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This is my first ever story, so please leave constructive criticism, if you leave any at all!
"MOM!" I yell into my house after slamming the door. I throw down my back pack and rush into the kitchen where I hear a small noise coming from. "Whats for dinner?" I ask upon finding my mom. Her hourglass form makes my mouth water, but my dick enlarges in my pants and overcomes the fantasy of eating her.

"Oh, it was supposed to be a surprise from your father, but you might as well know now.." She trails off. I tilt my head, confused a little bit, and she flips up her skirt. A red seared 'A' is on her butt, but I see that her meat identification tag is slightly altered. Instead of saying she is ready for a live roast, it says she is now a piece of meat! I look up a little into my others eyes, mine filled with excitement.

"That means that someone has to tenderize your pussy, right?" I ask eagerly. Usually, when my father brings home live girl-pigs he tenderizes them, but sometimes he lets me.

"Yes." She answers with a trace of fear in her voice, "You get to do whatever you want to me for the next hour, and then..." Her voice trails off again and she swallows before continuing, "it will be the end of the line for me." And my mother finishes stirring the stuffing, probably what I will get to stuff into her pussy later on!

"I want to fuck you, go to the dining room table and bend over!" I command. My mother whipes her hands on a towel and heads to the dining room, strips, and then bends down. I rush over to her and strip as well, throwing my clothes on the floor next to hers. I bend down and sniff her sweet pussy, licking it once. Her breath catches and she tenses, so I lick her pussy again and nibble my way up her back. Because this is the woman who raised me, I want this to be special. I bring my nose right next to her ear and breath sensually into it as I position my dick in front of her opening, then bite her ear just as I thrust in. My whole 8" slams to the hilt, and I hold for a moment, relishing the feeling of a hot pussy enveloping my 17 year old dick, and then I smile and start slamming into my mother.

She lets out small groans as she is pounded, her boobs swinging so wildly that I grab onto them just so that they wont stretch the skin. I start playing with her nipples and its not long before she orgasms with a scream, and I shoot a hot load into her love hole. I grab her gorgeous hair and spin her around, making her kneel. "Suck my dick!" I yell at her and she obeys, opening up her mouth. I ram my dick down her throat and start face fucking her, enjoying the gag reflex that her body is attempting, but my dick is shoved to far down for her to gag. Eventually I shoot another load into her system before pulling out and slapping her across the face. Damn that feels good!

"Alright Mom," I say in a softer tone, "Now I'm gonna fuck your pussy again, but this time your going to be a lot more uncomfortable.." I smile with a sadistic grin. My mother's face turns pale as she thinks I'm going to stick the rod up her, but instead I pick up her body and place her on my dick. She sighs, thinking I was just joking, but I walk into my bedroom and say "Here goes!". I impale her tight ass on one of my bedposts and she screams louder than I've ever heard from a woman before. I start fucking her hard, bouncing her on my dick and the bed post on the same time, and she ends up orgasming six times before I cum into her. Immediately I flip her around and push her pussy onto the bed post, and ram my dick in her ass. I fuck with friction, but her juices are enough lube until I shoot a final load.

Feeling quite spent, I leave my mother on the bed post, and flop down on my bed. She is stuck since her legs can't quite touch the ground, and I enjoy lying there while she tries to stop my bed post from impaling her to much. "Does that feel good Mom? Did you like having a dick in your pussy and a piece of wood in your ass? Maybe you liked the vice-versa better?" I tease her a little. But there is a pained look in her eye.

"I am starting to hate you, my only son. I loved you so much, but now your just being sadistic!" She says to be in a semi-yell. I smile and laugh, then get up and walk over to my mom. "I know what might make you be more careful about what you say," I tell her, "how about I give you a vibrator and a few dildos? Think that will teach you?" I ask. Her eyes widen and she squirms more, knowing what I have in my mind.

You see, my family doesn't own just plain old dildos, we have huge inflatable ones that vary from being smooth, to having large spikes, to ones that are ginormous with enemas. I walk out to our 'toy' closet and grab a transportable machine, one that can hold four dildos, and I also grab three dildos. I walk briskly back to my room and set down the equipment, carefully keeping my toys from her sight. I throw a blanket over them and walk out to the closet again, grabbing a vibrator, a blindfold, a flog, and a few sets of handcuffs. When I get back into my room, I close the door and lock it, setting the key over on my desk. I turn towards my mother and reach for the flog, giving her a few lashes on her breasts. "Now its time for you to pay for all the times you've punished me, and I think you'll realize just how powerless a woman is to a man!" I scream at my Mom. I really do love her, but I doubt I'll ever get this chance again.

I blind fold her first, then easily lift her off of the bed post and throw her down on my bed. I sink my dick into her cunt, temporarily immobilizing her as I thrust. I start up a pace and grab one of my moms hands, and hand cuffing it to a bed post. I do this to all four of her appendages, so that she is now spread-eagle on my bed. I look at her and my dick stirs, "You sure are a beauty mom, to bad thats about to change." I threaten her. Sitting beside her on the bed, I grab a boob and start sucking, hard. She whimpers and I grab her other tit, and start squeezing it like hell. She is now squirming beneath my grip, and I move my mouth from one nipple to the other. When I finally come up for a bit of breath, both of her nubbins are hard and puffy, very red and sticking out like proper tits should.

I put the automatic machine at the end of my bed, and tell my mother that she is about to experience a lot of pain. For the two dildos that will enter her ass, I put the inflatable air dick and the rubber-spiked dildo, making sure that both are secure and will fit together. For her cunt dildo, I but the biggest dildo I could find, and the most painful. The dildo has small metal spikes, not huge spikes like the one I put in her ass, but these are metal and tend to hurt a lot more. I position the dildos, then flip the machine on 'low'. My mother screams, because even though the dildos are pre-lubed, the intensity of having three dicks, large ones, in her is almost overpowering. When she finally relaxes a little, I turn the speed up to medium-low' and she groans, twisting her body in a feeble attempt to lessen the slamming. I smile and kneel over her, a knee under each arm, and stick my dick in her mouth.

"Suck" is all the instruction she gives. At first, my mom is reluctant and only lightly sucks, but I slap her hard on the cheek, also squeezing her throat, and she quickly intensifies so that my dick gets uber-hard. Getting off of her, I flip the machine a few notches into 'high' and she makes an animal-like screech. Now her holes are getting pounded at a hard, fast, deep rate and there is only a few things I can do to make the experience even more terrifying. First of those things, I put the vibrator on 'hardcore' and tape it to her clit. She starts squirting everywhere, but I slap her cunt, right above where the metal-spiked dildo is slamming into her repeatedly. I grab the flog and start whipping her, just barely under control so I don't leave marks on her hot body. My mother starts screaming her head off, and then dulling to a whimper, one that I like the sound of. "Feeling good?" I ask her. My mother nods her head silently, and then her face grimaces, she orgasms, and she passes out.

Quickly, I turn off the machine and vibrator, uncuff her, and take off the blindfold. I carry her body over my shoulder to the kitchen and lay her on a table, binding her arms and legs in the same spread-eagle position before flipping over the table. I slap my mom awake, and she looks around groggily. Then Mom realizes what she is on. Her body twitches as if she is about to gag, and grab the biggest butcher knife we have.

"But honey!!" she pleads, "Wait until your father gets home, he knows how!!"

"Ya mom," I reply, "I've watched you and him enough times, I'm not 10 anymore." I put the tip of the knife right above her pelvis and push in just enough to bring forth a drop of blood.

"WAIT!!" She screams. "I need to prepare the stuffing, start the fire, I need to prep everything!!" but I smile.

"Don't you remember? I had you cut up a bunch of stuff last night, you already have the fire going, and the stuffing is done!" I tell her.

She just whimpers, and I push the knife deeper, smile, and slice upwards all the way to her collar. I throw down the knife, just as blood starts to drip a little, and rip open her sides. She screams, and bites her lip as I grab a hunk of intestine and rip it out. Most of her insides come out easily, but I have to make some cuts, leaving only her heart and lungs. I flip the board back up so that she is lying on her back and start scooping in the stuffing. When she is full, almost looking like she might burst, I sew up her sides with a meat-string, and cut it off at her pussy. I am just about to stick the spit into her body, the pussy spit, but I hear the front door slam.

"In the kitchen Dad!" I announce, and as my father walks in his face lights up with surprise when he sees his wife all trussed up for cooking. "Good job son!" He says proudly, slapping me on the back and running a hand over her body. "I hope you tenderi-" he eyes the small amount of bruising on her tits and looks at me with a jokingly-disappointed look "Had a little fun did we?" I blush a smile profusely. "Well!" He says slapping his hands together, "Lets get her on a spit and put her onto roast!"

I smile and grab the spit, position it, and without much celebration I shove it into her already-stuffed cunt. She doesn't even feel it, and I shove it farther into her empty cavity, working it carefully past the heart and lungs, and then finally getting it out her mouth. "That good?" I ask my father. He nods approvingly and harshly shoves the ass-stablizer up her ass hole, and I tie her hands and feet up on the pole. My father helps me to carry her out, and we swing her up onto the cooking stand, the flames licking at her body. I grab the huge can of barbeque sauce and start brushing it over her body, paying careful attention to her pussy and breasts, then sit back and watch her. My father grabs a few beers and hands me one, which I gratefully take. Swigging it down, my father and I make idle chit-chat until my mothers eyes go dead and her body goes limp.

Eventually we take her off the fire, after a few more bastings, and sit down for a tasty dinner..

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2014-08-01 15:49:13
It's easy to tell this is your first attempt at creative writing. The second and third attempts will improve. As far as the subject matter, anyone that doesn't like it shouldn't be in this section. It's not Dr. Seuss.

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2014-07-14 18:25:48
lol just a dumb emo trying to act like a badass SKANK don't u got to go cry over your boyfriend leaving u vs writing a retardedass story

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2014-06-16 00:19:35
This is so fucking sick and awful.

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2014-05-21 02:25:05
Sick as Hell, I love it!

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2014-05-20 05:30:14
What the fuck is wrong with you? Is this the kind of garbage you plan on writing? You really and truly need some psychological help!!! What a way to start out as a writer, disgustingly pitiful!!!! Go get help and don't post anymore heinous and evil shit like this anymore.

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