Tom Avery rediscovers life after the loss of his wife.
About 6 months after the death of my wife, I decided it would be good therapy to clean out my garage. Amazing the amount of crap two people can accumulate over just a few decades. I was arranging it for a yard sale I'd decided to do today. I was well-off because of the insurance settlement, but somebody else might as well get the benefit of this stuff instead of it just rotting away in my garage.

Having gotten it all out and onto the driveway, I got a couple folding chairs and my coffee. I had all my signs out directing all comers to my house, my chair and a thermos and my coffee. It was a beautiful morning, along about 8AM. I kept a look-out up and down the street for anyone walking up or just driving by.

I planned on running my yard sale until 2 that afternoon. About noon I had just decided to go in and make myself a sandwich when a nice-looking young woman walked up.

“Hi! I'm Miranda. I'm going to college and just rented an apartment. I need everything!”

“Well, I've got it. Please look around and get what you need.”

She looked around for about 10 minutes, then came over and sat in the other lawn chair.

“I found a lot of things I really could use, but I don't have enough money to take them all. Can you wait till Monday? I might have more money then.”

“Might have? I don't know. I was hoping to get rid of all this stuff today to make a little room in my garage, and it's always first person with the money takes it.”

“Well,” she said with a small smile, “Is there anything I can do that would lower the price enough to where I could take it all today?”

She looked at me through lowered eyes and waited. I got the hint.

“If you could take it all,” I said, looking her directly in the eyes, “I think we could work something out. Would you like something to eat while we work out the details?”

“I am a little hungry. Maybe something hot?”

“I'm sure you can find something if you look hard enough,” I said. “Let's go inside and you can get started.”

We both stood up and I walked her into the garage. She was a cute young thing, maybe a little over 5 feet tall with curly black hair and blue eyes. Very shapely figure in a white blouse and a tight-fitting pair of capri pants and black flats to compliment her feet.

The garage was set at a slight angle to the street, making it impossible to see into the back of unless you were right at the door. I had the main door shut so there was just the man-door set next to it to enter. If that door was shut, I could see out but no one could see in.

She went in first and I followed, shutting the door behind me.

“So, what would you like to do to get the price down?” I said, emphasizing the word “down.” I wanted her on her knees in front of me with her mouth wide open.

“I can do a lot of things. I could give your lips and tongue a little exercise to start with, warm them up for the … negotiations.”

With that, she walked toward me, unbuttoning her blouse as she approached. She then undid her front-clasping bra and tucked it back, letting a pair of magnificent 34C breasts see the light of day. Absolutely stunning. They were round and full, and not a hint of sag. Aureole about the size of a 50 cent piece topped them, with a pencil-size nipple adorning each one.

“Oh, yes. I have been wanting to get a little exercise in lately. Allow me.”

With that, I held her by the waist and lifted her up to sit on the work counter. She kept her arms around me while I caressed her tits. I went for the right breast with my mouth, kissing my way around the entire globe and lingering in the valley between them. Moving up to the top, I flicked her nipple with my tongue and then bit it gently. I meanwhile squeezed and fondled the other one, pinching and twisting the nipple in my fingers.

“Ssssss,” she hissed, “That's a nice opening. Can you do a little better for me?”

“I can do a lot better,” I said, slipping my fingers into the elastic waist of her pants. “Lift up a little and I'll bring you a better feeling about the terms I have to offer.”

She lifted her ass off the counter and I pulled her pants off her. Her pussy was trimmed to just a thin line of hair rising above her clit. To me, it looked like a pointer leading directly to her pleasure center.

I pushed her back and spread her legs, lifting them to rest over my shoulders. I moved my head in to her pussy, keeping her eyes locked into mine.

“I'm just getting the deal <lick> warmed up <nibble>. I hope <lick> you know <suck> the deal <flick suck> I really <thrust> want to <thrust> give you <suck> now <nibble>.

With the last word, I thrust a finger into her now soaking wet pussy, curling it up to massage her g-spot. She jumped and gasped sharply, tangling her fingers in my hair to pull my head into her. I sucked and flicked and nipped at her clit while fucking her with my finger. I pressed my mouth harder on her clit while I gathered her juice on a finger of my other hand.

Slipping a second finger into her pussy, I pushed the other finger into her butt, just up to the first knuckle. She cried out, now rocking her pussy into my mouth. I started moving my finger in and out of her ass, going deeper every time until I had it seated firmly up her butt and began chewing on her clit like it was lunch.

She held my head to her now scorching hot pussy with one arm and leaned back on the other elbow, throwing her head back and moaning loudly.

“Uuuuuhhhhhhnnnn. Oh, eat me! Like that! More! More! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH !!!”

Her juice was running down my hand as she came onto it. Her butt and pussy clenched on my fingers and she drove her clit into my mouth again and again. I brought her down slowly, continuing to finger fuck her pussy and butt with slower strokes in and out. I licked her clit, getting her cleaned up.

“Ooohhhhhh,” she moaned. She looked at me with half-closed eyes. “You drive a hard bargain.”

“I have a lot of experience to bring to any business deal. I give what I can to keep the other party well satisfied.”

“I'll have to really put out to make a good counter offer,” she purred.

“Honey, I think I've just had everything there is on the counter. Why don't you look in here? This is where you can start showing me your best offer.”

I backed up just a little to let her get at my shorts, which she quickly opened. They dropped to my ankles, leaving my hard 7” cock pointing up at her.

“Ooooo,” she coo'd as she took it in both hands, “You do bring a nice negotiating tool to the table. You might soon have me on my knees.”

“I like to start a negotiation quickly, and with little talking. How about you start with your best effort and we'll see how far we can get.”

She slid off the counter and kept going down until she was on her knees in front of me. She jacked my cock with one hand while working my knob with the other, staring at them like a bird stares at a snake. She brought her hand down and gently worked my balls.

“Time for lunch, baby.”

I grabbed both of her wrists and put her arms behind her back. I took a mass of thick hair on the back of her head with one hand and the base of my dick in the other, pointing it at her mouth. As I pulled her in, her mouth opened and I just touched her lips with the tip of my dick. Around her lips I went, then I slapped her face with it; one cheek and then the other.

Her eyes closed after the first slap and she moaned softly. The second slap to the other cheek brought a louder moan ending a soft whimper. I ran the length of my cock along the tip of her nose until my balls were in front of her lips.

“Kiss,” I instructed her, and her lips puckered out until they touched my balls. Her tongue came out to lick but I stopped her.

“Uh uh. Just kiss, and keep those hands behind your back or I'll have to tie you up.”

She whimpered again and whispered, “Please. Let me suck your balls.”

“In a minute. You have some other points to address in this deal. Open wide.”

Her mouth opened and I rimmed her lips again with the tip of my cock. Her tongue touched it and I immediately pulled my dick away and slapped her lips with it.

“Don't use that tongue again unless I tell you you can.”

“Yes, sir. I won't.”

Her eyes were still closed as I rubbed the tip of my dick all over her face. Along her cheeks, up around and across her eyes, her nose and her forehead.

When I laid the shaft along her nose and up her forehead, I told her, “Tongue.”

It snaked out of her mouth and licked my balls. She began licking as much as she could, and even tried to pull them into her mouth.

“You want to suck on my balls, baby?”

“Yes. Please. Please let me suck your balls.”

“All right, but just one at a time, hear me?”

“Yes. Yes, Master. One.”

<“Master?” > I thought to myself. <”Where did that come from?> She'd said it without any prompting from me at all. This could be very interesting. I'd never had a slave or even a sex-toy. This could be very interesting indeed.

She tilted her head back and leaned forward to take one of my balls into her mouth as if she was starving. She tongued it and sucked on it, short moans again and again, then let it out. She licked it a few more times and then gave the other one the same treatment, licking and sucking, and even very lightly scraping her teeth across it. My dick was an iron bar. But how very interesting.

One of her arms came out from behind her and wrapped around my leg.

“I told you to keep your hands behind you, didn't I?”

“Yes, Master, you did. I'm sorry.”

The errant arm flew back behind her and she gripped it with her other hand as if it had a mind of its own and might stray again. She had stopped sucking my balls and now had her face nearly on the ground.

“That was bad. What should I do with a bad girl?”

“Please Master, I'm sorry, please don't spank me.” Impressive. She's telling me what she wants even while she begs me not to do it.

“Oh, but weren't you bad? Should I just let you be bad?”

“No Master. I was bad. This slut deserves whatever you decide.”

<”This slut?”>

I reached forward and with the flat of my hand landed a sharp spank to her lovely bottom. She squeeked. I went and sat in my garage chair.

“Get up. Come over here and lay across my knees.”

“Oh, Master, please. I'll do better, please!”

“Do I have to repeat myself?” , I said gently. I couldn't quite bring myself to calling her “slave” or “slut” yet, even though she had addressed herself in that way.

“No, Master! No, no! I will !”

She scrambled up from her face-down kneeling position and, with her head down, laid herself across my knees with her arms hanging down. My hard dick was pressed between her side and my stomach. It was okay for now.

<WHACK!!> That even stung my hand. She cried out with the pain.


“OWWW!!! Please, Master, I'll be good !!”

“You'll be good? Even now you disobey me.” <WHACK!!>

“AHHHHhhahah” she wailed. I waited a moment. One hand went behind her back and she rolled a little to get the other one up and behind her.



Different this time.



She rolled her butt as I rubbed it gently.

“Oh, Master,” she whispered, “Love my butt. It's so sore. Please love my butt.”

I rubbed the places I'd spanked her, noticing for the first time how lovely her little college age butt was. Perfect pear shape and a nice g-strap tan line too.

“Ahh, mmmm. Thank you, Master. That feels very good. My butt is so sore from the spankings I deserved. I will try to be a good slut from now on.”

I leaned down and kissed one red cheek, pushing my finger into the junction of her legs. She squirmed a little to open her legs and allow me access. I rubbed my finger across her anus, then continued on down, finding her pussy soaking wet.

“Mmmm,” I whispered into the hair on the back of her head. “My little slut is ready for some cock?”

“Ahhhhh,” she groaned, “Yes, Master, please give your slut your cock. I need it so bad.”

“What do you want me to do, slut?”

“Fuck me, Master. Fuck me with your big cock.”

“Where, slut? Say it.”

“My pussy, Master. Fuck my pussy with your big cock, please, Master.”

“All right, slut. First, though, get on your knees facing me."

She scrambled up from my lap and went to her knees. I almost couldn't see her face because of her hair. She kneeled with her head down and her hands behind her. I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head up to look at me.

“You're being a very good little slut. Are you enjoying our business talk?”

“Yes, Master. If you are pleased then your slut is pleased.”

“Good. Open your mouth.”

She did and I rimmed her lips with my cock again, but this time brought my face down to hers and kissed her hard.

“What do you want to do with my cock just now, slut?”

“I want to suck it, Master. Give me your cock, Master, please.”

“Good. That's a good little slut. Here you are. You treat it good now.”

“Yes, Master. I will, Master.”

With that, I slid my dick in her warm mouth, feeling her lips close around it and her tongue sliding side to side. She caressed it, then began bobbing her head back and forth. I picked up her rhythm and began helping her suck me. She pulled her head away.

“Please, Master. Fuck my face. Fuck your dick in my mouth. Let your slut feel your cock sliding down her throat.”

I took a handful of hair in one hand and put my other hand behind her head to hold the base of her skull.

“Here you go, slut. Enjoy it.”

I slid my cock about halfway into her mouth and let her play with it for a moment. I drew it back and pushed in again, this time going in another inch or more. I held her head steady with her hair and my hand.

“All right, slut. Swallow my cock.”

I pushed my dick into her mouth and felt the back of her mouth. Pulled out, then right back in just a little further.

“Breath through your nose, little one. I'm going to fuck your throat.”

I didn't let her respond, but instead pushed my cock all the way into her mouth. I could feel it press into her throat. I immediately withdrew to let her get used to it. She took a giant gasp of air, then my dick was on its way down her throat again. I pushed in and held it in her for about 2 seconds, then pulled it back out to let her breathe again.

Back in, and this time I shoved it into her throat and held her head to my groin. She started to struggle, pushing against my legs but I held her skull to me.

“Mmmfff”, she groaned, trying to get my dick out of her throat.

I gave her one more thrust with my hips, then pulled back.

She was gasping for air, choking and gagging, and tears were running down her cheeks. I held her by her hair, reached down and slapped one of her tits, hard. She screamed.

“AAAAaaah! Master, please!” I slapped the other one even harder. Her shoulders twisted as she fought to keep her arms behind her. I squeezed one breast roughly, then the other, pinching and twisting her nipples hard. Her body suddenly stiffened and her eyes closed. I think the little lady just came from my slapping her tits!

“Had enough, little one? Do you want to stop?”

“No, Master.” She gagged again. “Please fuck my throat again. I'm sorry I tried to push you away.“

“Well, we can try that again later. For now, stand up and bend over the chair with your hands on the arms. I want to see your pretty ass.”

“Yes, Master.”

She pushed herself up and leaned on the chair, still gasping for air.

“Good girl. This is for you, little one.”

I lined my dick up with her pussy, rubbing it up and down and making sure to cross her clit. She moaned a little and I could feel her soaking wet pussy lubricating my cock. I pushed just the tip in and moved it some more. She responded by rolling her hips around, trying to get it in her.

“Oh, yes, Master. Fuck my pussy with your big cock,” she whispered.

I pushed so that the head popped into her and I rode her a little, then pushed in another couple of inches.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned, “You are so tight, little one. I love your pussy.”

“Thank you, Master.”

I could see her smiling, so I was reassured I hadn't pushed her too far.

I backed out so that just the head of my cock was in her. I held her hips with both hands and rammed it fully into her, grinding my groin against her.

“Unnnhhhh! Thank you, Master. Your cock feels so good. Fuck me harder, Master.”

As I continued ramming my cock into her, I reached forward and took a handful of her black hair and pulled her head back. I rode her like a mare, ramming into her so hard her butt cheeks rippled and her face went into the back of the chair. The chair even started sliding backwards across the garage floor a few inches with a loud scraping sound. Her grunts and moans as I pounded her were becoming loud as well. This was a totally new experience for me. I had never so completely abandoned myself into banging a woman as hard as I could. The only thing left was to take her other hole as well.

I stuck my finger in my mouth to wet it thoroughly, then rubbed it on her tiny brown pucker. She knew immediately what I was up to and she turned her head to speak.

“Master! Master, please! I've never had a cock in my ass, Master!

I continued pounding her tight pussy, holding her with one arm under her hips. I kept the pressure up, pushing my finger into her ass. As soon as I had it to the second knuckle, I started fucking her with it. I realized I'd gotten my second wind with this girl's pussy and really went to town.

I fucked her harder than I'd ever even thought about. Her feet were losing their grip on the floor and her head was being continually mashed into the back of the chair. I pushed a second finger up her ass.

“AAAAaaaahh, Master, please!!”

I was too far gone to even care what she thought. All I wanted was my dick in her ass. I had a mental picture of pushing into her, and the next thing I knew, I was pushing my dick slowly into her ass. It popped past her sphincter muscle as I worked her hips with my hands to help it. She was making this high-pitched keening noise and breathing in fast huffs. I waited to let her get used to it, then pushed again and got another inch into her. Her ass stretched and, as I pulled back, I watched it roll outwards with my cock. Pushing in, it rolled inwards and I glided smoothly into her butt, seating my balls against her pussy. I again waited a moment, then began with slow movements that gradually increased in length and force.

This felt wonderful. I had ass-fucked a few women in my time, but I'd never corked one like this. I pulled almost all the way out and drove myself into her, slapping my balls on her pussy. Miranda was pushing back against me when I pushed in, driving my cock into herself even harder.

“Nnnnnnn! Oh, Master! Fuck me, Master! Fuck my ass!”

Her head fell down between her arms as I pumped my dick in her ass. I reached under her and grabbed her pussy, squeezing and pushing first one finger and then two into her hot hole. I finger-fucked her pussy and mashed her clit with my thumb as I drove my cock in her ass. She arched her back and I felt the wetness of her pussy juice as she came with an almost choking gasp. Her head came up and I could see her hands gripping the arms of the chair. I pumped her hard a few more strokes and I felt my balls tighten up, getting ready to spew my come into her ass. Holding her hips, I pounded into her once, twice, then three times and my load started pumping into her. I braced myself against her, pushing her head into the chair and drove my cock up her ass as far as I could make it go. I felt that cum all the way from my balls to the head of my cock, almost electric in its intensity.

Once I was done, I pulled slowly out of her ass.

“Uuhhhnnn. Master. You fucked your slut so good, Master.”

She slowly stood up and turned, wrapped her arms around me and then slid to her knees. I hadn't realized I'd stripped her completely naked. Damn! She was one good looking nerd once she was out of those college clothes! I put my finger under her chin to raise her face to me.

“I think you've taken everything out of me. Whatever you want is yours. That was a very good fuck, little one. If you ever feel you need another, you call me, okay?”

“I will, Master. May it be soon? You can use my body whenever you want and this slut loves her Master's dick.”

“As you wish. Just don't let it interfere with your classes, okay?”

“No, Master. I will study hard.”

I laughed. “Little one, if you need something hard to study, I have it for you. Okay?”

She lowered her head, smiling. “Yes, Master. May your slut get dressed now? I have to get to a class.”

“Yes, get dressed and go.” I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote my phone number on it. “Here, you call whenever you need to.” She put it in her purse.

While she was dressing, I went to the sink. Turning the water on, I got a clean terrycloth rag from the cupboard and started washing my groin. With near panic in her eyes, Miranda rushed over and took the rag from my hand.

“Oh, no, Master! It is your little one's task to clean you after you've used her. Please, Master, let me clean your cock and your balls."

"All right, little one. Do a good job.” I inwardly smiled at her use of the name for her I had been using.

And a good job she did. She cleaned my entire groin, not missing any part of me. Once my dick was clean, she rinsed the rag again and carefully cleaned my balls, using her mouth to hold my cock up and playing with it with her tongue, jacking it with her free hand. I started getting hard again.

“Little slut, don't you have a class to get to?” My dick came out of her mouth, although she didn't stop jacking it.

“Yes, Master, I do. I just couldn't resist your cock. I love your cock, Master.”

“Well, you can have it again later. Don't miss your class.”

She kissed my cock, then let go and stood up to look me in the eye. After a moment, she closed her eyes and her whole body shook. Her eyes opened again.

“I haven't submitted to anyone for a long time. I'd forgotten how much I like to be used by a man. Did I please you?”

Wow. That personality change was like turning a page in a book. One moment she was a college student looking for furniture to stuff an apartment, then she was a total submissive, and the next she was a completely self-possessed and confident woman.

“You did. I haven't been pleased like that in a very, very long time.” I caressed her cheek with the palm of my hand. “I hope this isn't the only time and that you aren't going to become just a very pleasant memory.”

“Oh, no,” she said, and then paused a moment. With a little smile, she lowered her head. “Master.”

She raised her head and the hot, smoky look in her eyes gave me a moment of worry that everything flammable in the room was about to burst into flame. I moved my hand from her cheek to her neck, wrapping her throat just tightly enough to hold her but still let her breathe. I caressed her neck, squeezing gently. Her nostrils flared and she looked at me with half-lidded eyes.

“Master," she whispered. "Your little one will stay if you wish, but I must go if I am to get to class on time.”

I looked in her eyes a moment longer, then leaned forward to kiss her deeply. I let her go and she picked up her purse.

“My things from the yard sale? I can take the small things, but I don't have a way to take the larger items.”

“Call me later. I'll load them in my truck and bring them to you.”

“Master honors his slut.” She bowed her head slightly, lowering her eyes.

“The slut pleases her Master,” I responded.

She gave me a quick kiss and a smile as she left and I finished getting dressed. I dropped into the armchair with a cold beer.

“Holy crap. That little workout almost killed me.”

I sucked down the beer, got up and made for the door. I wondered just how long we were at that and if I had any of my yard sale stuff still there.

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