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7 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by:
Chapter 13: "Resolution"

After two days of endless rain and occasional lightning
and thunder storms, the weather had finally cleared up here
on the island. I woke up this morning and was pleased that
there were blue skies for as far as the eye could see. I
figured that after breakfast, many (if not all) of the
ladies would take advantage of the beautiful weather and
spend the majority of their day soaking up the sun.

Seated inside my voyeur room, I smiled and looked on as
indeed, everyone was enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.
Myself, I was enjoying the beauty of all of these ladies.

Lindsay was frolicking around in the grotto with Pamela,
Trish and Amy, while it appeared as if Kristanna was leading
Devon and Camille on a hike alongside the seascape of stone
cliffs and mesmerizing ocean views on the island's southern
side. I had been sitting here watching (and admiring) both
groups for the better part of 45 minutes. However, I was
not eavesdropping on either of their discussions. Not yet,
anyway. I had the sound muted, and was too lost in thought.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

I freely admit that when the ladies first arrived on the
island nearly two weeks ago, I shot and bounced around like a
ping-pong ball in an arcade machine when it came to my
feelings and emotions for them. If I were to hark back to
their initial day here - and that day alone - I went from
Trish being my favorite, to Pamela, then Devon, to Lindsay,
before eventually zeroing in on Amy that particular evening.
I saw wedding bells and screaming babies in the future of
yours truly and whichever woman I was currently fixated on.

The following day was was more of the same, but not quite
as extreme as the one before it. I wanted to marry Pamela.
As time went on, I was assured that Devon was the girl for
me. But Trish, although seemingly quite elusive to me due
to her own feelings toward Lindsay, was always lurking in
the background as a _wild card_. As for Lindsay, how could
I not be drawn to her like a magnet?

For awhile there, I was zig-zagging amongst them like a
wild man. I could have my sights set on Devon, for example,
then be dreaming about seeing Pamela in a wedding dress an
hour later. Then, I would go back to Devon. Or Trish. Or
Lindsay, or Amy. Maybe even a fleeting thought of Camille?

As I look back on those first couple of days, while I
confess that it may have made me look somewhat shallow in the
eyes of some, I do think my constant procrastination and
indecisiveness was justified. Well, maybe not justified -
perhaps _understood_ would be the better word.

Having spent the majority of the past 17 years in near
isolation on this island, I was not used to others being
around. I was certainly not accustomed to waking up each
morning and spending my day with six drop-dead gorgeous
females fluttering about (seven if you count Kristanna).
Even better, all of these ladies (sans Camille) seemed to
have an interest in me. Some more than others, of course.

You take a lonely man (as I was) and put them in the same,
exact position, and I would wager that the overwhelming
majority of them would react nearly identically to how I did.
They would zig-zag and wildly vacillate with their views of
the ladies, too. The idea seemed quite normal to me.

So, I could compare myself to a _kid in a candy store_
for those first couple of days. Everything was new; it was
unique, fresh, great, exciting... I went a little overboard
with some of my thoughts and emotions. Given the unique
circumstances, could anyone really blame me?

However, I am actually much more level-headed than that.
After awhile, I realized that I needed to take a step back
and not come to such hasty conclusions every single time one
of these amazing, remarkable women simply lay a fingertip on
me. It was not healthy for me. Nor was it constructive.
Plus, it did not help me accomplish what I set out to do in
bringing all of the ladies here to begin with. Most of all,
however, it was not fair to offer them any false promises.
I had to keep the ladies and their feelings in mind, too.

So, I took that proverbial step back and, for the past
week-and-a-half, I believe that I had handled my personal
emotions in a much more clear and concise manner. I had a
few high spots, indeed, but nothing too extreme. I felt
good. Really good. I also felt that the time was nearing
for me to make a definitive choice amongst the girls, and
explore the possibility of a life-long relationship with her.

But how could I pick just one? Minus Camille, I could
easily envision myself - or at least make a strong case for -
settling down with any of them!

Seated at the control panel within my voyeur room, I
focused my gaze upon the monitor which oversaw the grotto.
The quartet of Pamela, Trish, Lindsay and Amy were clearly
having a good time as they soaked their wondrous bodies and
relaxed in the warm, soothing water. For the first time
this morning, I decided to flip the audio switch for the
grotto on, and listen in. I wanted to hear their voices.
The sound of those sweet voices made me happy.

"I cannot believe that you are from Ohio," Amy said to
Lindsay, as they waded about in the waist-deep water of the
grotto in their bikinis. "You know, Jeremy is originally
from Ohio too - just like us. In fact, all three of us are
from the same general area - Cincinnati."

As Lindsay nodded her head, Pamela offered, "Is Ohio as
slow and boring as people make it out to be? I guess people
think that more about Cincinnati than Ohio as a whole."

"It is pretty boring," Amy admitted, before turning her
attention back toward Lindsay. "Of course, I would have had
a lot more fun there if I had known you back home, honey."
The fertile-minded blonde blushed at those words as Amy
added, "You and I could tear the walls of Cincinnati down.
Just think what we could do if Jeremy was with us, too!"

"Maybe all three of you should have gotten together long
before now," Pamela mused. "Maybe a three-way marriage?"

Trish latched onto Lindsay from behind and spoke in a
protective tone, "No, please don't say that. I want Lindsay
for myself." She curled her neck and planted a kiss across
Lindsay's face, adding, "If this girl winds up marrying
anyone, it should be me!"

Pamela giggled and asked, "Do they have rules against
same-sex marriages in Canada?"

"I don't know," Trish replied. "I will have to find out,
though. I would think that it is illegal in Ohio."

"I wouldn't concern myself with being married or not,"
Amy offered. "Just as long as I went to bed each night with
my face between Lindsay's legs, I'd be very happy."

The 18-year-old blushed and fidgeted about in response to
those words as Pamela grinned, "What about me, Amy? Would
you like to go to bed with your face between MY legs?"

"I already do," Amy responded, smiling. "Room-mates,
remember? I've licked your pussy just about every night
thus far, Pamela, until you've cum for me. Haven't I?"

The exotic dancer sighed contently and answered, "Oh yes."

"And used plenty of dildos on you, too," Amy added.

Lindsay squirmed and writhed about some more before
saying, "Maybe you could use those dildos on me sometime
too, Amy. Would you like that?"

The red-head's eyes flashed with definite arousal as she
licked her lips at the prospects. "I'd love to. Maybe a
little later today, or tomorrow, I can show you what true
dildo-love is. I'd love to be the first to show it to you!"

Pamela grinned and suggested, "Use that 24-inch monster
of yours on her, Amy. Lindsay would love that."

"24 INCHES?" Trish exclaimed. "She'd be split in HALF!"

"That's the idea," Amy said in a wicked, devious tone.

I stumbled across that conversation at the right time!

Ahh, Amy. Amy Kathleen [Last Name withheld]. As I watched
her coo and cavort about the carnal things that she wanted to
do to Lindsay, I began to think. Could I be wrong about Amy?
Underneath all of that aggression Amy would portray to others
from time to time - most notably in regards to Lindsay - I
got the idea that she was nothing more than a mild, little
pussycat. A baby kitten, if you will. Or, that was the
_true_ Amy. That side of her had yet to come to the surface,
but I felt it was there - and waiting to bust out.

Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps I was crazy? Maybe. But I
was not alone. Kristanna even suggested that Amy was overly
submissive, and that I needed to _take control_ of her. Amy
would really, truly want that, Kristanna predicted, and it
would help quell her aggression and, for lack of a better
term, put her _in her place_.

Alas, I was not the dominant type - although I suppose I
certainly could learn to be. I had watched a few movies and
videos of the genre over the years, and they intrigued me.
Could Amy's one true _place_ be on her knees in front of me,
as a submissive, for the rest of her life? Could she be
molded into a respectful, soft-spoken and generous woman
whose purpose was to please others? She certainly had some
past experience as a submissive. Or, was Amy dominant
herself who meant everything she said about Lindsay?

Regardless, I saw something in Amy. No matter how many
times she had teased Lindsay, or said bad things about her
behind her back (like when she told Camille that she wanted
to leave Lindsay tied up all day at home, only then to arrive
later on and relentlessly beat her with a strap), there was
something about Amy that pulled me to her. Underneath that
hard and rigid exterior was a little kitty cat. And, much
like me, that kitty cat was yearning for love and attention.

Amy came across to me as all bark, but really just meows.
Despite all of her proclamations thus far, she had yet to lay
an inappropriate finger on Lindsay. Not one wrong finger on
her at all! I did not think she had it in her. Amy simply
liked to shock others, and get attention. She needed
someone - perhaps me - to _corral_ her, and keep her in
check. Most of all, Amy needed someone to love her.

Unlike the majority of the ladies here, I had been witness
to the other side of Amy. I had seen different variations of
her personality from time to time. She was not always harsh
and abrasive. In fact, while around me for the most part,
Amy seemed humble and... kind? But whatever the perception
others had of her, there was definitely a strong chemistry
between us, and it could not be denied.

Of course, the bigger question was whether or not I could
envision marrying Amy in the future and spending the rest of
my life with her. Was Amy _wife material_? Would she be a
good wife and an even better mother?

Quite simply, I think she could. I could easily picture
wedding bells in our future. Mind you, several things would
have to change and others would need to fall perfectly into
place, but I could see it. I also had the idea that Amy -
for the right man - could be the picture-perfect, ideal (and
faithful) wife. Again, call me crazy.

Now, what about Lindsay?

Lindsay was an entirely different story for me. Lindsay
was the tight, little teen-ager fresh off of graduation who
was making me feel as if I was back in high school myself.
Remember, I am 39 years of age. With Lindsay, though, it
seemed as if I was somehow getting to partake in all those
things that I missed out on when I was younger.

When I was growing up, the head cheerleader at my school
certainly never seemed to notice me. Ahhhhh... Bonnie was
her name. I often wondered if Bonnie was aware that I even
existed. Here on the island, though, our head cheerleader
was not only ready, willing and able to do pom-pom dances
and spirit chants for me on demand, but she also could not
seem to keep her mouth away from my cock.

I wanted to take Lindsay to the prom. We did not have a
prom here on the island, but perhaps I could come up with
some ideas and create one of our own. I wanted to take
Lindsay out to the movies and make out with her in the back
corner. I wanted to take Lindsay to the mall and walk around
with her for hours on end. I wanted to hold her hand and
ask her if her mother would mind me coming over for dinner.
I wanted to call her on the telephone at night and tell her
how much she meant to me. I even wanted to pass silly,
little notes to her in class when the teacher wasn't looking.

Indeed, Lindsay made me feel as if I was in high school
again. However, there was a cold, harsh reality here. I was
not in high school. I was so out of touch with things that
even if I was still in high school, I had no chance of fitting
in whatsoever. Not only that, but I had 21 years of age on
Lindsay. I was old enough to be her father. Yikes!

Kristanna made this point to me originally, and I was now
starting to see it too. Lindsay was too young for me. More
importantly, I was too old for her. I could live with Lindsay
being younger than me. That was not the issue. The problem
was that I could not live with myself being so much older
than her. It was simply not fair to her.

Oh, I had great fun with Lindsay. I planned to continue
to do so for as long as she was a guest on my island. But in
all seriousness, and with a rational head, I could not see
Lindsay as my bride-to-be. There seemed to be no way.

When she was my age, I would be 60. At 39, I could not
see myself with a 60-year-old woman. I could flip that
around and say the same for Lindsay. Would it be fair to
her? If she and I were to get married, Lindsay would most
likely be a widow by the time she turned 50. I certainly do
not want her to spend the final 20 years of her life with
such a void. Again, that would not be fair to her at all.

Perhaps I would think differently if Lindsay showed those
type of feelings for me, but she did not. Not yet, anyway.
Nor did I expect her to. Yes, Lindsay liked me. It was safe
to say that she had a major crush on me. Whenever we got
together, she and I definitely had a blast. But that did not
mean that Lindsay had any notion of a life-long commitment in
mind. At her age, she would, quite honestly, be foolish to.

I was crazy about the girl and she would forever have a
place in my heart, but I had to cross Lindsay off the list.
Unless something drastic and unexpected happens, that is.

Then there was the case of Trish. Trish was a shining
beacon of light. She had the personality and the presence to
light up even the darkest of rooms. Trish was so incredibly
kind and giving. She had one of the biggest hearts of any
human being I had ever known. Plus, Trish was so positive
and energetic all of the time. She was so driven and goal
oriented. Nothing could stop her.

The problem for me with Trish had not changed, though.
She was in love with Lindsay, and blind to everyone else.
Unfortunately, that included me.

Trish was the _wild card_ of the group for me. She was
the _sleeper_. If this woman had shown even half of the
interest in me that Pamela and Devon did, I would be all
over her. I was that enamored with Trish. I would consider
myself to be the luckiest man alive to have a woman like her
in my life and on my arm. Alas, Trish seemed to look at me
as nothing more than a friend - and someone who helped her
facilitate the popping of Lindsay's virginal cherry.

If her feelings were to change, though, I could easily
fall into the abyss with Trish and never find my way back.
I wanted to open up and give her so much love and affection.
But again, the circumstances were not right. Nor did they
appear that they ever would be. Sad, but true.

But what an awesome person Trish was. She will make
someone very happy one day. Perhaps Lindsay? Indeed, Trish
was my one and only _chick_. She was a cool chick.

Thus, I had narrowed my choices down to two. I really
needed to focus my attention over the coming days and
(perhaps) weeks on the pair of ladies who had shown the most
interest in me thus far. Of course, I had shown quite a
vested interest in them as well. Those two ladies were none
other than... yes, you guessed it - Pamela and Devon.

Pamela was, by far, the most intriguing of all of the
women to me. How could someone with the mind and IQ of a
genius have subjected herself to being an exotic dancer for
the past 11 years? Just how many people had actually
witnessed the beauty of a nude Pamela before? Thousands?
Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Perhaps even a
million or more? I would bet on the latter. 11 years is
certainly a long time when the customers are always filing
in and out, and the faces are new literally every time.

Of course, I did not look at Pamela as a stripper. Why?
Pamela was better than that to me. Much better. All I had
to do was try and match wits with her, and she would pound
me every single time. Trish may have been my chick, but
Pamela was my librarian. My busty librarian, that is.

Nor did I care that Pamela was a stripper. In my eyes,
at least, she was not a stripper any longer. I was not going
to hold that against her in the slightest. That career had
helped shape her into the person that she is today. Needless
to say, that was a person whom I cared about very deeply.

I liked to compare Pamela with Amy in the sense that both
ladies were clearly looking for something that had yet to
come along in their respective lives. They both wanted
someone to sweep them off their feet and treat them with
the love, dignity and respect that they so richly deserve.
Hey, _I_ could do that - especially for Pamela.

The easiest and most simple way for me to describe Devon is
to say that she was a good woman. She was good, and clean.
Devon was the type of woman that you wanted to take home to
your family. She was the type of woman who your mother would
be proud to call her daughter-in-law. Devon literally had no
faults. She was, in a word, flawless.

Devon was full of the sunshine and sweetness that could
make my knees weak and tremble. She was fierce and loyal to
a fault. She was honest and forthcoming. There was not a
mean or deceitful cell within her entire body. Plus, on top
of all of that, Devon was just so damn adorable. Polite and
with an ever-present, toothy smile, even her voice was soft
and silky. There was nothing not to like about her.

It also helped that from her very first evening on the
island, Devon had been putting _moves_ on me left and right.
She was definitely interested in a relationship with me, and
was not afraid to let me (or anyone else) know, either.

I felt so much at ease whenever I was with Devon. Plain
and simple, she made me happy. Kristanna recently told me
that God had created the two of us - Devon and yours truly -
for each other. We were destined to meet, Kristanna claimed,
and embark on the rest of our lives in unison. Perhaps
Kristanna was right? The woman was rarely wrong.

So, I had my initial _list_. It was a rough draft of not
only who I considered to be the best fit for me amongst all
of the women, but it also included if I was the proper fit
for them as well. It took many different things and factors
into consideration - some of which I touched upon above. It
was in no way scientific. And, it was subject to change.


1-a. Devon
1-b. Pamela

(And now, a massive drop-off) :-

3. Amy
4. Trish
5. Lindsay
6. Camille (only because I had to mention her).


"I know all da little nooks and crannies of dis island,"
Kristanna said in that quirky accent of hers, as she guided
Devon and Camille on a nature walk. I had now decided to
listen in and eavesdrop on their conversation from the prime
comfort of my voyeur room. Pamela, Trish, Lindsay and Amy,
meanwhile, were still enjoying themselves in the grotto.

"Jeremy has shown me everyding dare is to see here,"
Kristanna added. " can take yew yust about anyvare on da
island. I know it all real vell."

"You're taking us to a waterfall now, right?" Camille
confirmed. "I could use a dip in the water."

"Not a vaterfall," the Norwegian returned. "A basin of
fresh-vater. Dare is cliff to dive off of. It be fun!"

"You know Jeremy a lot better than the rest of us," Devon
said to Kristanna, as Camille followed them along a narrow
pathway. "Can I ask if Jeremy is as nice and sweet as he
seems? I mean, I've never met anyone who is as soft-spoken
and respectful as he is. It's like he's not real sometimes."

"Oh, Jeremy be real," Kristanna grinned. "Very real. He
1vants to find a vife and get married, and settle down, vid a
family. I cannot ever remember Jeremy being mad or upset.
Vat yew see is vat yew get vid him... it is not an act. Dat
is nicest man any of yew vill ever meet, ya."

"He is by far the nicest person I've ever come across,"
Devon swooned. "I just wonder why he has spent so much time
in isolation... in solitare, here."

"Here ve are!" Kristanna announced.

Devon, Kristanna and Camille had finally reached their
destination on the southern side of the island. I panned
the hidden camera back for a quick moment and took in their
surroundings; it was simply beautiful.

With a volcanic mountain as their backdrop, the ladies
would have a 40-foot cliff to jump off of into a basin of
fresh, crystal-clear water. The walls of the cliff were a
lush green, and the entire area was shaded because of the
crowded mass of huge, majestic trees which surrounded it.

The setting was nature at its purest. As the owner of
this island, I had saw to it over the past few years that
visitors were kept to a minimum. Unlike all of the lovely
women here now, this land was literally a virgin territory.
Except for the mansion and its facilities, and a few other
areas, the entire island was the same as God had created it.
Partly because of this, it truly was an island paradise.

The lump in my shorts which resulted because of Amy's
promise of what she planned to do to Lindsay in the future
was still there (a 24 inch dildo, and all), so I began
rubbing it while watching the trio of Devon, Kristanna and
Camille ascend the hill that led up to the cliff's edge.
Indeed, it was a real pleasure to watch Devon and Camille
bounce about in their bikinis. Their bodies were not only
voluptuous, but also irreproachable.

Kristanna had a beautiful and perfect body as well, but
in a much different way. She was very tall (5-foot-11) and
thin (115 pounds), and her legs were so long and graceful
that they never seemed to end. Who would want them to end?

Her breasts were not quite as developed as those of Devon
or Camille. Considering that both of them sported a proud
and majestic D-cup, not many women could match up with Devon
or Camille in that regard anyway. Kristanna, though, had the
look and aura about her of a tall, lithesome runway model.

As all three ladies reached the top of the cliff, they
debated over should take the first plunge into the basin
below. It was a steep drop of 40 feet which seemed scary,
until you jumped off - when it became exhilarating.

The spirited debate ended when Camille, in a playful way,
offered Devon an unsuspecting shove in the back. Devon fell
off of the cliff and into the fresh water below, all the
while screaming out in a mad, surprised frenzy.

Devon plunged deep into the cool, crystal-clear water, but
once she re-surfaced, the 27-year-old thrashed her arms about
and looked up at the two women who heartily laughed some 40

Camille, along with Kristanna, snickered as they glared
down at Devon. "It was your idea to come here!" Camille
yelled back at her, still laughing. "You go first!"

The laughing stopped, however, once Camille received a
push in the back - courtesy of Kristanna. Camille yelled
and screeched as she fell down into the water, some 20 feet
away from her luscious room-mate. As Devon then made her
way over to Camille, Kristanna went into an absolute rage
of laughter at what she had just accomplished.

"KRISTANNA!" Camille exclaimed once she re-surfaced,
just before Devon jumped onto her and wrestled her beneath
the water. Both ladies frolicked around, each grappling one
another, for several seconds. In the process, Devon managed
to tear away Camille's bikini top and toss it elsewhere.

"Here goes nudding!" Kristanna exclaimed as she jumped
off of the cliff. With her knees tucked into her chest, the
young woman hit the water with a heavy splash.

Devon and Camille immediately swam over to her, and soon
the trio of lusty ladies were involved in a playful bout of
wrestling, hair-pulling and bikini-ripping.

When it was all said and done, they had easily stripped
each other of their swimsuits. It was a very lighthearted
and playful game they had just taken part in. It was easy
to tell that they were having a great time together.

The ladies did not even bother to gather up their torn
bikinis while getting out of the water and once again,
ascending the trail which led to the cliff's edge. This
time, Camille gave Kristanna's ass a swat and threatened
to push her off the edge if she refused to jump on her own.

Kristanna did not test her - she did jump. However, she
also latched onto Camille's arms just before the jump, and
the two women screamed as they hit the water together. I
smiled while Devon laughed; Kristanna and Camille soon
paddled above water and started fighting again.

They were pretty focused on each other until Devon
splashed down into the basin about ten feet away from them.
Kristanna and Camille put an end to their squabbling and
met Devon as she re-surfaced. Camille immediately hugged
the stacked blonde and offered her mouth a nice, slow kiss.

"Vare is me kiss?" Kristanna chirped, her broken English
bringing a smile to my face. She was such a sweetheart!

Camille placed her hands onto Devon's shoulders, then
guided her toward Kristanna, who immediately took her into
her arms and offered up a sweet, touching kiss.

"This island really is a paradise!" Camille exclaimed,
as she watched Devon and Kristanna share in their mutual
kiss. "It's a haven for pussy!"

Devon and Kristanna were so focused on their kiss as
they treaded water that I am not certain if either of them
heard Camille's words. When that kiss finally did end,
though, Kristanna swam over to Camille and planted her
lips on hers for a tongue-filled exchange of their own.

Devon snickered as she then began to splash Kristanna
and Camille with an onslaught of water. Of course, they
were quick to retaliate. I grinned at the sight. It was
wonderful to watch the three of them frolicking and playing
together like this. It was a genuine moment, indeed.

Soon, the fight came to an end and all three ladies were
paddling their way to the small, sandy beach at the water's
edge. Devon had brought a collection of towels with her,
and some of them were already spread out over the sand.

Devon, Kristanna and Camille were still all giggles and
smiles as they then got out of the water. Camille offered
Kristanna's ass another hard, stinging swat with her hand,
which did nothing but bring even more snickers and laughs.

Kristanna returned the favor, smacking Camille's ass
with her own hand. They were having a lot of fun together.

"Want to go back up the hill for another jump?" Devon
asked. "I get to push someone off this time!"

Camille wrapped her arms around Devon's hot body and
replied, "I'd rather stay right here, honey." To reinforce
her point, Camille placed her lips onto Devon's mouth and
offered her a very long, slow-paced kiss.

Kristanna looked on and nodded approvingly as Devon and
Camille swapped tongues; their big, firm breasts squished
hard together as they embraced. Kristanna reached out with
her right hand and stroked Devon's rounded hips, then ran
her fingers throughout the Pennsylvanian's long blonde hair.

Devon responded to the gentle touching by extending her
arm and then bringing Kristanna into the embrace with her
and Camille. Now a three-way hug, Devon and Camille broke
their mutual lip-lock so they could each exchange sloppy,
wet kisses with the charming Kristanna.

Both ladies placed a hand on Kristanna's tender ass and
offered it a rough squeeze. They continued trading kisses
with her until all three women dropped to their knees and
then sat down upon the collection of spread-out towels.

Devon pulled away from the intense coupling, which allowed
Kristanna and Camille to heat one another up - as only they
could. The pair of lust-lovers shared kisses and felt each
other up as Devon then produced a big dildo from one of the
folded-up towels, and waved it menacingly before them.

Camille broke the kiss with Kristanna and looked at the
huge toy, her eyes sparkling. "You must have borrowed that
from Amy, huh? She is the dildo queen!" Camille laughed
at her own words before Kristanna sought out her mouth and
offered her yet another hard, unrelenting kiss.

I took my cock out of my shorts and began stroking away as
Devon placed the dildo between her lush breasts, letting it
linger there. She gently slid the tool up-and-down her vast,
deepened cleavage, while watching the intense lip-and-tongue
action between Kristanna and Camille. Devon then used her
free hand to cup and squeeze one of her own breasts.

"How many dildos do yew have right now?" Kristanna asked
once she parted lips with Camille.

"One," Devon replied. "That was all Amy let me borrow."
Devon then shuddered as she brought the enormous joy-toy
between her outstretched thighs and stroked her clitoris
with it. "I can't complain, though. This one is a doozy!"

Kristanna and Camille looked at each other, grinning.
Next, the pair of ladies crawled over to their masturbating
friend and offered her two kisses at the same time - one on
each side of the face. "Would you like me to help you with
that dildo?" Camille asked, her eyes flashing.

"Please do..." Devon sighed in response. She handed the
instrument of pleasure over to her room-mate and reclined
back upon the towel, her thighs spread wide. "Please do!"

"Can I varm her up first?" Kristanna asked, a sheepish
grin across her elegant face, as she looked at Camille.

"Sure, honey," the Latina replied. "Get her all nice and
wet for me." Camille then brought the dildo to her mouth
and gently sucked on its tip. "But you gotta hurry up,
though. Devon wants me to fuck her with this thing."

Kristanna smiled sweetly at her girlfriend before settling
down between Devon's luscious, widespread thighs. I watched
as she used two fingers to thrust them in-and-out of the
bombshell's slit, before extending her tongue and offering
that anxious pussy a series of long, thorough swipes.

Camille sat off to the side, still sucking the dildo's
head, while also watching the action with an excited gleam
on her face. I wondered to myself if she had any plans for
Kristanna with that dildo, too. Only time would tell...

"Oh yes..." Devon panted as she lay back, her head up as
she watched Kristanna provide her with some oral and finger
worship. "Oh yes, baby. That's it. That's how I like it.
HMMMMM... sweet, darling Kristanna! Oh yeah!"

I was still stroking my cock as Kristanna continued to
give Devon's pussy swipe after thick swipe with her skilled
tongue. Simultaneously, she thrusted two fingers in-and-out
of the blonde's heated folds, causing Devon's magnificent
body to shudder about in both excitement and passion.

Camille reached out and caressed Kristanna's firm, tight
ass with her free hand as she still sucked on the big dildo.
Next, she withdrew the pleasure tool from inside her mouth
and jammed it between Kristanna's quivering thighs.

As she orally serviced Devon, Kristanna's body suddenly
bucked and writhed about as she screamed in lust. "Oh God!"
she exclaimed, turning her head and looking back at Camille.
"I dought yew verr going to do Devvy vid dat big ding!"

"I am," Camille countered, inserting the full length of
the dildo into Kristanna's willing pussy. "I'm just giving
you a taste of it." She grinned and looked at Devon for a
brief moment, saying, "You'll get this after her."

Kristanna moaned in acknowledgment as Camille then nuzzled
what looked to be 12 inches of hard, plastic love into those
damp, moist folds. Hey, I wanted a taste!

Camille thrusted the object in-and-out several times,
causing the enchanting 23-year-old to scream out once again.
Then, she took the dildo out and immediately motioned for
Kristanna to move away from Devon.

Kristanna did as instructed, then watched with interested
eyes as Camille settled between her room-mate's thighs.
She offered Devon's little pussy a long, slow swipe with her
tongue, just before inserting the dildo and driving it deep.

"OH YESSSSS!" Devon screamed in response, her neck and
back arched as she clutched her own breasts. "YESSSSS!"

Camille wasted no time as she quickly began to thrust
the big tool in-and-out of Devon's velvety slit. She kept
her eyes focused on Devon's face the whole time, her hand
and arm a blur as she pounded away with the big dildo.

Meanwhile, Kristanna looked on and smiled as she pinched
and tweaked her own nipples. From my own personal experience
with her, Kristanna derived pleasure from seeing others have
pleasure. That was a wonderful trait to have.

"YESSSSS!" Devon continued to scream, her body squirming
and writhing about madly. "OH YES! OH CAMMY! FUCK ME WITH

Kristanna decided to join in on the fun, too. With her
back to Devon, she swung one knee over the blonde's upper
body and quickly settled there. At the same time, Kristanna
reached forward and held onto Devon's lower legs - spreading
them even further apart - as Camille continued assaulting
her nether regions with the big, nasty dildo.

As Devon screamed, Kristanna smiled, still holding onto
and keeping her legs spread far apart. The young woman had
a perfect view of Camille as she hammered her girlfriend
with the massive pleasure tool. Soon, as Devon continued to
voice her approval, she reached forward with both hands and
began massaging Kristanna's ass.

Kristanna reached down with one hand and helped Camille
thrust the plastic dildo into Devon's overheated pussy. Now,
both of them were drilling her with it. Devon could do
nothing but scream and wail out in her own passion - the
sounds literally echoing throughout the entire island.

"OH GOD!" she exclaimed. "I'M GONNA CUM!"

Kristanna and Camille smiled with pure delight as they
continued pummeling the stacked blonde with the dildo, even
as her body went through the joyous progression of orgasm.
Bucking and thrashing about on the towel, Devon's screams
and squeals of passion did not lessen for several seconds.
The two lovely ladies - particularly Camille - obviously
had done a nasty, but good number on her.

Finally, after the sensations had come and gone, Devon's
frantic sounds of satisfied lust faded away as Kristanna and
Camille withdrew the dildo from her soaked pussy.

Camille put the dildo back into her mouth and sucked on
it like it was a real cock, while keeping a watchful eye on
Kristanna. The pair of beauties looked at each other and
whatever was not verbally said between them, was instead
conveyed in their passionate expressions.

On her knees, Camille backed away from Devon and took a
seat, then pulled Kristanna down so she was sprawled across
her lap. "Are yew going to spank me?" Kristanna asked, her
voice hopeful. Myself, I thought a spanking was definitely
in order. "I have been a very naughty girl lately."

"No," Camille replied, which surprised both Kristanna
and I. The dark-haired beauty smiled at Devon, who was still
laying down and in the process of recovering from her orgasm.
Camille picked up the dildo and said, "What do you think?"

Devon sat up and smiled at the lust-couple before her. "I
think Kristanna likes it in the ass."

"Nooooo..." the Norwegian protested, albeit weakly. "I
yust got dat from Amy during da gang-bang of Jeremy."

Camille grinned while offering Kristanna a hard swat on
the ass. "You want it, baby. We know you do."

"Shove that big dildo clear up her ass!" Devon encouraged.

Spread across Camille's trusting lap, Kristanna's body
shivered and shook in a mixture of passion and anticipation.
"Oh God..." she whined, obviously giving into her desires.
"I vant to be fucked in da ass again!"

"I have an idea," Devon said, straightening up and then
getting onto her hands and knees. She looked at Camille
and added, "Why don't you fuck Kristanna in her ass while I
am beneath her, licking her pussy?"

The leggy blonde squealed at those words while Camille
smiled approvingly. "Sounds like an excellent idea! That
way, you two could _69_ each other."

"That's even better!" Devon grinned, before rolling onto
her back and spreading her thighs far apart.

Camille offered Kristanna's ass another hard swat before
she crawled over to Devon. Once there, Kristanna settled
her glistening pussy just above Devon's face while also
nuzzling her own head between those outstretched thighs.

The ladies immediately started to lap and lick away at
each other while Camille lubricated the dildo as best she
could, by sucking it into her mouth. In the _69_ position,
Devon and Kristanna shuddered together in total arousal as
they continued to orally worship one another.

Soon, Camille got onto her knees and withdrew the dildo
from her mouth. With her left hand, she reached across her
body and latched-onto Kristanna's sweet ass, offering it a
massage. Then, she used her right hand to rub the dildo's
big tip over and across the vixen's tight, puckered anus.

Kristanna whined and squealed in response as Camille
inserted the thick object into her rectum. Being slow and
careful, Camille prodded the instrument into her lover as
Devon continued to pleasure Kristanna in the _69_ position
with her tongue. Inch after tantalizing inch disappeared
into Kristanna's anus until half of it was embedded in her.

I let out a wild growl and came all over my hand and
legs once Camille started to move the dildo in-and-out of
Kristanna's ass. At the same time, I could see Devon using
her tongue on the young woman's little pussy. I wonder what
Kristanna felt like at this moment in time?

"OH YEAH," Camille purred, in excitement. "This girl
DOES like it in the ass!" With every forward thrust into
Kristanna's bowels, Camille used more strength and power
with her arm. She was jamming the dildo deep into her while
also lessening the time between strokes. Soon, Camille's
arm was a blur as she dildo-drilled Kristanna's ass.

Even though my cock was deflated, I continued to stroke
and rub it anyway - wanting to inject some more life into it.
Watching this trio do their lusty thing together, along with
my hand, would eventually do the trick.

A quick check of the other active monitor told me that the
quartet of Pamela, Trish, Lindsay and Amy were wading about
in the grotto. Although they were now laughing and having a
good time together, I was not about to tear my attention
away from the three-some at the basin. The only possible
way that would happen was if Pamela, Trish, Lindsay and Amy
were to start a four-some of their own.

"FUCK!" the usually sweet and well-mannered Kristanna
screamed as Camille continued the dildo-thrusting assault

Camille giggled at those words while Devon kept up her
tongue-lapping action on Kristanna's pussy. Soon, the
blonde was bucking and thrashing about like never before as
her obscene screams echoed loudly throughout the whole area.

Eventually, the pressure and excitement got to be too
much for her to handle. Kristanna let out one final scream
before burying her face between Devon's luscious thighs.
Her tongue went to work as her body experienced what was
obviously a very massive and intense orgasm. Not one to
relent, Devon continued with her own tongue-lapping on
Kristanna while Camille still pounded the young minx with
the big, nasty dildo for several seconds.

When Kristanna's lovely body finally went limp, Camille
withdrew the dildo from her rectum and then smiled in a very
satisfied manner. Next, Devon maneuvered herself out from
underneath Kristanna, allowing Camille to see the sweet
nectar which had just been oozed all over her face.

Camille smiled at Devon before taking the siren into her
arms and kissing her madly. Then, Camille broke the kiss
and started to lick away at Devon's face - wanting the tasty
ejaculatory fluids from Kristanna's pussy all for herself.

Laying in a satisfied heap off to the side, Kristanna
looked at her two lovers as they quivered together. For good
measure, she then slipped a hand between her lean, majestic
legs and began masturbating with two extended fingers.

"Now it's your turn," Devon said to Camille, snatching
the dildo from her. "You fucked me and Kristanna with this
thing. Now it's your turn to know what it feels like!"

Devon gave Camille a shove on the shoulder, causing the
Mexican to fall backwards - onto her back. When Camille's
succulent thighs parted (most likely on instinct), Devon
immediately plunged the plastic-encased dildo between them
and directly into her hot, moist pussy.

"YEAH!" Devon roared, already starting to thrust the big
tool in-and-out of Camille's burning slit. "Payback time!"
Devon giggled with delight as Camille wailed with pleasure;
soon, she _POUNDED_ her room-mate's pussy with the dildo.

My cock was getting hard once again, rather rapidly, as I
stroked it. But at the same time, I was not the only one
who was masturbating. Kristanna still had two fingers buried
deep, twiddling away, as she kept a watchful eye on the
passionate, lust-ridden couple before her.

"Oh yeah..." Camille whined, her body shuddering in mad
desire. "Oh yeah, baby! Do me... Do me! Do me harder!"
Her face all red and flushed, Camille locked eyes with
Devon as the Pennsylvanian hammered her pussy with the dildo.
"Oh yeah, baby!" she continued. "Oh yeah! OH FUCK YEAH!"

Kristanna suddenly rose up to her knees and went over to
the pretty couple, where she pressed her lips to Devon's
awaiting mouth and kissed her savagely. The pair of ladies
vibrated together as their tongues dueled and danced as one
between their opened mouths. Soon, Kristanna had both arms
wrapped around Devon's shoulders, embracing her tightly.

Camille's voluptuous body squirmed about in pure arousal
as Devon continued forth with the dildo-driven pounding. At
the same time, Camille eyed both Devon and Kristanna, her
expression ablaze with raw emotion.

Soon, Kristanna brought both of her hands to Devon's full
breasts and groped them thoroughly. After several seconds of
this, Kristanna then slipped her right hand between Devon's
creamy thighs and began eagerly massaging her pussy. The
sultry 27-year-old moaned for a moment, then bore down and
deepened the intensity of her shared kiss with Kristanna.

As she continued to whine out her pleasure, Camille
latched onto Kristanna's right calf with her left hand and
caressed it tenderly. This caused the Norwegian to break
her kiss with Devon, then turn and smile in response toward
Camille. She countered by extending her tongue outward, to
which Kristanna immediately leaned down and closed her lush
mouth over Camille's for a deep, languid kiss.

Now able to focus all of her energy into dildo-loving,
Devon used every last fiber of strength in her hand and arm
as she absolutely hammered Camille's pussy with the huge
joy-toy. As a result, Camille's body tensed as her neck
and back arched, her hips raising off the ground.

Seconds later, Camille screamed against her shared kiss
with Kristanna as the passion juices began to flow from her
pussy. Devon continued to throttle Camille with the dildo
while Kristanna kept her mouth occupied with her own.

Meanwhile, I stroked myself to a rather intense orgasm.
I could not believe how voracious and insatiable these women
seemed to be! They were absolute, sexual predators!

Perhaps if Devon was indeed the one that I ultimately
married, I would have to allow her a full-time girlfriend
to help satisfy her. Hey, that was not a bad idea!...

* * *

It was 9:45pm that very same evening when I found myself
perched in a familiar spot - the control panel in my beloved
voyeur room. On one screen, the duo of Trish and Kristanna
were once again practicing their martial arts skills in the
large central room, which was located downstairs. Kristanna
was the expert in an Israeli form of the martial arts called
_Krav Maga_, while Trish's main specialty was kickboxing.

As Trish and Kristanna sparred together in a very safe and
controlled manner, the sweet and charming Devon was relaxing
on the sofa off to the side. It was clearly obvious to me
that she was interested in what Trish and Kristanna were
doing. Perhaps Devon wanted to take up self-defense, too?

On the other active monitor, however, the four-some of
Pamela, Lindsay, Amy and Camille were all seated upon the
floor in the front room of the estate. Their conversation
definitely appeared to be very light and playful. All of
them were giggling and having a great time together.

"My first sexual experience, believe it or not, was with
another girl," Pamela said as I flipped the hidden microphone
for the front room on. This sounded _very_ interesting...

"Do tell!" Camille cooed, her voice full of enthusiasm.

"It happened when I was just a sophomore in high school,"
Pamela began. "I was only 15. Her name was Angelina."

"What did Angelina look like?" Camille inquired.

Pamela smiled and responded, "Angelina was beautiful. She
had jet-black hair, a gorgeous face and an awesome body."

Amy giggled. "Sounds like someone I would like to meet!"

"You have never met a pussy you would not like, Amy,"
Pamela chided her. "A cock too, for that matter."

"Ain't that the truth!" Camille giggled.

"Anyway," Pamela resumed, "Angelina and I were the best of
friends. We had known each other since pre-school. Every
Saturday night, we would have a sleep-over. One week it was
at her house, the next week it was at mine."

"Just the two of you?" Amy confirmed.

"Yes, just the two of us," Pamela nodded. "I can look
back on it now and realize that Angelina had a crush on me
for a very long time. I did not realize it then, though.
One night during a sleep-over, though, that all changed."

"Angelina and I would always stay up late into the night
and talk. We would talk about anything and everything.
School, teachers, fashion... guys we liked. I guess it was
like one or two o'clock in the morning this one night when
Angelina asked me if I had ever been kissed. I was only 15
back then, and I hadn't been on my first date yet. So I
told her that the answer was no, I had never been kissed."

"I think I know where this is going," Amy grinned, a
wicked gleam in her eyes. "In fact, I know I do."

Pamela smiled and continued, "Angelina told me that she
had been kissed before. She said how wonderful it made her
feel. Her exact words were that it felt as if she had been
knocked off her feet, and fireworks went off overhead. She
made it sound so great... and it made me very jealous."

"We then started talking about guys we would like to kiss.
Guys at school, movie stars and musicians... even a teacher
both of us liked. All of the talk was making me pretty hot.
I told Angelina that I needed to find a boyfriend, preferably
one of those guys we talked about, and kiss him. I wanted
to get my first kiss out of the way so very bad."

"Angelina then told me that I did not have to wait. She
said my first kiss was closer than I ever expected it could
be. Naturally, I was confused and had no idea what she was
hinting at." Amy nodded in approval as Pamela mused, "All of
a sudden, Angelina pressed her lips to mine and kissed me."

"We have ignition!" Amy exclaimed.

"I freaked out at first, and pulled away from her," Pamela
said. "I really had no idea what to think. I asked Angelina
what she was doing. I told her she was crazy. And I told
her that I was not one of those lesbians I had heard about."

"Angelina said there was nothing for me to be upset about.
She said that her kissing me did not make me a lesbian.
Angelina's claim was that she wanted me to know what it felt
like to be kissed. She told me that I was her best friend
and she did not want me to be left out in the cold anymore."

"Still, I was kind of worried and frantic. I was against
it. I asked her what if our friends at school got wind of
this. Our reputations would be ruined. Surely, we would
not be welcome on the cheerleading squad anymore. I just
kept rambling and rambling on until... she kissed me again."

"This time, Angelina got on top of me and immediately slid
her tongue into my mouth," Pamela swooned, with a far-out
expression upon her face. "When I felt her tongue first
touch mine, it was as if the world had stopped. There was
nothing for me to protest or complain about anymore. A
sudden rush of excitement seemed to wash over my body all
at once... and I was hooked. I kissed her back."

Lindsay, who had been quiet for the discussion thus far,
simply sat by and listened to Pamela's storytelling while
openly massaging herself through the white cotton shorts
she wore. There was a definite look of arousal upon her
sweet, enchanting face as she gazed squarely at Pamela.

"That kiss must have lasted a good minute or two," the
buxom blonde continued. "When it was over, Angelina kind of
pulled away and smiled at me. She knew I was hooked. She
kissed me again. And again. And again. Everything she did
was so slow and sensual, but also powerfully erotic."

"I was floating on cloud nine, for sure, but then got my
senses back when Angelina started to tell me how beautiful I
was. She asked if anyone else had ever told me how gorgeous
I was. All the while, she was groping and massaging my
breasts with her hands. I wanted to complain and stop her,
but I couldn't. I was SOOOOO turned on. My pajama top came
off and then she was going from breast to breast, licking
and sucking on each of my nipples. It got me even more hot."

"Angelina kept telling me how pretty I was. Soon, I felt
my pajama bottoms being pulled down. Once again, I wanted to
protest, but I couldn't. My body was on fire. Angelina went
from complimenting me to saying that she had wanted to do
this with me for as long as she could remember. An instant
later, her head was between my thighs."

"Oh Lord..." Lindsay groaned, still frigging her pussy
through the shorts she wore. "I cannot tell you how many
times I've fantasized about a friend seducing me like that!"

Pamela nodded her head and continued, "I couldn't believe
that I was letting another girl do this to me, but I was so
aroused and excited. Angelina's tongue was all that mattered
to me. She was slow and loving, and brought me to an orgasm
that I will never, EVER forget. She lapped up my juices and
then we started kissing again."

"It gets kind of hazy after that," Pamela murmured. "I
think we fell asleep in each others' arms, but when I woke
up in the morning, Angelina was gone. My mom said that she
had woke up early and went home. I called her, but there was
no answer. The day after that, Monday, I immediately sought
Angelina out in school and found her. Angelina said she was
afraid that I hated her because, in her own words, she had
coerced and seduced me into sex. She was about to cry."

"I assured her that was not the case. Instead, I told
Angelina that both of my parents would be working late that
day, and my two sisters would be out with their friends. I
asked Angelina if she would like to go over to my house after
cheerleading practice, because I wanted her to use her tongue
on me again. And I wanted to return the favor."

"From that point on, Angelina and I were the closest of
friends," Pamela added. "Let me tell you... Angelina and I
shared EVERYTHING. We dated and saw a lot of other people
throughout the years, but she was always there for me when I
needed her, and vice-versa." Pamela frowned and added, "But
she got transferred in her job six or seven years ago, and
except one time, I never saw her again. She now lives in
Southern California, and is married."

Lindsay must have brought herself to her own orgasm with
her twiddling fingers. I definitely got that sense as she
sat up with a flushed look upon her face, before shaking her
head vigorously as if to clear the cobwebs.

Amy smiled at her. "How many times did you fantasize
about that exact scenario happening to you, honey?"

"Every night," Lindsay admitted, taking a deep breath.

"Any particular girl?" Camille wondered.

Lindsay shrugged her shoulders. "I was attracted to a
lot of girls, but there was this one at the grocery store
where I work at. Her name is Megan. She still works
there, I guess. We have always been friends, but I have
the biggest crush on her. I'm a cosmetics clerk there,
and Megan works in non-foods. A lot of times, since I help
out in non-foods and she helps out in cosmetics whenever the
need arises, we work together for an entire shift. Megan is
probably my best friend, but I could never tell her that I'm
attracted to her. She would want nothing to do with me!"

"How do you know that?" Amy inquired. "What if Megan
fantasizes every night about sticking her face between your
legs, and licking your pussy?" Lindsay fidgeted about at
the very idea as Amy continued, "What if she lays in bed at
night and fingers herself to sleep, fantasizing about you?
Maybe... rimming your tight, little ass with her tongue?"

"AMY!" Lindsay squealed, now very uncomfortable.

"That is the problem in today's world," Amy commented.
"Everyone is afraid to say what is on their mind, and let
their feelings be known. How long have you known Megan?"

"She started working there a few months after I did,
which was two years ago," Lindsay responded.

"What if Megan has the same thoughts about you, Lindsay?"
Amy asked. "What if? Just think about it. What if? You
have wasted two whole years by not talking to Megan, and
letting her know how you feel." Amy smiled as a familiar,
wicked gleam came to her eyes. "For two years, you could
have been sneaking off on your break to a dark corner of the
storage room where you work, and licking Megan's pussy."
Amy giggled as she concluded, "Maybe even inviting a couple
of guys back there to join in on the fun..."

"Oh Lord..." Lindsay moaned, fidgeting about at the idea.
"I'm not that type of girl, Amy!"

Camille broke out into a fit of hysterical laughter.
"YOU'RE NOT THAT TYPE OF GIRL? You just had an orgy with
six other women at once two nights ago." Lindsay lowered
her head in a momentary bout of shame as Camille pressed on,
"And you dress up like a trampy cheerleader for Jeremy
yesterday and... show him some team spirit."

Amy nodded her head in total agreement. "Lindsay should
have shown the entire offensive line on her school's football
team some _team spirit_ by sucking their cocks one-by-one."

"If Megan felt the way about Lindsay as you speculate she
did," Pamela observed, looking at Amy, "she could have very
easily stepped forward, too."

"Speculate?" Amy exclaimed, her eyes wide. "The way I
SPECULATE that Megan felt about Lindsay? Pamela, sweetie...
have you seen Lindsay?" Amy pointed toward the teen-ager
and continued, "Lindsay is BEAUTIFUL. Lindsay is so fucking
hot! She could turn any girl or woman into a lesbian!"

"Amy..." Lindsay breathed, blushing at her strong words.

Her attention focused upon Lindsay, Camille giggled and
shook her head. "You really have no idea how incredibly hot
and gorgeous you are. Right, baby? None whatsoever."

Lindsay offered a nervous smile. "No one ever spoke to
me the way you girls do until I came here to the island."

"That is because, up until now, you were surrounded by
children," the 30-year-old Amy told her. "Little kiddies
from high school who did not know their left from right."

"The tight, little teen-age girl is never appreciated the
way she should be by the boys and girls around her in high
school," Camille commented. "In fact, I think that the
tight, little teen-age girl - like you, babydoll - is only
fully appreciated by those who are older."

"People like us," Pamela chimed in.

"Yeah," Amy agreed. "A lot of high school and college
boys are continually lusting after women who are five or
ten years older. I have a neighbor who is age 19 back in
Ohio, and he has the major hots for me. But what guys that
age should be doing is concentrating on girls their own age.
There is NOTHING quite like the ultra-fresh, innocent girl.
I finally realized that once I turned 27 or 28, myself."
Smiling, Amy gazed at Lindsay. "You should have given me
your virginity, girl. Not Trish and Jeremy."

"You would have put me into bondage and ripped me apart!"
Lindsay squealed, her face a bright, crimson shade of red.
"That is no way to lose your virginity!"

Amy licked her lips and grinned in a hot, fiendish manner.
"You would have enjoyed every single moment of it, too. Come
on Lindsay. Admit it. You like the idea of being tied up.
You like the idea of being submissive to me. You've told me.
You said you wanted it try it with me."

Lindsay frowned, but reluctantly nodded her head. "Yes."

Oh? Lindsay wanted to play a sexual submissive for Amy?
Wow, that certainly came out of left field.

Camille eyed Lindsay from head to toe, and licked her lips
at the beautiful sight. "When you still were in high school,
Lindsay, I have this vision of you being the teacher's pet."

"The teacher's SEX pet, you mean?" Amy cooed. "Sucking
cock for a little extra credit?"

As Lindsay squirmed and fidgeted about in response to
those words, Camille licked her lips and murmured, "Yes."

"If I was your teacher," Amy said to Lindsay, "I would
have given you an education in _Pussy Licking 101_. You
would not have passed, either, until you had many classroom
hours of study and hard work!"

Giggling, Camille reached out with her right hand and
caressed the side of Lindsay's hip. "I would have enrolled
you in _Ass Fucking 101_, honey." Lindsay's face turned
beet-red as Camille added, "That's the tightest, sexiest
little ass that I have ever seen."

"Camille!" Lindsay whined.

"I just want to munch on it for hours!" Camille declared.

"I've already fucked her ass with a dildo," Amy grinned,
seeming proud of the accomplishment. "Her anal cherry is
one cherry that Jeremy did not get to pop. I popped it!"


<<<- End of Chapter 13 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

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2014-05-14 06:04:47
Sorry spell check change "marriage" to "mortgage" in my last post, and I didnt catch it.

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2014-05-14 06:02:38
I've said all along that Devon is the best choice for Jeremy, but that is only because the choices are just limited to the 7 on the island, frankly I don't see any of them being "wife" material. Apparently they all require sex with more than 1 partner and could never be solely in love with just one person which is what "mortgage" is. I think Jeremy needs to drop this stupid notion of getting married and just allow all of these women to visit him every few months. That way he gets regular sex which is obviously what he wants, and without serious commitments there is limited chance of him getting his heart broken again. I mean seriously, he will never be able to compete with or out perform a "12 inch" or a "24 inch" dildo, especially in the experienced hands of several of the women present, so he is already woefully inadequate and incapable of being able to fully satisfy any of them sexually. He either needs to give up on getting married, or look elsewhere by himself alone for a wife.

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