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a retelling of the first girl I experienced beastiality woth
this is a retelling of my first experience with beastiality. It is about half true, names and locations have been altered to keep aninemity. It should go without saying that this story involves themes of beastiality, and more focused on the first experience and my emotions involved with it. I hope you enjoy!

All my life I knew I was a little different when it came to my sexual desires. Perhaps it was early exposure, or repressed home life, or a combonation of the two. Maybe it was just my particular kink and dark fantasy, so secret and yet so strong that I had never previously been able to share it, nor did I even have the ability to lool into such desires.

My desire was of course for that of beastiality. Such a simple but powerful concept and action that I always felt compelled to seek out such fantasies. My desire was simple enough, not having a great deal of lust for any interaction myself, or at least not too much at first, but to find a woman who shared in my lustful desires.

I had dated, slept with, talked to, flirted, and pleasured many women in my past, none of whom had even the slightest desire to match my passion. That is, until I met Sarah.

Sarah was a very pretty girl who I had met online in an attempt to not only find love, but also find friendship (being an introvert makes discovering friends a challenge at times). She was a simple girl, not so over the top in fashion that she looked rediculous, nor was she so plain that your eyes merely passed over when when scanning the room. She was delightfully pretty. Shoulder length blomd hair with slight curls, full firm breasts, and a delightful mischievous twinkle in her eye.

We met for the evening to get dinner and chat, and help with school assignments she had. Sarah requested my help and I happy obliged, science being one of my favorite subjects. After the sun set and our dinner settled, we retired to Sarah's car where we talked more for about 30 minutes.

It was around this time that our topic of conversation steered towards our affection for one another. It was at this time I discovered that her feelings towards me mirrored my own

I hastily decided to act upon the situation and leaned in to kiss Sarah. It began as a soft and sensual kiss, but our lust for one another became quickly apparent. Our tongues entwined as my heart raced. Our lips grazed one another and my heart skipped a beat.

My body was acting of its own as I gave in to my desires, my hands reached up first to cup the back of her head, then to drift slowly down. My heart spead into overdrive as I neared the rise of her magnificent breasts, a part of me feared she may not want to move so fast, the other was dying to feel every inch of her and fulfill her every need.

I took the chance, my fingers slipped down across her silky skin and began gently inserting into her shirt. To my great surprise and relief, Sarah thrusted her chest outward ever so slightly, this signal I took with great joy as I slid my fingers further down and caught the edge of her bra. This time I did not hesitate, but instead slid my finders further south onto the softest skin.

My lips and tongue keeping with the theme of the moment, began to trace their way across Sarah's jaw line. Soon I made contact with an ear lobe. Gently I began kissing the sensitive skin before licking and biting gently. Sarah's shudders were the most wonderful sounds I had heard in a very long time.

As my lips continued their journy across Sarah's beauty, my fingers were finishing their expedition as well. Simultaneously my fingers reacher Sarah's nipple and my teeth closed around the side of her neck. Sarah's hand shot to mine, cupping my hand around her glorious breast which I began to massage slowly. My teeth slowly grinded across her soft skin and applied pressure when necessary.

Sarah's other hand had now begun their own journey down my body. Releasing button after button of my shirt. Ome by one she popped off each clasp and with a great swiftness threw my shirt appart and down my arms. She quickly began running her fingers up and down my chest.

My own hands slid down her stomach and reached the lower hem of her tank top. At this moment Sarah made an all too sobering motion and held her shirt down as she pulled away from my kisses.

I feared I had gone too far and looked up at this stunning angel of desire before me. Her words were not of caution, but were words that drove me into an even deeper state of lustful desire.

"Let's move to the back seat" Sarah spoke with a heaviness in her brearh. I could only smile as I kissed her quickly then turned to look in the back seat.

Here again was a sobering sight, Sarah's back seat was quite full of papers and clothes, random items from work and school strewn about. It would not be a quick or easy clean up, but with the prospect of the body of Sarah at my fingertips I could not refuse.

I buttoned my shirt as fast as my still trembling fingers could allow (missing a few buttons) before we exited the car and opened all doors and the trunk.

Much of the mess was placed in the trunk, but certain valuable or fragile items were placed in the front seat. It was during this excavation that I found a curious item, a red plastic dildo of some 5 or 6 inches in a rather odd shape. Now I have always found the thought of a woman who pleasures herself to be another turn on, so naturally this did not cease the extreme tightness in my jeans. The shape had also intregued me as it was obviously a dog, but I wasn't sure if she knew that.

I gave Sarah a sly smile as I asked "oh, and what do we have here?"

Sarah immediately turned a bright shade of red and a look of shock came over her face.

"Don't worry, I actually find this sort of thing a massive turn on. But I will admit, I've never seen one like this before" I was doing my best to calm Sarah down, I didn't want her to think I found it gross. In fact I wanted to watch her use it.

Sarah calmly sat down in the now vaccant back seat and shut her door and in a quiet voice spoke, "that's probably because its not a common dildo. And please don't judge me, but its actually the shape of a dog..." her voice trailed away at the end of her sentance. I could tell she was worried about what she had just said.

All I could do was look at the dildo and back at her. My expression was blank, but only because my mind was racing so fast I didn't have time to move my muscles.

Here, in front of me, ready to give herself to me, was a gorgeous woman, who not only has an extremely desireable body, but a fetish for which I have longed to share. I had long since dreamed of one day meeting a girl who was as into the idea of copulating with a dog as I was.

I instantly saw images in my head of her body in all sorts of positions with all sorts of dogs. I saw her on all fours with a dog behind her, I saw her kneeling over to suck a dog off. I saw her pussy dripping with doggy cum, I saw her mouth, filled to the brim with that precious white semen from her dog.

I suddenly came back to earth when Sarah put her hand on my arm. "You aren't going to think of me as some disgusting person are you?"

At this question I threw myself at her, I kissed her with even more passion than I had previously. I made no hesitation in removing her top and bra. In between kisses and bites I would relay to Sarah my deep dark desires to meet a girl like her one day.

"Actually" more kissing "I find one of the sexiest things you have" kissing and licking her neck "ever said" a passionate and long bite above the colar bone "In fact" my fingers nimbly caressing arouns her areola "I always found a girl who likes dogs so much" another bite and a pinch of the left nipple "To be a massive" my other hand traced itself down her stomach "Turn on"

"Really?" Sarah breathed heavily

"Really" I whispered while ceasing my oral stimulations to stare her in the eyes. I wanted her to know that she had found my deep desires, a passion burried so far beneath me that she was the only one to have seen it. A passion that was quickly exploding in the form of a lustful desire. I had to have this woman. I had to give her all my energy, all my passion, I had to make her as sexually satisfied as I possibly could and then some.

Sarah then looked at me with a sly smile "want to see it?"

"You mean, you, with a dog?" My head couldn't comprehend what was happening.

"Uh-huh" she nodded

"There's no was I can yes enough to that!"

"Then we better hurry, my mom will be home soon!" Sarah spoke quickly as she darted from her back seat into her front seat, climbing over her neatly stacked items previously in the back seat.

I was surprised by her ability to stop herself mid-passion to move on. Here I was almost ready to explode in my own pants and she was turning the ignition key (never bothering to put her clothes back on)

Sarah sped the short distance to her house, not wanting to let the heat of the moment die down I decided to ask her questions about the subject of her dog love. It turns out she had been doing it for a few years, but only just recently had started having sex with her dog. I was so turned on by this woman I could hardly stand it.

We rapidly braked in her drive way and sprinted into the house. We were instantly greeted by a black labradore of about medium size. His name was Lucky I soon found out, and lucky couldn't even to begin describe what I thought this dog was.

Sarah turned a corner and was in the living room hastily removing cusions from the couch to make a pad on the floor. Lucky was quite excited by the commotion, new person in the room, and the familiarity of Sarah's actions.

"Ready" she looked at me smiling

I sat down on the couch and prepared myself. "Ready"

Sarah was certainly still in the heat of her passion, had this been a normal encounter she probably would have given off a bit of a strip show (later she did) but for now she simply tucked her thumbs into her waist and yanked both shorts and panties down and off her body. I scarcely had time to marvel at her gorgeous figure before she was down on all fours calling Lucky to her.

I watched in amazement as Lucky came up from behind her, his cock quickly hardening. I was shocked at how big his penis was for such a small dog. Sarah reached back and pulled Lucky's front legs around her waist, Lucky got the full idea and shifted himself forward.

I got up from the couch and went down to all fours on Sarah's side, I wanted to watch the magic happen. And in a few short moments I watched the head of Lucky's massive dog cock enter the gushing pussy of Sarah.

It was the greatest sight I had ever seen, and much more fullfilling in person. The sight and smell alone had set my to the edge.

I quickly removed my pants and boxers as I watched Sarah's black lab pound into her. Lucky's movements were increasing in speed and power. Sarah's mouth was hanging open as gasping sounds of pleasure were echoing from her. My hand had found my own cock as I pounded away at my own meat. I stood over the glorious sight of sex as my eyes were glued to her.

The sound of Sarah's first orgasm sent me over the top. I began to cum, and cum hard. All the built up cum was spewing out at an incredible rate and thickness, it was by far the biggest wad of cum that I had ever produced. I watched it sail through the air and land directly on Sarah's arm, side, and neck. Her head was resting on the floor but she still turned my way and smiled, just as another stream lept from my cock and hit her square on the cheek.

Sarah moaned loudly agin as Lucky continued to pound away at her. Sarah used a finger to wipe the cum from her cheek and suck it off her finger. She moaned loudly around her own finger until she let out her loudest cry yet, Lucky had stopped thrusting and was at his deepest point.

He was cumming. I was finally watching in person a dog fill a gorgeous womans pussy with warm cum. Sarah was having another orgasm, and my cock was becoming hard again, much faster than usual no doubt to the high amount of stimulus before me.

And that was just the beginning of our night and our relationship.

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2017-11-10 21:25:18
does the dog get to fuck sarahs boyfriends ass, i myself love dog cock in my male ass, my dog owns this bitch and whenever i come home the first thing he does is sniff my ass to let me know its time to get fucked by him, i must strip off my tight jeans and panties and assume the position so he can have his way with my ass, after he fills me with his cum, i lick and suck his cock and clean him up, savoring his cum and getting him hard enough to fuck me again. this could go on all night as he is unsatiable and desires my ass every half hour till he is so tired he drops to sleep, by then i am so full of dog cum that im a mess ass and mouth.


2016-08-23 15:02:41
it was ok

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2015-05-04 18:51:00
Very beautiful story keep writing you have talent share it with us .

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2014-05-19 04:06:05
Cont...What sounds are produced as a result of the sexual actions that are taking place. Now again realism is very important. Don't use clichés like "Her pussy smelled like a ripe, sweet, Georgia peach." We all know that is not true. Does her butt smell sweaty, musky, smelly but oh so naughty? Smell is the one key sense that will allow your reader to become a part of the story rather than just someone on the outside looking in. Utilize these tools and proofread your work. Your story telling ability will increase overnight with these simple steps. Write as much as you can, that's the only way you will improve!! Best of luck and looking forward to the next installment....K

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2014-05-19 03:59:16
Let me preface this by saying that I encourage you to keep writing. You have enough talent for story telling that you can develop into a successful author here. With that being said I agree with the other comment lots of errors. A word misspelled here or there doesn't bother me, but when it occurs as frequent as it does in your story it is distracting. My point is once the errors become so prevalent I feel like proofing your work instead of enjoying it. So run spellcheck, it will catch the majority if spelling errors for you. Also when you finish writing your story, take a fifteen minute break and then come back and read it aloud to yourself, you'll catch a lot errors that way before you post. Another thing I always tell new authors, when writing sex scenes deive language and realism are the two most powerful tools you can wield. For instance, think of the five senses, what does her ass, pussy smell like? What does it look like? Cont...

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