Two families lost another started
The Princess and the Captain
Authors note: I was going to make this one story but there was too much for just one.
Jim jumped as the proximity alert start shrieked a a warning. "God damn tourists" he muttered as he opened communications. "unidentified craft this is station prime one, you have entered restricted space, divert your course NOW!"
The com crackled a shrill female voice pleading "prime station HELP! the pilot and co-pilot are dead."

"Shut down your engines" he calmly responded "there should be a multi levered handle all connected at the top push them all the way forward til they lock in place" silently he watched as the ships engines shut off but the ship was still moving. "Hell of a way to start a day " he growled as he readied a grapple beam to slow and pull the ship in.

Pulling it to the hanger he began to lock down almost all the station, manuel instead of electronic locks on doors (he found they were much to easy to hack) and headed down to the ship. As he approached his long legs eating up space he stopped dead in his tracks, there at the hatch of the ship was a young teen age girl/woman crying and shaking staring straight at him her chest heaving gulping for air hardly clad in any clothes.

"I am Jim Stock this is a private station owned by my family" (well what was left of his family) "You will have to leave as soon as possible" (he didn't like company especially the uninvited kind) he snapped out. The girl broke down and started sobbing muttering to her self.
"they are all dead oh my god I can't believe they are all dead" spilling out of the hatch she just lay there pooled on the deck like a useless lump of flesh.

Jim was about to step forward when the intruder alert went off "what the hell!?" grabbing a plasma rifle next to the door he opened his mike "computer statis report" a mechanical voice answered "five, level 6 armbots converging near the open hatch"
"Level 6, shit, bring up security fields and shields, place around the ship protect the girl" he shouted into his com link, as the first appeared and started firing.

As Jim started returning fire he shouted, "Damn it girl, move your ass NOW!" taking out the first 2 he knew it wouldn't get any easier as these were the more smarter bots that learned as they went, he could see the other three taking cover as he got a shot off and disabled the arms of the third.
The girl looked up at him then at the bots as they dropped and ran screaming toward him.

"Increase to full combat mode now" he growled into the com,
"Increasing now, all internal batteries online, sheilds to full" dozens of specially made turrets came out of the walls and started blasting away taking two more out at the begining. "Statis report" he barked
"Four units inoperable three of those, no activity mechanical or electrical, one unit damaged one arm and leg inoperable," the mechanical voice droned on, "advise more protective cover"

Smirking Jim thought "would a direct, tight, em pulse directed at the last bot be enough to disable it? I'm unsure of the sheild rating of a six, analyze!"
"Searching........ such a pulse would disable mechanical but upon further analysis I have detected a tri-cobalt explosive, advise immediate evacuation"
"No shit ya think?!" Jim felt the weeping puddle of female at his feet clutch at his leg as he spoke, "direct pulses at both of the last two operational bots drop blast shield and door then evacuate the space, make sure they are all gone before you close the outer hangar doors.

"Compliance Captain" the voice answered back " begining procedures now" Jim watched as the shield door began to lower, grabbing the girl he pushed her to the airlock, her small frame offering no resistence to him as he hurriedly got her through and slammed the hatch closed. "Report Dickie" he snapped out.
"Applying the bursts now sir, they are immobilized starting evacuation" Dickie replied.
"Bring it up on display" as a picture of the hangar appeared before his eyes thanks to a synaptic implant installed years ago when he was still in the steller space forces and he was allowed to keep it as a reward for his service.

"Report" he said as he searched the bay "four of the bots are gone, one completely deactivated is still in the bay no activity, the bomb is unarmed but still active, recommend removal" it droned back to him.
"Ok keep it in the bay bring up sheilds we don't know if the others will..." suddenly there was a huge explosion astern the ship Jim held on as the force of the blast hit the shields.
"Damage report!" he ordered as the girl at his feet began to scream her green eyes wide in terror.

"No external damage to report, the blast weakened shields astern and port 5%, other than those we are green on all boards." It stated. Breathing a sigh of relief he could now turn his attention to the quivering, incoherent female latched onto his arm and as he now noticed drawing blood with the nails of her hand.

"Miss you have to let go so I can do a med scan on you" he gently started to pry her hands from arm.
"NO!!!" she screamed pulling closer to him,"NO, NO, NOOOOO!!!!!!!"
Jim sighed as he cupped her soft tear stained face, gently tilting her face up to look into her eyes, her deep emerald colored pools of fear, "Look at me," he gently prodded her. "What's your name?"

"My name?I..... " she swallowed hard, "I am Amber Joltaline" her voice cracking shaky at best as she looked deep into his eyes almost smiled with relief and started to fall as she lost consciousness.
"Ah damnit! Couldn't you have at least waited til I got you to med bay?" touching his ear "Dickie I need med bay opened, bio-bed one started, a med transport to meet me on the way there."
"Compliance Captain" it chirped in "would you like the shock kit also?"
"Yes Dickie that would be adviseable" then he thought, "also have the med bots prepared I want her checked out if she is who I think she is, we need to prepare all safe guards, I am afraid that those armbots weren't the last we are going to see. I want the station on high alert no unwanted visitors in without MY clearance, hell NO vistors without my verbal acceptance."

As Jim rushed the girl to med bay he felt his whole damn day just went from really bad to completely fucked up. The med scanners had been at work for an hour and had already found 50 deep space micro homing becons buried deep withing her skin so far that was all, shit someone wanted her and her family dead for certain. Taking a swig of syntho-rum feeling it burn down his throat, the preliminary reports were coming in now. The emperor and his family were missing, their shuttle vanished as it never exited hyper-space at the appointed coordinates. "Shit! Shit! Shit! I don't need this right now, I got enough crap going on right now.

Going back to the hanger he looked at the markings on the side of the shuttle, "Dickie confirm markings on right side of the shuttle"
"Searching.............. confirmed, royal shuttle of the high emporer, the same that was reported missings 2 days ago, should I report this to the high hall of councillors?" Dickie asked him.
"No, not yet, you don't send level 6 assassian without some type of inside info this was well planned make sure all becons have been deactivated and destroyed, that includes all you find on the ship."
"should I dispose of the bodies sir?" Dickie ask emotionessly.

Jim was startled for a moment, "No I need to investigate further" he stepped toward the shuttle "are all internal defenses off?" he asked
"Yes sir they were off when the shuttle arrived" it replied "they seem to have been off for quite a while."
As Jim stepped into the shuttle he stared at the bodies (or rather what was left of them) sighing he moved to the cock pit at the front of the shuttle, here the carnage wasn't as bad but it was still bad enough one body was cut in half not much blood so it must have been a high intensity beam. The other he could see hadn't gone without a fight obviously he had pissed it off and had been hacked to pieces.

"Dickie I want a full spectrum of images of all the bodies" he ordered as he moved back into the main cabin then to the rooms. "Ah you poor bastard you never had a chance" as he reached down to remove to ring on the emperor's dead hand. "Without this no one can claim the throne" sighing he know the next few days were going to be bad REALLY bad. Looking further he found the emperoress he body violated along side two daughters and further back a son.
"I guess he was the last of the male line but amber..." thinking he knew he had to call in a few favors to protect her.

Walking into med bay he looked at the frail young girl/woman being attended by the med bots. "Report" he ordered as he stopped at her bed.
"no severe damage to the outer body no internal injuries, it appears almost all of her injurys are mental" it quip out in monotone.
"Your evaluation?" he asked almost afraid of what the answer would be.
"Sir" it started "she seems quite fixated on you I suggest that..."
"Yeah, yeah I know" he interrupted "keep her with me for the time being, ARGGHH! I don't need this right now, damnit!"
"Sir you have been alone out here for three years and studies show that all life forms require companionship" sliced in Dickie.

"Fat lot you know, I have been fine, I like being alone" he snapped back
"It was not your fault they were killed when the raiders attacked" replied Dickie.
"I should have been there....." he chocked out.
"What could you have done? inquired Dickie "you were unarmed, unskilled, and unprepared.

A soft groan broke the tension Jim rushed to the bed and waved the bots away. As Amber opened her eyes she gasped at the cold had bed she was on. Her green eyes roamed around the room settling on Jim as reality settled in.
"I am alive!" she sat up and threw the sheet off not realizing that she was naked underneath, hopped off the bed and threw her self at Jim, her firm 34B breasts and her hard long nipples pressing holes into his shirt and chest.

"Princess Amber you have no clothes on" he started
"I don't care!" she shouted pressing harder into him, "if it weren't for you I would be dead like.... the... the rest of my......." as tears started a new from her eyes.
"I will not make you relive any of it you are safe here we are almost inpenetrable here." as he swept his arm around the station 'damnit' he thought now is not the time for his 8 1/2 inch cock to rear its head, he quickly turned to the side hoping that she didn't notice, ah fuck too late, she had.

"I apologise Princess that was vulgar" he started
Reaching up she stunned and quieted him as she pressed her full pouting and swollen lips to his and passionatly kissed him, he felt her put her whole self into it. "I am a woman, you" she pointed to his tented pants, "are OBVIOUSLY a man so what has happened isn't that unnatural." he bowed his head and gulped.
"Jim NEVER do that again!" she whispered "you are a hero and if not now then in the future others will know, we are equals and you and your family will never have to bow again."

Jim only smirked "my family" he sighed, "except for my comatose mother I have no family I have dedicated my life to this station and making sure NO ONE can ever attack it again it is my family's legacy"
Amber felt the vengence in his words and shook a little from them she was so glad he was on her side. "Make a deal with you Jim," she said, "you don't call me princess again and I won't have you flogged" she started to smile then giggle at the look that flashed across his face.

"You got a deal," he said as he smiled "amber it is. I am sorry about your family but you realize you are the next for the throne" he handed her the ring that was on her fathers hand.
"I thought it was lost!" she quickly began renewed kissing of his face 'holy shit' she thought this gut is hot! "I know you're thinking I am a cold fish but each of us is prepared from an early age for a day like this when, one or more of the family is killed or murdered. I was in shock because they were going to kill us all, had I not been asleep in the unused room then I would be dead too."

"So how do you want to handle this?" he started
Just then Dickie interrupted, "Captain sir, the last bomb is disarmed, and I was able to download the files from the bot, some interesting things I think you ought to see."
"Oh?" the princess said looking at the screen "can you display it here? authorization alpha omega zeta one"
"Yes your lordship" Dickie droned back
"well hell, I thought I had removed all outside code interference." shocked as he looked on.

"You might have but this is unremovable only known to a royal few (she whispered in his ear) and a few royal hackers." as she smiled broadly
"It appears the bots were assigned this job from orders by the high council the signature is unmistakeable though they did a very thourgh job of trying to wipe this data from the memory, in most cases it would have been unretreievable" stated Dickie.
"Make sure it has all been recorded twice I will make the blood suckers pay for this they thought to take the throne but they are gravely mistaken, they are about to find out what a real royal bitch is like!"

Looking at Jim she motioned him over to her, "now then," she smiled seductivly "since I am the last and I WILL NOT have the council tell me who I can fuck, by royal order I command you to fuck my brains out!" she giggled as she again looked at, then felt the hard straining cock in his pants. For the first time in his lif he DID NOT have trouble following a royal order.

As Jim hurridly removed his clothes Amber laid back on the bed and spread her legs. Jim crawled between her legs and planted his mouth on her slit licking up and down her cunt as she gasped and shuddered heady with the scent of her he began to swirl his tongue around her clit as she gasped again and bucked her hips toward his mouth cumming and wetting his face as her juices began to flow from her grabbing her clit with his lips he sucked gently at first feeling her strain harder to get more of his mouth "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! OH MY GOD!! YES!!!!! DON'T STOP OH MY GOD DON'T STOP" she screamed out as she came again and again. After 20 or so minutes she pushed his face away, "Get up here bury that hard cock deep within me." she stated sternly

Moving to obey he began to slowly push deeper and deeper into her feeling her tight tight pussy stretch to accomadate his cock. Groaning he held still giving her time to grow accustomed to his length and girth. Oh hell it had been to fucking long! He almost lost control as he wanted to jack hammer his cock as fast and hard as he could but held back and began a slow rhythm fucking in and out. Soon he was pressing his full length into her he could feel her cervix as she convulsed and bucked whimpering each time he withdrew only to gasp out as he pushed back into her.

Feeling her cum again her spasms getting more intense he began to feel the familiar chruning deep within his balls. "ugh, I am going to cum" as he started to withdraw.
"Don't you dare take that wonderful cock out fill me to bursting give me all your cum!!! Push it as deep as you can"
Never one to argue with a woman he pushed as deep as he could his balls pumping and spewing splashing deep within her, spilling over into her womb as she screamed out into her most intense orgasm. As she lay there under him panting he looked into her eyes and thought 'shit I am in for it now' as all he saw there was a love he hadn't seen in a long, long time.

to be continued

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2014-07-14 14:45:38
Interesting story, I enjoyed it, but you do need to work on your spelling and grammar. You have far too many long sentences that need to be broken up with appropriate punctuation. Read the sentences out to yourself - would you really say all that non-stop, without a break? Also, don't forget that proper nouns are always begun with a capital.

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2014-07-09 08:22:17
Ka Hmnd is an excellent writer and its wonderful that your writing is similar but i hope to hell you don't make all of your stories the same plot with a different setting like he does

Love both yours and his writing

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2014-06-06 21:47:44
Nice, want to read more!

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Very hard to follow.

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2014-05-22 18:11:45
You are clearly drawing inspiration from Ka Hmnd. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as you don't follow his style slavishly. I like what you've shown us of Princess Amber's personality so far. A little more back story about the Captain's family and what happened to them would be helpful. Maybe the Captain can tell Amber about it after they make love.

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