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Girl dresses up as biker but has more fun without the clothes
This is a work of fiction. Take it as such. I do not condone any child abuse or molestation.

I'd like to tell you about some fun I recently had this summer. My name is Staci and I turned 16 about four months ago, in April. The story I want to tell you began developing in June, shortly after getting my driver's license.

My cousin, (and best friend) Jim, is also in this story. He turned 18 only a couple weeks before my birthday. Our parents threw us a big pool party out at Uncle Bob and Aunt Marie's house. Our family calls us "running buddies" because we have been so close growing up, despite our age difference and genders. We hang out together most of the time. His mom and my mom are sisters, Marie and Sheila, respectively. His family only lives on the other side of town, so we see them all the time. We have cook outs, summer vacations and most of the major holidays at their house or ours.

A little bit about me; I'm pretty short, 4’10 and petite, which sucks because Mom is like 5'7. My boobs are only a 32B and capped with brown nipples. I get called stuff like pixie, oompa loompa, and evil midget (not PC I know, but that what I get called). I have very dark brown hair, like Dad's. My Dad (Tom) is Italian and everyone says you can tell I'm his kid. I wear my hair long and usually braided or in ponytail. My eyes are brown and have usually have lightly tanned skin. I tan easily and it gets so much darker during the summer. I keep my pussy shaved and tidy. My hair only recently started coming in so its real soft and downy anyway, but I like to keep it smooth. I have always been very slender and athletic. I was in a lot of the sports in school and out. In school, I was in softball and track. I tried volleyball and basketball, but I was just too short to be effective. During the summer, I was in soccer and I am a lifeguard at the Country Club. In the winter, I snowboard. So as you can see, I'm very active. I dress that way too. Usually, you'll find me in some spandex shorts, tennis shoes and a t-shirt and cap.

Jim is my opposite in appearance. He takes after our Moms. He has light brown hair, hazel eyes, fair-skin and he is tall-6’0 already and still growing. He is well built, but not muscle bound or anything. He was into track and field stuff in high school. He did cross country also. I'd say he has a lean marathon runner's build. Oh my God, he is so fucking hot too. I know I shouldn't say that, but he is so cute. The big peckerhead knows it too; which is okay, since he isn't conceited or arrogant. Trust me, I get my way with him.

Anyway, as I was saying, back in June, Jim called me up.

"Hey midget, guess what!" Jim said.

"Chicken-butt," I responded quickly, giggling into my cell.

Ignoring me, he continued, "Mom and Dad got me a motorcycle! It was for my birthday. Do you remember that black Honda 750 I was checking out at Lenny's Motorsports? They got me that one!"

I tried picturing it. It wasn't a dirt bike. It was a hot looking black sexy street bike. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a Harley like both our parents have, but it was cool. I'm so small, I probably won't get one, but Dad suggested a Cam-Am; three wheels, so I don't have to try to hold it up when I stop.

"That's fuckin' awesome." I told him sharing his excitement. "So, when do I get to go out with you on it?"

"Well, I gotta get it licensed on it and stuff. Give me a couple weeks to get that done. about Sunday-July 7th? Weather should be good enough for a nice long ride and we can go out with the guys."

By guys, I knew he meant his friends with bikes too.

"Tony going?" I asked him hopefully. "Don't go jumping to conclusions. Tony is okay, but I'm friends with his sister, Jill"

Jim thought about it for second then said, "Yea, probably. Me, him, Matt and Scott. Why?"

I told him, "Have Tony bring Jill too. I don't want to be the only girl. Plus, it'll be less weird if she comes and I'm not the only rider and relative."

"Okay, I'll ask him," he promised. "It's not a big deal though. She has gone with us before."

We nailed down a plan. We'd all meet up about noon at his house, then take off for the day. Matt's bike was bigger and had those bags on it. He had room for us to pack some sandwiches and stuff so we could hang out all day, riding. Every time I saw Jim or his parents, I'd ask how it was going. He always let me know we were still on and he told me when he passed his class and get his license for it.

All this talk about riding gave me a wicked idea. There is a store near the edge of town, on Harrison Road, that sells leather stuff. They sell cowboy hats and boots, and all kinds of biker gear. I got to thinking that if he was gonna take me out, then I was gonna look the part.

I called Jill and asked what she wore when she would go with Tony. Like I said, she was Tony's younger sister and a friend of mine.

She told me, "Usually, I just wear jeans, boots and a t-shirt. Why?"

"I was thinking about going over to Al's Western Wear and buying some stuff. You know, looking like a "biker chick". I said. I even did the air-quotes, which made no sense since it was a phone call.

I heard her breathe in, "Oh, like that you mean! Yea, I have some stuff. I've done that. When I feel like dressing up for it, I have some hot stuff. I don't do it all the time, because it kind of embarrasses Tony. I think he likes me in it and sometimes, he gets a hard-on. Don't say anything though, okay?"

I assured her, "I won't, I promise. What do you have?"

"Well, I have these skin-tight leather pants. They are real soft, like the leather winter gloves are made of. I have a sleeveless Harley shirt that ties in the front. I also got a pair of womens heeled biker boots. Usually, I'll braid my hair and wear a du-rag. Plus: shades. Ya gotta wear shades or a helmet. If you don't, you'll be getting hit with bugs and grit and dust."

"Wow. You look hot?" I asked her.

"Yes, if I do say so myself," she giggled, "or you could ask Tony....I'm kidding; don't"

I hung up and looked at some stuff online. Some stuff was basic. Other stuff looked too elaborate to imagine people actually wearing it. I didn't want to buy anything without trying it on first. If I wanted it to be tight and sexy, I would need to wear it for sure. I looked at Al's hours and decided to go there on Thursday after work. I get a few hours a day stocking stuff and mom and dad’s store. Al’s was open to 5pm and I get out of work at 4pm so I would have a little time.

I walked into the store on Thursday with my plastic, cocked and loaded, at the ready. The older lady, Shannon, behind the counter was sexy in that "biker chick" kinda way.

I approached the counter, "Hi, can you help me out? Ya know, point me in the right direction? I wanted to get some stuff to wear when I go out on a motorcycle with friends."

Shannon looked me over, "Well, ain't you just the cutest little thing? It might be tricky because you're so small, but I'm sure we got ya covered. Now, is this something you're wearing to a rally?"

I looked at her blankly, "Um....I don't know. What's a rally?"

"It's a big gathering of bikers," she went on to explain it to me.

Once I heard it all I told her, "No. It's just riding with some friends. I want to look hot and impress the guys."

"Oh, okay. Hot. I gotcha, "she winked at me. "Follow me. We'll get ya hooked up. You are so lucky. You have such acute little body to begin with. We'll get ya in some leather that will drive those guys wild...and the girls too." She winked at me again.

Shannon took me back into the dressing room and had me strip. She came back with several things for me to try on. I spent about ten minutes going over some of it, checking it out. I selected a top, but had trouble with the buckles. Shannon stayed in the changing room with me. She would help try stuff on, then help me get out of too. I was standing there in a little white thong as Shannon's hands moved over my body helping me with the sexy leathers. All the attention and touching was turning me on, and I didn't hesitate at all when Shannon moved in front of me and gazed into my eyes. She undid a few clasps on the latest piece and let the garment fall to the floor.

Once I was back in just the thong, Shannon lowered her lips to mine and kissed me softly. My mouth opened and she tasted sweet. I have kissed girls before. Usually just messing around or at slumber parties for fun, but this was passionate and lustful. She had me responding to her. Our tongues dueled as her hands gripped by tiny butt. She pulled me to her. My hands went to work on her clothes. For an older biker chick, her body was tight and tanned. She has a sexy red lace thong that I lowered down her legs and she stepped out of it.

"I can't wait to taste this sweet little body,' Shannon said as she joined me on the floor.

She did too. The smell of the place, her tight mature form licking and sucking my hard clit had me so aroused. I was putty in her hands and she molded me into all kinds of positions. It was a good thing I got there so late after all since no one disturbed us as she took my bodies to wonderful peaks of pleasure. My moans would have been noticeable to anyone in the shop. She knew what to do to a girl that was just fantastic. I got to please her too. We kissed, I sucked her firm tits and even tasted her mature shaved cunny. When we were just a sweaty heap crammed into a changing room, she looked up and said it was on the house, so long as I came back sometime. I assured her that I would, with the guys too. She was excited about the prospect of several young studs using her body. I selected an outfit and left shortly after. I go back every other week or so (I'm so naughty haha).

In the end, I think I over did a little bit. I walked out with cherry red cowboy boots with a steel-toe, black leather chaps, cute red hot pants that Shannon insisted I looked great in(they showed more cheek than I really wanted but I knew the guys would love them), and a black leather halter with a Harley emblem on the back. She tried to throw in a coat and helmet, but I insisted that I pay for them I also bought these sweet wrap around shades that I wear all the time now. They are really divine and I just love them.

Eventually, the Sunday came and I drove out to Uncle Bob and Aunt Marie's house. They have this old style two story house with lots of land. It has long been the place for our families to hang out during the summer. Uncle Bob put in a big in-ground pool about 8 years ago. The closest neighboring house is about 2 ½ miles away. It's a perfect place to party because if you get loud, there is no one to disturb nearby. We have had birthday pool parties, graduation parties, and holiday parties there and we always have a good time.

When I pulled in, there was no one around, so I just let myself in. I went into Jim's room, but he wasn't there. I got all my new stuff out of the bags and laid it out on the bed. I did my make-up in his bathroom then put the new outfit on. I touched up my hair, and rebraided it and looked at myself in the mirror. Yea, it was a bit trashy, more like a stripper than a biker chick, but good enough. I went back into the kitchen, my boots clicking on the tile floor.

I saw Aunt Marie outside by the pool sun bathing. She has a tiny, very tiny, pink fluorescent bikini with lots of skin showing. Her skin was taut, tan, and had a sexy sheen glistening in the sunshine.

Aunt Marie is a blast. She is always laughing and we have so much fun with her. She is the one that has taken all of girl-cousins to get our ears pierced or to buy sexy clothes and gowns for school dances and stuff. She always let us get away with stuff whenever she watched us. We got to stay up late and watch R rated movies. She is hot too. She looks a lot like my mom. She is 5'7, maybe just a little thick, but not even chubby; solid. She has kind of broad shoulders, full womanly hips, sexy firm booty and a narrow waist. She says her best feature is her great big rack (as she says it). She is a 40DD. Like Jim, she is usually fair skinned, but has stayed caught up on her tan. Her hair is the same light brown and her eyes are more blue than Jim's. She has some freckles across her nose and cheeks that give her that cute girl-next door look. I hate to be crude, but she says she is built like a big shit-house and manages to sound proud of it.

I opened the patio door and wolf-whistled at her, causing her to jump in surprise. She saw me in my new outfit and whistled right back at me.

"What's up, Staci?" Aunt Marie said. "You look...different. Got a big stripper interview to get to? She laughed.

I replied, "It's my idea of a biker chick outfit. Jim promised to take me out on the new bike today and I wanted to look the part. A bunch of us were supposed to meet up here."

She got this naughty twinkle in her eyes as I explained.

The she told me, "I hate to tell you this, honey, but Jim and the guys went out riding already. You probably already missed them for the day." She shrugged. "I swear, that boy would forget his head if it wasn't attached," she finished giggling quietly.

"Well that sucks," I pouted.

"Staci!" she scolded.

"I'm sorry," I told her, "I even drove out to Al's Western Wear and bought all this for the ride today." Okay, so I didn't technically buy all of it, but I wasn't get tell her that!

She asked, "Would you like to hang out with me? Maybe Jim will come back. Bob and your dad drove over to Clifton today to move some stuff out of Mom"s (Grandma Betty) old storage unit. They're gonna take it out to Cin's (Aunt Cindy) new apt. It's just gonna be me here all day. We can work on that tan of yours and catch up on things." I just saw her last Wednesday, I thought laughing.

"I don't know. I didn't bring a suit. All I have is this outfit and my regular clothes." I told her

We have skinny-dipped before with the family, usually at night though. I wasn't real surprised when she suggested it. I looked around nervously, thinking about it. She said we would probably hear the bikes if they came back and I would have time to put something on, even if I just wrapped myself in her big beach towel.

I decided, "Why not?" I shrugged out of my nice new outfit, folded it and piled it on the deck table. Now, I was just in my birthday suit. Aunt Marie whistled again and I struck a pose, laughing. She decided to join me and stripped of the barely there bikini, not that there was much there anyway. I noticed she had a cute landing strip extending from the tip of cunt.

We hopped in the pool and I marveled at just how hot Aunt Marie really was. Her normally light complexion had that healthy dark tan, I mentioned. Her tan was even darker than mine, but looked really good and sexy. Her light brown hair was more sun-lightened and was up in a pony-tail. Her large tis were capped with acorn colored nipples and her pubic strip was a little darker than the hair on her head. Her long legs were thick, but she still had very shapely thighs and calves. Her toes had a cute pink polish on them that probably matched her suit.

I really felt like a little kid next to her. We swam around or floated for a while, talking about all kinds of stuff.
After a bit, she said, "Oh Staci, you haven't put on any sunblock at all. I already have some; want me to do you?"

"Okay," I said, "lets hop out and I can lay on the lounger."

I lay flat on my stomach and Aunt Marie squirted the lotion into her hands. She worked my feet and legs. Her soft hands were caressing my skin had me so relaxed. I felt her move up to my shoulders and begin slowly moving down my back. She was really working the sun block into my skin, almost like a massage. I was pleasantly aroused whenever her fingers would glide down and rub the sides of my pert little boobs. My little titties are so small that they are extremely sensitive. I couldn't help but moan. I knew Aunt Marie could hear me. She had to have known what she was doing to me.

Her fingers began to journey back down my warm aroused tiny body. I wantonly spread my legs. Aunt Marie didn't miss it. She squirted more lotion on her hands. Her hands traveled down over my ass and along my inner thighs. I felt her fingers flutter over my cunny. I wasn't surprised that I was so wet. Aunt Marie's masterful fingers slid up and down my slick folds. Soon, two slippery fingers slipped up into my excited body.

"Oh God," I moaned as my hips involuntarily lifted.

"Mmmm, you're so wet, honey,' Aunt Marie purred, "I never knew you would go for this, baby."

"Trust me, until recently, I don't know it either," I told her, "but I am enjoying this so much. Oh yea, I'm so going for this."

Her hands began a brisker rhythm and her slick fingers felt so good sawing vigorously in and out of my sopping wet little pussy. The next thing was unbelievable. She guided me up onto my knees, raising my hot sex off the lounger. My head was still on the chair, turned sideways, biting my finger and moaning wildly. Her mouth dipped in tasting my sweet nectar as her fingers never slowed their enticing pace. Her mouth swirled around my entire nether region, Soon her saliva, was all over my cunt, my taint, and even my tight little bung. Shannon knew how to please, but she was nothing compared to what Aunt Marie was able to do. Aunt Marie had me so wet and excited that when I came, I came hot, hard, and fast.

I think I must have passed out a little. I don't know how long I lay there on my stomach, with my ass still in the air. When I began to become aware of my surroundings, I noticed new sounds. I opened my eyes to see Aunt Marie on the lounger next to me, legs spread and in the air being taken forcefully by Jim's friend Matt. I first I was alarmed, until I noticed Aunt Marie encouraging the young guy. She was moaning deeply as he speared into her with deep thrusts. Her tits shook back and forth from the force of his pummeling assault. He lowered his head and began sucking one of her diamond hard nipples.

She opened her looking over his head, smiling sat me. "Welcome back, Staci."

Matt stopped his vigorous fucking and looked over at me, "Look who decided to join us. We thought you might be dead to the world Sleeping Beauty."

"What's going on?" I asked. I lowered my ass and closed my legs. I could still feel my cream on the inside of my thighs running down to drip onto the chair.

"They came right after you did," Aunt Marie explained chuckling at her own words. "You must have really been out of it to not have heard their bikes. I thought about covering you, but as you can see, I got otherwise engaged."

Matt went back to sliding his slippery cock up into Aunt Marie causing her to squeal in arousal.

"They," I asked still trying to processing all that was going on around me.

"Yes, they," she said again.

Just then, Jim opened the sliding glass door, joining us on the deck. He had two cold drinks in his hands. I was startled that he was completely nude too. He didn't seem the least bit concerned that his friend was balls deep in his mother, my being there naked, his own nudity...any of it really!

"Hey cousin," Jim said smiling at me. He set his drinks on the table and walked over to me, sitting down on the chair with me. I sat up on the chair sideways, facing the action of Aunt Marie and the young stud filling her cunt with meat. Jim and I sat there side by side and we watched as his best friend continued thrusting his hard cock into Jim's mom. "Looks like Mom got to you before I ever even tried, not that I thought I had a chance, you know." He was grinning as he said, "She has always been the sneaky horny sort."

Aunt Marie was truly a sex-goddess. She was squealing in delight as the young stud pushed his sizable tool deep into her dripping wet mature pussy.

I was still turned on by the day's events. I looked at my cousin. I know the lust was still blazing in my eyes. I was so horny right then. I needed cock and the fact that it would belong to my gorgeous cousin somehow made it even more erotic. He turned to look at me with an equal hunger. When his lips touched my own, I felt an electric shock through my entire body, and going straight to my aroused little cunny. It was as if fireworks were going off in my head, setting my sight off in little sunbursts. There was a buzzing of my blood in my ears. My entire form was tingling causing my pussy to tighten and spasm.

Jim leaned over me as I lied back on the lounger. He ignited more passion and lust with each touch of those wonderful lips. His caresses were gentle, yet still manly and seductive. He knew just when to be rough and just when to brush feather-light strokes along my superheated being. He had to realize how sensitive my firm little boobs are, because every time he took them into his large hands and stroke so gently; my back would arch in pleasure. I spread my legs for him, gazing at him meaningfully.

"Fuck me, Jim," I begged. "I think we have both want this. Oh, I need it."

Jim lined up his hard tool and pushed. One long stroke was all needed to drive his solid cock deep into me. I gasped in pain and satisfaction when he pulled my legs up onto his shoulders. He began pounding into my tunnel with the same jack hammer thrusts that Matt was currently delivering to Aunt Marie. I was so aroused; I came again and again in quick little detonations of pleasure. My sexy hot cousin was a sensational lover. He kept up the astounding rhythm as he thrust, pushing me through each orgasm and into ever increasing heights of ecstasy. His hard steely rod was not porno long, but it was a solid seven inches and satisfyingly thick. I could feel him filling me so completely. I was moaning, squealing and (I know) I was babbling incoherently, lost in the delirium he was taking through.

Meanwhile, Aunt Marie was up on all fours, on the wooden deck floor. Matt was behind her with his hands on her hips grinding his turgid cock into her. Our eyes met and she smiled, winked at me and licked her lips seductively. Jim looked over.

Jim growled, "Oh Mom you look so fucking hot. When Matt leaves, I hope the three of us have time for more fun before Dad gets home."

"Oh honey, that's not nice," Aunt Marie moaned she said, "Don't you think your Dad will want to play with his naughty little niece too?"

"I'm positive he will, Mom. But you just introduced me to all this. I would love a little alone time with you both," Jim explained.

"Well either way, you can fuck that, Dude," Matt exclaimed, "I'm spending the night tonight. Staci, I hope you don't mind me saying: you look awesome. I want to fuck you next so bad."

"Mmmm, a happy little foursome for a little bit more. Then when you're dad gets home, we will have to give him a proper welcome home huh? Jim, I hope you aren't too disappointed, but you must learn to share baby," Aunt Marie purred lasciviously.

I chimed in, "I don't mind Matt at all. I think it's gonna be a hot night all around. I want you to take me just like that," I nodded, indicating the hot doggie style action he was giving Aunt Marie.

The hot talk must have triggered something in all of us. I felt Jim's cock twitch and pulsate. I wrapped my legs around him and arced my arms around his neck. I kissed him and held on. His cock spurted in me causing us both to moan in ecstasy. The chain reaction was swift as I came again, followed closely by Matt and Aunt Marie. The moaning from all of us signaled a massive simultaneous explosion.

We were lying there, sweating and smiling, glowing in our post-orgasmic bliss. Who needs a motorcycle, I thought. I know what I'm going to be riding all summer.


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