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1970's - Italian city school girl goes out to deliver her scout cookies but finds trouble in a changing neighborhood.
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(Girl Scout Lisa was kidnapped and subjected to terrible horrors both by street hoods
and the police who were supposed to help her. She was befriended by Maddy
who had nursed her back to health and arranging her return home. Maddy betrayed her
and she has been sold to Russian criminal types who use her for their soccer games entertainment.
She is used for soccer all target and now made to run for her life. )

Lisa was dragged up to a picnic table laying half on the table and feet on the ground. Blurred she looked around, there were men with the women and they were all laughing.
Lisa looked at the women. “Please help me, Please.” A woman laughed and spit in her face.
“My man is going to be the first to ass fuck you.” She felt men’s hands on her ass, spreading her cheeks.
Fingers ran up her slit and probed both her holes.

“Fuck that ass, laughed the women.” Standing around her were the men and women of the soccer
league, they were drinking beer and eating burgers from the grill. “Sergi, Sergio, Sergio. “ Everyone
was chanting. Lisa felt the spit on her butt hole and the tip of the prick probing. “Fuck that ass Sergio
laughed a women sitting on the bench. She took a swig of beer and spit the mes over Lisa’s head.

“AGHHHHHHHHHHH” Lisa pinned up against the picnic table as the dick shove into her butt.
More spit beer poured over head. “Cheap Amercan Whore.” “Fuck that stupid bitch ass.”

Brutally he rammed himself inside her, shoving her against the table. Straining to get as deep inside
her as he could. Back forth her fucked her while people laughed and joked .
“HARDER HARDER” They laughed.

Two hours later Lisa was unconscious but the brutal ass fucking had continued, one man after another. Cum mixed with blood ran down her legs. Two of the Russian women dragged a cooler by Lisa’s raved butt. They grabbed cubes of ice shoving them in her pussy and ass. Lisa regained consciousness and screamed like never before. “Take that out. Please take it out. “ They shoved more cubes in pushing them deeper. Lisa tried pushing them out but the women kept pushing in. The screaming was incessant as the cold cubes were deep inside both her holes.

Two men held the legs of the screaming, struggling bitch as the Russian girlfriend pushed her fingers into her cunt. Her four fingers disappeared and then her thumb. Lisa twisted and screamed while the men yelled. “Deeper. Deeper.” The Russian men crowded around the table as the women fisted Lisa, her hand buried up to her wrist, pushing the jagged ice cubes deeper inside the teen bitch. Lisa’s hips bucked twisting against the terrible fisting.

“American Whore. Fascist Pig. Worthless Cunt.” The Russians and their girlfriends laughed and shouted at her.

Racked in pain Lisa screamed begging for mercy but the woman probed twisting her fist around.
Sergio, her original ass fucker grabbed her by the hair. He looked into her red screaming face, distorted in pain almost beyond recognition. "Stupid American cunt, cry your eyes out."

“BEG. BEG. Let me hear it.” LET ME HEAR YOU BEG.
“Please. Have Her Stop. Please. Please.”
Sergio motioned to the women and she pulled her hand from Lisa’s cunt.
“Thank You. Thank You.” Lisa was crying. The cold cubes were still melting inside her
but they actually felt good and the fist was out.

Lisa lay on the picnic table, naked, bruised beyond recognition. Her battered teen body was caked
with blood and cum. Terrible cuts and marks covered her young body. The men stood around her
laughing as the warming sun dried the mess. Lisa lay quiet, sobbing, hoping they were done with her.
The men milled around, laughing, insulting her in Russian and English.

Lisa looked around at men and women talking, laughing and joking. She looked up to see
Sergio smiling down at her. She quivered as he ran his hand up and down her bruised thigh.
“Please, she begged faintly, no more.” Sergio leaned over her. “Listen Bitch. You be a good
little whore and maybe we will let you live.” “Do you understand?”

“Yes Lisa mumbled as Sergio already pulled he by the shoulders to the end of the table, letting her
Head drop over the edge. Naked she laid on her back exposed to the sun in view of the men and women
around her. Sergio teased her mouth with his cock. He ran his cock head along her swollen bruised
face and over her dry lips. He cupped her head in his hands bring her mouth up to his balls.

Sergio’s girlfriend kissed him as the cock sucking American bitch sucked on his balls. Lisa licked and
sucked as she hear men and women laughing. Sergio pulled his balls away and pushed the tip of his
cock against her lips. She licked his cock with her tongue, she would do everything she could .
Her mouth felt dry against his cock. “The little bitch has dry mouth he told his girlfriend.
She leaned over Lisa’s face and drooled into her mouth. Her girlfriends joined in spitting and
drooling on Lisa’s face and in her mouth.

Sergio wiped his cock over her drool covered face and then pushed himself inside her spit filled mouth.
His cock was inside her mouth, his balls covered her eyes. “HMMMM, that is better, Sergio laughed as
he pushed his cock slowly down her throat. Sergio’s girlfriend could see the outline of his dick
along Lisa’s neck line.

Lisa felt the hand on her throat. Sergio’s girlfriend was rubbing up and down her neck as his cock fucked her throat. “Fucked the American Bitch Throat.” His balls bounced off her nose. Desperate to breath she reached back but hands quickly pinned her hands and feet to the table. Her stomach heaved as she struggled to breath.
Sergio held her head firmly, his hand grasping her hair as he forced his dick deep inside her mouth.
His girlfriend had both hands on Lisa’s neck squeezing tightly.

Lisa fought to stay conscious. She would die like this? Throat Fucked to death? She was pinned to the table. Hands were grabbing her. She could feel the dick throbbing inside her, she could feel the fluid.
Screaming, laughing, yelling.
Darkness. Cold Darkness.

(To Be Continued

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