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7 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by:
Chapter 15: "Veneration"


|| Height: 5'6"
|| Weight: 120 pounds
|| Blonde Hair
|| Brown Eyes
|| Measurements: 38d-24-35
|| Age: 30 (bday: Jan. 5)

|| Hello boys and girls,

|| I'm Pamela, a natural blonde beauty with the
|| cool personality to go with it. I've been a
|| dancer for several years and LOVE IT!! I've
|| definitely achieved my goal of being the best
|| in the business. Trust me, once you've had
|| me, you won't forget me. I can handle a
|| party of six or 60, and I can promise that
|| everyone will have the time of their lives.
|| I've done shows for both guys and girls and
|| love doing them both! So if you would like
|| to enter my Bad Girl Playground, give me a
|| call and I will be there. If you want a two
|| girl show, I will bring my friend Bambi!

|| Ta Ta for now, Pamela xoxoxo

As I sat in front of my computer and read that little
biography, I shook my head and frowned inwardly. I had
been surfing the Internet for the past hour and though I do
not remember exactly how, I came across the website of the
Baltimore-area strip club where Pamela was employed at. It
seemed as if in addition to being a stage dancer who gave
lap dances, Pamela was also a _private party entertainer_.
Did I receive a glimpse of that last Tuesday evening, when
Pamela danced atop the dining room table for all of the
other ladies here on the island? It sure seemed that way...

"Your _Bad Girl Playground_, huh?" I asked out loud,
shaking my head. "And who in the world is Bambi?"

Just about the only thing that brought a smile to my face
about this specific web page was the photograph of Pamela
that went along with it. In the picture, she was smiling
and her vast, ample cleavage was on display. Pamela had on
a skintight black t-shirt with a plunging neckline and the
phrase _Got Milk?_ etched across its front. The photograph,
however, did not show anything below the chest. For a strip
club, I thought inwardly, that seemed all-too-typical.

At the bottom of the page, I noticed there were a pair of
hyperlinks. One read _more pictures of Pamela_ while the
other was _Pamela's customer reviews_. I realize that most
men would click on the picture link without a second thought,
but I was far from being your typical, everyday guy.

|| Dear [Strip Club Name],

|| I'm taking this opportunity to thank your
|| company for once again making our most
|| recent bachelor party a huge success. My
|| friends and I have been using your company
|| for ten years and yet again we were treated
|| to an evening of great entertainment. The
|| young lady that made all of this possible
|| was the lovely and charming Pamela. She is
|| definitely a star in the making. Pamela is
|| a really sweet girl and left a long lasting
|| impression on all of the participants that
|| evening. I would go out on a limb and say
|| that if anyone who attended our party needs
|| an entertainer in the future, Pamela will be
|| their first choice. Everyone wished that
|| she was booked for two hours instead of one
|| because she made the evening a real success.
|| I would once again like to thank you and
|| hope to continue our association with your
|| company. Pamela made me look very good in
|| front of the guys. They cannot stop talking
|| about it being the best bachelor party they
|| ever attended and I owe it to you and Pamela.

|| -Tim (Nottingham, MD)

|| Pamela,

|| Thank you for making my boyfriend's 21st
|| birthday party a blast. Including me in
|| the show was great! It was difficult for
|| me to watch you dance and strip for Scott
|| at first because I love him so much, but
|| you wound up making me feel really
|| comfortable with it by asking me to help
|| with the show. Now his friends want to
|| know when I will strip for them again!
|| Gimme a call if you have anything in mind -
|| hahaha. Everything was perfect... thanks!

|| -Sincerely, Tanya

|| We would recommend Pamela to anyone wanting
|| the best performer for a live act. Pamela
|| is also a great actress who can role-play any
|| character that you want. She listens to the
|| instructions you give her, is very prompt in
|| returning your phone calls (she called within
|| minutes after I called [Strip Club Name] and
|| selected her), was early in her arrival and
|| had everything ready to go. Not to mention
|| she is even more beautiful and stunning than
|| the pictures on your website suggest. After
|| the show, the people at the party agreed that
|| Pamela bent over backwards (literally) to
|| please everyone and was very attentive. Even
|| her two bodyguards were totally professional.
|| Try Pamela at your next event. If you do,
|| you will be extremely satisfied.

|| An Adoring Fan

|| Just wanted to give much thanks to Pamela for
|| putting on an awesome show for us on Saturday,
|| March the 23th. All of the guys had a great
|| time and it made for a memorable evening and a
|| memorable bachelor party. Thanks again.

|| --Malik from Baltimore

|| To whom it may concern,

|| I'm taking a few minutes from my lunch hour
|| to send a note about one of your entertainers,
|| Pamela. Last night, I attended a birthday
|| party for a friend of mine and Pamela was a
|| surprise guest. This note is not a critique
|| about her body, or how everyone got all riled
|| up when she arrived. It is more about what I
|| thought was a woman who brings respect to
|| _adult_ entertainment. I have been in more
|| strip clubs across the USA and abroad to fill
|| a lifetime, so I am not easily impressed. My
|| comment about Pamela is that I was impressed
|| with how well she conducted herself in a very
|| professional manner, as well as her sincere,
|| non-soliciting personality. Many dancers, in
|| my opinion, make it clear that it is all about
|| the money. Pamela was different because I
|| think she was successful in performing, being
|| genuine, very professional and mature, and was
|| compensated without blatantly soliciting. Let
|| me end this by saying that when I arrange a
|| bachelor party for another friend of mine come
|| two months from now, I will most definitely
|| call [Strip Club Name] and request Pamela.

|| Thank you for reading... Joseph

|| Pamela,

|| Just wanted to say thanks for coming out to
|| Irvington a few weeks back and putting on a
|| fabulous show for all of us. Everyone had
|| a great time (especially the groom-to-be),
|| and I hope you did as well. I also wanted
|| to apologize for the inappropriate remarks
|| made by one of the boys. Although Larry was
|| drunk, he had no business saying something
|| so totally ignorant and disrespectful toward
|| you. If it is any consolation, your email
|| address - HotandSexy@[Strip Club Name].com -
|| sums it up, but it left out a few things like
|| great smile, great body, great personality,
|| etc. I think you get the point.

|| Thanks again for an excellent time, Dennis

|| I wish we had made Pamela and Bambi the final
|| act because their show was impossible to beat,
|| especially the sex toy/lesbian skit. They
|| worked together very well and had all of us
|| wondering if they were really together. Every
|| mouth in the house was watering. Bambi was
|| very funny and outgoing. Pamela dominated
|| the attention of any man that she set her
|| sights on. It's a good thing that we had a
|| 30 minute intermission before the next show
|| because everyone needed to cool off. As a
|| final note, the pictures on your website do
|| not do Pamela justice. She is HOT HOT HOT!
|| Now I just have to get another of my buddies
|| married so I can book Pamela and Bambi again.

|| -Anonymous

|| I just wanted to let you know that PAMELA did
|| a show for our buddy's bachelor party this
|| past Saturday afternoon and did a fantastic
|| job. Not only was she on time and prepared,
|| but she was just as gorgeous as advertised.
|| Her absolutely adorable, feisty attitude
|| topped off her perfectly toned body and
|| beautiful, smiling face. Pamela made sure
|| that everyone was having a blast. As for
|| the show... well I think our poor bachelor
|| might be reconsidering. Nice work! We
|| could not have asked for a better dancer.

|| CDL 4/29/13

|| I recently had Pamela and Jewels come out for
|| my buddy's bachlor party. They were amazing.
|| They were early, chilled, relaxed and fun.
|| They interacted incredibly well and were just
|| unreal. They really worked the group. Pamela,
|| I might just have to set up a little shrine in
|| your honor (hehe). Will definitely request
|| and use again in the future when required.

|| -William

|| I had a birthday party for my father on March
|| 8, 2013. Originally we were supposed to get
|| Jessica but Pamela called at the last moment
|| and said that she was taking her place. Pamela
|| came and did her entertainment and was great.
|| We are talking about having another party and
|| we definitely will be asking for Pamela again.
|| She was very pleasant and clean, and fantastic
|| with the group we had. Please let her know if
|| I had to rate her on a scale of 1 to 10 I
|| would definitely give her a 10.

|| Thanks, Kathy

|| Yo [Strip Club Name],

|| Just wanted to say that Miss Pamela was the
|| Shiznittle Bam Snip Snap Snabba tonight! She
|| made the voyage all the way down to Salisbury
|| for a night of craziness. I really do think
|| that Pamela is the woman of my dreams. I
|| would give anything in the world to have such
|| a fine, fine woman as my very own. Thank you
|| Pamela and please come down to party whenever
|| you feel like getting silly. Always remember
|| that the HBZ boys here at SU love ya!

|| With blue balls and wet dreams, Turner

As you can see, I clicked on the link for customer reviews
instead of viewing more photographs of Pamela. I had a
sneaking suspicion that the pictures could very well be of
the more risque variety. Possibly, they were even nude ones.
If so, believe it or not, I did not want to look at them. I
did not care to see Pamela in a manner where her body was on
center showcase in an effort for financial gain. I simply
preferred not to look at her that way.

The reviews, though quite complimentary of Pamela and her
work, made me feel uncomfortable and depressed inside.
Pamela seemed to be too good and too classy of a person to be
flaunting herself to total strangers in strip club rooms and
on the party circuit.

As a member of _Mensa_, Pamela was also incredibly smart.
The 30-year-old was ranked on the Dean's List at the Maryland
university that she attended. Nothing against strippers, of
course, but Pamela did not seem the type to be cut out for
this line of work. From what I have gathered thus far in
nearly two weeks of being around her, Pamela was incredibly
warm and kind-hearted. She was not cold and abrasive, which
is another stereotype that goes along with her line of work.
Pamela was also - this may sound strange - somewhat reclusive
and shy. I wanted to get Pamela to open up to me even more
than she already had. I wanted to know everything about her.

"Shiznittle Bam Snip Snap Snabba?" I asked out loud here
at my computer, dumbfounded, glancing at the final customer
review one more time. "What in the HELL does that mean?..."

* * *

"I want to dance for you right now, Jeremy."

"Are you sure you want to do that for me?" I asked Pamela
a bit later that morning, wanting and needing confirmation.
"Do you really want to give me another lap dance?"

Pamela laughed and replied, "Of course I want to dance
for you, Jeremy." Little did Pamela know, however, that I
had baited her into a discussion about her career over the
past 30 minutes. After viewing her portfolio on the strip
club's website, I was overly curious about everything. Most
of all, I was curious as to why a beautiful and intelligent
woman such as Pamela had chosen exotic dancing as her career.
Pamela was much better than the negative stereotype that went
along with being a stripper. She was, in my eyes, an angel.

As we lounged outside upon the deck which flanked my
private suite, I offered Pamela a smile and asked, "Would it
be too much to ask if you were to treat me like a customer?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'd like for you to treat me like a customer," I told
her again. "I want you to treat me like a patron at that
club you work at in [City Name]. I've never been to a strip
club before, so I have no idea what those places are like.
Well... I do have some idea, I guess, but not really." I
nodded my head and concluded, "You know what I mean."

She grinned at me. "Like a customer, huh? You want me to
take your money, too?"

"I want you to treat me like a customer," I reiterated.
"I want you to take my money, talk to me like you don't even
know me. I'm just a dollar sign to you." Pamela frowned as
I added, "That's how you said you looked at all of the guys
who come to your club. They have money, and you want it."

"I didn't look at ALL of them that way," Pamela countered.
"Some of the guys were really sweet. If a guy wasn't all
that attractive, but he was nice and friendly, and acted
like a gentleman, I would try to be extra nice to him in
return. Like, give him a hug after the lap dance ended -
and let him hug me too. Some guys I would even give a tiny
peck on the cheek. I never did that for guys who were mean,
disrespectful toward me in the slightest, or attractive."

"You only let the unattractive guys hug you after the lap
dance ended?" I confirmed. "Interesting."

"I figured they were at the club because they led lonely
lives. With some guys, you could really tell. They were
shy, afraid to make too much eye contact. Believe it or not,
but I can spot the 30-year-old virgin from a mile away. I
have danced for plenty of guys like that. I wanted to be
nice to them. For guys like that, I may very well have been
the first woman they ever saw nude before. That... lasts a
lifetime for them. That memory. If so, I did not want that
memory to be negative. I did not want to look back a decade
later and say _the first time I saw a nude woman, it was some
uncaring and classless stripper_. Instead, I wanted them to
say _yes, it was a stripper, but she was very nice and
attentive toward me, and it was actually a good experience_.
That was my goal, at least, with the 30-year-old virgin."

"But you still worked them for their money."

"Yes, I did," she nodded. "20 bucks for a table dance,
25 for a couch dance and 35 for the champagne room, where
there was the most contact. Each dance lasted for an entire
song, and once about every half-hour there were two-for-one
specials. Two dances for the price of one."

"I bet you made a lot of money."

"Not as much as you'd think," she told me. "For every
dance I did, no matter if it was the 20, 25 or $35 variety,
I had to give ten dollars back to the club. On top of that,
the club got its flat house fee - $70." She frowned and then
added, "Some nights, business was really slow and I wound up
owing the club money."

I squinted my eyes. "How so?"

Pamela shrugged her shoulders. "The house fee - 70 bucks.
Even if I did not make $70 on any given night, I still had
to pay the house fee. I had to give three lap dances at $35
apiece to show any kind of profit for myself every night.
Those three dances added up to $105. But with the $70 house
fee and ten bucks going back to the club for every dance I
did, I'd only walk away with five dollars for the first three
lap dances I did every night. After that, though, the money
and the profits began to pile up. But I cannot count all the
times that I worked nine or ten hours and came up empty. You
work all that time and wind up owing your job money. I had
to fork over $70 first thing every night I went to work."

"That doesn't sound right."

Pamela nodded. "It's not right. But it's the way it is.
On the flip-side, though, there were certain nights when I
actually took home $1,000 to $1,500 in cash. During a
routine night, though, I take home five or six hundred.
Those more than made up for the slow nights. Most of my job
is just sitting around and talking with the customers in the
club. We have to talk to them and be very nice in order for
them to open up their wallets. Oh... and when we dance on
stage, or on the side ledge near the wall, I'd be lucky to
get two or three bucks in tips. Usually, one guy would come
over and tip me. If I was lucky, it led to a private dance."

"You said it was a really classy place?"

"Oh yes, most definitely," Pamela answered. "I would've
never applied there if it was anything but. All of the club
employees were real nice and business-like, from the manager
to the house madam, the bouncers, the waitresses and even
the restroom attendants. I never had any problems, though I
did not particularly care for some of the other dancers.
But it's that way no matter what club you work at. There is
always going to be jealousy and resentment, rivalries, among
some of the dancers. We are in a constant competition, some
friendly and some not, to attract the customer's attention.
That is the only way a dancer can make any money. The
competition could become a bit pretentious at times."

"What did you talk about with the customers?" I inquired.
"You said you had to talk and be real nice to them."

"It was a house policy. We could never be negative toward
anyone, no matter what they said or did. If they became too
unruly, the bouncers would step in and take care of them. I
had my standard list of questions for every customer - name,
had they been to the club before, where do they live and what
do they do for a living. We would chat for awhile and then,
eventually, I would ask if they wanted a private dance."

"Did you have any truly loyal customers? Guys who looked
at you as their favorite, and always sought you out?"

She grinned. "I had my share. There was this one guy...
his name was Eric. He would come in once a week and plop
down $350 for ten lap dances from me in the champagne room.
It usually wound up being 12 or 13, because of the special
two-for-one deal every half-hour. I had to sit down and
rest once every three or four songs. Eric never seemed to
mind. We would just sit there and talk."

She paused for a brief moment, perhaps lost in thought.
"He was my favorite. Not because he gave me all that money,
but because he was very depressed and lonely in life. He
was incredibly sweet, too. He was one of those 30-year-old
virgins that I mentioned. It felt good to give him that ray
of sunshine every week. I was the only dancer that he was
interested in seeing. He'd call the club beforehand to see
if I was working that night. If I wasn't, he would not come.
Between all of the dancing and talking we did, Eric usually
stayed for three hours. I loved him being there."

"Did you ever think of meeting him outside of work?"

"No, that was my rule - don't mix business with pleasure.
Plus, if I did that and the club found out about it - dating
a customer I met at work - I would be fired on the spot.
Some strip clubs encourage that and some don't. This one
doesn't." Pamela hesitated before saying, "I did break that
rule once, though. There was this really hot girl that I
danced for one night. She even got me excited. A customer
getting ME excited happens once every two or three years.
Anyway, I met her - Renee - in a hotel room after my shift
ended that night. We had a... wild time. But I was a lot
younger then, and much more impressionable than I am now."

Pamela glanced downward for an instant. "If I ever did
break that personal rule about meeting customers outside of
work, the only man that I could possibly see that happening
with would have been Eric. You know, the 30-year-old virgin.
I thought about the possibility of that from time to time, I
guess. But in the end, I just did not feel comfortable with
the idea of possibly dating a man whom I had met at work."
She shook her head and ended, "Wouldn't feel right to me."

"The strip club doesn't sound like that bad of a place,"
I observed. "It seems to be safe with good security and
standards. You also speak highly of the management."

"It does have its drawbacks," Pamela countered. "As I
said, they are very classy and professional in the way the
place is run. Thus, consequences go along with that."

"Consequences? What do you mean?"

Pamela frowned. "The fines there are outrageous."


She nodded her head. "Yes, the place has fines. Like if
you are just ten minutes late for work, it's a $50 fine." My
eyes went wide as she added, "Then two dollars for every
extra minute until you arrive. Once I was 45 minutes late
and wound up paying $120 in fines. That's the high for me.
I was stuck in a traffic jam, but they did not care. The
house madam told me to listen to the traffic report on the
radio next time, so I'd be better prepared next time."

"Wow..." I gushed, awestruck. "Just for being late?"

She nodded her head once again. "Yes, just for being
late. It's SO ridiculous. And when it's your turn to be on
stage, you HAVE to be there at the beginning of the song. If
not, that's a hundred dollar fine. I could be talking with a
customer but if the D.J. calls out my name, I have to end the
conversation and be on stage. I have a 60 second window.
But the music is so loud and blaring, sometimes it is hard to
hear the D.J. call out my name. I have to pay attention."

"No wonder strip club owners have so much money," I said.
"They pop you for $70 just to work for them each night, take
$10 from every private dance you do and charge outrageous
fines. Does not seem to be a way to keep employees happy."

"There is also the $150 fine," Pamela added. "They have
never gotten me for it, though."

"What is it?"

"Dancers are allowed to smoke cigarettes in the club, but
only at the bar or at a table," she answered. "If any girl
is caught holding an open cigarette while out on the floor,
it is an automatic $150 fine. We can carry packs or cartons,
but not an open cigarette. I don't smoke, though, so they
have never had the chance to hit me up for that much."

"That's good," I nodded. "Smoking is bad for you. My
brother got lung cancer from years of second-hand smoke while
growing up. My mom always smoked. I can only hope that I
don't get cancer one day because of it, too. Her smoking was
not the main reason my brother got cancer, but his doctor
said it was definitely a contributing factor."

Pamela looked concerned. "Your brother. Is he... okay?"

"Dan is doing well," I nodded. "He beat cancer."

"Good, I'm glad," Pamela breathed.

Having asked Pamela this following question in the past,
I already knew the answer to it. But I felt like asking it
again anyway. "Do you actually like being a stripper?"

The blonde hesitated for a moment, then made a face. "I
always tell people yes, but the truth is, I really hate it.
But the money is wonderful. That's why I do it. I made
well over $200,000 in cash last year. It was tax-free, too."

"You don't report your income to the _IRS_?"

"No way," she answered. "Strippers are what is called
independent contractors. We don't get checks. We get paid
in cash. We are supposed to report our earnings, of course,
but I don't want to give up all of the money I would owe in
taxes each year. If you do a background check on me, I have
been unemployed for the past 11 years."

"You've been a stripper for 11 years."

"Exactly," Pamela nodded. "The government does not know
that I am a stripper. They think I am unemployed. So why
should I report my earnings to them? I would probably lose
70 or 80 grand a year. That would be foolish."

"Hopefully you never get caught," I offered. "I can see,
though, why the money would keep you there. $200,000 plus
per year... $4,000 per week, I guess. Tax-free, too. Nice."

"I endure a lot of verbal abuse there," Pamela told me.
"A lot of the customers each night get drunk and become
disrespectful. But the worst is on Friday and Saturday
nights. Though those are the best nights to make money, I
hate working them. There are so many 18- and 19-year-old
guys who come in. They are wild and unruly. They think
they can say whatever they want. I hate them."

I frowned. "Most of them, I'm sure, have no idea how to
conduct themselves around a REAL woman like you."

Pamela sulked and continued, "That job changed the way I
look at people. I thought that everyone, in the club or
even at the mall, looked at me as an object. Nothing but an
object. I lost all of my trust in humanity." Her lower lip
quivered as she added, "You're the first man, Jeremy, that I
have trusted in probably six or seven years."

My body tingled as I asked, "Me? Why is that?"

"Just the way you treat me, and everyone else," she said.
"You're willing to sit and talk with me. I can talk with
you for three or four hours about anything, and you don't
even make a move on me. We have had sex a couple of times
with each other, but you still want to talk to me, get to
know me. I'm not used to that. You're interested in me.
And you care about all of us here. That caring is sincere,
and real. I can see it in your eyes. I can feel it."

I chuckled and wryly told her, "Anyone would find it
interesting to know that a stripper likes to read books about
Egyptian artifacts and the mysteries of the Nile River." A
question that long puzzled me then popped into my mind. I
figured that if anyone could answer it off the top of their
head, it would be Pamela. "Why does the Nile flow south to
north, instead of north to south?"

"It flows downhill from the high mountains in Africa,"
she answered. "Very few rivers in the world actually flow
south to north, but the Nile is one." She paused and added,
"I would love to go on a trip down... err, up it one day."

Suddenly, I came up with a question that I thought she
had no chance of answering. "Why is the sky blue?"

"A clear and cloudless sky in the daytime is blue because
molecules from the air scatter blue light more than they
scatter red light, or any other light, from the sun," she
explained, as I listened in astonishment. Pamela knew the
answer to _this_ question, too? "At sunset, the sky appears
red and orange because the blue light has been scattered out
and away from our line of vision. I believe this is called
the _Tyndall Effect_. Yes... named after a scientist."

Was there anything that Pamela _DID NOT_ know? What other
question could I possibly try to stump her with? I certainly
could not think of any better question than the last one.
She was a truly amazing person, indeed.

"You're too smart and too classy of a woman to have put
yourself through this stripping business for 11 years," I
nodded, gently kissing the back of her hand. "One day very
soon, hopefully, you will graduate from college and become a
teacher. That is your career goal. Lindsay is thinking
about becoming a teacher too, you know." I smiled and added,
"I bet you have a 4.0 grade point average in college, right?"

"3.8," she corrected me.

"I was looking on the Internet and came across the website
for the strip club that you work at," I told her. "You have
a bio page in it. It says that you love being a stripper.
It also says something about your _Bad Girl Playground_."

"Don't pay any attention to that garbage," Pamela quipped,
making a face. "The club wants their customers to think that
we - the dancers - wrote those pages ourselves. Truth is,
their website guy wrote most, if not all, of them. I don't
get on the computer much but have seen what it says about me.
I was angry and upset at first, but it passed. That bio page
has earned me a lot of money since it's been online."

"What about bachelor parties and other private shows of
that nature?" I inquired. "Seems you have done a lot of them
in recent times. What are they like?"

Pamela shook her head and sighed. "Terrible. How would
you like to get naked in some strange house or apartment,
and give lap dances to ten, 20, sometimes 30 guys that you
never even met before? I thank God for my bodyguards. Most
girls have one, but I have two. They go with me to all of
the private parties and make sure that I am kept safe."

"Shiznittle Bam Snip Snap Snabba," I murmured, repeating
the same phrase I had earlier read on the website.

Pamela looked at me strangely. "What?"

I chuckled and shrugged her off. "Oh, nothing." Laughing
again, I added, "Bodyguards? Employed by you or the club?"

"The club," Pamela responded. "I actually take a cut in
pay for each out-of-club party that I go to so I can have a
second bodyguard. It just gives me peace of mind."

"How much does one of those parties cost?"

"Booking a lone dancer costs $400 an hour, or $950 for
three hours," Pamela told me. "But some people like two
dancers instead of one. That costs $700 per hour. I get
paid $205 per hour, no matter what. It is $25 less than all
of the other girls because I have that extra bodyguard."

"What do most customers book?"

"One hour," she answered. "I usually leave parties with
anywhere from a few bucks to $100 in tips. People go to the
website and pick a girl they like, then call the club and
make all of the arrangements. I usually give them a call
myself to confirm everything. Or, they come to the club
directly and pick a girl out. I usually do one, maybe two
bachelor or birthday parties each month. Also, I will ONLY
do them on Friday and Saturday nights. It gets me away from
the wild college kids at the club those nights."

"But you still don't like doing private parties?"

She frowned and shook her head. "Not at all. They are
terrible. But... this is what I do for a living. Strip,
that is. I've been doing it for years. I always wanted to
get out of the business, but I can't because of the money.
I won't leave it until I get a job as a schoolteacher. The
money will be much less, yes, but being a teacher has been
my life-long ambition. It is what I go to college for. I
figure that anything else is not worth the pay cut."

"Does anyone that you go to college with know what you do
for a living? Or do they have any suspicions?"

"I don't think so," Pamela replied. "There are strip
clubs all over the area for students from my school to go
to. The one I work at, it is 31 miles away from where I
live. It is 39 miles away from the college campus itself.
I could work at a club a lot closer, but the chances of
meeting up with someone who actually knows me would be a
whole lot greater that way. So, I go the long distance."

Lost in thought, Pamela paused for a moment. "To tell
you the truth, I really don't interact that much with the
people I go to college with. 90 percent of them are ages
18 to 22, while I'm 30. I basically just keep to myself."

"Guys hit on you, I bet..."

Pamela shrugged her shoulders and countered, "I just tell
them that I am not interested. I see enough college kids
every Friday and Saturday night at work. There is no way
that I would ever date someone that young of an age."

I smiled at her. "You're just a regular girl in a very
irregular job. Still, you're above that place. You're
better than that, Pamela. Much better. I want you to know
that, because I know it myself. You're better than that."

The young woman took a deep breath and sighed. "It seems
like I've been an exotic dancer forever. In many ways, I
have lost my touch with reality. I find it so incredibly
difficult to trust others. It's hard in my line of work."

"Yet you trust me?" I smiled. "It's not even been two
weeks since we met. How can you trust me already?"

"I just get this sense about you," she explained. "And,
believe it or not, but I've talked to Kristanna about you.
She knows you better than anyone else here, correct? You
have been friends with her for four years? Kristanna has
nothing but good things to say about you, Jeremy."

I chuckled. "I have nothing but good things to say about
Kristanna. She is a very special and unique friend."

Pamela glanced downward for a moment and pouted. She
took a deep breath and then made eye contact with me yet
again. "Camille made me angry earlier."

"What?" I asked, taken off-guard. "What happened?"

"Amy told me that Camille made the comment to her that no
stripper is to be trusted, and all of them are hungry for
money. Camille even went as far as to say that I am not
interested in you because of who you are, Jeremy, but
because of WHAT you are - a man with two billion dollars."
Pamela's brown eyes flashed as she shook her head in denial.
"It got me SO MAD! Camille has NO RIGHT to talk about me,
or say things like that, behind my back. NO RIGHT!"

I frowned. "It does not surprise me that Camille would
be the one to say something like that. This is just my own
opinion, of course, but Camille is a blabber-mouth. She's
said a few private things about Devon to the others, too."
I smiled and kissed Pamela on the bridge of her nose. "But
it doesn't matter, dear. Let Camille think whatever she
likes. Let her say whatever she wants. It does not matter."

"I've had more money than all of my boyfriends and
girlfriends since I started stripping," Pamela added. "Not
two billion dollars like you told Lindsay you have, but much
more than any of them, nonetheless. I know what it is like,
Jeremy. They want you to pay their car payment. They want
to borrow money, but never return it. I know all about it."

I laughed. "They want you to buy them a new house..."

"I'm the least materialistic person you could ever meet,"
Pamela said. "Aside from my car and penthouse, I don't spend
money on anything. I save it. I told you that I have over
$600,000 in the bank. All I ever do is stay home anyway. I
have always been afraid of the future. I want to save as
much money as possible. I don't know what's in the future."

"Sweetheart, you don't have to justify yourself to me. I
don't judge you because of your job."

Pamela grunted. "Oooooh... Camille still makes me MAD!
I cannot believe Camille would talk bad about me like that
behind my back. Tell Amy that I only like you for your
money! I have never said one bad word about Camille, so I
have no idea why she would talk about me behind my back."

"Camille and her opinion does not matter," I reiterated.
"Do not worry about it, Pamela. I am starting to like her
less and less with every passing day. Do not worry one bit
about Camille. I do not think that she is a good person."

"I'll try, Jeremy."

I tilted my head to the side and looked at her intently.
"You said you were afraid of the future, dear. Why?"

"Because I can't strip forever," Pamela fretted. "I am
going to college, studying education. But I am very fearful
all of the time I have spent in college may go for nothing.
What school is going to hire someone who stripped for 11
years to be a teacher? I have started thinking about that."

"Don't tell them that you were a stripper."

"It's a little more complicated than that."

"How so?" I wondered. "You said you are an independent
contractor. You have no job. Someone runs a background
check on you, it comes up empty job-wise for the past 11
years." I shrugged my shoulders. "The school would never
know that you were a stripper unless you told them."

"I'm scared that they would investigate that long gap,"
Pamela frowned. "I would think, of all places, that schools
are extremely thorough in looking into the backgrounds of
potential employees - especially teachers." Pamela hung her
head low. "I've worked so hard in college. I hope all of
that hard work was done for a purpose. I really started to
worry about this recently. You would think that a school
would be curious as to why someone claims they were totally
unemployed from ages 19 to 30, or 31 next year. I... I will
get my degree next year. I can't wait. I just can't wait."

Pamela inhaled sharply, then momentarily closed her eyes.
"Hey, I was gonna give you a lap dance, remember? You wanted
me to treat you like a customer at the club where I work."

"I don't want you to dance for me anymore."

"Why?" Pamela asked, confused.

"Because you don't like it," I told her. "You said it
yourself - you don't like being a stripper. I don't want
you to do something that you are not in favor of, Pamela. I
was already aware that you did not like being a stripper,
but I did not know the true extent until just moments ago.
So, I do not want you to dance for me anymore."

She shook her head at me. "No, it's okay, Jeremy. I
WANT to dance for you. You're not a drunken customer. You
are not a stranger. I know you enjoyed that lap dance I
gave you last weekend. I want to give you another."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, positive," she confirmed. "Let me dance for you.
But I want to do it inside." Pamela placed both arms in
front of her body and shivered here on the outdoor deck.
"This island of yours can get quite chilly sometimes...
especially when the wind starts whipping about."

"Very well," I nodded, extending my hand to her. "Let's
go back inside - to my personal suite."

* * *

Five minutes later, our role-playing game of _Pamela the
stripper, Jeremy the customer_ had already begun. All the
stacked blonde did was retrieve a pair of high-heeled shoes
and a lacey ankle ruffle from her guest room, then return
to my own private room and take off all of her clothing.

Now, she stood atop the nearby dresser with nothing but
the high-heels and ruffle on. The gorgeous young lady was
methodically parading her hot, luscious body about, gently
swaying and bumping her hips to an unheard rhythm. At the
same time, I pretended to be a customer - seated in a corner
chair and silently admiring her. I liked role-playing games.

Pamela's large, D-cup breasts shimmied back-and-forth as
she smiled and made eye contact with me. I nodded my head
and grinned at her in return, knowing there could not be a
more incredibly beautiful stripper in the whole, wide world.
Maybe not even a more beautiful _WOMAN_, period...

At 5-foot-6 and 120 pounds, Pamela sported a fabulous
figure that was home to some tight curves and awesome angles.
Those bedroom eyes could lure any man into her spell, while
that gentle, friendly smile hinted at a unique warmness and
sensitivity underneath. With that body, she had made a very
nice living for herself in the world of adult entertainment.

Very slowly, Pamela turned her back to me upon the dresser
and then bent over at the waist, offering me a tempting
glance of her round, tight ass. The 30-year-old wiggled it
about for a bit, then spun around on a high-heel and cupped
her breasts, her eyes again focused on my face. I smiled at
her as my cock began to twitch within my shorts.

Pamela's hips bumped and undulated as she rolled her head
about, her long hair flailing every-which-way. Pamela then
cupped and squeezed her heavenly breasts as she danced and
swiveled about upon the sturdy wooden dresser in just the
pair of high-heels and lacey ankle ruffle.

Playing the role of customer, I slowly got up from my
chair and made my way over to the dresser. After I reached
into my pocket and pulled out a money clip, Pamela grinned
and then began squirming and bucking her hips about as if
she was in the process of getting drilled during sex.

I pulled out a single dollar bill and held it up for her.
Pamela smiled, then spread her legs and knelt down directly
in front of me. Her delicate, glistening pussy staring me
right in the face, I soon realized what the ruffle was for.
She grabbed one side of it and pulled it away from her ankle.
I promptly slipped the dollar bill into its rightful place.

"Thank you, sweetheart," she returned (using her standard
line at the club), flashing me a million-dollar smile.

"There's more where that came from," I grinned, offering
her another dollar. I slipped it into the ruffle, too.

"Would you like to sit and talk for awhile once this song
is over?" Pamela asked, being overly nice and cordial. When
I nodded my head at her, Pamela made a _clicking_ sound with
her mouth and winked an eye at me. "It's almost finished."

She stood up and began dancing and gyrating upon the
dresser once again, but suddenly stopped and looked down at
me. "The song is finally over!" Pamela squealed, extending
me her hand. "Would you help me down, please?" I took her
hand into mine and held on tight as she stepped down onto a
chair, and then the floor. "Let's find somewhere to sit."

"Sounds good to me," I told her, as we took a seat at the
computer table. Now, I would get a taste of the strip club
experience. I had always been very curious about it...

"Hi there!" Pamela greeted me, in perhaps the nicest and
most warm tone I had ever heard a woman use. "Thank you for
the nice tips. I really, really appreciate it."

"You are very welcome," I nodded.

"So... what's your name, sweetheart?"


"I'm Pamela," she returned, grasping my hand and shaking
it in a friendly manner. "Most of the girls here at the club
use stage names, but I don't. My real name is Pamela... I am
who I am. So... have you been to this club in the past?"

"No, I haven't. Actually, I've never been to one of
these places before in my entire life."

"Really?" she confirmed, acting surprised. "I did not
think you had been here before because I don't recognize
you. Not only am I really good at remembering faces, but
I've been working here forever!" Pamela flashed me another
dazzling smile. "Let me tell you, Jeremy, that this is a
really nice and classy club. Do you like it here so far?"

"I like it a lot."

"Where do you live?"

I grinned and told her, "On an exotic, tropical island
off the coast of Peru. It's beautiful. Where do you live?"

"Oh, I live just outside of Baltimore," Pamela responded.
Smart, I told myself. Pamela did not tell me her specific
hometown. _Outside of Baltimore_ covered a large area.

"Just exactly how long have you been working here?"

She nodded at me. "11 years. I like it here a lot. It
helps put me through college, and pay the bills. Being here
for 11 years, you know, I have seniority on all of the other
dancers. They all look at me as the mother hen!" Pamela was
being overly nice. I mean, _overly_ nice. I wondered how
many times she had this same, _exact_ conversation in the
past with total strangers? "So Jeremy, where do you work?"

"I don't work. Believe it or not, I'm retired."

"You're retired?" she gasped. "You seem awfully young to
be retired. What are you? I bet you're 39."

"Yes, I am. And I bet you are 30, dear."

Pamela smiled, staying in character. "Hey, you're good."

I decided to extend the game to another level. "I imagine
that this is your only job? Do you work any place else?"

"This is my only job," she confirmed. "Believe it or not,
but I thought of getting a part-time job a couple of years
ago at a _Starbucks_ coffee shop right down the street from
where I live. I'd been almost a daily customer of them for
years - and still am - but decided against it in the end. I
did not want to take away all of my free time in working both
there and here, and going to college at the same time. My
life is busy and hectic enough as it is!"

Obviously, that was news to me. Pamela once considered
getting a part-time job at a coffee-house to help supplement
her income as an exotic dancer? At the very least, it would
have been something legitimate to put on her work record...

"You said you were retired, right?" I nodded my head at
her as she continued, "What type of work were you in?"

"Internet type of stuff," I commented. "Website and
domain construction. I got lucky and made a lot of money."

Pamela smiled. "I am not really into computers myself.
I honestly only use one because there is a lingerie store in
Pittsburgh called _Chelsea's_, and that is where I buy all of
my lingerie and sexy outfits for work at. They have their
own website and I bet that I am their number one customer!
I have been using that particular website for many years."

"What do you do with your free time?" I inquired.

"Well... if I'm not working or attending college, I'm
usually studying. In the few precious moments that I have
outside of that, I like to read. I fall in love with books
and never want to set them down. Other than that, I spend
time with my sister. She and I are room-mates. Her name is
Candice, and she is my best friend. I'm fairly boring."

I grinned at her and spoke from the heart in responding,
"I very seriously doubt that you are boring, Pamela."

The young woman smiled again at me, but decided to change
the subject. "Hey, you know what? I had some horrible luck
tonight. I was caught speeding by the cops, going 92 in a
65 mile-per-hour zone. It was so embarrassing."

"_92_?" I exclaimed. "You must have been in a hurry."

"Yes, I was," she replied. "I was late for work."

With any luck, I said inwardly, you did not have to pay
that outrageous fine, dear. I sure hope not...

"I could have been in a lot of trouble for going so fast,
you know, but the cop was nice. I had my [Strip Club Name]
t-shirt on, and he said he and his buddies come here from
time to time. I told him I was already 15 minutes late for
work. He told me to slow down and be more careful. He also
bumped my ticket from 92 down to 80. That way, he said, I
would not have to go to traffic court, but I still had to
pay a fine." Pamela grinned and added, "I told him to come
up and get a dance from me sometime." The segue was set.
"How about you? Would you like a dance from me, Jeremy?"

"Yes, I would," I answered. Pamela smiled once again as
she stood up from the chair and extended her hand. I took
it, and then she led me to the middle of my personal suite.

"Since this is your first time here, let me explain that
a couch dance will cost you $25. Or we could go up to the
champagne room. It is really the best place, but runs an
additional ten bucks - $35. Much more contact there. I can
give you a table dance for $20, but it is minimal contact."

I smiled at her. "The champagne room sounds perfect."

As Pamela led me by the hand over to the large sofa near
the back wall - which would serve as the champagne room, I
guess - I pulled out a pair of twenties from my money clip.
I extended the cash to her, but Pamela shook her head and
retorted, "You don't have to pay me until the dance is over."

"No," I said. "Go ahead and take it. Keep the change."

"Thank you!" she squealed, momentarily leaning over and
grabbing the pair of dollar bills I had given her earlier.
She placed the total of $42 on the end table and then
motioned for me to take a seat upon the sofa. "Spread your
legs for me, sweetheart," she requested, and I complied.

Pamela stepped directly between my legs and gently nudged
her tender knee and lower calf across the aching bulge within
my shorts. She then placed her hands on my shoulders and
vigorously shook her body, causing her large, firm breasts
to jiggle about a mere two inches in front of my face.

The enchantress leaned down somewhat and pressed her
upper torso onto my chest and abdomen. With both arms now
linked around my neck, she placed the side of her face upon
my heart and held it there for several seconds. Her fluffy
hair felt wonderful against my own chin and face.

"How much does a _Pepsi_ or _Coke_ cost here?"

"$14," she answered, which caused my eyebrows to nearly
skyrocket. "They give you about three-quarters of a can. I
know, I know... the prices for drinks here are outrageous."

"What about orange juice?"

Pamela giggled. "I don't think we serve orange juice."

"Is the food on the menu any good?"

"Not unless you want to get sick..."

My legs still wide, Pamela hooked her own legs over my
upper thighs and straddled me there. Her lovely, pristine
face hovered in front of mine for several seconds, her eyes
seemingly flashing in an exotic manner.

"I can't touch you... right?" I confirmed, my hands idly
resting at my sides.

"No, but I can touch you," she explained. "House rules."
She giggled and added, "I don't want the bouncers to beat you
up, and kick you out."

Pamela turned to the side and slid off of my lap, and to
the side of the sofa. Now seated there, she draped her legs
across my lap and spread them far apart, allowing me an
unobstructed view of her sweet, intoxicating pussy. My heart
nearly skipped a beat as she reached between her thighs and
twiddled away at her clitoris with a single fingertip.

Pamela's next move was to glide down to the floor. With
her back to me, she got onto her hands and knees, with her
ass perched high - and staring me straight in the face. She
gyrated and swiveled her shapely hips about for my adoring
eyes in a somewhat lewd, suggestive manner, before slowly
turning around and rising up to her knees.

Starting at my crotch, Pamela snaked her cover-girl face
up my body - past my abdomen and chest, and finally stopped
at eye-level. She stared at me for several seconds with a
seductive expression, then tapped my nose with a fingertip.

Her face descended lower once again, and this time, the
goddess held it near my stomach. Her eyes never left mine
as she stared up at me, her right forearm now rubbing and
massaging the lump within my shorts. Pamela then wrapped
her arms around my waist and squeezed tightly, and again
snaked her way up my body. This time, however, she kept
her breasts pressed hard against my torso.

Again at eye-level, Pamela linked her arms around my
neck and leaned her face in close to my right ear. I could
feel her warm, sensuous breath upon my ear, and then she
even blew into it - which sent absolute shockwaves of hot
pleasure shooting all throughout my body. An instant later,
I felt her tongue on my ear. She licked it! Twice!

"Whoa... is that normal?" I asked, breaking character.

"Yes, it is," Pamela frowned, taking a step back and
nodding her head. "The house madam likes for us to lick or
gently bite a customer's ear once, if not twice, each dance."
She then reverted back to our role-playing game and said,
"Would you like another dance? It will run you $35 more."

The game was over.

I brought Pamela into my arms and hugged her in a very
warm and caring manner. Then, despite the high level of
excitement she had given me during her performance upon the
dresser and the ensuing lap dance, I came to a conclusion.

Still embracing her with both arms, I inhaled sharply and
declared, "I don't want you to dance for me ever again." She
pulled away and looked at me as I added, "Pamela, you're not
a stripper anymore. Not as long as you're on my island. I
am going to get you out of that mindset once and for all."

"What do you mean?" she asked, confused, making a motion
toward my crotch. "You're hard as a ROCK. You don't want
me to dance for you anymore? I don't quite understand."

"Just what I said. You're not a stripper any more as long
as you're on my island. I enjoyed the lap dance, yes, but to
be honest, I don't like looking at you in that way." Pamela
sighed as I added, "You are an incredibly good and wonderful
person. You're BETTER than this, Pamela. How many times do
I need to tell you that? You are so much better - in so many
different ways. Truth is, I am more interested in the Pamela
on the inside instead of the Pamela on the outside."

Perched in my lap with my hands around her waist, Pamela
sagged somewhat and leaned back. "You... you're the first
guy who has ever said that to me, Jeremy." I smiled as
she cooed, "You want to know me inside more than outside."

"It's the truth," I assured her. "I do admit that you
are a very beautiful woman, and that is a major reason why I
noticed you in the first place two weeks ago. But it is not
what is keeping my interest. The person inside of you is
keeping my interest. I want to know more about the person
inside of you. I want to know everything there is to know."

Pamela placed her hands on either side of my face and
smiled at me, her head slightly tilted to the side. "I
want to know everything about you too, Jeremy." An instant
later, she pressed those red, moist lips of hers to my mouth
and offered me a tender, very pleasurable kiss. At the same
time, Pamela linked her arms around my shoulders and hugged
me. Our kiss, slow and languid, lasted a good 15 seconds.
Suddenly, it felt as if I had died and gone to Heaven.

"Hmmmmm... I enjoyed that," were my words once our lips
finally parted ways. Now looking into her luminous brown
eyes, I brought my right hand up and grazed the back of it
across Pamela's cheek in the most gentle of fashions. A
single tear formed within her left eye, and then streaked
down her face. She sighed and smiled in response and then,
I kissed her again. This time, our tongues touched and
danced together in wondrous, blissful harmony.

"Why don't you put some clothes on?" I whispered, bumping
her nose with my own. I glanced at Pamela's nude form for a
brief moment. God, she was beautiful. Simply beautiful!

I then re-focused my sights onto her eyes and said, "Get
some clothes on, and we'll talk some more. I don't feel all
that comfortable talking to you without you wearing clothes."

Pamela snickered. "Then why don't you take your clothes
off, too? I'm sure you would be more comfortable then."

I lowered my head for a moment, then looked back up and
smiled at Pamela. "I just feel like talking to you right
now. That's all. I want to know more about you. I want to
know about your family. I want to know how it was growing
up for you. I want to know what life is like in Maryland."

Pamela smiled and traced the tip of her right forefinger
over and across my chin. "I will tell you whatever you want
to know about me, Jeremy." That subtle, simple move sent a
wave of good sensations coursing throughout my entire body.
The 30-year-old pecked my cheek with a kiss and then offered
me yet another warm, spirit-lifting embrace.

I grinned at her one more time. "I got some dress shirts,
some sweatshirts and sweatpants and the like over in my
closet. Go over and put something on... just enough to cover
up. I even got some big basketball and football jerseys. I
have always loved the sight of a woman in a football jersey.
I know that sounds incredibly strange, but it's the truth."

Pamela graced my cheek with another kiss and giggled, then
pushed herself away from me and stood up. She glanced at
the nearby closet, then back at me. "It's not all that
often, you know, when I have someone asking me to actually
put some clothes on. In fact, you're the first, Jeremy."

I nodded my head and countered, "I think I might be the
first of a lot of things for you, sweetheart."

Pamela stood by and pondered those words for a moment or
two, then flashed me another smile before turning and making
her way over to the closet. "You like your women in football
jerseys, huh? Let me see what I can find in here..."

"How is this?" Pamela asked a moment later, emerging from
the closet. She was decked out in a #18 Cincinnati Bengals
(my favorite team since I was born there) NFL replica jersey.
The black nylon fabric was the perfect contrast for Pamela's
long-flowing blonde hair and immaculate complexion. The
jersey was so big on her that it went down to her knees.

Smiling, Pamela spun around in a circle and modeled the
jersey for me. "Too bad you don't have a Ravens' uniform,
but I'm not complaining. All I saw was this and some NBA
Laker uniforms. Great athlete or not, I would never be
caught dead in a Kobe Bryant jersey after what he was accused
of a decade or so ago." She smiled again and added, "You
should have a Ray Lewis jersey instead of A.J. Green."

Suddenly overcome with a feeling of love and devotion -
women in athletic apparel was a fetish of mine, remember - I
stepped forward and grasped both of Pamela's hands with my
own. I kissed her and offered, "I can certainly understand
why you would not want to wear a Kobe jersey. In my defense,
I bought it LONG before he got into all the legal trouble."

Pamela stepped back, but held onto my wrists and thus,
extended my arms outward. She offered me a glittering smile
and cooed, "Take me somewhere."


"Anywhere. Somewhere in this big mansion that I have yet
to visit. I don't care. I just want to be with you." Pamela
tilted her head from side-to-side in an impish manner and
concluded, "In fact, I don't ever want to leave you."

* * *

Across from the exercise room was the home theater (not
to be confused with the OmniMAX theater located elsewhere).
Very contemporary in design, the home theater contained
customized leather seating to ensure maximum comfort while
enjoying a movie. Overhead, the black ceiling was in a
wave-like, undulating design and was filled with fiber optic
lights to create a starry nighttime effect. This fabulous
room also included a built-in bar and large popcorn machine.
It was perfect for what I had in mind tonight...

"Slushy?" I said to Pamela, handing her a cherry drink
made of soft ice. When she took the cup from me and sipped
its straw, I smiled and sat down in the chair next to her.
I grasped her left hand with my right and gently kissed it.

"Thank you," she said, motioning toward her drink.

"You're welcome."

"Is there anything to watch on the movie screen?" Pamela
asked. "Or do we just sit here and talk?"

"I have over 2,000 movies," I informed her. "If you like
it, I probably have it in the video room. Name a movie."

Pamela slumped down in her chair and placed her head on
my shoulder. "I would rather just sit and talk, Jeremy. It
is so good to be able to relax... and just TALK. Not have
to worry about impressing some customer, or trying to coax
another $35 out of him or her. Just to be myself, and talk.
The only person who ever really listened to me was Candice."

"Your sister?"


"What can you tell me about the rest of your family?"

"My mom is 55 and my dad is 57," she began. "They have
had some very rocky times in their marriage, but are still
together. I don't think they would know what to do if they
ever split apart, although they constantly fight and argue."

"Some older couples are like that," I nodded. "Your mom
and dad... what are their names?"

"Tom and Carol. I have two sisters, Paula and Candice.
Paula is 34 and married, has a few kids. Candice is 26. I
have told you about her before. Candice has been living at
my penthouse with me since she graduated from high school.
My grandmother, Genevieve, lives with my parents. She is 81
and is still in pretty good condition for her age. Her
husband - my grandfather - died a couple of years ago. They
were together for _57_ years."

"I'm sorry to hear that, dear."

Pamela shrugged her shoulders. "My parents did not want
Grandma to be alone, so they took her in three years ago. I
was going to offer to let her move in with Candice and me if
my parents didn't. Grandma... she devoted her entire life
to Grandpa. Grandma never worked, never did anything but
raise her kids and look after us, her grandkids. She loved
Grandpa so much. It almost killed her when he died. He
was, in many ways, her whole life. Everything to her."

"This may sound like an off-the-wall question, Pamela.
But what is your middle name?"

"My middle name? Annabeth. Why do you ask?"

"Pamela Annabeth," I grinned. "Pretty name. I could call
you PAP for short."


"Your initials," I reminded her. "P-A-P."

"Oh," the 30-year-old giggled. "Why ask my middle name?"

I kissed the crown of her head. "Just as I said, I want
to know EVERYTHING about you. What were you like before you
became a stripper? What were you like in high school?"

Pamela snickered. "When do I get to ask the questions?"

"Ask me whatever you want."

Pamela smiled again. "Okay, your questions first. What
was I like before I became a stripper? Believe it or not,
but I worked at _McDonald's_ from ages 15 through 19." My
interest level went up another notch with those words. I
could easily picture a young and teen-age Pamela working the
counter at a fast-food joint. Droves of men - young and old
alike - filing in to get a glimpse of the beautiful blonde.
I am sure she had admirers from the female persuasion, too.

Pamela laughed. "Would you like any fries with that?"

"No... but how about some sugar?" I asked, curling my
head and neck, and eventually finding her lips with my own.

"Hmmmmm... I love sugar," Pamela moaned after our kiss
reached its conclusion. With her cherry slushy still in
hand, I looked at it for a moment and came to a decision.
I snaked my head forward and stole a healthy sip from its
straw. Finding no problem in sharing her drink with me,
Pamela smiled and then sipped from the straw herself.

Feeling playful, Pamela snatched a handful of popcorn and
tossed it directly into my face. She giggled while doing so,
but then squealed in protest as I grabbed her slushy and made
a motion to dump it all over her head. I would never do that
to Pamela - or anyone else for that matter - but it was fun
to put a little scare into her nonetheless.

"You better not DARE do that!" Pamela warned me, grinning,
as she grabbed the plastic cup from me. "No more slushy for
you!" I took a piece of popcorn that was resting in my lap
and placed it into Pamela's mouth. She accepted it, but then
took some time to nibble on my thumb and index finger.

When Pamela made eye contact with me, she and I gazed at
one another for several seconds. Then, without a word, the
young woman slithered out of her chair and settled down upon
my lap. With her back against my front, she tilted her head
backward and rested it on my right shoulder. I wrapped my
arms around her stomach from behind and squeezed lovingly.

"Have you ever made out with anyone in a movie theater?"

"I can't say that I have," I told her. "You?"

Pamela grinned. "Not since I was 17."

When I kissed Pamela's neck, my nose came into contact
with her silky hair and I was rewarded with the intoxicating
smell of raspberry sorbet. Even this woman's choice of
scented shampoo was enough to drive me totally insane!

I nuzzled my lips against her neck and held steady for
about 20 seconds. Although I loved kissing Pamela's neck,
my primary focus right now was the smell of her hair. It
flooded my senses and made my head swoon with delight.

"What were you like in high school?" I whispered, gently
nibbling at her earlobe with my teeth. "A cheerleader?"

Pamela shifted about upon my lap and murmured, "Yes."

"I think all of you girls were cheerleaders except Amy
and Camille. Kristanna too, I guess. They do not have
cheerleading in her country." I paused and added, "What
else were you into while in high school, sweetheart?"

"Head cheerleader, graduated with honors. I was on the
ski team, played softball. Part of the Homecoming committee
every year, the Future Homemakers club, drama, choir. I did
a little bit of everything. I stayed busy."

My continual nibbling of her earlobe - combined with
occasionally blowing into that same ear - was having a very
profound effect on Pamela. Finally, she squirmed about in
my lap and then turned to face me.

Those brown eyes were smoldering with hot desire as she
said, "One thing I definitely have never done is have sex in
a movie theater." Pamela slipped her right hand between our
pressed bodies and ventured downward until she came into
contact with the hard, aching bulge inside of my shorts. "I
want to have sex with you, Jeremy. Right now."

Pamela was shocked when, as she made a move to kiss me, I
gently pushed her away.

"What's wrong?" Pamela insisted.

"Nothing is wrong," I answered, my voice calm and gentle.
"I don't... I don't want to have sex with you right now,
Pamela." Her eyes nearly exploded from their sockets as I
continued, "I just want to talk. I'm sorry if my kissing
and teasing got you worked up. I just... I want to talk
now. I've had such a good time simply talking to you." I
placed my hands on either side of her face and proclaimed,
"I don't want this conversation - this moment - to ever end."

Still perched in my lap, Pamela sagged her shoulders and
stared at me for several seconds. She was still stunned.
"No one has ever turned me down before, Jeremy. No one."

"I can see why..."

Pamela gulped her throat and momentarily rolled her eyes
at me. I do not know if it was negative or not on her part.
Eventually, though, she nodded her head and offered me a
loving kiss on the cheek. "We can keep talking."

"If it's okay with you," I breathed, hopeful.

"You are still physically attracted to me... right?"

I laughed and shook my head at her worryful comment.
"Pamela, you drive me insane. Totally insane. Your face,
your body, everything about you on the outside. Trust me
when I tell you... I am WILDLY attracted to you physically.
I want to have sex with you hundreds... THOUSANDS of times
in the future. For... many years, decades, to come."

I sighed and shook my head once again. "It's just...
right now, I just want to talk. I know I may sound crazy,
but we have been having such a wonderful discussion all
morning long. I... I want it to continue."

"Have you turned down any of the other girls like this
when they have tried to seduce you? You would be all over
Lindsay and Amy now if it was either of them instead of me."

"You're probably right," I conceded. "But Lindsay and
Amy do not interest me as people quite like you do. No one
has ever interested me quite the way you do."

Those words seemed to make Pamela happy. Grinning and
laughing, it was as if she just now realized something.

"Am I crazy because I just want to talk to you?"

"No, you're not crazy," Pamela responded, placing a hand
across my chest. She felt my heartbeat for several seconds
with that hand and surmised, "You're just a man in love."

<<<- End of Chapter 15 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

(c) 2014 JeremyDCP


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2014-05-15 22:05:43
I agree with reader 04:16. But that's not Jeremy's goal.. He wants to settle down. Marry and have kids. The problem is... With who? the writer could make this story go anywhere. He could make it a bit more challenging.. See who cares about him. Lets make love and not... Just sex.. True love.. Joined as one.. The only one. Jeremy could bring in more men to visit.. onto the island to make it challenging.. Jeremy does not want to marry have kids and become lonely once again and the woman he thought is the one left him for another woman or a man.. It should be the greatest love story ever that this site has ever seen!. Well done so far.. Cant wait for next chapter... One can make a movie based on this story. Even xxx rated or for a Grammy.... Your choice.. Jeremy.

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I agree with reader 04:16. But that's not Jeremy's goal.. He wants to settle down. Marry and have kids. The problem is... With who? the writer could make this story go anywhere. He could make it a bit more challenging.. See who cares about him. Lets make love and not... Just sex.. True love.. Joined as one.. The only one. Jeremy could bring in more men to visit.. onto the island to make it challenging.. Jeremy does not want to marry have kids and become lonely once again and the woman he thought is the one left him for another woman or a man.. It should be the greatest love story ever that this site has ever seen!. Well done so far.. Cant wait for next chapter... One can make a movie based on this story. Even xxx rated or for a Grammy.... Your choice.. Jeremy.

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I have to say that this was probably the best chapter so far, even though I still don't consider any of the ladies as "wife" material and Devon is still my favorite, Pamela is a very very close second for favorite. I think Jeremy should let both these ladies visit him each month just like Kristanna does then he could have 3 fuck buddies. Besides its not like Pamela would live on the island, since her goal is to become a teacher. Yet again Jeremy is dreaming of the impossible by not realizing or simply ignoring that Pamela's goals for the future (becoming a teacher) are not compatible with his (never leaving the island).

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