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Lilith's plague strikes Seattle.
The Devil's Pact
by mypenname3000
edited by Master Ken
Copyright 2013, 2014

Chapter Forty-Five: Wormwood

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We had been in San Francisco for a week, spreading the Holy Word, when Wormwood erupted. Brian fell ill, and a great fear clutched my heart. The hospitals had been overwhelmed and I could only sit next to my husband and pray. I furiously prayed to our Living Gods, over and over until my sex grew sore with the ferocity of my devotions. On the third night, the God appeared in a vision before me, glowing like the sun. He took me in the vision, pleasure suffusing my entire being. “All will be well, my slut,” he had proclaimed as my passion overcame me. “Your faith has been rewarded.” The next morning, Brian's fever lifted.
–Second Missionaries 14:01-03

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 – Mark Glassner – City Hall, Seattle

I found Mary in the mayor's office, sitting on the edge of his desk. Mayor Erikson appeared to have been enthralled by Lamia – who was either Lilith or one of her daughters – and I left the man calling pathetically for, “My sweet Lamy!” with the soldiers downstairs. Mary would have to fix him with her Gift later.

My wife still wore her black fatigues, though she took off the stab vest. Underneath the vest she wore a tight, black halter top that molded to her perky breasts and slightly round stomach. She was just starting to show her pregnancy. Her auburn hair was pulled into a ponytail, and she looked fetching as the rising sun streamed in through the window behind her.

“Mark,” she purred. “I believe I promised to fuck your brains out?”

I grinned, my cock hard. The fight in the warehouse had been terrifying, but afterward I felt so alive. And I wanted nothing more than to prove how alive I was by fucking my wife. I sauntered to her and she slid off the desk. Man, she looked sexy in her fatigues, like an amazon.

She kissed me with passion, pressing her body to me, and shoved her tongue deep into my mouth. “Fuck me,” she hissed, grinding her crotch into my hard cock. “God, I need it so bad!”

I spun her about, bent my wife over the desk. She pushed the computer monitor and keyboard to the side, and they crashed to the floor. I squeezed her ass through the fatigues, then ripped them off her ass along with the sky-blue boy-shorts she wore underneath. Her cunt was wet, waxed bare, and I whipped my cock out and shoved it in.

“Fuck, that's nice!” I moaned as I pounded her pussy.

“Yes, yes!” she cried, writhing on the desk. “Take me, stallion!”

The soldiers guarding the door were sure to hear us; that just made it hotter. I buried my shaft into my wife's tight hole over and over. The desk rattled and slid on the beige carpet. Mary's freckled ass jiggled every time I bottomed out in her cunt; the cheeks were plump, inviting, and I smacked my hand down on her ass.

“Ohh, spank my ass!” Mary groaned.

I slapped her again, leaving a red hand-print. Then I grabbed her auburn ponytail and yanked her head back. I usually wasn't this rough with her, but after the fight, we both were boiling over with energy that needed a release.

I pulled her head up, and whispered in her ear, “You like this? You like it when I fuck you hard?”

“Yes, yes!” she cried out, her green eyes lidded with lust as she looked over her shoulder at me. “Fuck me, stud! Make me howl in pleasure!”

“Naughty filly!” I panted, and slammed my rod harder into her cunt. “Naughty fucking filly!”

“Yes! So naughty! I'm your naughty filly! Oh God, make me cum!”

Her cunt convulsed on my cock as her passion swept through her. She felt delicious, wonderful as her sheath milked my cock. I pulled back, and drove my cock home. Every muscle in my body tensed as my passion exploded thick into her.

Mary was shaking, breathing heavily, and then I heard a soft sob escape her lips. Fear filled me. Was I too rough? “Did I hurt you?” I tenderly asked.

“No,” she said, sniffing. “It's just...You almost died again, Mark.”

I pulled out of her, scooped my wife up in my arms, and carried her to the plush, leather chair behind the desk. Mary curled up on my lap, and I stroked her hair as she softly cried. “I didn't die though,” I reassured her.

“I know, was so close.” She looked up at me, her green eyes red with emotion. “You were so burned. I didn't even know how you were still standing.”

“You have no idea how close it was,” I whispered.


I swallowed, remembering the hate I felt when I saw Lilith. “I almost killed her. I...”

“Shh...” she said, putting her finger to my lips.

I swallowed; she was right. It wasn't safe to talk about this here. If I had killed Lilith, then the final lock on the Devil's prison would have sprung open, and he would have escaped Hell. I was only supposed to capture her.

I had to be more careful.

Mary kissed me gently. She couldn't say anything more, not outside of the Matmown. The Devil could be spying on us right this second from the Shadows. The only safe place to talk was that metal room, the Matmown. No spiritual being, not even the Devil, could penetrate the spells warding it. She was trying to reassure me, to quell the guilt and recriminations that twisted about inside me. We had driven Lilith from Seattle. She was no longer right on our doorstep, and we could take the time to figure things out, and to be ready for our next confrontation—and the consequences. Sam should be leaving for Israel in a few hours to study the Dead Sea Scrolls and figure out how to trap Lucifer if the worst should happen.

The kiss was soft, gentle, loving. I stroked Mary's face, relaxing into her lips. The kiss grew more passionate, Mary shifting, squirming on my lap as she kicked off her fatigues and underwear. My tongue explored her sweet mouth. I kept hold of her face, not wanting to break the kiss as she straddled me. We broke the kiss only long enough for me to pull her black halter-top off, my hands instantly going to her freckled breasts as we kissed again. Mary shivered in pleasure as I played with her nipples.

My wife raised her hips up, guided my cock to her wonderful hole, and slid achingly slow down my shaft. I groaned into her lips, enjoying the sensation of being buried in her sopping cunt. Then she raised up slowly – a shudder passed through my body – and then back down. This wasn't the frantic rutting of a few minutes ago; we were making love this time, slow and passionate.

My right hand let go of her left breast, sliding down her silky skin to cup her plump ass, guiding her hips as she slowly rode me. The leather chair creaked and my stomach sank as it leaned back. For a moment, I feared the chair was falling backwards. Then it stopped; her breasts hung down to brush my chest. She smiled in relief, then she pumped up and down on my shaft.

“Oh, Mark,” she moaned, her emerald eyes staring down at me. Her ponytail hung down her neck and brushed my shoulder. “I love you.”

I squeezed her ass, urging her to go faster, and pulled her down for another kiss. I put all my love into my lips, nibbling on hers and playing with her tongue. She tasted sweet. She rocked faster on me. The pleasure intensified, building in my balls, and I drove my cock into her. The chair wobbled and creaked, sliding about on the plastic mat on the floor, moving into a shaft of morning sunlight. Mary's hair was a tongue of fire kissing my shoulder and chest as we made love.

“My Mare!” I groaned, feeling my balls tightening. “I'm gonna cum.”

“Do it,” she whispered, her face flushed and sweaty with passion. “Cum in me.”

Her velvety cunt gripped my cock as she slammed down and I exploded in her. She mewled in pleasure, her body shaking atop me as her passion burst inside her. She gasped once, then sighed, and snuggled against my chest.

“I love you, Mare,” I whispered, my hand stroking down her side, down to her baby bump. “You and our child.” I was going to have other children, with the sluts, with other women, but I knew I was going to love our children just a little bit more.

“Our only child,” Mary sighed.

“What?” I asked her. “We can have other children.”

“Nuns don't get pregnant, Mark. As long as I have the Gift, this is our only child.”

I didn't know what to say, so I just kissed her forehead. “I'm sorry. It's not fair that I'm having all these children.”

“It's okay, Mark.” She shifted, looking up at me, and kissed me. “We'll have one child, at least.”

“One daughter. I told my sperm, remember.”

She laughed. “It doesn't work that way, Mark.”

“Sure it does. Willow told me so. She's an OB/GYN.”

Mary rolled her eyes. It was good to see her happy. Maybe having only one kid wasn't so bad, Mary wanted to name our first son Albert, after my grandfather. He was a great guy, but Albert was a terrible name. Our daughter would be named Chasity in memory of the loving woman that gave her life for Mary.

“Fine, if we only have one child...” Mary started to say.

“A daughter,” I corrected.

“Fine, if we only have a daughter, her middle name will be Alberta,” Mary declared with a mischievous grin. Did she read my mind? “Chasity Alberta Glassner.”

Fuck. That was almost as bad. I opened my mouth to object, when the doors opened and Jessica walked in. She smiled at us, sauntering over to the desk. She wore a slutty secretary's outfit: a very short skirt, gray, thigh-high stockings, and a transparent, blue blouse that her caramel breasts were easily visible through.

“Master, Mistress,” she smiled, sitting down on a chair across from us.

Mary smiled back, then climbed off me. Jessica's eyes fell on her messy cunt, and licked her lips. Jessica was a good slut. When Mary perched on the desk's edge and spread her legs, the slut quickly buried her face in my wife's pussy and licked my cum out of her. Mary gripped her honey-brown hair, writhing her hips. Her auburn hair tossed, and it wasn't long before she was shuddering in pleasure, tossing me a smile over her shoulder as she came.

“Umm, that was good,” Mary purred.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Jessica smiled, her lips sticky with pussy cream and my cum.

“Why don't you bend over the desk and let Mark fuck your ass,” Mary ordered her. I smiled at Mary; she was a such loving wife, and always made sure my needs were taken care of.

“Are you ready to run the city?” I asked Jessica as I hiked up her gray skirt.

“Yes,!” Jessica gasped as I slipped my cock into her tight ass.

“Good, we're heading back to Tacoma after this,” I told her, fucking her bowels.

“I'll make sure things run smooth, Master!”

“I know you will. I have complete faith in you.”

Her dark face flushed as she turned around to look back at me. “Thank you, Master! I won't let you down.”

Her ass was tight, hot, as it gripped my cock. I squeezed her caramel hips and pounded her hard. My balls slapped against her pussy, and her ass constricted slightly every time her little slit was struck.

“I don't trust the new head of Seattle's Police,” I continued. “Have her arrested. In fact, you might want to purge as many women out of the government as possible. Lilith had a lot of female followers. No men though.”

“Oh, yes!” Jessica responded, thrusting her ass back against me. “That makes sense. She's a man-hater.”

“Round up all the high-ranking government officials that are women,” Mary commanded; she looked so sexy perched on the desk, the morning sun lighting up her body. “We'll sort out which ones work for Lilith and which ones are innocent.”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Mary leaned over, her face inches from Jessica. “Are you making my husband feel good, slut?”

“I am, Mistress,” Jessica answered.

“Good,” Mary smiled and kissed her.

“Fuck, that's hot,” I muttered as I watched my wife kissing Jessica. My balls were close to exploding, and I groaned and shot my wad into Jessica's ass.

Mary broke the kiss. “Clean his up cock, slut.”

“Absolutely,” Jessica purred, and quickly knelt before me, sucking my dirty cock into her mouth.

Mary slipped off the desk, rubbed Jessica's head, and told her, “You'll do just fine. We both love you.”

Jessica beamed around my cock.

The door banged opened and Sam walked in, flanked by Candy. “I think Lilith may have done something to Fiona.”

“What?” I asked her as Jessica released my cock.

“It's possible she's a trap,” Sam answered. “Fiona was left alone in the Mayor's house with none of Lilith's children to guard her. The demoness had to know we were coming for her soon. She was ready to escape when your forces assaulted.”

“Lilith meant for her to get captured?” Mary asked.

Sam nodded. “What if Lilith intends for you to exorcise her. She's a Warlock, right?”

“Yeah,” I answered. “She's made some Pact with Lilith.”

“Well, Lilith knows a lot. What if she baited Fiona somehow. If you try to exorcise her, it's possible for it to backfire and harm you. Maybe even kill you.”

Mary paled, swallowing, and a chill ran through me.

Candy nodded. “It's what I would do. And Lilith is a crafty bitch!”

“Then how do we interrogate her?” Mary asked. “I'm not sure I can torture Fiona. She was one of ours, Mark.”

It left a queasy feeling in my stomach, but we needed to know about Lilith's plans. “Maybe there is a way,” I realized, glancing at my wife. “When you made your Pact with the Devil, Mary, what did you wish for?”


Tir – Sangi, the Democratic Republic of Congo

I watched Thamina, my birth-mother, sit disconsolately on the doorstep of a rough hut.

Fiona, her wife, never made it to the rendezvous. She was dead or captured; my birth-mother grieved her absence. We were in one of the three villages filled with the women we rescued from several 'refugee' camps in the jungles of Africa. In these camps, vile men called 'warlords' would wander in and claim these women for his men to be raped. Well, Mother sent my sisters and I to save them, and we made short work of a dozen of those bands. These women, recognizing the divinity of Mother, welcomed her embrace. By the end of the week, an army of my sisters would be born and we would retake Seattle.

“Mother will save her,” I said, hugging my birth-mother.

“No, she won't.” Despair creased her dusky face. “Lilith doesn't care.”

“Of course Mother cares,” I protested. Mother loved all her followers; she said so all the time. “You're just sad, but Fiona will be fine.” She buried her face in my chest, and I held my birth-mother, and chirped a reassuring song to her. My song trilled beautifully, soft and comforting, and I rocked her as she sobbed, gently stroking her black hair.

“Tir,” Mother purred.

I shuddered in delight, looking up at a perfect face framed by silver hair. Lilith. My Mother. She was the Ideal woman, the mold all others were imperfectly cast from. Her lust poured over me, over us. Even my sobbing mother shuddered in pleasure. Lilith ignored my birth-mother, staring down at me.

“How is the disease progressing?”

“Wormwood is spreading through the population,” I answered, reaching out to sense my half of the disease.

I could feel it. Every man who drank from the city's water supply. The man he infected on his way to work, to school, to breakfast, to the gym. Some left the city, spreading it to the communities surrounding Seattle. Others entered the city and became infected. Even better, some had boarded planes, traveling to other parts of the United States and to other parts of the world. When the symptoms started manifesting in a few days, the world would descend into chaos.

“Wormwood?” Lilith asked. “That is what you're calling it?”

“It seemed appropriate, Mother.”

Mother laughed, rich, beautiful. It made my song sound like an off-tune screech. “It does.”


Fiona Cavanagh – Murano Hotel, Tacoma, WA

I lay on the hotel bed, watched by two of Mark's disgusting bodyguards. They still wore the same, ridiculously slutty, cop outfits. Though the chokers with their number printed on them was new.

How degrading. Mark couldn't even call them by their names, he just assigned them numbers. A pig who viewed women as nothing more than objects to satiate his myriad, twisted lusts. And that whore he married was even worse. Not only did she tolerate his degrading behavior, she encouraged it by finding women and serving them up to him so he could feast upon them.

I didn't recognize the two bodyguards. Of course they were beautiful, and Mark dressed them in such demeaning outfits. The Hispanic guard's large tits looked about ready to spill out of her top, and she wore no bra to give those large breasts any support, poor girl. Her number was 127. Next to her stood 126, a porcelain faced, Korean beauty. When did he get that many bodyguards?

I gave a snort of laughter. He's taken over the entire country, would soon control the entire world, and had driven my Goddess from her place of power, and here I am wondering when they expanded their bodyguards. Get your priories straight, woman!

I curled up on the bed, hugging a pillow, and wondered if Thamina was okay. And Ziki, my daughter with Lilith. She had been masquerading as Nate Kirkpatrick, head of Human Resources for the city of Seattle. Were they alive? The warehouse had been burned down. Did Thamina escape? She could make a portal to the Shadows, so she should have been able to escape. I didn't want to lose my dusky, Arab princess! She must have escaped!


And what was going to happen to me? Would Mark try to make me his whore again? No. My deal with Lilith should protect me from his control. So what would they do to me? Rape me? Torture me for information? I remembered how they treated Karen when she attacked them. They degraded her, broke her spirit until she agreed to be their little slut. Would they do that to me? Force me to be their whore again and wear that loathsome choker?

For a moment I couldn't breath, remembering the choker tight about my neck, strangling the will and dignity out of me. No! I'm a free woman! I will not submit to their vile lusts again!

At noon, they brought me a hamburger and fries for lunch. If I had any hope of escaping, I needed to keep my strength up. That's what people always said in movies in these situations. Keep my spirits up, keep my strength up, and wait for my captors to mess up and take my chances with an escape. After I ate, they let me use the bathroom, but one of the guards, 127 and her huge tits, followed me in.

As I sat on the toilet, pissing, I eyed her gun. I could go for it, grab it and shoot my way out.

The guard shifted, sensing my gaze and turning her body so the gun was on the other side. A warning look flashed across her dark face. I flushed. Crap! Now they would be more careful. When I finished peeing, the guard watched me wipe myself.

“You can take a shower,” 127 told me.

“Are you going to watch?” I asked.

She gave me an apologetic smile. “Those are my orders. You should get used to this. Criminals always get watched.”

“Is that what I am?” I asked, a bitter taste in my mouth. I reached into the shower and turned the knobs.

“Of course,” she answered. “You served their enemies.”

“We're fighting for you,” I told her as I disrobed. “For every woman oppressed by a man.”

“I'm not oppressed.”

I laughed. “They why do you dress like a slut? You do it for Mark's perverse amusement.”

“And why shouldn't my God delight in my form? Aren't I a gorgeous, sexy woman?”

“You're his slave, his toy!” I snapped at her.

“So? I chose to be their slave.” Her eyes burned with fervor. “When I saw them wreathed in flames, standing triumphant before that false god Brandon, I knew I had to serve them. I quit my job, dumped my boyfriend, and traveled here.” An exultant smile filled her face. “And they let me serve them. A flawed, imperfect human unworthy of their time or attention. Being their whore is a small price to pay.” She let out a long, low sigh. “No, it was a wonderful price to pay. Her pussy tastes divine and his cock feels magical as it pistons inside me!”

I stared dumbfounded at her, then shut the shower curtain. She was like Alison and the other sluts that chose to stay with him. No, she was worse. The other sluts were clearly suffering from Stockholm syndrome. But this woman chose Mark; I shuddered at the thought.

“Guards have died for them, why would you chose that?” I asked her.

“I was a cop. I already decided to put my life on the line for others. This is no different.” There was a pause. “No, this is very different. They're the Living Gods, the hope for mankind in defending against the demons. Like your foul Lilith!”

I stiffened. “My Goddess just wants to liberate women from the oppression of men! We are not objects to be used and discarded at their whims! We're smarter, more compassionate, more loving! We're not violent, we wouldn't cause war and suffering!”

She snorted a laugh. “Trust me, women can be just as violent, oppressive, and harmful as men.”

There was no talking to this bimbo, and I turned my back and tried to enjoy my shower. With the curtain shut, I almost felt alone. Almost. I tried to ignore her shadow, the sound of her booted heels clicking on the tiled floor, and the muffled squawk of her radio.

“You're clean,” 127 barked, finally growing impatient.

I reached out, shut the water off. A towel was flung over the curtain; I dried myself off, wrapping it around my hair. I opened the curtain, and I put on a terry cloth robe with the hotel's monogram.

Mark and Mary awaited me in the hotel room.

My blood chilled as Mark's blue eyes fixed on me and I suddenly felt naked; I clutched the robe tight around me. Oh, Goddess, this is it! He's going to try and make me his whore again. I started to tremble and froze in place. Be strong! You have to survive. For Thamina and for Lilith. They can only harm my body, not my mind.

Not my soul!

“Hello, Fiona,” Mary purred and I flushed.

My eyes slid to her and I remembered just how beautiful she was, the most gorgeous, sexy, radiant woman in the world. A warmth spread through my loins. I licked my lips, remembering how soft and moist her lips were. I used to love nursing at her perky breasts, and worshiping at her delicious cunt—sweet and spicy and wonderful on my tongue. Goddess, what was wrong with me. My nipples hardened. The terry cloth robe rubbed pleasantly on my sensitive nubs, and I squeezed my thighs together, trying to relieve the ache in my loins.

“I see that you're not immune to all my powers,” Mary cooed.

“How?” I asked. Mark had tried to give me orders already. “Lilith protected me from your mind control. We made a Pact!”

“I wished for all women to desire me,” Mary answered. “Lilith told me it wasn't mind control. It merely lowered your inhibitions until you can't control your desire for me.”

Mary stood up, slipping off the light, green dress she wore. She was naked underneath, beautiful, perfectly formed. Oh, Goddess, she was right. I wanted her so bad. I struggled, forcing my desire down. I pictured Thamina. I just needed to focus on my wife and fight these desires. She walked to me, her ass swaying. Her stomach was round, her pregnancy starting to show. I wanted to kiss her belly, and rub my face against her silky skin.

“Mmm, I've missed you, Fiona.” She stood just a foot away, her eyes green pools, shining with lust. I shuddered as she reached out, touching my arm. “Why don't you take that off so we can get reacquainted.”

It's just one little request, I told myself. And it was so hot in here. I slipped the robe off, her eyes falling down to my full breasts. I felt a little pleased; she found me attractive. I raised my hand, reaching for her when I froze. What are you doing, Fiona. Remember Thamina. I pictured her round, dusky face and dark eyes shining with love. I had to be strong!

I pulled my hand back and stepped away.

Mary frowned and I froze in place; I didn't want to disappoint her. Mary's hand reached out, and I shivered as she caressed my stomach, trailing down to finger my fiery-red bush. “You let it grow out?”

“Yes,” I answered, trying to sound defiant instead of eager. I failed.

Mary stepped closer, her dusky nipples inches from brushing my breasts as her face swam before me. I licked my lips as she leaned in, closing my eyes, and I melted into her lips. I'm so sorry, Thamina, I just couldn't resist her. My arms wrapped around her, pulling her beautiful body into mine. I rubbed myself against her, reveling in the feel of her silky skin on my body.

I whimpered in disappointment when Mary broke the kiss. She turned, her plump ass swaying as she walked to the bed. She stretched out, then beckoned to me with a single finger. Smiling, I eagerly moved to the bed, sliding down next to her. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mark's leering, blue eyes. I didn't care, all that mattered was extinguishing the inferno Mary had stoked in my pussy.

I kissed Mary, my hands gently grasping her perky breasts. I fingered her nipples, then I kissed down her chin, nuzzling into her neck. Her fingers left trails of fire as she traced my skin. I moved lower and lower, rubbing my cheek into her breast and enjoying Mary's mewls of pleasure as I brushed against her hard nipple.

“Where is Lilith?” Mary asked.

I froze, my lips inches from her nipple. I looked up at her questioning eyes. “I can't tell you that.”

“Why not?” Her hand reached down, fondled my breast. “It would make me so happy. And then I'll make you very happy.”

I so wanted to make her happy. But Lilith was my goddess. “I'm sorry,” I croaked. “I can't.”

Her finger found my nipple, gently circling my areola and sending pleasure shooting down to my loins. My lips engulfed her nipple; maybe I could make her happy another way. I sucked, swirling my tongue about her hard nub, my other hand questing between her legs, and discovered her dripping-wet pussy. I teased her outer lips, then found her hard pearl and gently rubbed it.

“Umm, that's nice,” Mary purred. “You want to make me happy, don't you Fiona?”

“I do,” I insisted, slipping two fingers into her cunt.

“Then tell me where Lilith is.”

“Africa,” I whispered before I could stop myself. Mary's hips writhed beneath me. “A tiny village in Africa. The Congo, I think.”

“Good, Fiona,” Mary purred, then she pushed my head down. “You can use your mouth to please me.”

I kissed her round stomach, rubbed my cheek through her pubic hair – still styled it into a fiery-heart – then I found her wet, beautiful pussy. I breathed in her sweet, spicy fragrance, spread her pink lips open, and dove in. How I missed this wonderful flavor! Mary moaned, arching her back as my tongue dove into her hole. I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her tight against me.

“127, suck my cock,” I heard Mark order.

“With pleasure, sir!”

There was metallic rasp, then a sloppy, sucking sound. I ignored it; let the pervert watch. Nothing mattered as long as I made Mary happy. My tongue probed her hole, fucking into her while my fingers reached around her hips to pinch gently at her clit. Mary's hand grabbed my strawberry-blonde hair, and pulled me harder into her cunt, writhing her hips.

“Oh, fuck, that's nice!” she gasped. “You fucking whore! I'm gonna cum all over your pretty, little face!”

That sounded wonderful!

I massaged her clit harder and really worked my tongue into her cunt's depths. Her moans grew louder, and I had to hold on tight as her hips writhed beneath my tongue's assault. Her body went rigid, shuddering a few times as a flood of delicious juices poured out of her cunt into my eager mouth.

“Fuck, that was amazing!” she gasped. I looked up her sweaty body, past her heaving breasts, to the smile on her lips. I crawled up her body, my heavy breasts dragging across her skin. I kissed her; her tongue licked at my lips, tasting her pussy and savoring her flavor.

“I need to cum so bad,” I whispered, rubbing my pussy on her thigh.

“I'll let you cum, if you tell me one thing.”

“Anything,” I begged.

“What is Lilith going to do next?”

I bit my lip. It felt so wonderful to rub my pussy on her thigh, relieving that ache inside me. “A plague. Tir, one of her daughters, has been working on it.”

“A plague?” Mark asked, concerned.

“It's not ready,” I quickly reassured him, then frowned. Why was I telling Mark anything?

Mary pressed her thigh up into my cunt, and I rubbed harder on her, the pleasure driving my question from my mind. “What kind of plague?”

“” I tried to speak. This was Lilith's deepest secret. I couldn't revel it. But her thigh felt so amazing, so silky smooth. She was relieving this terrible ache inside me. She was giving me this great pleasure; it would be wrong of me not to tell her. “It will kill all the men,” I finally gasped, then I shuddered as my orgasm exploded through me.

“But it's not ready?” Mary asked.

“No,” I sighed as the toe-curling release flooded through me. It felt so wonderful to cum.

She slid out from underneath me and I stared in confusion at her. “Take her to the prison,” Mary commanded preemptively. “Keep her gagged and watched at all times!”

127 and 126 grabbed me. There was a line of Mark's cum leaking down 127's face, dripping down to her dark, heavy breasts. “What, why?” I asked, my mind still addled with lust.

“You sided with Lilith,” Mary spat at me as she pulled on her dress.

“We let you go because we loved you,” Mark said, his blue eyes hard with anger. “We would have left you alone! You can rot in the jail while we figure out what to do with you.”

And then Mary was gone; my thoughts suddenly cleared, like a car window being defrosted. It came crashing down on me. I betrayed Lilith. And I betrayed Thamina. I collapsed in the bodyguards' grip, sobbing hysterically as they shoved a gag in my mouth, and dragged me out of the hotel.

My Goddess, what had I done.

Friday, November 15th, 2013 – Jessica St. Pierre – Seattle, WA

The first week of governing the city of Seattle was over. I needed to blow off some steam.

The last three days had been long and frustrating as I ferreted out all the followers of Lilith from the city's government. Over three hundred women had been rounded up and interned at the Washington State Convention Center. Master or Mistress would have to sort through them. Luckily, Nate Kirkpatrick, the head of HR for the city, was a great help in identifying those who might not be trustworthy.

Master had left two companies of soldiers, almost three hundred men, to protect me and to search for any of Lilith's children that lurked in the city. Seattle itself was peaceful. Many of the citizens were under my Masters' control. Often Master or Mistress would broadcast general orders to the population—to obey laws, be happy, follow orders, and so on. Crime in Seattle, and the country, had plummeted dramatically. Utopia was slowly, and painfully, being forced upon mankind.

The Humvee that chauffeured me around pulled up at the Four Seasons Hotel. A squad of soldiers – 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, all pledged to Master – escorted me in. They were all young and rugged men, and very sexy in their fatigues and bulky body armor. And their big guns; my juices trickled down my thighs! I could feel their eyes on my taut body.

I wore a micro skirt that barely covered my rear and thigh-high fishnets. And no panties; I had to be ready to be fucked. Stiletto heels gave my ass more shape and added an extra, sexy sway to my walk. My blouse was pink silk, and clung to my braless breasts like a second skin. Tight about my throat was a gold choker. Even though I ran the city, it was important that people knew whom I belonged to.

“Good evening, Holy Slut,” Yvonne, the night concierge, greeted as I walked in. She was a fiercely beautiful Black woman; a leather choker tight about her neck proclaimed her devotion to Mark and Mary. I couldn't help touching my own, gold choker.

“Yvonne,” I smiled back, remembering my first night in the hotel and the very warm welcome she gave me. She was as fierce in bed as she looked, and left me gasping in pleasure. Afterward, she had told me about the time Master fucked her in the elevator last June. Fiona had been with him that night, and I suppressed a surge of anger. Both Fiona and Thamina had sided with Lilith. Ungrateful bitches!

The elevator dinged; I was pressed into the rear of the elevator as my protectors piled in around me, sandwiching me between two handsome, young privates—Brasher and Santillian. I smiled winsomely at Private Brasher, a flush spreading across his young, handsome face. He was a few inches shorter than me, but I could feel just how solidly built he was as I pressed my body against him. Private Santillian was tall and whip thin, a charming, confident smile on his Latino face.

“Hmm, you boys are strong,” I purred on the ride up.

Private Brasher flush deepened, and Private Santillian's leer grew. “I could show you just how strong I am, chica.”

I boldly glanced at Santillian. “Oh, do you think you're man enough to handle me?”

“Chica, I have the biggest cock in the company! A foot-and-a-half just for you!”

“More like an inch-and-a-half,” another soldier laughed.

“Hey, you been lookin' at me in the shower again, Pearson?”

“Oh, yeah,” Pearson replied sarcastically, “I'm unable to resist your Latin magnetism.”

“Damn straight! No-one can resist my manliness!” He turned to me, grabbing my hand and shoving it on his crotch. “That's no inch-and-a-half, eh, chica?”

I gave his hard cock a squeeze as the elevator dinged. “Hmm, that may get the job done.” I reached out and grabbed Brasher's crotch and felt how hard he was. The other soldiers piled out of the elevator, scanning the hallway for threats briefly. “I think I need two strong men to keep me safe and sound all night long.”

“Eres una perra caliente,” Santillian breathed as I sauntered out of the elevator.

Pearson opened the suite room with a keycard, the lock whirring. As I walked across the suite to my bedroom, I unbuttoned my blouse and dropped it on the floor. I wanted all the soldiers to see my perky, caramel breasts topped with dark-chocolate nipples.

“Holy shit,” Private Brasher muttered as a soldier patted him on the shoulder.

“Fuck that slut,” another soldier called out. I smiled, glad they knew what I was, then I dropped my skirt and disappeared into my room.

“You are smokin' hot, chica!”

I turned to find Private Santillian pushing into the room. I pressed against his bulky body armor, kissing his handsome face with passion. His hands wasted no time in squeezing my ass hard. The other soldiers whistled and jeered. I pushed away and found the nervous Brasher. I pulled him to me, bent down and kissed him on the lips. He was stiff, awkward, but he got into it after a moment.

“Why am I the only one naked?” I pouted, moving to the bed and stretching out so they could feast on my body.

“¡Madre de dios!” Santillian breathed as he began ripping off his gear, dumping it messily to the floor. Next to him, Brasher just stared dumbfounded at me as I played with my hard nipple. I smiled invitingly at him; he began fumbling with his body armor.

“Fuck,” he muttered, struggling with a stuck strap.

Santillian peeled off his shirt, reveling a slim, yet toned body, like a swimmer, the muscles rippling beneath the nut-brown skin as he moved. He bent down to unlace his boots, muttering curses as his haste made the knots worse. Brasher finally took his body armor off and dropped his thick, webbed belt and tore off his shirt. He had a few tattoos on his thickly muscled body: a screaming skull on one upper arm, and the words 'Indianhead' and 'We Serve' on the other.

“Here I come, chica!” the now naked Private Santillian exclaimed.

His cock – not the foot-and-a-half he had boasted, but it wasn't tiny either, a good eight or nine inches – proudly jutted out from a nest of thick, black hair. He crawled on the bed, kissing me; my hands sought out his cock, stroking the hard shaft. His hands squeezed my breasts painfully hard, roughly pinching my nipples. My cunt loved it; a flood of juices wept from my hungry hole.

I broke the kiss and saw Private Brasher had stripped. His cock was shorter, but thick, and uncut, the dark head peaking out of foreskin. I patted the other side of the bed and he shyly walked over, sitting on the edge.

“You've never done a threesome before?” I asked the shy soldier, sitting up and draping myself across his muscular back and licking at his ear.

“No,” he admitted.

“Hey, vato, it's only gay if we touch,” Santillian assured him. “As long as you're touching this hot chica everything's just fine.”

I reached around, feeling Brasher's muscular chest and his hard abs before I found his cock. I gripped it, rubbing the head; he shuddered in pleasure. I pushed him back on the bed, my mouth reaching down to suck his cock in my hungry lips. Brasher moaned as I let my teeth gently graze his sensitive head, then I swirled my tongue around it, tasting his salty pre-cum.

I loved being a slut!

“Shit,” Brasher muttered.

Santillian's hands grabbed my ass, giving me a good squeeze, then he pulled my butt up in the air and spread my legs. “Gonna taste your clam before it gets all messed up, chica,” he muttered, his breath hot on my juicy cunt.

As I bobbed my head, Santillian's rough tongue swiped through my slit, starting at my clit and going all the way up to my taint. He moaned in satisfaction, then buried his lips into my snatch, his tongue wiggling all over. I could feel rough stubble tickling my vulva; I squealed in delight about Brasher's cock as I enjoyed Santillian's muff diving. His fingers pinched my clit, sending shuddering pleasure through me.

I moaned in disappointment when Santillian stopped tonguing me. I could feel him moving around behind me, the bed shifting about, then his hand was on my hip, and his cock nudged my pussy. He pushed slowly into me; his cock spread me open and filled me up. I gave him a squeeze with my cunt, and then he fucked me, ramming that hard shaft deep into me and igniting my passions.

“This puta just came on my cock!” He smacked my ass; I sucked harder on Brasher's dick.

“Fuck, fuck, goddamn fuck,” Brasher moaned; his hands reached out. grabbing my head. Then his hips thrust, fucking his pole into my mouth, and shoving my head roughly up and down on his cock. “Fucking slut! Take it, whore!” I gagged as his cock erupted in my mouth; I swallowed his salty cum as fast as I could. “Goddamn,” he muttered, letting me go.

His cock slid out of my mouth. I gulped a deep breath of air as Brasher panted on the bed. I looked back at Santillian, his eyes squeezed shut as he pounded my cunt, and I slammed back into him. His cock stirred me up, bringing my pussy closer and closer to another explosive orgasm.

“Fuck me!” I groaned. “Shit, your cock is driving me crazy!”

“Course it is, chica. I got the best cock on the planet! Ain't no-one gonna fuck you this good!”

“Oh, there's one cock better,” I groaned.

“Whose?” he grunted.

“My Master's!” I screamed as my orgasm crashed through me, milking his cock, hungry for his cum.

“Fucking puta!”

His cum blasted into me, and I collapsed onto the bed, his cock popping out of me. I rolled over onto my back, reached down and scooped up a glob of his cum leaking out of my pussy. I stared at the milky fluid, then I sucked the salty cream into my mouth.

“You one dirty chica.”

“I'm a slut,” I proudly declared.

“Yeah, you are,” Brasher panted, reaching out to grab me. “My dick wants a taste of that pussy.”

I glanced at his hardening cock and grinned at him. “I'm ready for you.”

Santillian scooted over as Brasher mounted me, his short, fat cock spearing hard into my greasy depths. Gods, it was the fattest cock I ever had. It almost hurt as he spread me open, a delicious ache that revved my engine. Brasher started fucking me faster, his mouth finding my dark nipples and sucking hard on them.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” I chanted as I writhed beneath Brasher. He ravished me like a hungry beast, pounding hard at my cunt. “Oh, shit! Yes, yes, yes!” My cunt clamped hard on his cock as a third orgasm exploded through me. My head lolled to the side as I writhed in pleasure, and saw Santillian polishing his hard pole.

I had to feel that inside me again. I told Brasher to roll over and I rode him, his hands squeezing my breasts. I looked over at Santillian, and reached behind me, spreading my asscheeks, and gave him a suggestive smile.

“Fucking puta,” he excitedly muttered as he moved around the bed.

He smacked my ass and I squealed in delight. He spread my cheeks, the tip of his cock sliding about my crack as he struggled to shove it up my ass. His dick found my tight hole; he pushed. “Oh god!” I moaned, relaxing my ass as he slowly invaded me. I was so full, both my holes stuffed with cock. Santillian pulled back and shoved again, building a slow rhythm as he fucked me.

The pleasure spurred my hips into moving, riding up and down on Brasher's dick and finding a rhythm with Santillian's thrusts. I moaned as the cocks reamed my holes. Electricity rippled through me as both shafts pistoned in and out of me. It was so amazing! Two dicks sawed inside me, rubbing my sensitive flesh and driving me wild with passion.

“You are one fuckin', wild puta!” Santillian hissed, gathering a handful of hair and pulling my head back. “You're not going to be able to walk tomorrow after we're done fucking you!”

“Oh, yes!” I screamed. “Fuck me harder! Make me cum on your dicks!”

I shoved my ass back, burying his cock deep inside me, then I slammed my cunt down on Brasher's fat dick. Brasher sucked at my tits again, his teeth painfully nipping my nubs. I was going to burst inside. I could feel it. My passion grew and grew, swelling up until I couldn't think anymore. All I could do was pant and let these two men fuck me hard.

To use me for their pleasure like the slut I am!

“Take it puta! Take it!” Santillian hissed in my ear as he pulled my hair, sending sharp pain through me, and adding fuel to my growing fire. He buried inside me and erupted, painting my bowels with his cum.

“Yes!” I howled as my passion burst and intense pleasure roared through me.

My vision blackened; I collapsed on Brasher's muscular chest. Santillian's cock popped out of my ass, and Brasher kept thrusting his dick up into my cunt. I was too weak, too lost to the pleasure, to do anything as Brasher flipped me onto my back. He let out a loud grunt, then pounded away at my pussy.

“Whore!” Brasher gasped every time he bottomed out in me, his degrading words fanning the flames of my orgasms to burn hotter. “Whore! Whore! Fucking Whore!”

I am a whore! Their whore! My pussy kept cumming, squeezing his thick shaft as he pumped it in and out of me. His face contorted in a grimace, his eyes squeezed shut, and then his cum flooded my pussy. He stayed in me, breathing hard, staring down at me. I reached up and stroked his muscled arm, smiling at him.

“That was great, baby,” I purred.

With a grunt he pulled out of me and went to find his pants. I sat up on my elbows, a dull, pleasant ache in my well-fucked pussy and admired his muscular body as he dressed. Santillian lounged naked on a chair, his eyes closed and his mouth hanging open as he slept. Sleep sounded great, but my stomach rumbled, so I reached for the phone to order some room service for dinner.

There was a knock at the door. “Ma'am, they need you back at city hall.”

Dread filled me on the entire drive back to City Hall.

“We've had a hundred and three men walk in complaining of sores and rashes, sore throat, fever, sudden hair loss, and muscle ache,” Dr. Simpson explained on the conference call as I sat in the Mayor's office – my office – in City Hall. “Once admitted, we're seeing their conditions rapidly deteriorate into paralysis and blindness, before they suffer cardiac arrest and die.”

I looked at my advisers: Nate Kirkpatrick, the city's head of HR who quickly had become my right-hand man; the six male city council members – the others council members were women, and I ordered them interned – and Lieutenant-Colonel Maxey, commanding officer of 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment. They all looked as horrified as I felt at the news, even Colonel Maxey. Gods! In a day, a hundred men dead or dying of some disease. A chill spread through me. This was Lilith's plague. But Fiona said it wasn't ready yet. Did she lie, or did Lilith hold back information from her?

No, that doesn't matter now. I need to deal with this plague. That's what's important.

“It's a very unusual disease,” Dr. Simpson continued. He was the Chief of Medicine at the University of Washington's Medical Clinic. “So far, only men have fallen ill. Every hour more and more keep showing up. And not just at my hospital.”

“We need to quarantine the city,” I commanded, amazed at how firm my voice was—I felt like a mass of jello inside. But I led Seattle. I needed to remain calm and in control. Master and Mistress trusted me with this important task, and there was no way I would fail them!

“It may be too late for that,” Dr. Simpson responded. “While the hospitals in Seattle are getting the most admittance, hospitals in the greater Puget Sound region are receiving similar cases.”


Lilith – The Abyss

I watched the chaos of the hospital's ER from the Shadows. It was crammed full of sick men. Their pitiful moans were sweet music; I savored every, agonizing moment. The first man died just an hour ago. I watched his final, gasping breath as the doctors struggled to keep him alive.

He wouldn't be the last.

Wormwood burned like a wildfire, spreading through the world. The first cases were already overwhelming the hospitals in Seattle and the surrounding communities. Mark would be too distracted as the disease broke out across America, across the Earth. In a few days, the chaos would be so great my daughters will have no trouble retaking my demesne.

I floated up, surveying Seattle. It would be mine again!

To be continued...


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