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Her View
New Slave-Pt 2
Her View

She was shoved into a room and told by the handlers that this would be her room. She was told that she was never to leave the room, unless summoned by the master. Everything she needed was either in the room, or would be provided. Food would be brought twice a day and she was to eat it or she would be punished. She was to rest now and she would be instructed on her duties later.
She looked around the room. There was a bed in the middle of the room with four short posts at each corner. It looked rather odd so she moved closer to inspect it. Each post had a short tether attached to it with a fur-lined loop at the end. It also appeared that the bottom half of the bed could detach and be moved to underneath the top half of the bed. Instead of pillows, there was a curve at the very top half of the bed. It also looked as if the whole bed could be raised or lowered. She had assumed that all sexual activity took place in the master’s house, but apparently she was wrong. She tried to move the bed against the wall, but found that it was bolted to the floor.
She noticed a large trunk near the bed, but when she tried to open it, she found it locked. There were small windows around the top perimeter of the room, about ten feet off the ground. They were too high to climb up to. She tried the door and found it had no interior door handle. It was perfectly smooth. She looked around the room and saw no other furniture but a bed and the locked trunk. There were no books, no lamps and no chairs. The lighting came from the ceiling.
She noticed a door on the other side of the room that had a handle. She went and opened that door and discovered the bathroom. There was an abnormally large tub, an oversized shower stall and a toilet, bidet and sink. She remembered that her master had told her that she was to be clean at all times. Apparently he was serious on that aspect.
She opened the shower door and turned the handle to hot. She needed to wash the stink of her new master off. She was also still very horny. She had learned with her previous masters, that most masters were more concerned with their own pleasure rather than that of the slave. Often times she was left wanting. She stepped into the steaming shower and laid on the floor, letting the scalding water hit her pussy. AAAAHHH! She spread the lips of her pussy and let the water hit her clit and enter her hole. Her pussy was sore from her inspection and the hot water felt soothing. She took the bar of soap and soaped her pussy thoroughly - after all he had stated that he wanted it kept clean. She took the bar of soap and thrust it into her cunt. Might as well clean the inside too. She soaped her hand well and then took her left hand and started to slide her fingers in and out of her cunt. She was quick to get wet. Nothing gave her more pleasure than pleasuring herself. Pretty soon, she was fisting herself. Her right hand was pinching her nipples. She cried out as she came once. She continued fisting herself as the hot water hit her clit. She came again. She loved the feel of her cunt contracting around her hand when she came. That thought, and the feel, made her come a third time. She turned over on her hands and knees and let the water play over her asshole and cunt. She could feel herself start to relax. No master could make her come like she made herself come. She stood up and soaped the rest of her body. She washed her hair and just let the water beat down on her head for a while.
She stepped out of the shower and found that there were no towels. Instead there seemed to be some air jets close by. She pushed the button and her body was dried in an instant. There was a brush and a comb by the sink. She used those to brush out her shoulder length hair. This was when she noticed that there were no mirrors in this bathroom. She went back to the air vents and pushed the button and dried her hair. Overall, due to the shower and the lengthy masturbation session, she felt better than she had since she had been sold.
She returned to the bedroom and lay on the bed. There were no covers, but the room was a comfortable temperature, so she did not mind. As she lay on her back looking at the ceiling, she heard a hissing noise and before she could look for its source, she was fast asleep.
When she awoke, it was to discover one of the handlers shoving his cock in and out her cunt while another was using her mouth as a fuckhole. She tried to move but found that her arms and legs were bound as well as her head fixed in place. The two handlers were grunting with exertion as the continued to pound her. They both withdrew at the same time and came all over her. They moved away and to her horror, another moved in the place of the one at her cunt. He was able to fuck her standing because they had raised her bed and removed the bottom half so that her cunt was at the right height to fuck.
The handler between her legs did not use his cock to fuck her. Instead, he balled his fist and forced it into her cunt.
“Master said that you seemed to like fisting yourself so much, that we are to fist you between fuckings. In fact he said we were to fist you for five minutes exactly. Personally, I would just rather use my cock, but Master is the master.”
“Why?” she managed to croak through the pain.
“You are a stupid bitch. Master has cameras all over the place. There is not a corner of the estate that you cannot be watched. He caught you masturbating in the shower. You were told that masturbating was a major transgression and now you are being punished for it. There are two handlers, as well as 13 other minor handlers, and we have been given you for the night. The only things we are not allowed to do is come inside you, anywhere, and we are not allowed to fuck you in the ass.”
She heard a tone and the handler withdrew his hand only to replace it with his cock. Another handler came and started to maul her breasts. He bit the nipples until she was screaming in pain. He stood and slapped her and told her to shut up. He took his rigid cock and stuck it in her mouth. The other handler was still pounding her pussy. A third handler joined and continued the assault on her breasts as he masturbated against her stomach.
The raping continued for what seemed days to her. The handler had told her it was only a night, but it was impossible for her to tell. Her cunt had been continuously fucked; whether it was with a fist or a cock, with the only break being when one handler moved to make way for another. When she had had to pee, the handler told her to go ahead. She had tried to hold it, but eventually she went. The handler laughed and took a Quick Wipe to her cunt as he was fucking her. The wipe actually felt good because it was cool and her cunt was burning.
Finally, the handlers unstrapped her from the bed and dragged her to the shower. Another attached the hose to the faucet. He shoved the nozzle of the hose into her cunt and turned the water on. She could feel the water pound the already sore inside of her cunt.
“Master wants you clean.” Another handler took a toothbrush and toothpaste and brushed her mouth thoroughly. A third handler soaped her body all over. The first handler finally removed the hose from her pussy and sprayed down her body. They roughly picked her up and stood her in front of the air jets to dry her off.
Two of the handlers then dragged her through the estate to another bedroom and threw her on the bed. They tied her spread eagle on the bed and then left. She tried very hard to keep her eyes open and to stay alert but it was impossible. She had not had much sleep since she had been sold and she was pretty sure she had not been allowed much sleep before the handlers started raping her. Her eyes finally closed, despite her best efforts.
She again awoke to pain. Master was standing between her legs, whipping her pussy. He had a hard look on his face. He noticed her eyes open.
“You (slap) will never (slap) disobey (slap) me again (slap). Next time (slap) I will not (slap) let it (slap) be (slap) so easy (slap) for you.” He kept slapping her cunt until she thought that she was going to pass out with the pain. She could feel her clit swelling so that each lash hit it squarely. She was crying now and wordlessly begging him to stop.
When he did finally stop, she was exhausted. Her body was used and bruised. He moved away from her and picked up a glass of wine and took a deep swallow.
“I had to take time out of my schedule to discipline you today. It will be a lesson you do not soon forget. It will bring you very little pleasure, but the pain will make you remember the rules. I expressly told you masturbation was forbidden. The fact that you seemed to derive so much pleasure out of it will only make it worse for you. From now on, when you pass any one on the estate, whether it is I, or one of the handlers, a male or a female, you are to get on you hands and knees and beg them to fist you. You will also orgasm each time. If you do not orgasm, there will be 100 pussy lashes. Is that understood?”
She moaned and nodded. He moved to a drawer and pulled out a strange device with electrodes hanging from it. He bent between her knees and attached two of the electrodes inside her pussy walls. He attached two more to her pussy lips, one to her swollen clit and the two remaining electrodes to her nipples. He pulled an armchair to her side, sat down, took a sip of wine and flipped a switch. She screamed as she felt electrical current pour through her cunt and nipples. He turned it off and waited for her to unclench. He then flipped it on again. She screamed again. It again went off. He bent over and untied her bonds and told her to get on her hands and knees. She was beyond thinking and did as she was told. She just wanted this to end. She felt him kneel between her legs and push his cock against her asshole. She jerked forward and he flipped on the electricity again.
“Don’t move away from my cock again.” He told her as he again pressed his cock against her asshole. She prayed that he was not going to fuck her in the ass. She had never been fucked in the ass. That was the only hole that head been left untouched today. He pressed harder and she felt her asshole give way. It hurt like hell. She did not think that he was using any lubrication and her asshole was bone dry. He grabbed her by the hips and held her firm as he rammed into her. Finally, she felt him go all the way in. She held herself immobile, hoping that it was the end of her punishment. He flipped on the switch again and she felt her whole body clench, especially around his cock. As the current flowed, he butt fucked her as hard as he could. With a grunt he came and withdrew and turned off the juice. She collapsed face down, crying in agony. He flipped her over and reattached her bonds.
Again, she tried to keep her eyes open, so that she could see what was coming next. Again, she was unsuccessful. She fell asleep.
The next time she awake, it was to find a girl, lying on her stomach, between her legs, eating her pussy. The girl was diving in as if she was searching for treasure. After the abuse she had taken, her cunt was numb and she could not feel a thing. Wait; she was wrong, she could feel the girl biting her pussy lips. She felt a hand grab her head and turn it to the right. She was presented with Master’s cock as he put it in her mouth.
“Suck my cock until I come”
She started to suck, although it was hard since her hands were still bound above her head. She moved her mouth and licked it from the balls to the tip of the shaft several times. She then sucked on his balls. She could hear him start to moan. She took the whole shaft into her mouth as far as it would go and licked it. He started to take control from her at this point and started to fuck her mouth. He thrust in and out until one final thrust when he came in her mouth and forced her to swallow.
The girl between her legs continued eating her cunt as master stood and watched. His cock was getting hard yet again. He was a monster to be able to get hard so quick after coming. He undid her hands and told her to get on her hands and knees again. When she did so, the girl positioned herself underneath and continued licking her cunt. She felt Master position himself again behind her. He thrust his dick roughly into her cunt that was wet from the pussy licking. As he fucked her, the girl between her legs sucked on his balls and licked his dick. The girl between her legs seemed to be enjoying herself because she kept begging Master to give her release. After what seemed like hours of pussy pounding, Master withdrew and came in the other slave girl’s mouth
The other slave girl left the room without being fulfilled. Master told her that she was being punished for an earlier disobedience. She still begged him for a quick fuck with at least a dildo. He turned her out with out anything.
Her legs were like jelly and she collapsed on the bed. She heard Master walk toward the bed and then felt him slap her ass hard.
“I did not tell you that you could lay down. Get back on your knees”
“Please, Master, I need to go pee.”
He again slapped her ass hard.
“I did not give you permission to talk, slave. Get on your knees, NOW!”
She got to her knees and she heard a noise behind her, as if Master was pushing a machine around. She tried to look around but discovered that a curtain had been put up that blocked her view. Her arms and legs were shaking with exhaustion. Master moved around the curtain and caught her looking. He moved to the head of the bed and pushed a button. A sling dropped down from the ceiling. He fitted it over her head and she discovered that it was to keep her head up and looking forward. If she relaxed her arms much, it tightened around her throat and she choked.
Master moved to the end of the bed again. The next instant, she felt something impossibly large fitted into her cunt. It hurt as it slowly made its way in.
“I figure that you like large things in your cunt, according to your fisting exhibition in the shower. This is a fucking machine. Every fifteen minutes, for the next two hours, it will enlarge the dildo by a centimeter. By the end of two hours, it will be twenty centimeters around. I am sure that the pain will be excruciating. It will fuck you for another fifteen minutes, slowly. I am going to spray your cunt with a hypersensitivity gel, so that you can feel each time the machine forces it’s way in and each time it slides out. Just when seems as if you have gotten used to the size, it will expand again. This will end you punishment. At the end, a handler will come release you. Remember what you have learned today, so that I do not have to repeat this lesson.”
He started the machine and she felt the machine push the large dildo all the way into her cunt. She had been put on a fucking machine before, but never on one that pushed all the way into her pussy. As promised, it slowly pulled almost all the way out and pushed back in. She grunted with each push. Just as she was adjusting, she felt it pull out and heard a hissing noise. The next time it pushed in it was bigger. It felt A LOT bigger.
By the time the two hours was up, her pussy was raw. She had long lost any lubrication and it was intensely painful with each slow thrust. She heard another noise and the machine picked up speed. That was worse, because of the lack of lubrication. She was screaming when the machine finally stopped, halfway in her cunt. She was shaking all over and close to strangling, her head was drooped so low. She heard a door open and felt the machine being removed from her cunt. A handler moved to the head of the bed and removed the harness from around her head. She immediately fell onto the bed. She looked at the handler. He was one of the large ones who had raped her earlier.
As he bent over her, he whispered, “Do not forget that when you see a person on the estate, you are to get on you hands and knees and beg to be fisted. If Master catches you disobeying again, you will be punished even worse.”
She turned over and weakly rose to her knees and begged the handler to fist her. He pulled out a tube of lubricant and as he applied it to his hand, he told her that Master had given everyone on the estate a tube, so they were prepared when the met her. He inserted his fist in her cunt. She tried to imagine she was in the shower again pleasuring herself. She could not drum up the least bit of pleasure in the fisting. She tried to fake an orgasm, but was too exhausted to be convincing. The handler finally stopped. He turned her over and told her to spread her legs. Master re-entered the room, with his whip in his hand.
“You did not come and I told you that the punishment was 100 pussy lashes. I will administer the first ten and then my handler will take over.” He brought the whip down on her sore cunt ten times. She was screaming and tears were running down her face. She knew better than to try to block the whip. Master handed over the whip to the handler and he continued to whip her. She finally passed out around lash number 54. She awoke to ice water being thrown on her breasts. The water was so cold that it seemed to burn her skin. The handler continued the whipping. She again passed out around lash 78. This time she was awakened with rough slapping of her face.
“79” the handler shouted as he brought the whip down.
“80…81…82…83…84…85.” She again passed out. The feel of electricity jerking her body around brought her back to consciousness. She had forgotten that the electrodes were still attached.
The handler started the count where he had left off and she thankfully made it to 100. The handler stopped and jerked her to feet. Master was nowhere to be seen. The handler took her through the estate, where they luckily saw no one else. He dumped her on the floor of her room. She had enough energy to crawl to the bed, which had been put back to normal after her raping, and crawled onto the mattress. She put her hands protectively over her cunt and passed out one final time.

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2010-08-13 17:32:55
wow that was some punishment she took but still so damn fucking hot when shes being fuck will there be another part 2 the story

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2009-07-21 11:20:04
loved the storie both part keep up the good work and please continue this story love big girls and love fisting them

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2009-06-10 11:04:54
like to read about big girls getting some hard love to nice to know that im not the only one that likes plump sluts really liked the part of her punishment where she has to beg to be fisted by everyone she sees that cunt will be taking two fist real soon


2007-02-12 20:07:03
Nice work! Check for some typo mistakes, but it's a lot better than some of the sloppy stuff I've read. I love extreme abuse stories, especially with sadistic lesbians abusing or testing slut limits and beyond.


2006-01-16 07:57:51
A little excentric and inconceivable, but per total a very exciting story. Can I expect a new chapter?

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