My life was smooth sailing until that iceberg
This story was inspired by another authors story but sadly she decided not to continue it. So I have used the same idea but tweaked it a little hope you enjoy. This goes out to you Sister Seducto

I wonder how perfect life has to be until it eventually implodes in on itself. Because my life was pretty much perfect until a few months ago. It all started on a regular old boring Friday night. My parents were off on their monthly date night and like usual they wouldn't be back until the morning. To think my parents were actually still active gave me a shiver, but I guess if they wasn't they wouldn't have had me and my sister. Alright let me stop procrastinating and finish this psychology chapter. If I don't review this and start on my thesis I can kiss my degree and car goodbye. I should have just worked at the factory instead of went to college but it's what the parental figures want so it is what it is.

I give myself a mental slap and start to read over the chapter.

"Chapter 17: Personality traits (Nurture vs Nature)." It was a basic argument in psychology that your personality could either be determined by the upbringing of your parents or the traits in your DNA. Which got me thinking my father who is a tall, quiet intellectual who spends his time writing history novels even though he looks and dresses a lot like Johnny Depp. He even has the same black hairstyle and facial hair. Well my mother loves it so I guess there's no helping that. Now my mother is a loud outspoken women who will in a second raise her voice in order to get stuff done. She had short brunette hair, amazing green eyes and her body started to let go but anyone who saw here could guess the she was a former collegiate gymnast. She was actually quite short compared to my dad. He's 6'3 while my mother is 5'7, I wonder how they met. Well anyway they made me so it's all good. I lucky inherited my dad's height, I stand at 6'1 with a slim athletic build. I also got his brown eyes and jet black hair. My personality at 22 is pretty much like my dad, quiet, and mostly laid back. Somehow the intellectual side of him skipped me and went to my sister Christina. At 18 my sister was a sight to behold. Her long brunette hair tapered down to the mid of her back which outlined the her six year cheerleader sculpted body. Her ass had a little junk in the trunk but in a fit bubbly, jiggly type way, it was in all essence the perfect ass(to me that is). It definitely had no problem filling out any jeans, short, or bikini she had. Up top her breast were the average of young teenage girl glory but what really put my sister above the normal level of hot teen girl was her sparkling green eyes and her smile. That smile of her's could bend the will of any man including my father and I. You would think with all that "Nature" gave her she would be somewhat of a bitch or even slut. Not Christina, not my sister, if I could match her personality to a cartoon I would most definitely choose bubbles of the Powerpuff girls. What's funny is there is only a little I'm exaggerating honestly.

I mentally slap myself again and think, "okay Derrick what does the Nurture vs Nature debate have to do with your family the Thomas's." Before I can begin to answer myself the front door swung open and my sister came in. She looked at me her eyes were teary almost begging for help. Then as soon as she appeared she disappeared up to her room. I was left there in the living wondering until Parker came in.

"Christina please just listen" he yelled. He was about to say something else until he spotted me.

"Alright Parker I'm gong to give you a chance to explain yourself before I pummel you for making my sister cry" I threatened.

"Look Derrick it's not what you think, heck it's not what I think or thought it would be" he said surprised on his own rights.

"What the hell are you talking about? I asked

"Something strange is going on with your sister man and I'm worried about her." He said

"What could be possibly troubling my sister other than a cheating boyfriend huh?" I said getting up with a slightly raised voice.

"Come on Derrick do I really look like the person to do something like that?" He asked. Honestly he was right, Parker was on the high school golf team, choir, and chess team. Even if I wanted him to be a worthless guy I couldn't begin to imagine him as one.

"Okay if it's not you than what's going on with her?" I asked

"Nothing, that concerns you with all due respect" he said as politely as he could. He turned to the stairs and yelled, "Christina please call me okay I really think we should talk this through. I'll be awaiting your call okay, I'm leaving now." Parker waved to me and than closed the door behind him. I locked it and made my way up stairs to my sister's bright yellow door.

"Knock, knock Christina it's me" I said hoping to get some light on the situation.

"Go away Derrick" my sister said through sobs.

"Come Christina you know I'm only here to help, so please open the door" I pleaded.

"This is something that can't be fixed Derrick so just leave me alone!" She yelled through the door.

"Do you really believe that? Remember the last time you said something like that to me and I stayed at your door all night until you eventually let me in at 4am?" I asked my sister, knowing that she knew I would do anything for her no matter what the situation.

"This is way beyond not making the cheer squad in the seventh grade Derrick this is so much worse" she said stressing the words so and much.

"Well I'll never know until you let me in Christina" I said. I waited for a response but got nothing. My sister's door didn't budge, while I stood there for almost half an hour. The resilience was wearing off and I was just about to give up when her door opened. Her eyes were red and puffy from the crying. She brushed some of her now splayed hair from across face and stared at me. Before I knew it she was embracing me, I quickly embraced her back and held onto her. We walked back into her room and sat on the bed.

"Christina I really don't like seeing you like this what is going on?" I asked with a worried voice.

"Something happened with Parker and now were no longer together" she said. My fist immediately ball up, I can't believe I listen to that punk.

"Did he touch you or harm you in any way because I'll"

"No" she interrupted, "he did nothing to harm me it was actually me who did the harm" she said looking away from me.

"Impossible, my darling little sister isn't capable of such a thing" I said fully believing in every single word. She turned back to me, and the expression she had told me that it was possible.

"Ok Christina so what happened?" I asked

"I'm a freak Derrick" she said.

"What do you mean?" I asked

"We were just watching a movie at his house and we kind of started you know." She said to embarrassed to finish.

"Do you mean making out, and so that's where he took you last Friday?" I guessed and asked.

"Yea and it was just a movie at his house. His parents were still there, they were downstairs preparing dinner." She said. I guess Parker is too much of a straight laced guy to try something too extreme.

"Okay so?" I inquired

"Well we were you know" she made hand gestures to try to say making out. My sister was really embarrassed about displays of affection. "And then from nowhere I became hot. My mind went all haywire, I jumped in his lap and started to scream and beg him to do stuff to me and not the normal stuff Derrick." She said. Wow did my sister perhaps go nympho on Parker. No she couldn't have, even if she did I was not ready to believe my sweet sister was like that.

"He tried to calm me down and get me under control but I didn't want to hear it, so I slapped him" she said staring me down, I could see she was almost on the break.

"I yelled and told him he wasn't a man" she continued

"Well umm Christina that's not necessarily...."

"That's not it Derrick after I yelled at him I ran toward his bathroom and begin to..... ummmmm..... touch...... ummmm........ myself" she said this time looking away from me. All aboard the 158 train that's heading for Derrick Thomas, all aboard. Yea it hit me alright my mind starting spinning almost instantly. My sister started to look nervous, obliviously I was taking way to long to respond.

"Well...ummmm" I cough to clear my head and think of something. "You're a growing girl Christina and you're going to ummmm" I was quickly hitting a dead end and was gong nowhere with this. "It's okay Christina things like this happens to us all." Great cliche I thought to myself.

"Derrick I seriously doubt everyone attacks their boyfriend and then signs up for escort services as well as a strip club" she said with tears running down her face.

This is rubber ducky I'm hauling my 18 wheeler full of bricks, bout to take highway 87 to Derrick Thomas. What the hell is with these mental strikes? I thought, how could my sister get into all this trouble? She had to be joking with me, that had to be it or maybe giving my leg a good pull right?

"Christina you can't be serious right?" I pleaded hoping this was one sick joke. She reached for her purse, I was hoping she pull out a I got you card or something. However instead she pulled out an ID card and a cellphone. The ID card was bright pink with little peaches all over it. My sister was the girl on the card and apparently she worked at Luscious Peaches and Juicebar which was obliviously a gentlemen club.

"And this phone gets almost 40 calls a day asking when can I meet up and how much. Derrick I'm so scared it feels like I'm losing control. I can't remember where and when I signed up for this stuff." she said fully crying into my chest. All I could do was hold her and embrace her. I could neither find the words or begin to console her.

"Am I some psychotic freak?!" She asked between sobs. That's when it hit me, the main topic of my psychology thesis paper was all about this. In my thesis paper which I was developing, the subject matter was on split personalities and their cause as well as solution. If my sister was somehow suffering from a spilt personality disorder, I could definitely help her. I knew what I had to do but by far it was the hardest thing breaking our embrace.

"Christina could you hold on for a second I think I know what's going on, I'll be right back." I said. My sister wiped her tears and slowly nodded. I rose from the bed and started to walk out but before I left her room I turned to her.

"Christina no matter what I'll always be by your side. I love you Christina." That immediately brought a smile to her face and for a second I though everything would be alright.

I ran to my room and scrambled to find my psy II notebook. Almost tearing up my room in the process until I came across it. I review some of my notes and than ran back to Christina's room.

"Alright Christina I've figured out what we have to...." I trailed off as I entered my sister's room. You know how in scary movies a person walks into a room and feels there is something wrong. Well let's just say I was wearing that feeling like my own skin. My eyes darted to my sister which was sitting on the bed still with her legs crossed. Her face showed no expression what so ever, she just blankly stared at me. Her staring green eyes made me shutter with an uneasy, cold feeling.

" I was saying I might have an idea of what's wrong with you and how to solve it." I said. First there was no reaction from her, the silence in the room was defying. Then finally my sister smiled, however this smile wasn't her normal smile that would make me give her anything she asked for. No this smile was almost a lustful smile or better yet a sensual grin. Instead of making me putty in her hands this smile made my hurt race and palms sweat. I instinctively turn away from her to avoid her gaze.

"So umm no need to worry Christina everything will be alright" I said. There was another silence and then.

"Thanks Derrick, I love you." Her words bounced around in my head looking for a way out. These words felt foreign as if they didn't belong to my sister. Yet I've heard her say it a million times it just didn't sound the same. Her "thanks Derrick" sounded emotionally awkward and the "I love you" had a more seductive and meaningful sound to it. It as if she loved me with a passion and affection. I turned around until my eyes met Christina's. She was still smiling/grinning with her legs crossed.

"Umm....Christina" I said

"Yea Derrick" she answered

"You're not Christina are you?" I asked focusing on her. Her smile left her face and she stared, then she dropped her head and sighed. She looked at me and spoke.

"No Derrick I'm not." She said

"Then who are you?" I asked coming closer to the bed.

"I'm the person your sister wants to be but is too much of a good girl to try. I'm as she said the psychotic freak." She said. Her voice was more sultry than Christina's, instead of innocenct and bubbly.

"So your the one who signed up for this stuff" I said as I picked up the ID card and phone. She simply nodded as if it was something menial.

"But why, my sister doesn't want to do any of this stuff." I said. She looked at me and smiled which made my heart race.

"Aww the poor older brother doesn't know his little baby sister is a cock loving nympho." The word cock cut through my ears like a knife.

"But why random guys why not Parker your boyfriend?" I asked

"Please, that limp dick asshole, he couldn't handle it ,he tried to calm me down instead of giving the hard fucking I asked for." She said. Once again the words coming from my sister's innocence mouth hurt my ears like a knife against glass.

"Christina you.."

"That's not my name" she said

"What? Christina that is your..."

"I said that's not my fucking name!" She yelled.

"Ok, ok, then what is your name?" I asked. She tilted her head back as she was obliviously thinking about her name. Her eyes looked at me and her smile appeared. Once again my heart felt as though it would burst through my chest.

"You can call me Crystal." She said

"Okay ,Crystal you can't go around with random guys it's not safe" I said

"Ok then how about you?" I said. I started to laugh, I mean she couldn't be serious. Well at least that's what I thought until she slowly crawled to me at the end of her bed.

"You can't be serious I'm brother!"

"You're not my brother you're Christina's"

"But you are Christina" I said


"So I can't do something like that" I said. She got up on her knees and wrapped her arms around my neck. Her skin was so soft, electricity ran down my back as her fingers wrap around my neck.

"If not you than I'll guess I'll go get any dick that wants me." My mind raced as I had to choose between me taking my sister or a possible dangerous stranger doing it. As if sensing I needed more convincing she continued.

"Let me tell you something Derrick, I only come out when she lets her guard down or when she is extremely horny. So my question to you is why am I here now?"

"I don't know maybe my sister was exhausted from crying"

"Nope" she said staring at me waiting for my brain to slowly connect the dots. However I was having an extremely hard time.

"I'm here because she got all hot and bothered thinking about you. When you said you loved her..." She pulled me down a little and brought her lips right next to my ear. "she got all wet." No right, she was completely messing with me. Christina and I had always had a close relationship but not that close.

"There's no..." Crystal brought her lips to mine in a strong sensual kiss. Her tongue pried it's way into my mouth. My hands acting on their own accord floated up from my side and took a hold of her amazing ass. Crystal broke the kiss and looked behind where my hands were.

"See Derrick I'm not the only one who wants this" she said. Her hand slips down on my groin and massages my dick. "He also wants this and he is a lot more honest about it." I snap out of my haze and push her away.

"No I can't Crystal I just can't" I said

"You say that now but in the end you always give in" she said. I stared at her wondering if I could keep this nympho at bay. Then her eyes flickered and the grin left her face.

"Derrick? Umm what's going on?"


"Yea who else would it....." my sister suddenly stopped, her eyes looked down and her hand rose to cover her mouth. I looked down to see why my sister was so surprised. My shorts were doing an horrible job hiding my bulging 7 inch erection.

"Okay I know this looks bad" I spoke as I tried foolishly to cover my groin. "Me and Crystal just talked okay" I explained

"Who is Crystal?!" She yelled

"Well she is the other side of you, she's a split personality of you that you can't accept or what you really desire"

"Are you crazy Derrick? Are you telling there a side of me who wants to lay down with anyone who has a heartbeat?!" She yelled frantically.

"Yes.....I mean no, well not exactly she's just really horny." I said

"Oh that's just great what's else did she tell you, huh, did she tell how she treated Parker?" She yelled

"Yea she kinda did and she also told me you were in love with." My sister froze as if she was a little kid who got caught red handed. She turned the deepest color of red.

"What, I'm not know with you. I mean you're my BROTHER, that would be insane." She said overly exaggerating the word brother.

"Yea but Christina"

"But nothing Derrick just get out" she yelled getting up from her bed. The next thing I knew was she was pushing toward get door. Then all of a sudden she turn me around and pushed me into her desk chair.

"Tisk, tisk, older brother were you going to leave me without giving me a taste of your cock"

"Crystal!!" I yelled as I was too slow to react to her pulling my shorts down. Out sprang my painfully hard dick, which she quickly wrapped her hand around.

"Wait Crystal, please just...oh my god." Was the only thing I could say when my sister's mouth descended on to my dick. Her mouth was moist and hot as her tongue danced around my sensitive tip. I instinctively put a hand on top of her head too try and control the speed of her bobbing. She would go all the way to the bottom and then while sucking slowly come back to the tip. I was trying my all not to blow but she was making it extremely difficult.

"Ugh Crystal please stop." She just looked me in the eye as she expertly moved her mouth up and down my shaft. My dick came out with a pop when she finally came up.

"Aww.....what's....wrong......big.....bro?" Every pause was punctuated with a lollipop type lick. Her hand gripped my groin tighter as her other hand cupped my balls.

"Crystal I'm about to cum"

"Perfect" she said as she opened her mouth and jacked my dick. I came with a force into my sister's mouth. My first spurt hit her in her nose while the others landed in her mouth. I would have thought I'd drown her with all the jizz that was in her mouth. She made a show of swallowing and showing me her mouth was empty.

"Mmmm thanks Derrick that was delicious" she said casually swiping her mouth. "I hope you have enough for this...." She suddenly stopped as she pointed to her pussy. Her face went from lustful to worried in mere seconds.

"Shit, you have to go now Derrick." She started pushing me toward the door. I almost tripped over my own shorts while I was trying to pick them up.

"What's going on Crystal"

"She is trying to come back so you have to go alright."

"Wait, what, who"

"Me, I mean your sister, I mean Christina, ugh just get out"

And with that the door slammed in my face. I guess helping my sister was going to be a lot more difficult than I had imagined.


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u got to make part 2 asap. this series needs a ending

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Thanks for the input, I always had trouble with writing.

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Its an amazing story line. One o my favorites

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Your writing style sucks, at times it's hard to follow, when it got to the helping the sister part, it got a little better. Watch your spelling, words and order of words.

For example, "Hair long brunette hair tapered down to the mid of hair back" would have sounded much better as;
Her long dark hair, flowing down to the middle of her back...

Also that same paragraph was all jammed together. Overall not too bad but just be aware of grammar, spelling and spacing. Always us "an" when the next word starts with a vowel.

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