Sherlyn completes her final test - Nate dies - Sherlyn goes home to South Dakota - Hillary and Mother go head to head
Sherlyn was awake when surprisingly, Hillary came back from her test early; it was just past midnight. Hillary seemed to be in a foul mood, Sherlyn decided to risk Hillary’s ire by trying to find out what was wrong. “You’re back early; I can only assume things didn’t go to well.”

Hillary started to respond, “No, no, they didn’t go well at all. Gawd Sherlyn, I’m such an unbelievable slut. I was enjoying the hell out of stripping in front of a bunch of drunken men; I was total aroused from being pawed and fondled. Then I…” That was all she could get out, Hillary broke down and began to sob.

Sherlyn, dressed in the light blue chemise and panties that Peter liked so well, hopped out of her bed and rushed over to take Hillary into her arms. She soothingly said, “Hey now, whatever it is, you’ll get through it.”

Stroking Hillary’s back as the blond girl cried into her shoulders, Sherlyn added, “That’s what I like about you, Hillary, you’re so resilient, so strong.” Hillary just continued to sob. Tears soaked Sherlyn’s shoulder. The taller girl just rocked her smaller friend in her arms, trying to give her as much comfort as possible.

Finally after a good ten minutes, Hillary’s tears started to dry up. She developed a case of the hiccups from all the crying. Through hiccups and an occasional residual sob, Hillary explained what happened during her test.

Sherlyn was appalled over what was expected of her rich, blond friend. Sherlyn could possibly get up and display herself like that in public, pulling her clothes off while a bunch of drunken men watched on. She could never spread her legs so a group of men could leer at her pussy.

Then she had to rein in those thoughts, in a little of over 12 hours she was going to experience her own trial; she would be going out in public naked herself. At lease she wouldn’t have men pawing and fondling her. Running around in public without clothing on was going to be bad enough.

Pulling Sherlyn’s attention back to what she was saying, Hillary explained, “*hiccup* Like I said, I was actually enjoying being a stripper. *hiccup*, Then I looked down and there was my dad!”

Sherlyn looked shocked, “Nate was in the stripper bar?”

Hillary said, “No, the guy I grew up with, *hiccup* Howard’s his name.”

Sherlyn understood, “Ah.”

Hillary continued, “Anyway, I came up with this way for me to get even with him, *Hiccup*, for being such a shitty dad. Sheri, he never had time for Peter and me, never.”

Sherlyn asked, “So what was this plan of yours?”

Hillary held back, not sure she wanted to tell her best friend what a pure unadulterated whore she had been. Finally she whispered, “I fucked him with my mask on *hiccup*. Then when he got off inside me, I pulled the mask off. *hiccup* I wanted him to feel guilty and ashamed.”

Sherlyn was stunned. Hillary had done some pretty kinky things in the last month or so, but this was a bit over the top even for her. Setting her thoughts and feelings aside, Sherlyn reminded herself that Hillary was still her best friend. “Okay, so what happened?”

Hillary paused, the tears started to flow again, she gasped out, “He laughed at me. He told me that I was a great fuck. *hiccup* He didn’t care that he was fucking with his own daughter, he thought it was great. I could have been any old prostitute for all he cared.”

Blushing badly Hillary added, “Then he rolled me over on my tummy and just jammed himself up inside my pussy. *hiccup* He didn’t ask, he didn’t care if I was enjoying it or not, he just fucked me for the sole purpose of getting off. It was like I only existed for sexual enjoyment.”

Sherlyn asked, “So, it was the fact that he just didn’t care that bothered you?”

Hillary sniffed, “Yeah, that’s it.” Then she continued, “Also, what bothered me was that I let my thoughts become so distorted, *hiccup*, that I would use sex as a weapon, as a way to get even. Sherlyn, you know I do some pretty odd things, but I’m not that kind of person. What was I thinking?”

Sherlyn pondered the question, “I think you were just trying to get your dad to notice you, pay attention to you; you wanted him to show you that he cared. Since you are studying psychology, you know better than I that if a child doesn’t get positive attention, they will resort to acting out to get negative attention. Attention is attention; they will get it no matter what it takes.

“I think the idea that you had in your head, thinking it was revenge, was just an excuse to get him to pay attention to you. It sounds to me like the man is a total narcissist. You are much better off with Nate as your father.”

Hillary started to weep again, between sobs Hillary exclaimed, “That’s the problem, *hiccup* Nate is going to die, and I’m going to be left with Howard again!”

“You don’t need the man to validate who you are.” Sherlyn replied tenderly, “Like I said, you’re a strong person. You don’t need Howard, you don’t need your mother, or any of them. You have Peter, you have Terrance and me, and you’ll make hundreds of friends over your lifetime. You even have your real father for a while; at least you found out the truth before he dies. I know he loves you.

“You know you’re becoming an adult when you’ve figured out you don’t need your parents to validate the things you do anymore; more importantly, you no longer need them to tell you what to do. You start defining your actions on your own.” She added, “It’s time you stood up and took control of Hillary. The only one who needs to tell Hillary what to do is you.”

Hillary sniffed, “Yeah, I see what you’re saying. It make sense.” Then she smiled, “I’m going to tell Melinda to go shove her sorority up her ass tomorrow.”

Sherlyn laughed, “You go girl! I wished I could do the same, but I need it. I need the connections I can make by being a member. I’m just a nobody from South Dakota and I need to establish networks so I can climb the ladder of success. The sorority, as depraved as they are, will give me contacts, it will open doors for me that normally would have been closed and locked.”

Hillary laughed at her friend, “What was that speech you just gave me? Be your own person?”

Sherlyn smiled, “Point taken. But, with all my fancy talk, we still need other people. It’s just we need to choose people who lift us up, not the ones who tear us down.” Sherlyn added tenderly, “People like you, thank you for being my friend, Hillary.”

Hillary nodded with understanding, “Does that mean you’re going on your drive tomorrow?”

Sherlyn grimaced, “Yes, I’m going to finish the last ‘test’, I’m going to submit myself to the initiation, and I’m going to be a member of Sigma Epsilon Chi, have you noticed how the Greek letters look like they spell sex? Like I said, I really have no choice.”

Hillary grinned, “Well, the least I can do as your friend is to lend you my car.”

Sherlyn’s eyes got big, “Really?”

Hillary giggled, “Yeah, really. Just don’t get it impounded, okay?”


Sherlyn arrived at sorority house the next morning. Compared to the tasks Hillary and a couple of the other girls pulled out of the hat, Sherlyn’s was relatively mild. It kept her out of the having sex thing, which her first two tasks involved; this task was more along the lines of exhibitionism. But, this new task was considerably more perilous due to its illegality. The law didn’t want people running around on the streets and highways naked.

Not having her own car, Sherlyn was pleased that Hillary had lent her the BMW. The car was magnificent to say the least. The fact that Hillary let her borrow the expensive car was a testament to their friendship.

Sherlyn disrobed in the main entrance to the sorority house like she was told, her clothing was toted away for safekeeping. She wasn’t even allowed to wear jewelry. From inside the sorority she was told to walk out the front entrance and follow the sidewalk to the parking lot while completely naked. She was to go to the car she would drive on her little trip.

For convenience, Sherlyn had her long, brunette locks done up in a braid to keep her hair from become annoying. Just that morning, Hillary took some scissors to Sherlyn’s pubic hair, giving her another trim. Hillary told her it wouldn’t do to be seen in public with an unruly mop.

As she stepped out of the Sorority house and walked to the parking lot, she was acutely aware of how exposed she was. She moved quickly to get in the car. Even at the rapid pace she walked, two cars drove by, the boys inside made catcalls after spying the naked girl

She put a towel down on the seat to protect the seat from her naked bum. The last thing she wanted to do was make the leather seats in Hillary’s new car smell like her butt, even though she showered earlier that morning.

Once behind the wheel, she was considerably more concealed than she had been while walking out the door of the Sorority. The girls in charge of her task gave her a sheet detailing where she was to drive to, and a list of what she was to obtain. Essentially, Sherlyn was on a naked scavenger hunt.

She was told that even though the freeways were a quick way to travel, the back roads would give her less opportunity to get caught. She was assured that if she was arrested the sorority would bail her out, and that the sorority had an in with the court system and would have charges dismissed. Sherlyn didn’t want to put the statement to a test; she was going to be as careful as could be.

Since Sherlyn wouldn’t be acting in a lewd or lascivious way, she wouldn’t be arrested for indecent exposure, but she would likely face disorderly conduct charges, completely normal behavior for most college students according to her older sorority sisters.

Her first stop was North Brookfield where she was to find a particular fruit and vegetable stand on the outskirts of the small community. So, at high noon, Sherlyn put the car in drive and started her trip.

Sherlyn drove out of the university grounds, constantly on guard for campus security. She had the seat laid back as much as she could with it up enough so she could drive properly. She stayed scrunched down as much as possible until she got out of the city.

The secret to leaving the city without getting caught was to avoid as many traffic lights as possible. People who were sitting in their cars while stopped were likelier to be looking around.

By keeping both hands on the wheel and her arms up even with her breasts, it reduced the possibility of someone noticing her naked boobs from the side. Her areole and nipples could easily give her away. Still, she winced every time she passed a car, or a car passed her. What were worse were higher profile vehicles like SUVs. From the passenger side, they could look right down into her lap. For that reason, she tried to stay in the far right lane as much as possible.

Thank goodness, the windows in Hillary’s car were somewhat tinted. If she would have been sitting in the back seat, she would have been home free due to the dark tinting of the rear windows. By the laws of the state, the driver and passenger side windows couldn’t be tinted as darkly. The windshield was hardly tinted at all for the same reason.

Sherlyn visibly relaxed as she started putting the city behind her, as she drove west on a series of back roads. The navigation system in Hillary’s car was a god send in helping her plan her route.

Her instructions were to buy the items at each stop on her list, but she was also required to take pictures of herself with her cell phone at each location. In addition, she had a video camera, mounted in a rack, sitting in the passenger seat. It was set up to video record her as she drove. It was insurance that she wouldn’t stop and acquire clothing somewhere. She was to remain naked until she got back to the sorority.

Sherlyn pulled up into the parking area for the fruit and vegetable Stand in North Brookfield. She had been on the road for nearly two hours; she was amazed she hadn’t been caught yet and taken to jail. She would never hear the end of it from her parents if that occurred. The sisters sending her off said she had about a 35 percent chance of being arrested based on past history.

While in North Brookfield, she was to buy a half dozen pieces of fruit or vegetables of her choice. Being late in the season, the choice of fresh items was limited. Of course, many of the year round produce stands like this one sold the same imported stuff as Grocery stores.

Sherlyn was a nervous as a politician on Election Day, what was the couple working the stand going to say about a naked girl getting out of a car to buy fruit.

Taking a deep breath, the dark haired girl unbuckled her seat belt and opened the car door. It was now or never. After, checking all around for police, Sherlyn climbed out of the car.

Sherlyn quickly walked up to the fruit stand where the older couple was working. The woman looked up and a big grin crossed her face, “Well, it looks like a girl from the college has finally showed up Ed.”

The man, Sherlyn presumed it to be the woman’s husband, looked up from the records he was working on. He smiled, “Wow, Marilyn, they sent us pretty one this time.”

Sherlyn was shocked, “You were expecting me?”

Marilyn made a shooing motion with her hand, “Sure honey, they send one of you gals out here naked almost every year. Initiation, right?”

Sherlyn smiled demurely, “Yeah, something like that.”

Marilyn looked at her husband, “Edward, put your eyes back in your head and stop ogling the girl.”

Edward chuckled, “I can’t help myself, look at the boobs on the girl.”

Marilyn shook her head, “Honey, you would think the man had never seen a naked girl before. What can I get for you?”

Sherlyn looked around quickly, hoping to get back in the car quickly so she could depart for the next location. She said, “How about six of those apples?”

The man smiled as his gaze wandered down to her dark brown ‘V’, “You know, I can give you a whole dozen for 40 cents more.”

Sherlyn didn’t want to haggle, “Okay, fine.” She handed the man over a $10.00 bill. She waited, glancing around nervously as the man counted out her change. Then he took his time bagging up her apples. After what seemed like an excruciatingly long time, the man handed her the change and the apples.

Sherlyn only had one more thing to do, and she could be on her way. She could either take a selfie with her cellphone, or she could ask the couple to take it for her. It had to show her naked in front of the small business.

“Could I ask a favor?” asked the girl.

Marilyn smiled, “You need a picture right?”

Sherlyn sighed, “Um, yeah. I do.”

Marilyn replied, with conditions, “Sure, Honey, but can we take a couple of our own? We have a scrap book, you see.”

Sherlyn trying to get the hell out of there, answered, “Sure, no problem.”

The wife took Sherlyn’s phone and snapped a picture of the girl with neatly arranged fruit and vegetables behind her. Then Marilyn said, “Ed, why don’t you stand with her.”

Sherlyn blushed as the man snugged himself up against her. Marilyn snapped a couple shots. Then Ed, as bold as could be, asked, “Could I get one with my hands on your boobs? That would be killer!”

Marilyn chided, “Edward Simpson, you dirty old man!” It was immediately understood by Sherlyn that the man’s wife wasn’t going to try to talk him out of it.

Sherlyn decided if it would get her out of there quicker, she would let the man put his damned hands on her boobs. As many other things that had happened to her over the last month or so, having her breasts touched by a stranger was fairly minor. She said, “Sure, but I need to hurry.”

So Ed stood behind her, looking over her shoulder at the camera with his arms around wrapped around Sherlyn’s chest, he reached up and cupped her breasts with both hands, his fingers spread so her nipples would show through. Once he had a firm grip on her boobs, Marilyn took several shots. Then she took Sherlyn’s cell phone and took a couple more shots so the girl could have a set. She said, “Now you can remember the dirty old man that had to have a handful of your titties.”

It wouldn’t be very high on the list of what Sherlyn considered desirable memories.

Then the woman laughed and said, “My turn!” So Ed grabbed the two phones and the older woman stood beside Sherlyn. The woman pulled her top up and flashed her own tits as the man snapped pictures with both phones.

Marilyn laughed, “I did that a lot at Sturgis when Ed and I rode out there one summer for the rally.” She was referring to the big annual motorcycle rally that happened every year in the small town of Sturgis, which was on the other side of Sherlyn’s home state.

With pictures taken, Sherlyn retrieved her cell phone, the apples, and her change thanking the couple as she walked away. She quickly headed to the car to head to the next stop. She was sure she was going to get arrested before she was done for the day.

Her next stop was Adams on the far western side of the state, which was almost another two hours travel time. The drive proved uneventful. She was amazed at how people tended to mind their own business while they drove. Cars that were coming head on could only see her for a split second and were unlikely to register that she was naked. She was amazed that she had driven 140 miles and nobody seemed to notice her nudity or care if they did.

She rolled into the small town. Her destination was the only convenience store in the small community; it was a 7-Eleven on the north side of the town. Her assignment while there was to go into the store, pay the cashier, come out, pump the gas tank full, and then go back inside to get her change. Of course, she was required to get a picture with her in front of the store and another one with the cashier before moving on.

She grabbed $40.00 cash she had stuffed in a cubby and got out of the car. She tried as much as possible to keep the gas pumps between the road and herself. She was mortified to be out in the middle of downtown Adams conspicuously naked. She was able to see people walking up and down the sidewalk when she drove into the hamlet.

Screwing up her courage, she walked into the small convenience store. The young man sitting behind the register looked up and stared at her in amazement. He gasped, “They said this happened, but I didn’t believe a word of it. You’re from a University, aren’t you? You’re doing one of those sorority initiation things, right?”

Sherlyn blushing said, “Um, yeah, I need some gas.” She handed the cashier her $40.00 so he would turn the pump on. It would have been so much easier with a credit card, but that wouldn’t have served the purpose, would it.

The young man called out, “Hey, Milton! We have one of those college girls!”

Sherlyn turned as she heard heavy footsteps approach from the back aisle. As she looked up to see who the newcomer was, she almost peed on the floor. It was a cop! Sherlyn didn’t know whether to run, or just stand until the man arrested her. She felt like she was going to faint.

The man in uniform identified himself, “Hi, sweetie, I’m Milton Redding, I’m the Adams Chief of Police. My goodness, they sure sent a pretty one out this time. Girl, you are stacked.”

Sherlyn, as pale as a ghost, squeaked out, “Are you going to arrest me?”

The policeman chucked, “Hell no, that would spoil everybody’s fun. We’ve had a naked girl come into town for gas every year for as long as I can remember. It’s a tradition.

“No, Sweetie, you go ahead get your gas, and we’ll get some pictures, and you can be on your way.” Then he requested, “Okay, sweetie, why don’t you give me your phone and we can start snapping the pictures you need.”

The policemen took pictures of Sherlyn pumping the gas, another of her walking naked for the door, a couple more inside the store, the required one with the clerk standing behind Sherlyn, and finally, the officer had the clerk take a few pictures of the girl standing with him in his uniform.

Sherlyn, feeling more confident and a bit aroused from standing around the guys while naked asked the chief of police, “Why didn’t I see your car?”

He smiled, “Oh, it’s parked down at the station. I walked up here to buy some beer for tonight. There’s a game on. What’s a game without some beer?”

The clerk asked if he could take some pictures too. He got shots of Sherlyn with the policeman, and then he had a couple taken with him standing with the girl. Another bystander asked if he could get his picture taken with Sherlyn also. At least in Adams, Sherlyn was a celebrity for a day.

By the time she got in the car to leave, she had spent 15 minutes at the station.

Just before she got in the car, the chief said, “Listen, you’re better off taking the back roads to your next stop. The state troopers are out in force today out on the freeway. I don’t think they would welcome you quite like we have. You probably want to head east on highway 2” He continued by asking, “What’s your next stop, sweetie?”

Sherlyn, who was starting to actually feel comfortable standing around naked said, “A town called Athol. I have to go buy some milk at a grocery store in the middle of town.”

The cop grinned, “Well, now, I’d like to see that. My advice. Get your pretty, naked butt in the store quickly and get out the same way. Then drive out of town on a back road so you don’t end up getting chased down by the local cops. I have no idea if Athol is anywhere as accommodating as we are, I highly doubt it.”

Then the cop, looking over at the side walk, spied a woman walking by, “Hey Melissa, lookee here, we have another girl from the college!” The man turned to Sherlyn, “Melissa is our mayor.”

Melissa made a beeline for the chief and Sherlyn, she asked, “Milton, could you take a picture of me and the girl? This is the first time I’ve got to actually see one of the girls who show up, I need to show Jason the picture so he doesn’t think I’m making it up.”

Melissa turned to Sherlyn and offered her hand, “Hi, I’m Melissa, I’m the mayor.”

Addressing the chief, Melissa suggested, “Maybe Albert Hayes can put this on the front page of the Adams Weekly.” The mayor turned back to Sherlyn, “Of course we will put little black circles over your naked parts; it’s a family newspaper, showing everything would be just a bit over the top.”

Without asking, the middle age woman handed the officer her phone and snugged in beside Sherlyn. Sherlyn smiled as the police chief took several shots of her with the mayor. Then Sherlyn quickly said her goodbyes, climbed into the car and drove off.

After another hour and a half on the road, Sherlyn was in the City of Athol. Once there, she hunted down the Orange Super Market in the middle of the small city. She pulled the car in the closet parking spot she could find.

This was going to be the toughest yet, she was going to have to walk into the busy super market, butt naked, and then she would go to back of the store and grab a carton of milk. From there she would make her way to the front of the store and go through the checkout line and pay for the milk. Then she would get a picture with the cashier and be on her way. At least she hoped that’s how it would happen.

Sherlyn was starting to get really aroused from her various stops, it was really a good thing she had a towel on the seat of the car. Her exposure in the supermarket was going to be the most daring by far. If she got away with this one, she would be home free, or at least she would be free to go home.

Looking for a moment and when there wasn’t anyone going in or out of the store. Sherlyn quickly climbed out of the car with cash in hand as darted towards the entrance. As she scurried in through the automatic entrance door, there was a couple was coming up to the exit. A woman about 35 to 40 years old covered her mouth and said, “Oh my gawd!” Her husband looked up and laughed. The man asked Sherlyn, “Aren’t you dressed a little light for the cool weather we’ve been having?” Being the beginning of November, it really was quite chilly.

Sherlyn blushed and said, “Sorry.” She practically ran into the store in her bare feet. She missed reading a sign as she passed--a sign that said, “No shirt, no shoes, no service.”

People stopped to stare at Sherlyn at every turn. She rapidly headed down an aisle to the back of the store. With her bad luck, Sherlyn found out she had to walk to the other end of the store to find the milk along the back wall. Once at the cooler, she just grabbed a carton not caring what kind she was buying.

She began to rush back to the front, and then she stopped dead in her tracks. She laughed at the irony of it all; at one time she would have thought she would have been the last person on earth to run through a grocery store naked.

She shrugged her shoulders; she figured since half the people in the store had already seen the crazy naked girl, she was going to get something for dinner before leaving. She reached out and grabbed a one liter of bottle of Pepsi. In another isle, she found a bag of chips, and then she headed for the deli.

The girl working at the deli counter looked up, and she started to giggle as soon as she saw Sherlyn. It wasn’t every day you saw a totally naked chick in the store. The chuckling girl asked, “Can I help you?”

Sherlyn smiled like nothing was amiss, “Yes please, I’ll take a chicken breast and a small tub of potato salad.” The counter girl went about filling her order.

There was a small group of people just standing around watching Sherlyn; it was getting larger by the moment. After a minute, the counter girl printed price tags for the chicken and the salad and handed them over to Sherlyn. She asked Sherlyn, “Can I get you anything else. Do you need a fork?”

Sherlyn smiled and said, “The fork, yes. No on needing anything else, this will be fine. Thank you.” Then Sherlyn added, “Have a nice day.”

The girl at the deli smiled and said, “I would say the same to you, but it looks like you’re already enjoying yourself. I wished I had to courage to do something like you’re doing.”

Sherlyn said, “Heck, it’s easy, go to Harvard, and while you’re there, try to join the sorority Sigma Epsilon Chi. You’ll have all sorts of fun like this.” Then she added seriously, “If you ever do go to Harvard, stay at least a mile away from the stupid sorority. You really don’t want to have to go through what I have to join the stupid thing.”

With that, Sherlyn took her milk, Pepsi, chips, chicken and potato salad to the check stands, walking nonchalantly the whole way. If she was going to be busted, so be it. She was tired of cowering.

With two people in front of her, the man behind Sherlyn in line asked, “Okay, so like is this some sort of college prank, a dare?”

Sherlyn turned and smiled at the man, “Yeah, I’m afraid so. Hopefully it’s the last one though.”

The man smiled as he appraised Sherlyn’s body, “Well, I’m happy I happened to be in the right place at the right time. You’re hot girl.”

Sherlyn blushed, “Um, thanks, I think.”

Naked Sherlyn waited patiently as the two people in front of her were helped. They tried their best to ignore the naked girl. When Sherlyn had her order rang up, she turned and asked the man behind her if he would take her picture. He eagerly agreed, she asked him, “Would you try and get the cashier in the picture too?”

After several shots, the man handed the phone back to Sherlyn as he checked her out again. Then he smiled and asked, “Can I get a picture with you too?” Sherlyn knew she should beat feet, every second increased her chances of being arrested, but she agreed to the man’s request.

The man asked the woman behind him if she would take the picture. The woman wasn’t a day over 25 and seemed to think having Sherlyn running through the store naked was all kinds of cool. She took the man’s cell phone and snapped several shots of the man standing with his arm around Sherlyn’s shoulder. Sherlyn thought, ‘At least he doesn’t want a picture with his hands on my boobs.”

Sherlyn quickly grabbed up her purchase and made a hasty retreat to Hillary’s car.

Sherlyn drove out onto Main Street. Three blocks down, she watch two police cars, with their lights flashing, drive towards the supermarket.

Using the navigation system built into Hillary’s car, Sherlyn made her way out of Athol on back roads. After 15 minutes, she found a copse of trees where she walked down an abandon old road just off the highway. Once out of view, she sat in some grass in the warmer than usual late afternoon and enjoyed her dinner.

Just under two hours later, Hillary’s BMW rolled into the parking lot of the sorority house. Sherlyn’s journey was at an end.


Hillary walked out of the sorority, after making her deal with the devil.

She was a full member of the sorority Sigma Epsilon Chi now; no more games, no hazing, no initiation, and no oaths. The sorority needed her as much as she needed the sorority. Now, she would spend her time and efforts trying to change the morally bankrupt organization into something she could be proud of.

Several nights later, Sherlyn came back to their room in the early morning hours. The room had boxes stacked all around on the floor. Both girls had been packing so they could move into the sorority house.

Sherlyn had just gone through to the sorority’s initiation. She told Hillary, “That was interesting, sort of. We all were blindfolded, put on a bus, and then we were taken to some back woods somewhere where we danced around a stupid bonfire naked--they called it ‘sky clad’. Apparently, someone in the organization fancies themselves as Wiccan or something. There were several women standing around in black masks and robes, but any imbecile could tell it was Melinda and her advisors.

“It was anticlimactic after all the depravity we put up with during the tests. They put marks on our chests with red tempera paint, gave us a code word to use between sisters, and they showed us what I can only describe as a gang sign. Two fingers on one hand over one finger on the other; I think it’s supposed to represent a pussy over a penis. How lame is that. I think all these girls think about all the time is sex.

“Finally, we had red robes draped over our shoulders and were told, welcome to the sorority.”

Hillary smiled, “Well, it sounds like I didn’t miss much.”

Sherlyn laughed, “No, most of the time was spent standing around naked, freezing, listening to them tell us the history of the sorority. Apparently, the sorority had its start in the women’s suffrage and free love movements.” She giggled and said, “The only woman homelier than Melinda has to be Susan B. Anthony. It a wonder those old gals could find any guys willing to have free love with them.”

Hillary shook her head, “I guess you’re way more into that kind of history than I am.”

Sherlyn responded, “Well, we do owe them quite a bit. We could still be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. It wasn’t that many years ago when that was a reality of life for most women. Working women were shunned. A woman’s place was the home.”

The two girls talked until dawn.


Nate’s health was taking a turn. One weekend in December just before finals week, Hillary and Peter were out on the cape making one of their frequent visits. Hillary noticed that their dad was looking gaunt and tired. Nathaniel had dark circles under his eyes and he seemed to have a lot less energy.

Hillary asked him about it, “How are you feeling dad? Are you getting your medicine?”

Nate smiled and said, “Don’t worry girl, I have a hospice nurse out every afternoon. She’s taking really good care of me.”

Hillary gave her father a concerned look, “I’m sorry, I’m a worrier. I just don’t want to see you looking sick.”

Nate gave her a loving look, “I know sweetheart, but we have to face it, I’m not going to be here much longer. I’m really starting to feel it, nothing specific really, it’s just like I have a dead battery. They gave me some really good anti-nausea medicine and they promised I could have all the morphine I need.”

With tears in her eyes, Hillary changed the subject, “Um, I have news dad. Sherlyn had an ultrasound the other day, it looks like you two may be having a boy.”

Nate smiled, “Ah that is good news. I think Sherlyn is going to be a wonderful mother for my baby.”

Hillary added, “Yeah, she’s going to fly back home at the end of the semester, she hasn’t told her parents yet. I don’t envy her the task. I could just imagine telling mother if I were pregnant. My goodness, it would be like the fourth of July with all the fireworks that would occur.”

Peter laughed, “Yeah that would be fun to watch. Of course, you always have had the brunt of her ire. I’m not sure what it is between you and her.”

Nate added, “Well, she’s always been power hungry, and loves money more than life, but the way she acts with you baffles even me. Not that I’ve ever seen you two together. In a lot of ways, I’m going to miss the woman when I’m gone. I’m going to miss you all.”

Hillary announced, “Well, this week is finals week. I should make arrangements to take my tests at a later date? I think my professors would understand that I need to spend time with you.”

Nate said, “No, no, you need to study and you need to take your final exams while the information is fresh in your head. I’ll be alright, it’s only a week right? Get through your finals, then you can come out and we can spend winter break together.

“Too bad it’s so cold out; we could all run around naked around the grounds.” Peter and Hillary laughed. Nate loved to play naked. It was a wonder he hadn’t herded the twins to the pool to skinny dip yet.

Finals week was more Hectic than Hillary could have guessed. Cramming half the night, and taking long, exacting examinations. The ones she hated the most were the short essay tests, the ones she like the best were the multiple choice.

With the last test taken, on Friday, Hillary was going to go to the sorority house, go to the room that she and Sherlyn shared, and crash for a week. Actually, she was going to get a good night’s sleep, and then Peter, Sherlyn, and she were going to drive out to the mansion in the morning.

Back at the room, she was met by Peter and Terrance, both boys insisted that the four of them go out and have some Pizza to celebrate. Peter tried to convince his tired sister, “Hey, we have to celebrate, we completed our very first finals week!”

Sherlyn added, “I agree, this calls for a celebration.”

Hillary handed the keys to the BMW over to Peter and said, “Okay, but let’s not stay out too late, I really am worn out.”

Just as the four teens had eaten their fill of pizza and were getting ready to have a refill of their sodas. Hillary’s cell phone rang. She pulled it out of her pocket and slid the icon over to answer the call. “Hello, this is Hillary.”

“Miss Hillary, oh my, oh Miss Hillary, you need to come out to the mansion.” The person on the phone was a crying, distraught George; he was so upset he was hard to understand.

Hillary said soothingly, “Okay, George, calm down. What’s wrong?”

“Oh Miss Hillary, it’s Master Nate, he’s in a bad way.” She had to wait for George to control his emotions, “Miss Hillary, the Hospice people say you should come now. They say Nathaniel doesn’t have much longer. My gawd, he looks ghastly!”

Hillary told the servant, “Okay George, we’re on our way. Just as soon as we can pay our tab here at the restaurant, we’ll be on the road.”

George pleaded, “Thank you, Miss Hillary. Please hurry. I just don’t know what to do. Please, I don’t want to be here alone when he passes. Please, please, hurry.”

Hillary could tell the man was distressed. “Okay, George, hang in there. We’ll be there just as soon as we can. We’re heading for the car right now.”

Peter and Terrance laid out two twenty dollar bills, more than enough to settle up with the pizza joint, and they all hurried out to the BMW. Peter tossed Terrance the keys and said, “You’re the only one in enough emotional shape to drive. I have to admit, I’m a bit shaken up. And, I know Hillary can’t be much better.”

Terrance took the keys and said, “No problem. Just point the way.” Terry was the only one who had never been to the Mansion.

Pushing it to the limit without going speeds that would attract a reckless driving ticket, the four of them made the trip in about an hour and a half. As soon as the car drove up into the circular drive, directly in front of the mansion, Hillary, Peter and Sherlyn were out of the car and dashing up the front steps. Terrance was left to deal with the Valet.

The front door swung open at their arrival and a distressed, crying George stood in the entrance wringing his hands. He called out, “Oh Miss Hillary, Master Peter, am I ever glad to see you two. Oh, Miss Sherlyn, I’m glad to see you too, sweetheart. Master Nate is up in his bedroom. The Hospice nurse is with him.”

As the three of them headed for the main stairs, Hillary asked, “George, could you please show Terrance up after he deals with the car?”

“Yes Miss Hillary, certainly.” Replied the servant, the man seemed to be calmer now that someone was in the house who could take charge.

Hillary added over her shoulder, “George, why don’t you bring him up. I think Nate would want you by his side right now. You’re very important to him.”

Tears coursed down the elderly man’s cheeks, “Yes Miss Hillary, if I won’t be intruding.”

Hillary smiled, “Intruding? No, George, you’re family. There is no way you could possibly intrude.”

The gray headed man smiled, “Thank you, Miss Hillary.”

They all made their way to Nathaniel’s bedroom. He was awake, but he had on an oxygen mask. It was obvious right away to Hillary that man wasn’t getting enough air, even with the supplemental oxygen flowing through the mask. Nate seemed to be taking big deep breaths, but never seemed to get to the point where it was enough.

Hillary went to the bedside with Peter. They moved up on both sides of the hospital bed, which had been brought in for Nate’s care. Each of them took one of their father’s hands. Hillary asked, “Oh dad, why didn’t you have George call us sooner?”

Nate gasped, “I didn’t, want, to interfere, with, your examinations.”

Tears started to course down Hillary’s cheeks. She was so intently concentrated on Nate that she didn’t notice the tears flowing out of Peter’s eyes. Even Sherlyn was tearing up. Terrance just stood back out of the way.

Nate smiled, and wheezed out, “I’m glad, you, could, be here, to, see me, off.”

Hillary sobbed, Peter asked, “Dad, are you in pain?”

Nate turned his head to the boy, “Ah, Peter, son, I don’t, think, I’ve, I’ve, ever said, I love you. Peter, I, love you!”

Peter working really hard to get the words out, his emotions were overwhelming him, “Oh gawd, dad, I love you too!” Nate smiled.

Nate turned back to Hillary, “Hills, I need, you, to be strong!” He took several breaths, “You, have to, take over, the, board. You, you’ll, be the, chairman. You, will, have, to…” He had to stop for more air, “…You’ll, have, to lead. Hold, Randall, Holdings, together.”

Hillary sniffed, “I will dad. I’ll take over.”

Nate gave as close to a laugh as he could muster, “Watch, out, watch out, for, Arthur, Turner. He’ll, try, he’ll, try to, run, roughshod, over you. Put, put, him, in his, in his, place.” Another gasp of air, “first, meeting. Show him, who’s, in control”

Hillary smiled, “I will dad. They won’t know what hit them.”

Nate added, “In my, study, I’ve, outlined, I’ve laid out, an, investment, strategy. Read it.”

Hillary said, “I will.” Then she added, “Now rest.”

Nate chuckled, “I, will, have, a lot, of rest, pretty soon.”

Peter said, “We’re going to miss you dad.”

Nate looked over at Sherlyn, “Sheri, thank you. Thanks, for, being willing, to…” He stopped for air, “…thanks, for, having, my child.” Sherlyn with tears streaming down her face could only nod.

Nate looked at the Hospice nurse and said, “I, think, I’ll, have, that, morphine, now, if, if you, don’t mind.”

The nurse asked the group, “Does anyone else have anything else to say. The medicine will most likely put Nate to sleep.”

George surprised everyone, he walked over to Nate and took the dying man’s hand from Hillary. He said, “Nathaniel, I just want you to know I love you boy. I wished it was me instead of you. You are way too young Master Nate. It should have been me.”

Nate smiled at George, “I love, you too, George. You, take, you take, good, care, of, Hillary, and, and, Peter. Okay, George?”

George smiled tearfully down on his employer, “Yes sir, I will Master Nate. If they will have me, I’ll take really good care of them.”

Nate said, “Good. Thank, you, my friend.” With that, Nate waved to the nurse, he was obviously in pain and needed the morphine.

The medication took effect; Nate fell into a fitful slumber. The man never woke up again.

It took another ten hours. At the end, the cancer in Nate’s heart caused it to blow out. Nate went quickly, most of the pain dulled by the medications. Hillary and Peter were holding his hands as he expired.

Hillary made the arrangement for a small memorial, but when the word got out that Nate had passed on, friends and acquaintances came out of the woodwork. Nate had well over 250 people at his grave side service to see him off. Hillary sobbed inconsolably as her father was lowered into the grave beside his beloved Angelique, Peter stood stoically at her side.

What Hillary didn’t notice was to the back of the crowd, dressed in a long black dress, with tears flowing down her cheeks was Julia, Hillary and Peter’s mother.

George and Nate’s chef had made a huge spread of hors d’oeuvres, canapés and punch in the ballroom of the mansion where all the mourners could gather. Afterwards, Hillary took aside each of the house staff members and assured them all that their positions were secure.

The busiest of them all was the poor Valet that had been running non-stop since before the memorial service began.


The following week Hillary met with Nate’s attorneys, John Rolfe, Esquire, was named executor of the estate. In attendance for the reading of Nate’s will were Hillary, Peter, and George. Also, present, and much to her surprise, was Sherlyn.

The lawyer read the will. As Hillary had been told by Nate, Peter was given five million dollars and Nate’s winter home located on the shores of Daytona Beach, Florida. The estimated value of the beach side home was three million dollars.

George was astounded when the lawyer read out his name and the old gentleman found out that he would be receiving 3 million dollars. The venerable servant said, “Don’t worry Miss Hillary, Master Peter; I will be returning to the mansion to take care of things for you.”

Then Sherlyn was named. She was told that she would be given 2 million dollars after the baby was born, ‘to see to her needs’. Sherlyn was flabbergasted.

Then for technicalities, the will listed Julia, Hillary’s mother who would receive the sum of one dollar, and Nate’s brother, Samuel, and Samuel’s son, both would receive the amount of one dollar. Hillary was to find out later that was legal maneuver that would make it much harder for any of them to make additional claims on Nate’s estate. They wouldn’t be able to make a case that they had been accidently left out of the will.

Finally, the lawyer announced, “The remainder of the estate, to include the family mansion, all other properties not previously allocated by the will, and 51 percent of the shares of Randell Holdings as well as any other of my current investments will be given to Hillary Hansen, my beloved niece.” Nathaniel, appropriately, felt it unwise to list Hillary as his daughter.

Hillary and Peter spent the rest of winter break at the Mansion. Sherlyn left that afternoon to head to the airport so she could fly home to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


Sherlyn was tired when the small commuter jet rolled up to the Terminal in Sioux Falls; she just completed a short hop from Minneapolis-St. Paul. The whole funeral thing and going through the reading of Nate’s will had left her drained. She was still in shock that she would be receiving two million dollars once she turned the baby over to Hillary and Peter.

She was having second thoughts; Sherlyn was finding herself bonding to the life growing inside her. Even though she wasn’t showing, she knew the baby was there. Second thoughts or not, she would honor her end of the contract. She just hoped that Hillary and Pete would let her see the baby off and on. She couldn’t for the life of her figure out why they wouldn’t.

Sherlyn’s momma and daddy were waiting for her after she cleared security. They were both extremely glad to see their girl. They were so proud of Sherlyn; not only was she their only child, but she was attending Harvard, something the girl had worked so hard to achieve.

It wasn’t until after dinner that Sherlyn had worked up enough courage to tell her parents about the baby. “Momma, daddy, I have something to tell you.”

Both her parents looked at the girl curiously, Sherlyn finally blurted out, “I’m going to have a baby.”

Her mother’s mouth dropped open, her father smiled. Sherlyn’s momma asked, “Are you sure?” Sherlyn let them know she was.

Sherlyn went on to explain the arrangement she made. “I’m acting as a surrogate mother for Nathaniel Randell, a very rich man who just died.” She didn’t tell them about the two million dollars. She wanted to see their reaction first.

Her mother was the first to say something after a long period of silence, “Well, Sherlyn, I would be lying if I wasn’t to say I was disappointed. Right now you should be concentrating on you education, not becoming a brood mare for somebody else’s baby.” Sherlyn was shocked by her momma’s statement.

Sherlyn’s daddy said, “Now, now, Helen, Sherlyn is being well compensated for her services. An education at Harvard is not cheap. They also will be paying her a stipend and all her medical costs. That sound like a pretty generous deal to me.” Then he looked at Sherlyn, “Of course, sweetheart, we were more than happy to pay for your schooling, even if we had to take out a mortgage on the house.”

The mortgage statement made Sherlyn even happier she made her arrangement with Hillary and her uncle—father. Sherlyn told her father, “Daddy, I want you to pay the mortgage off right now! I’ll write you a check before I head back to school. You don’t need to be going into debt to pay for my college.” Nobody bothered to ask her where she had gotten funds that large.

Her mother said grudgingly, “Well, you both have points. But like your father said, we would have happily paid for your education.”

Even though Sherlyn’s mother tried to put a bright face on things, Sherlyn could still tell that her mother was not exactly happy about the baby. The next morning, at breakfast, Sherlyn’s mother made an announcement to the girl. “I need to drive over to Des Moines to see your Aunt Sheri (Sherlyn’s namesake). Do you want to come with me, or stay here with your father? Your dad doesn’t want to travel this close to Christmas.”

Sherlyn pretended she was making up her mind, she announced her decision, “No, I think I’ll stay here with daddy. Please tell Aunt Sherlyn I’m thinking of her though, would you?”

Her mother smiled, “I will, I’ll be home the day after tomorrow. I just want to drop off Christmas presents and say hi to everyone. You stay here and rest up. Plus, we wouldn’t want you stressing yourself, with the baby and all.” Then she asked sincerely, “You wouldn’t mind me telling your aunt that I’m going to be a grandmother, would you?”

Sherlyn smiled and said, “No not at all. I just really hope I get to spend time with the baby after it’s born. I’m sure Hillary, my best friend and the person who will get custody of the baby will be happy to let you visit.” Sherlyn was really beginning to regret the fact she would have to turn the baby over.

Her mother called as she walked out the door to the car, “Samuel, remember you promised to fix that gate out back.” With that, she was gone.

That evening, Sherlyn was snuggled up against her daddy watching a movie with him. She was dressed in her pajamas; he was dressed in a tee-shirt and a pair of shorts. Of all things, Sherlyn was thinking about how Hillary had sexual relations with not only her brother, but her uncle—father.

Being honest with herself, Sherlyn admitted that she had a crush on her daddy since she was a young teen. What she never admitted to herself, until now, was that her father turned her on.

As she snuggled up against her daddy, she wondered, ‘Could I do what Hillary has done. Could I have a profound lapse of judgment and do it with my own father.’ Not quite aware what she was doing, Sherlyn began pressing her soft, shapely breasts into her father’s arm.

Somehow, without realizing it, Sherlyn let her thoughts be vocalized as she asked, “Daddy, have you ever thought about me as a woman?”

Her father, engrossed in the show, said, “Yeah, Honey, I think you’re a beautiful woman now. You always were a pretty girl.”

Sherlyn was astounded that she even asked the question, she was even more astonished when she said to her daddy, “No, daddy, have you ever thought of me as someone you’re attracted too.”

That got his attention. That got him noticing her breasts as well. He finally felt their softness press against his arm, her cleavage wrapped around his upper arm. He gulped, “Um, uh, why do you ask, Sherlyn.”

Sherlyn knew that she had to try, she pressed, “I’ve got a friend, and she sleeps with her brother. I just wondered if you ever thought of me that way, daddy.”

Her dad was visibly confused, “Oh my heaven’s girl, that’s not something a father is supposed to think about his daughter.”

Sherlyn smiled demurely, “I know daddy, but I think about it anyway. I’ve just discovered that I’ve thought about you that way for a long time now.” She blushed, “I’ve even made it so I got to see you naked—accidently of course.” She asked again, “So, have you, have you ever thought about me that way.”

Her father stared into her eyes, not wanting to say what was on his lips, what he had to say would only prove how perverted he was, “Um, yeah Sheri, I’ve thought about you that way.” He hedged, “But, only a couple of times.”

Sherlyn took a huge chance, she leaned over and kissed her daddy tenderly on the lips, she said, “You know, we can try it. I don’t mind. We would only have to try it once. I can’t get pregnant. I’m already knocked up.”

Her father stammered, “Oh my gosh girl, you don’t know what you’re asking. I can’t do that.”

Sherlyn whispered, “Can’t or won’t.”

Her daddy gasped, “But, your mother!”

Sherlyn smiled, “Will never, ever, know. Not unless you tell her.”

Sherlyn’s father closed his eyes, “You know hell has a place reserved for people who do things like this?” With the statement he all but said he would participate.

His daughter responded, “I don’t believe that. I think if two people love each other, like I love you, daddy, if they decide to show that love physically, it can’t be wrong.”

“No, it’s wrong, sweetheart.” responded her daddy.

Sherlyn pouted, she asked, “So, you won’t?”

Her daddy stared into her eyes, studied her face, and finally said, “I’m going to regret this for the rest of my life.”

Sherlyn smiled and said, “Well, I’m not.” She moved her mouth back to his and began to kiss her daddy as a lover, not a parent.

The two of them started slowly, but before long Sherlyn and her dad were kissing passionately. When Sherlyn broke away to pull her pajama top over her head, her dad whispered, “Oh hell.” Sherlyn’s naked breasts pressed back up against his arm. Her hard, brown nipples were pressing into his skin.

Something snapped in her father’s head, he pulled Sherlyn over into his lap. She could feel his hardness pressing against her bum. He started to kiss her unrestrained. She delighted when his tongue slipped into her mouth between her lips. Her tongue quickly darted out and met with his, and their two tongues began to waltz.

Sherlyn felt her daddy’s warm hand reach and gently cup her naked breast. Soon he started to massage them both, then he played with her pert, hard nipples. He brushed his fingers over the tips, and then he would pinch them lightly between his thumb and fingers. She trembled in delight.

As his hand played with her boobs, his mouth move to her neck. He nuzzled in and gave her neck and ears warm, wet kisses. Sherlyn canted her head to give him better access--eyes closed, mouth slightly open. She sighed in contentment as her passion grew.

He slowly kissed down and around her neck, up under her chin, and down along her shoulder. Sherlyn felt little shivers of pleasure while feeling his hands on her naked breasts and as his mouth kissing down to the same location.

Sherlyn pulled back just enough that her daddy could start kissing her boobies. She expressed her desire, “Kiss my breasts daddy; suck my nipples.”

She felt his hot breath on the top of her round globes. She could smell the scent that was unique to her daddy along with it the smell of Stetson cologne that he always wore. His man smell just added to her building ardor.

She knew her daddy was enjoying himself. He would moan quietly, and she could still feel his hard penis underneath her bum. She purposely began to wriggle her hips so she could grind her bottom into his trapped, hard shaft.

Sherlyn scooted off his lap, quickly pulling down her pajama bottoms. She stepped out of the flannel garment leaving her in a pair of bikini cut panties. She took a seat on the sofa and leaned back, pulling her daddy over to her so he could continue making love to her breasts.

Her daddy massaged her breasts as his mouth zeroed in on one her hard, brown nipples. He began to suckle first one, and then the other. He was on his knees, between her legs, as he leaned over to enjoy her boobs. Sherlyn could feel his warm hips against her thighs through his shorts.

After a bit, her daddy sat back and quickly pulled his ‘T’ over his head, leaving him in just the shorts. He bent back over and kept sucking and nipping on her nipples. Sherlyn shivered and trembled, enchanted by his attention. She was making love with her daddy.

Samuel had no idea how he got where he was at. Here he was leaning over his nearly naked daughter, sucking on her boobs like they belonged to him. The worst thing of all was he was enjoying himself immensely. He was sure he was going to go straight to hell, but if so, he was going to enjoy himself before he had to report for furnace duty.

Sherlyn was such a pretty girl, and she had been entirely too close to the truth when she asked if he had ever thought about her that way. There were times, especially during her senior year of high school, when his daughter was almost all he could think about. Sherlyn had a body that belonged on the pages of the Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition, or maybe even on centerfold in a Playboy magazine.

Here he was massaging her naked breasts, and sucking on her lovely brown nipples. Her creamy white, warm skin felt fantastic to the touch. He stroked her tummy, her sides, and her back as he made love to her breasts.

Then he decided he wanted to taste her. Hopefully, she wouldn’t be squeamish with the idea of receiving oral sex. He had no idea what the girl knew, or what she didn’t.

Sherlyn let her head lay back against the back of the sofa, enjoying all the sensations from her father’s love making. His warms hand stroking her skin, his mouth sucking on her nipples, the other hand massaging her breasts. She could feel the panel of her panties becoming soaked.

Her daddy moved his mouth down and kissed the underside of her ‘C’ cupped globes, and then kissed down onto her chest below. She knew she was in for a treat. Her daddy was moving down to eat her pussy.

She shivered as he planted warm, wet kisses all along her diaphragm. She quivered in delight when she felt him run a warm hand up and down the insides of her thighs. She gasped and moaned when his mouth dropped down onto her tummy as he continued to kiss lower and lower on her body.

Sherlyn scooted her bum all the way out to the edge of the sofa seat and giggled as her daddy began to pull her panties down. She felt him slip his fingers under her panties waistband as he gently tugged them down her thighs, down around her knees. Then he pulled them down over her calves until they were down around her ankles. She felt shivers of passion pour through her body knowing her daddy had stripped her naked.

Samuel kept kissing lower. Sherlyn’s soft skin over her taut belly was to die for. He could smell the musky scent of her pussy drifting up as he moved his mouth ever lower. His cock was so stiff he could hardly stand it. Cock, he could remember spanking Sherlyn when she was younger for using the word.

As Sherlyn’s dad moved his mouth down, he entered her nicely trimmed ‘V’ of dark brown pubic hair. Little did he know that Hillary, Sherlyn’s best friend, had spent some time on her pubic region with a pair of scissors, cleaning up the mop she used to have between her legs. Now she was happy her friend had insisted.

Her daddy kissed her mons, and Sherlyn could feel drips of moisture on her butt cheeks around her anus. That set off alarm bells. She gasped out, “Daddy, we better move to the carpet. If we get my pussy juice all over momma sofa, there will be hell to pay.”

Sherlyn quickly moved down onto the carpet as her daddy pulled her thighs apart, opening up her pussy lips like a blossom. Sherlyn found that she wanted to show her inner folds to her father, she wanted her daddy to look down and see her bottom. A place on her body that was spread in a warm, wet welcome for her daddy to explore.

Sherlyn gasped out, “Oh fuck!” when her daddy put his mouth between her legs for the first time. She hope she didn’t have a spanking coming for using the foul language. Then she began to moan as her passion quickly rose. Her daddy was kissing her pussy like he did her mouth, he was rubbing his mouth all over her lips; she was in heaven.

Then he moved in and started to run his tongue up through her nice full labia. Sherlyn couldn’t help it, she began to wiggle her hips to keep the intense sensations from driving her crazy. She felt her thighs start to quake like they had a mind of their own. She wanted to pull them together around her daddy’s head, the pleasure was so powerful.

Sherlyn could feel the pressure inside her vagina building, it was becoming commanding and concentrated, she knew her daddy wouldn’t have to do much more and she would be cumming in his face. When he slipped his middle fingers inside her vaginal canal, and moved his mouth to her clitoris, she did just that.

Sherlyn moaned out, “Oh, my, gosh, daddy, I’m gonna cum!” Seconds later the massive tension in her vagina released and unleashed it’s fury throughout her body. Sherlyn bit her arm and screamed into it as wave and wonderful wave of passion shot through her body. She arched her back and started to shake her head back and forth as she moaned over several octaves. She had wonderful orgasms before, but the one her daddy gave her trumped them all.

To Samuel’s surprise and delight, his daughter squirted him three times in the face. She was one of the rare girls who had female ejaculations. Knowing that she squirted during her orgasms, he set out to give her several more. Each time, he caught her wonderful nectar inside his mouth, swishing it around like a fine wine.

Sherlyn couldn’t believe the number of times her daddy caused her to cum. She lost count of the number of orgasms she experienced. They came so fast, so hard, and with such a frequency that all she could do was go along for the ride. By the time he finally let her come down from her climaxes, she was exhausted—in a good way.

Then, the event she was waiting for. Her daddy moved himself up between her legs and with that marvelous cock she had been admiring for years, she felt him rub himself inside her lips and then he moved it inside her vaginal opening. Once in position, her daddy pushed himself slowly up inside her vagina.

Sherlyn felt herself stretch as her vaginal canal adapted itself to her daddy’s long thick penis. Slowly, he pushed himself all the way up inside her tummy. She felt so full, so complete, and it was her daddy making her feel whole. It was the most amazing feeling she ever experienced. She had cocks inside her before, but having her daddy inside her was too wonderful to describe.

She whispered to her daddy, “Gosh daddy, your penis feels incredible inside my tummy. It fills me up.”

He let out a breathy chuckled, “You can call it a cock sweetheart.”

She giggled, “You won’t spank me if I do?” Then she gasped.

As he began to work his marvelous tool up and down inside her wet vaginal canal he panted out, “Who knows, maybe a little bare ass spanking might be fun.” Sherlyn just giggled.

Soon both father and daughter were breathing hard. Samuel thrilled in feeling her hot, tight vagina wrapped around his cock, her walls gliding against the skin of his hard shaft. He hadn’t had a pussy wrapping him so tightly since just before Sherlyn was born. It was so long ago that he couldn’t remember Helen feeling so snug.

As he cycled through Sherlyn’s canal, he let himself lay out on top of her. He had his head tucked up against the side of hers. He could smell the scent of shampoo in her long brunette hair that was splayed out behind her head. He whispered, “Gosh, girl, you feel so fantastic. I’m going to regret I can only make love to you once.”

Sherlyn purred, “Mmm, I love feeling you fuck me, daddy. And, it don’t have to be just once.”

Her daddy chuckled, and whispered, “No, you little minx, this is the only time we’re going to do this. I love your momma, and I’m not going to cheat on her more than just this once.”

Sherlyn responded, feeling her ardor growing to a peak once again, “Okay, daddy. But, we have all night.” Then she felt her passion overtake her, she gasped as the pressure in her tummy released, “OH! Oh hell!”

Sherlyn began to quake and writhe beneath her daddy, feeling the large flange on his cock sliding up and down against her walls. She let out a long mournful moan, she gasped, she whined, and she giggled as another blissful orgasm washed throughout her body.

Samuel was to the point of no return. Knowing his daughter was already pregnant, he didn’t worry about unleashing his semen inside the girl. As the pressure grew to a point he could hardly stand it, he felt his cock begin to throb. He pushed his hips hard up against Sherlyn’s pussy as he felt spurt after delightful spurt of his cum shoot deep inside his daughter’s belly.

Sherlyn came off her orgasm just in time to feel her father begin to pulse against her walls. She knew her daddy was filling her with his wonderful semen, the same substance that gave her life over 18 years ago. For just this one night, her daddy was hers.

Her daddy rolled off her after letting himself pulse inside Sherlyn for a full minute. She knew that most of the pulses were just his ‘aftershocks’ as she like to call them. They pulsed but after about five or six throbs, he just pulsed dry. Having her daddy cum inside her tummy had been unbelievable. Sherlyn knew she was wicked girl, but at the moment she hardly cared. She tucked herself up against her daddy’s warm side so she could enjoy her afterglow.

Samuel was astounded when Sherlyn took him in her mouth. Something that Helen had never done for the man. His daughter gave him his very first blowjob and it was fantastic. He wondered where she learned to do such a thing, then he decided he didn’t want to know.

Throughout the night, they made love at least five times. Trying a variety of positions. Samuel loved fucking his daughter with her on her hands and knees so he could watch his cock sliding in and out of her vagina. They both were driven nuts, when he began to pull his cock out all the way, just so he could penetrate her again and again.

The position both of them like the most was when Sherlyn crawled in his lap facing him. They held each other tightly as Sherlyn ground her pussy into the man’s cock with it imbedded deep inside her vagina. She would rock forward and back, and from side to side. Eventually, they both had a marvelous climax as a result. But it was the intimacy that made it oh so fine.

In the morning, they showered together. Samuel took his daughter standing up while facing him. Sherlyn had one leg up on the lip of the tub, spreading herself in welcome as she received her daddy’s cock. With warm water splashing over them, they delighted as their warm wet skin glided against each other. They each had one last blissful orgasm.

Soon after, they dressed.

Sherlyn sat at the dining room table in a nice blouse and pair of slacks as her father cooked and served her breakfast. Later Sherlyn went outside with her daddy to help him fix the broken gate. What had transpired between the man and his daughter was never discussed.


Hillary, Peter, Terrance and Sherlyn enjoyed studying during their second semester. Sherlyn’s tummy kept getting bigger and bigger as her pregnancy progressed. By the beginning of summer, things were beginning to become uncomfortable for the girl. She could never seem to stay comfortable for long.

On the weekends, the four teens would stay out at the mansion. George was always delighted to have the ‘kids’ out to their home. He was always so lonely during the week. He couldn’t wait for Hillary and Peter to graduate, so they could take up permanent residence in the old home. Ghosts and all.

It was a tradition for the four of them to go skinny dipping in the indoor pool and then run around the mansion in their birthday suits. The boys and Hillary delighted in watching a naked, pregnant Sherlyn shuffle around as the four of them entertained themselves. As spring set in, they extended their range of naked activities outsides. The grounds were extensive; there were a lot of places to explore while running around clothing free.

Each trip outside in just their skin usually ended at Nathaniel’s grave, where they stood naked and told the man how their previous week at school had gone.

A bit more on the macabre side, Hillary peed her pants when she turned to walk into the upstairs hallway, and she watch a white misty figure of a woman in a long white dress walk down the hall and through a door entering one of the mansion’s many bedrooms. The rumors of a haunting had proven themselves to be true.

Hillary was embarrassed as hell to turn over a pair of urine soaked blue jeans and a pair of her skimpy panties over to George to be laundered. Thinking back on the episode in the hall, Hillary thought it was cooler than hell--now that she wasn’t scared shitless, that she actually had been able to see a ghost.

Hillary attended several board meetings of Randell Holdings. Soon the board was to discover that Hillary wasn’t a push over. From the very first meeting, she had them towing the line, doing exactly what she told them to do. Some didn’t like it, but with her controlling 51% of the shares of the corporation, they didn’t have much choice. Not even the public shareholders could tell her what to do with her company.

Come mid-July, Hillary, Terrance, and Peter took Sherlyn to the Hospital in Cambridge after her water broke. The doctor, once again, commented on what splendid birthing hips the girl had, and that the baby should come along easily. Before the 14 hours of labor were over, Sherlyn had some really choice words about the doctor and his birthing hips.

The girl delivered in a birthing suite; her friends were in attendance when little Nathaniel made his debut into the world.

When the baby was put in her arms, Sherlyn cried, knowing that she was going to have to turn the little bundle over to Hillary and Peter. Then she was overjoyed when Hillary suggested, “You know, Sherlyn, we are going to need a wet nurse for the baby. Do you know of anyone who might be interested?”

Hillary continued, “Not only that, the baby is going to need a nanny. I can’t think of anyone better qualified than you. Of course he’ll need a second Nanny when you start attending your classes this fall.”

Sherlyn happily accepted both positions. In addition, after the birth of the Nate’s baby, the girl was two million dollars richer. Two days after she got control of her money, she mailed her parents two tickets for a seven day Caribbean cruise.

With Hillary’s help, Sherlyn invested the entire amount, she began to withdraw a $50,000 dollar a year living allowance, but left the lions share to grow with the market.


“Hillary, I need you to come by the house this evening.” commanded Hillary’s mother.

“No.” responded Hillary, “I already have other plans.”

Unbeknownst to Hillary, Julia smiled, “Now listen here young lady. You need to come by the house. You’re just going to have to cancel your plans.”

Hillary, feeling her ire grow, told her mother, “No, you listen, I’m not at your beckoned call. I have things to do, and they don’t include you.”

Julia, with great difficulty, held back a laugh of pure joy, “Is that any way to talk to your mother?”

Hillary huffed, “When you’re trying to impose your will on me, yes it’s exactly the way I’m going to talk to my mother—now and in the future.” Julia’s heart soared.

Julia said gruffly, “Do you realize what you’re doing?!”

Hillary snapped, “Yes, mother, I’m living my own life.”

Julia decided to see how far she could push her daughter, “Okay, you keep talking to me that way, I’m going to cut off your allowance! No more Armani shoes and purses, no more…”

Hillary injected, “Mother, you can shove your Armani shoes right up your tight ass! I’m not coming over, that’s final. I’m not going to have you pushing me around anymore either.”

As an afterthought, Hillary added, “I’ve got half a mind to tell the Sorority to go to hell too! I’ve never met their match for depravity! And, you knew exactly what revolting, bizarre, whacked out bitches they were! And, you still pushed me to join the sick bunch of whores.”

Julia was on cloud nine. She pushed, “Don’t push me girl! I still hold the strings to the family fortune.”

Hillary smiled, feeling empowered, “Well, mother dearest, you can take your family fortune and push it up your ass so far you choke on it. You can’t buy me, bitch. I’ve put up with your shit for 19 years, and I don’t plan on putting up with it another second. Mother, Julia, I disown you! I’m my own woman now. I don’t need you; I don’t want you. Goodbye Julia!” Hillary hung up the phone.

Hillary had a huge knot in her stomach, she hated confrontation. Yet she felt wonderful, like the weight of the world was taken off her shoulders. She had told her domineering, almost sadistic, mother off, and it felt wonderful. Hillary knew that her mother could no longer lord over her, she had taken control of her life and it didn’t include her tyrant mother.

The girl stripped off her clothes and put on her workout outfit. She was going to the gym.

When Hillary got back to her upstairs room in the Sorority house, to her astonishment, her mother was sitting on her bed. She thought, ‘Oh, great, more of the battle royal!’

Her mother, seeing Hillary looked up with a large smile. What surprised Hillary beyond belief is that her mother had a look of affection on her face. She wasn’t aware that her mother was capable of the emotion. Hillary demanded, “What are you doing here?”

Julia looked at her daughter; the woman was overflowing with pride. Her daughter had finally grown a backbone. It certainly had taken long enough, but when she did, she did it in a big way. Julia asked politely, “Would you please have a seat? Of course, you can stand if you wish.”

The politeness caught Hillary off guard, this was her mother—mother was never polite. Hillary pulled out the chair to her desk and turned it around backwards. She sat facing the back of the chair, something guaranteed to bring out the bitch in her mother. ‘One must remember to sit like a lady at all times’, yeah right mother-- go suck an egg.

Hillary was caught off guard even further when her mother gave her a smile and her eyes sparkled. Julia asked quietly, “Is that the way I taught you to sit?”

Hillary gave her mother a spiteful grin, “No, mother, it’s not. That’s why I like sitting this way.”

Julia chuckled, “Outstanding. That’s my girl.”

Hillary shocked beyond belief, parroted, “That’s my girl?”

Julia quietly explained, “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you to develop some fortitude? To stand up to me?”

Hillary cocked her head to the side, “No, mother, I don’t, why don’t you tell me?”

Her mother smiled, “Sweetheart, you’re not a regular girl. You live in a world full of sharks, tigers and other predators. You don’t have the luxury to let people tell you what to do, or how to do it.” She continued, “Having you put me in my place, finally, makes my heart soar. Hillary, I couldn’t be prouder of you than right now.”

Julia added, “When I heard you told off that strumpet that’s currently the President of Sigma Epsilon Chi, my heart almost leapt out of my chest! You played the inconsequential woman like a fiddle.”

Hillary barked out, “Don’t think that sucking up to me is going to change anything, I’ve had it mother, I’m not going to have you lording over me anymore. That’s final.”

If anything, the sparkle in her mother’s eyes got brighter, “Considering you are one of the richest women in America right now, I wouldn’t dream of it. You have no idea what a money war is like.

“Hillary, you have to be tough to have money. You have to be ruthless; you have to take charge and run roughshod over those who would try to take control away from you. That’s the only way you will keep what you have.”

Hillary was taken back, “How do you know about my wealth?”

Julia smiled, “Come on Hillary, you don’t think I don’t know what’s going on around me. Have you moved into the mansion yet? By the way, the place is haunted.”

Hillary giggled, she couldn’t help herself, she said, “Yeah, I know, I’ve seen the woman in white.”

Her mother grinned and said, “Isn’t that so cliché--a woman in white. I think half the mansions in America have a woman it white for a ghost. This one happens to be your four times great grandmother, Eleanor.”

Hillary, getting the conversation back on track said peevishly, “Well, the mansion, and its ghosts are mine now. Don’t think you’re going to steal it away from me.”

Julia laughed, “I wouldn’t think of it. Nate and I worked so hard to put it into your hands.”

Hillary’s mouth flew open, “You and dad?”

Julia grinned, “Yes, there is that too. We always suspected that you and Peter were my brother’s children, not Howards. I think Howard suspected as much too, that’s why he’s been such a cold fish to you and your brother. Neither one of you look a thing like him.”

Hillary shuddered at the mention of the man’s name.

The implications of what her mother just told her hit her, Hillary gasped, “So you know all about the DNA test?”

Julia giggled like a girl, “Oh course, sweetheart, Nathaniel called me as soon as he found out.”

Hillary shook her head, “No, you and Dad, Uncle Nate, were estranged. You guys didn’t talk.”

Julia grimaced and said, “Let me apologize for you father, since he’s no longer with us to do it himself. We set the whole thing up, Hillary. Nate and I had never been closer when he passed on. Gawd, girl, I cried for hours at his grave. I only wished I could have been up front where I belonged at his funeral. Hillary, Nate and I loved each other—with all our hearts, just like it is between Peter and you.”

Hillary sat stunned, “You know about Peter and me?”

Julia gave her daughter a half smile, “Yes, Nate told me. He also told me that you two have the good sense not to attempt having children. I’m sorry to say it, but you and Peter were a big mistake. Howard was supposed to be your father, only I couldn’t keep Nate out of my panties when I was trying to have a baby.”

Hillary’s world was turned upside down, “So, you and Uncle Nate, dad, were manipulating me all along?”

Julia answered sincerely, “Not manipulating, Hillary; we were steering you; giving you options. You were Nathaniel’s heiress because you’re the one with the intellect and the fortitude to keep the fortune intact. Your brother, bless his soul, is a follower not a leader. That’s why Peter got five million in play money, and you got the fortune.”

Hillary interrupted, “If you and Nate were so chummy, why didn’t Peter or I ever get to meet him growing up?”

Julia frowned, like she had just eaten something distasteful, “Simple girl, Howard hated him. And, Nate hated Howard. Howard said that if I ever had Nate back in our home again he would divorce me. It was simple enough for me to see Nate at the mansion. Howard forbid that I ever take you and Peter to see your uncles though.”

She went on to explain, “For political reasons, a divorce with Howard at the time was out of the question.” She grinned and said, “But, those reasons are no longer valid. I filed for divorce last week.

“Have you heard, he got arrested for fucking some stripper at a gentleman’s club when the vice squad raided the place? On top of that, a private detective has turned up all sorts of Medicare / Medicaid fraud at his medical practice; he’s been cooking the books for years. I think Howard is going to be going to jail quite for a long time, and very soon.”

Hillary allowed herself a smile, she thought, ‘good things come to those who wait.’

Leaving the topic of Howard, Julia added, “Nate and I both had confidence that once you found the steel in your belly that you would rule with an iron fist. From what I heard about your first board meeting of Randell Holdings, you’ve exceeded my wildest expectations. Repeating myself, I’m as proud of you as can be. So was Nathaniel. He loved you very much, you know that don’t you?

“Not only will you be in charge of Nate’s third of the original Randell fortune, but when I pass on, you will have my third too. I regret that Samuel’s unimaginative, spineless son will have control of the final third. You are going to be a much better business manager than Tristan Randell. I expect great things from you, sweetheart.”

Hillary frowned, she couldn’t let her animosity go, there was too much history between her and her mother, “Mother, if you think you can wheedle yourself into a position to control my money, you’re sorely mistaken. Uncle Nate, dad, said that you were money grubbing, power hungry and needed to be watched like a hawk.”

Julia laughed, “Yes, all of that is entirely accurate. I thought the touch about me trying to take the mansion from him was pure genius on his part. I’m sorry Hillary; he needed to establish some credibility with you. The only way he was going to win you over was to run me down.

“The part about Samuel and I trying to take his share of the fortune and the mansion is only true when applied to Samuel. We are all greedy, don’t get me wrong, but Samuel has hard feelings about it all. When daddy died, Sam tried like hell to take both Nathaniel‘s and my inheritance.”

Hillary asked, “So, you’re not going to try to take the mansion from me? You’re not going to try to wring dad’s third of the Randell fortune from me?”

Julia laughed, “No, I wouldn’t dream of it. I might give you some pointers here and there; I’ll let you know of opportunities. But, what you do with Nate’s money is entirely up to you.”

Then in almost a pleading tone Hillary’s mother asked, “I do hope that I will be welcomed at the mansion. I love that place with all my heart. Nate warned me you may not want me around the place.”

Hillary observed, “But, you haven’t been there in years. Uncle Nate, dad, said so.”

Julia shook her head and smiled sadly, “Au contraire, I was out at the mansion the week before Nate passed on; you and Peter were taking your finals. I spend several days saying farewell to my little brother. Please ask George, he can tell you how often I visited with Nate. Gawd, Hillary, I’m going to miss him.” Tears started to course down Hillary’s mother’s cheeks.

Hillary couldn’t believe the way her mother was talking to her. Julia, her mother, was treating her as an equal, not as a spoil child to be corrected. Could her mother be trusted? Hillary didn’t think so, but decided to follow the words of Ronald Reagan, ‘Trust, but verify’.

Hillary would allow this ‘new’ mother to be in her life, but only if things went the way her mother was presenting it. If her mother turned back in the dragon lady, Hillary would use her money to bury the woman. As far as Hillary was concerned, her old mother was dead to her. If this new mother kept her words, Hillary could find it in her heart to work with her.

Hillary couldn’t help taking one last snip at her mother, “Listen, mother, I don’t trust you any further than I could throw you. I’m willing to have a truce with you, but the slightest indication you are trying any shenanigans, you and I will be at war.”

Julia grinned from ear to ear, “That’s the way, sweetheart; when it comes to business, trust nobody! Don’t worry, you and I are allies, contrary to what you may think, we have always been allied.

“I had to raise you tough, and tough you are. When you are the queen of a billion dollar financial empire, there will be no room for anything but tough.” She added, “Hillary, why would I take things away from you, just so I can have them given back when I die. That makes no sense at all.

“With Nate’s third of the Randell Fortune, you’re going to learn to be a magnificent business woman. I have complete faith in you. By the time you have my third, there will be no stopping you.”

Then with tenderness in her voice Hillary never heard before, Julia asked, “You are planning on letting that friend of yours keep the baby, aren’t you? What’s her name, Sherlyn? You and Peter are ironclad heirs, so letting the girl have the baby she carried for 9 months and for whom she has been wet nursing wouldn’t be a bad thing.”

Hillary couldn’t believe her mother’s question, “You would let a potential heir to the fortune go to a middle class commoner?”

Julia said, “Contrary to your perceptions of me, I’m not entirely heartless. A baby belongs with its mother.”

Hillary’s mother continued, “You and Peter both need to marry and have your own children, and you definitely don’t want to make the same mistake that Nathaniel and I made. Love each other, see each other, have your affair if you must, but have your own separate lives. You’ll both be happier for it.”

For once, Hillary thought her mother gave her good advice.



Hillary found that her mother to be true to her word. Her mother never tried to intrude on Hillary’s affairs, let alone try to take over.

As a reward for her mother’s change of behavior, Hillary extended an open invitation for her mother to visit the Randell family mansion any time she wanted. Over time, the two of them became close. Julia proved to be a much better grandparent than she ever was a parent. It was like the woman was a completely different person.

Peter, with his five million dollars, was a happy camper. He switched his major. Since he never wanted to be a doctor, let alone a surgeon, to begin with, he switched his major to anthropology. He planned on and achieved a career as a college professor and a field researcher. Peter never married.

Hillary finished her degree in psychology, but went back and added a master’s degree in Business Administration for Executives to her educational palette. Her senior and super senior years at Harvard, Hillary became the sorority president for Sigma Epsilon Chi. She worked hard to change some of the initiate tests, but she hit a wall when she attempted to change the initiation.

Hillary met a man. James Anthony Trumble III, a man of her station who had wealth of his own. The marriage came with the understanding that the man would never have control of any kind of the Randell Fortune; the two of them married and had three children. Unlike Hillary’s mother and step father, Hillary and her husband smothered their children with affection. Not that there wasn’t discipline, the children learned a high degree of self-control and all three were consummate money managers by the time they reached a majority.

Hillary maintained a secret love affair with her brother, Peter, for the rest of their lives, even after they became old and unattractive.

Sherlyn, raised little Nate, and when the boy came of age, he was given a fifteen million dollar stipend by Hillary to see him through life. With the two million that Sherlyn received from Nate’s will, she had adequate income to raise the boy.

Little Nate loved to spend time with his ‘Uncle’ Peter, and ‘Aunt’ Hillary. He and his friends were regulars at the family mansion. Sherlyn, after marrying Terrance, had a very successful career in engineering. The couple had three additional children in addition to little Nate.

Sherlyn and Hillary maintained a close friendship throughout their lives.

Sherlyn’s overnight tryst with her father was never spoken of again nor was it ever repeated.

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