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I feel him ever near and now that he gotten a taste he won't stop until he owns me. No matter how hard I fight him, in the end my father is just to strong
I could feel his eyes upon me as I sat across the living room working on my homework on the computer, no doubt sipping a beer as she pretend to watch TV, but in reality he was just hoping for a sneak-peak. Fat chance with the buggy sweatpants and hoody. I closed my books rising up to my feet turning to see my father smile as he was caught, that was what really scared me the most about him, he wasn’t ashamed of being seen. “I’ll see you in the morning.” I said as I passed and he frown pushing up.
“Oh, why don’t you stay and watch some TV?” he almost begged, and in his dark blue eyes I could see so much more than he cared to say out loud. I shook my head and took off upstairs passing my parents’ bedroom towards mine.
“Off to bed honey?” mom called as I passed and I answered telling her that I had a test in the morning, the truth was I couldn’t stand sitting down there with his eyes all over me. I pulled off my hoody followed by my tank-top, and dropped them to the floor as I turned looking into my mirror. Girl my age, sixteen, would have killed to have a body like mine, even if they didn’t know it. It was for the chest that I started wearing baggy clothes to keep my father’s eyes off me, and that really didn’t work.
I was tall for your average sixteen, which gave me long tight muscles, I was slim with just the right amount of apps to give one of those to die for stomachs, and firm C-cup breast with large nipples that seem to always stay hard. It was all this that my father couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off, and I fear that it will only get worse, expressly after what happened last Saturday.
It had been a hot April weather for our small out of a way town in the rural of the NC, and being that my family was farmers by trade I was pulling my weight by helping out the handle, I was working on a broken fence one the southernmost tip of our family land that took up nearly a ten thousand square acres. It was pretty much the bottom our property because it boarded a large forest that stretched onward for miles.
I choose to ride my horse, Buttercup, okay I got him when I was eight, and had him fastened to a section of the fence a little ways down from me, it was mid-day and I was sitting down next to the horse drinking some water when I heard a truck banging down the dirt road towards us. “Who’s coming all the way out her?” I asked my horse I as I pushed up against her in time to see my father truck come out of the path in the trees. Immediately I frowned at my choice of clothing having only wore a tank-top and shorts, he was supposed to be in town at the auction seeing off some cows.
As his truck stopped a few feet away I could easily see the smile of approve that crossed his face in the cab, I cursed myself under my breathe as he got out walking over to the nearly finished fence. “I see that you’re nearly finished, that good too many heads in a small pin is never a good idea.” He said laughing softly to himself as he turned looking me up and down. I turned too walked over to Buttercup when his hand grabbed me hard around the wrist.
“Ahh,” I screamed out as he turned it forcing me to my knees. He just started at me as he held my arm high over my head forcing me to arc back throwing my breast out in my tank-top.
“For months now you’ve tormented me with that body,” he said quietly in a voice that wasn’t quite his. His eyes were darker than I could remember. “And today you finally going to give me some relief.” In a flash he released my hand, only to grab a fist full of my hair pulling me forcefully against his jean covered groin.
“No,” I said feebly trying to push away from him, useless seeing as he handle the bulls all day long which left him very strong. He jerked my hair up causing me to scream out, then the back of his hand wipe hard into my left cheek and he released my hair, laughing as I slammed into the ground hard. I laid there crying with my hand covering my cheek as I stared up at him in disbelief, never before had he ever laid a hand on me, but never before had I seen such a look in his eyes as he started unfastening his jeans.
They fell to his knees as he reached down grabbing my hair again, yanking me back up onto my knees. “I’m your father and you’ll do what I say when I say, got it.” He said as he worked his underwear off while still holding a fist full of my hair. As the elastic band slipped passed his large cock I nearly throw up at what he wanted from me. Before my eyes I watched as it grew long and started to rise until he was fully hard standing tall at least sixteen inches and god it had to be as thick as a corndog.
I refused to open my mouth which only made him mad. “What did I just tell you?” He yelled twisting my hair causing me to scream out, but only for a second as his large dick rammed straight to my throat making me gag hard. “Relax,” He yelled as he forcefully worked my mouth on his cock, the entire top of my head screaming out in pain from how hard he pulled me down driving it down my throat gagging me each time.
Tears poured from my eyes I fought to control my breathing while bugging for this to be just some nightmare. He grunted hard with each thrust and soon I found myself more able to handle it. Salve poured from my mouth around his meat covering the front of my tank-top. It must have allowed him to see that I hadn’t even bothered wearing a bra. “Oh, well look at that, you must like this,” he said laughing hard as he squeezed my left nipple through my shirt. I cried out as the pain shot through me and a wave of humiliation washed over me as I felt my panties grew wet from the juice seeping out of my pussy.
Finally he grunted hard sucking in his breath slamming my face hard against his groin almost dislocation my jaw. A new way of horror filled me as I started gagging from the cum that shot straight down my throat. It seem to never end just like the pressure that held me against him. He groaned for a moment then fill released me dropping me to the ground and I puked from all that had just happened. “Damn girl, you give good head.” He said pulling up his pants and underwear. “Finished up her and get your sweet ass back up to the house.”
He was driving off before I could even manage to move from the ground. As my eyes opened I saw the rear lights of his truck faded into the trees before buttercup’s hoof softly appeared next to me. He must have worked free trying to help, it was at least a nicer thought then the nightmare that I would never forget. I crawled over to where I left my water bottle and took a mouth full and spitted it back out washing the salt taste of his seed from my mouth.
Not bothering to finish the fence I pulled myself painfully onto Buttercup’s back and allowed him to softly walk us back to the farm. By the time I got back to the house I was ready to go to mom and tell her everything I had just happened, but as I walked inside and headed upstairs, I stopped short as my father’s voice coming from their room. “Yeah she nearly finished up, she should be back any minute.” He walked out and smiled at seeing me standing there and walked over lower his lips to my ear. “Thanks for early,” he whispered then kissed my cheek and walked off.
Fuming, I rushed into mom’s room to find her looking very upset. “Mom, dad just force me to give him a blow job.” I waited for her to get up and rush downstairs to confront dad, but instead I was taken aback as she rose off the bed and slapped me hard a crossed the face.
“So you’re the reason he hasn’t touched me in weeks.” I nearly fainted as she said this, she pushed me hard in the chest shoving me off of her room slamming the door shut in my face. Turning in disbelief I found my father smiling standing just down the hall.
“Catch you later,” that had been a week ago now, and so far nothing has happened but today felt different. Ever since getting home from school I seemed to find him close by, always staring down at me. I removed my pants and panties grabbing a fresh pair from my dresser slipping them on, then grabbed a large over-shirt from my closet and crawled into bed.
It was dark when I was suddenly awoken as I felt my bed dip hard, I turned rolling onto my back and nearly had the wind knocked out of me as something heavy fell down upon me. “OH, all that wiggling feels good,” my father whispered into my air and before I could scream I felt his hand cover my mouth. “Oh no, none of that screaming,” he said with a cruel laughing. He forced me over and shoved my face into my pillow and as I tried to push back I felt his hand roaming up and down my side laughing cruelly the whole time.
When he finally released my head I pushed up only to find him shoving something round into my mouth. I felt him roughly push my hair away from my neck and felt his finger tighten what felt like leather straps. I tried to get it out of my mouth but his hand then grabbed mine and pulled them up high behind my back. I groan biting into the object in my mouth. He roughly pulled me back against him and I felt his free hand roaming over my tight stomach and up to my breast. He smiled at feeling that my nipples were hard, and shamefully I could also feel the moisture forming between my legs.
I was sicken by myself as I found that a part of me was starting to enjoy this and it only made me fight harder. He slammed my face hard against the wall. “When are you going to learn that this,” he said stopping as I felt his hand slowly lowering down my stomach only to come to a stop on my panties, he turned smiling as he too felt the moisture on them. “Well I guess you really do like this. He pulled me back only to slam my face back into the pillow as his hand pulled my ass high in the air behind me. Screaming as loud as I could as I realized what he wanted this time. Renewed tears filled my eyes as I felt his work my panties down.
“Oh baby,” he almost whispered affectingly as his finger slowly parted my pussy lips. I closed my eyes as his finger circled the outer lips making me feel many confusing feeling. He pushed up onto his knees and I could feel him working his zipper down, crying hard I tried to push up but only managed to anger him. “Fine, I was going to be gentle, but since you haven’t learned.., He words trailed off as I scream from the sheer pain of him slamming all sixteen inch of his growth deep in my pussy taking my virginity. The force of his thrust picked me off the bed for minute and as I closed my eyes from the agony of having him inside me he begin moving slowly back out.
He kept up with the slow pace and soon the pain fade and to my horror feelings of pleasure soon started to rush thought me. My screams soon turned to moans and he chuckled as he heard this finally letting go of my arms. I pushed up to my hand finding myself unable to stop from slamming back against me, it was then that I felt the tidal-wave forming deep in my core. Never before had I felt anything like this, and as the feeling grew I found myself almost begging for him to fuck me harder.
A part of me that seem to hang on to the reality of what was happening was filled with shame at how I was acting, but none of that matter a moment later as that feeling sudden tip the scale and I found myself screaming as my pussy muscle constricted tightly around his manhood. Fluid gushed out of my pussy as my eyes rolled back and I knew no more.

To Be Continued…,

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Eh. I was bored with the cliche of it.

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I Like the mother's reaction


2014-05-17 16:25:55
Poorly written and spaced, totally bullshit unbelievable with a sickening propensity for the typical American stereotype ie violence and disrespect. Not worth the three minutes it took to try to understand the mentality.

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I liked it a lot hope to see a second chapter :-)

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Not just a piece of shit story, but a whole field of shit. Total waste of time.

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