Part two of Liliandris' tale. The raping of the poor girl. (Sorry for any grammatical errors or spelling errors)
Liliandris started screaming as she was flipped over, she was quickly silenced with a slap across her face. ”If you scream or bite, I will rip out your tongue and leave you to drown in your own blood, understand that my little elven whore?” a soldier shouted at her. Liliandris started sobbing, all fight left her. Tears streaming freely down her young face, her village burning all around her, the dead people in the square. It was all too much for her, she just wanted to pass out and wake up from this nightmare. She didn't have time to think much more about it as she felt something long and big quickly penetrate her from behind. The pain of being penetrated while dry was almost to much to bear for her. She opened her mouth to scream, but was quickly muffled by another cock being inserted into her mouth. The two soldiers both started fucking her in earnest. The guy behind her sawing in and out of her raw pussy, slapping her round ass while laughing at her. The guy in front of her enjoying the feel of her warm mouth around his cock, his head thrown back in pleasure, letting out groans of ecstacy. Suddenly, she felt the cock in her pussy swell, and she started to panic. He came with a roar, shooting her full of his hot cum. He slapped her ass again before pulling out her, his cum dripping down her legs and onto the darkened ground beneath her. Her relief was shortlived however, as a third soldier quickly filled the emptyness in her now lubricated pussy. He inserted himself to the hilt in a single thrust, and although he was smaller than the previous soldier, he fucked with a ferocity she hadn't experienced ever. Meanwhile, the guy in front grunted, grabbed her head and forced his cock down her throat, cumming directly into her throat. He wiped of his cock on her cheek, patted her on the head and wiped off the tears on her face. He squatted infront of her, grabbing her hair and pulled her head close to his. ”Just relax and enjoy this you whore. We will take you back to the barracks after we are done here, and you will live out the rest of your life servicing us.” he said in a disgusting voice, Liliandris' fearful eyes on him. He let go of her hair, left her. Lilandris let out of moan of mixed pleasure and pain as she felt the guy behind her plough into her pussy.

Her body had started to betray her. The soldier fucking her grinned when he noticed and shouted to his comrades ”Hey, I think this whore is starting to like it, she'll be a good barracks whore for us!” The soldiers around her laughed at her. The guy infront pulled out his cock and aimed at her tear-stained face, she looked at his cock with fear in her eyes. She closed her eyes as she felt the first strands of cum hitting her face, marking her as the whore she was. She felt herself being lifted up and something prodded at her asshole. Her eyes went wide, and she started to plead ”No, not there. I have never done it there” The soldiers just laughed at her and impaled her ass on the cock. She soon felt another cock enter her pussy, and a third cock off to the side enter her mouth. She was in the air now, supported only by the two throbbing pistons of flesh that were alternately engorging each of her used orifices. "Uhhhnnn..." she moaned woozily, as she felt the soldier pumping her pussy so fast that both her thighs and labia were thoroughly drenched with love juices. "It's so... *much*!" Liliandris exclaimed, more in pain than anything else.

The next hours quickly became a blur for the young elf. Several more men entered her and came in her and on her. Her pussy was raw, her ass was raw and her jaw was painfully aching. When the last man had finished abusing her body, she collapsed on the ground, cum leaking from ass and pussy. She lay there, not even sobbing anymore, just lost in thought and stunned at the ordeals of the day. After lying on the blackened ground for an indeterminate amount of time, she was hauled up by one of the soldiers who carried her on his back. She saw the devastation that have been wreaked on her old village. The burnt down houses, the dead people in a big pile, statues ruined and toppled over. This morning, the village had been her home and world. Now it lay in ruins, never to be rebuilt again. Everyone she knew was dead, and she had been forced to watch. She passed out not lang, her body aching, her mind tormented, and her soul murdered.

Liliandris woke several hours later, lying on a cart. She could feel the cart moving, and she realized that what happened yesterday wasn't an evil nightmare. Fresh tears started to flow down her face, but much as she tried to hide her anguish from her captors riding in the same cart, they ridiculed her for it. It seemed to be midday, the sun was high up on the blue sky, beating down on the armed convoy heading towards some unknown destination. ”Finally woke up did you whore?” One of the soldiers looked down on her, his dark hair cut short. He started unbuckling his belt, leaning back. ”You know what to do, slut. You play nice and we play nice. Deal?” Liliandris gulped and quickly nodded, not wanting to be punished further. She didn't dare speak, for fer of what they would do to her. She sat upright, and scooted forward towards the soldier. She brushed her dirty, unruly red hair out of her face so she better could see what she was doing. She looked up at the soldier with hope and fear in her eyes, but he just grinned back at her. She gulped again, resigning herself to her fate. This was her life now, sucking and fucking at the command of others. She fished out the soldiers 7 inch cock, already half hard. Gingerly she reached forward and grabbed the throbbing organ, slowly starting to stroke it towards full hardness. Carefully she kissed the sensitive head of it and licked it all the way alongside the sensitive underside before engulfing it in her hot elven mouth. She slowly started to bob her head up and down on the cock, swirling her tongue around the head and letting it stroke the back of her throat. The soldier merely leaned back his head in pleasure as her marvelled at her considerable expertise in sucking cock. ”Damn girl, you are definitely going to do this more often. Aaa” he grabbed the back of her head and guided her up and down on his cock. It didn't take long for him start panting. Liliandris merely continued her ministrations as a dutiful whore, until he eventually popped her head off his cock, aimed at his face and with a roar blasted her delicate face full of hot cum. Liliandris closed her eyes, recieving the hot cum. Suddenly, she got the urge to put on a little show for the soldier. She scooped some of his cum off her face and rubbed it onto her breasts. The soldier snickered and patted her on her head.

”Still a long way to go. We should arrive tomorrow midnight. You will be put to good use tonight, I'm sure of it” He grinned evilly, as Liliandris, scandalized by her own promiscuous act, gulped with fear. She was not looking forward to tonight, but maybe, just maybe, they would treat her alright if she played along. She swore to herself that she would avenge herself one day, before realizing how ridiculously it sounded in her head that she, a 16-year old half-elf, would be able to do anything against a battalion of soldiers.

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Good not great. Expand your chapters a bit. You could have combined 1&2 into onr chapter. Maybe a bit more explanation as to whats going on around..z

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