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7 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by:
Chapter 21: "Rapprochment"


Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in Project: Island Fever. My
name is Jeremy and, as the overseer of this program, I am
extremely pleased that you would like more information on
spending six weeks of your life with me on the island that I
call home in the South Pacific. To begin the application
process, I respectfully request that you fill out the basic
information sheet that you see below and mail it back to me
by no later than December 31, 2012. If there are any
questions that you prefer not to answer (or do not know the
answer to), you may simply leave them blank.

Once your basic information sheet is received, it will be
evaluated and reviewed and, if it meets certain criteria,
you will receive a more detailed application and accompanying
questionnaire in the mail by no later than January 21, 2013.

If you are one of the (only) six women who are ultimately
chosen to take part in Project: Island Fever, you will be
compensated for your time, effort and energy at no less than
$100,000 USD. Much more information concerning compensation
and what will be expected of you is available in the 19 page
booklet that was also included in this mailing.

If, for whatever reason, you are no longer interested in
taking part in this project, simply discard this letter and
do not respond. You will not be contacted/bothered again. I
hope that you are interested, though, and that you take the
time to fill out the following information sheet and send it
back to me at the return address listed on the previous page.
Remember, the deadline date is December 31, 2012!

Thank you --- Jeremy [Last Name]

Please answer the questions below in your own words:


FULL NAME: Pamela Annabeth [Last Name]
ADDRESS: [Street Address]
[City Name], MD [Zip Code]
HOME TELEPHONE: (410)xxx-xxxx
CELL TELEPHONE: (410)xxx-xxxx
E-MAIL ADDRESS: [Username]
BIRTHDATE: 1/5/1983 ZODIAC SIGN: Capricorn
WHERE BORN: Nottingham, MD
Two sisters - Paula (34) and Candice (26)
Hadley, a golden retriever dog
IF YES, WHERE?: Towson University
EMPLOYED AS: Exotic Dancer
EMPLOYED WHERE: [Strip Club Name] in [City Name], MD
_McDonald's_ (1998-2002)


RING SIZE: 4-1/2


ACTOR: Matt Damon
ACTRESS: Mila Kunis
SINGER: Christina Aguilera
FOOD: Tacos!
CITY: Washington, DC
FLOWER: Lilacs
CAR: _Lotus Elise_
TV SHOW: _Game of Thrones_
MOVIE: _Titanic_
PERFUME: _Very Sexy_ by _Victoria's Secret_ COLOR: Yellow
STYLE OF CLOTHES: Form-fitting?
I'm not the type to go out often; a romantic
night at home is more my style. But when I
do go out, I prefer it to be fun. Perhaps a
nice dinner and movie, then something simple
like ice skating or a moonlit boat ride on
the lake or in the ocean.
Honesty and sincerity are the two biggest
traits. I want someone to look past what
I do for a living and get to know and love
me as a person. No luck so far.
To overcome the deficiencies that I have and
achieve my potential as a human being. In my
utopia I would not have to hide anything
about myself, be it my job or otherwise. I
would have the motivation to start and end
tasks when they appear. My life would be free
of stress and sleepless nights. I would be
happy because I am productive and successful,
and have a positive influence on friends and
family alike. (I hope this question was not
of the sexual nature. If so, sorry!)
Years ago I was in the hospital recovering
from surgery and was really amped up on
medication. My mom and dad came to visit
and I felt uncomfortable to be lying there
in just a hospital gown in front of dad, so
I decided to cover myself. I went to grab
the sheet, but grabbed the hospital gown
instead and pulled it right up to my neck.
So there I was in all my naked glory,
clutching the hospital gown tightly while
my dad squirmed and did his best to look
away. Being in a drug induced haze I
slapped at my mom's hand as she tried to
pull the gown back down, wondering why she
would try to do such a thing (I thought I
was clutching a bed sheet or cover). It
took me a few seconds to realize what was
happening; I felt embarassed and apologized
to my dad for such an awkward situation.
READING! I LOVE to read! Give me any just
about any book and I will be a happy gal.
I am a passive person. I am sweet. I think
I am kind and gentle, too. I am not the
impulsive type; I like to think things
through and make informed decisions. I am
conservative - especially with money. I
have plenty of insecurities and sometimes
dwell too much on them. And I hate it when
others judge me. Doesn't everybody?


Sighing, I took a deep breath and shook my head as I
reviewed Pamela's initial application - dated 12/26/2012 -
for the island here within my private suite. Following a
highly emotional evening when Pamela claimed that she no
longer wanted me to be in her life - because I eavesdropped
on her and the others with the help of the voyeur room -
preceded by the surprise proclamation of love between
Kristanna and yours truly, I felt drained. Totally drained.

I looked at the starter applications for all of the
ladies quite often. I do not know exactly why, but it was
a hobby of mine when given the opportunity. I even made
mention of Devon's application in an earlier chapter. This
morning, however, I had read and reviewed Pamela's personal
file a countless number of times. What happened last night
with her was quite painful. It was _beyond_ painful.

Although I had every intention of pursuing a bona-fide
relationship and commitment with Kristanna, I still felt
horribly downtrodden and guilty because Pamela was so angry
at me. Of course, she had every right to be. Who could
blame her? I had betrayed Pamela's trust and violated her
privacy - as well as all of the others' - by eavesdropping
on them in their most private and intimate moments.

A frown came to my face as I admired Pamela's stylish,
elegant handwriting in blue upon the application. I never
thought that I could have a worse, more pitiful feeling than
I did when Victoria, my ex-fiancee, left me standing at the
altar for another woman some 20 years ago. The events of
that fateful day nearly destroyed my psyche.

Believe it or not, though, but Pamela being so horribly
upset at me and my actions was much more damaging than what
Victoria had ever done to me. I felt terrible because,
essentially, I had hurt Pamela. That was the worst thing of
all. _I_ was the one to blame. No one else was at fault.

My wish was that I could have the opportunity to explain
to Pamela that the voyeur room was nothing but a harmless
kink of mine. I did not eavesdrop on her and the others
with any malice in my heart. I did not sell the computer
files and DVD discs for profit. Nor was there a feed of
everything that happened here broadcasting live on the
Internet. But I had literally zero chance of being able to
convince Pamela of this because she refused to talk to me.

Like any normal man if put in my position, I simply
enjoyed watching the girls in their private moments. I do
not believe that there is any man out there in the world who
would not do the same, exact thing that I do if presented
with the opportunity. The voyeur room gave me an additional
insight to who all of the girls were as people.

In my mind, at least, my voyeuristic tendencies were quite
harmless. I did nothing wrong with the footage. Nothing at
all. Was it wrong of me to eavesdrop on them in their
private moments? Yes, it was. Absolutely. I was not
disputing that. But things stopped there. The footage did
not go beyond my eyes (or Kristanna's). The archives would
not fall into the wrong hands. I would never allow it.

Unfortunately, Pamela did not see things that way. Even
worse, she absolutely refused to speak with me anymore.
Thus, I did not even have the opportunity to get her to see
things my way. Someone who once had pure, genuine feelings
for me now hated me with a passion. It was all my fault.

Pamela had originally come to my room last night, I
presume, to profess her undying love and devotion for me.
That was the general vibe I got, at least, judging by her
conversation with Trish from the central room just moments
earlier. I kind of messed that whole thing up, huh?

"Where is Kristanna?" I asked out loud, glancing at my
wristwatch. My Norwegian angel said at 8:03am that she
was going off to the kitchen to grab us an early breakfast -
perhaps a couple of doughnuts and some milk. That was 15
minutes ago. Kristanna should have been back by now.

Curious, I took another deep breath and then glanced at
the opposite wall, which concealed the voyeur room. After a
moment or two of thought, I nodded my head and slowly rose
to my feet. The voyeur room would tell me where Kristanna -
plus my milk and doughnuts morning snack - was. That was
another thing. I skipped dinner last evening and now, as a
result, felt incredibly hungry.

* * *

A short time later, my eyes swelled with an equal amount
of interest and fright as I spotted Kristanna engaged with
Pamela in what appeared to be a heated argument on one of the
surveillance monitors here within the voyeur room. From my
initial glance, at least, it seemed as if Kristanna was
giving Pamela a hard lecture in the foyer.

"Go away, Kristanna!" Pamela demanded, obviously upset.

Defiant, the 23-year-old shook her head and snapped, "I
am sorry, but I am not about to go away. Think about what
you are doing, Pamela. Think about what you are saying.
Get a grip on yourself! You don't want to leave Jeremy."

"Go away!" Pamela insisted once more, her arms now folded.

"Are you really going to leave Jeremy?"

"It's not fair that he spies on us!"

"Who cares about fair? It is love, Pamela. Love. Love
is not fair sometimes, but it is still there. It is the
single, greatest feeling in the whole, wide world. You and
Jeremy are so right for one another. Why give that up?"

"What do you think I should do?" Pamela huffed. "Should I
go back to Jeremy and throw my arms around him, forgive him?"

"I see no reason why you shouldn't."

"I don't know who Jeremy is!" Pamela roared. "I thought
I did, but I don't. I cannot believe that he spies on us!
No decent, upstanding man would do such a thing!"

Kristanna shifted her weight from one foot to the other
and stared at Pamela with both hands on her hips. "Jeremy is
the type of man that comes around once in a lifetime. I know
that, Pamela, and so do you. He would do anything for you.
He would risk everything to be with you." Kristanna
hesitated for a moment, then added, "And you're about to walk
away from him because you don't like a little kink of his?"

"A LITTLE KINK?" Pamela erupted. "I mean, seriously? Is
that what you call it? A LITTLE KINK?"

"Yes. And a harmless one at that."

It was at this moment in time when I fully realized that
Kristanna was attempting to reconcile Pamela with me. That
was great and everything... but why would Kristanna want to
do that? After last night, at least, Kristanna and I had
mutually agreed to pursue a relationship with each other
from now on. Had she changed her mind?

"If Jeremy is not the one for you, Pamela, walk away.
Break the man's heart. You just BETTER MAKE SURE that you
do not have any second thoughts about it, because there is
no coming back. Myself, I do know that Jeremy thinks the
absolute world of you. I have known the man for four years.
Four years! You and Jeremy go together so very, very well.
You want to give everything up, Pamela, all because you do
not like a small portion of who he is as a whole person?"
Kristanna shook her and added, "If so... then you are crazy.
You are crazy, and stupid. VERY stupid."

"I am not stupid!"

"I love Jeremy, Pamela. I want him to be happy. It is
all that I have ever wanted for him. He is a wonderful man,
a great man who would do anything to make you happy. How
many times have you told me this yourself? Never again will
you find a man who is more sincere, thoughtful and loving
than Jeremy. HOW MANY TIMES have you told me that same,
exact thing? How many times have you talked in such glowing
terms about him to your two best friends on the island,
Trish and Amy? Have they ever disagreed with you? They
pretty much agree with all the good things you say about him."

"Think about what you are giving up," Kristanna continued,
her speech strong, and full of passion. "If there is any
part of you that still wants to love Jeremy, find it, and
draw from it. Dig deep if you have to, and find it."

"But I can guarantee you one thing, Pamela. Go home like
you claim that you want to do. Do it. A week from now, you
are going to be so incredibly mad at yourself for making the
single, biggest mistake of your entire life."

"Think about all of the many times since you and I met
each other that you have told me how attracted you are to
Jeremy. Think about all of the times that you have told me
that he is the sweetest and most wonderful man you have ever
met. No man could be more wonderful than Jeremy. You have
told me that a COUNTLESS number of times. Think about it,
Pamela. Use your brain. DON'T DO THIS. DON'T LEAVE."

"Go ahead if you want to," Kristanna sniped, pointing
toward the closed door of the foyer. "Go ahead and leave.
_LEAVE_! Go back to your life in Maryland. Go back to the
strip club where you bump and grind on stranger's lap after
stranger's lap for dollar bills, and maybe the occasional
five or ten. Go back to your old life and get treated like
an inanimate object by every single customer you talk to and
come across. Go back to it! See if you're happy!"

Kristanna nodded her head for emphasis. "If you think
that life is better than what Jeremy - as well as myself -
would provide you with here on the island, be my guest. Go
right ahead, and go home. I will wish you the best."

Finally able to get a word in edge-wise, Pamela stayed on
the defensive by countering, "You don't think that Jeremy is
doing anything wrong with all those hidden video cameras?"


Pamela threw her arm out in pure anger and huffed, "Well,
of course you don't think so! You are in on it with him!
You know all about him spying on us! How could you be in on
it? You're a woman, too. How could you help him?"

"You already know that you and all of the other girls were
brought here because Jeremy was hoping to meet his eventual
bride," Kristanna said. "The original intent of the voyeur
room - that is what we call it - was that Jeremy could listen
in to what everyone said about him behind his back. The man
is worth two billion dollars in American money, Pamela. He
wanted to be sure that whomever he chose to be with liked him
for the type of person that he is... NOT his bank account."

"Money never once entered into my line of thinking when
it came to Jeremy!" Pamela seemed even more agitated now.
"I could care less if he has two billion dollars or two
cents! All I have ever wanted is someone who is nice and
loving... someone who treats me good. Someone who is HONEST!
Until last night, I thought that person was Jeremy!"

"No man is more honest than Jeremy."

"_BULLSHIT_!" Pamela exploded, which caused me to hang my
head low here in the voyeur room. Obviously, she was very
angry. I had never heard Pamela use such a hateful tone of
voice - or that specific word - until just now.

"How did he lie to you?" Kristanna inquired. "How was he
dishonest with you? Everything that man has said to you,
Pamela, has been the God's honest truth. The one thing that
he held back from you - the voyeur room - he fessed up about
it. But he was honest about it. It took some time, yes,
but he eventually fessed up about it and came clean. Jeremy
NEVER ONCE lied to you. He would NEVER lie to you."

Pamela folded her arms and glared at Kristanna. "I do not
see how you can possibly stand up for him like this!"

"The voyeur room made Jeremy notice you and realize that
your feelings for him were totally pure and sincere a lot
quicker than he would have without it," Kristanna advised
her. "Jeremy is paranoid, Pamela. Anyone with the amount of
money that he has is paranoid when it comes to dating and
relationships. But thanks to the voyeur room, he heard all
of the many wonderful things that you said about him to the
others on the island. About how you were in love with him
from the very outset. Jeremy's ultimate fear is that he will
fall in love with some gold-digger who cares only about his
money and not him, marry her and then, a year or two later,
she files for divorce and cleans out his bank account. That
would probably not hurt him all that much. What WOULD hurt
him, though, is that he thought the woman was in love with
him when, in fact, she wasn't. Jeremy is in no condition to
have his heart broken AGAIN."

Kristanna paused for a brief moment, then continued, "He
wants the same things out of life that you do, Pamela. The
same, exact things. He wants to be loved. He wants to know
that the love is pure and sincere. Jeremy wants to be happy.
That man cares about you so very much. YOU care about him.
I see no reason why you want to end what you have with him."

Upset, Pamela actually growled like a wild animal. "You
keep going on about Jeremy and how wonderful he is. You say
I should look past this ONE LITTLE INDISCRETION of his... a
LITTLE KINK you called it, I believe. Let me tell you
something - spying on us with hidden cameras is NOT a LITTLE
INDISCRETION. It is NOT a minor thing."

"Being a stripper for the past 11 years is not a minor
thing, either." With those words, Kristanna seemed to ruffle
Pamela even further. "But you know what? Jeremy looked past
it. Jeremy looked right past the fact that you are a
stripper, Pamela. He looked past the fact that you have
bumped and ground your little ass - your MONEY-MAKER - over
tens of thousands of cocks throughout the years."

Now, Pamela brought a hand to her mouth and almost began
to cry. Suddenly full of shame, she momentarily hid her face
from Kristanna. That was sort of a low thing to say, but
perhaps Kristanna was going somewhere with this.

"Jeremy looked past that," the Norwegian continued. "He
looked past that indiscretion of yours and all he really saw
was a warm, beautiful, intelligent woman with a pretty smile
and a heart of pure gold. He also saw a woman who, just like
him, was lonely, and in need of some serious T-L-C."

"At least I was upfront and honest about my career, and
the bad choices I made to get to this point!" Pamela hissed,
trying to defend herself. "I hid nothing from the outset!"

"Jeremy doesn't look at you as a stripper, Pamela. He
isn't wired that way. Jeremy doesn't even THINK of you as a
stripper. You know what he envisions you as? A librarian.
Jeremy says you would make a good librarian." Kristanna
shrugged her shoulders and said, "Considering how much you
love books, I really cannot disagree with him on that."

"In fact, Jeremy looks past the indiscretions of almost
EVERYONE," she continued. "He refuses to look at you as a
stripper, Pamela. He told me that he never even wants you
to give him a lap dance again - no matter how much it turns
him on. Look at Amy. Jeremy keeps saying that she is a good
and genuine person. I do not want to say that he ignores it,
but he looks past the fact that Amy is trying to manipulate
Lindsay for her own greed. He looks past the fact that Amy
is so brash and can be so offensive at times, but all he sees
is this good and genuine person that we keep hearing she is.
He insists that Lindsay is still this sweet and innocent
flower, but both you and I know that isn't the case anymore."

"That is one of my favorite things of all about Jeremy,"
Kristanna mused. "All he sees is the good in people. It has
hurt him in the past and others have took advantage of him
because of it, but I still think it is a wonderful quality
for him to have. I do not believe you would take advantage
of it, Pamela. I know I wouldn't. Neither would Devvy. All
Jeremy does is see the good in people."

There was 10 seconds of total silence between them.

"Look, I am not going to stand here and argue with you any
longer," Kristanna declared, rubbing her bleary eyes with two
balled fists. "If you REALLY want to go home, neither Jeremy
nor myself will stand in your way. But know this - Jeremy
wants you to stay. I want you to stay. Myself, _I_ am not
EVER going to leave Jeremy again. I love the man and want
to spend the rest of my life with him. I have no plans of
going back to Norway unless he is with me."

"But think about it, Pamela. There is a real possibility
of something so special between us, Pamela... the FOUR of us.
Me, you, Devvy and Jeremy. It will take a lot of work... but
given time, the four of us could be a family. We would give
you all of the love and respect that you could handle. MORE
than you could handle, in fact. Jeremy loves you with all of
his heart and soul. I could easily learn to feel the same
way. So could Devvy. Think about it."

Tears began to form within Kristanna's eyes as she soon
finished, "I believe that it would be a really big mistake on
your part if you passed this opportunity up, and let it go by
the wayside. I hope you understand that."

Holding back her own flow of tears, Pamela sighed and
glanced downward. I did not know whether or not those
strong words had changed her mind, but Pamela was clearly
somewhat shaken and not near as angry as before. I was
quickly learning that Kristanna had a way with words!

"Find the part of yourself that wants to love Jeremy,"
Kristanna reiterated. "Find it, and draw from it. Else,
you will be making the biggest mistake of your life by
leaving him, and going home." Kristanna sniffed her nose
and added, "I don't want you to go back to that strip club.
Jeremy is right - you are SO MUCH BETTER than that. It would
be a shame if you left the island to go back to that life."

"I want you to stay here, so we can take care of you,
and give you what you rightly deserve. The four of us...
we could take care of each other. We could be so happy,
Pamela. So happy. IF Jeremy did anything wrong or sneaky
with the voyeur room, _I_ would not allow him to continue to
use it. I would never stand for it. You must realize that!"

Kristanna turned and pointed toward the exit of the foyer.
"I'm going back to Jeremy's room. I can't say anything more
to try and convince you that Jeremy is, indeed, a great guy.
It is your choice, Pamela. Go back home to Maryland if you
want. Jeremy and I could have you on an airline flight back
to the United States this afternoon if you wish."

"I... I hope you decide to stay, though. Jeremy loves
you. I could easily fall in love with you, too. So could
Devvy. You have the possibility of THREE PEOPLE who would
give anything at all to make you happy. I hope you realize
that. Isn't being happy all you have ever wanted?"

Kristanna wiped an excess of tears away from her eyes and
sniffed her nose again. "I will be in Jeremy's room if you
reach your decision. If anything, I hope that you take some
time to think about it beforehand. You leave this island,
Pamela, and there is no coming back. You leave... not only
will you break Jeremy's heart, but worst of all... you will
break your own heart. Please... think about it."

With that, Kristanna turned and exited the foyer.

* * *

Once it became clear that Kristanna was returning to my
personal suite - instead of grabbing a few doughnuts and a
glass of milk from the kitchen as she originally intended -
I leapt out of my chair and quickly exited the voyeur room.
I promptly went to the entrance of my private bedroom, and
waited for Kristanna to make an appearance at the other end
of the long corridor. When she did, I rushed forward and
closed the distance between us, and hugged her fiercely.

"Did you watch?" was her question, as she clutched me
with both arms in return.

"Yes," I answered, planting a simple kiss upon her cheek.
"Most of it, at least. I saw what I needed to see."

"Is Pamela coming here, too?"

"I don't know," I said, which brought a definite frown to
Kristanna's face. "I left the voyeur room right after your
little talk with her was over." After ending the embrace and
stepping back, I placed a hand under Kristanna's chin and
gazed into her tear-stained eyes. "You are the one who is
perfect for me, sweetheart. No one else but you." I kissed
away a few of those tears and smiled, "You are _my girl_."

"I believe that the three of us - me, you and Devvy - are
perfect for each other," the young woman corrected me. "But
you care for and love Pamela very deeply as well, Jeremy.
Because of that, Pamela deserves every opportunity to be a
part of our life, too. I want her in our life."

"You'd be happy with a four-way relationship?"

"Yes," she nodded. "Maybe even a four-way marriage."

My eyes wide, I allowed those powerful words to sink in
and register as I stared at Kristanna for several seconds.
I really liked this aggressive and forthright side of her.

"We will have to tell Devon about the voyeur room
eventually as well," I frowned. "It is very likely that
she has the same reaction Pamela did - if not worse."

"You don't need to worry about that."

"Oh?" I wondered. "Why is that?"

"I told Devon about the voyeur room last week."

"YOU DID WHAT?" I exclaimed, literally jumping out of my
shoes and hitting the ceiling. "WH... WHY?"

"Don't worry about it, Jeremy," Kristanna responded, even
giggling at my reaction. "I told Devvy all about the voyeur
room last week. I have been preparing the three of us for a
long-term relationship. I told her all about it, and she is
fine. You have nothing to worry about."

"Devon is FINE?" I blurted out, still shocked at what
Kristanna had said to me. "She is perfectly FINE with the
voyeur room? Just what was her reaction?"

"Very upset at first, but we talked about it," Kristanna
nodded. "I explained to her many of the same things that I
just did to Pamela. Eventually, Devvy changed her mind
completely. After giving everything some thought, Devvy said
you spying on all of us was kind of hot."

"HOT?" I was dumbfounded.

"Any other man doing it except for you, she would have been
offended," the 23-year-old explained. "But Devvy quickly
realized, Jeremy, that you would never do anything wrong with
the footage. She said that knowing that YOU were watching her
as she had sex with the others... it really turned her on.
She said one of her fantasies has always been to be watched."

"Wow..." was all I could say in response, my eyes wide.

"ÄuGud... nei!" Kristanna suddenly exploded in her native
tongue, even stepping away from me and looking angry.

"What?" I returned, confused.

She shook her head and frowned at me. "_Oh God... no_.
That is what I said. I forgot your milk and doughnuts! I
am so sorry, Jeremy! I was on my way to the kitchen when I
came across Pamela. She was still very mad from last night,
obviously, and then we started arguing a bit." Kristanna
frowned again and appeared somewhat antsy. "Can you forgive
me? I will go to the kitchen and get your food now."

"That will not be necessary," I gently commented, glancing
over Kristanna's shoulder at the person who suddenly appeared
at the far end of the corridor. Once Kristanna realized that
I was fixated on a certain individual over her shoulder, she
quickly turned her head around and groaned at the sight.


With a collection of tears all her own, Pamela meandered
forward and looked at both of us with a distant, troubled
expression on her face. Kristanna quickly broke away from
me and went over to Pamela, only to throw both arms around
her in a wild, emotional embrace. More tears streaked down
Pamela's face as she returned Kristanna's embrace with one of
her own. I got the sense that Pamela was going to say...

"I'm so s-sorry, Je-Jeremy." Pamela rubbed her hands over
and across Kristanna's back several times in succession, but
kept her eyes trained upon me. "Kr-Kri-Kristanna is right...
I... I should h-have never doubted your w-words in the first
place, J-Jeremy." A wide, ear-to-ear smile came to my own
face as Pamela added, "I would be h-honored if you were to be
gracious to allow me into your life..."

"Of course!" Kristanna exclaimed, overcome with happiness.

"Jeremy has to agree to it, too," Pamela murmured, her eyes
studying me intently. She released Kristanna from her arms
and slowly stepped my way. The tears really started to flow
once she closed the distance between us and pined, "I'm so
sorry for slapping you across the face like I did last night,
Jeremy. I... I've never done anything like that, b-before."

"Come here," I said, my arms extended. Pamela immediately
stepped into them and we shared our own loving embrace.

At the same time, Kristanna held both hands to her mouth
and looked at us with an equal mixture of relief and joy
on her face. Soon, she stepped forward to join us, and
gently patted Pamela upon the back of her shoulder. "What
made you change your mind, honey?"

Pamela turned and looked at Kristanna directly in the
eyes. "You did." She grasped Kristanna's right hand with
her own and forged a smile. "Just... if you say that neither
of you use that secret room in a bad way, I... I believe you.
I... I WANT to believe you. I NEED to believe you. I really
have no reason NOT to believe you. It just... it took me a
little time to... to re-realize... that."

With her back turned to me, I placed my hands on either
side of Pamela's waist and rested my chin where her arm and
shoulder met, near her neck. At the same time, she reached
back with her left arm and hooked it around my torso. I
kissed her neck and murmured, "There is no need for you to
apologize to me, sweetheart. I deserved to be slapped."

Kristanna giggled and suddenly brought an open palm up
and held it just a couple of inches from my exposed face.
"I will be happy to slap you if you want, Jeremy! I will
have lots of fun doing it, too!" Ahh... that legendary
sense of humor. Kristanna was a Godsend for me.

"I think he has been slapped enough," Pamela frowned.

Kristanna made a fist and warned me with a grin, "I'll
put a pop-knot on your forehead big enough to hang a spare
tire on." I chuckled at her words as she soon added, "I'll
be on you, Jeremy, like ants on a fish head." This time, I
started laughing. She waved her fist at me and ended with,
"I'll go through you like fear through the French army."

I shook my head at her and laughed again. "Priceless..."

Kristanna put her hand down and gazed into Pamela's brown
eyes. "Did you tell anyone else about the voyeur room?"

Pamela shook her head and looked back my way for a brief
instant. "No. Jeremy made me promise to keep it a secret
before he showed it to me. Otherwise, I guess, he was not
going to show me the room. I... I have never broken a
promise in my life. I never will, either."

"That's good," Kristanna nodded. "There would be a riot
here right now if the others knew about the voyeur room. We
are not doing anything bad with it, Pamela. Nothing bad at
all. In fact..." Kristanna paused and brought a hand to
Pamela's face. "Let me take you into the voyeur room and
show you around it. It's quite the interesting place."

Pamela shook her head and fretted, "Oh... I don't know if
that is such a good idea..."

Kristanna smiled and winked an eye at her. "Pamela, do
you remember the first time that you and Jeremy had sex? It
was your second day here, and it took place in the library."

"Uh huh," Pamela nodded, curious.

"Do you remember telling me how exciting and wonderful it
was? How memorable of an experience it was for you? And how
you wish that you could re-live it again?"


Kristanna smiled once more. "You _CAN_ re-live it. We
have the whole encounter on file and DVD in the voyeur room.
I have watched it five or six times already, myself, because
of that LONG discussion you and Jeremy had even before laying
a finger on each other. It was so touching. Jeremy was a
true gentleman to you; he treated with you so much respect
during that conversation. It captured his essence so well."

"You have it on video?"

"Oh yes," Kristanna reiterated, wrapping an arm around
Pamela's shoulder and guiding her toward my personal suite.
"In fact, sweetie, I made a little video out of it. I have
it from six different angles on one of the DVD discs. I
would LOVE to show it to you if you are interested in it."
Kristanna giggled and added, "I guess this means that you
are a porn star now! Pamela the porn star!"

Pamela let loose with an uncomfortable laugh. "Porn star?
I am not all too certain that I like the sound of that." She
then took a deep breath and mused, "I... I am really going to
try and keep an open mind about that secret room. I am STILL
against it and the idea, but maybe I can take a look at
something that only involves me and Jeremy like you said."

Kristanna escorted Pamela into the luxury suite as I
followed close behind them in tow. "I will even show you a
few of the private conversations that Jeremy and I have had
about you. You will hear Jeremy tell me how incredible of a
person he thinks you are. About how he wants to sweep you
off of your feet and rescue you from your life in Maryland,
and treat you like a princess. We have EVERYTHING that
happens on this island at our disposal." Kristanna glanced
back at me. "Mind if I show Pamela those videos?"

"Not at all," I answered, shaking my head. As Kristanna
then led Pamela into the voyeur room, which was still open
from earlier, I placed a hand on my stomach and commented,
"I think I will go off to the kitchen and get my own early
breakfast." Both ladies glanced back my way as I asked them,
"Would either of you like something to eat?"

Pamela shook her head. "No, Jeremy. I am fine... but
thank you for asking."


"No thank you. I think that having Pamela with me will
keep my mind away from the fact I am hungry until it is time
for the regular ten o'clock breakfast." She glanced at her
wristwatch and commented, "It's only 90 minutes away."

"Can I ask you a question?" Pamela said to Kristanna.

"Of course."

"What happened to your accent?"

Kristanna and I looked at each other, then laughed...

* * *

When I stepped into the kitchen no more than five minutes
later, I was immediately captivated by the sight of Amy, who
looked downright scintillating. The insatiable vixen - even
at this very early hour of the morning - was decked-out in a
short, little mini-skirt, which had a base color of white,
along with frilly red flower designs scattered all over it.
The tiny mini-skirt was quite a snug fit, so needless to say,
it displayed the full shape and contours of Amy's luscious
hips in a most enticing manner. Her sleek, graceful legs,
which were encased beautifully in dark stockings, were also
accentuated to the greatest extent by a sinful pair of spiked
high-heeled shoes. In just one word, Amy looked incredible.

Of all of the women here on the island, I liked Amy in a
mini-skirt the most. Why? Amy loved wearing them because
she was such a relentless flirt and tease. It also helped
that she had a plump, round ass. Covered by a tight, little
mini-skirt, that sweet ass would jiggle and twitch with each
and every step, as her hips swayed from side-to-side. Add
in a sexy, little strut, and Amy was in her flirting element.

But Amy was rarely one to disappoint with what she chose
to wear above the waist, too. In addition to the sexy white
mini-skirt with the red flower designs, Amy was wearing a
red silk blouse which was also a very tight fit. The shape
of her full, firm breasts were clearly featured and outlined
by the blouse. Each big, luscious globe would invariably
bounce and jiggle beneath the silky, sheer material with
every single move that Amy made.

In short, Amy was a walking _T & A Show_ whose physical
beauty and features were the stuff that legends were made of.
It was a very rare occurrence when Amy failed to leave a long
and lasting impression no matter where she went. Amy could
aptly be described as the embodiment of many-a-man's ultimate
fantasy girl. With the body of a lingerie model and the legs
of a showgirl, Amy stood 5-foot-6 and weighed 130 pounds.
She had a remarkable 36d-25-36 figure and the type of
cover-girl face that any man would love to _unload_ on!

After admiring Amy from afar for perhaps 15 seconds as
she stood at the kitchen counter, waiting for something in
the microwave to finish heating up, I decided to make my
presence known. "Hi Amy," I offered in a cordial voice, a
smile also upon my face. "What are you doing up so early?"
I smiled at her and added, "I hope all is well with you."

Amy turned her head and promptly frowned at me. Her eyes
went narrow for a split-second - in anger? - before she
quickly glanced away from me. Was Amy mad at me? If so...
why? Did Pamela tell her and the others about the voyeur
room? No... Pamela said that she did not. But did Amy hear
Pamela and Kristanna arguing about the voyeur room earlier?
What other possible reason would Amy have to be mad at me?
Nothing else really came to mind.

"Is something wrong?"

Amy slowly turned her head toward me and looked at me
with hurt eyes. Now, there was no doubt that she was upset.
In fact... angry. "Yes Jeremy... something is wrong."

"What?" I asked, stepping further into the kitchen and
eventually closing the distance between us. I said a silent
prayer to the high Heavens that Amy - nor anyone else, for
that matter - did not know about the voyeur room. "What is
wrong, sweetheart? Did someone hurt you?"

"You did."

Uh oh. "How?" I asked, gulping my throat.

Amy swung her arm outward and pined, "You walked out on
my birthday party last night!"

"Your... bir-birthday party? I... I did?" _OH_!

Although I was glad that Amy seemed to know nothing of
the voyeur room or its existence, my eyes narrowed anyway
and I looked at her in concern. Amy was right. I did walk
out on her birthday party last evening. Even worse, I did
not return. In fact - with the wild events of the past 12
hours or so - first Pamela slapping me, then Kristanna and I
pledging our love for one another, and finally the emotional
reconciliation with Pamela - I had all but forgotten that Amy
even had a birthday. For that, I felt downright terrible.

"I am sorry, dear," I offered, placing my hands on her
shoulders and gently grasping them. "I'm not going to lie
to you and come up with a poor excuse. Really, I have no
excuse. I am so very sorry."

"Why didn't you come back to the party after you went
looking for Lindsay?"

I let out a loud sigh and shook my head in response. "I
had a horrible argument with Pamela that left me... feeling
really bad. I thought for awhile that she wanted nothing at
all to do with me anymore. Kristanna showed up a little bit
later and we started talking. I was feeling really bad.
Eventually... Kristanna and I fell asleep."

"What happened between you and Pamela?"

I shook my head once again. "What happened is not all
that important. What is important, though, is that she and
I have patched things up. We are back together." I rubbed
Amy's shoulder and continued, "Still, that is no excuse. It
was despicable of me not return to your birthday party. I
pull no punches or offer any excuses on the subject."

Amy sighed and glanced away from me for a moment. "Oh...
you weren't the only one. As things wound up, Camille was
the only one who stayed for the entire duration of my party.
Lindsay stormed out because all of us were poking too much
fun at her with her comments about canned tuna. She never
came back. You went out searching for her, I guess, but you
never came back either. Pamela got mad at Devon and Krissy
about something, then SHE walked out, too. Never came back.
Krissy then said that she had to go off and find you, Jeremy.
SHE never came back. A few minutes later, Devon told us that
she was gonna search for you and Kristanna. And bingo, you
guessed it... Devon never came back, either. I... I did not
even get to open my presents in front of everyone!"

Apparently, Amy was holding back the tears now. "Trish
did not even bother to show up at all. Said that she was
sick with the flu. If it was her birthday - short of being
in the hospital - I would have been there no matter how sick
I was." Amy covered her eyes and sobbed, "I guess th-that
shows just what everyone here r-really thinks about m-me!
Everyone except Camille walked out on my birthday party!
Or, in Trish's case... did not even bother to sh-show up!"

"Hey..." I countered, now feeling a tremendous amount of
sympathy for Amy, as I brought her into my arms and embraced
her in a friendly manner. At the same time, I was extremely
angry at myself. No matter what happened to me last night,
how could I have forgotten about Amy's birthday party? How
would I feel if the roles were reversed, and everyone had
walked out during my birthday party? Just as bad as Amy...

"I can only speak for Pamela, Kristanna and myself," were
my words. "Again, I offer no excuses. None for any of us.
But last night... it was a very emotional time for all of us.
I thought that Pamela hated me. For awhile, she did hate me.
Kristanna showed up and she was there to comfort me when I
needed her most. I... I was crying last night, Amy. That
is how bad it was for me. Again, I am not offering you an
excuse. I am just saying what happened. Kristanna and I
said things to each other last night that were... they were
several years in the making. Both of us cried, really, and
we wound up falling asleep in each others' arms."

"What about when Lindsay left?" Amy lamented, still very
upset. "Pamela? Devon? Trish did not even show up!"

"I can only imagine that, because Pamela was so horribly
angry at me, she wanted to be left alone last evening," was
my response. "Again, that is not an excuse for her." I
placed my hand on the back of Amy's head and gently mused,
"All I can really do is say that I am sorry. Would there...
is there any possible way that I can make it up to you?"

Her green eyes totally saturated with tears, Amy pulled
her head away from my shoulder and frowned at me. "No..."

"Amy..." I pleaded with her. "You know full well that I
would never do anything to hurt you on purpose. I would
never do anything to hurt ANY of you girls on purpose. I
care about all of you too much. Words will never describe
how horrible I feel inside or how sorry I am that I did not
come back to your party. Please let me make it up to you."

"You should have never left the party in the first place!"
Amy screamed, her voice raising several octaves with every
word. "You should have just let Lindsay go on her merry,
little way, instead of leaving to go and search for her!
YOU were the one who started everyone else leaving!"

"She was angry at the way you and the others were making
fun of her, Amy. The only reason that I went searching for
Lindsay is because, in all honesty, I wanted to settle her
down and have her come BACK to the party. But Pamela found
me and everything went downhill from there. I am very sorry,
but I will do whatever I can to make it up to you."

"Yesterday was my _31st_ birthday," Amy commented, still
visibly upset. "Instead of being HOME in Ohio with all of my
friends and family where I should be, I find myself on an
island thousands and thousands away where everyone - except
Camille - either walked out on my party or simply chose not
to attend it at all!" Amy seemed to become even more
agitated once she sniped at me, "How do you think that makes

"I'm sure that it doesn't make you feel good," I frowned.
"But please... let me do something to make it up to you, Amy.
Anything. I don't want anyone to be mad at me."

Amy thought things over for a moment, only to then pout
at me and shake her head in disapproval. "I am very sorry,
Jeremy, but there is nothing that you can do. There are
some things in this world that, no matter what, you just
cannot be forgiven for. This is one of them."

With those words, Amy turned her back to me and walked
off in an exasperated huff. Stunned, I simply stood there
and watched her until she exited the kitchen. Amy did not
even wait for whatever she had in the microwave to finish.
I could not believe that Amy refused to accept my apology.

Aside from Amy, my first thought was naturally of Pamela
and Kristanna. Since both of the ladies were in the voyeur
room right now, I figured that they had listened in and
eavesdropped on my discussion with Amy. Thus, Pamela had
just been given a first-hand lesson on what a powerful and,
at least for me, addictive tool the voyeur room could be.
I wondered what her thoughts were on the subject.

My only hope with Amy was that much like Pamela, she would
accept my apology and forgive me as time went on. Although I
understood Amy's anger and would most likely feel the same,
exact way if the roles were reversed, I still held out hope
that she would eventually overlook my horrendous mistake. I
could never deal with anyone being mad at me...

<<<- End of Chapter 21 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

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