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Friday Night...
Friday night and our football team was in the quarterfinals against our toughest rival. Win or lose, this was the biggest game of the season. It started at the band house that night as the marching band was preparing to take cadence to the stands and play pep band for the rest of the night. My name is Tony; I play tenors in our drum line. Me and my friend Becca are getting into an argument over who should ride with our friend jeni to her house after the game. Becca is newly single after a pretty long relationship, and I've had a huge crush on her for a long time, she has the perfect body, perfect boobs, perfect butt, perfect lips... everything. Jeni is one of mine and becca's best friends and Me, Becca, Jeni, and Sarah (another friend who's bisexual and really hot) are all going over to jeni's after the game to eat pizza watch movies and stay the night. Mine and Jeni's mom's are really good friends so I get to stay over there whenever I want, and our parents never worry about the whole opposite sex thing.

WE WON! WE WON! Shouts everyone around us as the drum line leads the band back to the band house with the victory cadence. 42 to 41 was the final it ended with JCS Cougars missing a field goal wide right with 13 seconds left to play, and the game couldn’t have been better so needless to say, everyone is in high spirits. As I get changed out of my uniform, Jeni comes over, "Tony, you're gonna ride with me to my house and Becca and Sarah are gonna go pick up some more people to hang out tonight, It's gonna be quite the party." I say alright and finish getting changed. From across the room I notice Becca and Sarah pointing at me and laughing, I shrug it off though because in our group that’s a normal thing. When I meet jeni out at her car she's already got it started and almost half of the band and guard has already left. I jump in and put all my stuff in the back, bathing suit (hot tub), clothes, toothbrush, ECT...

..."So what movie do you want to rent?" says Jeni as we get out of her small Jeep Wrangler.

"I heard that new horror flick was supposed to be really good."

"I don't really like scary movies."

"OH! Come off it Jeni, scary movies are so fake! Plus there will be like 15 people at your house to watch it with you."

"Alright, Alright. But it better be good."

Pulling into jeni's house we saw that Sarah and Becca had beaten us home and that they only had Sarah's Car so they couldn't of had that many people with them. We walked in the door and saw Sarah and Becca talking with Shauna (jeni's mom) and my friends Zach, Jay, and Mike were sitting on the couch. I tossed the movie to Jay and he said that he had seen it and really really liked it, so Jeni changed her mind about it being so bad, im pretty sure she likes jay alot, but she never tells me anything. We talked with Shauna for awhile about the game, and Jay and Zach kept trying to get her to buy Skoal for them but she wouldn’t cause her husband has lip cancer cause he dipped from 13 on. After a while it we realize its getting late and Zach and Jay aren’t going to have time to watch the movie. They decide that they're going to leave a little early to hit the store on the way home, so they head out and it's Me, Jeni, Becca, Sarah, and Mike. We start talking and Mike proposes truth or dare as a joke, but the girls decide that truth or dare might be fun.

Starting with Mike first we go around and everyone gets a few turns, almost all of them are truths cause everyone is a little uneasy, especially me considering the fact that im sitting right next to a girl I've like for a long time, and then Sarah says "Alright enough of the small truth stuff, it's time for some dares."

I say, "Sarah, since you want to be the big one, you don't have a choice, Dare!"

"Alright Tony, what you got in mind?"

"You have to make out with Becca for 7 seconds!" I blurt out really fast cause im nervous to even ask the question.

"Alright that's easy, you act like me and Becca have never made out before."


"Hell yeah! Becca is hot; we've made out at plenty a party." And with that Sarah leans in and gives the best kiss I've ever witnessed. Which sets my dick off at a fast pace and I get horny quick. Mike also seems to be enjoying it, from the look on his face.

"Alright Sarah, Your turn!" I say.

Sarah gets up and walks across the living room and down the hall to jeni's room, then comes running back with something that looks like flesh in her hand but I cant tell what it is.

"This, says Sarah, is Jeni's natural bra!" She starts laughing really hard, and you can see that jeni is a little embarrassed.

"Don’t worry Jeni, every girl has a natural bra, nothing to be ashamed of, but anyway, lets get to the point, I dare Becca to go put this on and come model it for us!"

Becca protests for a minute then we all tell her that nothing that happens here is gonna leave the room, so she gets up and goes into jenis' room. Me and Mike look at each other for a second and I can tell we're both thinking how hot this is gonna be.

After about 2 minutes Becca comes out of jeni's room with her shirt held up in front of her, but not on her. She then slowly drops the shirt revealing a set of perfect boobs with the natural bra over them, her skin color almost exactly matches the bra and its like I'm looking at her tits. She walks around for a second showing it off, then she steps on a pillow and loses her balance and trips up a bit, when she finally gains her balance she looks at me and apparently she notices that im staring at her chest because the bra had fallen off, so becca is standing there with no top on for everyone to see. She blushes cherry red and quickly jams her shirt over her head and runs back into jeni's room to put away the bra. She comes out looking like nothing ever happened and sits on the couch.

"HAHA well wasn't that fun!" says Becca.

After a couple of rounds of dares the topic of discussion comes around to how much we all masturbate.

"Three to four times a week!' Sarah says.

Becca just laughed and said "Not that much, maybe twice a week."

Me and Mike just grin and laugh, cause we know damn well that there lying, and we already told them how much we do.

Then Sarah all of a sudden says "Alright, Back to the game, I dare Becca to go into that closet over there for 7 minutes and.....

....make out with Tony."

What?! I'm sure that Becca doesn’t want to kiss me." I stammer out, because im thoroughly surprised that Sarah even said that.

"No, Tony I dared her to and she has to and so do you."

Then she leans over and whispers "It's totally obvious that you like her why wont you go make out with her, I dared her for you"

Becca says, "Come on Tony, you know I don’t mind, I've heard your a pretty good kisser."

So I get up and walk to the closet. I walk in behind her and shut the door as I do she turns off the lights and walks toward the back of the closet, she leans against the wall and pulls me to her. I can smell her hair and her breath of my face, even in the dark I can imagine her beautiful face leaning towards mine; I go to kiss her.....

.... RING! RING! She leans back and answers her cell phone. I can hear her mom on the other end of the line. From what I can hear Becca has to go home right now.

We walk out of the closet and Sarah says “WHAT are you doing, its been less than a minute!"

"My mom called, says becca, I have to go home! She wouldn’t tell me why!

"Well damn, that sucks... I'll talk to ya later hunny!' Sarah yells as Becca walks out the door.

"Well do you guys want to keep playing?" Says Sarah

"No, I really can't", said Mike, "I really need to get going, its getting on 2 in the morning."

"Okay, I'll give you a ride home Mike"

While Sarah takes mike home, me and jeni order pizza and talk about the football game.

"I can't believe we won! No we get to get out of school to go to Semi!

"I know, and did you see Damien's 67 yard run?!!"

"Yeah I saw it, but damn he got stuck didn’t he?"

"Yeah he got hit pretty hard but im pretty sure he'll be ok for finals"

"Yeah if we make it through the semi game without him"

"Im sure we will, I mean its not like he’s the only one on the team."

"True, I just hope our moral is still up after losing him."

"It will be I mean a small 1A school like ours going to the playoffs they have to be happy."


As we were talking apparently Sarah walked back in, with the pizza. She must have met him in the driveway. She asks what we were talking about and we sum it up. Everyone gets there fill of pizza and we decide to put in the movie. We watch for a while, me sitting on the couch with Sarah's head in my lap. (I like becca, but Sarah’s still pretty damn hot, and since becca had to go home... well ya know) and Jeni on the floor in front of me. I eventually lose the story line of the movie and start thinking about becca and Sarah making out, and about becca's bra falling off. I start to get a little hard and I know by now Sarah has to feel it. I get nervous that she's feeling it and ask her to move cause im uncomfortable and she says "Its ok I have to go to the bathroom anyway." When she gets up I move and lay down on the couch. When she gets back she sits on the couch opposite me with her knees to her chest. From where I am I can see a bit of her thong cause her sweatpants kind of moved down a bit when she bend her knees. I look down and notice that jeni is asleep and, from the looks of it, isn’t gonna wake up for shit. I watch a bit more of the movie and move around so my head is at the other end of the couch. I look over at Sarah and see that her pants around the crotch area are moving a bit, and I play it off cause its dark and I must be seeing things, then I look again and it's moving more vigoursly.... I wait a minute and then decide what the hell ill say something.

"Sarah, what are you doing?"

Even in the dark I can she her blush about thirteen different shades of red.

"........N-n-nothing" She nervously stammers out and I see that her pants aren’t moving anymore.

"No seriously Sarah, You can tell me."

She takes about 2 minutes to think about something the whole time contemplating whether or not to say anything, but apparently she decides that she might as well and says.

"Alright, I trust you enough," she blushes even more and nervously whispers” I was masturbating."

"I-I-I couldn’t help it, I’ve wanted too all night, I mean becca's sooo hot and I got to make out with her, and, and, her boobs falling out god that was hot!" she blurts out.

"HAHAHA, Don’t worry about it Sarah," I say, "I’ve wanted to masturbate all night too, becca IS really hot. You can finish if you want, I wont say anything."


“Do.... you ........ well never mind" she says slowly.

"What is it Sarah I swear Im not gonna make fun of you or anything."

"Well you know I am a very sexual person right?" She says.

Sarah is a HUGELY sexual person and as far as I know has had sex many times.

"Yeah" I say.

"Well," she says, "Do-do you want to watch me?"

"........................" is all I can manage to get out at the time.

"Ye-yeah" I finally say.

"Good cause you were quiet and I was starting to get nervous that I had offended you."

Now it was my turn to get embarrassed.

"N-n-no of c-course you didn’t offend me."

I started to feel better.

"I would love to watch you masturbate."

"Ok!" she said happily.

She slowly stood up and walked over to my couch and sat at the other end with her feet on the couch and her legs open facing me. She slowly started to slip her sweatpants down around her knees and off her feet. She casually tossed them on the floor and started slowly rubbing the insides of her legs. She moved up her legs and slowly slid her hand across the small amount of material that covers her crotch and moved her hand up into her shirt and started to rub her breasts. She moved her hand back down and inside her panties. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as she touch her swollen mound and started to rub it under the fabric. She opened her eyes and winked and I could tell she was trying to tease me by not taking her panties off. She started to rub faster and her other hand made it into her shirt and started to rub her breasts. After about a minute or too I couldn’t stand it anymore and she knew it, so she moved her hand out of her shirt and her other hand out of her panties and started to slowly pull her panties off. Being this the first time I've seen a pussy in clear view right in front of me I almost blew a load right then. She slid them off her feet and tossed them on the ground beside her sweats. She then leaned forward and slid her shirt off. In her baggy shirt I couldn’t tell just how perky her tits were. She had not to big tits at a good C and her nipples stuck out just right, in other words they were the best pair of tits I'd ever seen in my life. She slid her hand down her stomach and onto her pussy and started to rub really really slowly, she did this for a couple of minutes and then put her two middle fingers into her pussy and started going back and forth. She did this for a minute and by her face got really close to cumming and then stopped. She stood up and turned around and walked over to me and sat in between my legs and leaned back and put her head on my shoulder and nibbled on my ear. Then she grabbed my left hand and moved it to her stomach and then up to her tits and started rubbing them with my hand and I picked up the pace she was going and she let go and let me handle it, then she grabbed my other hand and moved it to the inside of her leg and slid it up her thigh until I was almost at her pussy and then she let go. I moved my hand onto her pussy and started to rub it as I had seen her do it really slow and sometimes getting rough.

"Oh, god Tony!" She moaned between bites on my ear.

"Yessssss, right there oh yesssss, Oh god that's soooo good."

"I-I-I'm gonna c-c-cum!" She moaned and I started rubbing vigorously and she started to buck her hips and pussy into my hand.

In one quick moment she came, and it ran between my still rubbing hand and down into her ass crack. As she was coming down off her orgasm she pulled my hand up to her mouth and cleaned my fingers off and then ran to the bathroom tits bouncing to get a towel she came out a minute later butt naked and cleaned off. She walked over to me and put on her panties and sweats but not her shirt and then started back to her couch, she apparently changed her mind and walked back to me, before I knew it she was right behind me and had me around the waste cause my back was turned and I was standing up. She reached down to my crotch and felt my rock hard dick through my pants.

"Just as I though. We'll have to see what we can do about that won't we?" She said into my ear.

Before I could take a breath my pants were at my knees and she had me turned around. She pushed me on the couch and took my cock in her hand. She felt around for a minute and then stood up and said.

"I'll be right back, I have just the thing"

She ran to the kitchen and came back with something behind her back.

"Close your eyes" she said.

I close my eyes and feel something really really cold touch my dick. I feel it move down my dick and onto my balls, and even though its cold as hell if feels sooo good. Finally I cant bear it anymore and look down and she’s pouring CHOCOLATE SAUCE on my dick. I about flip out and then decide what the hell and close my eyes. Then I feel something different. I look down and she's LICKING IT OFF ME!! I think to myself about how good this feels and that I must be dreaming cause this shit never happens to guys like me and I cant believe it. She works on it till she gets most of it off and then starts to really suck on my dick, it feels so good and I'm close to cumming. She starts to play with her breasts with her other hand and that gets me really going so I start to come and she just stays on my dick as I shoot load after load into her mouth, she swallows and then cleans me up the rest of the way getting the cum and the rest of the chocolate off then stands and says matter-of-factly

"Well... we took care of that didn’t we?" Then she walked back over to her couch and sat down. I put my pants on and finished watching the movie. When it was over I got up and turned the light on and looked over at the couch and saw Sarah sitting there with her shirt off and I got an even better look at her perfect breasts. She quickly realized that she didn’t have a shirt on and ran into jenis’ room and got a bikini top on. I was disappointed but not that bad. I got the movie out and went to kitchen for some food. Sarah walked into the kitchen after me and got some pizza.

"Well Tony, I was sorry that you didn’t get to make out with Becca."

"It's ok, Is that why you... ya know?"

"No, I've been wanting to do that for quite some time now."


"Yeah, I always knew that you had a big dick."

"It's not that big is it?"

She started to laugh at my self-consciousness and walked into jeni's room, leaving jeni on the couch. I sat down on the couch and read a magazine, and after about five minutes I heard Sarah come into the hallway saying "goodbye hunny" to someone on the phone.

"Why are you still in here?" She asked.

"I was reading a magazine. Is that a problem?" I replied smartly.

"No, but I'm in here and your out there.... and I figured you might want to keep me company."

"Are you sure?" I asked.



I got up and followed her to jeni's room. She grabbed my hand and led me to jeni's bathroom, a small half bath that was recently added on. I watched her wash some makeup off of her face and when she was done she didn’t really look any different, she was really hot either way. She walked over to the closet and dropped her pants. Then she looked over her shoulder at me, and then she dropped her panties and picked out a bottom to match the bikini top.

"Get undressed." She said


“Well you wouldn’t want to get those clothes wet when we get in would you?”

“Get in where?”

“The hot tub silly, where in hell did you think?”


2006-12-30 04:32:40
ahh vary good cant wate till part 2!


2006-02-25 16:59:20
Thanks guys... I'm currently working on the sequel.


2006-02-24 08:15:58
best story .u think it is my seconf story best .


2006-02-23 13:43:21
good job. please continue! and consider having the sleeping girl wake up and join in


2006-02-23 03:29:56
good job. great story

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