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Tough Times for foreign Coeds in Italy
“SLUT, you owe me 400 pounds.”
“Meredith, what are you talking about.”
“You used my Debit Card Amanda. I want my money back.”
Meredith tried to grab Amanda but Amanda pushed her away.

“OMG Meredith, how can you say that, I didn’t touch your Debit Card.”
“You are a liar. Just another thieving American Tramp“ Yelled Meredith.
“Whatever, I have to go to work.” Amanda turned to leave.
“SMAAACCCK” Meredith caught Amanda with a hard slap across the face as she grabbed Amanda’s fine brown hair. “I want my money back.”

“BITCH, Let go of me you’re a nut case.” Amanda tried to pull away but Meredith held on.
Amanda and Meredith fell to the floor. “Bitch” Meredith yelled at Amanda, I going to
rip that pretty hair out of your head. “ Meredith was on top of Amanda pulling on her hair
screaming in her face. Meredith spit on her. She spit on Amanda again.
“Fucking Thieving Whore.”
“You are just a whore, pretty whore face with spit on it, sucking cock over at
the club.” She Spit on her again. “ Just like the cum you swallow for bucks”

Amanda reached up and grabbed and ripped Meredith’s shirt. “You always
been jealous of me. Always fucking some Black dick. “ “Your asshole is
probably wide open with all that black cock.” Meredith pulled harder
on Amanda’s hair jerking her head to the side. Amanda smacked Meredith with
the back of her hand across the face. Amanda grabbed Meredith’s hair and
twisted trying to get Meredith off her. SMAAAACK. Meredith let go of
Amanda’s hair but slapped her to the side of the head.

Meredith screamed as Amanda reached up and grabbed Meredith’s left tit
squeezing and pinching. Catching Meredith by surprise Amanda was able to push
Meredith off her. The pair tumbled around the floor, pulling, tugging , grabbing
each other. Amanda tried to get up but Meredith pulled her down as they grappled on
the floor. Finally, Exhausted they both let go.

“I am going to work.” yelled Amanda. “ Stay away from me.”
“Good bring me that whoring money you get.”
“Rather be a whore than fucking that low life black cock you bring around.”
“Tramp whore.” “Sleeze, English slut.” “American White Trash.”
They traded barbs until Amanda finally went to her room to change
and clean up.

Amanda walked down the narrow Italian streets totally upset.
She had never been in a catfight quite like that. Hair pulling, Bitch slapping,
scratching. The anger built as she walked. She was cursing the English garbage,
she once thought was her friend. How could she judge me? Meredith gave herself to the lowest
scum she could find and she was calling her a whore?

Work was a short walk for Amanda to the bar and when she got there Patrick could see
something was wrong.
"Foxy Knoxy." “What’s up babe you look all red, you have a marks on your face.”
“What the hell happened to you?’
“I don’t know, Meredith was acting all crazy, accusing me of stealing.”
“Must be Fucking bipolar or something, I never took a thing from her, probably one of the losers
she is always fucking.”
“Then she attacked me, we were on the floor for 15 minutes fighting.”

“Well pull yourself together, get cleaned up, you got customers in the backroom.”
“They got drinks but they are waiting for you.”
How many?
“Three Guys, South American types.”
“It could be.”
“I can handle it. “ replied Amanda in a cocky tone.

Amanda got ready in the washroom. She was obsessed with sex. Her diary was
filled with her sexual thoughts. Her toys were always close by in case a man wasn’t
She had many encounters since coming to Europe but she loved working the back room
at the bar. Lots of cock. Sometimes it was rough but that was living on the edge.

The back room, where Amanda had been spending a night or two a week had a
Sofa, chairs a table, sink and a toilet. She opened the door, there were two men on the sofa and the third by the door. All three were big guys, one thin and two hefty.
“So you are Foxy Knoxy, that’s what your man called you.”
“Yea that’s what he calls me.” Before Amanda could get far in the room, the man
grabbed her by the hair.
“I am Jorge, Foxy Knoxy?, you just look like another whore.”
“That’s what we are going to call you, Whore.”
He shoved her over by the other two men. “Get to know my friends, they
are going to get real personal with you. “
“I am Jimmy.” The fat guy yelled in her face. He held her neck and kissed
her roughly on the lips. “You like that, whore?”
“Whore, do you like it?”
“Yes Sir.” Amanda mumbled, trembling.

Jimmy pushed her over to Alfredo, another big thug looking South American.
He kissed and shoved her back Jimmy.
“Hey, take it easy guys.” “Shut the Fuck up, Whore.”
“I’m out of here.” Yelled Amanda.

Jimmy grabbed her by the throat and pushed her to
her knees. “You aren’t going anywhere.” “Bastard, let me go.”
Amanda could barely talk.

Jimmy had his pants down and waved his cock in her face.
“Whore, you are going to gag on this.”

“Wait, What is that.” Cried Amanda
Alfredo pushed two large plastic hooks into each side of her mouth and tied them together behind her neck
bunge cord, her mouth was held open.
“ Stop this. Stop now.” Amanda was barely able to speak with the hooks in her mouth.
Alfredo grabbed her by the neck. “Stop? We are just starting.”
“Whore, we are going to throat fuck you till you gag, if you fight I’ll break your neck.”
“AHHHHGGGGHHHH” Amanda struggle to breath as Jimmy jammed himself in her
mouth and down her throat.


Amanda’s face splashed in the water. Her head was dunked in the toilet bowl.
Her head pulled back out of the water she was gasping for air.
Everything appeared blurry, her memory was sketchy. It had gone on for a long time.
Alfredo had held her head while Jimmy had brutally fucker her mouth. It had been
hard to breath, the dick filling her throat. Alfredo had pinched her nose.
Amanda’s face was sore and red. She ached from the wretching vomiting after the
cum filled her gut, choking her.

In the toilet bowl she could see the slimy mess of vomit and cum that washed off her face.
Alfredo flushed the toilet and as the bowl filled he shoved Amanda’s face back down.
Again gasping for air she begged him not to dunk her again. Alfredo pushed her to the
couch, her head on the arm at the end. He straddled her chest leaning forward.
“Whore, let’s see if you can handle this.” He rubbed his dick over her sore and reddened face.
As she took his cock in her mouth she felt hands spreading her legs, pushing them up and
wide. A pillow was pushed under her butt and she could feel the man’s body against hers.

“Look at me Whore.” She looked up to see Alfredo, smiling leering down at her even while she
licked and sucked him. The other men were laughing talking about her pussy as one pushed his
crotch against hers.

“Whore, you are going to earn your money tonight.”

(To Be Continued)

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