain and simple. Wasn't Lindsay technically an adult?
Technically, yes, but perhaps not emotionally. "It will
be okay, sweetheart. The storm will pass and the lightning
will go with it. What is wrong with you, Lindsay? You need
to settle down, honey. Please... settle down."

"What happens if the lightning hits the house?" Lindsay
speculated, her sobbing fit becoming much more animated and
out of control. "It could start a fire!"

"I have a whole bunch of lightning rods installed on the
roof, dear," was my response. "They will protect the house."

"What is a lightning rod?" Lindsay asked, confused.

"It is a long piece of metal - a rod, actually - made from
conductive material used to protect large structures such as
buildings and homes," I answered, dropping down to one knee
beside Lindsay and looking into her eyes. "Lightning rods are
connected to cables that travel into the ground. The idea is
for the lightning to hit the lightning rod, then all or most
of the electrical current will travel through the cable and
safely dissipate underground." I paused for a moment, very
concerned because Lindsay seemed so shaken. "Believe it or
not, but I have eight lightning rods installed on the roof.
I never worry about lightning damaging the property. It is
the absolute least of my worries right now."

"How are they supposed to protect the house?" Lindsay
asked. "Lightning can strike anywhere!"

"The rods are meant to attract lightning, sweetheart," I
informed her. "They are not 100 percent infallible, but we
are a million times safer with them than without them. As I
said, I don't worry about it. I don't even think about it."

Lindsay yelped once again as another bolt of lightning
struck down someplace close. Still crying, Lindsay shook
her head and then covered her face with both hands.

"What is wrong with you?" I asked yet again, dumbfounded.
"Why are you so afraid of lightning?"

Lindsay pulled her hands away from her face long enough
to tell me, "I was struck by lightning when I was five years
old." My eyes went wide as she sobbed on, "I am scared to
death of lightning and thunderstorms. Always have been..."

"What... ha-happened when you were five?"

She sniffed her nose and tried to make eye contact with
me. "I was in kindergarten, Jeremy, and was riding the bus,
coming home from school. There was a terrible rainstorm and
flashes of lightning and thunder nearby. At the bus stop, I
got out and started running for my house because I did not
want to get soaked. But before I made it to the front door,
I... AHHHHH!" Lindsay's sudden scream was the result of yet
another bolt of lightning striking someplace close here on
the island. The loud, ensuing rumble of thunder seemed to
rattle Lindsay and her senses even more.

In an attempt to console her, I reached out and grasped
both of her hands with my own so she could finish the story.
"Before I made it to m-my house, I was hit. I was struck by
lightning... and do not remember anything after that."

"I woke up three days later in the hospital. I was in
intensive care, but only being age five, I did not realize it
at first. The first two people I saw were my mom and dad,
and I asked them for breakfast because I was so hungry. I
thought that I was lying in my bed at home. My parents then
told me that I had been struck by lightning and had been
unconscious in the hospital for three days straight. The
left side of my body had first-degree burns. I had smaller,
second-degree burns on my chest, shoulder and left leg. The
spaces between all of my toes were cracked, and my entire
body hurt very badly. I felt like someone had shot me with
a heavy dose of novocain from head to toe."

"I was in the hospital for five more days after waking up,
then went home and rested for a week with my mom and dad, and
my three sisters, before going back to school. All of the
burns I suffered have since healed, although I do have a
slight scar on my left leg still remaining from that day. I
still have the clothes I wore that day, too. My jacket has a
big black hole in its shoulder, my jeans and socks are melted
and feel like cardboard, and my sneakers were blown apart."

"And you survived okay?" I wondered. "Nothing lingering?"

Lindsay shrugged her shoulders. "I was lucky, I guess.
Just a few months ago, my mom told me for the first time that
my heart stopped beating after I was struck by lightning. I
was dead at the hospital for 23 minutes, but the doctors were
somehow able to revive me. I'm fortunate just to be alive.
She... she told me that after my father died."

Once Lindsay dipped her head low and appeared as if she
was about to cry again, I leaned forward and planted a kiss
across her cheek. "It's okay, sweetheart."

"I hate lightning!" Lindsay exclaimed, looking up at me.
"Every single time that it storms, I am reminded of what
happened to me some 13 years ago! And I have the thought
that maybe I was supposed to die on that day." I shook my
head in a vigorous manner as Lindsay kept talking, "I have
the fear that a bolt of lightning will find me again, and
finish the job that the first one was supposed to do."

"Don't say that!" I fretted, now upset myself. "You were
meant to live, Lindsay! You were meant to LIVE! That is why
God made it so that your heart started to beat again after 23
minutes of flatlining! Can't you see that?"

Obviously, I now understood why Lindsay was so incredibly
scared of electrical storms. Her age simply did not matter.
Because of what had happened to her in the past, she would
probably react this way every single time that it stormed.
It would not matter whether she was 18 or 48. Lindsay had
the fear that another lightning bolt was destined to strike
her down. I did not agree, but understood her viewpoint.

A bright flash of lightning was followed with another
boom of thunder which again rattled the entire mansion. I
felt sorry for Lindsay, who was about to go out of her mind
with fear and anxiety. "Would you like to go down to the
central room with me?" I asked her. "It is located well
underground, you know, and things won't be near as bad down
there as they are here." I offered her my most soothing
smile. "I don't like lightning and thunderstorms either,
dear. The central room is the best place in the mansion to
take refuge from them. Sound good to you?"

"Yeah, I... I gu-guess."

"Just about anything would be better for you right now
than sitting at that window," I told her. "C'mon honey...
let's get you out of here."

Lindsay took my hand and I guided her out of the bedroom
and eventually down the spiral staircase and into the central
room. Dressed in just an oversized night-shirt, the little
minx looked like a doll. I felt like playing with her, of
course - especially after what happened between us last night
with the gang-bang and all - but knew this was not the proper
time or place to do so. Perhaps soon, though...

There was yet another lightning strike outside, but this
time, it did not seem to rattle Lindsay all that much. The
central room was located deep beneath the ground and was
very insulated from the occasional terrors of Mother Nature.
Thus, as I told Lindsay earlier, it was not near as bad down
here as it was upstairs. Still...

"Hold me, Jeremy," Lindsay pleaded, closing the distance
between us and wrapping her arms around me from the side.
She then pulled me down to the floor with her and buried her
face into my shoulder. Those baby-blue eyes glistening, she
gazed up at me and begged, "Let's talk about something other
than the storm. I don't want to talk about it anymore."

I nodded my head at her. "Very well." I placed a kiss
upon the crown of her head and mused, "The circumstances are
unfortunate, I guess, but I am very happy to have this time
alone with you this morning." Lindsay again made eye contact
with me as I added, "Seems that you and Trish are together at
every turn. For me or anyone else, for that matter, it is
extremely rare that we catch you anywhere without Trish."

"True," Lindsay nodded. "Trish has been kind of like a
big sister to me since we arrived on the island nearly two
weeks ago. Just about the only time we are not together
anymore is when Trish is practicing karate with Kristanna
each morning. Well, she goes to the exercise room every
morning and night, too. You know how Trish is when it comes
to working out, Jeremy. No matter what, Trish has to go to
the exercise room every morning and evening. It's part of
her normal routine. She has to keep that hard body of hers
intact for when she returns to her job in Toronto."

"As a physical fitness instructor?" I asked, although I
already knew that was Trish's profession.

"Yes sir," Lindsay nodded. "But Trish does not work out
simply because of her job. Trish works out because it is
something that she enjoys doing." Lindsay sniffed her nose
and continued, "I stayed with her and watched her in the
exercise room for three hours the other day. The woman is
like a machine! She was on the stair-master forever! I
could never do all of that... I'd get too tired! I... I
would probably last two minutes before taking a breather."

"I think it is great," was my comment. "Obviously, Trish
is strong and athletic, yet she retains all of her feminine
qualities and can match up, beauty wise, with anyone."

"Trish reminds me of those beautiful women you see on the
cover of fitness and muscle magazines," Lindsay murmured.
"Back home in Ohio, I would always walk by the big magazine
rack at [Supermarket Name] where I work and steal a couple of
quick peeks of all those hot fitness girls."

"Trish could easily be on the cover of any of those type
of magazines," I mused. "She has the look for it. Since you
said you like them so much, have you ever bought any of those
magazines to take home and admire the pictures?"

Lindsay hesitated for a moment, then bit her lower lip and
looked my way with a certain aura of shyness and trepidation
about her. I immediately got the sense that she wanted to
say something to me - perhaps admit something - but felt
unsure whether it was a wise idea. If that was indeed the
case, Lindsay decided to open herself up and confess.

"_Iron Man_ magazine, May 2013," she began. "I walked by
it every single day at the magazine rack at work for three
weeks and could barely tear my eyes away from it. I had to
buy it before the new issue was out, and they took it down."

"Oh? What was so special about it?"

Lindsay bit her lower lip again. "The girl. There was a
girl - a woman - on the front cover of it in a red bikini.
She had her back turned, looking over her shoulder, and was
standing next to some big muscle-head. I... I've obsessed
over that girl since I first saw her on the cover of that
magazine. The... the way she looked in that bikini. It...
it blew my mind. Samantha Ann Leete is her name. The... the
way her butt looked... in that bikini. Tr-Trish reminds me
of her in a way, with her body type and muscle definition.
I... I still obsess over that picture."

"Wow, you got me curious," I smiled. "I'm going to have
to _Google_ her name for sure. Samantha Ann Leete? A
fitness model that you are obsessed about? I have to check
her out." Lindsay's face went red as I added in a playful
manner, "You should have had the cover blown up, honey, and
put it on your bedroom wall back home as a poster. You could
go to sleep each night while looking at and dreaming of her."

Lindsay shook her head quite vehemently. "No. No way!"

"You could have the poster on your bedroom wall, but tell
your mom and sisters that it's there because of the guy in it,
and not the girl." Yes, I was full of (useless) suggestions!
But it was fun to get reactions out of Lindsay.

Now, the 18-year-old made a face. "My mom would not
understand. She would think it is weird of me to have a
bodybuilding poster on my wall like that. And any friends I
have who come over to visit? I just... I don't know, Jeremy.
I didn't want any of my friends or co-workers to think that
I had some sort of fascination with those big, muscular guys
throughout the pages of those magazines. I just... I don't
know. Maybe it would have been embarrassing, or something.
Plus, in reality, I didn't care for the guys. All I cared
to look at was the girls in those type of magazines..."

I slipped my arm around Lindsay's shoulder as she sat up
with me upon the floor. I offered her head another kiss and
grinned, "Instead of those big muscle-heads, honey, you could
have told everyone that you had the cover on your bedroom
wall because of the bodybuilder girl in the red bikini. The
one whose backside you had vivid fantasies about?"

"Yeah, right!" Lindsay laughed, pulling herself away from
me for a moment, so she could turn and make eye contact with
me. The tender, little blonde laughed again and exclaimed,
"I would NEVER do something like that, Jeremy! Word would
spread and all of a sudden, everyone in the whole town would
know that I like girls. My reputation would be ruined!"

I shrugged my shoulders at her. "I don't know about that,
dear. I am sure that all of the bi-sexual and lesbian girls
in the area would suddenly want to be friends with you. You
would have all sorts of new friends, you know. A bunch of
new friends who would accept you for who and what you are.
You wouldn't have to hide, or pretend. You could just open
up, and be yourself." I paused, then grinned and concluded,
"Oh wait... you have that now on the island."

"You do have a point there," Lindsay conceded. "About the
island, at least. Not the stuff before that." She then
seemed to perk up and added in a nonchalant voice, "Maybe
I'll turn out to be like Pamela and Devon? Maybe I'll never
want to leave this island?" I could sense that she was not
being serious with her tone and mannerisms, but something
immediately slipped out of my own mouth regardless.

"Sweetheart, I would like nothing more than for you to
choose to stay here with me. I would take care of you and
pamper you beyond belief for the absolute rest of your life.
I would give and provide you with everything you ever dreamed
of." Almost immediately, I wanted to punch myself. I should
not have told her that. It was way too much for her to hear
from me at this point in time.

Lindsay's reaction to my words could best be described as
awkward. She was not sure how to respond. I had caught her
totally off-guard and, quite honestly, she was speechless.
I needed to right the ship, so to speak, and say something
to get our conversation back on track.

"You keep talking about magazines, honey. Your face
belongs on the cover of a cosmetics' magazine... perhaps a
fashion magazine. They need to make posters of you so _I_
could have them on my bedroom wall." I chuckled and ended,
"I'd fall asleep staring at them each night, and have good
dreams. REALLY good dreams."

"Oh, come on, Jeremy!" she laughed, blushing somewhat.
"I'm not that pretty, you know."

"Are you crazy?"


"Are you crazy?" I reiterated. "Take a good look in the
mirror, Lindsay. A good, long look. You are BEAUTIFUL. Do
not ever try to tell yourself otherwise."

"Oh Jeremy!"

"Your face is so fresh and wholesome-looking," I told her.
"Your skin and complexion are both flawless. Your teeth are
whiter than white. Everything that pertains to your body
just screams absolute beauty. You're a dream-come-true."


"Have you ever considered being a model?"

"No!" she giggled.

"You should."

"Oh, stop it!"

"A sweet, little thing like you would look really good
modeling school fashions in a department store catalog."
Lindsay grinned and rolled her eyes at me as I kept talking,
"Or little, string bikinis for the summer heat wave..."

"You sound just like a man!" Lindsay then squealed as I
cupped one of her ripe, taut breasts through the night-shirt
that she wore and gave it a healthy squeeze. "Stop that!"

I chuckled at her animated reaction. "Well, I certainly
hope that I sound like a man. I AM a man, you know..."

"And a very good one at that," Lindsay nodded, extending
both arms and then offering me a loving embrace. She even
kissed the side of my neck before pulling away from me. "Oh,
Jeremy! What am I going to do with you?"

"Whatever you want. I'm flexible that way."

Lightning and thunder struck someplace close yet again.
This time, however, Lindsay took a deep breath and offered
me a smile. "I'm not going to let the storm get to me like
it did earlier. It is not near as bad down here, just as
you promised, Jeremy. More importantly than that, though,
YOU are with me. I feel very safe and secure with you. I
feel more safe with you than I would with anyone else."

Those words made my insides glow. "Thank you, dear."

"No, thank you." Lindsay suddenly glanced all about the
central room, then she pointed somewhere off in the distance.
"Oh... look!" The charming 18-year-old broke away from my
embrace and crawled over to the nearby sofa, then came back
the same way with a thick pink binder of some sort. It did
not belong to me. I had no idea who it belonged to.

Lindsay again snuggled close to me and placed the binder
in her lap, then looked over at me with a very happy, vibrant
expression. "This is a little photo album of mine," she
explained. "I must have left it down here the other day and
forgot about it. It has pictures of me and my immediate
family in it, plus a few friends and the like."

"Oh?" I asked, curious.

"Would you like to look at it with me?"

"Are you kidding?" was my immediate response. "Of course,
sweetheart... I would LOVE to see your scrapbook."

"I brought this book down here on Monday so Trish and
Devon could look at it," Lindsay said, opening the big album
to its first page. "They enjoyed looking at it with me.
They liked to learn more about my family."

"I bet they did," I nodded, before tilting my head and
inspecting the lone photograph on the first page of the
album. It was a beautiful head-shot of Lindsay, naturally,
with her face turned slightly to the side and those pretty
eyes sparkling as she gazed directly into the camera lens.

"This is my senior portrait from high school," she cooed.
"You like it? I think it is one of my better pictures. It
was taken just last October. I was age 17 here... less than
two months away from turning 18."

"I love it," I told her, again shrugging my shoulders.
"What is there not to love about your pretty face and smile?"
Lindsay blushed and grinned one more time. "I bet you were
the homecoming queen at your high school... weren't you? I
bet you won the vote in an absolute landslide."

Lindsay blushed yet again and cast her eyes away from me
for a moment. Then, instead of answering my question, she
simply turned to the next page. "Here are photographs of my
three sisters - Gina, Jennifer and Alison."

"Alison is definitely the prettiest of the group, if you
ask me," I offered. "Of course, Alison looks a lot like you
do, Lindsay, so that is the reason why I say that she is the
prettiest of all your sisters." The enchantress shook her
head at me as I asked, "How old is Alison again?"

"16. Alison is the baby of our family." Lindsay smiled
at the images and continued, "Jennifer is 23 and Gina is 20.
Jennifer is a mommy; she has a little baby, but moved back
home with us after she broke up with her husband last year.
It was right before my dad passed away."

"So Lindsay is already an aunt?" I chuckled. "What is
the name of your sister's baby? A boy or girl, too?"

"Katherine... a girl, obviously. 11 months old."

"Do you get to watch after her a lot?"

"Oh yes," Lindsay nodded as this time, there was only the
rumbling of thunder overhead. Maybe the lightning had passed
on? Whatever the case, Lindsay kept talking, "Actually, my
younger sister, Alison and I... we fight over the baby more
often than not!" Lindsay giggled at her own words. "Alison
and I are always wanting to babysit Katherine whenever Jenn
is at work. We get into fights about it a lot of times, too!
I LOVE babysitting Katherine... but so does Alison!"

I chuckled at the image within my mind of Lindsay and her
younger sister fighting over who got to watch the baby. In
that sense, at least, Alison must be happy that Lindsay was
away from home for these six weeks. Alison was most likely
in charge of babysitting Katherine with Lindsay on vacation.

"And you said last week that your other sister, Gina, was
living in Colorado when your father died?" I asked. "Gina
came back to Ohio and also moved back into the family home?"

Lindsay nodded. "Gina went to college and was studying
at _Colorado State University_. She liked it there, but felt
the need to come back home and be with us after dad died.
Gina helps us out with living expenses now. I live with my
mom and all three of my sisters. We're a team."

Lindsay thumbed her way to the next page in the album and
again smiled at the series of photographs before her. All of
them featured her and an older, middle-aged man together.

"This whole page is pictures of me and my father," Lindsay
told me. She frowned for a split-second, then pointed toward
a specific photograph. "This was the last picture of him and
me together before he died. Just two days before he died..."

I groaned inwardly and shook my head at the photograph of
a happy father-and-daughter couple, looking as if they had no
worries or concerns in the world. Certainly, neither of them
had a clue as to what was going to happen in the next two
days. In the photograph, Lindsay had both arms around her
father in a spirited bear-hug as the two of them mugged for
the camera. "I'm so sorry, sweetheart. Your dad looks so
happy... so energized, so full of life. I am so sorry. It
was a tragedy that he was lost at such an early age."

"Age 46..." Lindsay murmured, her expression distant and
empty. "For the life of me, I will never understand why he
had to die so young. I always thought dad would live forever.
I woke up one day for school, had breakfast and joked around
with him at the table like I always did. Nothing seemed
wrong. Everything seemed typical. I told him I loved him,
then went to school and when I came back home la-late in the
afternoon, m-my dad... he was d-dead. Dead on the sofa.
His heart... just gave out on him, all at once."

It appeared as if Lindsay was about to break down and cry,
but she somehow maintained her composure and did not shed a
single tear. Still, I brought her into my arms and offered
her a warm, soothing embrace. Once she mashed her face upon
my chest, I figured the gesture on my part was appreciated.
Obviously, Lindsay idolized her father and missed him very
much. It was still a shock to her that he was actually dead.

"Here are some pictures of my mom and dad together," the
little blonde soon sniffed, turning to the next page in the
album. She pulled her head away from me and explained, "Mom
turned 46 herself a few months ago. She and dad got married
at a very early age. Mom was only 23 when they had their
first-born - my sister, Jennifer. She was only 18 - my age -
when her and dad got married."

"Your mother is a very attractive lady," I observed. "I
can see where you get your good looks from, dear." Lindsay
still appeared to be upset, so I attempted to ease her pain
with a simple kiss across the forehead. "I wish that I could
have been there for you, honey, when your father passed away
last year. I would have done anything at all to make you
feel better. You do know that... right?"

Lindsay sniffed her nose again. "I wish he never died in
the first place! That is what I wish!"

"Well... yeah," I nodded. "I wish that even more. But I
am sure that your dad is still with you... if just in spirit.
I am sure your dad is very proud of the wonderful, young lady
that you have become. I bet that he is in Heaven right now,
bragging to others about what an ideal daughter you are."

"You th-think?"

"I know, honey. I know. You are very polite, very nice
and sweet. You do not have one mean bone in your whole body.
You have good, strong values, and God is a very important
part of your life. If you were my daughter, Lindsay, _I_
would be very proud of you. So I know your dad is."

Lindsay looked up at me and forged a smile. "Thank you,
Jeremy. I like to believe that my dad is always with me,
too. Sometimes I think of him as my guardian angel...
watching over me... making sure that I am safe and sound."

"He IS with you," I assured her.

"I just wish that he was still alive."

"I know you do, baby. I know you do. And so do I..."

"If my dad was still alive, I would not be here with you
right now," Lindsay informed me. "I would not be on the
island at all because I would not need the money to help my
family out. I would have never even considered coming here.
You and I would have never met, Jeremy."

I shook my head at her. "I don't care, honey. Although
I enjoy being with you, obviously, I would trade all of my
time with you if your father could still be alive. Really,
that should go without saying. I am not selfish that way.
As much as Trish cares about you, and wants you in her life,
I am positive that she would tell you the same, exact thing.
Trish would rather your father still be alive. Trish would
trade meeting you if your father could still be alive. That
is because she cares about you so very, very much. Your dad
still being here - taking care of you and your mom, and your
sisters - is of far greater importance than anything I gain
by having you in my life."

Lindsay puckered her glossy lips together and shrugged her
shoulders, then went onto the next page in her photo album.
"Here I am with my friend, Megan." I smiled at the image of
Lindsay and a young, pretty brunette, both of whom were
wearing supermarket uniforms as they smiled for the camera.

"You and Megan work together?"

"Uh huh," Lindsay nodded, quickly turning to the next
page. My eyes nearly exploded at what I saw as Lindsay
explained, "This is my varsity cheerleading picture." I
literally drooled and salivated, with carnal thoughts racing
through my mind, as I gawked like a fool at the photograph.
There was Lindsay - in a tiny, little cheerleader uniform!
"I always loved cheerleading. That is one thing I really
miss about being in school. Maybe if I decide to go to
college, I can be a cheerleader again." Lindsay turned and
offered me a quizzical look. "Are you okay, Jeremy?"

I cleared my throat twice and then shook my head several
times in succession, as if to get rid of the mental cobwebs.
It was as if I had just been blindsided by a school bus!
"I am sorry, Lindsay. I just had this vision about you...
that is all. You, in a little cheerleader outfit..."

Lindsay appeared confused. "What do you mean?"

"Cheerleaders have always been a fetish of mine," I said,
my eyes again drifting toward that magnificent photograph.
God... what I wouldn't give to jump right into that image
and make mad, passionate love to this little fox with her
cheerleader uniform still on. I would love to empty a hot
load of sperm all over her cheerleader shell top. My body
even shivered with erotic delight at the mere thought!

"You like cheerleaders, Jeremy?"

I was able to tear my gaze away from the picture and make
eye contact with Lindsay. "Yes. Very much so. I think
every normal, red-blooded man LOVES the idea of being with a
sweet and innocent cheerleader. It's a common fantasy. It
is something that I have fantasized about for all my life.
But I have never been with one."

Lindsay snickered at me and wondered, "Couldn't you just
BUY a cheerleader with all the money you have?"

"What's the fun in that?" I retorted. "I would want it
to be real, and authentic. Not something manufactured, or
bought. I'd want the cheerleader to be someone that I know,
and care about. That way, it would be special."

Lindsay reached up and twirled several strands of her
silky, long-flowing blonde hair around an extended fingertip.
"Do you wanna know something, Jeremy? I brought my varsity
cheerleading uniform to the island with me." My jaw nearly
hit the floor beneath us as Lindsay ended, "I can put it on
for you if you want..."

Needless to say, my heart was now beating and pounding
within my chest harder than ever before.

"You... y-you br-brought your uniform w-with y-y-you?" I
stuttered, barely able to get the words out of my mouth. I
tried to gather my senses before continuing, "Didn't you...
didn't you ha-have t-to turn it back into your sc-school?"

Lindsay giggled at me. "I was supposed to, yes. But my
cheerleader uniform was so special to me that I wanted to
keep it. So I made a deal with the cheerleading coach and
bought the uniform from the school. I paid them money. I
could never see giving it up."

Awestruck, I simply stared at Lindsay as she continued to
coo and cavort in that sexy, sweet voice of hers. I was
trying to imagine how I could possibly control myself if she
were to put on her cheerleading uniform and model it for me.
Would I even be able to survive the ordeal?

Lindsay giggled yet again. "I can go to my room and put
my uniform on, then come back here and maybe do a couple of
dances and cheers for you. Would you like that, Jeremy?"

Unable to speak now, I slowly nodded my head at her.

"You wait here, then," she laughed, getting up from the
floor. "Storm or no storm, I will be back in just a couple
of minutes. You sit tight, Jeremy. I'll do some cheers
and dances, then you can live out your fantasy with me."


* * *

A series of torrid emotions swirled throughout my entire
body over the next five minutes as I (im)patiently waited
for Lindsay to make her return to the central room. I was
literally out my mind too, and for good reason. The thought
of having sex with Lindsay - with her uniform still _on_ -
sent my emotions spiraling and careening out of control. My
cock was already pulsating within my shorts.

Lindsay. Young Lindsay. Sweet Lindsay. Little Lindsay.
Learning how to suck my cock and swallow my sperm Lindsay!
Cheerleader Lindsay. I began to shake and tremble at the
idea of drilling the precocious 18-year-old in her uniform.
There was something to be said for the allure of a girl in
uniform... especially when it was a cheerleader uniform!

"Oh God..." I moaned out loud once a pair of black saddle
shoes appeared at the top of the spiral staircase. A moment
later, I felt dizzy and light-headed as Lindsay slowly but
surely descended the staircase and came into view. Suddenly,
it seemed as if I had died and gone to erotic Heaven!

"Hi Jeremy," Lindsay cooed, her face red with youthful
embarrassment, as she stepped into the room. Holding a pair
of pom-poms, Lindsay offered me the sweetest smile and said,
"Do you like my uniform? I'm wearing it just for you."

I took a deep breath and sighed, a multitude of ravenous
thoughts and ideas running roughshod throughout my soul.
Most of them were too raunchy to even describe here.

Needless to say, Lindsay looked absolutely scrumptious in
her darling, little uniform. She wore a thin, long-sleeved
turtleneck shirt, its color white, underneath a green shell
top with a V-neck design and no sleeves. The shell top had
two thin, yellow stripes across the shoulders, and two more
running down each side. With a high school's name and
emblem stretched out across her taut, wondrous breasts, the
top was also an extremely snug fit.

The matching cheerleader skirt, its main color green with
yellow, knife-like pleats included, was made of light cotton.
The little skirt bounced and flipped about easily as Lindsay
stepped closer to me. Because the skirt was so very short
and low-cut, Lindsay's yellow, stretchy cheerleader panties
were clearly visible. A sexy pair of knee-high white socks
adorned her tender, lithe calves, with a trio of yellow ring
designs at the top of each. To top her outfit off, Lindsay
wore that pair of black saddle shoes. What a princess...

Although she looked like a tempting, little high school
freshman more now than ever before (_jail-bait_!), I wanted
Lindsay. I wanted to _corrupt_ her! The way that she was
making me feel was simply not right!

"God, Lindsay..." I growled. "You're so beautiful..."
Seriously, I could have married this girl right here and now.

Was there anything _NOT_ to like about Lindsay? She had
even tied her immaculate, long-flowing blonde hair into a
bushy pony-tail for me! That wholesome, sweet-cheeks face
and her sexy mouth enhanced with its red, glossy lips.
Lindsay had a smile which could stop a freight train. Of
course, one could never forget that sleek, slender figure of
hers. No wonder Trish was so madly in love with this girl!
I quickly realized that I was at that very same point, too!

Lindsay giggled in her own, unique fashion as she turned
and modeled her luscious outfit for me, the bouncy skirt
flailing high on her hips as she spun around in a circle.
Lindsay clutched one of her breasts through the shell top
and turtleneck, then sighed and grinned at me. She knew
that I was under her spell. Lindsay was in control here.

The little vixen hoisted the front of her skirt up,
allowing me an unobstructed view of her yellow panties. I
gulped my throat at the sight as she grinned, "Want this?"

"Very much so," I nodded, literally foaming at the mouth.

"I figured as much!" Lindsay squealed. "But first... I
want to do a couple of cheers and dances for you. Okay?"

When I did not answer - perhaps because I was in a trance
as I continually gawked at this pretty young thing standing
before me - Lindsay took the initiative by stepping to the
center of the room. Clutching her green-and-white pom-poms
and suddenly looking quite uneasy and awkward, Lindsay gulped
her throat and took a long, deep breath. Obviously, she had
never _performed_ for anyone in a one-on-one setting before.
Did Lindsay suddenly think of herself as Pamela, who made her
living strutting her stuff and showcasing herself for others?
There was no need for her to feel any kind of anxiety and/or
guilt here, simply because she was with me.

Young Lindsay's dancing was a bit stiff at first, as she
moved and wiggled her precious, little body to an unheard
musical rhythm. Perhaps Lindsay, who was so incredibly shy
and humble, was wondering to herself how she had stumbled
into a situation like this. Was she having second thoughts
about dancing for me? Lindsay was definitely nervous.

I tried to quell her anxiety by offering her a warm,
appreciative smile. Lindsay seemed to take it to heart.
Remarkably, that subtle, reassuring smile from me was a
springboard to getting her to loosen up.

Lindsay held the pair of pom-poms in front of her and
churned them about in a quick, furious manner. She began
to grind her tight, little ass in a sensuous display, her
cheerleader skirt flipping about and flashing the inverted
yellow pleats and her glove-tight panties underneath.

"Release ... your spirit ... let your energy flow!"
Lindsay started chanting, as if she was performing on the
sidelines at a varsity football game. Her budding, young
breasts flopped and bounced about underneath the fabric of
her shell top. "Release ... your spirit ... GO team GO!"

Lindsay punctuated her chant with a series of high kicks,
each time swinging the specific leg outward and to the side,
thus offering me a brief glimpse of her panties underneath.

"Check out the score ... yeah, we want some more! Yeah,
we ain't needy, needy ... we're just greedy, greedy!"

When her eyes drifted downward and noticed the humongous
lump that was stationed within my shorts, Lindsay licked her
lips and gently bit her tongue in response. Perhaps she was
now starting to understand the effect that this having on me.

Her expression vibrant and full of erotic curiosity, the
young sweetheart lowered herself to the floor and positioned
her legs into a genuine straddle-split. The amazing show of
flexibility was quickly overshadowed, though, once Lindsay
clutched the front of her swishy skirt and pulled it up to her
stomach. Lindsay offered me a shy, red-faced smile as I
openly gawked at her moist, panty-covered crotch. Her pussy
mound, wrapped in yellow, puffed outward between her thighs.
I could see its delicate contours across the fabric.

Lindsay soon sprung upward and back to her feet. Her body
bumped to a silent beat as she dropped her pair of pom-poms,
only then to use both hands to massage her breasts through
her green top. That skirt was flipping every-which-way,
naturally, and driving me insane with passion in the process.

Lindsay retrieved her pom-poms and used them in her sexy
routine as she mercilessly wiggled her figure and shook her
ass for my adoring eyes. She turned her back to me and bent
over slightly, jutting her ass outward, and went into chant.

"Push 'em back! Push 'em back! Waaaaay back!" Lindsay
jumped and hopped about, then turned to face me with a big
smile upon her fresh, darling face. "Who is gonna win this
game today? We are! We are!" Her blonde pony-tail swished
from side to side as she looked directly into my eyes. "Who
is gonna suck your cock today? I am! I am!"

Unable to control my urges any longer, I arose from the
floor and stepped forward, and quickly brought Lindsay into
my arms. I moved my mouth to hers for an impassioned, ardent
kiss. As Lindsay tossed her colorful pom-poms elsewhere, I
drove my tongue far and deep into her heavenly mouth, even
tasting her freshly-applied lipstick in the process. My
hands, which really had a mind of their own, immediately
ventured downward and cupped Lindsay's tender ass through
the thin skirt that she wore and started to maul away at it.

For as forward and vigorous as I was with her, however,
Lindsay proved that she had a lot of aggression of her own
to offer from that tiny, 5-foot-3, 95 pound frame of hers.

I gulped against our shared kiss as she dug her right
hand into my shorts and then proceeded to violently pump
and stroke my hard, bulging cock. As for the kiss, she met
my passion with an equal fervor all her own. Lindsay pushed
my tongue back into my own mouth, then ravaged it with her
own tongue. As we stood in front of the sofa, Lindsay even
curled her right leg around my waist as I continued to
grope and massage that tight, wondrous ass of hers.

"Is this for me?" she grunted once our kiss was broken,
her fingernails digging into the delicate flesh of my
testicles as she continually frigged my erection within my
shorts. "Is that big, hard cock for ME?"

"You know it is, honey..." I breathed in response.

"Lay down on the floor for me," she instructed. I balked
for a moment, unable to pry my curious hands away from the
sweet contours of her ass. Lindsay giggled as I offered her
a quick-hitting kiss, then I finally did what she asked me
to. Once I sat down upon the floor and then reclined upon
it, Lindsay grabbed my shorts and quickly yanked them off.

Her eyes drifted downward, toward my pulsing cock, and
she licked her lips at the sight. "Do you like having your
hands on my ass?" she teased me, once again lifting the hem
of her skirt and offering me a view from the side. "I
think you like having your hands on my ass... don't you?"

"You know I do," I told her, my voice low, but intense.

"Yes, I do," she purred, her blue eyes still trained upon
my erection. "But you know what? Personally, I love your
big, hard cock." The young woman licked her lips once more
and added, "I especially love having it in my mouth."

As I moaned at those ominous words, I continued to openly
gawk and stare at Lindsay's sheer beauty. Thin bangs draped
across her forehead, with her long-flowing, immaculate blonde
hair tied into a girlish pony-tail (just for me, I am sure).
That sweet face, those pretty eyes, her innocent smile and
pearly-white teeth... Lindsay was a bona-fide princess.

And oh... did I mention the rest of her body? She was
incredibly thin and petite, and at initial glance, her body
screamed of jail-bait. Although Lindsay was 18, she had the
aura of a young girl still developing her curves in high
school. Her breasts were small and her hips were not that
round, but everything about her was tight. Extremely tight.

To top all of that off, Lindsay had even dressed up as a
cheerleader for me this fine morning. _MY GOD_! The uniform
she wore did nothing but accentuate her girlish appearance.
Lindsay looked young, innocent, tempting... but perhaps best
of all, she was not afraid to use her charms against me.
Indeed, she was coming out of that life-long shell of hers.
Had the island awakened a sexual beast within this girl?

Lindsay dropped to the floor with me and while hunched
over upon her elbows and knees, she took my throbbing cock
into her mouth and began with a hot, feverish sucking. Her
mouth felt velvety and soothing as the sensations of total
lust quickly began to swirl all throughout my body.

Lindsay grasped the base of my cock with her little right
hand and frigged away as her head gently bobbed up-and-down
over it. All the while, the seductress kept her eyes glued
to mine, staring at me with an excited, lustful gleam.

Still sighing with my own pleasure, I brought my hands to
Lindsay's head and tenderly caressed its crown. I ran my
hands throughout her silky-smooth hair, then grabbed her
bushy pony-tail and yanked on it ever-so-gently. Lindsay
giggled for a brief moment, but continued worshipping my
shaft with her exquisite, luscious mouth.

Soon, however, she released the base of my erection and
offered up some no-hands oral. Lindsay's head bobbed about
wildly upon my cock as she clutched her own breasts through
the shell top she wore, while moaning in her own passion.
In response, I could do nothing but grunt and growl while
continually playing and gently yanking on her pony-tail.
Obviously, Lindsay had paid close attention last Thursday
when the older, more experienced Trish gave her a series of
pointers and suggestions on how to perform oral sex on a man.
Needless to say, Lindsay was a _very_ quick learner.

Just being able to watch that pretty face as she sucked
me off was enough to bring me to the edge of orgasm.

I could have emptied my load right there - in her mouth -
and I am certain Lindsay would not have complained. However,
I had something else in mind. Something better, indeed...

"Lay on the sofa, honey - on your back," I instructed her.
Of course, she complied with my request. "Get close to the
side of the sofa, and turn your head toward me." I nearly
blew my load as she did so; the way Lindsay looked in her
cheerleading uniform was making me think nervous things.

With Lindsay on her back, her face turned toward me near
the upper portion of the sofa, she suddenly realized what my
idea was as I fisted my cock and stood up from the floor.
"You're going to do my mouth with your thing?" she asked in
an excited tone, her eyes focused upon my bulging erection.

"Yes I am," I told her, now stroking my cock. "I'm going
to fill your mouth standing up while you lay on the sofa." I
stepped closer to her and said, "Open up, baby. I've got
something big and tasty for you..."

Lindsay snickered and then gasped as I jammed my cock
hard and deep into her willing throat. I again latched onto
her blonde pony-tail, and then began to eagerly thrust my
hips back-and-forth in a constant, steady motion.

Lindsay gagged and choked for a short moment, but managed
to take the full length of my aching member into her mouth
with every forward thrust, as her pretty blue eyes begged me
for more. That was just what she got, too.

Using the sight of the little vixen in her cheerleading
uniform was all the motivation I needed as I began to
thoroughly pump Lindsay's mouth and throat with all of the
energy that I could muster. Despite her sheer inexperience,
I was not going to accept anything less than shoving every
last inch of my shaft into her mouth and down her throat. I
was even prepared to _JAM_ it into her if necessary!

She screamed out in the process, but that did not deter
me from my objective. I wanted to ram my cock so far down
her throat that it would come out of her pussy...

Perhaps that was a bit far-fetched, of course, but it was
still a nice goal. Lindsay seemed to have similar thoughts
in mind as the expression on her face continued begging me
for more. She enjoyed the rough treatment I was giving to
her throat and mouth. What better fantasy to fulfill than
the spunky, little cheerleader who loves the taste of cock?

I grunted and growled in wild passion as I pumped my way
in-and-out of her wondrous throat. Now squeezing one of her
perfect, ripe breasts with my free hand, I began to feel a
bit winded as I continually drilled my way into that mouth.

Soon, I felt the pleasure within me reach its boiling
point. A second or two later, I screamed out in pure lust
while withdrawing my shaft from her mouth. My eyes closed
and head tossed back, I gripped my cock and let out another
wild scream before the huge explosion within me occurred.

I missed seeing the first two heavy cum-shots. But upon
turning my attention back to Lindsay, I at least noticed
where they landed. One was splattered across her slender,
pretty neck while there was a second, long glob of sperm all
over the front of her green shell top.

With another one or two spurts left in me, I aimed for
Lindsay's open mouth and extended tongue, and let her have
it. A thick strand of sperm landed right on her tongue and
chin, followed by another across her nose. She swallowed
the load on her tongue down, then wiped her nose and chin
clean, and licked the remainder down as well.

"You came all over my top," Lindsay snickered in a wry,
playful tone, gazing at me once I eventually took a step
back. "I wanted it all in my mouth. I still need work on
swallowing a big load and not choking." She used her
fingers to gather up the excess fluid from her top, then
licked them dry once again. Lindsay was quickly becoming a
_naughty_ girl! She was a _bad girl_ who needed more sex!

Needing a moment to catch my breath, I took another step
back and grinned at her. "Get used to this, honey... I
think you and I may be seeing a lot of each other before it
is time for you to return home." It should not come as any
great surprise that I was quickly becoming addicted to this
girl. No one had ever made me feel the way she did.

"I'd like to have sex with you from now until the end of
July," she countered, grinning. "That is when we return
home, right?" She purred and added, "That would be great!
Or do we go back home in August? I forget..."

Lindsay reached behind her head and undid the bow which
held her pony-tail in place. She shook her head vigorously,
allowing the blonde tresses to fall and cascade over her neck
and shoulders. I was disappointed that she had done away
with her pony-tail, but only for a very short moment.

"Would you like to do my pussy now?" I nearly choked in
response to those words, as Lindsay offered me her most shy
expression. She even batted her eyelashes and grinned, "I
know that I had sex with seven different people last night,
but I want more! I want a LOT more! How about it?"

"I want all of you, if you are willing to give it to me,"
I told her in a hard, unrelenting tone. At the same time, my
flaccid shaft suddenly received a newfound burst of energy.
"I will take every square inch of your body if you allow me
to. And I will never let go..."

Lindsay smiled at me as she rose from the sofa, her eyes
trained upon my face. "The panties come off, but the skirt
stays on. I do not think you will have any objections to
having sex with me with my uniform still on." I gulped my
throat once more as she reached underneath her swishy
cheerleader skirt and then slid her panties down her slender
hips and thighs. Wow... this girl was so incredibly hot!

She hooked her panties around one of her saddle shoes and
twirled it about before me for an instant, then kicked them
off into oblivion. I groaned and shook my head, my hands
reaching out and eagerly fondling her tight, firm breasts.

"The skirt stays on," she reiterated, turning her back to
me and then dropping down onto the carpeted floor. Still
facing away from me, Lindsay lowered herself to her hands
and knees. She twitched that sweet, tight ass for my adoring
eyes, then glanced over her shoulder and offered me quite
the impish grin. "Come on, Jeremy. Come get some..."

She jutted her ass outward and flaunted it again, wanting
to entice me even further. Of course, she was successful in
doing so. My shaft was hard and raging yet again. Lindsay
wanted me to insert my hard cock into her moist, intoxicating
pussy. I was not about to disappoint her.

The little tease wiggled her hips in anticipation as I
got behind her, shoving my pelvis hard onto her outstretched
ass. I hiked her skirt upward, past her hips, and tucked
the hem into its own waistband. That scrumptious pussy
looked most inviting as I literally drooled at the sight.

"OH YEAH... that feels so good!" Lindsay moaned as I then
nudged my erection between the damp, puffy folds of her slit.
I growled and winced at the sensations. It felt as if her
pussy was violently clutching and squeezing my cock.

Lindsay tossed her head back and screamed in arousal as I
began to hump and thrust my way into her. Wasting no time,
I grabbed her luscious hips and held on tight as I slammed
myself into her. Soon, I too joined the parade of screams.
Now, both of us were making an inordinate amount of noise.
I wondered if any of the other ladies in the mansion could
hear us. Indeed, we were _that_ loud.

Keeping a wide base with her legs spread apart, Lindsay
was completely bent over the waist. Her body shook and
vibrated as I hammered away at her, her shoulders perched
on the floor with her face turned to the side. Her mouth
was now open and her eyes were about to erupt, as she let
out a series of loud, animalistic growls and screams.

Not a word was said - there were only screams. Lindsay's
body reached a fever pitch, then the blonde rumbled out as
she was overcome with a powerful orgasm. Lindsay tumbled
over onto her side upon the floor, but somehow, I managed to
go right along with her and keep my cock embedded within her
pussy. It was as if I was glued to her!

As her orgasm progressed, I pumped her pussy some more. I
wanted to get every last ounce of pleasure out of this that I
could, before my cock exploded within her. When I used my
right hand to slap her ass, I then lost control of myself.

After one more forward stroke, I was pumping my thick and
gooey seed into the 18-year-old's depths. Both of us moaned
and growled together as my body experienced the wondrous joy
of sweet orgasm. I kept my cock in Lindsay for quite a long
time, until I was positive that all of its juices had been
deposited into her. Only then, did I finally pull out.

After smoothing her little skirt back down and into
place, I patted Lindsay on the ass while moving up and
offering her right ear a series of short nibbles and kisses.
She and I were thoroughly satisfied - for the time being...

"That big, monster cock of yours!" she exclaimed, her
voice and breath ragged. "LORD... that was so good!"

"It was much better for me than you, sweetheart," I
gasped, turning her over onto her back beneath me. "Trust
me, baby. Trust me." I moaned with contentment, pressing
my lips to her mouth and kissing her softly. "Damn..."

"Damn what?" Lindsay giggled.

"Damn... you're so beautiful," I croaked, kissing her.

"You shouldn't swear, Jeremy," she playfully scolded me.
"God would most definitely frown upon you talking like that.
You need to control what comes out of your mouth, Jeremy."

"I can control what goes INTO your mouth," I grinned, to
which she giggled. "You suck cock like a crazy woman."

"I LOVE sucking your cock!"

"How long were you a cheerleader in high school, dear?"

"All four years," she told me. "I was a cheerleader in
both the fall and winter seasons, so I never missed a
football or basketball game when the team was home. But I
almost quit the squad after my father passed away. A friend
convinced me to stay on and tough it out. She said that
being on the squad and staying active would be better than
sitting at home, dwelling about the loss of my dad."

"I agree with that," I told her, nodding my head for
emphasis. "Hmmmmm... you are a very religious girl, quite
obviously, and you also like playing video games. Tell me
more about yourself, babydoll."

"What do you want to know?"

"Tell me about your hobbies. What are things you enjoy?"

Lindsay smiled. "Well, I live on a farm in [City Name],
Ohio, and we have a couple of horses. I absolutely LOVE to
go horseback riding. That is a definite hobby of mine. I
am not much into the party scene. I like to stay home and be
with my mom and sisters. We're all pretty close. I am also
interested in fast and exotic cars... expensive cars."

"What does your mother do for a living?"

"She works at some medical packaging place."

"Have you been religious your entire life?" I already
knew the answer to that question, but felt as if it was a
good conversation piece anyway. Lindsay was a very devoted
Christian girl whose father, before his untimely death, was
a minister. Still, it was a good _conversation_ question.

"Oh yes," she grinned. "Very much so. Ever since I was a
little girl, I have been going to church. I also sing in the
church choir every Sunday." Lindsay then pouted. "That is
one thing I have definitely missed while I'm on this island of
yours. I ALWAYS go to church on Sunday morning. Somehow, I
think I'll survive, though." Lindsay reached out and gave my
cock a little squeeze with her right hand. "I will survive."

"What is the one thing that you want most out of life?
What would make your life successful?"

"I want to be an instrument for God and try to do what
God would want me to do in every situation that I face in
life," was her poignant response. Certainly, it was not the
type of answer someone would expect from a typical teen-ager.
Lindsay, though, was _far_ from typical. She was special!

"What activities were you involved with in high school?
Besides cheerleading, of course?"

"Cheerleading kept me busy in the fall and winter seasons,
as I said," she told me. "Then I played on the softball team
one year, but wasn't any good at it. So I played on the
tennis team the other three years in the spring."

"You were good at tennis?"

"Uh huh," she nodded.

"Maybe I could play you in a game sometime," I grinned.
"Kristanna is quite the tennis player, too. I bet that she
would LOVE to play against you in tennis. Please tell me,
sweetheart. What else were you involved in?"

"Drama club, Future Homemakers of America, yearbook staff
and a couple of other activities. Between all of my high
school commitments and my job at the grocery store, I was
always extremely busy... ALWAYS on the go. I never really
had time to just kick back and relax, take it easy. That is
another reason why I love being on your island, Jeremy. I
feel better and more at ease with myself than ever before.
I have never felt quite this relaxed and carefree. I miss my
family, yes. But this bit of _me time_ is great."

"You are considering college in the fall, right?"

"I got a scholarship to go to [University Name] in Ohio,"
she told me. "I have always wanted to be a teacher for as
long as I can remember, but recently I have started to think
about getting into the ministry, too."

"The ministry?" I asked, my eyebrows raised. Ahh yes, I
told myself. The ministry made perfect sense for her.

"My dad was a minister before he died last November," she
explained, frowning. "I have been thinking about it lately.
I would want to be a minister so I could be like my dad was.
I would like to do what he did. I want to be who he was in
the community. I want to serve God and I want to serve
mankind. And I believe that this may very well be my destiny
in life because I was guided to it in a unique way - by being
the daughter of a minister." I smiled at those wonderful
words as she continued, "I guess I have a little time to
think about what I want to do with my life. Start college
and pursue teaching in the fall, or devote my life to the
ministry. I could take a couple of months, perhaps a year,
to decide too. Either way, I just want to help people."

I smiled at her again. "You are a wonderful young lady.
I have NEVER heard anything like that from someone your age.
You want to become a minister so all you can help people of
all ages, or a teacher, where you'll help children learn and
develop. That is wonderful, Lindsay. Just wonderful!"

"I love being around kids!" Lindsay squealed. "I just
love them. Maybe one day, I can have a few of my own."

I smiled in response to those words. Hey... I wanted to
be a father one day myself. The idea flashed throughout my
mind about what it would be like if Lindsay was not even the
mother of my children, but also my wife and soul-mate. I was
that taken with her - and I was falling deeper and deeper
into that abyss of infatuation with every passing second.
It did not matter that I was 21 years her senior.

"I love children, too," were my words. "My sister has
three of them. Whenever I go back to the states, I always
try and make a point of visiting them. Ages 23, 22 and 17.
The 23-year-old, Tommy, has a birthday coming up real soon."
I grinned at Lindsay and told her in a suggestive voice, "I
just haven't found the right woman to settle down with yet."

There was a moment of strained silence because of my tone
and words. Perhaps that was too forward of an insinuation
on my behalf, because Lindsay was still so very young. It
seemed that way, at least. Lindsay looked a bit uneasy.
Yes, I wanted to put my foot in my mouth just like earlier.

I needed to work the possibility of a commitment between
us into our conversations somehow, but now was not the time.
I did not want to spoil what had been an incredible morning.
This was certainly a morning that I would never forget.

So, I quickly decided to change the subject. I caressed
one of her pert breasts through her shell top and spoke in
a gentle tone. "I don't know about you, but I'm hungry."

"It's too early - 5:50 - for me to think about food."

"Not that type of hungry," I countered, grinning. I slid
my left hand between her thighs and massaged her tender, wet
pussy. "This is what I'm hungry for, sweetheart. I could
eat this from now until the end of time."

Lindsay moaned and then spread her thighs wide, allowing
me better access to her nether regions. I offered her mouth
a tongue-filled kiss, then slid down her wondrous body and
only came to a stop once my head was between her legs.

"Hmmmmm..." Lindsay groaned, her thighs already clutching
my head, as my tongue made its initial contact with her
clitoris. I flicked and dabbed at the little nub of skin
with the very tip of my tongue, then gently sucked it into
my hungry mouth. Lindsay sighed and growled in response,
then flipped the front of her bouncy skirt over my head.

After releasing her clitoris, I inserted two fingers
between the damp folds of Lindsay's pussy and started to
thrust them in-and-out at a rather frenetic pace. I splayed
several kisses across her inner thighs, then offered her
pussy a series of long, sweeping lashes with my tongue.

Needless to say, Lindsay tasted absolutely wonderful to
me. Not only was I enjoying the sweet fruits of her orgasm
from earlier, but I luxuriated in the fact that I was giving
her a current helping of undeniable pleasure. Her little
body shook and vibrated beneath me in response to my oral
and finger probing, her thighs wrapped tight around my head.
I arched my neck and growled in the sensations once she
ground the soles of her saddle shoes hard into my back.

"OH MYYYYY..." Lindsay gently sighed, arching her own
neck and back, as I now assaulted her clitoris with my
tongue, and her pussy itself with two thrusting fingers.
"OH LORD..." was her next, gentle moan. "WOW..."

My technique varied and changed from second to second. I
lashed her clitoris with my tongue, then kissed it with my
lips. I sucked the nub into my mouth and twiddled it with
a fingertip from my free hand. I repeated the process over
and over, but not exactly in that order.

Since Lindsay's skirt was still draped over the crown of
my head, I could not watch her reaction as I did everything
within my power to make her explode in climax. But I sensed
her reaction, at least, and most definitely heard it.

"OOOOOH!" she suddenly grunted out. "OOOOOH! YES! YES!

Lindsay's thighs were now wrapped around my head with an
unforgiving grip as a wave of orgasmic passion consumed her
body all at once. I burrowed my tongue between her velvety
folds, my two fingers stuffed to their third knuckles, and
simply bathed in the eruption which I helped trigger.

As the feminine juices of orgasm flowed from her tender
slit, I collected as much as I could with my tongue and
swallowed them down rather eagerly. Lindsay continued to
moan and grunt out her passionate approval, her hands now
reaching down and clutching at my head through her skirt.
I literally took her on a trip to heavenly bliss, and beyond.

Once her orgasm reached its apex, Lindsay crested downward
rather quickly. Her body relaxed beneath me, then she let
out a long-winded sigh as I finally withdrew both fingers
and my probing head from the silken joining of her thighs.

I smiled at Lindsay as she lie upon the floor, clutching
and massaging her own breasts. With that uniform on, and
even in the aftermath of a hot, rousing orgasm, Lindsay still
looked like the poster-girl for sweet innocence. Obviously,
that was a huge attraction for me. No matter how many times
she had sex thus far, Lindsay seemed so incredibly innocent.
Lindsay still seemed, dare I say, pure as the driven snow.

"Oh wow... I really needed that," she beamed, obviously
still feeling the after-effects of that powerful orgasm. I
settled myself down directly on top of her, and placed a
whispery kiss upon her lips. "That was great, Jeremy! And
it seems all that nasty lightning and thunder stopped, too!"

"Will you wear your uniform for me again in the future?"
I asked, hopeful. "I'd love for you to cheer for me again."

"For you, Jeremy, I'll do anything..." Lindsay answered,
splaying a series of tender kisses along my face and neck.
"I'll have sex with you the rest of the summer if you want!"

How perfect would this girl look in a wedding dress?

<<<- End of Chapter 12 ->>>

==---- -- -- -- - --- -- -- - - --- -- -- --- - -- - - - - --- -- ----==
"Island Fever"

(c) 2014 JeremyDCP


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Anonymous readerReport

2014-05-13 22:12:41
Good statement.. My thoughts precisely....
She is too young for him and attracted to woman. She still wants to do something with her life.. He will take it away from her.. Sad.

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2014-05-13 22:12:36
Good statement.. My thoughts precisely....
She is too young for him and attracted to woman. She still wants to do something with her life.. He will take it away from her.. Sad.

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2014-05-13 19:01:49
Great story and character building and thankfully the sex was well balanced with it. Of course his plans for the future and his unwillingness to ever leave the island are completely different than her plans for college and then teaching or ministry, so I'm puzzled why he keeps thinking of her as a possible choice as a wife? if you make somebody give up their dreams, they will only learn to resent you as time goes on. Is that what he wants? To marry someone and them hate him a few years later?

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