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Aaron's journey into debauchery continuees
Hedone 5 - Rise

Aaron awoke to a scream that tore through every nerve in his body. It was a scream that could only be dragged from one on the verge of death. He tried to block out the memories of his first awakening in Hedone's realm; his dreams were still haunted by the torture he had endured that night. The pain still wracked him from time to time as did the memory of his own actions; he had killed one of the goddess' followers to save his own life.

Aaron rose from the stone slab that served as his bed. He had not been given any clothing to cover his nudity. The idea of walking round totally naked sometimes filled him with dread; but other times it thrilled him.

The scream subsided and was replaced by whimpering and sobs. The voice sounded female but Aaron could not be sure. He padded his way through the corridors of Hedone's temple; as he had not been summoned to attend the Goddess so he avoided the main chamber. He passed the Goddess' nymphets as they went about completing errands for their mistress. No two were alike, all bearing a different mutation to the last; they had all been human once but now those beginnings seemed lost. In his quiet moments Aaron wondered if he would begin to change.

A new scream split the air of the temple, this one very much male. Aaron stopped in his tracks and shuddered as the scream tore through him. A nymphet ran around the corner almost colliding with Aaron. He was mesmerised by her breasts; she had three sets all roughly the same size, an ample C cup. Her face was pretty and she looked mostly human apart from a small fluffy tail that twitched behind her. The nymphet looked him up and down before smiling and mouthed 'later' before she ran off. Aaron continued his walk, a slight smile creasing his face as he pictured the nymphets breats jiggling as she ran. As he rounded the next corner he saw Hedone walking towards him; stopping in his tracks he lowered his eyes and prayed the Goddess would walk right passed him. He was not so lucky.

The Goddess stopped infront of him while surveying his body. Aaron was lean and muscular; and now that he no longer needed to eat to sustain himself his muscles were more obvious. With a purr the Goddess spoke,
"There you are pet, come with me there is someone I wish for you to meet."
Aaron fell in step behind Hedone, he knew it was a command and not a request. He followed a couple of paces behind and kept his eyes lowered. As they walked Aaron stole quick glances at the Goddess' legs and ass but kept stopping himself. There had been many who had stared for too long and bore the marks of Hedone's displeasure.

The Goddess led him to the main chamber of the temple, the one he had been deliberatley avoiding. Nymphets filled the room, writhing in pleasure as they delved into the delights of each others bodies. Aaron noticed another man knelt by Hedone's dias and wondered who he was; was he the one Aaron heard screaming earlier? Hedone stepped up onto her dias and took a seat on her throne. The other man kept his head bowed until the Goddess commanded him to stand. Aaron watched him curiously as he climbed to his feet, there was something familiar about his features but he couldn't think what.

Aaron returned his attention to Hedone when he realised he had been staring. Her face was split by a cruel smile as if she had read his thoughts. With a gesture to the other man she said,
"this is Benjamin, one of my loyal slaves and brother to the one who sent you here"
Her words made the memory resurface in his mind; being used by the girl and having his very life essence fucked out of him. Now he saw the resemblance; apart from a slightly square jaw he was the spitting image of Myka. Anger welled within him; he wanted to make this man feel all the pain he had been forced to endure since his sister had sent him here. But a look on Benjamin's stilled his anger; one of regret, remorse and defeat. He had been made to endure the same.

Hedone clapped her hands; the sound echoing through the halls like a clap of thunder. As if taking their cue four nymphets entered the main temple chamber from the side doors. Two went to stand behind Benjamin the others behind Aaron. A laugh escaped Hedone when she saw Aarons expression of dread, fearing a repeat of his first encounter with Hedone's minions. She stood and took a step off her Dias; knowing he was now expected to kneel Aaron sank to his knees before the Goddess seeing the others had done the same. This time when the Goddess spoke her voice was like a choir of angels,
"Benjamin, Aaron, you must take these girls and give an offering of lust, use them as you see fit, use each other if you must, a great reward awaits you"

For the first time since he had arrived Aaron truely smiled, maybe he could get his life back and escape this temple if he pleased the Goddess. At a gesture from Hedone they all rose to their feet; Aaron saw a forlorne expression on Benjamin's face. The nymphets behind him pulled at his arms and led him over to a pile of cushions to one side of the dias. He followed them willingly. The nymphets looked incredibly young he wasn't sure how old they were; he hesistated for a second before he remembered the laws of men had no control here. He looked the girls up and down taking in every detail of their bodies; he asked them their names and how old they were and they replied with a giggle,
"I am Izzy and I'm fifteen"
"I am Cassie and I'm sixteen"
Aaron smiled and laughed, until today he had always surpressed some of his darker urges and his lust for young teens; today he would sate it.

Benjamin shook off the nymphets pawing at his arms and moved towards the door, he stood defiant of the Goddess and said,
"I need to rest Goddess, punishing my sister has drained me"
Hedone's expression was thunderous as she roared,
"Get out of my sight, I'll deal with you later, Nymphets join the others, at least he does as he is told!"
Benjamin fled the chamber quickly before Hedone could change her mind. Hedone turned her furious eyes on Aaron and he quivered beneath her gaze, she growled at him,
"You had better please me or you will join him in punishment"
Aaron lowered his head in submission to the Goddess and said,
"what will you have me do my Goddess?"
"Fuck the Nymphets until you can fuck no more"
Hedone replied.

Benjamin ran to the room that served as his chamber, he knew straight away that his punishment would be severe as his bed had been reduced to a smashed wrecked of splintered wood and shredded material. He had made a terrible mistake but it was too late to change it now; he would just have to accept his punishment.

The four nymphets were sprawlled on the cushions in front of Aaron. He surveyed them with a lustfull gaze; savouring every drop of their beauty and sexuality. he asked the two new girls their names and ages like he had the first two; they with Eva aged fifteen and Celeste aged fourteen. Celeste he had seen walking the halls tending the plants and flowers, until today he had never seen her naked she had always worn a robe. Eva he remembered from earlier; only now her breasts were covered in gold body paint. Aaron licked his lips in lustul glee, where to start, what do do first. Making up his mind he lay on the cushions between the four nymphets and simply said,
"suck it"
The nymphets were on him a second later; almost fighting over his cock. Izzy beat them all and began hungrily sucking his meat into her teen mouth. The others began amusing themselves with his nipples while Eva smiled and straddled his face. Her intent was clear. Aaron lifted himself up on his elbows and sank his tongue as far as he could into her pussy.

For the first time since Aaron arrived he was in heaven. The four nymphets were trying their hardest to pleasure him; he knew it was so they would not join Benjamin in punishment.

Izzy stopped sucking his cock after a couple of minutes and made way for Celeste. She was the youngest of the four and the youngest he had ever fucked; but as her mouth closed around the head of his cock Aaron discarded her age. The nymphet worked her tongue around the head of his cock. Her tongue was slim and long and she used the length to wrap it around his shaft as she sucked. She couldn't take much of his cock as she was unused to deep throating but Aaron didn't care as what she could do was amazing.

Aaron removed his tongue from Eva's pussy and got a moan of loss; but he made her squeal in delight a second later as he sank his tongue deep into her young ass. Her pussy had been sweet and her juices think but her ass tasted divine. With his tongue buried in her ass Eva came; squirting her teen juices over his chin. She climbed off his face on shaking legs and began sucking and licking one of his nipples. Cassie stood over him and asked 'Thirsty?'; before he could answer she spread her lips with two fingers and let a stream of sweet urine cascade over his face. Aaron opened his mouth willingly and drank the teens piss like it was the finest wine. The other three nymphets followed her lead and stood around his head letting their sweet streams flow.

Once Cassie had releaved herself she straddled Aaron's spit dripping cock and rubbed the head against her piss soaked lips. Feeling the head of his cock against her pussy Aaron thrust his hips up driving the head of his cock into the teen. As the head of his cock sank into her Cassie let out a moan of release. With a scream of orgasm Cassie thrust her hips down taking Aarons full length inside her. She gasped and cried out in pain as his cock stretched her more than any cock she had ever taken. Aaron smile as he felt the muscles of her pussy struggling to take him. Cassie shuddered on his cock and gasped 'your so thick'; she slowly began rocking her hips so she could get used to his girth.

Eva and Celeste knelt beside Cassie as she slowly rode Aaron's cock. They each took one of her breasts and began licking and sucking her pink puffy nipples. Cassie moaned in pleasure at the attention she was receiving. Aaron began to gently stroke the nymphets asses and teases their pussies and anuses. Turning his head he saw Izzy knelt beside him fingering her teen pussy while biting her bottom lip. Aaron winked at her and said,
"Izzy, get that juisy pussy on my face"
Her face lit up at his words and she stopped fingering herself and moved to straddle his face. Aaron lapped at her outer labia and teased her clit with the tip of his tongue. Izzy moaned and bucked with pleasure; reaching between her legs she took a handful of Aaron's hair and pulled his face into her sweet dripping pussy.

Hedone watched the carnal display being performed for her pleasure; casting thoughts of Benjamin from her mind for now she layed back and enjoyed. One hand was between her legs teasing her swollen pussy while the other stroked her long veined cock that grew from where her clit would of been. She enjoyed the delights of being a hermaphrodite Goddess.

Aaron explored the depth of Izzy's pussy with his tongue; the nymphet was tighter than he expected which made him wonder was she a virgin. Pulling his head away so he could catch his breath he saw Hedone watching. Izzy climbed off him and went over to Eva and began playing with her gold painted breasts; licking the paint from her nipples one by one before working her tongue town the other nymphets flat stomach. Eva smiled and placed her hand on the back of Izzy's head and gently guilded her exploring tongue to her wet gash. The young nymphet began licking at Eva's swollen and exposed clit.

Aaron ran his hands up Cassie's legs and gently gripped her waist; he started a steady rhythem of lifting her up off his cock until only the head remained inside her before pulling her back down again and burying himself inside her. After a few hard thrusts Cassie began to cum and screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm swept over her body. The nymphet pulled herself off Aaron's cock and slumped onto the cushions; her body shaking as the waves of her orgasm rolled through her.

Aaron stood, taking hold of his stiff rod he walked over to Eva who had her head hanging back as Izzy eagerly licked and sucked her clit. He leant down to kiss Eva; she met his questing lips with her own. Their kiss was brief yet hungry, passionate. Aaron broke the kiss and stood upright with his hand on the back of Eva's head; with his hand he guilded her hungry mouth to his stiff rod. The nymphet wrapped her lips around Aaron's cock; she began licking and sucking hungrily. He wrapped his fingers in her hair and began moving her head in a steady rhythm; his thick girth stretching her lips to their limits. Aaron's feet were planted firmly either side of Eva's ample hips; her legs were still spread as Izzy explored the depths of her pussy. Eva moaned as she sucked on Aaron's cock; she couldn't swallow him fully as his girth was too great for her lips.

Aaron lent his head back and moaned with pleasure; he felt hands running up the front of his legs. He looked down and saw Izzy kneeling behind him; she gently stroked his legs as she began kissing his ass cheeks. He felt a thrill as Izzy spread his ass cheeks and began to gently lick his anus. He moaned louder as the pleasure of Eva's mouth around his cock and Izzy's tongue exploring his ass. He had to pull Eva's head back to stop himself cumming down her throat but he had not been fast enough. As his cock left the nymphets mouth his balls spasmed and he blew his first load over Eva's face. He let go of her hair and stepped away from her; Izzy wiped her mouth to clear away her spit before leaning in to lick Aaron's cum off Eva's face.

Aaron moved over to Hedone's dias and knelt before her,
"Please my Goddess, bless me with your cum"
Hedone looked down at him and smiled before replying,
"Not yet pet, your work is not finished"
The Goddess nodded towards Celeste who lay on her side; the fingers of one hand fingering her pussy while fingers of the other explored her ass. Aaron stroked his stiff cock and moved over to Celeste and smiled down at the young nymphet. She looks up at him and grins; removing her fingers from her pussy and ass she moves round and lays on her back. Izzy and Eva come over and knelt on either side of the young nymphet. They both lent down and sucked on her budding breasts. Aaron smiled and told the nymphets how he wanted to fuck the youngest of their number; Eva and Izzy both grinned as they took hold of Celeste's legs and lifted her hips until she was supporting her body on her shoulders. Aaron lent forward and licked from Celestes clit to her anus.

The young nymphet moaned in pleasure from the feeling of Aarons tongue exploring her; looking up at him she pleaded,
"Please fuck me in the ass"
A wolfish grin spread across Aaron's face as Eva and Izzy each gripped one of Celeste's ass cheeks and pulled them apart revealing her puckered anus. Aaron let a long rope of spit run from his mouth to her waiting sphincter. Celeste moaned in excited expectation as she watched Aaron wanking his already stiff rod. He pressed the swollen head of his cock against the nymphets pulsing anus; with a gentle pressure Aaron pushed the head into her ass making Celeste cry out in pain and ecstasy.

With a sideways glance he saw Hedone watching intently with an approving smile twisting her lips; precum dribbled from the head of her massive penis.

Aaron returned his attention to Celeste; he had given her ass enough time to get use to the head of his cock. He could already feel his balls tightening at the thought of fucking this fourteen year olds ass. He took a firm grip of the young nymphets hips and drove the rest of his cock into her tight canal with a single thrust. Celeste screamed in orgasm as her pussy erupted with thick creamy cum; with a grunt Aaron began to pound his cock deep into her ass, his balls audibly slapping against her cum soaked pussy.

Eva and Izzy had moved over to Hedone and were taking it in turns to suck on her cock and licking her pussy. Hedone's eyes were locked on Aaron as he fucked the young nymphet.

Celeste moaned and screamed as orgasm after orgasm swept over her; she watched as Aaron drove his cock ball deep into her ass with savage lust. His cock pulsed as his own orgasm build. Celeste cried out in ecstasy,
"Cum over me, cover my face with your load!"
With a grunt Aaron pulled his cock out of the nymphets ass with a wet pop; He pushed his meat down as he worked the foreskin and sent his load spurting over Celestes tits and face. Rope after after rope of think spunk shot from the head of his cock and covered her. Aaron released the nymphets hips letting her crumple to the floor as a final orgasm wracked her body.

Hedone had Eva and Izzy bent over infront of her; she plunged her cock deep into their dripping pussies. Both nymphets wore expressions of raptured bliss as their goddess fucked them. Aaron slowly approached while watching the two girls carefully; Hedone watched his every move and smiled. The Goddess took hold of Izzy's hair and pulled her head up just as she thrust her cock ball deep into her pussy; Izzy screamed out in pleasure and pain as her young pussy was stretched and filled to proportions she had never experienced before. At the sound of her scream Hedone ordered,
"silence her, Now!"
Aaron did as commanded and thrust his cock into Izzy's mouth to silence her screams; a vicious grin crossed the Goddess' face as she pulled her throbbing cock from Izzy's pussy. She stroked the length and pointed for Aaron to kneel at her feet; Aaron pulled his newly hardening cock from Izzy's mouth and knelt. He absently stroked his cock while watching Hedone stroke hers in front of his face. Aaron watched as the precum dribble from the tip; he opened his mouth at an unspoken command from the Goddess.

With an angelic moan Hedone climaxed, sending rope after rope of power laden cum over Aaron's face and into his mouth. The power held in the viscous fluid filled Aaron's senses; every nerve in his body sang as the will of Hedone flowed through him. He heard a whisper in the back of his mind,
"Take my gift willingly, accept the honour openly, embrace me lovingly"
Aaron relaxed and stopped resisting the power flowing through him. He felt the gift of the Goddess work through his body and begin to change his form; he watched his body change in his minds eye.

Aaron's skin went from the pale porcelyn to bronze gold; his hair went from bland brunette to shimmering silver while his eyes turned to a bright violet. His cock; already an impresive size of eight inches long with the girth of a coke can; grew longer until it strained at almost twelve inches. Aaron collapsed to the floor as the change warping his body abated; Hedone stood over him and smiled, one rewarded and now one to punish. The nymphets gently pulled Aaron onto the cushions and tenderly stroked his body; it had been an age since Hedone had gifted a man with her power.

Benjamin sat in the splintered remains of his bed; he had known straight away when he had walked away from Hedone he would regret it but he had no idea how bad is punishment would be. He had heard the screams of ecstasy coming from the temple telling him the Goddess' new pet was fucking the nymphets. The screams of pleasure turned into a scream of agony telling him that the pet had been gifted with the change that Hedone heaps upon her girls. He looked up from the floor as a shadow passed over him; his eyes met Hedone's and a shiver of fear ran through his body, he had never seen an expression of such pure fury on her features before. The Goddess reached out and ran finger over his face; a blinding searing pain burst behind his eyes filling his senses with unimaginable agony. Benjamin screamed a blood curdling scream of a man caught in the fires of hell. Hedone's face never changed the entire time she held his head; the pain she caused him brought her little pleasure but Benjamin had to be punished for his disobedience. Hedone burned out the nerves of Benjamin's eyes's blinding him permantly; only she could repair the damage she caused. The pain caused Benjamin to fall into unconciousness; as eternal darkness filled his vision the pain began to subside.

Aaron awoke on the cushions where he had fucked the nymphets; they were all sprawled around him sleeping peacefully with looks of contentment on their faces. He looked up and saw Hedone watching him; the expression of fury still crossed her features. She stood and walked to the cushions before saying,
"Now and always I own you, let Benjamin be an example to never cross me"
Aaron nodded to the Goddess to show he understood before unconsiousness swept over him once more.

Hedone sat on her throne and looked into the mirror she kept close to hand; seeing Myka's reflection she knew it was time for another sacrifice. Myka still had to earn back the Goddess' favour for withholding the sacrifices she demanded.
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