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7 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by:
Chapter 19: "Slap"

"Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish?" Lindsay
asked to no one in particular here at the dinner table on
this breezy Saturday evening. Once she had the attention
of everyone present, Lindsay continued, "I think it's tuna.
But the can it came in says chicken. _Chicken of the Sea_."

Nearly everyone seated here at the dinner table - Pamela,
Devon, Kristanna, Amy and Camille - looked at Lindsay with
wide eyes, or simply had to hold back a barrage of laughter.
Lindsay, in turn, offered everyone a quizzical expression.

"I thought you said you worked at a supermarket?" Devon
confirmed, giggling, as she glared at Lindsay.

"I do," the 18-year-old responded. "I have worked at
[Supermarket Name] in Ohio for a few years now. I'm a
cosmetics clerk. What does that have to do with anything?"

Trying to keep a straight face, I explained to Lindsay,
"Honey, it says _Chicken of the Sea_ because that is the
brand name. It is one of the largest seafood canneries in
the world. But I assure you that it is fish - it is tuna.
_Chicken of the Sea_ cans only fish... not chicken."

"Are you sure? I mean... why does it say chicken, then?"

Amy laughed at Lindsay. "Do you really think that could
be chicken you have? Do chicken swim in the sea?"

Lindsay suddenly looked very tentative. "Well... I have
never HEARD of a chicken that can swim. But that doesn't
mean there are no chicken in the sea. I really don't know."

"OH MY GOD..." Kristanna huffed in amazement, that exotic
Norwegian accent of hers in full effect, as Devon, Amy and
Camille broke out into a fit of wild, hysterical laughter.
Pamela stared at Lindsay in disbelief, the look on her face
clearly suggesting that she had never been witness to a more
ignorant remark from someone in her whole, entire life.

"What's so funny?" Lindsay whined, now a bit upset with
the collective reaction. "I just asked a question!"

"It says _Chicken of the Sea_ because that is the brand
name," I reiterated, thinking to myself that Lindsay's naive
comment could be forgiven because she was so incredibly hot
and beautiful. It was always easy to forgive a woman this
attractive, right? "I have no idea why the company chose
that name, sweetheart. But I assure you that it is fish."

"Oh, okay," Lindsay finally relented, as the quartet of
Devon, Kristanna, Amy and Camille continued to snicker and
laugh. "This is really confusing to me for some reason. I
think I will stick to _Starkist_ canned tuna from now on."

And with that, the roof came crashing down with laughter.

"_WHAT_?" Lindsay screeched, glancing at her counterparts
here at the table with a look of anger and disdain.

Amy, who was seated next to Lindsay, leaned over and
embraced her with both arms from the side. "It is perfectly
okay, baby," she said, unable to control her laughter. "I
think that you are priceless! I will always remember my 31st
birthday party because of the things you have just said!"

As Devon, Kristanna and Camille continued to snicker and
laugh, Lindsay glanced at Amy and then became agitated. She
tossed her napkin down onto the table and stood up, then
placed both hands upon her hips and eyed everyone intently.
"If you all want to make fun of me, I'll just skip dinner!"
With that, the fertile-minded blonde turned and stormed off.

"Lindsay! Wait!" Devon called out.

"Come back, honey," Pamela volunteered.

"It be Amy's burdday party!" Kristanna reminded Lindsay,
who had vanished into the adjacent front room. "Do not go!"

"She just can't get up and leave and like that," Camille
sniped, her dark eyes cold and piercing as she stared off
into the distance. "Tonight is supposed to be for Amy..."

"Well... she just did," Pamela deadpanned.

Feeling as if Lindsay was long gone by now, Amy turned
back around and glanced at everyone all around her. "I
never thought that Lindsay could be that stupid! Everyone
knows that _Chicken of the Sea_ is a giant seafood retailer."

Camille was laughing again. "But Lindsay wondered if
chicken could be found swimming in the sea, remember?"

"That is something I will never forget," Pamela mused.

"Let us have buffalo vings and chicken fingers tomorrow
night for dinner!" Kristanna suggested. "I vunder vat she
vould have to dink about eeder of dem?"

Amy imitated a possible reaction of Lindsay by saying in
a sweet, innocent tone, "I didn't know that buffaloes had
wings. They can FLY?" Amy broke out into an absolute rage
of laughter once again. "How can someone be so STUPID?"

I felt as if Lindsay's ignorant (meaning, _un-informed_)
comment about the _Chicken of the Sea_ brand name was funny
at first, although I was able to conceal my laughter. Now,
however, I did not feel that way any longer. I did not like
the fact that the others - in an effort spearheaded by Amy -
were cracking jokes about Lindsay and calling her _stupid_.
Actually, Amy was the only one saying that she was _stupid_.

I was not about to tolerate such interaction between any
of my guests. Nor did I care to listen to another word.

"Vare are yew going?" Kristanna asked me, as I stood up
from the table and glanced toward the adjacent front room.

"If you ladies would excuse me for a bit," I told them,
"I have something that I must take care of. I'll be back."
I exited the formal dining room, although Kristanna and Amy
were calling for me to come back and re-join them.

Ignoring their pleas for now, I checked all corners of
the spacious front room, but was unable to find Lindsay.
Wanting to locate her, I ventured off to the below-ground
recreation room. With all the arcade and pinball machines,
and video game systems found there, the recreation room was
a favorite hang-out spot for Lindsay. I figured that she
may have went there to take a temporary refuge from the
others and their wisecracking barbs. But unfortunately, I
did not find Lindsay in the recreation room, either.

I did know where else to look. Lindsay could have been
anywhere in this 60,000-square-foot mansion of mine. She
could have even ventured outside and ran off into the night.
It would be like searching for a needle in a haystack...

Then, I remembered the voyeur room. It would provide me
with Lindsay's exact location without having to search every
nook and cranny of the estate and/or island on foot. Thus,
it was a no-brainer - off to the voyeur room I went.

Lindsay was obviously upset because of how the others had
treated her at the dinner table. Otherwise, she would not
have stormed off even before our meal began. Plus, today
was Amy's 31st birthday - and that dinner was going to be the
start of her party. The only way that Lindsay would walk
out on Amy's birthday party, I thought to myself, was if she
was horribly angry. I wanted to find Lindsay, and calm her.
Most of all, I wanted her to come back and enjoy the party.

In a way, I could easily look past Lindsay questioning
the ingredients of _Chicken of the Sea_. But the same could
not be said for her speculation about chicken possibly being
able to _swim_ in the sea. I admit that it certainly was not
the brightest or most well-informed comment that a person
could make. At the same time, though, Lindsay should not
have been subjected to the snide laughs and barbs from the
other ladies. In my book, at least, it was just plain wrong
for Amy to call Lindsay stupid. That was rude, and very
crass - no matter whether it was justified or not.

* * *

"Oh my God..." I muttered perhaps three or four minutes
later, as I hurried into the voyeur room and immediately
found Lindsay's whereabouts. On surveillance monitor 37-A,
the little sweetheart was seated against the wall in the
guest room corridor, with her knees up and arms secured
tightly around them. What shocked me, however - and maybe
even scared me - was that Trish was kneeling beside Lindsay.
The two, it seemed, were having a discussion. Was Trish
trying to hook up with Lindsay again? I sure hope not...

"I can't believe that everyone laughed at me like that!"
Lindsay whined, pleading her case to Trish, as I flipped the
audio switch on for the corridor. I transferred the video
from monitor 37-A, which was small and located in the high
corner of the wall, to the big screen just in front of me.

"Everyone laughed at you?" Trish asked.

Lindsay sniffed her nose and answered, "Well, I can't say
that it was EVERYONE. Jeremy didn't laugh. Neither did
Pamela. But Amy was laughing. So was Devon and Kristanna.
Camille looked at me as if I was some sort of idiot. But at
least... at least J-Jeremy and Pamela didn't laugh at me."

"It's not in Jeremy and Pamela's characters to laugh or
poke fun at someone else like that," Trish remarked. "I
think it was perfectly alright for you to say what you did.
_Chicken of the Sea_ is kind of misleading if you don't know
what the product is. It could be chicken, you know. Or it
could be something from the sea. It's one or the other. If
you've never had it before, it's perfectly okay to wonder
exactly what it is. They should not have laughed at you."

"I also said something really, really stupid..."

"What was that, eh?"

"I wondered if there were chicken that could actually swim
in the sea." Trish's eyes went wide with total astonishment
as Lindsay fretted, "Oh... that was the dumbest thing I have
ever said! But they laughed at me for it, too! It made me
feel so worthless... like I was brainless."

"We all say silly things at one point or another," Trish
mused, her voice calm and serene. "Jeremy and Pamela... I
bet neither of them laughed when you said that, either."

"Pamela looked at me like I was high on drugs," she
responded. "But Jeremy looked at me like he always does.
Just his calm, usual, easy-going self."

"I bet that Jeremy is mad at Devon, Kristanna, Amy and
Camille because they made fun of you," Trish speculated.
Indeed, she knew me well. "He doesn't seem to be the type
who would tolerate that sort of thing. Not Jeremy."

Lindsay sighed and shook her head. "This is really bad.
I'm hungry. I haven't eaten a thing since breakfast this
morning. But I can't show my face to the others again. Not
tonight, at least. What am I going to do? I'LL STARVE!..."

Trish eyed Lindsay for several seconds, then puckered her
lips together for an instant before saying, "I'll go off to
the kitchen and get you a dinner plate, or a snack, and
bring it to you. You can eat it in your room, or wherever.
That way, you would not have to see the others."

"I thought you were sick, though," Lindsay countered.
"Jeremy said you were skipping the birthday party because
you have a bad case of the flu."

Trish shrugged her shoulders. "I feel better now. I was
feeling pretty bad earlier, but I feel better now. Jeremy
gave me some medication, and the flu cleared right up."

Obviously, that was a minor lie on Trish's part. She was
never sick in the first place. I agreed to allow her to
skip Amy's birthday party as long as she played _sick_.
Trish wanted nothing to do with the party because, in her
own words, she did not want to subject herself to seeing
Lindsay. But Trish was talking to her now...

"You would really bring me a dinner plate?" Lindsay asked,
perhaps a bit surprised at Trish's generosity.

Trish shrugged her shoulders once again. "You said you
are hungry. But you don't want to run the risk of seeing
the others again tonight. So I'll go to the kitchen and get
you something to eat. Why wouldn't I?"

Lindsay frowned. "I was pretty rough on you the other
day with what I said in the recreation room."

"This has nothing to do with the other day, or what has
been said between us," Trish informed her. "This is about
you being hungry, and needing some food in your stomach. I
cannot stand the thought of anyone being hungry. ANYONE."

Lindsay appeared genuinely grateful. "Thank you, Trish."

"You're welcome. What would you like me to get you, eh?"

"How about some orange juice, two pieces of rye bread and
a can of _STARKIST_ tuna?" Lindsay requested. "That way, I
could make myself a tuna sandwich. Don't worry about getting
my plate from the dining room. I don't want it."

* * *

"I got your food," Trish said about five minutes later,
as she knocked on and then opened the door that led to the
guest suite that - at least for the past couple of days -
Lindsay had been sharing with Amy. Trish hesitated for a
moment, then glanced around the empty suite with a confused
expression across her face. "Lindsay? Where are..."

"I'm in here!" came the 18-year-old's voice.

Trish offered an inquisitive look toward the closed door
of her own private bedroom. She went over to open it, and
found Lindsay resting comfortably upon her old bed - the
same bed where she once slept before moving in with Amy.

"I didn't expect to find you in here," Trish said, as she
entered the suite, carrying a tuna sandwich on a platter and
a tall, healthy glass of orange juice over to Lindsay.

"I always liked this bed," Lindsay mused, squirming about
upon the mattress. "It feels much more comfortable than the
one Amy and I sleep on together in the other room." Trish
frowned at those words as Lindsay added, "But Jeremy says
that all of the beds are the same. Strange, huh?" Lindsay
giggled and concluded, "I guess Amy's bed has so many miles
on it already that it is starting to break down!"

Trish sat down upon her own bed. "Yeah... I guess so."
Trish did not seem all too comfortable with her ex-girlfriend
in the same room with her. Of course, the fact that Trish
was still in love with Lindsay had everything to do with it.
Just the mere presence of Lindsay was enough to drive Trish
totally insane. Now, they were alone together...

"I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this," Lindsay
said, as she took a bite out of the loaded tuna sandwich.
"I am so hungry, I could eat a cow!" Lindsay took a few
more bites before saying, "Can I ask you a question, Trish?"


"Why do you like me so much?"

Trish glanced over at Lindsay. "Huh? What do you mean?"

"Why do you like me so much?" Lindsay repeated. "I mean,
I have never had someone pursue me so very hard and so very
aggressively before. Why do you like me so much?"

Trish appeared antsy and tentative. "I do not think this
is the right thing for us to talk about." Lindsay shook her
head rather vigorously as Trish continued, "You obviously do
not want to have a relationship with me, and I accept that.
I respect that. There is no need to talk about details."

"But I want to know," Lindsay insisted. "I want to know
what it is about me that you like so much. I mean... I look
in the mirror, and all I see is a girl. A normal, regular
girl. What is it about me that you find so appealing?"

Trish shook her head. "We shouldn't be talking this way.
What I say, Lindsay, it could make you feel uncomfortable or
apprehensive. Then you could go to Jeremy, and I'd get into
trouble. I already had a long talk with Jeremy about you.
He told me to let go and move on, and that is what I'm gonna
do. Jeremy would not like it if we talked about this."

"I just want to know why you like me so much," Lindsay
mused yet again. "Please tell me because I want to know. I
promise that I won't feel uncomfortable or angry about it.
There won't be anything for Jeremy to get mad at you about
because I am asking a question, and you would answer it.
That is all. He would not mind that one bit."

"I don't see the point of talking about this if there is
no future between us. I'm sorry, but I don't."

Myself, I got the distinct impression that Trish did not
want to speak with Lindsay at all. Trish was so enthralled
with Lindsay, but knew that she could not have her as a love
interest in her life. Thus, it actually hurt Trish to even
have any type of verbal contact with Lindsay. Even this
very discussion was clearly taking a mental toll on Trish.

I also got the sense that Trish was battling her urges as
well. It seemed as if she wanted to pounce on Lindsay and
make mad, passionate love to her. Watching Lindsay squirm
and writhe about upon the bed in a little tank-top and cotton
shorts seconds earlier certainly added fuel to that already
burning fire. But Trish would never do that unless Lindsay
was a willing participant. Trish was not the type of person
to impose her will on anyone. Still, the urge for her was
most definitely there. I could see it.

"What if I let you lick my pussy?"

"WHAT?" Trish did a double-take at those words.

"What if I let you lick my pussy?" Lindsay echoed. "Would
you tell me then?"

Whether my previous inclination was correct or not, Trish
most likely did the best possible thing once she rose from
the bed and quickly exited the suite, thus leaving Lindsay
all by her lonesome. As a result, Lindsay made a face and
huffed angrily for a brief instant - obviously upset that
she did not get an answer from Trish - but soon settled back
down into her old bed and resumed eating the tuna sandwich.
I could not believe what she had just said!

Lindsay was a total doll and sweetheart - no doubt - but
I had learned from observing her during recent days that she
possessed a snippy, somewhat mean side to her personality as
well. It was not an endearing trait for her to have.

I refer back to Lindsay's comment (directed at Trish) from
this past Sunday about Pamela and Devon each being the _flavor
of the day_ for me. That did not sit too well with me,
obviously. Now, Lindsay seemed angry that Trish did not want
to discuss a very sensitive subject which clearly made her
feel very uncomfortable. There was absolutely no reason for
Lindsay to be upset.

Also, what was the deal with Lindsay offering Trish the
opportunity to perform oral sex on her? That certainly came
out of left field, so to speak, and was not expected. It
was also very out of character for Lindsay. Or was it? Was
she truly the innocent, virgin angel I had always perceived
her to be? Or was she something else?

Absolutely, Trish chose the best possible course by simply
turning and walking away. Giving in to her desire there and
indulging herself would have most likely led to some nasty
ramifications in the future. But how could Lindsay make
such an offer? Did she even understand her actions here?
Did Lindsay understand what she was doing to Trish's pysche?

Perhaps it was the ignorance of her youth. That was my
best guess. If so, Lindsay clearly had a lot more growing
up to do - in both body and mind. It is strange, but when I
was Lindsay's age (18), I thought I had all of the answers.
I was an authority figure on every possible subject. Now,
age 39, I realize that I knew _nothing_ back in those days.
Perhaps Lindsay would feel the same way as she got older...

* * *

Now would be an excellent time for to comment on the
recent changes on the island. Due to the ending of Trish
and Lindsay's relationship, they were no longer room-mates.
Lindsay had moved down the hall into the suite formerly
occupied by Pamela and Amy, who was sharing the room with
her. Pamela remained good friends with Amy, but had agreed
to move out so Lindsay could take her place.

As a result, Pamela had spent the previous two nights
sharing a guest room with Trish. Their interactions with
each other after-hours had been totally platonic thus far,
but it seemed as if they were going to remain room-mates
for the foreseeable future regardless. Pamela and Trish
seemed to be forging a close friendship, which was great.

I was both disappointed and discouraged that the recent
problems between Trish and Lindsay were dark spots on what
had mostly been a mostly harmonious and enjoyable three
weeks since the ladies had arrived on the island. Oh, there
were other problems, too - most notably Lindsay's latest
direction in life, and the fact that I still had yet to make
an iron-clad decision between Pamela and Devon as to which
one that I wanted to pursue a life-long relationship with.

Oh, and one could never forget _dive gate_ yesterday.
Pamela nearly drowned because of me. That was going to be
the first and last time that I ever took a novice diver into
the ocean with me. If Pamela wanted to go diving again, I
would first require that she receive professional training
from a certified instructor. With what transpired, _I_ was
even scared - at least for now - to go back into the water.

If I had my way, Trish and Lindsay would be together.
Why? For the simple reason that I knew - beyond a shadow of
a doubt - Trish would do whatever it took to ensure that
Lindsay received nothing but the absolute best in life. Be
it companionship, care, love or even simple, everyday things,
Trish would only have Lindsay's best interests in mind. Her
own thoughts and desires would be strictly secondary.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Amy, who
seemed to be _using_ Lindsay's body (and sweet innocence) as
a whipping post in these bondage games, which were clearly
becoming more intense and twisted. Was Amy leading Lindsay,
a Bible-thumping virgin (until two weeks ago, at least), who
had aspirations of one day becoming a church minister, down a
path of no return? Was Kristanna correct when she told me
recently that ten years from now, Lindsay could very well be
a carbon copy of Amy? A late-20's/early 30's woman with a
rugged past and absolutely no direction for the future, whose
own self-image was that of a nymphomaniac? Would all of her
self-esteem be shot with no real way to repair it?

At times, at least, I got the impression from Amy that
she looked at herself as being _worthless_. I got that vibe
from her at several points over the past three weeks. I
thought much more of Amy, of course. I thought more of Amy
than probably anyone else on the island did. I still felt
that there was a good and genuine person lurking underneath
all of that aggression and rage. I just had to find it.

But for all intents and purposes, my opinion was quite
meaningless. How Amy felt about herself was the only thing
that really mattered here. She needed a serious boost of
self-esteem. But where would it come from?

As Kristanna speculated, could Lindsay turn out to be the
same as Amy some ten years from now? Could her lust - which
was multiplying ten-fold with every passing second - become
so out-of-control that she would lose all rhyme and reason
as a person? I believe Amy, in her younger days, was once a
victim of that. Amy's appetite for sex, which had no limit
whatsoever, was the thing that seemingly drove her entire
existence. On the surface, at least, it seemed as if sex was
all that mattered to Amy.

If a person can be defined with a single word, I think a
good one for - let's say... Devon - would be _affectionate_.
Kristanna? _Funny_. Pamela could, at least in my eyes,
easily be described as _classy_. Trish was _loving_. On
the other hand, the first word which comes to mind when I
think of Amy is _NYMPHOMANIAC_. Did anything else fit her?
I was not about to call her something crass (i.e. slut).

But is this a good way to look at or think about a certain
individual? Obviously, it is okay to enjoy sex. I enjoyed
sex, of course, as did all of the other ladies here. But we
did not allow sex to control every facet of our lives. Amy
did, unfortunately, and Lindsay may very well be on her way.
According to Kristanna, Lindsay was already off and running.

Of course, I still had to follow through on the promise
that I made to Kristanna yesterday. I had to get some time
alone with Lindsay, sit her down and have a good, long talk
with her. Still, I had absolutely no idea how I was going
to approach the discussion. Kristanna insisted that it was
my duty to _protect_ Lindsay. Kristanna wanted me to steer
her away from the direction that Amy (and perhaps Camille)
had in mind for her. I did not like the idea of interfering
in something which had been 100 percent consensual thus far.
Down deep, though, I knew something had to be done.

* * *

"I thought you had the flu," Pamela said to Trish, as I
flipped on the audio switch for the central room, which was
located downstairs. After watching Pamela descend the steps
with the help of the surveillance system and come upon Trish,
who had taken refuge here no more than a minute ago, my first
instinct was to eavesdrop on them from the voyeur room.

Trish shrugged Pamela off and countered, "Keep a secret?"


Trish frowned and admitted, "I was never sick in the first
place. I got everything set up beforehand with Jeremy so I
could skip Amy's birthday party."

Pamela offered her a quizzical look. "Why?"

Trish winced before answering, "I figured that it would be
an opportunity for me to get away from Lindsay for awhile. I
just... I cannot stand the sight of Lindsay and Amy together.
I CANNOT STAND IT! Amy is so wrong for her! But I... thought
it could be especially difficult... for me to see them at the
party together, since this is Amy's birthday, and all." She
paused and then literally begged her friend, "Please don't
tell any of the others, Pamela. I don't want anyone mad."

Pamela shook her head. "I won't tell anyone. That is one
thing about me, Trish. I ALWAYS keep any and all secrets.
I have never stabbed anyone in the back like that before."

Trish was still pouting. "Lindsay and Amy were probably
glad that I wasn't there, anyway. Everyone else, too..."

"What?" Pamela exclaimed, her eyes narrow, as she hurried
over to Trish and placed a reassuring hand upon her shoulder.
"We were all worried because Jeremy said that you were sick!"

Trish shook her head. "Oh... I didn't mean that. It's
just that I'm really upset right now. I just saw Lindsay a
few minutes ago and I'm still all jittery from it. People
here think I am crazy, or something. Maybe I am."

"I don't think you're crazy."

"You ever love someone so much that it actually hurts,
Pamela?" Trish fretted. "You love that person so much that
it hurts you inside? Yet no matter what, you can never be
together? That is the situation I am in right now with
Lindsay. Do you know how incredibly painful that feels?"

Pamela was the one frowning now. "Yes, I do..."

"I thought you said you have never been in love."

Pamela nodded her head. "What I said to you the other day
is that I was never in love UNTIL I came to this island."

Trish's eyes went wide. "You're talking about Jeremy?"

Pamela nodded her head once again, which, of course,
piqued my interest. "Yes, I'm talking about Jeremy."

"You and Jeremy can never be together?" Trish asked. "I
am sorry, but I do not understand. Why would you...?"

"Devon," Pamela responded in a flat tone. "Devon." She
shook her head and added, "Actually, Devon AND Kristanna."

"I still don't understand..."

Pamela sighed. "I have been doing everything that I can
do in the past couple of weeks to get Jeremy to notice me...
to get him to like me. Everything that I can possibly think
of, I have tried. That man treats me better than I have any
right to be treated. Jeremy is really everything that I have
ever wanted in a man. I want to be with him so very much.
Everything, I thought, was running along perfectly. Jeremy
knew how I felt about him. I told him. The first couple of
days on the island were like a fairy tale for me because it
seemed that Jeremy wanted to be with me. But then, Devon
turned up the heat and began to intrude on the territory that
I already had staked claim to. She wants to be with Jeremy
just like I do. I feel as if I'm fighting a losing battle."

Trish nodded. "I know the feeling..."

"Amy likes Jeremy a lot because he treats her with respect
too," Pamela continued. "But Amy is not going to make a play
on him because she knows how much I like him myself. I know
that you would never do me wrong like that, Trish, and go
after Jeremy. Camille? Camille doesn't even like men. I
do not think that she is interested in Jeremy at all, really.
Lindsay is too young to want a relationship." Trish hung
her head low for a moment as Pamela kept talking, "But Devon
is going hard and heavy after Jeremy. That girl needs to
understand that Jeremy is MINE. He belongs to ME. I was
with him long before Devon even laid a finger on him."

"What is your problem with Kristanna?" Trish wondered.
"You said not only Devon, but also Kristanna."

Pamela took a deep breath. "I left the birthday party
myself. Kristanna grabbed Devon and brought her into her
lap right at the dinner table, started hugging and kissing
her. Kristanna was going on and on, talking about how Devon
and Jeremy are the perfect couple and belong together."
Pamela vehemently shook her head. "Seeing them two coo and
cavort like that made me feel sick inside. I apologized to
Amy and then left the party. I came down here and saw you.
I guess that I wanted to get away for awhile, too."

"You don't like it that Devon is just as interested in
Jeremy as you are?" Trish inquired. "And that Kristanna is
seeming to encourage Devon into being more open and forward
with Jeremy? Since you were with him first, Pamela, you
think that Devon should respect that and back off?"

Pamela nodded her head and sniped in return, "Devon is
trying to steal the man that I love!" Pamela paused and
continued, "What makes it even worse is that Kristanna is
constantly telling Jeremy how incredibly right Devon is for
him. I have it on good authority that Kristanna has even
told Jeremy that Devon is a better fit for him than I am.
That Devon would even love him more than I ever could!"

How did Pamela know that? How did she know what Kristanna
and I had spoken about - in private - behind closed doors? I
was totally _SHOCKED_ that Pamela had any knowledge of that.

Trish shrugged her shoulders and pouted. "It looks like
we both have relationship problems, huh? The best advice I
can give you, Pamela, is that you need to show Jeremy just
how much you love him. That is really all you can do. If
you are trying to win his affection, do everything that you
can to show him that you are Miss Right for him. I can tell
you right now that Jeremy is the type of guy to eat that
kind of stuff up. He takes whatever people say to heart."

Pamela suddenly appeared angry. "I was with Jeremy FIRST!
I was with him before he had anything to do with Devon. Our
very first time together - in the library during my second
day here - Jeremy and I were both hinting at marriage and
commitment. We had sex for the first time, and I felt as if
I had died and gone to Heaven. I was in love. Every fairy
tale ending I had ever dreamed of was coming to life."

takes him off for a bike ride and seduces him in the forest
behind my back." Pamela trembled with emotion and ended,
"She starts talking about relationships and commitment, too!"

"It has been interesting to see the whole dynamic between
you, Devon and Jeremy unfold these past few weeks," Trish
said. "I can tell you that Jeremy doesn't know who to
choose. I think he would be happiest with both of you."

"What would you do if you were in my situation, Trish?"

The Canadian shrugged her shoulders. "Just as I said...
show Jeremy how much you love him. Make him see that you
are the right girl for him. Be totally up-front and honest.
I tried that with Lindsay, you know, but it didn't work.
She cannot handle someone being up-front and honest with her
like that. I think that is really what drove her away from
me. Jeremy, on the other hand... he CAN handle it." Trish
shrugged her shoulders once again. "That is all I can say,
Pamela. Be honest, and let the chips fall where they may."

"How am I supposed to win Jeremy's heart with Kristanna
constantly in his ear, telling him how sweet and wonderful
Devon is? Jeremy has been friends with Kristanna for many
years. She is like the only person - including his very own
family - whom he totally, unequivocally trusts in the whole,
wide world. Jeremy listens to every word that she says and
treats it like pure gold. Kristanna is his best friend.
All she does is tell him how sweet and wonderful Devon is!"

"Has Kristanna said anything bad or negative about you?"
Trish countered. "Not Devon being the better fit, but
anything specifically negative or mean about you? I cannot
imagine Kristanna saying a bad word about anyone."

"I... I don't know," Pamela answered.

"Be honest with Jeremy," Trish reiterated, before taking
a very deep and long-winded breath. "I really understand
everything that you say, Pamela, but there is only one thing
that I disagree with. I hope you won't be mad at me for it."


Trish hesitated before answering, "Jeremy is not a piece
of property. You did not claim him, or own his rights. You
are not married to him, have no rock-solid commitment. If
Devon wants to pursue him, she has every right to..."

"No!" Pamela returned in a defiant voice, shaking her head
for emphasis. "Everyone on the island was well aware of the
fact that Jeremy and I were together from the second day on
here. Everyone knew that I really liked him and he really
liked me, and there was the distinct possibility of something
long-term and ever-lasting between us. I was also with him
my third and fifth day here, too. Truth be told, Devon should
have respected that and decided to _BACK OFF_! I had sex with
Jeremy before Devon even touched him for the first time. I
had sex with him on three different occasion before Devon got
to him a second time. I know it is a foreign concept on this
island... but to me, sex is still a sacred and special thing."

Trish raised an eyebrow. "How many times did you have sex
at night with Amy during our first two weeks here?"

Defiant, Pamela shook her head. "I admit that I have let
myself go here a little too much. I've let my guard down
and had a little too much fun at the beginning. But I will
also have you know that I have not touched ANY girl on the
island since LAST Thursday. Not this past Thursday, but the
one before it. That is what... nine days ago? Nine days
seems like an eternity on this island." Pamela shook her
head once again. "I wanted to focus all of my energy and
attention onto Jeremy, and a relationship with him."

"I've had sex with Jeremy twice," Trish offered. "Two
weeks ago, that three-some with Lindsay where she gave us her
virginity was my first time with Jeremy. The only other time
was during the big gang-bang we had a week or so later. But,
I shared a pretty good kiss with Jeremy the other night. I
kissed Jeremy like I had never kissed a man before." Trish
paused for a moment, allowing her words to sink in and
register within Pamela's mind. "According to your logic, I
should have never done anything with Jeremy, either. The
three-some with Lindsay, the gang-bang, the kiss we had the
other night. All of those things happened well after you
tried to stake your claim in him. Correct?"

"I would not mind if Jeremy simply had sex with Devon,
and that was it," Pamela said. "Outside of the realms of
this island, that would be considered cheating. But I have
no problem with it HERE because, as you and I both know, this
island and the atmosphere here is highly unique. I have no
problem with Devon wanting to have sex with Jeremy. I had no
problem when you and Lindsay, Trish, spent that day with him.
I have no problem with Amy and all of the time she has spent
with Jeremy. The only problem I have is Devon trying to
steal Jeremy away from me. Well... that, and Kristanna doing
everything under the sun to make Jeremy fall in love with
Devon. Devon and Kristanna should have respected that I had
dibs on Jeremy first. They should have BACKED OFF."

Trish shook her head. "I don't agree with you."

"Why?" Pamela exclaimed, upset.

"As I said, you have no claim to Jeremy," Trish explained.
"You have no commitment with him."

Pamela swung her arm in an outward motion and exploded,
"Talking like that, then you shouldn't go around constantly
whining about how Lindsay wants nothing to do with you and
how she has shacked up with Amy!"

Trish moved her head back, obviously stunned that Pamela
would speak to her with such rage and contempt. It even
took her a few seconds to come up with a response. "I never
once complained that Lindsay has seemingly chosen Amy over
me. What I complain about it is that Amy is not right for
Lindsay. I could treat Lindsay right. I KNOW I could. What
I CONSTANTLY WHINE about is that Amy is wrong for Lindsay.
She does not have her best interests at heart."

Trish shook her head and added, "The difference between
you and me, Pamela, is that you have a REAL opportunity to
win Jeremy's heart. You can do everything within your power
to make him fall in love with you. You can go to whatever
lengths you want to try and convince Jeremy that you are a
better fit for him than Devon is. You have absolutely zero
boundaries to how far you want to go. With Lindsay, _I_
can't. I can't do ANYTHING, or say ANYTHING, to her."

"If I continue to pursue Lindsay, chances are she will
eventually go straight to Jeremy and complain that I am
harassing her. Lindsay does not want to be with me. I am
doing my BEST to respect that, and move on. I may love her -
I most obviously still do - but I cannot change the way that
she feels about me. I cannot even TRY to change the way that
she feels about me. I already had a long talk with Jeremy,
and he told me to back off from Lindsay. He told me to let
it go and move on. But if I keep pursuing her and thus,
harass her, Jeremy would probably send me home." A tear
streaking down her face, Trish sniffed her nose and ended,
"I don't want that. Despite all of my problems with Lindsay,
I really like being on this island. I do not want to go home
until it is time. I am good friends with you, Pamela. I am
friends with Devon, with Kristanna, and especially Jeremy. I
am NOT looking forward to going home in three weeks."

"But I..."

Trish cut Pamela's words off by telling her, "You can say
whatever you want to Jeremy. You can do whatever you want to
him. You have the opportunity to convince Jeremy that you
are the right woman for him. That is the difference between
us, Pamela. Jeremy is right there for you. He is within
your grasp if you hold nothing back and pour your heart and
soul out to him. Lindsay is light years away for me. I WANT
to pour my heart out to her, but I can't. I can't really say
anything like that to her anymore. You may not believe it,
but I'm going to do my absolute best to move on with my life.
It will take time - perhaps a lot of time - but eventually I
will get over Lindsay. I allowed myself to get lost in her.
That was probably my biggest mistake of all. Me... a
30-year-old woman, let myself get lost in a girl barely off
the high school bus. That should have never happened."

Pamela frowned. "I didn't mean to snap at you, Trish. I
am sorry for raising my voice at you like that..."

"It's okay," Trish assured her, nodding her head. "I know
what love can do to a person. Apology accepted."

Having been witness to a bitter side of Pamela - something
that I never knew existed until this very moment - I flipped
the audio switch off for the central room and leaned back
within my padded, leather chair here in the voyeur room. I
would need some time to think about and fully understand
everything that Pamela had just said to Trish about not only
me, but Devon and Kristanna as well.

I found it very difficult to believe, but obviously Pamela
harbored a tremendous amount of resentment and sheer jealousy
toward Devon. Pamela did not approve of the fact that Devon
wanted to pursue a relationship with me just as much as she
did. Nor did she like it that Kristanna had been pushing and
prodding me toward a stable relationship and commitment with
Devon for the past several days. That was sad.

Lost in thought, I leaned my head back upon the top of the
chair and sighed. My eyes closed, my mind began to race.

First off, Kristanna had done nothing wrong. There was no
dispute about that whatsoever. Since her return two weeks
ago, I had continually went to Kristanna for advice and
guidance when it came to the other ladies. I asked her to
give me her opinion _at all times_. Kristanna's opinion, of
course, was that Devon and I made a good couple. She thought
that, out of all of the ladies, Devon was the best fit for
me. There was nothing wrong with that - no matter if Pamela
liked it or not - especially considering the fact that I
_wanted_ Kristanna to give me her opinion. I asked for it.

Pamela was absolutely correct when she told Trish that I
trusted Kristanna. I trusted Kristanna more than anyone.
At this point, I had no reason not to.

I certainly understood Pamela's feelings about Devon. She
felt as if Devon was trying to steal me away from her. At
the same time, however, I also understood Trish's rebuttal to
Pamela on that very same subject. I did not have any sort of
commitment with Pamela. Devon had every right to pursue me.
I had every right to pursue Devon, as well.

Likewise, I had no commitment with Devon. So Pamela could
just as easily come after me, and vice-versa. Until there
was a true commitment in place, everything - and everyone -
was fair game. That was how I viewed it, at least.

What was I going to do to diffuse this brewing situation
that Pamela had with Devon and Kristanna? It could very well
be a powder keg waiting to explode. I could not ignore this
and pray that it eventually goes away. Life is rarely that
easy. What could I do to lessen the resentment and jealousy
that Pamela seemed to have for Devon? More than anything, I
simply wanted everyone here to get along and be happy.

My eyes still closed, I rotated my head forward and placed
it atop the massive computer terminal in front of me. Upset
at the way some things around here were beginning to spiral
out of control, I gently banged my forehead upon the terminal
three times in a row. I hated drama. I did not want to have
to deal with any of it - especially on my precious island.

"What in the hell is this place?"

I literally jumped out of my chair and hit the ceiling
once those words - coming from behind my back - registered
within my mind. When I turned around, my heart sank in my
chest as I found Pamela standing at the entranceway to the
voyeur room. Every muscle within my body began to contract
and violently erupt once I saw the expression on her face.

Pamela was looking and glancing about in all directions,
trying to make sense of everything she saw before her. To
her, the voyeur room must have looked like what one would
imagine the production area of a television studio to be.
There was a spread of 105 television monitors - some small,
some big - and two chairs in front of the main console.

"PAMELA!" I gasped, never having thought I would have to
deal with such a moment. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?"

Confused, the 30-year-old squinted her eyes at me. "I
thought I would come here and surprise you, and talk about
our future together." Oh, Pamela had definitely surprised
me. She surprised me so much that I wanted to fall over and
die! "What is this place? What are you doing in there?"

I grabbed Pamela by the shoulders and spun her around, and
then away from the entrance to the voyeur room. She turned
her head in its direction, but was blocked out once I took
her around the corner with me. "What's going on?" she asked.

I quickly looked around my personal suite and tried to
piece together how this had happened. My first mistake was
not closing the door. For some odd reason, I had opted to
leave the door to my bedroom open. Why I did this, I do not
know. Perhaps I was in a rush earlier to find Lindsay and
her whereabouts, and simply forgot to close it?

I _always_ closed the door whenever I was in my personal
suite. It was my very own sanctum, and I wanted it treated
and looked upon as such. I did not have many rules for the
ladies, but my most requested one was that they knock before
stepping foot into my private bedroom.

Pamela had no real reason to knock because the door was
wide open. It was as if I had invited her - or anyone else
for that matter - in. Step right in, everyone!

Secondly, I had not closed the secret wall panel that led
to the voyeur room. When Pamela walked through the door, the
first thing she probably saw was that the east wall in the
suite was no longer there. Beyond where that wall was
supposed to be was the voyeur room. Who would have ever
thought that multi-million dollar mansions could have secret
rooms and hidden passages?

Lastly, and perhaps worst of all, I was so intent on
contemplating her brewing situation with Devon and Kristanna
that Pamela had made it all the way to my room without my
knowledge. Usually, I am much better than this. When one
of the surveillance monitors, which are triggered by motion
detectors, flicker to life, I always notice it - _especially_
those that oversee the corridor which led to this particular
suite. How could I have possibly missed them all?

I then realized that in the 60 seconds that I had my eyes
closed and was lost in thought, Pamela slipped by all of the
motion detectors and surveillance equipment without a hitch.
I had simply not been paying any attention...

"What's in there?" Pamela asked, her eyes narrow, as she
pointed over my shoulder at the voyeur room. "Where did you
come from? What were you doing in there?"

This was the moment of truth for me. This was my judgment
day. I quickly realized that if I were to pursue a
relationship with Pamela - or Devon, for that matter - she
(or they) would soon find out about the voyeur room and its
existence one way or the other. Right? It was inevitable.
Kristanna and I had discussed this very topic several times
in the past. Perhaps it was better that Pamela learn about
the voyeur room sooner rather than later? I just never
thought it would happen where I was caught red-handed...

What would Pamela's reaction be to the knowledge that I
had been spying on her and all of the other ladies since
their arrival nearly three weeks ago? Would Pamela hate me
and think of me as some sick and twisted pervert? Would she
go off and tell all of the others, in a furious rage, that I
had been eavesdropping on them in their private moments with
a collection of hidden cameras? That all of the footage was
archived on my computer, and I had access to every single
move the girls had made since stepping foot here? Would I be
made out to be a terrible person? Would all of them hate me?

"Jeremy, what IS that place? Tell me!"

"Can you keep a secret?"

"What's going on?"

"Can you keep a secret?" I insisted.

Pamela sighed and responded, "Of course I can."

"I really mean it," I told her. "It's a big secret. You
cannot tell any of the other girls about this."

"I promise!" she countered. "I won't tell anyone. Does
it have something to do with that strange room?"

"A big secret..." I said while leading Pamela back to the
far wall, my right hand tightly entwined with her left.

* * *

Pamela's brown eyes were large and bulging as I then
ushered her into the voyeur room. Only a couple of the
monitors were registering some activity, but Pamela quickly
got an idea of what this place was all about.

Trish was still in the central room, but did not have any
company to speak of since Pamela was now with me. I figured
that immediately after I turned off the audio moments ago
while eavesdropping on their discussion, Pamela made the
decision that she was going to come to my suite and find me.
Trish had encouraged her to open herself up, and go after me
hard and heavy. Pamela had come here, presumably, to pour
her heart out, and express just how much she loved me...

On another monitor, Kristanna was talking with Louisa, the
elderly housekeeper, in the kitchen. Meanwhile, in the
dining room, Devon, Amy and Camille were having a discussion
of their own. And finally, still in Trish's bedroom, Lindsay
had finished her tuna sandwich meal and seemed to be enjoying
herself very much. In more specific terms, Lindsay had a
hand down her shorts and was busy masturbating upon the bed.

"All of you girls seem to wonder what I do when I am not
with you, and am nowhere to be found," I said to Pamela, as
she looked at the monitors with utter reticence. "What
exactly is it that I do all day long while you and the other
girls are out having fun... correct?"

I waited for a response, but did not get one. Pamela just
continued staring at the monitors in sheer silence. Thus, I
decided to step forward and flip the audio switch on for the
guest suite where Lindsay was currently located. Sounds of
self-induced passion could be heard as Lindsay continued to
twiddle away at her clitoris underneath her shorts.

"Welcome to my voyeur room," I gently told Pamela, still
waiting for a response, but not getting one. "I know it may
look bad, but it's really not. Just let me explain..."

Several seconds later, Pamela was still silent. However,
once there was a long, drawn-out "Oh Lord..." from Lindsay,
Pamela suddenly turned her face and looked squarely at me.

I offered her a smile, still waiting for a reaction. I
finally got one - but not exactly the type that I wanted.

The blank expression upon Pamela's face tightened as she
extended her right arm, her hand open. She let out a grunt
and before I knew what had happened next, Pamela slapped me
across the face - as hard as she possibly could.

"HOW DARE YOU SPY ON US!" she exploded, her eyes flashing
with absolute hatred and disdain. "HOW DARE YOU!"

Both stunned and hurt, I tilted my head to the side while
holding my burning face. Perhaps I really should have double
checked and made sure the door to my suite was closed, huh?

<<<- End of Chapter 19 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

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