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Claire's reluctant work at the woman-demeaning lobby group "Titcage" has transformed her into a slut.
Chapter 36

The next week, Michael had an unpleasant surprise for Claire and Steph both. He called them into his office and made them strip naked; he had Steph suck his cock as he talked, and allowed Claire to masturbate as she watched.

"I've had a chat with your father," Michael said, smiling in pleasure at the feel of Steph's lips pumping up and down on his dick. He reached down to caress the young lesbian's face.

Claire waited for Michael to continue, her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy and rubbing lightly across her clitoris.

"He would very much like to start fucking you both," Michael said.

Steph stopped bobbing her head up and down on Michael's cock abruptly. Michael looked irritated, pulled his cock out of her mouth, and slapped her across the face. She whimpered, and obediently went back to servicing his dick.

Claire also felt something flip over inside her at this news. She had known her father lusted after them - it was hard not to when he ejaculated on her tits every day - but the thought of actually having her dad's dick inside her was a step further down the path of degradation, and one that made her uncomfortable, and sad deep inside. Not sad enough to stop playing with her pussy, though.

But this was not the worst of Michael's news.

"He's worried though. He really wants to cum inside those tight little pussies of yours, but he's afraid of accidentally getting you pregnant."

Claire felt mixed relief. Did Michael mean that her father wasn't going to fuck her, then? Or did he mean he would only fuck her somewhere other than the pussy? She was much more used to sucking cock than being fucked in the cunt. It didn't seem so bad to give her dad a blowjob - at least by comparison.

"I've told your father that there's an easy solution," Michael said. His fingers were gripping Steph's hair tightly now, pulling her down against his groin. "He can't get you pregnant if you're already pregnant."

Claire didn't understand at first. But then she did, and it was finally enough to make her fingers stop pumping her twat. Steph took a moment longer to realise, but when she did she went very still. Michael began to pull her head back and forth by the hair, to make her continue pleasing his cock.

"We're going to get both of you girls nice and knocked up. It's about time to find out whether you're fertile anyway, and you're long overdue to start lactating. I'll be up to you whether you keep the baby but either way your father should be able to get a good few months of fucking your cunt without having to worry about inbreeding."

Claire felt desperate. Somehow despite everything she had done in recent months, she had still assumed some day she would have a husband and a real family and children. To be deliberately and randomly impregnated by Titcage, just to let her father rape her - it was horrible. She started to cry.

"There there, slut," said Michael. "Don't worry. Once you're pregnant, we're going to make sure you're married. I've decided I'd quite like to marry you myself, and we're going to marry off Steph here to your friend Ben, who has expressed an interest. Ben will still fuck you, of course, and I'll be fucking a range of other girls who I'll like a lot more than you. It wouldn't do for a wife to think she was special, after all. But you'll get to have a wedding."

This was too much. Claire needed to escape. She turned, and began running towards the door, not caring that she was naked. But Jim had silently come in behind her, and as she started to run he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the ground. Claire fell, and shortly thereafter she felt Jim pushing his hard cock into her cunt, and starting to rape her as she cried.

"Don't cry, Fucktwat," he cooed in her ear. "This is what you were made for. Michael's said you can still suck my cock every day, and I have to say I've always dreamed of milking a big-titted slut like you while I fuck her. It's going to be great when your milk comes in."

After that morning, Titcage kept the two girls leashed and shackled for a week, to stop them running away. They were put on fertility drugs. Steph was despondent, miserable the whole time, only seeming happy when Claire was licking her pussy. Both girls were made to record new training tapes in their own voices. "I want to be pregnant. I love having giant cow udders. I am only good for breeding," Claire heard her own voice telling herself, as she knelt naked on the floor at Titcage, chained to the wall, sucking on the cocks of her male co-workers.

Giving blowjobs worked differently now, of course. Whenever someone ejaculated in Claire's mouth, she wouldn't swallow it, but rather indicate for Steph to lie down on the floor next to her. Claire would push Steph's thighs apart, exposing her bare pussy, and then put her mouth against Steph's twat and use her tongue to push the sperm in her mouth into Steph's cunt. Steph would return the favour to Claire when Steph sucked a man off.

At the end of each day came the genuine attempt at impregnation. The two girls would strip nude and bend over office desks, and whichever male coworkers wanted to fuck them would shove their dicks in the girls' cunts and fill them with sperm. Afterwards the girls would put on a show. Titcage had arranged at considerable cost for a shallow bathtub to be filled each afternoon with human sperm. Claire and Steph would have their labia taped against their inner thighs, to keep their cunts spread open as wide as possible, and then fingerbang each other in the tub, each pushing litres of sperm up into their sister's pussy, before licking each other to a slutty cum-fuelled orgasm.

Steph still struggled against these activities, which Claire secretly liked. By now, raping a girl felt infinitely more erotic to Claire than consensual lesbian sex, and besides, it gave Claire an excuse to be on top in the tub, holding Steph down with her weight. The level of the cum in the tub was shallow, so there was no difficulty in Steph keeping her head above the semen from the lower position, but Claire loved the idea of her own cunt being above Steph's face, and knowing that the anonymous sperm that Steph was pushing into Claire's pussy would drip back out onto her sister's face and into her mouth.

Afterwards the girls would emerge from the tub covered in cum, and the other girls in the office would lick them clean. It was an erotic reward for Claire to feel so many mouths licking and nibbling at her tits and cunt, and lapping the cum from her cheeks and lips. The knowledge that some of them were reluctant, or even crying, at being made to perform the task just made it all the better. They were stupid sluts, Claire knew from her training tape, and this was what they deserved.

At the end of the week, Claire and Steph had dinner at home with their father, with Kitten attending as a guest. However, upon arriving home, they were distressed to find that Sluthole had invited herself along. In fact, Sluthole was already nude and bouncing enthusiastically on their father's cock, as their father sat on the living room couch, watching the TV. The TV was showing video footage of the two sisters writhing in the bath of cum, obviously obtained from the girls' Titcage web pages. They watched as their father orgasmed loudly into Sluthole's cunt.

Sluthole climbed off their father and revealed that he was wearing a condom over his cock. She gently teased it off him, and set it carefully on a plate that already held two condoms like it. She then applied another condom to his dick, and slid back into his lap, his still-stiff penis vanishing between her cunt lips.

"Sluthole here has just been suggesting a whole bunch of new ways to help you girls understand what sluts you are," their father said, his voice slightly muffled by Sluthole's tits pressed against his face. "She's very creative. Why haven't you invited her around before?"

Claire and Steph said nothing.

"For instance, I like this thing at work where they taped your labia to your thighs. You look very pretty with your cunt all spread open like that. I think we need to start having you do that around the house. And I saw the video of you being punished for not having a good enough fuck grade, Claire. You looked so pretty having your cunt tasered. Sluthole just sucked me off a little while ago while I ordered a taser online."

The girls sat through a miserable evening of dinner. Their father watched as Sluthole pissed in their mouths and pinched their clitorises. Claire and Kitten 69ed on the table while Sluthole talked to Claire's father about the relative merits of shooting a girl's cunt and tits with paintballs versus just putting her tits in a vice. Steph and Claire ate their dog-food dinner from a dog-bowl, flavoured with their father's urine, while Kitten sat behind them and fingered their cunts for them.

After dinner Kitten went off to fuck their father, and as Steph and Claire went into their room to prepare for bed, Sluthole came to visit them.

"I have a little present for you whores," she said. "Get on the bed and spread your legs."

Claire didn't think Sluthole outranked her anymore, but Sluthole's command was authoritive and Claire responded to the order without thinking. Steph very definitely WAS outranked by Sluthole and did likewise.

Grinning, Sluthole climbed on top of Steph and began to kiss her on the lips. The naked teenage lesbian kissed her back, confused but aroused. Then, suddenly, Steph squealed and began to buck. Sluthole held her down. Claire looked to see what was happening.

Sluthole had her fingers up inside Steph's pussy, pushing something into it. When she withdrew them, Claire could see what it was - a condom. Sluthole had just pushed a condom full of their father's sperm into Steph's cunt.

"Just so that when you're found to be pregnant - as you will be - you will never, never be sure that it wasn't your daddy who got your little slut twat knocked up."

Steph cried and tried to dig the sperm out of her pussy with her hands, but Sluthole knocked them away and then tied Steph's hands to the bedposts. She moved on to Claire.

"Are you going to struggle, Claire?" she asked.

Claire shook her head. Good sluts obeyed. Good sluts let themselves be degraded. Claire was a good slut. She moaned happily as Sluthole kissed her on the lips, and the gasped as she felt the now-cold sperm being pushed into her pussy. It was her father's sperm. She could be getting pregnant by her dad. Probably not - she was almost certainly already pregnant from the activities of the week - but she would never know. She wiggled her legs in distress and arousal.

"Good slut," said Sluthole. "And now I have a present for you. Open wide."

Claire opened her mouth obediently, and winced as Sluthole spat in it. But she knew that was not the present, and kept waiting, and was rewarded a moment later when Sluthole updended a third condom full of cum over her tongue. She tasted her father's cold semen, and knew that this was the moment her life had been building towards.

She barely even needed Sluthole to start licking her pussy a moment later to orgasm.

(To be continued...)


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This story just keeps getting dirtier ;)
Love it..

But for some odd reason, I don't like the sister [steph] involved..
And I wish they came faster and were longer..

But anywhoo! Loved this chapter, looking forward to more of them!

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