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Fucked by my dog as a boy left good memories to do it again
My name is Johnny. I was 17 when I got a puppy for Xmas one
year. He was a medium sized mutt my mom got from an animal
shelter. I loved that puppy like a family member. I named him Jet.
Every day after school I would play with him. In one year he was
weighing about 40 lbs. I figured he wasn't going to grow much more.
I noticed my dog was starting to get horny because I would see him
hump some of his fur toys he had.

One day while we were playing around in my room, he started to
hump my leg. It startled me and I pulled away quickly. Jet just sat
there looking at me. I felt sorry for him and felt he was going thru
puberty the way I was. I was already masturbating so I figure Jet
was in his own way trying to do the same thing. I kept playing with him
and at one point while I was trying to get away from him, he had hold
of my shorts with his teeth. As I pulled away my shorts came off
leaving me in my underwear.

Jet shook his head back and forth and swung my shorts toward my bed.
As I crawled over to get them, I felt Jet climb up on my back and he
started humping. I could feel something hitting me on my ass cheeks.
As I looked back I could see Jet's cock was exposed. It was bigger than
mine. As Jet kept humping I could not believe that my cock was hardening.
I was actually getting a boner. I got up quickly knocking Jet off me.
My cock was hard as a rock. Jet jumped up and knocked me down. Without
warning he began to lick my cock.

OMG it felt great. I let him lick and I could see his cock was peeking
out again. Jet kept licking and soon I was shooting a load of cum which
Jet happily licked up. Now I felt bad that I had shot a load and poor
Jet was still horny as heck. I had seen dogs fucking before. I don't know
what possessed me but I took off my underwear and got down on the floor
on my hands and knees. Jet looked at me for a while then went behind me.
He began to lick my ass and balls from behind. OMG I was getting a boner

Jet suddenly climbed up on my back and began to hump. I could feel his cock
hitting my ass cheeks. He was gripping me tighter trying to find somewhere
to put his cock. Suddenly I felt him poke his cock between my ass cheeks. He
lunged forward and was in me. My cock was bouncing up and down as Jet started
to hump like crazy driving his cock deep inside me. This made me cum as I
felt something wet inside me. Jet must be cumming also as I felt him thrust
more slowly. When I felt him pull his cock out of my ass I squeezed instinctively
trying to keep his cock inside me. Jet got off me and went to a corner. I saw
him licking his cock clean.

I had a lot of fun with Jet after that, letting him mount me anytime we were
home alone. In school I was starting to notice the girls and I would come home
and masturbate thinking about some of them while at the same time letting Jet
fuck me at times. We kept this up all thru my middle school years. Once I got
to high school I was a popular guy and had the girls lining up for me so I
started fucking with them. Jet didn't know why I wasn't letting him play our
games any more.

I have since those days, graduated from high school and college. I got a job
as a lawyer and was still popular with the ladies. So I had plenty of pussy
to pick from. I enjoyed fucking them and some of them were more than happy to
give me a blow-job. It reminded me of the first time Jet licked my cock when I
was 16 years old.

I got married when I was 31 to a young lady (Becky) I met in court during a
case. We had 2 children, a boy and a girl. They are now grown and Becky and I
divorced after 25 years of marriage. There were no hard feelings between us.
We just kind of drew apart the past couple of years. Our children live with
Becky but come see me often as we all live in the same city.

I was getting close to retirement and as I was heading home one day, I passed
by a warehouse that was on the way. I noticed a security guard at the gate and
there were 3 dogs laying near him that I could see. One of the dogs looked a
lot like Jet and it took me back to the days I was letting him fuck me. I got
a hard-on thinking about it as I drove home. I never thought I would work again
after retiring but I got to thinking about being a security guard because it
seems stray dogs are always around them.

I would get a hard-on thinking about it always. I started looking thru the
classifieds for security guard positions. I found one looking to fill a
vacancy for the 11pm - 7am shift. I thought I would go look into it. As I
drove to the site I learned it was off in a rural area. As I pulled into the
lot the guard checked my ID. I told him I was looking into a job posting. He
pointed me to the office. As I drove in I noticed 4 dogs, all male mutts, near
the guard shack. There were 3 medium-sized dogs and one larger one. I noticed
this one seemed to have a sizeable cock stored in his sheath. This gave me a
hard-on imagining that dog mounting me.

I interviewed and was told since I was the first to apply the position was mine.
I stopped at the gate and told the guard there that I was starting at 11:00pm
Saturday night. His name was Joe and I would relieve him. I asked about the dogs.
He said they hang around. All the guards feed them. They come and go as they please
and they see them outside screwing any bitch that comes by and lets them. This
got my cock growing as I thought of maybe being a new bitch for them.

On my first night on the job all 4 dogs were around as Joe gathered his things to
leave. I petted all the dogs and took out some scraps I brought them. After they
ate they all lied down next to me. I was getting horny thinking of the possibility
of at least one of them fucking me. I walked behind the guard shack and noticed
one of the dogs followed me. I unzipped my fly and let my cock hang out which was
already throbbing. The dog slowly walked up to me and licked my cock. Oooh my cock
pulsed and got hard as a rock. I let him lick me a while but soon stepped back. I
dropped my pants and slipped off my underwear.

I then got on my knees as the dog walked up to me and again licked my cock. Precum
leaked and the dog kept licking. I noticed his cock peeked out of its sheath. I
then got down on my hands and knees and tried to coax the dog behind me. He did
and started to lick my ass as my cock bounced up and down leaking precum. I suddenly
felt the dog mount me as he started to hump. I impatiently tried to move to allow
him to penetrate me. However, he jumped off me. He started licking my ass again.
Then he mounted me again and started to hump. I felt him so near my asshole until at
one point he hit home. He quickly gripped me tighter and began to fuck me at a wildly
rapid pace.

I shot a load when he penetrated me and began to push back. I had forgotten how much
I enjoyed getting fucked by Jet in my younger years. I began to push back to meet his
thrusts. Oooh good doggie. Fuck your new bitch. As he was fucking me I noticed one of
the other dogs had come around. He walked up in front of me and started to lick my face.
I noticed his cock peeking from its sheath also. Then I felt the dog fucking me
starting to shoot his cum inside my ass. I pushed back to finish milking him. When he
finished he quickly climbed off and before I could do anything the other dog took his
place. I wasn't knotted so I wasn't sore yet.

The other dog mounted me and quickly found his mark as I began to receive another
fucking. Oh it felt so good. This dog felt a bit larger than the other one. I felt
the dog grip me a bit tighter which usually means he wants to push his knot in me.
Remembering how good that felt with Jet I let him and even pushed back. I felt the
knot slip in as he began a more furious fuck pace. I shot another load when I felt
the knot slip inside and grow. The dog started to cum inside me as I pushed back
against the knot. We stayed tied for about 10 minutes and the dog jumped off me. I
quickly got up as I saw the other 2 dogs coming around the corner. I quickly dressed
and went back to the gate to finish my shift. The other 2 dogs were by me wagging their
tails. Don't worry boys, tomorrow's another day. You'll get your turn.

My shift ended and the next guard took my place. I went home, showered, and went to
sleep. I got up later that afternoon and called a lady friend of mine to see if she
wanted to get together. She said yes so I took her out to dinner and took her back to
my place. I was 58 years old now and she was only 40 but looked more like 35. She had
a body of a college student with long blond hair, C-cup tits, and long legs. I'm a
leg man so I always look for ladies with nice legs that are cute.

We watched TV for awhile as I leaned over to kiss her. We made out and I began to run
my hand up her leg. She had on a mini skirt. I slipped my tongue in her mouth as she
spread her legs a bit to allow my advancing hand access to her cunt. I slid it all the
way up her crotch and massaged her pussy. She was wet already. I pulled down her panties
then slipped off my shorts and underwear. I drove my cock into her wet pussy and
began to fuck her hard. She was moaning as I mashed my lips against hers. I wish I had
a knot to drive into her so I could go deeper into her cunt. I shot my cum into her
and collapsed on top of her.

As we rested I let her know I had to go to work soon so she got up to shower. I followed
her in a couple of minutes later and fucked her again in the shower. She then dried up,
dressed and kissed me good night. I started getting ready for my shift. As I drove to
work I thought about the 2 dogs that haven't fucked me yet, one of them being the biggest
dog who I noticed had a nice cock in his sheath. I started to get hard thinking about
getting fucked again. I pulled into the lot, parked, and relieved the guard that was on
duty. The 4 dogs were all there and came to greet me.

I was 2 hours into my shift. The dogs had wandered off shortly after I started but were
back now. Hopefully they were looking for a bitch but didn't find one. As they came
up to me I put some food in some bowls and they each came to eat. I went to one of the
mutts who hadn't fucked me and rubbed his head. I unzipped my pants and took my cock out.
He looked at it strangely but gave it a lick. My cock throbbed. I saw his cock peek
out of its sheath so I walked around toward the back with the dog following me. I quickly
dropped my pants and underwear and got on my hands and knees.

The dog came up behind me and sniffed my ass. My cock was about to explode. He then licked
my asshole a little while then mounted me. Yea boy here's the bitch you were looking for.
Give me a good fucking. The dog started to hump frantically as I moved my ass around
trying to help him find the mark. Uuuhnn - he was in. I was so high I shot precum as he
penetrated me. He gripped me tighter and began a quick fuck. Oooh this is soooo gooood.
Fuck me buddy - yessss. He pulled out suddenly, precum from his cock hitting my ass and
legs. I think my excitement startled him. He gave my ass some quick licks and mounted me
again. He was in me quickly and started to fuck me in earnest. I began to push back
against his thrusts.

I suddenly saw the bigger dog come around the corner. He stopped and looked at us. I saw
his cock peek out as the dog in me started to cum. He didn't knot me so as he pulled out
I remained on my hands and knees hoping the bigger dog wanted some of this bitch. He came
around behind me and started licking the other dog's cum from my legs and ass. That got my
cock throbbing again. Then he mounted me. It seemed he was in me on the first thrust. I
was so excited I shot a load as he penetrated me. He was fucking me harder than the other
dogs. I wanted this one to knot and tie me. I wanted all of his cock in me and I wanted all
of his cum. I began to push back when I felt the knot at my asshole.

The dog gripped me tighter and with a couple hard thrusts had his knot in me. I felt it
growing as I continued to push back. My cock was throbbing as I felt his cock hitting
deep inside me. I knew he was close. As I felt him slow down his thrusts I knew he was
ready to empty his cum into me so I pushed back hard just as I felt the first spurt deep
inside me. I started to cum at the same time. He stayed tied with me for about 15 minutes
before pulling out. Cum leaked out of my ass and down my legs. I stayed there a while
just savoring the feeling.

I then got up and went inside to clean up. I thought about letting the other 2 dogs fuck
me again but this last fucking by the big mutt was what I wanted to remember most for now.
There would be plenty more times to be fucked by all of them. And there would be nights I
would let them all fuck me. I really love this job.

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2014-05-14 06:09:56
Great story mate that was incredibly hot it was different but so arousing that i actually went into the bathroom at work stripped off and pulled myself off and blew the biggest load. Just great. I hope you will continue writing.

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