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hey everyone so someone hacked my profile and sent a comment saying I have had sex with Blake this is totally untrue.

so me and Harvey are still having a few problems and are still working on it all but so far so good.

yesterday morning me and Harvey woke up and I went into the kitchen Harvey came in after me and said "morning baby did you sleep well?" I turned to face Harvey and said "yeah I slept okay baby how did you sleep?" Harvey smiled at me "not to good I had a bad dream that we broke up and had to start all over again" I looked at the floor and said "isn't that what we are doing now?" Harvey smiled and said "yes it is" after a few moment of awkward silence Harvey left the kitchen and I was left to myself and said to myself I wish we was like we was before" I put my head into my hands and had a flow of emotions course though me I felt guilty that I broke our relationship, tired of trying to fix it without result, upset that I was making Harvey feel unwanted and the feeling of helplessness.

I walked into our bedroom and got dressed and ready for the day, once I was ready I brushed my teeth and did my hair after I walked into the living room and said to Harvey I will be taking Edvard to my moms and dads house baby" Harvey without looking at me keeping his eyes on the TV said "okay babe" I took Edvard out of his play pen and said "come on sweetheart lets go and see grandma. I left the living room with Edvard in my arms and went to the car I strapped Edvard in his seat and said "do you have any ideas how I can get daddy to love me again?" obviously Edvard didn't give me a response.

when we got to the Spencer estate I walked in and said hello to my mom and dad and my ladies maid took Edvard from me my mom walked up to me and gave me a hug and said "you don't look to good son" I gave a faint smile and said "im fine mom just me and Harvey stuff you know how it is" (ive been coming back and thought to my mom and dad for advice on how to reconnect to Harvey) my mom said "you got to give it time son think about how you would feel if he gave up his right to Edvard, Harvey left you and the country and avoided him for months on end" I know mom but I've said sorry a million times over am I meant to beg for forgiveness?" my dad interrupted and said "o for goodness sake grow up!!!" I turned to look at my dad and said "excuse me?" my dad continued saying " well I am sick and tired of hearing you complain" I was shocked to hear my dad of all people talking to me like this although ex military my dad has never been one for tough love I replied to my dad "complaining?" "you heard me correctly!!! poor little rich kid always had what he has wanted now that something requires a little bit of effort your trying to find the easy way out its about time you grow up and took some responsibility for your own actions!!" I stood up and was about to walk out I said "i don't have to listen to this" my dad raised his voice even louder and said "YES YOU DO!!! NOW SIT DOWN" I did as I was told now feeling a little scared as ive never seen my dad like this before my dad continued " Harvey as I have seen is an amazing person and you treat him like some house maid that you can fuck and you wonder why it is taking so long for you and Harvey to get back to your old selves why don't you try treating him as a husband instead of playing the poor you card all the time...... ive never heard of anything more ridiculous in my life" and with that my dad walked away closes to tears I got up and went to get Edvard I got back in the car and drove back to my apartment when I got back there my cell began to ring it was my mom I answered it and she said she was sorry for the way my dad had spoken to me I could hear my dad in the background saying "not make apologise for me its about time he heard the truth" I ended the cool and got a text a few minutes later saying me Harvey and Edward was still expected for the party at my family estate

a few hours past and reluctantly I got ready for the party me Harvey and Edvard all arrived and started saying hello to all the guest then me and my dads eyes meet from across the rooms my dad signed me to come over so I did and he said "im sorry but I still believe you needed to hear it" I took a few moments and said "no your right I did and I do look for the easy way to get things I do love Harvey so much but how can I express that to him?" my dad said "only you can find that out for yourself"

I had to think how I could tell Harvey and everyone at the party how much I love Harvey and then I thought of the perfect thing to do so I asked my mom to make an announcement to all the guest my mom said " can I have your attention please" banging a knife against a champagne glass as she said her sentence "my son Leonardo Spencer would like you all to watch a true act of dedication and love to his husband Harvey Spencer

walking down the grand stairs with a microphone in my hand I started to sing " Put your head against my life What do you hear A million words just trying to make The love song of the year Close your eyes but don't forget What you have heard A man who's trying to say three words The words that make me scared" I walked directly up to Harvey and continued A million love songs later (I looked directly into Harvey eyes and said not sang) & here I am trying to tell you that I care A million love songs later And here I am Looking to the future now This is what I see A million chances pass me by A million chances to hold you Take me back, take me back To where I used to be To hide away from all my truth Through the light I see A million love songs later And here I am trying to tell you that I care (I took harveys hand at this point)A million love songs later And here I am everyone started clapping and I looked at Harvey and though all the noise I just said to him "i love you Harvey" Harvey looked at me and said "i love you too Leon" and for the first time in weeks we kissed

hopefully to be continued


2015-12-08 06:19:32
Rich boys love 66 is ready to read lol

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2015-03-28 13:53:34
I love all your stories about your life with harvey. When you gave up your parental rights I felt like I was stabbed in the heart. But I kinda get it sometimes emotions can make u do crazy things,I know I have nearly done that when I don't talk to my boyfriend. I glad you and harvey are trying to work things out also I'm happy you're fighting to get back parental right to your son edward. I guess its true what they say if u love something set it free,if it comes back then u know it was meant to be. Loen,you and harvey were meant to be together and you both deserve to be happy for you son. Hope there is more stories on the way. :D

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2015-03-24 17:56:56
I wanted to let you know through your stories I found the courage to ask my boyfriend of four years to marry me. I was the last commenter too. I love your writing and would love to know how everything is going in your life. Im not a normal reader I get lost in peoples words and I feel like you are a distant friend now. You have touched me and not a lot of writers do that so with that said thank you for writing.

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2015-03-24 17:38:12
Where did you go? Everything OK?


2014-10-11 12:01:47
No me and Harvey are back together and it is me and Harvey that are taking care of him

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