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7 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by:
Chapter 16: "Subjugation"

With exactly two weeks of the ladies' visit to the island
now in the books, I finally decided that it was time to offer
all of them the opportunity to spend a full day with me on
the mainland. We would travel through the Pacific Ocean via
boat to the capital city of Peru - Lima - which was located
130 miles (209 kilometers) from this tropic of eros which I
had called home for the past 17 years. I actually had this
day planned well before any of the ladies had arrived on the
island. In two weeks, I had another trip in store for them.

There were several valid reasons for the excursion, but
the primary one was the simple fact that a few of the girls
(Lindsay, Devon and Kristanna to be exact) had made recent
comments about it being time for a trip to the hair stylist.
Once the others (Pamela, Trish, Amy and Camille) caught wind
of those requests, they joined the bandwagon as well. I was
originally going to wait another week.

Thus, it was a unanimous decision when I made the offer to
escort them to the mainland for a day of feminine pampering
which included a facial, manicure, herbal body wrap, salt
glow rub and massage, reflexology treatment, exfoliation and,
of course, haircuts/permanents. Everyone wanted to go.

So, on Monday morning at the unholy time of 6:00am, the
group boarded the big boat with me here on the island - a 72
foot, high-speed _Teknicraft Catamaran Excursion Cruiser_ -
and we immediately set sail for the mainland. With a top
speed of 35 knots per hour and a cruising speed of 28, we
did not reach the port of Callao in downtown Lima via the
big boat until approximately 10:00am. Once there, all of
the ladies and I hopped into the stretch limousine that I
had previously arranged for, and we were promptly whisked
across town to the most upscale and prestigious beauty salon
that the entire country of Peru had to offer.

I paid the equivalent of $49,000 USD for all seven of the
ladies to be pampered and spoiled rotten beyond any and all
reason. Even though I got a haircut of my own (reverting
back to my younger days with a flat-top), the long stay
at the salon was quite tedious for me. After all, not many
men would enjoy spending a good portion of their day in a
beauty salon. I mostly kept busy by browsing the Internet
on my cellular telephone and reading literally every magazine
the establishment had in its waiting room.

On the other hand, however, I had no reason to complain
simply because all of the ladies had the time of their lives.
The various staff members at the salon treated each of them
like pure gold, tending to their every request and making
certain they got the absolute most out of their visit.
Still, it seemed like we stayed there forever...

There was only one easily noticeable change amongst the
ladies in terms of their hairstyles. Lindsay, whose blonde,
free-flowing tresses had previously been loose and wavy, got
a new look with a heavy dose of curls. It was such a drastic
change from Lindsay's original hairstyle that several of the
other girls playfully teased her by calling it a _rat trap_.
Devon also got a few inches trimmed off in back, but I did
not consider that to be too drastic of a change.

Once we finally left the salon at 3:00pm, I asked the
ladies if they would like to go on a whirlwind tour of the
city. As I mentioned earlier, Lima was the capital of Peru,
and it also had a tremendous amount of tourist traps. With
everyone in agreement about wanting to explore what Lima had
to offer, we hopped into the limousine and began the tour.

Rich with culture and tradition, Lima is one of my
favorite cities in the world. There is an excellent
collection of museums, beautiful Spanish churches in the
town center, and some distinguished mansions in the wealthy
suburbs of Barranco and Miraflores. Although the pace of
life in Lima is quite fast and frenetic, with expensive,
fast American cars cruising the main streets, things were
mellowed somewhat by the presence of the ocean and beaches.
The citizens of Lima are generally hard-working and quite
friendly, which were two qualities that appealed to me.

Kristanna, who had been here with me several times in the
past, literally begged the others that we pay a visit to
_Museo de la Nacion_, which was Lima's largest and most
prestigious museum. The reason Kristanna had such a great,
vested interest in this particular museum was that its main
theme was archeology, which also just happened to be the
collegiate course that she was majoring in.

Thus, _Museo de la Nacion_ was the first place that we
visited. During our two hour stay, Kristanna displayed her
considerable knowledge about archeology as she explained (in
great detail) many of the exhibits to the other ladies.
Admission to the museum was reasonable at nine Nuevo Sol per
person (or approximately $2.78 in American currency).

_Museo Nacional de Antropological y Arqueologica_ was the
next stop on our whirlwind tour. Stocked full of important
and priceless pre-Columbian artifacts, this museum had quite
an outstanding reputation as well. Granite obelisks,
textiles and ceramics of the various pre-Columbian cultures -
including the _Nazca_ - were on display here, offering all
visitors an unmatched introduction to the great civilizations
which thrived and flourished in Peru thousands of years ago.

Along with Kristanna, Pamela seemed to be interested in
what the two museums had to offer. Pamela's mind was like a
sponge, and she always wanted to learn more about everything
by soaking up any and all knowledge that was presented to her.
Others however, most notably Lindsay and Camille, acted quite
aloof and withdrawn during the two tours. They had little to
no interest whatsoever in either museum or archeology.

At 7:00pm - our standard time for dinner on the island -
we made our way into perhaps the most glitzy, expensive
seafood restaurant that Lima had to offer, _Costa Verde_.
Feeling quite hungry, I chose sea bass with wild mushrooms
for myself from the humungous buffet, along with basil and
ricotta gnocchi, and river shrimp dipped in saffron sauce.
It was delicious. I must add that sea bass is the _filet
mignon of fish_ - at least in my own humble opinion.

Not all of the ladies were connoisseurs when it came to
eating seafood, but I was happy that they were at least
willing to sample various items from the buffet. I was
fairly certain that Amy had never tried barbequed cod and
bacon wrapped in a banana leaf, but she clearly enjoyed it.
Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Pamela when it
came to mahi-mahi tacos with olives mixed in. She took a
little bite or two before deciding that it was not for her.
Lindsay finished off all of her red king crab legs, although
she made quite the mess in doing so.

After dinner ended, Camille made the request that we go
to the bullfighting arena. I agreed to go, but warned her
and the others beforehand that bullfighting in this part of
the world is Spanish-style - which means that the bull is
killed at the end of the competition. Needless to say, that
little tidbit of information sickened several of the ladies -
especially renowned animal lovers Lindsay and Kristanna.
With no one but Camille now interested in going to the arena,
she eventually withdrew her request. Everyone was happy.

Our final destination on the sightseeing tour of Lima was
_Iglesia de La Merced_, a 17th century church located just
two blocks from the very center of town. It was Lindsay, the
religious sweetheart whose father was a minister before his
unfortunate passing last November, who insisted that we visit
this historic church. It was most famous as a shrine to the
followers of a 17th century priest named Padre Urraca. Even
now, Peruvian worshipers come daily to give their respects,
praying and touching the large silver cross dedicated to him.

It was after 10:30pm once we returned to the harbor and
boarded the big boat, then finally began our long voyage back
to the island. Because it had been such a tiring day, the
lovely trio of Trish, Amy and Camille went to the deluxe
sleeping quarters of the boat, hoping to take a nap there.
Pamela and Lindsay were seated upon the sun deck, engaged in
conversation, while Devon and Kristanna kissed and snuggled
together on the floor right here with me in the main bridge
of the ship. As the captain, I was treated to the sights
and sounds of both ladies as I steered the boat back home.
Our projected estimated time of arrival was 2:45am. Somehow,
I had to keep myself awake until that time.

* * *

It was past midnight when I heard a noise from behind,
causing me to turn and then smile at the mesmerizing sight
of the sweet and darling Kristanna. Dressed in a pair of
black spandex pants and a colorful windbreaker, Kristanna
flashed a mischievous smile and waved her newly-manicured
hand at me in greetings.

"Hi Jeremy."

"Hey sweetheart." I glanced to the side and noticed that
Devon was curled up in a sleeping bag in the corner with
blankets and pillows all around her. She was out like a
light. There was an empty sleeping bag next to her. When I
last checked on them 30 minutes ago, it was occupied by
Kristanna and she too, had been fast asleep.

"Anything wrong?" I wondered. "You need another blanket
or two? I'll get you some more if you like."

"I am fine, but dank yew for asking." God, I loved her
voice. Kristanna's accent was priceless. And it was sexy.
"Devvy is smart. She kept sleeping. Me, I cannot sleep."

"Why don't you lay down and try?" I suggested. "We are
not even halfway through our voyage. It's gonna be at
least two-and-a-half hours before we get back to the island.
Get some sleep, Krissy. I've got everything under control."

"I am good," she told me. "Do not vorry about me. I
dought I vould get up for a vile and give yew some company."

I smiled at the prospects. Kristanna was such a doll. "I
cannot argue with that." I let out a long, exaggerated yawn.
"I feel like falling over and taking a nap myself. But I have
to drive the boat and get you girls back to the island before
I can get any sleep of my own." I laughed and concluded,
"My job is way too difficult..."

"Actually, Mister Jeremy, I vanted to dank yew for all da
dings yew did for us today. All da udder girls... so happy."
Kristanna's eyes flashed as she continued, "I have never felt
so energized and invigorated like I did after dat herbal body
vrap and awesome salt massage." Kristanna shivered in a
theatrical manner and giggled like a little girl. "Honestly,
I never felt better in my vull life!" Then, she blushed.
"Vell... except ven I am having sex, of course."

Chuckling lightly, I extended my right arm and motioned
for Kristanna to come to me. When she did, I curled my arm
around her slender waist and gently pulled her against me.
Kristanna turned at the last possible second and, with her
back to me, took a seat upon my knee as I lounged about in
the captain's chair. I offered an exposed portion of her
neck a little kiss and breathed in the exotic fragrance of
her long, beautiful hair. The touch of golden thread
across my face, the faint smell of sweet lilacs arose and
flooded my senses with dizzying thoughts.

"I am not used to coming to da island and not being da
center of yewr attention," Kristanna commented, placing her
hands upon my own at her stomach as I held her from behind.

"What do you mean?"

"Every single time I come to da island in da past - I have
made 47 total trips to be precise - I vas usually da only
udder person dare vid yew," she explained. "Aside from
Louisa the housekeeper in recent times, and on da very rare
occasions someone from yer family vas visiting, it vas
alvays yust yew and me." She paused and ended, "I miss
da alone time vid yew, crazy Jeremy."

"Are you becoming jealous of the others for stealing your
spotlight?" I teased her.

Kristanna turned around in my lap to face me and shook
her head quite vigorously. "No, not at all."

I placed my right hand on her upper thigh and caressed it
gently. "It is different and strange for me too, sweetheart.
You always were the absolute center of my universe every
single time that you came to visit my island in the past.
But you know I have been busy with the others - most notably
Pamela and Devon." I sighed and growled inwardly for a brief
moment. "I need to make a choice between those two. It is
going to be damn near impossible. I love them both. I want
them both. And I don't want either of them to leave me."

Kristanna giggled. "Maybe yew could have two brides!
Pamela and Devvy, yew know. Vy not?..."

I laughed as well and shrugged off her comment as nothing.
"I don't think that is going to happen. Besides, you and
Devon are all over each other, Krissy. You and her cannot
keep your hands off of each other. I'm not quite sure Devon
is ever going to let you out of her sights."

"Vat do yew mean?"

"When it is time for everyone to go home in four weeks,
Devon will not allow you to return to Norway," I responded.
"She will not let you get away from her. Devon will force
you to go to Pennsylvania and start a life there with her."
There was a good 10 seconds of pure silence between us before
I continued, "Everyone talks about how Trish is so much in
love with Lindsay. I think Devon is more in love with you,
Krissy." The quirky blonde smiled brightly as I mused, "I
honestly think she loves you more than Trish loves Lindsay."

"Maybe I vill take Devvy to Norway vid me," she declared.
"Or maybe I stay on da island and yew have tree vives!"

Her words made me burst out into laughter. "Three wives?
What? You want to marry me, too? Pamela, Devon and you?"
I got a good chuckle out of that. The thought was amusing.
Kristanna was my best friend. Unfortunately, the meaning of
her words - and their sincerity - flew right over my head.

"So vitch one are yew going to choose? Pamela or Devvy?"

"I don't know," was my honest response. "Devon seems
absolutely flawless. No one can say a bad thing about her.
She is so nice, so unassuming, so comely... truly the type
of woman any man would be proud to bring home to his mother.
Pamela, in the eyes of some, has some flaws because of all
the time she has spent as a stripper. But those flaws make
her more complete, in my mind, and even MORE flawless." I
took a deep breath. "Do you understand what I mean?"

"I understand perfectly," Kristanna nodded. "But da
choice is betveen Pamela and Devvy, no? Da udder girls -
Trish, Lindsay, Amy - yew are not considering dem any more?"

"Pamela and Devon," I nodded. "That's it. Trish was a
distant third, but I've pretty much given up on her. She
only has eyes for Lindsay. Really, I cannot blame her."

"Maybe yew could marry Camille!" Kristanna giggled.

"Ummmmm... no. Just no."

"Never say never..."

"What do you think, Krissy? Pamela or Devon? Who do you
think is the best fit for me?"

"Yew know da answer to dat question," she retorted. "But
yew also know dat I am biased. Vy... Devvy, of course!"

"You and Devon have really gotten close."

"Ve have," the 23-year-old agreed. "I know vat Devvy
dinks of yew, Jeremy. I know how much she is in love vid
yew. And I know dat she vould do anyding to make yew happy."
Kristanna went silent for a moment. "Dat is vat yew vant,
no? Someone to love and care for yew? Dat is vat yew have
alvays vanted. Devvy vould do dat."

"You don't think Pamela feels the same way about me? You
don't think Pamela would do her best to make me happy?"

"I do," Kristanna nodded. "I could say da same dings
about Pamela, too. Yew are a knight in shining armor to
Pamela, Jeremy. Yew are her savior - maybe da only person
voo could rescue her from da life she is in. But as I told
yew, I am biased. I vill alvays side vid Devvy. Yew are my
favorite man, and Devvy is my favorite voman. I vould be so
incredibly happy if da two of yew hooked up and got married.
Dare is only one ding, dough. At da wedding, yew have to
promise me dat I get to be da Maid of Honor!"

"I just don't want to choose between Pamela and Devon," I
reiterated. "They are both perfect."

"Then do not choose," Kristanna said. "Take each of dem.
Make each of dem yewr bride. Two brides!"

I laughed at her again. "Things sure would be a lot more
simple that way. I wish I could choose both of them, Krissy.
The problem is, I have not seen a whole lot of interaction
between Pamela and Devon since they arrived on the island.
They are friendly and get along, but there doesn't seem to
be a romantic spark at all between them. It would be much
different if they were all over each other - kind of the
same way you and Devon are. Then, I could possibly explore
the idea of BOTH of them being a long-term part of my life.
That would be most interesting..."

Kristanna pursed her lips together and appeared lost in
thought for a moment. "Maybe Pamela and Devvy have not had
da right... motivation, yet, to get togedder. I vill see if
I can cook someding up and spark a fire betveen dem."

"Krissy..." I sighed. "Don't try to manufacture something
that isn't there. Why would you try to hook Devon up with
Pamela? If things don't work out for me and Devon, you and
her could start a life of your own together. You could go
back with her to Pennsylvania, or she could run off to Norway
with you. I need to pick one of them, and I need to do it
soon. Both Pamela and Devon already have visions of their
own when it comes to me."

"I vould hook Devvy up vid Pamela because it vould make
yew happy," Kristanna explained. "Vat have I alvays told
yew, Jeremy? I yust vant yew to be happy. Dat is all I
vant. Yew are most important person of all to me. I dink
nudding vould make yew happier dan having Pamela and Devvy
in yewr life togedder." She nodded her head and concluded,
"I vill see vat I can do to make it happen."

"And what about you? You're crazy over Devon. You want
to set Devon up with another woman just for my benefit? You
could ultimately be left out in the cold with no one."

"If it makes yew happy, yes."


"Or maybe I could be vife number tree!"

I tilted my head and looked at her intently. Kristanna
had that energetic, playful smile which I had become so
accustomed to seeing from her over the past couple of years.
She had always been quite the comedian. Kristanna loved to
make me laugh. She loved the reaction. Now, however, I had
the overwhelming sense that she was not being playful.

"Are you serious when you say that to me, Krissy?"

Suddenly, there was the sound of the bridge room door
being opened from behind us. Startled, I turned and was
rewarded with the charming sight of the luscious Pamela,
who was standing there wearing a white button-up blouse,
gray slacks and a pair of clear high-heels. It was a very
simple and conservative choice of attire, but rest assured,
Pamela still looked as appealing and as sexy as ever.

"Hi Pamela," Kristanna greeted, waving a hand at her.

"Hey," she returned, before shifting her focus to me. I
then realized that Pamela, who had both arms folded and
clenched together at her midriff, was cold. In fact, she
was shivering. I could see the goosebumps on her hands.

Kristanna stepped to the side without a word as I rose
out of the captain's chair and made my way over to Pamela.
Without a second thought, I took off my heavy leather jacket
and draped it around Pamela's shoulders. She certainly
seemed appreciative as I tugged and pulled on the jacket in
front, closing it around her chest and torso. Large and
bulky, it nearly went all the way down to her knees.

"I told you girls before we left Peru that it was going
to be a cold trip," I said to Pamela. We were sailing in
the ocean in the dead of the night. The wind could get quite
nippy and sharp. "Why don't you have a blanket with you?
The last thing I want is for you to catch the flu."

Of course, since I had given my jacket to Pamela and now
only a wore a thin t-shirt above the waist, I suddenly felt
bitterly cold myself. I would survive, though. I much
rather Pamela have my jacket. She needed it more.

"I had plenty of blankets on the sun deck with Lindsay,"
Pamela informed me. "I just wanted to come down and talk to
you for a bit." The 30-year-old glanced over at Kristanna,
then back at me. She then noticed Devon tucked away all nice
and snug in the corner, sleeping like a log. "Am I
interrupting anything? I will leave if I am."

Actually, Pamela had interrupted my conversation with
Kristanna. Right when I had asked Kristanna if she was
serious or not about being the _third wife_, Pamela showed
up. I was not complaining, mind you. I would _never_ tell
Pamela that she had interrupted. Nor would I ask her to step
away. But I did not get an answer from Kristanna. And I
wanted one very badly. Unfortunately, it would have to wait.

"Yew did not interrupt anyding," Kristanna said in that
sweet, melodious accent of hers. "Ve verr yust sitting and
talking about silly stuff ourselves." Kristanna gazed my way
for an instant before focusing her eyes back upon Pamela.
"Yew could never interrupt us, honey."

Kristanna was a sweet girl. There was no doubt about
that. We had not been talking about _silly stuff_, as she
claimed. In fact, I think our discussion had been quite
serious. We had spoke about not only my future, but hers as
well. And I did not get that answer. I still wanted it.

But, Kristanna did not have it in her to be rude. So she
told Pamela that nothing of importance had been interrupted.
In reality, though, it had.

With Pamela no more than six inches away from me, I slipped
both arms around her and brought her to me for a friendly,
thoughtful embrace. I held it an extra second or two not
because I enjoyed having her so close, but the jacket. Yes,
the jacket. It provided me with a little burst of warmth.
I was freezing cold!

"What did you want to talk about?" I asked her. "What
can I do for you tonight, dear?"

Pamela glanced downward for a moment, then meandered
toward the opposite wall and leaned back against it. My
eyebrows raised, I looked at her expectantly.

"Everyding okay?" Kristanna wondered.

Pamela took a deep breath and looked squarely at me. "I
feel as though I can say this in front of Kristanna, since
she helps you run and oversee things on the island." I
nodded my head at her as she continued, "But I wanted to talk
to you about Lindsay, and some concerns I have about her."

"Oh?" Hmmmmm, I was not expecting that. Pamela had some
concerns about Lindsay? "Do tell."

"Are you aware of what has been happening between Lindsay
and Amy the past couple of days?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "No. What's up?"

I then recalled the conversation that Amy had with Pamela,
Lindsay and Camille this past Friday evening. I watched from
the voyeur room as Amy claimed to have popped Lindsay's _anal
cherry_ with a dildo. Not only did she make it sound like a
glorious conquest for her, but Amy seemed even more gratified
with the simple fact that she had gotten to that particular
part of Lindsay's body before I did. Amy was still upset
that Trish and I had took Lindsay's virginity instead of her.

"Lindsay and Amy have been spending an awful lot of time
together," Pamela remarked. "Amy is my friend, Jeremy, but I
do not think she is leading Lindsay down the right path."

"What do you mean?"

Kristanna must have realized that without my jacket, I was
in a bad way. I could not hide it any longer. So, she
retrieved a heavy blanket from the overhead compartment and
tossed it around my shoulders. I quickly wrapped myself in
it and offered Kristanna a gracious smile in response.

Pamela breathed deeply once again. "I walked into the
room I share with Amy last night, and I found Lindsay on the
bed. She had a gag in her mouth and she was spread-eagle;
her arms tied to different ends of the headboard, and her
legs bound to the feet of the bed. And her butt was a
flaming red." Pamela glanced downward for a moment. "Amy
had been dominating her. She had been whipping her."

"Did Lindsay have any sort of protest to this?" I asked,
wanting to come across as professional and as level-headed
as I could. That was fascinating and exciting news, but I
could not over-react to the situation in front of Pamela.

"I don't think so," the 30-year-old answered. "But even
so, I do not think it is right."

"If Lindsay does not protest or have any obyections to it,
Jeremy and I cannot get involved," Kristanna chimed in. "Ve
made dat decision long ago. Ve are not going to interfere
vid anyding dat happens betveen da girls on da island." Her
eyes flashing, Kristanna smiled and clarified, "Yew said dat
ass was a... flaming red?"

"Yes," Pamela nodded. "There were two straps on the bed.
Amy had used them to to whip her."

"Did yew join in da fun?"

Pamela made a face at Kristanna. "No way!" Wow. Pamela
even appeared somewhat disgusted that Kristanna would say
such a thing to her. "I took the gag out of her mouth and
tried to untie her, but Lindsay told me not to. She said Amy
stepped away for a moment, but would be back. Lindsay told
me to put the gag back in and leave the room if what I was
seeing was upsetting me in any possible way."

Kristanna did not mean or try to insinuate anything bad
with her comment. She would say things like that for pure
effect sometimes. It was simply her nature. Unfortunately,
Pamela did not know her quite like I did.

"I... I was talking to Lindsay for a long time before
coming here," Pamela added. "We had a good, long talk up on
the sun deck. She has no problem with what Amy has been
doing to her. I... I couldn't believe it."

"Kristanna is right," I told her. "If Lindsay has no
objections, we are not getting involved. That was our rule.
I cannot tell Lindsay and Amy how to live their life, or
conduct themselves, on the island. As long as it is mutual -
and Amy did not force or coerce her into anything - I have
no reason to become involved. Lindsay is an adult; she is
old enough to make her own decisions."

"Lindsay is an 18-year-old kid!" Pamela shot back at me,
a hint of anger in her voice. "How does she go from being
this sweet and innocent virgin less than two weeks ago, to
now being a bondage submissive who gets off on pain?"

A... bondage submissive? Lindsay? Really? Apparently,
I had not been in the voyeur room much the past couple of
days. How could Lindsay the bondage submissive have slipped
by me? I needed to come up to speed on things with her at my
earliest opportunity. Fortunately, everything that happened
on the island was archived on video within the voyeur room.

"Lindsay has a submissive personality," Kristanna said to
Pamela. "Da personality profiler dat ve have predicted it.
From her very first time vid Trish and Jeremy, if yew notice,
Lindsay has done more and more. She vas in a seven girl orgy
yust a few days after losing her virginity. Dat seven girl
orgy turned into a seven girl gang-bang on Jeremy." My eyes
went wide at the memory as she kept going, "Den da next day,
Lindsay dresses up like a cheerleader for Jeremy. Dat vas a
submissive move on her part. Lindsay did not have to do dat.
Look at all da times she has had sex vid Trish. And den she
let Amy plug her in da ass vid a dildo." Kristanna nodded
her head. "Lindsay is vay more progressed dan da typical
girl voo yust lost her virginity a week-and-a-half ago. It
does not surprise me dat she is exploring sex and submission
vid Amy. It is in her nature to do so. Many of da dings
she has done so far has been aimed at pleasing udders."

"I do not think it is healthy for her," Pamela insisted,
looking at me. "Lindsay is the daughter of a minister. She
talks about following in her father's footsteps and becoming
a minister herself." Pamela stepped forward and grasped my
wrists with her hands. "Tears, Jeremy. I saw tears.
Lindsay's face was covered in them from that whipping."

"A good vipping can hurt," Kristanna surmised. "But some
people get off on da hurt. Apparently Lindsay one of dem."

"I'm not asking you to get involved," Pamela implored to
me. "But can you at least talk to Lindsay about it? She is
no longer listening to Trish about the subject. God, Trish
loves that girl and would do anything for her. Trish is
scared to death for her. Trish is scared to death of what
Amy ultimately has in mind for her. Lindsay even told Trish
to stay out of her business! But out of all the people on
the island, Jeremy, Lindsay would not shut you out. She
would listen to you. Can you at least talk to her about it?"

"What am I supposed to say?"

"I don't know!" Pamela fretted, upset. "I just... I don't
think what Amy is doing with her is right. I... I don't want
Lindsay to make the same... the same mistake... that I did."

"Oh? What mistake is that?"

"Becoming a stripper at age 19," Pamela answered. "I got
so entrenched as being a stripper that 11 years later, I
still have yet to dig myself out of that hole. I wish I
never got involved with stripping. That is what I mean with
Lindsay. I do not want her to get involved with something
that she one day regrets, and cannot find her way out of.
Amy will manipulate and corrupt Lindsay beyond any and all
reason if she is allowed the opportunity."

Kristanna nodded her head and glanced my way. "Lindsay
has been going a hundred miles an hour as of late, Jeremy.
Maybe Pamela is right. I do not vant da little girl to crash
and burn. It could get ugly."

"Very well," I finally relented. "I'll talk to her."
Still, what was I supposed to say?

"Thank you, Jeremy!" Pamela exclaimed, full of relief, as
she tossed her arms around my shoulders for another embrace.
The young woman squeezed even tighter as she said, "You have
no idea how much this means to me."

* * *

The following day, the time was 2:12pm when I found myself
seated at the control panel within my voyeur room. I had yet
to follow through on my promise to Pamela and speak to Lindsay
about her new-found affinity for the submissive lifestyle. I
had not witnessed her act overly submissive thus far, nor had
I been keeping up with the passionate trysts she and Amy
seemed to be having together more and more often. Before I
could speak to her, I had to find out what was going on.

The current date was Monday, June 17, 2013. With the help
of the voyeur room and its archives, I was able to go back in
time, so to speak, to Friday, June 14. From everything I had
gathered, this was the primary trigger point for whatever was
currently happening between Lindsay and Amy. It may have only
been three days ago, yes, but most things seem to escalate
very rapidly here on the island. I have no idea why.

All activities on the island at 5:51pm on Friday, June 14,
2013 were now flashing across the various surveillance
monitors on the wall in front of me. On one screen, I was
in the kitchen with Louisa, the elderly housekeeper, helping
her prepare dinner. Louisa usually did not want any help,
but she was feeling a bit under the weather that particular
evening and agreed to let me assist her.

On another screen, I noticed that Kristanna was lounging
beside the indoor (heated) pool along with Pamela, Trish,
Devon and Camille. The five ladies were busy chatting and,
from the look of things, having a wonderful time together.

But my sole focus was the third active monitor.

Lindsay was in Amy's guest suite, squirming about as she
sat upon the bed in a little, two-piece bikini swimsuit. Of
course, Amy was beside her, running her long, slender fingers
throughout the vixen's silky-smooth blonde hair. Intrigued,
I enabled the audio so I could listen in.

"Everybody is gonna wonder where I'm at," Lindsay said,
appearing a bit distraught. "I told Trish I would only be
gone for a few minutes - long enough to get a drink in the
kitchen. I don't want them to worry about me..."

"Wouldn't you rather be here with me, though?" Amy asked,
a wicked, nasty glint in her eyes. "I mean... think about
it. You could lay at poolside with the others and talk about
nothing. Or, you could be here with me in my room, and let
me fuck your brains out like no one ever has before."

Lindsay squirmed about some more in response to those
words. "Well, if you put it that way..."

"That's my girl," Amy grinned, as she continually stroked
and brushed Lindsay's hair with her fingertips. "You're
such a pretty thing. Did anyone ever tell you that, honey?"

Lindsay blushed and replied, "A couple of times. Jeremy
tells me that every single chance he gets!"

She stroked Lindsay's hair some more and cooed, "There
are a couple of things that I would be interested in trying
with you - if YOU are interested." The red-head offered
Lindsay a kiss on the cheek and asked, "Would you be willing
to allow me to... oh, indulge myself?"

"Indulge away," Lindsay giggled in response.

"First thing is first," Amy said, before her voice turned
more dark and fierce. "Take your bikini off."

Lindsay looked at the 30-year-old with wide eyes, but
complied with the request. She wiggled out of first her
top, then her G-string. "Quick personality change, huh?"

"I don't mean to scare you, honey, or make you feel one
bit uncomfortable. Not my intent." Next, Amy reached
underneath the bed and produced a pair of silk scarves.
"Let me live out this fantasy with you, Lindsay. I want to
do things to you that you don't even know are possible.
And I want to do it right now. First, I want to tie you up."

"You're into that bondage stuff?" the teen-ager scoffed.

"Come here, sweetheart," Amy breathed, embracing Lindsay
with both arms and kissing her passionately. I watched with
very interested eyes as the pair of ladies swapped their
tongues together through a heated, open-mouthed exchange.
Lindsay, whose taut, nude form was on total display, seemed
to be succumbing to the idea of being placed into bondage.

"Are you going to let me do it?" Amy insisted, waving
one of the white scarves before Lindsay's face once their
kiss ended. Not getting an immediate answer, Amy buttered
Lindsay up some more with another tongue-filled kiss.

"Oh yes," she finally replied. "Do it..."

"Lay down front-first on the bed, sweetheart," was Amy's
instructions. Lindsay did as she was told, then squealed
once Amy grabbed her right wrist and guided it toward the
headboard of the bed. She double-knotted the scarf around
her wrist, and then securely fastened its opposite end to a
hole in the headboard. Amy did the same with Lindsay's
left wrist; binding it with the second scarf and attaching
it to the other side of the headboard.

"It's okay," Amy purred, kissing Lindsay's shoulder as
the little vixen breathed in heavy, quick gasps. "I'm not
going to hurt you. Well, I'm not going to hurt you too much,
at least..." Lindsay whined at those words. I could tell
that her excitement level was building by the millisecond.
"Try to get loose, honey."

Lindsay squirmed about and did her absolute best to break
free of the silk scarves which bound her wrists to the
headboard. But it was no use. They were much too tight.
The headboard was actually shaking, too!"

"Excellent," Amy grinned. "But I can't take any chances.
I'm going to have to tie your legs up, too."

Lindsay moaned, then squealed once more as Amy produced
a second pair of scarves. She double-knotted both of them
over and around Lindsay's ankles, and eventually offered
each a tug to make sure they were secure. Next, she spread
the 18-year-old's legs apart, placing her feet upon opposite
corners of the bed. Finally, Amy took the ends of each silk
scarf and tied them around the bed's wheels on either side.

Satisfied with her evil handiwork, Amy took a step back
and smiled. Again, this was not something that I was
watching live in the voyeur room. This coupling took place
three days ago. I wanted to find out what had happened to
seemingly guide Lindsay down this new path in life.

"What are you going to do to me?" Lindsay quaked, maybe a
bit frightened, as Amy folded a pillow and placed it under
her waist. Now, Lindsay's sweet ass was upturned - and in
all probability, about to receive a good spanking. I know
that Amy had a definite interest in spanking. Of course,
watching Lindsay writhe and squirm about against the tight,
unbreakable bonds was enough to make me gasp in desire.

"I'm going to worship your body," Amy replied, that nasty
glint still in her eyes. "But I'm going to do it in my own,
special way. You just need to relax, honey."

Lindsay's own eyes went wide as Amy pulled a blindfold
out from underneath the bed. Lindsay turned and shook her
head wildly, but it did her no good. Amy slipped the red
blindfold over her head, completely shielding her eyes.

"I can't see!" Lindsay whined. She was suddenly bawling
like a cranky baby now. "Take it off! PLEASE!"

"Shhhhh," Amy offered in a soothing voice, her lips now
close to Lindsay's ear. "You'll be okay. I'll make sure
that nothing bad happens to you. You do trust me, right?"

"Yes," the blonde answered, her tone of voice still
distraught, but a bit more under control. "But I can't see!
Why is that thing on me?"

"It's better this way. Trust me," Amy countered, kissing
her on the cheek. "You won't have any idea as to what I'll
do to you next. Things will be more exciting for you."

"I hope you don't intend to hurt me," Lindsay fretted.
"I... I'll tell Jeremy if you do! You'll be in trouble!"

I chuckled inwardly as Amy began to shed her own clothing.
First it was her sandals, then her red tank-top, and the
matching pair of short-shorts. She tossed the items
elsewhere, then stepped out of her white G-string and kicked
it into literal oblivion. "I will try to be soft and gentle
with you," Amy purred. "But I can't promise anything. You
have been a bad girl - keeping yourself from me for as long as
you did. Both you and I know what happens to bad girls."

"They g-get pu-pu-pu-punished?" Lindsay sobbed.

Oh wow, I thought inwardly. This was something new.

Having foregone the use of a bra (which did not surprise
me), Amy was now totally nude. What an incredibly-stacked,
lovely woman, I said to myself. No wonder she had such a
large group of boyfriends in her hometown of Cincinnati.

"Oh God... what are you doing?" Lindsay asked, her head
twirling about as Amy pulled her trusty bag-of-toys out from
underneath the bed. "What's that noise?"

"Settle down," Amy told her, as she reached into the bag
and retrieved a black leather whip. My eyes nearly exploded
as I quickly zoomed in on the cruel object upon the monitor.
Was it a _cat o' nine tails_? I was not sure. But if it
was, I knew those could be quite painful with enough force.
I then panned the screen back for a wider view of the action.

Amy seemed to be glowing as she held the whip up and let
its leather strands caress her left arm and wrist. She kept
an eye on Lindsay, who continued a losing fight against her
unforgiving bonds. No matter what, she could not break free.
I found it oddly thrilling to watch her try, though.

With an evil grin, Amy extended her arm back and let the
whip fly. Its leather strands struck Lindsay's unsuspecting
ass with moderate force, but made her entire body jump as
she screamed wildly in response. Before she could catch her
breath, Lindsay's ass received another blow from the strap.
Then another, and another, and another...

"OUCH!" the shy and humble religious girl finally roared.
"OWWWWW, AMY! OH GOD! MY ASS!" After just four lashes,
Lindsay's backside was already a bright shade of red. It
was also shaking and quivering about uncontrollably, too.

"I know it hurts, honey," Amy said, placing the whip upon
Lindsay's upturned ass and sliding it about ever-so-softly.
"But I can see that you like it. You like the hurt." Amy
paused and asked, "Want me to continue?"

"Yes..." Lindsay breathed.

I gulped and cringed as Amy offered Lindsay a series of
five more quick, unrelenting swats on her ass with that
cruel whip. The little minx continued to scream out in an
even mixture of pain and pleasure, her words now incoherent.
Amy, of course, still had that glow about her. She seemed
to enjoy having her dominant side on display like this...

Lindsay's entire body was now trembling as Amy dropped
the whip and climbed onto the bed with her. She settled
herself upon her elbows and knees - just above Lindsay's
prone form as she lay in bondage front-down on the mattress.
With Lindsay's lovely face turned to the side, Amy used the
opportunity to curl her own neck and offer her a soft kiss.

"I want you to feel real good, sweetheart," Amy murmured,
kissing her cheek yet again. "If I hurt you too much, just
let me know. I want you to enjoy yourself."

"I am..." Lindsay whined, that blindfold around her
eyes concealing what had to be a sheet of erotic tears.
"You do make me feel good, Amy! Very good!"

"I love your face because it's so pretty, but it's not my
favorite part of your body," Amy told her. "I love your
taut, perky breasts, too. They look fabulous on you. And
your pussy looks so inviting... and delicious. But neither
it nor your breasts are my favorite part of your body. Do
you know what my favorite part about you is?"

"My ass?"

"You're very perceptive," Amy giggled, giving her lover
one more kiss on the lips before hopping off of the bed.
She offered that ass a playful smack with her hand and said,
"I just think it is so sweet, and perfect. Really perfect!"
She paused and added, "The whipping was just to warm it up
for me. Now, dear Lindsay... NOW comes the main course."

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked again. "Are
you going to fuck it? Is that the main course?" Oh God...
I nearly blew my load at those nasty words. Lindsay asked
about anal sex as if it were a normal occurrence for her.
This coming from a girl who lost her virginity a mere eight
days earlier!

"I have something even better in mind," Amy said wickedly,
licking her lips in pure anticipation as she eyed Lindsay's
firm, tight ass. I quickly got an idea as to what may be on
Amy's mind. No, I told myself. Amy would not do that...

"I have wanted to do this another woman for basically all
of my life," the 30-year-old confessed. "Your ass, baby...
it's so precious. It needs to be worshiped."

"How?" Lindsay asked, confused. "If you're not going to
fuck it... how? You've already whipped me."

"Like this..." Amy breathed, my eyes wide, as she leaned
over and spread Lindsay's asscheeks apart with both hands.
My earlier belief was now validated as Amy extended her wet
tongue and offered Lindsay's anus a full, sweeping lick.

"Oh God, Amy! No! NOOOOO!" Lindsay screamed, though her
voice was still full of erotic stimulation. "It's so nasty!"

"I don't care," Amy sighed, giving that puckered orifice
another full lash with her tongue. "I've wanted to do this
to another woman for so long. Now is my chance..."

"Licking my ass!" Lindsay screamed, trying her best (but
failing) to sound offended. "OH... IT'S SO NASTY!"

Those words only added fuel to Amy's already burning fire.
I shook my head in amazement as she offered Lindsay's rectum
swipe after swipe with her tongue. Soon, Amy tried to jam
her tongue inside the air-tight crevice. She had her tongue
fully extended, and was jutting her head back-and-forth in a
quick, continual motion. I could not believe my eyes!

"OH GOD!" Lindsay kept screaming. "NASTY! NASTY! IT'S
SO NASTY!" She paused and added, "BUT IT FEELS SO GOOD!"

"Hmmmmm..." Amy moaned in response, obviously liking that
last part. "I could eat your ass out from now until the end
of time!" Amy gave up trying to stuff her tongue inside of
Lindsay's anus, and decided to concentrate on it with
another round of full, sweeping licks. Simply incredible...

Myself, I did not look at this particular sex act as being
_nasty_. Instead, I felt as if it was taboo; forbidden.
Personally, I would never do this to someone else. But that
did not mean that I was not enjoying the show. Actually, it
made me happy to see Amy in some perverse, warped state of
Heaven. After all, the red-head claimed that she had wanted
to do this to another woman for a very long time. It made me
feel good inside that this island of mine aided in making her
lewd, fiendish fantasy a reality.

As for Lindsay, I really enjoyed her reaction. She
continually screamed about how nasty and awful this was, but
her body mannerisms told me that she was incredibly turned
on right now. It was as if Lindsay thought this was taboo,
too. But at the same time, she could not deny her arousal.

"I have a little surprise for you," Amy cooed, finally
withdrawing her face from inbetween Lindsay's asscheeks.
"It's for being such a good girl, and letting me do that to
you without protest. Well... at least, real protest."

"OH MY STARS!" Lindsay moaned. "What are you going to do
to me NOW?" I did feel sorry for her because she had that
blindfold on. Watching Lindsay's head jerk about to every
little noise was pure entertainment. But on the other hand,
Amy was right. The blindfold obviously added to her pleasure.

Reaching into her bag-of-toys once again, Amy pulled out
what appeared to be - of all things - an egg. At least, it
was shaped like one. The device had a thick wire attached
to it with what looked to be a hand-held control pad on the
other end. What was that thing?

Lindsay's whole body squirmed and tensed up as Amy
gently inserted the round object between her thighs, and
into her pussy. Amy made sure the _egg_ was buried deep,
too. All I could see now was that black wire coming out of
the exquisite blonde's swollen pussy folds.

"WHAT IS THAT?" Lindsay demanded. "It feels funny!"

Once Amy flipped a switch on the hand-held controller,
Lindsay roared out like she never had before.

"It's a vibrating egg!" Amy exclaimed, enjoying the loud,
continual series of screams emanating from her young lover.
"I have it turned to maximum power, too!" She grinned and
wryly added, "It's gonna make your pussy EXPLODE, baby!"

My eyes were wide and my heart was racing at what I saw
before me on the monitor. It was readily apparent that
Lindsay had _NEVER_ been quite this excited before. First
it was the harsh whipping, then the rim-job courtesy of Amy.

Now, her tender pussy was getting what appeared to be the
ultimate workout from that _vibrating egg_. The thing must
have been turbo-charged. Lindsay was screaming so loudly
that I feared she may wake people all the way over in Peru!

It was over quickly, though. There was no possible way
that Lindsay could stave off this orgasm. Not only did
her pussy explode - as Amy said it would - but seemingly so
did her whole, entire body. In the process, Amy peppered
that adorable ass with a few more heavy-handed swats for
good measure. Lindsay let out one final, earth-shattering
scream before the dam within her broke.

The juices literally flowed from her pussy, trailing down
her inner thighs and forming a small puddle upon the bed
beneath her. Wanting to taste and swallow them, Amy did her
best to swipe up that delicious nectar with her tongue. In
the process, she flipped the switch for that egg to _off_.

Once Lindsay finally settled down from the height of
joyous orgasm, she was motionless upon the bed for several
seconds. For an instant, I wondered if there was something
wrong with her. Every muscle in her body was still.

Displaying a tender side, which I found quite touching,
Amy leaned forward and kissed the side of Lindsay's head.

"I really hope you enjoyed having that done to you as much
as I enjoyed doing it to you. I think you're so precious..."

After a brief moment's hesitation, Lindsay finally spoke.
"Untie me," she said in a very flat, uncharacteristic tone.

"What?" Amy countered, perhaps taken off-guard.

"Untie me," the teen-ager reiterated, using the same tone
as before. "Untie me now!" She paused and demanded, "NOW!"

Amy looked startled, but did what was told of her. I got
the sense that she felt that Lindsay was angry with her. As
strange as that may sound, I had the very same feeling.
Lindsay had been very charming and sweet since her arrival
on the island, but this was a new side to her personality.
She seemed incredibly angry with Amy...

After her arms were free, Lindsay whisked the blindfold
off of her head. She blinked for several seconds, her eyes
adjusting to the sudden beam of light. Then, she had a wild
look in those eyes while turning her head to watch Amy undo
the two silk scarves which bound her legs to the bed.

"I didn't hurt you... did I?" Amy wondered, scared. "Are
you mad at me? I would never do anything to you, honey, if
I didn't think you would like it. I may say crazy things to
you, but it's all in a playful way and just for fun..." Amy
appeared genuinely concerned. She had good reason to feel
that way too, simply because Lindsay was staring an absolute
hole in her. She looked totally irrational!

"Get on the bed," Lindsay demanded, her blue eyes flashing
with wanton desire. "Get on the bed so I can fuck the
ABSOLUTE STUFFING out of you!" A sudden rush of excitement
overtook my body as I watched Lindsay grab Amy, then throw
her down to the bed. She was displaying an uncharacteristic
amount of force. She was turning the tables on Amy, so to
speak, and becoming dominant herself. I loved it!

Amy's uneasiness and trepidation from seconds ago had
faded away in an instant. Now, her lovely face was burning
with heated arousal as Lindsay inspected the same vibrating
egg that Amy had just used on her.

Suddenly, Lindsay shook her head and placed the object
upon the floor. Then, she reached into Amy's bag-of-toys
and pulled out a monstrous, strap-on dildo.

My aching cock - which I had been busy stroking all this
time - just erupted like a volcano. I could not believe my
eyes as I openly stared at the gigantic strap-on dildo, which
appeared to be at least 12 inches in length.

Amy's ominous gym bag was already the stuff of legend.
First she pulled out a cruel leather whip, then a vibrating
egg and now a huge strap-on dildo was found in it. Not to
mention, of course, the appearances this very same bag had
made in recent days whenever Amy was involved in a sexual
situation. Thus, the question begged to be asked...

What else did Amy have in that bag of hers?

Whatever the answer was, Amy was ctrembling with sheer,
unadulterated arousal. The look in her eyes as she watched
Lindsay step into the massive dildo's harness, then fasten
and buckle it into place around her trim waist told me all
that I needed to know. Amy was well aware of the fact that
Lindsay was about to give her the absolute pounding of a
lifetime. Fortunately, I had a front row seat for what
promised to be a VERY memorable encounter...

"Oh yeah..." the 18-year-old hissed, her delicate hand
busy frigging the massive, purple-colored instrument as it
protruded outward from her pelvis. "Look at what you made
happen, Amy! Look at the hard-on you gave me!"

The red-head giggled at that accusation, obviously
enjoying it. "I didn't realize how well-hung you were,
Lindsay, until just now!" She snickered some more before
adding, "Looks like you got a whole foot-longer there!"

"You're such a nasty girl, Amy. You licked and tongued
my ass like it was a lollipop! That's so NASTY!"

"And you loved every single minute of it," Amy countered,
nodding her head for emphasis. "Tell me that you loved it.
You're nothing but a slut, Lindsay. I don't care how soon
ago you lost your virginity. Nor do I care how innocent and
wholesome you want others to think you are. You are nothing
but a slut... a whore. A shameless whore!"

Instead of replying verbally to that, Lindsay instead
let out a sigh and shook her head. An instant later, she
hopped onto the bed with Amy and spread her thighs apart
with both hands. She positioned her body between them, then
grasped the obscene-looking dildo with her right hand and
immediately thrusted it hard and deep into Amy's pussy.

Lindsay's palatable breasts wobbled back-and-forth as her
body bucked and churned about in a frantic, non-stop motion.
The excited look on Amy's lovely face - and her unyielding
screams of pure stimulation - were something to behold.

Amy wrapped both arms around Lindsay's shoulders and hugged
her tightly, adding, "OH, DON'T STOP! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!"

Lindsay had the glare of a deranged maniac in her eyes
as she absolutely throttled Amy and her pussy with the huge
strap-on dildo. Her petite, thin body was a literal blur as
she pounded her wanton lover in the missionary position. I
also enjoyed the sight of Amy's own breasts, as the large
globes of luscious flesh bounced and flopped about wildly.

"YOU LIKE ME FUCKING YOU!" Lindsay roared out loud, her
pristine face just inches from Amy's. "YOU WANT ME TO SPLIT

"FUCK, LINDSAY!" Amy screamed in response. "OH FUCK!

My cock exploded once again as Amy's entire body arched
high off the bed. She let loose with yet another tirade of
profanity which lasted several seconds, then her body simply
collapsed onto the bed. All the while, Lindsay continued to
hammer away at her pussy with the obscene strap-on dildo.
She only stopped once it appeared that Amy had all of the
life literally blasted away from her body.

Instead of lunging forward and attaching her mouth to
Amy's for a loving kiss - which I thought would be the
appropriate thing to do - Lindsay quickly stood up. She
glared at Amy for several seconds, the fires of unquenchable
lust still burning in her eyes. Soon, she unbuckled the
dildo's harness and angrily threw the crude object to the
floor. I then realized that Lindsay was not finished...

"Lick my ass!" she demanded, turning her back to Amy and
bending over slightly. She reached back with both hands and
spread her asscheeks, saying, "I know you want to! Come
on... lick it some more! Do it!"

Amy was obviously tired after what her body had just went
through. Still, however, she found the energy to sit up on
the bed. Lindsay then bent over even lower - jutting and
flaunting her sweet, whip-reddened ass just inches away from
Amy's hungry, eager mouth.


"Oh my..." I moaned, as Amy moved her lips inward and
began to assault Lindsay's puckered anus with her tongue.
Newfound life quickly found its way back into my cock, and I
began stroking it rather briskly. The sweet teen-ager had
her own unique reaction as well - she squirmed and writhed
about in forbidden desire while keeping a firm grip on her
asscheeks - holding them far apart for Amy's probing tongue.

"YOU'RE SO NASTY!" the tiny blonde screamed, the level
of passion within her seemingly multiplying by the second.

"I know what you need... you little SLUT!" Amy announced,
getting into the verbal game as she withdrew her lips from
Lindsay's outstretched ass. With a fierce look in her
eyes, Amy reached down and retrieved a hand-held dildo from
within her trusty bag-of-toys. The dildo was thin, and about
six or seven inches in length. It appeared perfect for...

"I'm gonna fuck your ass now!" Amy roared, pressing the
dildo's head to Lindsay's anus and then jamming it inside.

Lindsay's reaction was predictable. She pushed her ass
backward, causing the entire length of the black dildo to
disappear into the confines of her rectum. Only its
handle (which Amy had a firm grip on) was still visible.

What amazed me the most was that Amy had not taken the
time to properly lubricate Lindsay's ass, but the lusty
hellcat did not seem to mind. She was too excited, as was
I. Needless to say, I had another throbbing erection now.

An instant later, all Hell broke loose.

Amy's arm was a blur as she thrusted the dildo in-and-out
of her girlfriend's anus as hard as she possibly could. I
was not surprised to watch Lindsay lose her balance, and
fall to the floor on her hands and knees as she screamed
out in response. Her words were totally incoherent...

It was obvious that Amy wanted to return the favor from
moments earlier. She wanted to brutalize Lindsay with a
dildo - just as the young woman had done to her.

I gulped my throat as with her free hand, Amy picked up
the _vibrating egg_ and flipped its power switch on. The
erotic object began to shudder about with battery-powered
electricity, and then Amy inserted it back into Lindsay's
overheated pussy - perhaps, where it rightfully belonged.

Considering what the vibrating egg had done to her
earlier, I was surprised that Lindsay lasted 15 seconds
before her whole body just seemed to spontaneously combust.
Not only did she have the powerfully-charged object in her
pussy, but Amy was still blasting her ass with that dildo.
Combine that with everything else which happened to her...

Lindsay's screams were high-pitched and while on her hands
and knees, she pounded her balled fist on the carpeted floor
repeatedly. I wondered if the five ladies who were at the
indoor pool - Pamela, Trish, Devon, Kristanna and Camille -
could hear her. Lindsay was screaming _that_ loudly...

Whatever the case, the massive orgasm she experienced was
something which I will never forget. I had never witnessed
such an animated, wild reaction from another person before.
Lindsay's whole body shook and shivered in the aftermath,
her lovely face a twisted sea of lust, as Amy continued to
work over her pussy and ass, respectively, with those toys.

And it should come as no great surprise that sometime
during Lindsay's orgasm, my cock exploded - _AGAIN_. My
wrist and legs had become completely covered with sperm.

When it was finally over, Lindsay's whole body went limp
as she crumbled to the floor. Amy flipped the egg's power
switch off, but left it embedded within the young woman's
hot, swollen pussy. She did withdraw the thin dildo from
her ass, however, and then leaned upward and offered Lindsay
a series of tender kisses on her neck and shoulders.

"Oh God... that was simply incredible," Amy breathed, now
nibbling on one of her earlobes. "Just incredible!"

Unable to speak, Lindsay groaned and nodded her head in
response. It looked like she had been hit by a train...

* * *

Well, a couple of things...

A full hour had passed in the present time and as I
relaxed on the bed in my private suite, I was trying to
piece together the puzzle of the video between Lindsay and
Amy from three days ago. First, I was very thankful for the
voyeur room. I was glad that I could go back in time, so to
speak, and review all of the trysts and naughty hijinks
amongst the girls, as well as those involving myself.
Seeing action on the live feeds was even better, though.

It was getting to the point where I could not function
without the voyeur room. Eavesdropping on the ladies even
as they did the most mundane of things was fascinating to
me. It was addictive. A few days ago, for example, I eyed
Trish with the help of my surveillance system as she sat on
the sofa in the center room and read a magazine for over an
hour. That was all she did - read the magazine. Being able
to fixate the camera on Trish and admire her lavish beauty
without fear of interruption or being caught... addicting.

But getting back to the original topic here, never before
had I known of two people who tried to blast and pound each
other into sexual oblivion in such a manner. Lindsay and Amy
certainly took a gigantic leap beyond the boundaries of what
was normally thought of as _rough sex_. It was actually
surprising to me that both of them were still in one piece.

Yet, nothing they did seemed so excessive that I found
myself offended or disturbed. I could never envision myself
hurting or causing excessive pain for another individual. It
was just not me. Yet these two ladies really seemed to enjoy
the devious torement and discomfort they had put each other
through. Thus, since they enjoyed it... I did as well.

I also wondered what else Amy could possibly have in that
gym bag of hers. Was it full of whips, dildos and various
other sexual devices? The mere idea of Amy carrying that
bag around with her over the remaining four weeks and blasting
every woman in sight with her collection of toys sent erotic
shivers right down my spine.

Certainly, that was a side of Amy that I had never seen
before. I knew that she had played a dominant role in the
past with certain ex-lovers, but never had I witnessed it on
display until now. It was a little eye-opening, I admit,
and could make me look at her in a different way altogether.

However, my opinion of Amy _still_ remained unchanged.
The young woman was much more submissive than dominant in my
book, and did not receive enough credit for her caring and
nurturing side. Some may claim that various intervals of
that encounter were bothersome, but I point to the spots
where Amy was gentle and overly concerned with Lindsay's
well-being. Almost everything Amy did - no matter how
hardcore it was - she got approval from Lindsay first.

That was important to me. In my eyes, at least, it was
proof that Amy was not as cruel and sadistic as some thought
her to be. She had a heart and cared about others.

Much like Pamela, I did not know what had awakened this
sexual deviant that seemed to be lurking inside of Lindsay.
Indeed, a woman generally does not go from losing her
virginity one week to being a pain-loving submissive the
next. _That_ was disturbing to me, although I certainly
enjoyed watching Lindsay explore this new-found side of
herself. Perhaps she had been this way her entire life, but
had not realized it until coming to the island?

It was readily apparent that the 18-year-old had no qualms
or complaints with all of the things that Amy had done to
her. Lindsay seemed ready, willing and able (not to mention
happy), and that was all I really needed to know. As long as
she and Amy were both in agreement with their experimentation
from this point forward, I had no right to intervene - no
matter how much Pamela (or even Trish) pleaded with me to.

However, I did plan on talking to Lindsay about things.
I needed clarification from her. Perhaps tomorrow?

On a more self-centered note, the final thing that caught
my eye about their encounter was the simple fact that Lindsay
seemed to handle the double-penetration she received with
relative ease. Lindsay showed absolutely no resistance when
Amy popped that long, obscene dildo into her anus, too. So,
as a result, there was one question that begged an answer...

When would _I_ get the chance to hump Lindsay in the ass?

<<<- End of Chapter 16 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

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2014-05-16 09:01:29
Great story btw please keep it going. Personally I would like to see him end with all 3 women as wives Pamela, Devon, Kristanna. I think that would be the best outcome that I personally would like to see.

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2014-05-16 04:54:36
So in just a few days after telling Jeremy of her life's goals, Lindsey has just given up her plans to follow in her fathers footsteps in ministry? That was sudden and completely out of character for her. (No "religious" ministry would accept a minister who was involved in pain and torture related sex games. Well maybe Catholics, but only if little boys were involved.)

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2014-05-16 04:45:43
The last line proves my point about Jeremy. He is only really interested in sex. He really doesn't want or need a wife or soul mate as he keeps claiming if that were true he would have no interest in any of the ladies on the island, he just wants sex more than one week a month. I say kick the 3 skanks (Camille, Amy, and Lindsey) off the island when the "contest" is over, and allow the other 4 women to visit him whenever they want. None of the women are solely interested in Jeremy, none of them are capable of being in a committed relationship with anyone, and its obvious none of them could ever be completely sexually satisfied by Jeremy. This contest is a total fail in its original planned goal, but it was a stupid plan to begin with if the goal was actually to find a "soul mate". I think the real goal was to turn 6 normal ladies into prostitutes. Since once they all get paid for coming to the island to have sex that's what they technically are. (Lindsey already is as she's been paid)

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2014-05-16 03:39:54
Pursue Pamela for right now, but end up with all three!
Very good writing by the way.

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Pamela because kristanna loves devon

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