Pop star to whore in one stop

Pop Star to whore in one stop

We had been driving for maybe five hours, droning south west at what ever the posted limit was, cruising down the freeway through the swamps where I grew up and on past my hometown as I drove Claudia down towards Orlando for her next sell out gig.

Claudia, this seasons teen singing sensation, at least her records were sensational, a tribute to the tech guys and auto tune, Aileen she was christened, I knew that I saw her ID enough times when I took her from gig to hotel and she was so high she was incoherent and her minders were too dumb to help.

Three months I had put up with the bitch, three months of fat pay checks and biting my tongue and just driving that stretch limo she insisted on using because she was scared of flying, three months of humiliation when I should really have punched her out, maybe have busted her jaw, and now it was nearly over, back to University for me next week after the summer break, some break, I was really looking forward to studying again and believe me I am not joking.

The big four lane girder bridge over the west river loomed up and I seriously considered stopping right there on the shoulder and walking home, well not home that was twenty five miles away but maybe to my pal Gerry's place about a mile from the freeway.

At least this time she wasn't arguing with anyone, usually she argued with her father who was also her manager, at least he managed to keep her stoned most of the time while pocketing most of the profits, and when she wasn't arguing with him it was her mother, or maybe father and mother argued with each other but today it was just me and her.

She sprawled across the back seat her long golden hair spread over the seat back, her dark skin glistening where the sun caught that fake tan she sprayed out of a can whenever she could, hell she hadn't had a bath in weeks in case it washed off she was so vain.

Just "Gee what a dump," she said as we passed by, "Plainsville what a shit name," she said disproving the notion I had that she was illiterate.

"It's my home town!" I reminded her.

"Figures," she said, "I guess that's why you never made nothing of your life," she said, "That and being a homo."

"That's right," I agreed.

"Good," she said and she pulled her robe open and slipped her brassiere off and sprayed another layer of fake tan up under her tits, not that she did anything for me, no I'm straight but she couldn't resist flashing her tits at me, or anyone else for that matter.

I checked the mirror, the goon car with her minders was behind as always, droning along, another Chrysler like this one, stretched beyond all reason, with a diesel engine like this one and something like six hundred miles between fuel stops usually Toni and Pete rode with us when her dad wasn't with her but today she kicked them out for some reason, and now it was just her and me.

Hank was driving the other Chrysler, and every now and again he eased up alongside to indicate he needed to stop for a comfort break, I didn't want a row, she hated stopping unless she needed to, and now he was right alongside, and that's when she figured they were perving at her, I mean the glass is tint so you can see out but not in but she went ballistic, right as we arrived at the down town exit ramp.

I just flipped I had enough and I saw the ramp was nearly past and I just swung that steering wheel around and hauled that sucker around to the right like it was a NASCAR racer not a stretch Limo and I kept on hauling past the advisory 35 signs at twice that till the tires howled like she did when she hit the high notes, and the back end tried to come around.

I floored the throttle and it squared up a piece but we arrived at the down town intersection a damned sight too fast to stop and I thank the lord the lights was green.

I don't think Hank could have clocked what happened but there was no way he could follow and there were twenty five miles to go before he could get turned around so it was just me and her and she was sprawled against the left side door as I looked in the mirror..

"I fucking quit!" I told her, "That is my home town OK."

"No need you're fired," she snapped, "What do you mean you quit what's got into you?"

"You," I said, "I can't take no more of your bitching." I said and as soon as I was clear of the Intersection I pulled over to the side of the highway.

"You can't stop here!" she panicked as I pulled over by a whole line of stores that was boarded up ready for re development.

"Fine, I'll drop you at my house," I said, "Save me a twenty mile hike."

She shut up then, I guess she thought she could talk me around and started talking in her cell phone, she got real pissed when it died, ten miles out of town.

"Gator swamps," I said real friendly like as we left the town far behind.

"Look, OK," she said, "You're scaring me."

"You don't say!" I agreed, "Don't worry you can use the phone at my place!"

"Look, you want money is that it?" she asked, "You just kidnapped me right?"

"No!" I protested, "I just quit."

"You'll get twenty years," she said, "In Jail."

"I ain't kidnapped you, you're free to go, just as soon as I get to my house." I said.

"You'll kill me after right?" she said her mind working overtime.

"I'll kill you right now if you don't pipe down," I said and that stupid bitch believed me and she shut right up.

Plainsville where I grew up ain't much of a place, it used to be called Plaguesville as it was where the Confederacy camped down for a while marching north from Florida and got blackwater fever, there wasn't nothing but a railroad yard and a cemetery really till the tourists came and Dad built the biggest wooden shack right against the river, where the current was strong and the Gators couldn't just float stationary.

I drove the three miles down the dirt track to our house and when I got there there weren't no one there, Dan Tucker was a good few years older than I was and he lived a quarter mile further down the track so after I collected my bags from the trunk and set them down in the shack beside the house I went to see if he knew where my folks were.

"Hey Steve!" he greeted me, "What you got here." he says.

"Chrysler stretch, diesel," I says.

"No the girl, this a mobile whore house?" he asks quite seriously.

"No she's Claudia, at least she's a look alike." I said, "You got any beers?"

"Sure, come on in," he says "Bring the lady."

"She ain't no lady," I said as I climbed out the car and turned to her and said, "Bye, you can go now," because I never realised she couldn't drive.

Claudia just shrugged her shoulders and hunkered down in the seat and sulked.

"What gives?" Dan asked.

"I had enough of her bitching," I said, "Where's the beers."

"What you want beer for when we got moonshine?" he asked, with a chuckle as he led me to his porch and fished out a couple of bottles from under the boardwalk around the house.

A half dozen slugs of that velvety nectar cans and things seemed a whole lot clearer.

"She's a whore right?" Dan says.

"Sure, a bitch and a whore." I agreed.

"In the old days they branded whores," he said seriously, "If they got uppity they chained em up as Gator bait and when they weren't bait anyone could screw em."

"Right,," I agreed, “That was then.”.

"See I got the stuff right here some place," he said and he went to get his stuff except he fell right over, potent stuff that moonshine.

Claudia just sat there in the back seat, waiting, I guess she hit the mini bar to drown her sorrows but what did I care.

Silas Grabbinger came by a while later, he stopped by the house, "Nice car," he said, "You been robbing banks Dan?"

"Steve's," he said, "Mobile whore house,"

"Right!" Silas laughed, he must have been the wrong side of eighty now, "May be I'll have a piece of the action!"

Claudia got out the car, "Hey watch out for Gators now," I cautioned and she leapt back in so fast she was nothing but a blur.

The sun was going down behind the trees when I figured it was time to see if my folks was home, except before I set off there was these headlights spearing through the gloom as the light turned from gold to red and three pickups and a Ford Galaxy turned into Dan's drive.

"You got yourself a whore son?" Gerry Hamberg asked as he climbed drunkenly from his Ford.

"Sure have," Dan agreed, "Why?"

"Fuckaroolee time," Gerry said, "Dumbass!"

"Hey," I said.

"What's wrong?" Gerry said, "Ain't she legal?"

"No," I said and I tried to figure out what to say, "She ain't registered."

"Hey Jarvis get down here," Gerry shouted and trooper Dave Davis staggered drunkenly from his truck and came across, "His whore ain't registered," he said.

"No problem, just get her branded and we'll do the paperwork tomorrow," Dave agreed as he broke wind and then threw up into the creek.

"Branded?" I asked as the fog rolled into my brain.

"Sure whore number and blood type," Dan said, "How many whores we got Dave?" Dave threw up some more, but Sam Jarvis piped up.

"None I reckon," he said, "Maybe we should brand her a hundred?" he suggested "Make folk thing we got a few more?"

"Branding, gee that's barbaric," I said.

"Don't do the steers no harm," Dan suggested, "I guess we didn't ought to what with the size of the brands."

"Tattoo," Sam suddenly announced, "Hey Mike, can you tattoo tits?"

"I guess," Mike said as he staggered over, "You want your tits tattooed?"

"No, you fool, " I replied and Gerry chipped in,

"Steve's whore, only we ain't got no branding irons small enough."

I sunk another glass of moonshine, maybe a pint, it was real smoootthhh, nectar.

"Where's the whore?" Mike asked.

"In the car," Dan replied and the guys wandered over to see her, she got out the car smiling, she thought they knew her as a hot shot singer while they just saw a piece of ass.

I heard Claudia shouting, "Manson, what are you doing?" as she stormed over, "Get over here , have you guys been drinking?"

"Choo eee." Dan exclaimed, "She sure has one grade A whore ass."

"What!" Claudia gasped, "Don't you rednecks know who I am?"

"Sure you're Steve's new out of town whore!" Dan replied,

"I'm Claudia!" she said.

"Claudia who?" Dan asked.

"Fucking Claudia Dumbass!" she said and she had just about the exact opposite effect to what she intended, because with all that fake tan in the glow of Dans porch lighting she looked like her skin was jet black.

"Don't reckon I can get all that writ under her tits," Mike said.

"Just do Claudia and the one hundred eh Steve," Dan suggested.

I was wondering why the moon had gone a mean shade of light green around this time you know that's what happens when you drink moonshine like its Bud when you should treat it like Bourbon.

"What the fuck, are you talking about, dumbass?" Claudia asked, "I'm only here 'cause my cell phone won't work."

"I reckon the front porch is just fine," Dan said, "You wanna get started."

"Started?" Claudia said, "On what?"

"Whoring you bitch, that's why you're here ain't it?" Dave asked, "Shit you ain't registered, are you?"

And that's when Sam reached out and tore her $150 top right off of her and and as she screamed he said, "I can't see no brand."

"Under the brassiere cups," Dave suggested grabbed her waist and held her as Sam popped her titties right out of her bra.

She even had fake tan under her tits, and Sam said, "Nope nothing," and she let out such a scream loud and pure, pure opera, the first damned true note I ever heard her sing.

She tried to run, "Hey there's gators out there you stupid bitch," Gerry shouted and he cut her bra strap with his fishing knife as he fetched her back to the porch dragging her cut off Levis and panties off as he dragged her back.

"You want first poke Steve?" Gerry said.

"Later maybe," I said as I stood up and fell down in a single drunken motion.

"Best get her branded," Dave says.

"Yeah, Mike you got your bag?" Gerry asked.

"Sure, Claudia and one hundred," he said.

"No!" Claudia protested, "Oh for fucks sake no!"

"Just do it in pen for now," Dave said, "My Cocks juicing up real bad."

Mike weren't no artist so it was a damned good job he never tattooed her tit in the darkness, but she fidgeted so it took all of us to get her held down while we Mike drew on her with a marker pen.

"How much for anal bitch?" Gerry asked when Mike was done writing.

"Well town ordnance of 1893 says whores can't charge above three dollars out side and ten inside." Sam said.

"What, you moron?" Claudia said, "Where you learn this crap."

"It's never been updated," Sam explained, "Sorry."

"So what does it say abut rape, fifty years?" she snapped.

"Ten dollars for raping a registered whore," Sam says.

"I ain't no registered whore!" she snapped, "Now get serious before I call the cops!"

"At your service ma'am," Dave says, "I guess I get first poke?"

"No!" she said but we was all sort of still hung onto her, so it never mattered much as Dan got the blanket out the dog basket and laid it on the porch so she had somewhere to lay.

I yanked her left leg, I don't know who had her right and then Dave had his pants down and his tool was coming in for a landing in her snatch like the space shuttle Columbia coming back to earth.

He just speared between her pale pink cunt lips, which was just about the only danged give away that she weren't born black, and then his tool sort of jack knifed and jerked out and flopped down by her ass.

"Hot damn," he said and he drew his revolver, "You juice up of I'll blow the hole bigger with my 44," he said.

"Dumbass it’s an old thirty eight," Gerry said but the cold tip of the revolver barrel against her soft body sure made her juice up real quick.

"Don't shoot!" she said, "You guys got condoms?"

"We ain't got diseases," Mike explained as he grabbed a handfull of her snatch meat while Gerry gave her tits and nipples a work out, she gasped and Mike started to worm three fingers deep inside her rapidly moistening snatch.

Mike held up three glistening fingers, “I guess she’s ready,” he laughed "Poke her Dave."

Dave never needed no second bidding and I watched fascinated as his tool disappeared inside of her cunt like a albino rat going to ground.

"Fuck you bitch you just going to lie there?" Dave asked.

"Just get him off me OK?" she said, "You bastard." she insisted and then he started riding her real sweet just like a randy steer.

I watched kind of disinterested as the guys took turns to fuck her, she never seemed too upset about it except when Gerry spun her over and started to fuck at her ass, the guys cheered as he started trying to ram his meat up her anus and they held her down as it took Gerry more than a few pokes before he got his cock deep enough in her to start humping properly.

With her ass busted it was obvious she could suck cock at the same time she had her ass fucked so as word got around and more guys started arriving thats what they had her do.

Phil Mason and his cousin Dan came over, “Hey she looks like that Claudia bitch off of the TV," Dan said as he fucked her mouth.

She weren’t happy but she understood pretty quick that while she could maybe bite some guys cock that guy could maybe rip all her teeth out and fuck her mouth without any teeth in the way.

I guess she liked having teeth, either that or she liked sucking cock, me, I just sipped moonshine till everything seemed real good and all the lights sort of went fuzzy and green.

Just before everything went fuzzy they started to double team her and treble team her she was so popular. There was Eli Rawston fucking her ass, Jed Thorn fucking her cunt and Jerry Lamsden with his cock in her mouth looking real pleased with himself.

I guess I passed out around then, right there on the ground in the gator swamp.

My luck held, least aways no Gator had me for breakfast and when I woke the sun was up, the birds was singing and the band of the Marine Corps was playing and somehow their bass drum had gotten itself inside my head and someone was hitting it and when I looked there she was lying naked on the boardwalk by the porch in a pool of cum.

There was bits of fake tan missing now, she never looked a million dollars anymore, she looked dog rough and used, and she smiled drunkenly at me, "You want to fuck me lover boy?"

"No ma'am," I said, "It's in my contract, don’t fuck with the boss."

"You're fired," she reminded me, "You want to fuck?"

"Sure," I said, "Maybe with someone else, maybe when the hangover's gone."

"You come and fuck me baby and then you can go to the Pen for fifteen years for rape." she said happily.

"OK, your call," I replied, "But I can't get it up, sorry."

"No problem," she replied, "Because you're going to the Pen anyway."

"Sure," I agreed, "I guess you're right, all your friends around here, my word against theirs!"

"Bastard!" she snapped back, realising what I said was just the gods honest truth, "You really are a total bastard."

"That's what I like about you Claudia, you're so sweet, so considerate," I told her, "Say you might even get a lift out of here for Anal or a blow job of you play your cards right."

"You owe me," she snapped, "You had no right to bring me off the highway."

"OK," I agreed, "I'll take you back, soon as I sober up,"

"Oh," she says, "When?"

"When I sober up, when Dad gets back," I promised.

"Can't we go now?" she asked.

"Sure," I said, "Back to my place, I'll borrow Dan's gun in case there's any Gators," I said knowing she would never risk that.

"OK," she said calling my bluff, so I borrowed an old .38 and she found some of her clothes so she wasn’t naked no more and we set off for a short walk to my place. We sort of walked arm in arm 'cause truth to tell neither of us was sober enough to make it there alone and wen we arrived there was no one home.

"Can I borrow your phone?" she asked.

"Sure," I agreed so she dialled 911, and then she put the phone down.

"I want to report a rape," she says, "How the fuck should I know where I am," she added in answer to a question, and "Claudia, Claudia, don't you watch TV she asked and that's when the put the phone down on her, "Shit," she said, "They wouldn't believe me."

"Too bad," I said, "You want to bathe?" I asked.

"Yes," she said, "I guess."

I fired up the boiler and got her some waffles and syrup and coffee while I sobered up and then after maybe a half hour she took a bath.

She looked mighty ridiculous afterwards, the fake tan was going all streaky like it did wen she started sweating, leaving some places tanned and not others, "Shit!" she protested loudly so I headed for the bathroom to see what riled her, "Shit will you just look at that!"

She just stood there stark naked with a patch of white skin around her pubes and all these blotches where the tan was gone, and there written under her tits was ‘cladier horeioo.’

"Gee!" I looked at her, I guessed she hadn’t noticed it, but her nose was all pink, and her cheeks and her ass was too and she looked all vulnerable and I was getting horny.

"I thought I didn't do nothing for you," she said as she spotted my hard on, "What do you say then Samson," she said getting my name wrong, "You want to fuck now?"

"I want to get that crap off you," I said, "When we finished fucking."

"Sure," she said, "You spunk in me you go to jail!"

"You have such a wonderful way with words," I assured her as I took her in my arms, "You fucked every one of my friends, why you're just a whore," I assured her, "Guess I'll use a rubber."

I never got the chance, a Big Ford truck rumbled to a halt and a couple of rednecks piled out, “Hey you got that whore in there?" a big guy asked.

“No just my girl," I replied

“Tell her we’ll pay fifty dollars," he said.

“Each," the other guy added.

Im looked at her, “Sure," I said , “Come on up, she got ten minutes."

She glowered at me "You sure are one sick bastard," she said, “I won’t do it!”

“You act like someone who has a choice,” I said, “You want to be supper for a hungry Gator or do you want a nice warm cock or two up inside you?”

“No!” she said, “You can’t!”

"I guess I can," I said, "I guess you better use my bed,” I said and I handed her a pack of Walmart Condoms from my drawer.

“Hell Walt said she was beautiful,” The Redneck said as he came in.

“So what, she fucks, that’s a hundred greenbacks gentlemen,” I advised.

They paid me, she looked on, and then she just laid back and let them do what ever the hell they wanted to.

“You be sure to come again,” she shouted after them as they went away.

“I guess that turned you on?” Claudia asked when they drove off.

"No," I lied bcause watching her fuck had already made me cum in my pants.

“Liar I saw you cum in your pants," she said, “You roll your eyes."

“Ok maybe," I admitted and I dropped my pants and shorts and wiped my tool.

"It's time," she said.

"What?" I asked stupidly.

"Time to fuck," she said, "You know you want to," she said and knelt down in front of me and she grabbed my tool and pulled me to her and began to suck.

She was good, real good.

“See,” she said, “It ain’t my voice which gets me on TV or my looks, I fuck every damn producer and exec I can,” she admitted, “I can’t sing I’m not beautiful but I fuck real nice.”

“Right,” I agreed.

“So I’m a whore.” she admitted between sucks.

“Right,” I agreed.

“So what does that make you?” she asked, and she stopped sucking and looked me in the eye.

“Pretty bad,” I said, “But you treat me like shit!”

“One day you’ll be some big shot exec taking advantage of someone like me,” she said.

“I guess I never thought.” I said.

“So fuck me big boy, take your chances with me.” she suggested.

Truth to tell I never needed no second bidding so I just laid her down and she guided my tool as I shoved it inside her, and it slipped in real easy ‘cause she was all wet and slippery. I guess that warm slippery wetness was because she wanted me.

I felt real good suddenly, she was warm and compliant and she wrapped her legs around me as she milked that cum right out of my tool. Hell she was good, her cunt muscle control was first class, you know thousand dollar a throw high class whore good, and when I cummed I thought I died and went straight to heaven.

To be continued?


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