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A teen's cousin and her best friend come into town
Doesn't Really Count, Does It?
Part 1:

Jon was ecstatic about his cousin finally arriving. It was spring break of his senior year in high school and he had finally convinced his cousin Megan to come out for an entire week. Now Jon and Megan had an odd relationship; although they lived across the country from one another, he was still closer to her than most of his proximal friends. He had lived in Florida his entire life, whereas Megan and the rest of her family hailed from Northern Cali.

They were not close relatives, as it was a distant aunt's sister's cousin's daughter or something to that effect.

Only seeing each other once a decade when you're only 18 made for sparse contact, but with Facebook and texting, they had reconnected, and their relationship was stronger than ever. Many a night, the pair had stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, just chatting away about what was pertinent in their lives at the time. They helped each other with relationships, schoolwork, parental issues, anything really.

It got to the point where they knew practically everything about each other. What each others dreams in life were, who the latest crush was, how many people each had slept with; there was nothing the duo seemed to keep secret as, ironically, the distance proved their greatest trust builder. Megan also proved quite the long-distance wingman, as whenever she went to parties, she never failed to put in a great word for her cross-country-cousin. More than once had Jon woken up to find a new hottie had added him on facebook, flirting about how great of a guy he seemed. This more often than not, led to the receiving of dirty pictures of the sexy girls.

But finally, after months of hounding, Jon had convinced Megan and her best friend Jessica to come to South Beach for a week.

Megan was a cute hipster girl with shoulder length red hair and pale white skin. Standing at 5'7, she had smaller boobs, only Bs, but they fit her body type well, and her ass was something to die for. She had just broken up with her boyfriend of a year and a half, whom she lost her virginity to, but had yet to find another guy she was even the least bit interested in, hoping Miami would bring some great opportunities for mingling.

Jessica was the exact opposite body wise. A short girl, standing only 5'2, she always boasted a pristine tan. She had long dark brown hair that traveled half way to her waist when it was straightened. She too was quite slender but she had much larger boobs, 36Ds, making Megan extremely jealous, which she was not shy to verbally point out either. Jessica was very athletic, playing 3 sports in high school, and it showed in her body tone. She was a virgin, only having her first kiss weeks before, however one wouldn't have guessed by her attitude. She was always known for her smart mouth and was not afraid to talk dirty if it meant getting the edge in a conversation.

The girls flew into town late in the evening, extremely tired from lugging around three suit cases each. Jon greeted them with smiles, hugging Megan as a dear friend, then stepped back to take in the sight of her travelling companion. Having only seen pictures of Jessica on Facebook when her and Megan were together, he was shocked at just how gorgeous she was. Nevertheless, he made sure not to show his arising interest as he leaned in and hugged her in similar fashion.

The posse darted out of the airport, taking Jon's car to a charming little flat Jon's parents owned. His parents were out of town, encouraged that nothing too wild would occur this spring break by the fact that Jon would have "family" over. They had headed north into Boston to celebrate an anniversary away from life's drama.

Jon gave the girls a quick tour around the rather large house which lay only a quarter mile hike from the beach. Jon assured them that the section beach was actually owned by a strict older couple, who preferred peace and quiet and made the beaches off limits to the public. However the elders had an appreciation for Jon and his family, granting them full access to an almost-completely private beach where they could frolic without being trampled by the thousands of rebellious adolescents who no doubt were also on spring break this time of year.

After a quick meal of Mac and Cheese, as Jon prided himself in his "cooking abilities", the girls elected to try out the beach right away. Both girls retreated into the bathroom to decide which of the half a dozen bikinis they brought would be chosen for the event, Jon heading to the back porch to wait. A few minutes later, they appeared, showing off their choices, as if asking Jon for approval.

And if any was needed, he would have gladly given it! Megan had on a spandex material suit, the top resembling the shape of a sports bra, only cropped to be smaller like a bathing suit would be. The bottoms were a dark blue extremely tight pair of spandex shorts that complimented the top (and her ass) perfectly.

Jessica had on a striped black and white string bikini which was designed to be quite modest, but given that her enormous breasts stuck out so much, it really didn't leave much to the imagination.

Jon stood there for probably a little too long as he took in the sight of the two gorgeous girls, when suddenly, both girls took off toward the beach. Although they both admittedly enjoyed the attention, having the sand and waves in sight was too exciting to wait any longer. The girls were more than ready for their first Atlantic-Oceanic dip.

Jon quickly recovered from his broken trance and chased after the girls, purposefully staying a few steps behind, enjoying the view as the trio jogged down the sandy path.

It was around 8:30 at night when the kids set foot on the beach. Jon came to a halt, catching his breath as he smiled at the girls' child-like attitude toward the beach. The girls paid no mind, not even slowing down until they hit the cool, refreshing water. Jon soon joined them, and the three were soon splashing, running back and forth, and swimming around like children.

After a long while in the water, Jessica was busy running around in the sand, looking for something or another as Jon and Megan found themselves reclined against a log, enjoying the warm sand underneath their bodies.

"So how was your first half-day in South Beach?" Jon began with the small talk.

"Oh, it was amazing! I'm so glad you talked me into this!" Megan exclaimed, thoroughly happy with how the night had went. "And how do you like Jessica? Does she get the 'Jon Stamp of Approval'?"

Jon laughed "Of course! She seems great! I'm hoping to "stamp" her good real soon," he jested.

"Well you better hurry, with all the attention she is going to get in that bikini," Megan replied in all seriousness.

Jon was partially taken aback. "Wait, you mean you don't mind if I get with her this week? That wouldn't weird you out or anything?"

"Of course not! I was hoping she would come with me just for that reason, numbnuts! I've been talking you up for months with her! But don't think she will make it easy for you... She is locked up tighter than a chastity belt."

That brought a grin to Jon's face as he realized just how amazing his cousin was. Hooking him up with one of the sexiest girls he'd ever seen, he wondered how it could get better.

But of course, it would.

The sun was just starting to set and Jessica rejoined the group, almost as if she knew they were done talking about her. She snuggled up against Megan, while Jon had his arm around both of them, the group just admiring the view for a while.

Finally the sky darkened, the coolness of dusk setting in, and the three hiked back up to the house. Jon was already making plans for how he would entice the gorgeous girl who was bouncing in front of him, figuring with Megan's help nudging it along, anything was possible.

Showing his true gentleman side, he opened the sliding back-door and slightly bowed, allowing Megan to enter the house with a prompt "Aaaaafter you". He continued his bow while Jessica walked past, but as she reached the doorframe, he grabbed her wrist, gently slowing her down. As Jessica turned back around in reflex, she was met by his lips pressing against hers.

Taken aback, Jessica took several moments to process what was happening. Still inexperienced, she merely opened her lips, letting him take over, her mind reeling with emotions. Jon, now encouraged, placed his hands on her butt, which suddenly snapped her out of her trance. She quickly ended the kiss, stepping away from her assailant. Her face was grinning from ear to ear, however, and Jon took that as a sign to certainly try again later.

Megan just stood there, clapping now to make her presence known. "Wow Jessica, you slut, you don't let him waste any time, do you?" she said jokingly.

"Fuck off Megs," Jessica countered. "If it wasn't for you being there, he'd have had me on my back already!"

Jon was, again, taken aback by this, and extremely excited, until Megan saw his face and crushed him with a quick "She's just joking hun... We play around like that."

This brought laughter to Jessica again, as she added, "Sorry sweety, maybe next time."

"She's still joking..." Megan piped up again as she laughed Jon's hopes away.

They all retreated to the back of the house, Jon to his room, and the girls into the spare bedroom where Jon's older brother used to live. Jon's parents were very adamant that the master bedroom was off limits to anyone, including their son.

Laying in his own bed, Jon's mind was reeling about one thing, and one thing only. He grabbed a box of tissues as he quietly played out in his mind what would, hopefully, happen in the days to come.

The girls, sleeping together in one large queen bed, whispered back and forth to each other about their own plans. The pair grinned as they spoke in hushed tones.

One thing was for certain. All three of them could not WAIT for sunrise.


Part 2:

Megan awoke groggily, stretching across the bed, only to find herself alone. Her mind slow to wake up, she could smell a distinct mixture of bacon and maple syrup. Living on pop tarts and top ramen back in California, she was quickly told by her impatient stomach to hurry to the dinning area. Glancing at the clock on the way out of the spare room, she saw it was already 11 o' clock.

Jon dumped another hot skillet of french toast onto the serving plate on the table as he was again praised and thanked by his visitor Jessica. She had woken up fairly early that morning and came out to find Jon just coming back from his morning jog. Jon couldn't help but love her "pajamas", which only consisted of a cute lacy tank top that her huge tits barely fit into, and a pair of short boy shorts that were equally stimulating.

Having nothing more to do that morning, he elected to make the two visiting girls a nice breakfast for their second day in Florida. He playfully grabbed at Jessica's ass every time he walked by her, at which she playfully brushed his hand away and scolded him, all the while a smile on her face.

The pair saw Megan enter from the hallway, Jon shocked to find her attire just as breathtaking. What he wouldn't have done to be in the middle of those two girls last night... His brain battled with itself over that idea. Sure, Megan was his cousin, but as long as he didn't act on it, he could admire her body all he wanted, right?

Megan gave a bubbly good morning, followed by an added "Smells amazing!"Jon gave the order, and all three pulled up a seat and dug into the food.

Following breakfast, Megan excused herself to go shower as the other two had already done so earlier that morning. As soon as he heard the door shut, Jon decided it was time to apply more pressure on Jessica. Joining her on the couch, he quickly changed back and forth from small talk to complimenting her appearance. Each attempt at a compliment was met only by blushes and giggles, which Jon took as successful flirting.

It wasn't long before Jon was right up next to his date, holding her romantically. Jessica, no longer taking her eyes off his, was lost in his welcomed seduction. He gently kissed her, which Jessica found sweet and comforting. Relaxing and putting all of her objections aside, she kissed back, the two of them growing more and more passionate. Jon started to kiss her harder, sending her mind ablaze as the young girl lost herself in the romance of the moment. She soon realized he was slowly laying her on her back, but she allowed it as he crawled on top of her for better access.


Standing alone in the shower, Megan knew full well what was probably transpiring in the living room. She smiled to herself as she exaggerated the scene in her mind for her own benefit, all the while slowly rubbing her nipples under the hot water. She proceeded downward with her hands until they reached her shaven mound. Closing her eyes, she imagined her best friend on all fours being pounded from behind by her cousin's cock.

She had never seen it herself, but they had discussed it through text that he had a rather impressive nine inch tool. She couldn't even imagine such a thing, as the only boy she had ever been with was (at best) maybe six.

Her hands worked furiously at her pussy lips as she imagined the sight, wishing in part that it was her being stretched to her limits. Of course she would never fuck her cousin. That was disgusting, no matter how distant of a relative he was. That being said, she couldn't help but enjoy the forbiddenness of her fantasies. But in reality, she was forced to settle for her fingers, now forcefully ramming two digits as far as she could reach into her snatch.


Meanwhile on the couch, the real-life scenario was in full swing. Jon had one knee on each side of Jessica's waist as he lay on top of her, making out for quite some time it seemed. Jessica noticed that their hips were moving in sync with each other, grinding his hard, massive dick against her ever-dampening pussy through his jeans. She wondered to herself how long that had been going on.

Jon's hands reached around her back and found her delectable ass, giving it firm squeezes as he used it as momentum to grind into her harder. This was more than Jessica had ever done in her life, but she craved more as she passed milestone after milestone. Jon removed his lips from hers, leaving her wanting more of him, but was satisfyingly surprised to find he replaced it with a kiss on her neck, making her eyes close in amazement. Jon gently bit down on her flesh, causing her to fidget with her legs as she was even more aroused than before.

He raised himself up from her slightly, only to cup her boobs with his hands as he slowly lowered her shirt to expose more of the massive orbs. She hesitated at first, but Jon quickly planted another gentleman-like butterfly kiss on her lips to silence any possible objections. Again, Jessica was lost in the lust and romance, reluctantly letting go of her inhibitions, allowing her tank top to be pulled down well below the base of her tits. Her nipples now exposed, Jon gently caressed her as he bent forward, placing his lips against her sensitive buttons. Kissing them gently, he allowed his tongue to dance circles around the ever growing nipples as she squirmed in pleasure underneath him. Jon gently bit down on her now fully-erect right nipple, causing her to shriek as electrical impulses of pain and pleasure now flooded her entire head.

Enjoying his victim's ever diminishing lack of restraint, Jon glided his hand down under the waistband of her shorts, pleasantly surprised that she was completely shaven. Jessica was now utterly lost in her passion when suddenly she heard the water shut off in the bathroom. Expecting her best friend to come back out at any minute, she attempted to compose herself and sit up.

But Jon would have none of that. He used both of his hands to pin her down, both playfully, yet forcefully. "We can't stop now baby, what with all the fun you seem to be having," he grinned at her.

Jessica was honestly worried about her friend appearing with her exposed like this, once more attempting to get up. Jon answered with a mildly hard bite to her already sore right nipple, causing her to shriek against her will. "Fuck!" she shouted in a hushed tone. "Megan is going to hear us and be out here any minute!"

"I don't think she would interrupt us," Jon countered with a wink. "Besides, you're worth getting caught!"

With that, he proceeded to lower his head toward his prize, Jessica's now drenched pussy.

"Nooooo... I cant do this right now..." Jessica said, now really trying hard to compose herself. "Maybe when Megan goes to- OUCH!" She was again answered with pain, this time a not-so-gentle slap to her throbbing right boob. Jon pulled her shorts down forcibly and quickly, as to beat any more objections. Jessica was now squirming, yet being very careful not to object again, for fear that Jon's response would be just like the last.

Jon saw Megan enter the room quietly out of the corner of his eye, having figured she knew what was transpiring. She was wearing nothing but a towel, and although it was larger than some of the others Jon had in the bathroom, it still strained to cover everything it was supposed to. Seeing the girl dressed like that, not to mention the naked girl underneath him, Jon was sexually propelled even further

Megan kept quiet as she watched from afar, Jon rubbing his fingers against her best friend's virgin pussy.

Not wanting Megan to find her like this, and unaware to the fact that she already had, Jessica pleaded. "Please sweety, let's do this later when Megan is busy with other things."

With that, Jon simply flipped her over, her exposed ass laying out, as he gathered her wrists and pinned her down, sitting on her back. He grinned and motioned over to Megan, who excitedly came over, laying two strong slaps onto her friends gorgeous ass.

"OWW! FUCK!" Jessica looked up at her assailant, a wave of pure horror swept over her face as she realized her fears had been founded. Not only had Megan caught the two of them, with Jessica being completely exposed, but her best friend even joined in on her terrorizing.

But as much as she tried, she couldn't bring herself to be mad. She was... relieved. Relieved that her closest friend wasn't absolutely livid that she had almost lost her virginity to the girl's own cousin.

"Aww does poor Jessica's bottom hurt?" Megan playfully toyed condescendingly. "Well maybe she should have done what she was told," the red haired girl grinned as she rubbed her best friends ass soothingly. "Well, I am going to go change clothes, and I may just take an hour or so... So no more excuses about me being a cock-block, understand?" Megan grinned, and headed towards the hall.

Just as she rounded the corner out of sight, she thought of a better idea, and decided that instead of leaving the couple alone, she could instead document it for later that weekend. With that in mind, she got her cell phone out. While the unsuspecting couple decided to get back to their intimate time, Megan hurriedly turned off all the sounds her phone might make, and stealthily recording the scene in front of her.

Jon looked back at Jessica, a smile covered the entire length of his face as he saw what she was doing.

"You both are douche bags!" Jessica shouted playfully , making sure Megan could hear her from the back of the house.

"My lady, did you not learn your lesson of respect?" toyed Jon, as he forcefully pushed himself on top of the girl again. This time, the adolescent teen wasted no time in unbuttoning his jeans, releasing his 9 inch member from where it had been shackled for far too long.

"Holy shit!" the pinned down girl cried in shock. "That was NOT what i was expecting!" She toyed with it in her hands for a few seconds before asking "You expect me to put this in my mouth, don't you?"

"That's the idea, babe," laughed Jon, as he grabbed it with his own hand, pointing it towards the girl's face. Jessica had been defeated too much that morning to even contest, and her curiosity was peaked beyond belief. With nothing more than a shrug, she placed her lips around the head of his dick, sucking the tip ever so gently before bobbing her head downward. Her tongue grazed over the pisshole as she worked her way down, sending a shock of pleasure through Jon's body, one he had waited far too long to receive.

She continued to bob downwards, if only a few inches, using her tongue to lap at the under folds of his member. The taste was strange to her to say the least, yet it wasn't bad, especially not what she was expecting. She honestly didn't mind it at all, as she decided she would please him as much as her mouth would allow. She bent her neck forward, allowing more of Jon's cock to disappear inside her lips, when she noticed Jon grimacing with a bit of pain.

"Easy with the teeth, girl!" Jon exclaimed alarmingly.

"Sorry, this IS my first time and all..." Jessica apologized. Jon settled back down into a relaxed state, the look of pure bliss quickly returning to his face. She was good, especially for her first time, if not a little inexperienced. But in all honesty, Jon liked the innocent, unjaded girls, much preferring a good girl with no skill and an ability to learn over a slut who knew what she was doing, but contracting the clap. Something about the rawness of a girl's first time... corrupting them, made him love it more than anything else in the world.

She continued, not stopping her steady rhythm as she sat up. Jon rose off of her chest, allowing her to move slowly to her knees as he continued to be sucked off in uninterrupted pleasure. That was when Jon noticed Megan still in the room, with her phone pointed straight at the couple. Jessica's back was turned so she couldn't see the amateur camera woman, making Jon smile at the event. He winked at Megan, deciding to play along.

"Damn Jessica, you're amazing at this! Suck that dick, baby girl!" he said, rather loud, making sure the phone's microphone caught every word.. He was answered by nothing more than a "Mhmm" and a continued bob of Jessica's head.

Growing braver, Jon gently grabbed the back of her head as he pushed her face into him more, pumping with his hips to match her motion. The depth caused Jessica to gag momentarily, and her teeth accidentally scraping against his member didn't go unnoticed, but Jon tried to ignore it as the pleasure greatly outweighed the brief pain.

Growing bolder still, he started picking up speed, the girl barely being able to keep up as Jon's dick was greatly exceeding passed her lips already, banging against the roof of her mouth. Jessica could do nothing but gurgle her objections to no avail as Jon started forcefully mouth-fucking the girl. Pretty soon, the tension in his balls started to rise as he built up more and more speed.

"Damn baby, I'm getting close," Jon warned, still pushing into her used orifice. "Where do you want it?"

"Anywhere but in my mouth, PLEASE!" Jessica pleaded.

Complying for the first time that day, Jon pulled his shaft away from her lips just in time to watch his dick start to spew its payload. The sticky rope struck the unsuspecting girl in the lips, which were still partially open. The second spasm jumped up and struck her across the nose, dangling only a little, as if to add an artistic effect. The third and fourth spurt landed high on the girls forehead, peppering her brown bangs, clearly visible for the camera recording the entire scene from behind. The final, weaker blow landed on the girls chin, which dangled and dripped onto her chest as the girl simply laid there, speechless. After recovering his breath, Jon praised the girl on how amazing she was, and said it was definitely one of the best he had ever had.

That, strangely, gave Jessica an enormous sense of pride that she herself couldn't explain. She tasted the small amount of cum that had found its way into her mouth and although she didn't terribly enjoy it, she found it wasn't as bad as she imagined. For his added benefit, she tongued the outside of her lips, catching all of his spunk within reach. He grinned and again, praised her work. His satisfaction, for some reason, made her happier than she could imagine.

Honestly, she loved every second of the experience, from the being caressed and romantically seduced all the way to the being used and told what to do. It was inexplicable, the emotions running through her head; but she thoroughly enjoyed them all.

The pair sat up, Jessica electing to take her second shower of the day to wash up. Megan quickly took that as her cue to leave the scene, darting back down the hallway, jumping on her bed and opening her laptop as if nothing had happened. Jessica, only a few moments behind, came into the room, and almost screamed with excitement, as she told her friend about the experience. She left out most details, not wanting to gross Megan out of course since it was, after all, her cousin. Megan grinned from ear to ear, but for different reasons than Jessica thought.

"Wait, why are you still in your towel? I thought that you were getting dressed?" Jessica asked, puzzled as to her friend's current attire.

"Yeah, well, I was going to, but then I started a game of Candy Crush, and you know how that goes. I'll change soon enough..." Megan responded, covering up her actual reasons quite well.

After the quick gossip session ended, Jessica hurried into the shower to clean up, Jon finding his way into the girls' room.

"Enjoy the show Megan?" he laughed, finding humor in the idea that Jessica was clueless to the entire fact.

"More than you could imagine!" Megan said, truthfully. "I only hope that's not the only... 'photography' I do while I'm here!" she added with a smirk.

The two chatted about the experience, but were soon enough joined by Jessica, returning from her washing-up.

Deciding to be good for a change, the group decided to go to the mall and shop for a while, if only to grasp some normality from this spring break. Loading up the car with themselves and their wallets, all three of the teens' minds were spinning with hormones, past events, and future schemes.


Part 3:

Jon pulled into the driveway of his parents house. After spending an hour at the grocery store, he was ready to plop down on the couch and just relax for a while.

All in all, the week had been pretty normal, especially compared to how it started! After getting off to a fast start seducing Jessica and convincing her to do everything short of sex (even getting Megan to add a few spankings to the mix), Jon had decided to take it easy the next few days.

It had been four days now since he and Jessica's escapade, and he figured it was about time to apply a bit more pressure to see where exactly Jessica's feelings were.

After bringing the countless grocery bags into the house, Jon found Jessica asleep on the guest bed her and Megan were sharing. Megan was sitting up, messing around on her laptop as Jon entered the room.

"Great news!" Jon exclaimed, though quiet enough to not disturb Jessica. After Megan flashed her 'what would that be?' look, he continued, "We have food again!" Megan smiled, saying it was about time, then invited him onto the bed to view something on her computer.

Jon hopped up onto the bed, her screen showing the many pictures she had taken over the week arranged into a slide show. There were pictures of them enjoying the beach, shopping at the mall, riding in the car, just about everywhere they had went. It was very well put together, and Megan seemed most proud of it.

She then smiled, hitting the minimize square in the top of the screen, forcing the program "iMovie" to reappear. Sorting through all the mini clip fragments, she decided to show him the "final production" she had made. She tapped the space bar, and the screen was soon filled with Jon's living room. Voices could be heard, but not very audible, so Megan proceeded to turn up the volume.

"Damn Jessica, you're amazing at this! Suck that dick, baby girl!"

Jon turned red, realizing it was his own voice on the screen. He laughed as he had almost forgotten about Megan filming the entire encounter. He saw the amateur camera girl sneak closer as she filmed the duo having fun with more clarity. The screen now clearly showed Jessica experiencing her first dick in her mouth, showing great skill as Jon's memory flashed back. He noticed his member start to rise as he remembered the amazing blowjob he had received only days earlier.

"She look's like she was pretty good at it," Megan commentated. "Not bad for a first timer?"

"Yeah once or twice she nicked me, but other than that, she was amazing at it. I'm not gonna lie though, I'm going to want more than just her mouth soon," Jon replied with a wicked grin, looking at Jessica as she rested.

"Yeah well, trust me, I've been hinting non-stop about how cute you two are together and that you're a great guy and may be worth it, but I'm not sure she's up to it. She's pretty worried about popping her cherry."

They conversed back and forth on the topic, Jessica oblivious to being the center of attention as she slept.

The cousins thought of plans for that evening. What they would have for dinner, what movie to watch, and yes, how to seduce the young hottie sleeping inches away from them.


Jessica awoke some time after to find Megan on her laptop, right where she was when the girl drifted to sleep. She slowly took in her surroundings, hearing audible tones from the computer's speakers. Her ear's snapped to attention as she could clearly make out her own voice beg, "Anywhere but in my mouth, PLEASE!"

Jumping up, Jessica's voice was wavy as she forced herself to make out the words she was trying to say. "What the fuck?! You have a video of me blowing him on your computer?!" the stunned girl accused in horror.

Being caught off guard by the girl waking up but trying to play the situation off, Megan calmly replied, "Of course! Isn't it sexy? Relax girl, no one is going to see this but us. Just chill out and enjoy the show!" With a wink, Megan became quiet, fixated on her sex tape. Jessica warily watched the screen, not sure what to make of the situation.

She saw herself get sprayed with Jon's cum, her stomach in knots, fear creeping in about what her friend would do with this video. She had to admit, she was partially aroused by it as well. She had watched porn before, and she didn't look to be too bad at sucking dick if the end result proved anything.

Megan giggled as she pressed Save, then collapsed her computer, turning to Jessica, congratulating her on "not only your first cock experience, but your first porno too!" Jessica scowled, but Megan continued. "What was that big of dick like?" Jessica was dumbfounded. Was the girl really interested in her own cousin?

"Well, it was definitely hard to keep my mouth that open. I kept biting him on accident..." Jessica admitted.

"Are you going to let him fuck you? What I wouldn't do for some nice dick this week..." Megan started adjusting her legs, crossing and uncrossing them.

Now Megan was going too far. Jessica was shocked at her friend's new-found boldness. Sure, they had shared stories, mostly Megan, but this was her cousin and she had already recorded the whole scene without Jessica's knowledge, let alone permission. Would Jon be pissed to learn of Megan filming them? But she couldn't help but feel the sensation of arousal, knowing full well she wanted what her friend was hinting at.

Then, without warning, Megan kissed her. Taken completely off guard, Jessica's mind took several moments to take in what was happening. She noticed she was kissing back, their tongues dancing inside her own mouth. She noticed her own hand gripping Megan's back as her brain turned back on, common sense telling her to stop, but her lust telling her she wanted this.

Megan pulled away suddenly, leaving Jessica leaning forward, longing for more. She pulled herself back out of embarrassment, straightening up.

"I am so sorry!" Megan assured. "I was just getting so hot watching the video and... well that... I'm sorry."

"It's okay. It was... interesting. Don't feel bad." Jessica said soothingly, trying to comfort her friend, all the while trying to conceal her own embarrassment and arousal.

But that was all Megan needed to continue. She climbed on top of the brunette, kissing her lips as she pinned the girl down with her own body.

After earlier in the week, Jessica knew how well being controlled turned her on, and her best friend pinning her down while she kissed her was no exception. She felt Megan's hips start to grind into hers, sending Jessica into a sexual frenzy. She forced herself out of Megan's hold, squirming around until she found herself on top of the red-haired girl, lifting her shirt right up over her own head.

Lack of experience meant nothing as Jessica found herself in sexual overdrive. She was now on top, and she was determined to make Megan comply with HER desires. She tugged on Megan's shirt until she was able to throw it on the ground. Then she began groping her best friend through her bra, Megan squealing from the pleasure. The submitting girl broke the long romantic kiss off to instruct her novice friend. "Nibble on my neck a bit, that gets me going so much!"

Jessica remembered how great that had felt when Jon had done it to her earlier that week and gladly complied, moving her mouth to the girls neck. She kissed it softly, then gently sank her teeth into it as Jon had into her's. She felt Megan's legs start to shift and found that her friends hands had found their way onto her ass, squeezing out of habit. "Fuck yes baby! Bite it!" Megan was completely gone now, there was no turning back.

She was so turned on, both from her sexual drought and the sexiness of making out with her best friend. Jessica didn't mind in the slightest however, as she tried to take the lead on the more experienced girl, biting harder on her friends neck.

She soon felt Megan's legs clamp around her waist, then felt the girl gater-roll until she was once again underneath her red-headed friend. Before she could even react, Megan unhooked her bra from the front, tossed it across the room, and was already working on her jean shorts. Jessica almost objected, but decided to just close her eyes and allow her friend to do what she wanted. Not even seconds later, her friend had already succeeded in not only taking off her shorts, but her panties as well.

Jessica had started shaving her pussy a long time ago, at least three years (at Megan's urging, come to think of it). Both girls were thrilled she had done so now, as Megan immediately started licking the outer folds of Jessica's already drenched pussy. Jessica, instinctively grabbed the back of Megan's head, pushing the girl closer to her mound, to which Megan smiled.

Jessica spoke up playfully, "You know what you're doing, don't you, you fucking slut?" With a wink, Megan dove deeper into her friend, flicking her tongue against the girl's clit, meanwhile pistoning one of her fingers up into the girl's awaiting pussy.

Jessica's mind was now on fire as moan after moan started to escape her mouth. Trying her best not to alert Jon from across the house, she still couldn't help but to release her audible sounds.

Her body was building up. She new that first times were not to last very long, but she prayed her best friend would keep this up forever.

Megan's plans were pretty similar as she continued with her oral assault, smiling at her friend's contorted face, a look of pure ecstasy as she moaned aloud. She shoved a second finger in, pushing as deep into her friend's still-virgin pussy as it would allow her. Still focusing most of her attention on her tongue, as it was still grazing the tip of Jessica's love-button, she knew her friend wouldn't last much longer.

Gently biting down on the upper folds of the girl's pussy immediately brought screams from Jessica, despite the girl trying to muffle her sounds. The brunette's legs clamped down around the sides of Megan's head as Jessica's back arched up, her breaths becoming shorter and shorter in between the screams. Not long after, her body began to shake, dropping back onto the bed, as her legs spasmed against her friend's head.

Jessica was in pure amazement as she came down from her orgasm's high. She laid there catching her breath for a good few minutes before she was able to open her eyes again. Megan merely smiled as her friend recovered, rising back up to her level to kiss her. Jessica tasted herself on Megan's lips, but she really didn't mind. After that experience, she didn't think anything would be able to bring her down from the high she was experiencing right now.

After a few minutes of romantic kissing, Megan decided it was time. She crawled up, her pussy now inches away from her friends face, not saying a word.

Jessica didn't need to be told; her tongue reached out, tasting her friends pussy. It was a strange taste, and she wasn't very fond of it, but she had heard that with practice, one would learn to enjoy it more. Without ceasing, she continued to tongue at Megan's outer pussy lips, if not for her own enjoyment, then to pay Megan back for what she just experienced. She only hoped she could bring Megan as much pleasure as she had just received.

Suddenly Jessica froze in her tracks. Megan looked down at her, her face mixed with disappointment and curiosity as to why her friend has stopped.

Jessica had frozen, not because she wanted to stop giving Megan the same sensations she had just received, but rather because she had felt a hand feeling at her pussy. With Megan in clear view above her, that left only one other option.

Megan was unaware of all of this still, now asking what the matter was. All of her questions were answered when Jon piped in. "Yeah Jess, don't stop on my account!" All the pieces of the puzzle fell into place for Megan, and Jessica as well. "Sorry to join in unannounced, you two girls were just SO hot!"

Both of the girls assured him they were fine with it, and the licking again commenced. Jon happily and skillfully played at Jessica's pussy while Jessica herself was busy tonguing at Megan's, enjoying the pleasure she was getting and hoping Megan was feeling the same.

And Megan certainly was. This was not her and Jon's plan at all, but she was definitely okay with calling an audible. She closed her eyes, enjoying the free tonguing she was receiving from her virgin best friend, partially not believing the situation herself. She started to grind her hips against Jessica's face, enjoying the sensations even more now that she considered herself to be "in control".

"So are you going to let him fuck you, Jessica?" Megan inquired boldly.

"Erm... Isn't this nice as it is? I would HATE to ruin it..." Jessica said playing more innocent than she felt.

"Come on slut, you've done everything else with him, you might as well let this sexy beast be your first!" Megan said, building up her cousin's ego. "Don't you think she should just fuck you already, Jon?"

"I don't think virginity is something to lose out of being pressured," Jon said calmly, only pausing a moment from flicking Jessica's clit.

"See?! That is a grade-A gentleman right there!" Megan countered. "You won't find many better guys out there."

"Well..." thought Jessica, even though she knew a long time ago that she had wanted this. Ever since her first experience with Jon, she had so badly wanted more. The fact that he hadn't even brought up the encounter the entire rest of the week was enough to prove he was different. "Alright. Take me."

Megan was partially shocked, but wasn't about to lose the opportunity. Still, she cautioned, "Be careful with her Jon."

Jon wasn't about to be rough, as he did feel very chivalrous and knew what the first time should be like. He had Megan climb off of the girl as he placed his member on the outer lips of her pussy, grinding on the girls drenching juices. He did this for a good few minutes, which Jessica enjoyed, but soon enough he had his dick pointed straight for her.

He inserted the tip, plopping into place, causing winces to come out of the virgin teen. He waited until she soothed down to press in farther, feeling her body convulse from the invading substance. Again, he paused before pressing deeper, feeling at her cherry. He leaned down, kissing her lips softly.

Jessica was in heaven. She whispered for him to take her, to which he pressed in forcefully, tearing her hymen, causing a gasp to escape Jessica's mouth. Jon wasted no time in retreating, quickly forcing himself back in again, repeating the process several times. It wasn't long before less and less pain showed on Jessica's face, more and more pleasure taking its place. He continued to kiss her, building up speed, careful not to give her too much at one time.

His dick was now buried nine full inches into her as her body was firing off every neuron of pain and pleasure.

It wasn't long before Jessica entered another frenzy, shutting down all pain receptors and humping him back as if she'd done it a thousand times. She started moaning like a porn star, saying things like "Fuck yes baby!", "Ooh shit! Harder!", and "Give it to me!!".

Pretty soon, the girl invited her friend back up, to which Megan, who was aroused now more than ever before in her life, jumped at the opportunity. Soon, she was being tongued at again, in between the loud moans being forced out of Jessica's mouth.

Jon was now pumping into her at full speed, enjoying the turn from romantic duet to sexy threesome. As long as Jessica was enjoying herself, he figured the hotter it was, the better! He couldn't resist but to reach up and grab Megan's ass as it hung in the air above Jessica's face. The brunette only smiled, loving the added sensation.

Megan again started grinding her bald pussy against her dark-haired friend's face, but not long after Jessica's tongue disappeared back into her own mouth.

Megan opened her eyes and looked down, only to see her friend entering her second orgasm of the night. Jessica's eyes were rolling back in her head as she screamed high-pitched at the top of her lungs. Megan and Jon just sat there smiling as the girl shuddered.

Jon felt Jessica's pussy pulse around his dick, loving every minute of it but positive that Jessica was loving it more. Quite a few moments passed when Jessica finally came to, catching her breath, and apologizing to Megan for the absence of her tongue. Megan just smiled, and said not to worry about it and that she was glad Jessica enjoyed herself.

Then a thought crept into Megan's head, her arousal telling her there was no other option. "You wouldn't mind if Jon fucked me now, would you sweety?"

Jon was taken aback. Jon obviously wanted to at the moment. Hell what guy wouldn't want to finish off into a second girl. The fact that she was his distant cousin was, of course, a stumbling block, but right at that very second, he would not have said no.

Jessica was also stunned. All week she had wondered if Megan had wanted this, but always thought it preposterous and dismissed the thought. But here was the blunt inquiry of whether or not she could fuck her own cousin. And she was asking Jessica??

The newly-jaded girl thought long and hard about it in her mind. They were cousins, and that was... wrong. But it would be so hot at the same time! And yes, she just lost her virginity to this guy, but she honestly wouldn't mind sharing him with her best friend as long as she was there.

Was that normal? Should she be offended? But she really couldn't think of any con's that outweighed the pro's.

"As long as I'm still able to eat you out!" Jessica said, again, surprising everyone.

Repositioning themselves so Megan was now on all fours, the group readied for the next part of their experience. Megan sat readily, more anxious than she had been. Not only was she going to be fucked by the biggest dick she had ever seen, but it was also her cousin's, which added an extra dirtiness factor that made her go crazy! Jon wasted no time diving into Megan's already sopping wet cunt. She was not as tight as Jessica, but she was pretty close, as he guessed her boyfriend hadn't been very large. Jessica crawled underneath the incestuous couple to resume licking Megan's now penetrated pussy. She was starting to enjoy eating the girl out, mostly due to the fact that she brought pleasure to her best friend, but the taste wasn't as intense now either.

Jon was already ramming his full length into Megan's pussy, making the girl scream out profanities. He reached around, groping her tits, loving the feeling that fucking his cousin gave him. He could feel the occasional tongue on his ballsack when his thrust was in tune with Jessica's licking, giving him added sensations. He knew he wouldn't last much longer, both from taking Jessica's cherry, as well as the once in a lifetime situation he currently found himself in.

Luckily for him, Megan was also close, not only from the heavenly pounding she was receiving now, but also the warm-up she had received from the inexperienced, yet eager, Jessica earlier. She felt her body building up, as the tension become too much to handle. With a scream, her body shook violently, the largest orgasm of her life taking her over.

Megan's orgasm was all it took to take Jon to the point of no return. He held his orgasm in, asking Megan if she was on the pill. Snapping out of her ecstatic high, Megan alarmingly said "No, I'm not taking anything right now!"

Jon, only mildly disappointed, figured the next best thing would be to unite these girls with a shared facial. He boldly commanded both girls to their knees in front of him, both teens complying happily.

Excited, the girls helped him by sticking their tongues out, occasionally flicking the tip of his dick while Jon jacked off the last bit. Finally ready, the 9 inch cock exploded onto the girls, spurt after spurt of jizz finding it's mark. The two best friends, now painted from forehead to chin, played up Jon's fantasy even more by kissing each other before Megan placed her mouth around Jon's still throbbing member, milking the last remnants out before swallowing what was in her mouth.

Megan then turned to Jessica, tackling the girl, pinning her at the wrists, as she started to lick up the remaining cum from her friend's face. With long tongue strokes, she scooped up what was on Jessica's cheeks, moving down to her chin before again kissing Jessica, sharing the wealth she found.

"Damn girls, you are way too amazing" Jon said with a well earned sigh. "That was easily the best day of my entire life!"

"It was mine too," said Jessica with a smile. "Thank you for being so great to us Jon."

"Didn't I tell you he would be amazing? I just never thought I would experience him first hand!" piped in Megan.

The trio just sat there talking about what had just transpired, still breathing heavily as they all recovered.

Some time passed before Jessica stopped the conversation in mid tracks. "Wait a minute! You assholes planned this whole thing, didn't you?!" She said, playfully accusing the cousins.

"Not even!" Jon said, before adding with a wink, "It was our plan to have dinner and a movie first!"

"And the part about me and Jon fucking was TOTALLY not in the picture!" defended Megan. She grinned, "Now that I think about it... neither was the part about me and you! That just kind of happened too..."

"Well I'm not complaining, I just figured you two were scheming this whole time," concluded Jessica.

With that, Jon got up, and walked to the corner of the room where a video camera rested on the window seal, in perfect view of the bed. Jessica laughed, rolling her eyes "Why am I not surprised... Filmography must run in the family," she playfully scolded.

"Well it started out just taking pictures of you two making out to add to Megan's little portfolio. But after you two got heated up, still-photos weren't going to be enough!" Jon explained as the three of them laughed.

"Well now!" Jessica cut in. "I believe I heard you say it was planned that I was to get treated to dinner before I became your guys' sex toy! I believe I would like to cash in on that!" she smiled.

Jon rose up, feeling quite peckish himself. "Maybe after dinner we can put a movie in and NOT watch it," he said with a wink.

All three of them smiled, knowing that they would love nothing more than to end their week with more excitement.

Jessica's mind was amazed. She had had the best week of her life and could not wait to experience more firsts with her lovers.

Megan's thoughts were on what she had done. She had fucked her cousin AND her best friend. But she wasn't ashamed at all. Instead, she couldn't wait to do it again.

Jon's mind raced as well. What other activities would he and the girls get to experience until they had to leave back for Cali? Or maybe he would convince them to return sooner than planned, this time permanently? Either way, it had been one hell of an adventure.

And with that, the three teens left the newly converted orgy room, ready to make another story out of the remaining days they had.

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