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Severus meets the boy of his dreams and relationships develop
yo guys this is another story iv been working on and this only the first part of a pretty long story so plz all feedback is accepted because ideas are hard to come by
also this story involves sex between gays who are under the legal age in america but who are the legal age where i live so don't come crying to me if its not your cup of tea, although if it is exactly what you came here for then by all means happy wanking :D

I thought about the offer, it wasn’t what I wanted at all, I looked into his deep blue eyes and remembered how all this began.

I walked into the class room for the first time ready with my little joke about being new to the country though I wasn’t, I actually had been living here for most of my life but it was my first day at this new co-ed school so I was little nervous. I was 16 bout a metre and a half tall and had a rugby player’s build, or so I was told I wasn’t ever really comfortable in my own skin though people always told me I looked great.

As I looked across the room as the teacher introduced me (mispronouncing both first and last name) my eyes were immediately glued to him when I saw him, the most beautiful boy I had ever seen; he was slightly shorter than me but looked a lot fitter with an athlete’s build; he had smoothly flowing blonde hair that covered his right eye slightly and his eyes oh my god his eyes were amazing I couldn’t stop looking at them; the deepest blue eyes I had ever seen and the way he looked at me would have made me blush but being the shade of tan that I am no one notices.

When the teacher finally finished introducing me he told me to take a seat, and not just any seat; the seat right next to the boy I had just been so transfixed by. He gave me a really wide smile as he saw me approach and before I could even take my seat he burst out and said “hey I’m Todd, it’s awesome that you’re from Egypt! Good to meet ya!” “Nice to meet u too, trust me if you had actually seen Egypt you wouldn’t say that” I told him with a lopsided smile.

Now since it was a new school absolutely no one knew me and so no one knew that I was bi-sexual meaning I could get a little rest from the endless hatred I had received from my old school (much needed rest). As the day went on I noticed that me and Todd had all our subjects together meaning we became really fast friends talking about anything that came to mind (aside from my sexuality of course) I realized that this boy wasn’t only hot but he had one of the most amazing personalities I had ever met, he was for all intents and purposes; perfect.

After I realized this I realized something else along with it, I found out that we lived on the same street, meaning my day just got better and better, but I knew two things, firstly he was by all appearances; straight and secondly even if he was gay why would he want me? I mean sure I was muscly and had amazing brown skin (girls words not mine) but I really didn’t think he would ever go for me, and with that inspiring thought I decided to set my feelings aside; I thought it would be too complicated being in every class with him and living near him I thought I would settle for a very good friend, after all I was new in town so I needed some of those.

Over the following weeks we continued to hang out almost all the time, staying at each other’s houses, hitting the beach you know ‘mate stuff’. He was awesome, the next week I found out that he was in the school swim team and he asked if I was joining but I told him that soccer was my sport, he laughed at me, being from New Zealand he preferred rugby but he didn’t mind he even came to watch a few of my games cheering louder than everyone else when I was about to score a goal.

Day by day it was getting harder and harder to control my feelings for him and we were together on a hill near our houses watching the sunset when he told me something that made my stomach do a cartwheel. “I know you like me.” He said it deadpan and I had no idea how to react, whether, he was joking or not or even how he felt about it; noticing my silence he thought he would put my mind at ease by saying something that drove me even crazier. “Don’t worry I’m gay.” My brain went into overdrive thinking about what he meant, if he liked me too if he was offended at my interest to begin with etc. and while this was all happening in my brain my facial expression must have spelt it out for him because he burst out laughing and finally said “I told you not to worry, I like you too dummy!”

With that my heart leapt as he hugged me tightly it was just what I wanted for all those weeks since I first met him. I looked into his deep blue eyes that I loved so much and we drifted into a timid kiss, he opened his mouth giving access to my tongue and moaned softly into my mouth as our tongues wrestled; we broke the kiss and I knew this was perfect.

That night we walked home together and he asked if I wanted to stay over, I promptly agreed and went home to tell my parents then went back to his house where he waited for me, we went into his room and he shut the door looking at me seductively the look in his eyes told me exactly what he wanted, he got to his knees and undid my pants and brought out my 5.5” cut dick, his eyes widened when he saw it but then a smile crept onto his face; slowly he started stroking my already stiffening dick and then he started licking it tentatively, eliciting a moan from me. Satisfied with my reaction he engulfed my entire penis with his mouth taking the whole thing at once without gagging (I was kinda impressed) he continued deep throating my penis for a good 5 minutes before he heard exactly what he wanted “I’m gona cum!” I moaned futilely as the hot sperm entered his mouth, 7 long spurts of cum were fired from me and he didn’t spill a drop.

I collapsed onto his bed still in awe of that amazing orgasm he came up next to me and we made out passionately, I really couldn’t believe any of this was happening and after we got into bed I drifted into a sleep filled with endless dreams of what was to come.

I woke up the next morning to a strange feeling on my chest, I slowly opened my eyes to a half-naked boy with gorgeous eyes and a wicked smile; “I thought were gona sleep forever!” he said with feigned anger, I smiled up at him; “I thought I should be well rested to enjoy what happens next.” I replied as I flipped him over onto his back with me over him. I came in for a passionate kiss, I loved the way his tongue felt in my mouth despite the morning breath. I broke the kiss and moved down to his naked chest, kissing and sucking my way down his neck; I reached his small nipples and began sucking on one while I squeezed the other between my thumb and forefinger.

I moved my way down his upper body until I reached my ultimate destination, his dick; covered by his jocks. I slipped him out of them and almost yelped as his newly released monster of a dick popped out and slapped against my jaw. I stared at it in awe, it was still flaccid and yet it was already bigger than my erect cock. I grabbed onto it tentatively and began stroking it slowly until it went hard. I was honestly shocked that this boy, who was smaller than even me, and I was short for my age; had a dick this size, it was a monster, a full 12”.

I looked at him a little bit afraid “I don’t know if I can handle all that” I said entirely serious, he smiled back and said “I don’t want to force you into anything you don’t want to do, if you want we don’t need to go all the way just yet, I’m willing to wait until you’re ready.” I looked at him, beginning to relax and went back to the task at hand or rather in my hand, I began to lick and suck the head if his massive rod, and slowly I began to engulf it with my mouth, I got about 7” deep and then started gagging. I wasn’t ready to give up though, I swore to myself that by the time he came I could swallow his entire tool. So I kept going, adjusting my throat to the size and slowly but surely I became accustomed to the massive fuck stick that felt like it was hitting my stomach, then I went all the way up and then licked his head again. I went to the underside of his cock and licked my way from top to bottom to top again, it was driving him wild, I knew he was close so all at once I took the entire shaft into my mouth and sucked with a vengeance and sure enough before long he began bucking uncontrollably into my face. He fired a full 15 shots deep into my stomach, I wasn’t letting any of it go to waste, I swallowed every last drop and only when I knew he had no more to give did I let his already softening cock fall from my mouth.

He was still trying to catch his breath when I came up to him and give him a quick peck on the lips, I fell onto the bed beside him, tired out from the strain of having that beast down my throat. He had the same idea and we both fell quickly back to sleep, my brain was still in denial that I had just had my first sexual experience last night and this morning but I thought I was in for a good time in the next few months.

To be continued.

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