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Elise grabs the phone when her bondage machine breaks and traps her
A Phone Call.

My phone rang, I reached an arm out from under the bed clothes and answered it, "Neil Barker is not here and if you want a Taxi you can sod off" I announced sleepily trying to imitate an answer-phone, expecting the call to be from Harry asking me to do a Taxi run for him.

"Its Elsie, you replied to my email." a small female voice announced.

"Elsie, what email," I struggled to shake the sleep from my head.

"The one replying to me on the bondage site."

"Oh, its one a.m. here in the UK. I was asleep," I explained.

"I know it's one a.m, I'm sorry but can you talk?"

"Actually I have an early start, can I ring you back some other time?" I really did not want to be bothered.

"Please, it says you are a mechanic, in your profile."

"Taxi driver nowadays" I corrected.

"But you were a Mechanic? you have tools," she asked.

"I am not coming to fix your bloody motor at one in the morning, goodbye." I slammed the phone down.

It rang again, "We were cut off." she said.

"No I put the bloody phone down, now sod off."

"No don't go, I need help,"

"Call the bloody AA," I replied angrily.

"They don't do bondage"

"Eh," I thought I had mis heard

"They don't do bondage."

"I thought that's what you said," I replied thoughts of sleep receding.

"You replied to my email thread, don't do it you said."

"Remind me" I said as I often put stupid comments on web sites.

"The bondage machine, the Deprivator attachment." she said quietly.

"Elsie, I don't remember an Elsie."

"Elsie, underscore forward slash forward slash fuck, thats F U C H hyphen slut."

"From Los Angeles."

"No I'm in North London, I lied." she admitted.

"So am I," I agreed.

"I hoped you were, I recognised the pub from the photo on your profile."

"Yeah, I live just down the street from the Three Compasses, but I really do need to get to sleep."

"Sorry but I need help, my phone credit is running down, please help me, please come to" and she gave her address.

"Two O'clock tomorrow, O.K"

"Noooo now please, I'm begging, the key is under the flower pot and Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr."

We were cut off.

I hung the phone up and tried to sleep, but I thought about the web site and of course I had to fire up the old Laptop and check her out.

She looked about thirty, as far as I could tell from a close up photo of her Vagina and Anus, and she was clearly into fucking machines and bondage, I found I had replied to a post of hers about a an expensive Italian bondage, restraint and penetration machine and said she had one and asked had anyone tried the permanent deprivation fitting, The Deprivator.

I wrote, "Change the Pop rivets for Rover 25 trim clips in case you need to remove it."

She had replied "You don't remove it Ass hole, that's the whole point."

I found a link to the manufacturers, the basic suite cost around fifteen thousand pounds assembled and tested, and included an array of tools and accessories built around a restraint seat something like a cross between a dentists chair and something used by a gynecologist.

I went through a whole range of emotions in about thee minutes, interest, excitement then fear at the thought it might go horribly wrong and seriously maim someone.

I was pulling my pants up over my erection before I really started thinking, logic suggested I should be trying to get some sleep, but the thought of someone helpless waiting for me was suddenly something I could not ignore, I did not even bother with my jacket.

I remembered my Mondeo was parked up round the back of the pub so I opened the bedroom window and looked down the street and saw my old friend Leroy waiting for fares in his Toyota Minicab just outside the Massage place.

I grabbed a few tools from the kitchen threw them in my sports bag and ran to the Minicab, I gave him the address and he did his usual wheel spinning, tyre howling Lewis Hamilton impression before dropping me off, "How much?" I asked.

"You do me a favour some time, OK" he grinned, and I knew I would end up saving him a couple of hundred on a full service for his clapped out Toyota for a ten pound ride but, he was not a bad guy, atrocious driver but OK.

There was a key under the plant pot, but I was not expecting the address to be a town house, most places around here were subdivided into bed sits, but I unlocked the door and stepped into well maintained, polished, expensively carpeted middle class luxury.

I looked around, to the left a Dining room, 12 chairs around a polished mahogany table under a glittering chandelier, a striking portrait of an Admiral dominated one wall, an ornate fireplace another.

The kitchen was beautifully clean, the units apparently brand new, the lounge, all leather settees and wide-screen TV again spotless with no sign of anyone around at all.

I ventured up the wide staircase, the stairwell open to a clerestory on the roof, the open stair treads brightly polished, dangerously so I thought, as I climbed up and explored the upper floor, a study with a computer on standby showed hopeful signs of recent activity, but bedrooms and bathroom were again immaculate and empty.

"I'm on the third floor" I heard the faint shout from above drifting down the stairwell.

I climbed the stairs, "Where,"

"Here, Oh can you see the panel at the end of the corridor, move the picture, the handle is" She stopped as I pushed the door open.

The room was hidden, actually a part of the building next door, accessed from the blank end of a corridor through this secret entrance.

Whips and belts and chains hung in neat rows on the wall, and as I turned I saw the bondage machine.

It was big, a chair something like a cross between an Dentists chair and one used by a Gynecologist sat to the left rear of a big metal frame, bigger than a double bed, with a large pedestal under the chair and a white control module standing waist high to the right front of the frame and a mass of wires and pipes straggled untidily.

She was strapped into the chair, reclining so her little face with the phone hand free headset still in place seemingly peering out over her crotch, her labia now painfully stretched by a huge aluminium cylinder, crudely displayed as her knees and ankles were forced wide apart by the footsteps and thigh supports to which her leg were firmly attached by straps pulled tight by neat white electric winching machines .

Straps like car seat belt material secured her torso above and below her breasts and a curious leather bra seemed to force her breasts into unnatural uplifted cones allowing the nipples to protrude, showing off the crude nipple clamps and chain.

Her hands and arms were similarly secured to arm rests like those of a dentists chair bu more winching machines and a key pad extended from the arm rest so she could operate the equipment with the fingers of her right hand.

I saw her cell phone handset secured to the left arm rest and the wires leading to her headset and then as I took in the scene she spoke.

"Oh" she said, as if my appearance was unexpected.

I realised she was completely naked, it did not register until she spoke. it was like seeing a page from a book or web-site, but suddenly it was real.

I don't know about you but where I come from, people are usually at least partially clothed on initial acquaintance.

The Deprivator glistened dully, it's extension flange and clit guard curving up over her belly while the applicator and its adaptor lurked deep inside her held to her Vaginal walls by the unseen cruel rivets and forced deep inside her by the gleaming steel penetrator shaft.

"Elsie?, you asked me to come."

"Thanks, can you take my nipple clamps off please they are killing me."

I walked across and reached out among the pipes and wires to release her, it seemed strange to touch her nipples without even shaking hands or kissing. she glistened with recent sweat and her long blonde hair hung damply as testimony to her earlier passion.

The clamps looked like something from a cheap car battery charger with a silver plated chain between stretched between them, the loose end of the chain caught in some wiring and as I reached down to release it I noticed the sheer complexity of the wiring.

Wires ran to the electric winching machines located behind her back for her torso, and at her wrists, fore arms, Knees and ankles and the slack unused ones at her feet, it was so simple, the motor in its neat white plastic housing pulled a strap like car seat belt to hold her firmly or release her at will, operated from the controls at her fingertips except the control module was now dead, standing lifeless and useless leaving her trapped and helpless.

"Oh it hurts," blood was flowing back into her nipples, her little face creased with pain.

"What happened." I asked rather superfluously.

"It just stopped," she admitted.

"So you have an Anal penetrator up your..."

"Bum, yes, but the Deprivator, I measured it like the instructions, I used the same size as the biggest fucking head I could take, I ran it for fifteen minutes, are you listening."

"Yes" I said, "Fifteen fucks"

"Don't look at me like that." she ordered.

"Like what?"

"Like you want to, you know,"

"I'll go then" I suggested

"No please, just promise you won't."

"I can't promise that, I'd better go." I suggested, "I'll phone an Ambulance."

"No, okay, you win do what you want but please get me out of here."


"Anything, Everything, please." she seemed strangely excited at the thought of giving herself to me, perhaps I it was my imagination.

"I'll hold you to that, so it was fucking your ass and,"

"I decided to pop the Deprivator in, so I could never have sex again, it seemed so exciting."

"Elsie, I don't think that was a serious feature of the machine,"


"I think the fuse is supposed to blow."


I saw some doubt in her sweet blue eyes.

"It blew and I put a new fuse in," she admitted.

"One point five amp?" I asked.

"Oh I thought it said Fifteen, I put a Thirteen in."

"That's why the main fuse went then, it should have a thermal cut out or a timed reset to avoid these problems."

"You've lost me," she admitted .

"Thats why I put the bit in your thread, I read the specs and realised the Deprivator was not serious but could seriously maim someone, but why Elsie, you are beautiful, gorgeous , sexy, what on earth did you want to give up sex for."

Tears were pouring down her cheeks.

"I'm never going to bet fucked properly again, ever, am I." she admitted.

"Oh I don't know, I'll have to try to get you out of there." I tried to reassure her. "And if I can't the Hospital people will know what to do."

She shuddered at the thought.

I released the anal penetrator shaft from the hydraulic ram by pulling out the spring loaded clevis pin, She squealed when I tried to ease it out of her so I compromised leaving it in place but loose.

The Deprivator was more complicated, I manoevered myself between the wires and pipes to kneel between her knees, and checked out the Vaginal ram which held it firm against the machines frame.

"Can you see anything" she asked.

I could see everything

"The handbook is on the floor" she continued.

I picked it up, loose pages downloaded from the internet in a ring binder. I flicked through the pages.

I rose up to look over her crotch, between those strangely distorted breasts and down to her worried blue eyes and furrowed brow.

"The vaginal penetrator its worked from a crankshaft driven by a hydraulic motor", I said cheerily "The vernier adjustment giving travel of between one quarter inch and eight inches, variable by one eighth inch increments depending on the setting of the eccentric crankpin."


"Thats what the hand-book said." I told her.

"Then shut up and get on with it."

""There is nothing about the Deprivator."

"No it's from a different supplier, he was going to send instructions, but never did."

I tried to work out how the Deprivator mechanism worked, With the standard penetrator, used in simple fucking machine mode, a twist motion adaptor could be used for extra stimulus as the drive rod could not turn relative to the drive unit and the Deprivator applicator fitted on this same spline and used the twist motion electrical feed to turn the applicator so as to ram the securing rivets home. At least that's what it looked like.

I rose to tell her and as I peered anxiously between her legs, I saw tiny pimples appear on her perfect thighs. real Goosebumps.

"Have you always had a beard." she asked.

"Uh, yes, well no, not when I was born, just shut up and let me concentrate."

"Sorry." she lay back and stared at the ceiling.

I think something has broken or distorted, it seems to have pushed the rivets out but not pulled the pins to squash the soft rivet heads, so if I can turn it back I can probably get them out."

"It means nothing to me." she admitted.

"Well you assembled it," I reminded her.

She went quiet again.

I started to undo the penetrator shaft fittings, accompanied at every movement by her moans, "Ooh that tickles." or "No it hurts" as I slackened the lock nut and carefully eased it anticlockwise.

I had to slacken the lower joint to take the upward or was it inward pressure off her but then the weight of the Deprivator adaptor and shaft all tore at the rivets jammed cruelly into he vaginal lining,

She sobbed despite biting her lip as she bravely tried to retain composure.

I had to do it incrementally, six turns of the shaft, equalling a quarter inch then move the lower shaft back a quarter inch then move the head another six turns then release the shaft again.

Finally the shaft was loose I lowered it carefully onto the mainframe but the deprivator and the heavy applicator now hung by the rivets alone, she screamed, A full blown scream, I spotted some rag on the floor and grabbed it forcing it into her mouth as I tried to support the awkward Deprivator with my knee.

Blood oozed around its lower edges, "There is a gap, Its not tight against your clit," I told her, he extension piece fitted to the hardened Aluminum tube was supposed to cover the clit to stop the wearer arousing herself, while the inner bore of the Deprivator tube was sufficient to take most penises so most men could still fuck the wearer, if fucking a metal tube was their idea of fun.

"You have to be calm, It will hurt again, I have to twist the applicator against the Deprivator to release it," I said as I took the weight of the device in my hands once again.

"Please be careful."

I promised to to my best, "On my mark, Three two one," I whispered and as I twisted so the agony coursed through her.

Even the mouthful of rag barely diminished her scream and she coughed it out as I twisted, and I realised it was a bra and panties, and something else, a skimpy nightdress possibly.

Slowly the inner applicator revolved releasing the tension on the rivets and I had to ease it back and feel for the grooves where it could slide back clear of the rivet heads.

I eased it anticlockwise then clockwise a tiny bit feeling for the groove trying to minimise the pain, listening for her tiny cries and watching as she tensed and her brow furrowed until finally it came free and Elsie was at last relieved of the weight of the applicator, just the sleeve with its projecting Clit protector remained to keep her Vagina spread obscenely wide.

"Oh thank god" she wailed, "Oh that's much better." Now only the lightweight aluminiuum tube spread her vagina obscenely wide as I carefully placed the heavy applicator and it adaptor on the floor.

I stared carefully and thoughtfully down the tube and into her entrails, using my small polished mechanics mirror for a closer look.

"Oh Fuck, I think we are going to have to go to casualty." I exclaimed

"No," she screamed,

"The rivets were not lined up with the holes, its punched new jagged holes."

"What can they do that you can't" she asked.

I thought, "They have a sterile environment,"

"No please."

It was very awkward, obviously my hand would not fit down the vaginal sleeve but I pulled the rivets out with very long nosed pliers and then set too work with a tiny mirror and my little hobby drill set a right angle drive and some rotary burrs.

I eventually ground away the metal enough to separate the jagged spikes left by the rivets, and as dawn broke I finally slid the bloodstained tube from her.

It was funny watching her vagina slowly close, I had never watched one before, all bloodied and sore, and not remotely sexy.

I put the fuse from the twist mechanism in place of the blown one in the main fuse panel, and after re connecting the anal shafting I manipulated the anal penetrator to give some gentle strokes to prepare her for withdrawal, "What are you doing," she wailed trying to remember which switch was which but I unclipped the panel to stop her interfering as I gently set the machine to fuck her ass, I reasoned as the bulbous head was much larger than the shaft which slid in the neophrene sleeve clamped in her spinchter then she would need some preparation.

She made some strange noises and then wailed noisily as I set the hydraulics to the retrieve position and first the cream neophrene sleeve then the dark bulbous head appeared.

The penetrator clunked to the floor leaving a brown trail, after a few false starts I found the switches to reverse the motors holding the straps which secured her to the equipment.

She was too stiff to move and I found myself trying to lift her from the chair past the control module and clear of the mass of wiring and tubes.

The strange Leather bra still held her and I lost patience and cut it off her with a craft knife from my bag.

Finally I lifted her clear, she was surprisingly light, and taller than I thought.

"You should go to casualty, you are bleeding inside and there is aluminium swarf up there."

"No it will be OK, its just too embarrassing it will come out by itself and I'm in no hurry to be fucked again" she paused, "Or do you want to, you do, you want to fuck me don't you, just fuck me like a piece of meat."

"I don't fuck pieces of meat generally. but you must get this aluminium sorted out."

"You do it, In the bathroom wash me out properly, I have an enema kit you can use to wash me out."

I went to put her on her feet. "No carry me," she ordered.

So I carried her down the corridor to the door marked bathroom and on her designer world of black marble effect surfaces, black bath and WC and dazzling white towels.

I sat her on the loo seat and rigged up the small bore tubing and began to clean her, We ended up with her across the bath one knee each side and I got quite wet so I hung my shirt and trousers on a radiator to dry and finally after several minutes work I could not see any more flecks of silver inside her.

My Phone rang, I tried to grab it but by the time I retrieved it from my trouser pocket it was too late. I rang the number, It was my fare "Oh my planes' cancelled, I can get the next one at six so I'll take the bus, no need to pick me up now."

"What is it," Elsie asked.

"My Job for today cancelled."

"Just as well being as you had no sleep,"

The little hose was still running in the bath, she picked it up and carefully aimed it at my Boxer shorts.

"You had better dry them." she suggested, as she rose from the bath to stand on the luxurious deep pile of the big black bathroom carpet.

I looked her over, she looked thirty, older than I liked, smaller tits than I liked, I like brunettes and green eyes not blue eyed blondes, I did not fancy her at all, yet when I hung my Boxers up it seemed the most natural thing in the world when she pulled me down onto her and guided my throbbing penis within her.

I did not even know her surname, but she was warm and very willing, or was it grateful, or did she just need reassurance that no permanent harm had been done but it was her idea, and I guess not bad payment for several hours hard work

I guess we were both tired, exhausted even and after a few pleasant minutes I did a rather ungentlemanly thing and came inside her, rolled over and went to sleep.

I woke much later, her dainty little hands were washing my erect penis with a flannel.

"Some flecks of metal, " she explained.

"I ought to go."

"Yes." she agreed, "Put the key under the flower pot."


"For the next time."

Part 2

My phone rang, I pulled the bed clothes up around my chin and let the answer-phone take the call, "Neil Barker is not here and if you want a Taxi it's too bad"

"It's Elsie. ring me."

I grabbed for the phone but she was gone.

Elsie, how could I forget her, I was still finding tiny flecks of aluminium under my foreskin a week after our unwise liaison.

I rang the last caller redial, "The Honourable Miss Stracham is unavailable at present but, " the answer-phone replied but it cut out as she answered. "Is that you, Mr Barker."

"Hi, what do you want at one a.m?" I asked.

"My machine's broken."

"Only the stupid attachment" I corrected her.

"I'm lonely." she explained.


"Did that night mean nothing to you?" she asked.

"Well, I'm still finding bits of aluminium." I admitted.

"Come over."

She put the phone down.

She had to be thirty, around my own age, older than I liked, she had smaller tits than I liked, I liked brunettes with green eyes not blue eyed blondes, I did not fancy her at all, really, I thought as I pulled my decent shirt and jacket on and set off to walk the few hundred yards to her place.

The door was open, no need for keys.

She was waiting in the kitchen, dressed in a short black dress, jewels sparkled from her ear rings and necklace, she smiled as she saw me walk in.

"You came."

"Obviously" I replied.

"I didn't want to call." she admitted.

"I didn't want to come,"

"I had to, it was on my mind, sit down please." she requested.

I sat, "What is?"

She had been drinking, I guessed the drink had eroded her resolve to forget our night together.

"I should have called before but I didn't want to," she said.


"Guiseppe, he supplied the machine, he wants to meet you, I think he wants to offer you a job." she said awkwardly.


"I told him how you helped me, you are obviously into the scene as you answered my post on the site." she explained.


"Here is his card."

"Thanks," she pushed it across the table towards me.

"Is that all?" It seemed little enough.

"I'm lonely."

"Boyfriend away on business again ?" I asked.

"We had a row."


"Will you set my machine up for me, its all in pieces." she asked as she walked round the table to sit on my lap.

"Not tonight, I'm too tired."

"In the morning then." she stood up, took my hand and led me up the stairs.

"You can sleep here" she announced as she showed me to a small room on the third floor, a simple single bed and chest of drawers the only furniture, the carpets thin and poor quality, the walls bare but for cheap wallpaper.


"You're not very masterful are you.?" she asked.


"Accepting a nasty little room like this."

"Oh, its not so bad, but you will be cold sleeping on that thin carpet."

Her eyes widened.

"But no, it's too cold for that, I need you to warm me up."

"I was only joking," she said as I pulled the zipper on her dress down, before releasing her bra strap and baring her breasts in a single motion.

"Very Funny" I agreed slipping the dress off her arms, down past her waist, past her knees and on down before I pulled her panties down to join it around her ankles. "Now warm the bed up" I lifted her bodily as I first peeled back the old fashioned sheets and blankets and then slid them back over her tucking her in like a small child, I left her while I took a swift trip to the bathroom.

When I returned I found her sleeping. She looked so peaceful, I could not bear to rouse her so I got dressed again and sat on the floor in the corner for a while and fell asleep.

I woke to raucous laughter, she was sitting up in the bed clutching the bed clothes around her, while another woman was standing in the doorway literally crying with laughter.

"Oh Elle, have you turned dom."

"No I came to mend the." I stopped mid sentence realising how stupid I sounded , I tried to stand but I was too stiff.

"Go away Pan, oh this is Neil, my lover, Neil meet Pandora, my younger sister."

A taller younger, dare I say it slimmer version of Elsie, dressed all in black, black dress, stockings, shoes, underwear probably, she carried her wide brimmed black hat in her hands.

"Hi" I said.

"Oh so this is the Mechanic you keep on about, she likes a bit of rough, likes to be slapped about and abused," she fluttered her eyelashes, at me flirtatiously, "low self esteem you see, not like me." she continued, "well at least she used to, perhaps if you are her sub you would like to fix breakfast."

I walked out to their giggles and titters and headed for the kitchen, there were plenty of eggs and some bacon and I quite like cooking a girl breakfast as a reward for a pleasant night so after a few minutes there were three plates of bacon and eggs ready on the table and I called them down with a deferential "Breakfast is served." and they came running and laughing down the stairs.

Elise was wearing a simple short blue house coat.

"Well he is well trained." agreed Pandora.

"Who said you could get dressed.?" I asked.

"Sorry, master." Elsie replied with a slight smile.

"Its all right this time kitten, but remember what we agreed." I ad libbed.

Elsie took her plate and placed it on the floor and started to try to eat it without using her hands smearing egg all over her chin as she did so.

"Oh god Elle, what's he doing to you, for gods sake you beast."

Elsie managed about two mouth fulls before she collapsed in helpless laughter.

Pandora fumed in annoyance "How am I supposed to know, she keeps on about you."

I helped Elsie to her feet and she hugged me and then jumped up and wrapped her legs around me and we kissed.

"Oh god it's sickening" was Pandora's considered opinion.

Elle took my hand and led me to the small bedroom once again and lay back on the bed, "Tie my feet to the bed frame" she ordered but I was too busy getting undressed to waste time with such nonsense and instead I opened her housecoat and pulled down her panties slipping the flimsy lace off her feet before parting her knees and taking my place on the bed kneeling between her thighs, I explored with my fingers.

"Checking for aluminium" I informed her,

"Just do it, don't mess about stick it in me and OOhhh"

I silenced her with a single thrust and an open mouthed kiss and she started making the most amazing mewling sounds as I began to hump her.

It all seemed so pleasant, ordinary yet exciting, a habit to enjoy frequently, two parts of one single whole.

Pandora walked in on us, "Did you two get married secretly or something" she asked as she watched thoughtfully.

"Go away Pan"

"You'll get pregnant, she won't use the pill and you two are not using condoms are you?"

"Go away" Elle repeated.

"Or has he had the snip." Pandora queried.

"Go away, it's not a problem," I insisted.

"Guiseppe rang, said to ring him back" Pandora continued. "Elle, can I use your machine."

"Yes when I've finished with Neil he can put it back together for you."

"Hey" I complained.

"And use a condom," Elle ordered, "I don't want you getting my sister pregnant as well."

I found the machine came with all the necessary tools, it even had several spare fuses in the tool pouch in the bottom of the control pedestal, it was very strange, trying to work out the protocol for adjusting the machinery to suit Pandora, should she just strip in front of me or should she undress elsewhere and simply wear a bathrobe or something similar something easily discarded.

We adjusted the arm rests and thigh and foot restraints, to suit Pandora, Elle operated the winching machines to tighten the straps to secure Pan to the machine,straps at her wrists, ankles, around her waist and over the breasts under her arms and then because she had been so beastly we took the main fuse out and left her while we had a bite to eat.

She was incandescent with anger, "Elise Stracham let me out of here." she wailed.

"Is that your name, Elise not Elsie." I asked.

"Yes, weird isn't it."

"No, nice, like the Lotus" she looked blank, I guessed she was not into cars.

We returned to Pandora, she had gone off the idea of being machine fucked but Elsie told her not to mess me around, and to relax.

"No let me out you pervert, you machine rapist,".

I released lock on the leg restraints and eased her knees apart, the linkage spreading them equally as I pulled her left knee until I reached her limit and her pussy was fully displayed, glistening, pink, in the spotlight, centre stage,

Elsie pushed a finger into the wetness, "She is not very excited yet, show her your cock."

"No keep that disgusting thing away from me you pervert." Pandora insisted.

I looked at her, as she looked at me, her face framed by her breasts as I peered over her crotch and I marvelled at how firm and perky her breasts were, retaining their shape even as she lay down.

"Just let me up you pervert." Pandora wailed.

Pandora called me all sorts of other names as with her sisters connivance I prodded and caressed and nibbled her as I tried to get her relaxed enough to take even the smallest penetrator, that would fit the one and a quarter inch penetrator push rod, the smallest that was safe without an intermediate guide, but in the end sheer perseverance and lots of lube saw the green latex covered plastic phallus slowly ease between her pussy lips.

She had stopped complaining and was trying not to show her excitement, but her erect nipples and the way her juices were leaking rather gave the game away.

I adjusted the stroke of the penetrator, turning the crankshaft by hand and trading pushrod length for crank throw as we established how deep she could take the thrusts, it's not glamorous, its real hard work, manipulating machinery amongst the warm wet soft fragile, slippery juice soaked innards of a naked twenty something with the most amazingly firm tits while my lover, her sister looks on.

"Are you ready yet" Pandora whined. as I finished checking everything.

"Ready if you are" I announced and fed some power to the motor,

The penetrator started to move, the hydraulic motor easing it gently in a way no straight electric drive could achieve and then it started to move easily.

"It's slopping about like a broom handle in a bucket." Elle observed as Pandora's shyness evaporated and her Vagina opened like some exotic, or is that erotic flower.

I stopped the machine, to Pandora's frustration intense frustration, "You can't stop now" she whined.

I turned the crankshaft so the penetrator was fully inside her, pulled out the spring loaded clevis pin wound the crank back disengaged the pushrod, extracted the penetrator, undid the lock ring, unscrewed the green plastic phallus, chose a larger one pushed it right in her to check it was comfortable for her, then screwed it to the push rod and tightened the lock ring, all the time sensing her dripping cunt was just crying out for attention glistening and dripping and ready. As soon as I was certain she was comfortable I re-fitted the clevis and powered up the motor once more.

Her moans and shrieks bore testimony to a job well done as the shaft eased in and out and the crank revolved and her little pussy lips slid easily over the Orange three inch by twelve inch penetrator.

I did not want to risk leaving Pandora alone with the machine running but Elle wanted me so we compromised by making love in the corridor just outside the "play" room, we were both so turned on by this stage that foreplay was superfluous and I sank into her wetness with practised ease.

When we returned Pandora's straps were slipping as she perspired with the excitement of her over stimulation, I gave each winching machine a few seconds power to secure her better and she responded instantly with renewed cries of pleasure.

"What the hell would she be like with the anal running?" I asker rhetorically.

"Or the suction cups I have on back order." mused Elle.

"I really..... must...... stop." Pandora gasped between shrieks and so I slowed the penetrator to a gentle motion then stopped it completely.

I released the strap tension to allow her to climb out without dismantling or adjusting the penetrator setting, "I'll leave it set for you then Pan."

"You will have to give me a hand I'm exhausted." she complained and I carefully lifted her and took her, still naked, to the bedroom her sister and I had recently shared, I lifted her into the bed and tucked the sheets and blankets carefully round her as she drifted into a contented sleep.

As I went downstairs I heard Elle on the phone, "Five five, Pounds? yes, right, that would be easiest, bye."

"Mr Barker, Neil, how do you fancy making some money?" she asked.

"Yes great, is it legal?" I asked

"Guiseppe can supply the machines, Anal and Vaginal with the vacuum cups and a full set of Penetators and tools for five thousand five hundred delivered here. I think we can charge twelve to fifteen thousand for one assembled and tested and you can easily set one up in a day."

Things were moving too fast.

"How about paying" I asked.

"Sell before you buy, silly, Guiseppe has ten in storage because he has no one to do the set up and testing."


"He sacked his last mechanic, he started to supply some attachments he had made like that one we had trouble with, so Guiseppe sacked him.

"Oh I see."

"That's what he wants you for, but the real money is in buying them wholesale and doing the set up ourselves. and Guiseppe just likes the manufacturing side."

"So what's the deal."

"I sell, you assemble and test and we split the profits fifty fifty." she announced proudly.

"Yeah, why not." so we shook hands and became partners.

It was actually easier to resurrect my old Neil Barker removals business than start a new company, the old LDV van was an ideal size although I made myself unpopular with the lads in the local garage under the arches who had to weld the rusted chassis back together, but within a week we were ready to roll.

The first half dozen machines went to fill the outstanding orders Guiseppe could not fulfil, and every one was to someone who claimed their lover was a handyman or mechanic, and they claimed they could do the set up themselves, I got a couple of lads to drive the van and heave the heavy boxes up stairs while I unpacked everything, then I checked the parts against the parts list, took a photo or two with my Pentax as proof and left them to it.

I was called back to every one of those first six.

There was nothing really wrong with them, in fact after a bit of work they worked perfectly, we only supplied the Vaginal penetrator and suction cups, no anal device but you would not believe the mess those customers made of our new machines, bolt heads rounded off, damaged vernier adjustment where the bolts had been left slack, one poor girl actually came to the door with a penetrator inside her and almost two feet of push rod dangling past her knees where the wrong size ribbed phallus cover had been used and rucked up inside her, fortunately her lover had assembled the push rod wrongly so she could disengage it herself, but trying to ease a lump of plastic from a bronzed goddess's vagina with your lover and the girl's boyfriend watching is not as exciting as you might think.

Fortunately regarding the phallus cover, with the ladies' lover's kisses and my fingers we managed to slip the cover off the phallus and extract all the parts but it was a exhausting experience for all, I remember fishing for the cover with long nosed pliers trying to see down into her vagina when Elle just lost patience and she just shoved her hand inside the girl and fished the cover out. The girl's reaction was priceless, I don't think she had ever been fisted before.

Veronica called us back, her mother in law who was no lightweight, had sneaked in and tried her machine when she should really have been baby sitting, and somehow had ripped the entire wiring loom from the main connector at the base of the control pedestal, from the extent of the damage you would have thought a herd of elephants had been let loose, and the poor woman was so embarassed, but a couple of hours work with a soldering iron and the excellent wiring diagram in the handbook and it was good as new, I checked everything as far as I could then announced I had to get Elle over to test it.

"My bloody mother in law wanted to try it so here is her chance she announced," and bellowed "Mary, get in here."

The old lady was shaking with embarassment, well old, she was about forty something, badly out of shape, fat unattractive, and Veronica ordered her to strip. "If you don't I'll tell Giles and he will tell Charlie."

Mary slipped off her floral patterned tent and what looked like salvation army issue reinforced knickers and carefully sat her not inconsiderable flabby self down at the machine, I went to line up the penetrator and saw to my horror the inch and a quarter almost solid steel shaft was bent, luckily the penetrator she needed fitted the bigger but lighter two inch thin walled shaft so I was able to put it to one side, but the expression, on Veronica's face was an absolute picture.

"She is a right bitch, usually, so this is pay back" Veronica told me as I carefully lubed the older woman's lower lips and tested the penetrator.

"I'll try the same stroke you like" I told Veronica.

"With a plastic prick about twice the size?" she queried.

"Well actually." I started to say but she pushed the start switch. "No, She's
not strapped in," I yelled as I flipped the kill switch, then I winched each strap tight and after a few turns of the crankshaft by hand I reset the trip and handed the handset to Veronica.

She had the compassion to start the machine slowly then slammed it on to full power, the electric motor wound up to full speed as the hydraulics spun the crankshaft which rapidly became a blur. whizzing between the elephant ears of her Labia in a mist of cunt juices.

"She is not a Rabbit." I suggested.

"Mr Barker, she put my machine out of commission, do you have any idea how frustrating that can be."

I had a spare pentrator phallus on the bent shaft in my hand, and as one does in such circumstances, I pulled her Levis down and thrust the soft green phallus towards her pubes,

"Ah, I see you do understand, thankyou." she thanked me as she pulled her thong aside and began to wank herself with the penetrator on the awkward bent length of shafting.

"Veronica, that's disgusting," Mary warned her.

"What about you Madam, pot calling the kettle black."

Veronica saw I had slowed the machine from Rabbit like frenzy to slow fuck, "I said Maximum Mr Barker" Veronica ordered."

"It's for pleasure not torture Madam, and she seems to like that speed." I stated flatly.

Veronica was not impressed. "If you're such a fucking expert then why am I wanking myself?" she queried, but went quiet when I picked up a Anal penetrator from my tool box.

"Perhaps not." she agreed but when I pulled up her tee shirt and popped her perky little tits from her bra cups and paid them some attention she gave a very reasonable impression of a woman having an orgasm. I would almost swear I saw and heard her cum but she denied it later, she did however insist her mother in law had three orgasms although Mary said it was five when next day she rang to enquire about a machine for herself.

"Are you gay and unmoved by your work," Mary asked.

"No, Elle usually deals with that." I told her as I undid the straps and helped her to climb off the machine.

Veronica had gone down stairs to look after the kids.

"Oh perhaps if I am doing her job I should do all of it?"

Well, it would have been rude to refuse, and a strange experience, like riding the ocean waves was my reward as her rolls of flab squished around as I gently fucked her.

"Your machine is very good, Mr Barker, but sadly not as efficacious as your god given appendage, Oh for god's sake don't tell Veronica."

Caroline was another early customer, she was not an easy woman to like, frosty, always frowning or sneering, she insisted she could erect the machine herself and than two days later I had to sort the mess out.

The machine was crammed into a corner of her bedroom, beside the bed, the control pedestal hard against the wall so the tool kit was inaccessible, I pointed it out to her.

"Stupid design" she muttered.

"It will fit all four ways round, the base is a simple square." I told her. "Don't you read the instructions?"

"Oh!, but half the features don't work." she complained.

I tried the controls and some things worked, some would not, winching machines which pulled but not released, but it was the work of a second to find the fault.

The main wiring loom was routed the wrong side of the seat recliner and the recliner mechanism had sliced into it and severed several wires, the hydraulic pipes were loose and fluid had leaked into the carpet, and some of the bolts were cross threaded.
I set to work, as she looked on, working to splice in new wire and seal the insulation with heat shrink tubing.

The pipes just needed a tweak with a spanner, but the mess made me decide to ask if we could just use water in future instead of Hydraulic fluid.

"Right, it's ready for test." I told her as I cleared my tools away.

"Thank you that will be all then." she announced.

"I really ought to check it, I'll get Elle over, she is only round the corner.

"No Mr Barker, go away."

"Look I'll wait in the lounge while you try it."

Reluctantly she agreed and I turned on her TV and waited, I was trying to beat the contestants at Countdown when "Aaagggghhhh Mr Barker help!" she squealed in agony.

I rushed into the bedroom, blood trickled from her anus as she lay back in the seat impaled on a monster penetrator.

"That's a vaginal attachment, not an anal one you silly cow, it's far too big." I shouted in horror.

"It slipped out you idiot." she explained.

"Because the pushrod is too short, I said I needed to adjust it."

I unclipped the controls from the armrest under her right hand, and powered the leg restraints around the spread her legs wider, I think we both became aware she was essentially naked as I did so because her bravado evaporated.

"Are you going to rape me Mr Barker" she asked, "only I do seem to be rather helpless."

"Sorry, I don't have any condoms" I replied.

"On the shelf behind me, use the ribbed one."

"Well" I said reaching for the box marked ribbed, "I suppose it would be impolite to decline."

I clambered in amongst the wiring and the hydraulics, then clambered out again to take my trousers and boxers off, then tried again, it was a nightmare trying to get the seat height adjusted so we could be comfortable and finding somewhere for my knees to go that was not a sharp edge but finally she guided me within her slippery willing wetness, and we fucked pleasantly.

"If this is rape why do you keep saying Yes and harder?" I asked.

"It's a woman's perogative to change her mind." she replied between gasps

"Not in mid fuck." I corrected her.

"Stop then." She insisted.

I stopped thrusting.

"No, don't stop, oh hell, please make me cum"

I redoubled my efforts and her little face lit up with pleasure, the scowls and wrinkled brow giving way to something akin to beauty as she heaved and gasped her way to orgasm.

I was climbing off her, peeling the condom off, ready to seal it in a disposal bag when I realised we were not alone.

Her Mother was looking at me, I felt rather foolish, wearing a shirt and tie and socks but little else.

"Caroline, what is this?" she asked.

"Sorry." Caroline replied.

"You said you love me, not men."

"I got carried away, hell Susan I need a man sometimes, all right?" Caroline explained.

"I thought you loved me!"

The realisation was slow coming but clearly, well hopefully, Caroline and Susan were lovers and not mother and daughter.

"How would you feel if it was me fornicating with a tradesman?" Susan asked.

"Well, I can't see that happening," Caroline snapped, "You're old enough to be his mother."

Susan looked horrified.

"No, that's not fair, she is very attractive." I insisted diplomatically, but my manhood remained drooped at half mast revealing my true feelings.

"Don't lie, you'll make it worse." Susan explained.

"It's the machine," I explained, I fiddled with the controls, "They feel so helpless, look I've switched off the main power switch so she is completely helpless."

"So you take advantage?" she asked.

"Usually, if they don't object." I explained.

"And if they do?" she asked.

"I stop."

"What? self control." Susan said as she rounded on me, "But like all men your brain is in your pants, you just want one thing."

"Mr Barker's isn't" Caroline giggled, pointing to my swinging tool.

"Just get out!" Susan insisted. and I grabbed my tool roll and ran downstairs. I stopped by the back door to put my trousers on and Susan caught up.

"You're disgusting," said Susan but somehow seeing prim and proper Susan staring at me was having an unexpected effect, and I felt myself stiffening.

"No, way you filthy pervert." Susan observed, but she didn't resist as moved closer and hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her skirt and pulled it down, there was a wet patch on the front of her silk panties.

"I don't have any condoms," I explained.

"In my handbag." she replied and she reached across and extracted a packet of three......

To be continued ?
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