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In eastern Washington the summers are hot, winters cold. I slept naked year round, under a blanket and quilt in the winter and under just a sheet in summer, though frequently I awoke in our un-airconditioned house to find that I had kicked the sheet off altogether, too.

One evening when I was 17 I felt more than a little punky when I got home from work. It had been a particularly hot day and I think I'd gotten a little dehydrated. I stripped off my dusty clothes in the mud room as I always did and left them by the washing machine. In my underwear, I told my mother that I felt lousy, didn't want any dinner, and was going to just take a shower and go to bed. She told me she was about to start a load of whites and to please leave my underwear by the washer. So I just turned back to the mud room, peeled off my underpants and undershirt to drop them by the washer. Naked now, I walked back in the kitchen past my mother standing at the sink and my sister sitting at the table and said I was going to take a shower. My mother gave me a motherly pat on the butt as I walked by and said she hoped I felt better in the morning. We were very casual about nudity in our family and as I matured, I had come to enjoy being naked in front of my mother and sisters. I even came home from being out sometimes in very hot weather to stumble on my mother either naked or in just her underpants doing housework, her large breasts swaying to and fro as she vacuumed or did other chores. The first time I did, it startled but didn't bother her. I got used to it occurring. So walking through the kitchen naked in front of mom and Nancy was nice even if I did feel lousy.

I headed downstairs to my room, went straight into the bathroom, and took a very nice cool shower. Drying off afterwards, I felt a little better but still wanted to go to bed. As I was standing naked at the sink, brushing my teeth, there was a light knock at the door and I said to come on in. Nancy walked in with a glass of ice water in her hand. She told me mom thought that maybe I was dehydrated and needed it. She walked behind me to the toilet, sat down on the closed lid, and put the glass next to the sink on the counter. As I stood there naked finishing up brushing my teeth, Nancy was chattering away about something she and mom had done that day. I decided to go ahead and floss my teeth since she was sitting there and I enjoyed standing in front of her like that. So as she continued to chatter, I flossed my teeth, interjecting a mumbling response where required. As I enjoyed the situation my penis began to engorge slightly, just enough to hang rather nicely. I know that Nancy noticed it but she just kept on talking. I'm sure she had come to enjoy my being naked in front of her as I was frequently when watching TV in the family room just next to my bedroom and bath. More than once, she had even walked in the room with one of her friends when I know that she was aware I was probably sitting there naked. When that occurred, I just sat there like nothing happened as they sat down to watch TV.

When I was done with my teeth, having no other excuse to linger, I told Nancy I was going to bed. As I turned away toward the door she told me that she hoped I felt better. I gave her a mumbled thanks and walked across the hall to my room. I left my bedroom door open since it remained hot and I had my window open and needed the cross ventilation. I pulled my bedspread and top sheet down and flopped down on the bed. Nancy called to me from the hall that I'd forgotten my water and brought it in. She sat down on the side of the bed, put the glass on my nightstand, and told me again that she really hoped I was OK. As she did so, she placed her hand gently on my leg. When I had laid down, I'd positioned my penis pointing down toward my feet, lying on my scrotum. At the gentle touch of my sister's hand on my thigh just above my knee, it began to engorge more so that instead of just lying on my scrotum it began the trip toward lying on my abdomen. Nancy noticed, chuckled, pulled her hand away from my leg and told me that I must not feel that bad. I told her that it had a mind of its own. She chuckled again, said goodnight, stood up and left.

I think I fell asleep pretty quickly. When I next awoke it was dark outside and just the soft glow of the nightlights in the hall and bathroom across the hall illuminated the night in my room. I realized suddenly that my mother was sitting naked on the side of the bed. She had awakened and come downstairs to check on me. I had a full fledged sleep erection and was still lying there uncovered. She softly told me that I hadn't drunk any of the water Nancy brought me and she wasn't leaving until I drank a good bit of it. I mumbled OK, sat up and reached for the glass. She handed it to me and I took a good drink of it. My penis had softened to the point that it was again lying on my scrotum as I sat up in bed. As I drank, I spilled a fair amount of water that ran down my chest and abdomen. Mom instinctively reached with her bare hand to grab at the water and sling it off of me. As her hand touched my abdomen down low, it brushed against the base of my penis. She said excuse me as she kind of slung the water off of me. My penis responded almost instantly to her brushing touch by engorging to the point of standing up off of my scrotum. I laid back down and Mom got up and went out into the hall to get a hand towel from the linen closet there. Returning with it, she was nicely displayed in the soft glow of the nightlights. She had a magnificent body, thickened some by age but none the less very shapely and proportional with large breasts that hung down a good bit. Mom or no mom, seeing her in the soft light made my penis go fully erect.

She sat down on the bed, used the hand towel to dry off my chest and abdomen and asked me if I wanted to take care of drying myself "down there". I just told her that she had the towel and didn't move to take it from her. She took that as I intended, that I was OK with her drying off my penis and scrotum. She gently dried my penis then between my legs and my scrotum. She reached down between my legs to feel the bed underneath me and said it was wet and I should move so she could blot it with the towel. As she had reached down to feel the bed, her arm brushed against my scrotum more than just a little. Actually it was simply up against it the whole time. I felt myself being turned on by the touch, even if it was the touch of my mother. I arched my back, raising myself in the middle, my weight on my shoulder and heels. She blotted the bed underneath me then told me OK. She then told me to roll over so she could make sure my backside was dry. I turned toward her on my right side and she had to lean across me to reach my butt. Sitting on the edge of the bed like she was, leaning across me caused one of her breasts to lay on my hip and while the other was up against my abdomen. Oh damn, that was really getting me aroused. She dried my butt, including up in my crack, and up to my crotch from the backside. As she moved forward with the towel, I instinctively raised my left leg to allow her access. She continued drying me up to and including my scrotum again and told me to turn again onto my back. As I did, I kept my legs spread apart and she continued to rub my scrotum gently with the towel. I was becoming fully aroused as she said something about not having dried me since I was a little boy an how much she missed those times.

When she finished with my scrotum and again began to rub my abdomen beneath my fully erect penis with the towel she told me how as a very little boy I would always get an erection when she bathed me and dried me off afterwards. She said that things apparently hadn't changed much since then and chuckled. She went from my abdomen to my penis for one last drying and I lost it. I felt my penis pulsate inside the towel and my scrotum draw up as I came all over my abdomen.

She simply said "oh my" and wiped my abdomen off with the towel then gently grasped my penis and wiped it. She said she was just making sure I was dry and didn't intend for "that" to happen. She told me to drink some more water, which I did without spilling this time, then she stood up and said "Good night, Hut" and walked out of the room. I heard he bare feet padding up the stairs and then heard the floor creak slightly above me as she walked down the hall to her bedroom.

As I lay there thinking about the whole experience, which took only ten minutes or so, it seemed somewhat surreal. In the morning when I woke up and remembered it, I wondered if it had all been a dream. I felt my abdomen and though it was dry it had the tacky feel left by semen when it is just wiped rather than washed off. It must have been real.

A few days later, just to see what would happen, when I came out of my shower and mom was standing in the hallway in her house dress stacking towels in the linen closet, I asked her if she could dry my back for me. She said sure and came into the bathroom. I stood naked with my back to her as she rubbed my back from top to bottom with my towel, then dried in my crack. Again, I bowed my legs to give her room and she dried all the way to my scrotum from behind. With a gentle hand on my hip she turned me around facing her and saw that my penis was fully erect. She continued rubbing my scrotum and then my penis with the towel long after I was dry. Then with the towel in both hands, she was "drying" both my scrotum and penis simultaneously as I was looking down the unbuttoned neckline of her house dress. It was loose fitting, light cotton, and concealed little when she was standing up and now, with her bent over slightly, her unfettered tits were swaying back and forth in front of my eyes as she "dried" my penis and scrotum. Seeing those breasts swinging like that finished me off and I felt myself rising to orgasm. Mom must have felt it, too, because she lightly moved the towel up loosely over the end of my penis and I spurted my load into it. She moved the towel in her hand to use a clean spot wipe my penis and then milked it some with her right hand into the towel in her left hand.

She asked "All dry and better now?"

"Yes, Mom, thanks." She turned and left the bathroom with the towel in her hand as I pondered the situation. She had gone from "accidently" making me come the first time to being pretty damned obvious about it this time.

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2013-06-27 21:35:26
The family that plays together stays together. Nudity is pervasive in some households, why not?

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2013-03-16 12:05:40
my mum wanked me off from the timei was14 when i was16 i went in her room and got in bed with her she was naked so i put my hand on her tits and rubbed them she didnt stop me so i put my hand on her haiiry cunt and plaed with it she turned over and rubbed my cock she said you have got me all wet now you can put your cock in me it was great now we fuck when we get the chance i am one happy son

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2013-02-21 05:38:04
This story is just a fiction.

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2012-06-04 11:00:13
the last time my mum wanked me off i was 24 we were sitting on the couch and i asked her to rub me so she got my cock out and started to rum me i said stop she held my cock and i put my hand up her skirt and found she had no panties on but her cunt was so hairy it was great and i started to rub her and she got very wet so i laid her down and got on top and put my cock in and she started to move it was the best fuck i have ever had we still do it when we can a very happey son

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2011-11-16 10:37:25
when i was 15 i was laying on my bed wanking when my called out good night from out side my door so i took a chance and went outside and asked my mum to rub it for me she said ok but dont let your dad find out after that she would come in to say goodnight and most times she would rub me off one night she came in in her nighty and i took a chance and put my hand inside and felt her tits she said stop now

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