A husband and wife experiment with porn, seeking the truth about the beasts within themselves.
The couple on the screen was beautiful, of course. The woman was a petite brunette with her butt thrust into the air, her eyes rolling back in her head with pleasure. The man was a large hulking brute with an ugly face, but a muscled body and large sex organ. He pounded her tight little pussy violently, and she screamed in pleasure as he shot his load into her well manicured body.

Josie moaned as her pussy contracted, ripples of pleasure snaking through her young, hormonal body. She breathed in and out heavily as her breasts quivered in her shirt, her finger relaxing on her aching clitoris. She sighed heavily and her eyes widened as she heard the door jingle. She pulled down her skirt and cleared the internet's history before closing the window, with haste.

Josie stood to her feet and smiled, trying in vain to act natural.

"Hey, baby," she said sweetly, "how was your day?"

"It was fine," her husband said in a tired and slightly exasperated tone. His muscled body was sore under his work shirt, and Josie caught the familiar scent of oil on his clothes. He sat down in the chair and she knelt in front of him, removing his boots as he asked her, "How was your day, baby?"

Josie blushed shamefully, and lied with a soft voice, "It was fine; not very busy or exciting, though."

John eyed her suspiciously, but before he could inquire further his young bride was up and about, pouring juice into his glass at the kitchen table. He admired her young, slender frame as she moved about, surprisingly graceful for a 17 year old. Her hair was becoming longer, he noted, it's silky chestnut waves cascading down her back and landing at her waist. Her blue eyes studied him, curiously, as she announced, "Dinner is served, my dear."

John sat at the table with his sweet little wife and held her hand as they said the blessing, her grip loose and insincere in his own. He squeezed her hand at the end of the prayer before releasing, hoping to ignite some sort of reaction in her. Unfortunately, there was none. She smiled happily and inquired about his work, and his day at school, as she delightfully dodged the elephant in the room.

Dinner was finished, and as Josie cleared the table John could stand it no longer. He watched her at the sink, her smooth arms elbow deep in dish water and soap. He swallowed and asked gruffly, "Are you hiding something, dear?"

Josie stopped her scrubbing and hung her head, shame engulfing her. John stood and wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her neck.

"I'm sorry, John," she whispered softly.

John handed her the towel, and she dried her hands obediently as she followed him into the bedroom. He laid her on the edge of the bed and pulled up her skirt, feeling her tremble with fear and anticipation. He smacked her bottom with his large calloused hand, drawing a whimper from his fragile bride. He locked his jaw and smacked her again, leaving a red mark and a ripple to prove his power over her.

Josie sniffled, and John cradled her against his chest like a baby. She wept and explained softly, "I try so hard, John, but there's a part of me that wants it. Ever since I clicked on that stupid website in first grade, I've been hooked. It disgusts me; there's no love, and no romance. Just two filthy animals banging each other for the money and the amusement of others. But there's something in me . . . it's like I have a stupid parasite, or something."

"I know," John said, "I know. We're both trying, Josie; you know I've struggled with it too. I was haunted by the same longing, and it is really hard sometimes, still."

Josie swallowed; there was a voice in her head that had been asking her a question for months. Her Christian faith told her the answer, clear as day, but still the voice whispered to her. John sensed it and gazed at her, questions dancing in his eyes. She whispered the question meekly, defying all their religion, "Do you think there is any harm in it? What if . . . what if it doesn't have to be a curse? What if we can actually benefit from it?"

John swallowed hard and averted his gaze; he had thought the same thing so many times before, but he had never asked for fear of hurting his wife. He knew how much he had hurt her already, but the same desire was in his heart and mind, as well.

"I don't know, Josie," he said flatly, "all of the Christian books say it's wrong; they say it just hurts the relationship. I know we've never tried it, but all of the author's are older than us and have been married longer."

"But all of the secular authors say just the opposite," she said sweetly. She lowered her gaze and explained, "I'm tired of feeling so wrong about this; so many people do it, and they say it doesn't hurt them at all. Maybe we really are being uptight! I just . . . we both enjoy it, and I'm so tired of feeling so wrong so much."

John studied his wife's face and saw the hope in her eyes. He couldn't believe he was saying it, but he did, "Let's watch some porn."

Josie giggled cutely, and the two sat down at the computer. Both of them blushed; they had never viewed that sort of material together before, and they really weren't sure what to do. Josie, being more experienced, started them at a well-known porn site. They clicked on a video they both liked, and the video began.

The girl was beautiful; she had a nice rack and beautiful behind. Josie blushed; she knew she would never look like that. The girl reflected what every other video did; she was thin, maintaining an impossible figure, and she had the private parts only surgery, makeup, and photo shop could achieve. The man was huge, and his abs looked like they could have been used to wash laundry. John cleared his throat, thinking of his own stomach, covered in a thin layer of fat; he knew he could never meet that. And his dick . . . was this guy part horse?

The couple flirted, and their acting was not worth an academy award, to say the least. John and Josie watched silently as the man banged her, his hand tangled in her hair as he called her a whore. She was sweating profusely, her heavy makeup running down her cheeks to the point where she looked as though she was weeping. He shot his load in her, and she screamed like she was being axe-murdered. Before the video stopped, they saw what they always knew was there; her eyes were empty.

Josie closed the window hurriedly and began to weep into her husband's shirt, "I can't do this," she said quietly, "this is wrong."

"I know, babe," John said, "I know."

Note from the Author-

I know, I know. There were no rape scenes, Vikings, or ropes in this story. I know; there was actually, like, no sex! I'm sure most of you have stopped reading by now, but here it is.

I have been addicted to porn since I was in first grade, and masturbation since I was about 9 or 10. I found this site when I was only about 13 years old, and I started writing stories! I loved writing and sex, so when I figured out I could publish stories about sex for free, I was hooked.

I recently married, and it turns out my husband has struggled with the same addiction (minus masturbating). He and I are both devout Christians, and it has bothered us considerably. We have struggled to quit, and have actually been quite successful.

I logged onto this site a few days ago to remove my stories, when I happened to glance through the comments. Some were rude, some were distasteful, some were encouraging, and then there was one from a 14 year old girl who has been reading my stories.

No, I did not introduce this girl to porn. No, I did not force her to come on the site. But you know what? I used a talent that God gave me to enable this girl's sin! I have traveled down the path of porn addiction, and at times it has nearly ripped my marriage apart; I would not want it for anyone else.

Some of you reading this have wives, some of you have children, and some of you are even Christians like me. I know that this is hard to accept, but please believe me when I say that this is wrong; I know this because I have struggled with it for years! If you think it won't hurt you, your marriage, or your children, you have been misled. If you let sin into your life like I have, it will try as hard as it can to tear you apart. Please take my advice; get off of this website and others like it, and go do something useful! Don't let this sin tear you down; don't fall for it like I did. Ask Christ into your life today, and he will set you free.

I'm sure I'll see comments like "bigot" "hypocrite" and worse for this post, and believe me; I know I am guilty. Look at my other stories and tell me I'm not! But I am going to overcome this; I am sick of feeling guilty, I am sick of lying, and I am sick of being a hypocrite. I am done clearing my history and jerking off to people who want to die once they're off the set. I am done adding more to this disease than is already there. I am done letting it rule my life, and I am done shaming Christ through my weakness. I am done with porn. Are you?

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2014-05-23 06:40:15
I wish I could.


2014-05-20 19:10:09
I come to a porn site to warn others about the damages of porn. Where do you think I should go? If you want to help heal sick people, you go to the hospital. Makes sense, right? Insult me all you want, but I won't stop trying to help others. The more you insult me, the more I'll pray for you. God bless <3

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2014-05-20 02:53:56
agreed, it just doesn't make any sense, you write stories on a popular porn site and talk about not viewing porn, you are biased, girl of cows, very very very.

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2014-05-17 01:38:36
You people come here, a porn site, to rail against... porn? The other anon had it right. If it's ruining your life then stay away from it. Don't come here claiming that you want to save souls. Just don't come here. Seek professional help. Porn addiction is a valid medical diagnosis so you can receive treatment for it. But spouting off scripture, acting as if everyone else must suffer from the same ailment you do, or that what we, as free thinkers, choose to read in any way defines us and that you feel means that we're crying out for you to save us from ourselves is not what you need to do. My soul is my business. As is everyone elses. If you have an addiction, get help. The first thing they will tell you is to stay away from this site, since it's a PORN SITE! Your like a recovering alcholic hanging out in a bar, telling people that can control themselves not to drink because their drinking will cause their down fall. As a recovering alcholic, I understand but this isn't the place.

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god bless you

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