One Rainy Evening............
One rainy evening in May, I was sitting reading when I heard a girl scream. I jumped up, and thinking that it came from behind my house, rushed out the back door and onto the porch. I could still hear it, but it was not as loud as before. I then went to the front porch and could tell that it was close, but not visible. I put on my raincoat and my Glock, went out into the now just sprinkling rain and started looking.

Across the street and down a couple of houses I saw a small young naked teenage girl huddled up on the sidewalk and crying.

I told her that I was there to help. She looked up at me with fear in her eyes which lessened as I took off my raincoat and put it over her. She told me of having been forced into a car and made to suck an older guys penis. I asked if she was hurt and she said no, just really scared. I picked her up into my arms and took her to my house and into the bathroom. She seemed to be more collected so I told her to take a hot shower while I found her something to wear.

Being single, I only had guy clothing. I found a long tee shirt but nothing else. I opened the bathroom door, telling her that I had put it on the sink, that she could take as long as she wanted to shower. I told her that I would be 10 feet from the bathroom so she could call me if she needed.

I went into the kitchen and made a good size portion of hot chocolate to warm up her insides.

In about 5 minutes she came out, sheepishly looking around, walked over to me and gave me profuse thanks. I told her to find a seat while I went to get the hot chocolate. She climbed up on the sofa next to where I had been and, smilingly, took her cup. We sat and sipped, not talking, for another 5 minutes. I asked her if she would like to call anyone. She said that her mother was working until 11PM, so, no. I offered to take her home myself but her house key was with her clothes so she couldn't get in.

It appearing that she was not hurt, I asked her if she wanted me to call the police. She said no, that it would be too embarrassing. I put my arm around her and told her that she could stay with me until her mother was home and that I would take her home and explain to her mother. She looked up at me with those big eyes and thanked me again, snuggling up against me. She was so pretty and sweet!

As I thought more about what had happened, I suddenly got very angry, wishing that I had found her in time to stop the guy before he could get away. I decided that if she wasn't going to talk to the police that I may go and try to find him and take care of him myself.

I asked her what her name was. "Bobbie," she said. I told her that was a cute name for a girl, and that was also my name. She giggled and looked up into my face, totally at ease.

I told her that I had a huge problem with the guy who had abducted her. I told her that he would probably be out looking for other girls to get into his car. I asked if she would tell me exactly what happened.

She said that he had pulled over to a bus shed and offered her a ride. She said she told him no, thanks. He insisted, then got out of the car with an umbrella, offering to protect her from the storm. She thanked him several more times, and then he suddenly reached out and picked her up and put her in the back seat, setting the child lock so that she couldn't get away.

He drove away without stopping or slowing down to the rear of an abandoned building, and under a shed roof.

He got out and then into the back seat, telling her that he wouldn't hurt her if she did what he told her. He dropped his pants down and showed her his dick. She said that it was very small and looked odd on him. She said that she had seen her younger cousin's and that this guy's was smaller.

I coaxed more descriptions from her, determining to find this guy and show him how lucky he was to have even a dick as small as his, which he would soon not have nor the balls under it. I was raging mad.

She said that as scared as she was she didn't resist, but was going to do what he said. He told her to put his dick in her mouth and how to use her tongue. She said he squirted into her mouth and that it tasted really bad so she spit it into a coffee cup that she saw on the floor of the car.

She said that he didn't talk for a short while, then told her how good it had felt and asked what she had done with what he had squirted. She showed him and he was not happy. He told her that she should have swallowed it, she told him that it tasted bad so she spit it out.

He sat and looked at her for a few minutes and then his dick got hard again. He said that he knew how to make it stay in her and told her to take her clothes off and he would put it into her pussy and make her keep it.

When she realized what he intended to do she went into a panic as he told her to her take off her shoes and socks. He reached out and began to fondle her boobies and laughed cruelly at her when he found she had a flat chest with small nipples.

I pulled her even closer to me as she started telling me the part that I really didn't want to hear. She shifted her body around and I bent down and kissed her forehead. She looked up and returned my kiss to my lips. I almost swooned! What a delightfully pretty, sweet and lovable girl she was!

She resumed telling me the sequence of events, how he suddenly got violently abusive after pulling down her shorts, saying what he was going to do to her, now.

I was puzzled, and then I began to understand when I saw that a noticeably bulging tent had appeared under my oversize tee shirt that she wore.

I just stammered "Bobbie ?"

"Are you mad at me, Bobby?', she mumbled.

I told her that she had done nothing to make me mad.

"Is that what made him so violently mad?" I asked.

"Yes," she mumbled.

I asked if he had put his dick in her and she said that he had not. She said that she was ashamed that she had suddenly gotten hard when he had told her what he was going to do, and that was what
made him go off on her.

I pulled her in to me tightly again, telling her that she had been lucky. She looked up at me and said that she had never had sex with anyone and that the thought of what he intended took over her mind.

She had had fantasies about boys and men ever since she could remember. She told her mother that she wanted a boy next door to be her sweetheart when she was 4. Her mother explained why that could not be and Bobbie was hurt for life.

I asked her how old she was and she told me. I told her that she was the cutest girl I had ever seen. She got a hateful look on her face and said, "With THIS?" as she pulled the tee shirt up revealing an impressively hard 3 inch love stick. I smiled and assured her that it did not matter what she had between her legs, and that she was still a very desirable young girl.

"But, I am not a real girl," she said.

She told me about being teased, hated, ostracized and avoided by everybody. I told her that there are some of us out there who understand people who were assigned the wrong bodies and accept them as they are.

"Sweetheart, you are what you are inside that pretty little head of yours," I said.

"But, this means that I am Gay, although I have never felt that. I am just me.....a girl. I really don't know what to feel. I don't have any friends, but I do have feelings, you know, feelings that change from day to day," she said in a defensive tone. Then she got very quiet and thoughtful.

"I can't believe that you really see the girl in me," Bobbie blurted.

"Well, I do still have my arm around you and have not said anything bad about you, now have I?" I said.

"Oh, Bobby, I've never had a daddy. Would you be mine, PLEASE?" Bobbie said, pleadingly.

"Have you ever heard of incest, Baby Girl? I am afraid that I would be guilty of that if I were your daddy!" I said, somewhat slyly and teasingly.

"Why would you do a thing like that?" she asked intensely serious.

"I won't go into that, thank you," I quickly answered.

"But I want you to be my daddy more than anything," she said.

"I think that your mother might have something to say about that, Sweetheart," I responded.

"I'll bet my mother might think that it would be nice for me to have a daddy like you," she insisted.

"Speaking of your mother, what time does she get home?" I asked.

"Usually about 11:30. She works at the junior college, teaching night courses. She is really smart. She started college when she was 16 and has her Master Of Education degree from State U. She is working on her Doctorate and will be Dr. Mom next year! She home-schools me and I am a high school senior now," she proudly announced.

I was completely overwhelmed with what she told me.

"Do you plan to go to college next year?" I asked.

"Mom hasn't decided yet. She had trouble when she went and doesn't want me to go through what she did," Bobbie said.

"What kind of trouble did she have?" I asked.

"She was raped one night by two boys and got pregnant with me," she quietly answered.

"Oh, my god," I thought.

"It's almost 11, Pretty One. I think we should go to your house so we can be sure to be there when your mom gets there. She would panic if she got home and you weren't there," I said.

A thousand thoughts were going through my mind as I once again picked Bobbie up and carried her out to my car. Using basic arithmetic, I knew that her mom would be in her early 30's and wondered if she was as pretty as Bobbie.

As we drove, I asked Bobbie if she knew where the abandoned building was and if she would recognize the man who abducted her. She knew exactly where the building was, and said that she could never forget the man.

A few minutes after arriving at her house, her mother got home and I told Bobbie to get out of my car and go to theirs. Her mom looked from Bobbie to me, as I stood, leaning against my car.


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2016-10-10 18:39:23
A nice start to the story. Protectiveness, tenderness, caring but with a hint of attraction.

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2016-02-07 04:22:42
were 10


2015-09-30 11:56:38
Very good story very well written


2014-12-31 17:20:11
Well, I have read the rest of the story, SEVERAL TIMES, the more times I read it ,the more I like it, a very good story, and definitely very enjoyable..


2014-07-09 01:43:37
I think I will read the rest of the story first before I make a valid comment.....

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