In chapter 6 i explain how i got into selling my body and the eventual results of it. I am 16 during this part of my life and getting quite sexually experienced. I have enough younger guys fucking me for free so why not get something from the older ones, after all i really was quite hot at this age.

Every Saturday when he had a home game, I would go and watch Kenny play football at the local sports ground. It was set to the back of a reserve, fronted by a large wooded area and surrounded on the other three sides by orchards.
I loved watching his nuggetty little muscular body in full flight.
He really was very sexy.
In these days the canteen used to sell food and beer during the matches and they weren’t really that particular if you were old enough or not, as long as you had the money. This was one of the reasons that the clubhouse toilets were so busy during the games.
I had had a reasonable amount to drink when I walked in. Men were standing two deep at the urinals and all the cubicles were full so I decided to walk to the old little used toilet block about half a mile from these and go there.
The place hadn’t been cleaned in ages and stank to the heavens of piss. I finished and was about to leave when I looked in one of the two cubicles and noticed writing on the walls, stories of what men had done in there, and requests for meetings. I was fascinated by them, wanted to write a story of my own but had nothing to write with and had to get back to the club house before my friends wondered where I was anyway.

The next Wednesday I skipped out of school at lunchtime and headed there on my bike with my black felt tip pen to add my own story to the walls. The place was deserted as I entered. I closed the door to the cubicle and sat there re-reading the graffiti and writings. Most were just one-liners, some were more involved.
One said, “I have a 6½ “ cock please leave date and time if you want to suck it”, underneath I wrote “Well mines longer” with an arrow pointing to where I was drawing a picture of it, when I heard a car pull up.
A door closed, I heard footsteps enter the toilet and go into the only other cubicle there and the gushing sound of a man pissing filled the air.
I froze and tried to be as quiet as possible. Maybe I should pretend to be having a piss also just in case it’s the police I thought, so put the pen in my pocket turned to face the bowl, dropped my pants slightly and pointed my cock at the water.
Moments later the toilet next to mine flushed, I heard someone begin to leave but then stop and walk back.
The locks on the doors had long ago been broken and mine pushed open slightly.
I was frozen to the spot.
The door opened further and an arm came around my waist and took hold of my cock. I didn’t know what to do so just stood there not moving. The man was now right inside my cubicle, he closed the door behind us and inched my pants down so they fell to the floor. Breathing so heavily behind me I heard his pants unzip and then felt an erection push against my crack. He rested his head behind mine and sniffed my hair deeply as he began to masturbate my now hard cock. I didn’t dare turn around and just kept looking straight ahead, as he began to push his cock between my thighs. His breathing grew heavier and faster, he fucked me between the legs faster and faster, then as he let out a long deep grunt I felt him ejaculate into the back of my balls. Quickly he dressed, pushed a $2 note into my hand and said, “Here buy a couple of packets of smokes”, turned and was gone.
I never saw his face or he mine.
I pulled some toilet paper off the roll wiped his cum away, got dressed, looked again at the note in my hand and smiled “Hell at sixty-five cents a packet I can buy three.

That night in my room I removed all my clothes, stood in front of the mirror and looked at the image before me.
Five foot nine inches tall, light brown hair reaching just below my smooth wide shoulders, good chest, at least a six pack of abs, very muscular legs from athletics, a nice set of balls, strawberry blonde reddish pubic hair, a cock that hung 4” soft while growing to 7½” when erect and the hottest tightest little backside around. I turned this way and that examining every inch of my naked body.
“You know people would pay to have this”, I said out loud to myself.

The next day I had added my own message to the toilet block wall. “Young guy will do anything from money, leave time and date”.
Two days later there was a reply under it. “Tuesday 14th 2am.”
The next Tuesday I went to bed as normal, but couldn’t sleep. At 1 in the morning I got up, dressed myself in shorts and a singlet only and headed of to the reserve on my bike. I was there by half past, hid my pushbike and waited in the shadows. Five minutes later a car pulled in and parked, a man got out sat on the bonnet and lit a cigarette, he was in his forties I guessed.
Less than twenty yards away I did the same. He walked over to me and stopped right in front, he never said a word as he pulled my shorts down, dropped to his knees and began sucking.
Minutes later I was Cumming in his mouth.
He stood up pulled his small fat cock out of his pants and pushed my head down onto it. The taste was unpleasant but I told myself that it would be over soon, and sure enough it was. His cum tasted like garlic and I spat it out on the ground. He pulled me up and tried to kiss me but I turned away, so still without ever uttering a word he pulled $5 out of his wallet handed it to me, walked back to his car and drove away.
I retrieved my pushbike, lit another cigarette and was about to leave when another car pulled in. I rode up to his window as he wound it down.
“Any action?” he asked.


“Are you still working?” he asked again.

Working, I thought. Well yes I suppose that’s what I am doing.

“I’ll let you suck me for five” I said.

“And fuck”

“Ten?” I said, quite unsure of what to say.

Minutes later I was bent over the hood of his car as he fucked me, less than a minute after that it was over, I had $10 more and he was driving away.
I made $15 that night. Hell my dad only makes $150 a week. I thought I was rich but I had no idea how rich I would be over the next five or so months.
I was leaving messages on other toilet walls. I once skipped a class to be fucked while wearing my school uniform.
I got paid well for that.
I even went out twice in one night to blow two different old men at their homes.
A couple became regulars. Same place same time each week.
One had a van and would pay me $20 to get completely naked while he played with me. Half the $20 I think was because after he played with me I would fuck him while wanking him until he came, and the other half because he was the father of one of my very best friends.
Guilt money or hush money, I wasn’t sure but didn’t care.

After 5 months I had just over $2,000 in the bank.

One day a new message appeared on the wall of the toilets behind the library.
“Young guy 24 with 8 inch cock seeks younger guy”.
I wrote under it, “Guy 17, 7 ½, 9pm, Blackwall oval toilet car park, 20/6/75.
This was the first time I’d ever arranged to meet someone off these walls just for sex without expecting money.
I arrived as usual before nine and noticed a parked car there already. Inside was a young guy smoking a cigarette. In fact inside was a very handsome young guy smoking a cigarette.
I walked past slowly and smiled, he wound his window down. “Are you 7 ½?” he asked.
“Are you 8?” I replied.
He opened the passenger door and as I turned to get in, from behind out of nowhere a fist caught me on the side of the head knocking me to the ground.
I was dazed, a boot slammed into my ribs and I heard a crack, someone lifted me up, another closed fist smashed into my jaw.
I blacked out.

When I awoke I was cold and I was naked.
I went to get up but a foot kicked me directly in the testicles.
I collapsed onto the ground again.
Dragged along by both arms I was thrown over a car bonnet or something else warm. I could vaguely hear laughter, close or far I couldn’t tell. Someone was behind me with hand on each hip. I felt something pushed into my rectum, pushed in with tremendous force over and over.
I knew one of them was raping me.
I screamed, but that only bought more laughter and another volley of punches to the face.
One by one they violently fucked me until all five were finished. Someone kicked me off the car bonnet onto the dirt, the car started and I heard it drive off into the distance.
Shivering with fear and pain I gathered up my clothes that had been strewn all around. I didn’t know where I was but far off I could hear traffic, so I staggered in that direction.

Eventually I found a road, was picked up and taken to a hospital. I had sustained 3 broken ribs, a cracked wrist bone, swollen testicles nearly black from bruising, anal tearing and a concussion. I was off school for 5 weeks and point blank refused to tell the police, who seemed quite happy to record it as “Assault, victim refuses to give statement” or my parents, who thought any court case, would be more traumatic than the actual event, what had happened. To do so would have meant divulging my other secret life and I wasn’t about to do that for anyone or anything.

I never went with anyone ever again except for my friend’s father. After all I still needed to buy cigarettes, but even he got bored with me by the time I was 17½.
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