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Author's note:
As I was writing this I had many ideas so the story got longer so a part 3 is in the works
The Princess and the Captain (2)

Jim laid beside Amber basking in the afterglow of their love making as an idea began to form. "Amber how long do you have to claim the throne before they make their move," he inquired.
"Well, from from all decrees I have seen" as she reached to lovingly grasp his rapidly softing cock, "six months without word from a ruler during which time the council has limited power, then after a year they can assume that the line is gone and can appoint someone of lesser relation of the family a cousin or......" suddenly her eyes opened wide, "I should have known, it has to be."

Confused somewhat, Jim just stared trying to follow. "Uh...... Amber?"
"Oh, sorry I was thinking there is one cousin, a duke highly influential with the high council, very loud with his opinions of how father was ruling." Amber looked away her mind lost in deep thought as she began to move her hand up and down his cock forgetting for a moment the now semi hard organ she was grasping.

"I think we are going to need help with this if you are going to claim the throne obviously there are a lot of people that want you dead," he gasp out as her ministrations on his cock began to distract his thinking more and more.
"Hhmm, I believe you are right but we don't have alot of time after the family is declared dead the clock starts ticking." she stated as she noted that his cock was once again standing tall and proud, "but for right now I need this more" as she lowered her head and slurped his shaft back into her mouth.

As she began to bob up and down cleaning his cock, taking almost all of his 8 1/2 inches deep within her throat, he groaned 'oh god' he thought, only the second blow job he had ever recieved, his senses coming alive as they hadn't in a very long time. "Oh no big boy," she said releasing his hardness, "this one is going in my womb I have a definite plan and it includes," she gently stroked his cock, "this monster baby maker."

Jim was about to ask her, but she quieted him with a passionate kiss taking his breath away as she straddled his lap and impaled her tight cummy pussy taking him almost all the way to the base of his cock with a grunt. "god I love this cock," as she began to slowly lift of then slam her self down on him. their previous joining making her wet and well lubricated. Jim could feel her pussy muscles massaging and grasping him as she began to drive his cock deeper and deeper.

Amber in the throes of passion hardly noticed as Jim rolled them both and ended up on top as he began to thrust deeper and harder illiciting a groan from her as she started to thrust back toward him trying to bury his cock as deep as she could. Alternating between long and short thrustshe began to bottom out feeling her cervix each time he press in," AAHHHHHH!!" she began to wail as He increased his pace.

Pantingly she breathed out "as deep as you can get it I want it all again," as she convulsed and her pussy squeezed his plunging cock, trying to milk the cum from him. Feeling the newly familiar churning of his balls, and the swelling of his cock she began to yell, "YESSSSSS! fill me! give me every drop, I want your baby cream as deep as you can plant it!"
At these words Jim felt his cock twitch and throb as it began to pump a huge blast of cum again bathing her cervix ,washing deep into her womb flooding her as he could feel it begin to leak out around his member.

Amber fell back to the bed the cum leaking out of her as Jim started to withdraw. "Jim," she gasped " we need to discuss what to do from now on" as she sighed satisfactorily, turned over and fell asleep.
Jim headed to the shower thinking about what to do, damn he could get used to this, he thought, the princess was gorgeous he could definitely could get used to waking up next to her every day. Sighing he shook his head as he cleaned up, there was no way she was the future emporeress, he was just a lowly ex captain form the elite steller forces, rinsing off he left the shower and started to make a few calls.

Jerking awake 2 hours later Amber at first was lost then she remembered the love making and smiled "computer?" she quipped.
"Yes your lordship?" it responded monotoned, "at your command"
"I need to gain information on the current situation since the dissappearance of the royal shuttle" she stated heading for the shower 'god' she thought I smell of pure raw sex as a huge smile crossed her lips.
"Compliance your lordship I will have it prepared after you have prepared yourself and finished your cleaning cycle" it responded.

Coming out of the med bay Amber followed Dickie's instructions to where Jim was. "....... Let me know what you find out" he responded shutting off the com.
"This station is amazing there are weapons, sheilds, systems I have never seen, and though I know what they can do from their general design they seem to be far more advanced than anything I have seen before" she stated in awe.
Beaming with pride Jim looked her over "so feeling better after that nap?"
"Yes, thank you Jim. So any contengencies?" she inquired.
"I've contacted a few of my old command, very trustworthy, it seems you were right this duke is becoming very boisterous since the dissappearance, still more in the shadows then right out in the open, demanding the council put him on the throne, though no official open move yet."

"Good then we still have time, Jim you are the only one I trust right now, I'm putting you in charge." He started to bow then thought better of it he remembering her earlier threat of a flogging. Amber began to giggle as she saw the tall man before her hesitate stopping a bow to her. "Oh yes, why cant I open any of the doors? Dickie can't seem to either" she asked a perplexed look on her soft face.
"Ah, so you noticed," a huge grin spreading across his face, "I am not a big fan of the newer eletronic locks so I have installed physical and eletronic locks to insure more safety."

Amber look at him with a new admiration, 'hhhmmm something I wiil have to look into when I return to the palace'. "So prin.... Amber" he started as she again giggled at his hesitation, "I think we need to take out the Duke first from all I have seen he is the linch pin of this whole plan, problem is he has a constant guard presence around him at all times."
"No, not all the time he is a depraved ,self absorbed, boorish little prick, who has to force his attentions upon women as none will go near him willingly, though it isn't known to the public many in the family know of his depravity but leave him alone as he has a strong standing in the council."

Rubbing his chin he thought long and hard, then a huge smile broke across his face, "I believe I just might have a way to him." Jim looked at Amber before he spoke, "what you are about to hear I know you will keep to yourself but remember I trust her ok?" The girl nodded her head as he turned from her. "Dickie contact the Black Willow,"
"Sir as I remember the last time she said and I quote 'it better be damn important or I'll come for you'" it stated nonchalantly.
"I think saving the empire and possible expunging her record," he looked at Amber as her eyes grew wide and she nodded her head vehemtly, "should be enough don't you think Dickie" he inquired of his special built A.I.
"I do believe that would do it sir."

"How do you know the Black Willow," Amber asked eyes wide in astonishment the Black willow was the most notorious assassian in the entire empire no one knew the identity oo or even if was a man or a woman.
"Let's just say I'm the one who recruited her during the war, she was my most efficient agent for the empire," he replied proudly. "After the war she took her skills on the open market I believe she is worth alot of credits now"

Jim turned as the com crackled a moment later a female voice spoke, "As I told you before Captain this had better be real damn good or you're my next target," she almost growled at him, "it's bad enough you know who I am as a matter of fact you're the ONLY one who knows who I am."
"I thought a chance to completely erase your record might make you jump at the chance" he replied a slight irratation in his voice, "but if you don't want to..." he let his voice tail off and reached to disconnect.

"Hold on a damn minute you called me and now you're just going to cut me off!???" she screamed incredulous, "I should kill you anyway just for irratating me you bastard.
"yes, but they would still be after you wouldn't they?" he smirked knowing she could see him though she sent no video.
Sighing she inquired, "just how do you suppose to do that? as far as I know the only one with that kind of power is the royal family and as if you didn't know they are all missing presumed dead"

"All but one is dead say, hello princess Amber" growling she elbowed him in the ribs as she spoke up.
"Hello Willow I'm not sure of this plan of his but I have put my complete trust in him" she replied.
Hardly able to contain her self Willow started to laugh something she didn't do much anymore and to be honest it felt good, "still pissing off the ladies I see Cap." as she tried to stiffle another laugh.
"You always did have a strange sense of humor didn't you? he asked.
"Only where you were concerned Cap., only where you were concerned." finally unable to hold back she let loose a loud guffaw.
"Ok here's the plan I have so far........

Two weeks later on the outer edge of the imperial capital outside a richly decorated manor three guards carried a bag in the servents entrance, muffled cries could be heard from inside. "Careful with this one she has claws" said a guard with scratches down the side of his face. "Put her in 'the room' the Duke will be along shortly make sure she's in good."
The others laughed and snorted as they took the bag to the lower chambers.
Opening the bag the other two guards grabbed a small agile woman from inside her tousled raven hair flying as they trussed her up in preperation for the Duke. "Leave her clothes on the Duke will enjoy breaking this one."

The girl's eyes went wide as the guard rubbed between between her legs and laughed "get used to it girlie the Duke will enjoy using you over and over if not for that I might have a go at you," as he smacked her trim ass and laughed as she winced.
The guards left and waited for the Duke outside the door as the girl yelled for help. "Is she here?" inquired the Duke as he walked up to the guards.
"Yes sir, trussed up like you like 'em this ones got spirit" replied the guard
"Good it's been too long since I had a chance to break a spirited filly" smiled the Duke with an evil gleem in his eyes, "all of you take a break be back in 3 hours I should have her limbered up by then, then I might let you have whats left of her if I am done" as he wrung his hands in anticipation licking his thin lips he watched the guards leave as he opened the door.

Ah, there she was spread eagled on two cross shaped beams, glaring at him. "So my dear lets get better acquainted." as he reached for her dress with a dagger so he could remove her clothes with out her getting loose, she suddenly snapped out a kick putting him down on the floor as she grasped his arms and tied them behind him. Moaning the Duke couldn't believe his eyes how the hell did the little slut get loose, the bonds were unbreakable the locks unpickable.
"Now Duke" she sneered as she kicked him in the ribs eliciting first a grunt then a groan, "first you should know you've pissed of quite a few people who have the power to really fuck you up but second you really pissed of one who IS going to fuck you up! (not including herself as she had a few issuses with the duke for the rape of her sister.)

"Ha ha ha ha ha you little bitch no one leaves here without my say so I doubt you could fi....... " his small mouth dropped open as she touched a button at her throat and the Duke was staring at himself!! "You doubt I or rather you could do what" the image said with an exact sounding copy of his voice, "I am more than prepared my dear" as the false Duke place a small button shaped pin near his throat and pressed it he felt the air shimmer around him but nothing much else, "now" said the false Duke "you are much more comely" looking closely at the duke she looked for any inperfections. Nodding her head she prodded the 5' 2" Duke to his feet.

"Now to warn you this is my and my ex partners technology (before her and the Captain split after the war) it can do much, much more than just be a holo imager please feel free to piss me off I would be VERY happy to let you sample the more" as an almost evil and mischievous glint came to her eyes that almost reached her lips. "You also might notice that you can't speak or move unless I let you and " she paused to make him move to the door "there is no controller" she smiled a hard line at him "its internal I think it, you die you get it?"
The Duke vigorously shook his head thinking there was still a way to get free from her.

As they left the cell they turned away from the door that led out the Duke becoming confused, heading deeper into the prison area the girl stopped at a wall. Grabbing his arm she reached under her skirt near her thigh and activated a small black box and pulled him through the wall! 'Holy shit who was this woman?' he thought. Walking away from the back of the manor they met almost noone as she could could see how lax his outside security really was. Leading him to a waiting speeder two blocks away. Jim opened the door and nodded to them both as she shoved him in and they departed.
"Dickie is everything ready?" he spoke into his com. "yes sir all is in preperation" Jim smiled at what he knew was to come.

Tied spread eagled to the wall stark naked the Duke was in a panic having been tied here nor hours, didn't anyone miss him? He was the most important person in the empire right now the next emporer for god's sake!! As he waited a side door opened and a tall, intimidating, well dressed and intelligent man stepped through. "I am not an easy going person Duke Gregor, I will ask you, once my friend will ask you once then we will no longer deal in pleasantries, so I will ask you, care to confess your part in the death of the royal family?" The Duke looked at him like he was beneath him and scoffed. "Very well, Amber?" As the princess stepped out through the door the Duke's eyes grew large but he still scoffed and refused to speak.

"Now I will ask what was your part in the assassination of my family?" she shouted with venom in her voice her eyes glaring with almost hate for the pathetic creature before her."One way or another you will confess" the Duke just started laughing at her.
"Do what you will I am immune to ALL truth serums that have ever been made, I am far too important to you to kill ,so you are at a dead end, I will say nothing" he said as he smirked at them, Willow still in her guise as the girl from the planet stood directly in front of him and stated, "ah yes but you would be surprised what you can survive," an evil gleem appearing in her eyes as she looked at the two behind her.

"Go ahead, oh by the way Gregor I would like you to meet The Black Willow" the Duke's mouth dropped agape as he stared at her the most notorious killer alive, no loyalty to anyone. He then smiled "I will pay twice your extra fee to release me and take these two for me. Willow just laughed in his face "there is only one reward you could pay and now it is too late for that, be warned if not for these two I would have already started to skin you a strip of skin at a time while still alive as slowly as I could. You raped my sister 4 years ago while she was on her way home from the palace." The Duke's eyes grew large as his lips began to tremble.

Willow hooked a small metal clip to the bottom of his balls as he wondered what she was doing, the a small and a soft metal clamp around his cock just behind the head. "Now I will ask you Gregor and I WILL enjoy what comes next if you don't answer WHAT PART did you play in this?" she gave him a short jolt before she looked back. The bastard seemed to like it! "Grrrrrrr ok" she cranked up the voltage half way, "enjoy this you sick fucking bastard!!!!" as the current began the flow the Duke howled as it felt like his cock was on fire. Still he refused to talk, again she turned it on, this time slowly increasing th voltage. This time he began to shriek and scream as Willow evilly laughed at his discomfort, "you like it? It's a little invention of his" she nodded to Jim "a most effective form of torture he and I discovered that works just as well on women something I am surprised you didn't come up with."

After he started to scream to stop Willow shut it down watching the slobbering, crying and begging figure of the Duke sag as the current was discontinued. Jim stepped forward and stated "now you will give us the names and the plans of all involved Dickie start recording" he spoke into his com "compliance" it droned. For the next three hours the Duke confessed surprising the princess with who was involved and who wasn't.

Over the next 5 months of the 60 council members, 40 began to disappear one at a time til 3 days before the sixth month, of the disappearance of the shuttle the princess appeared at the gate of the capital city. As she made her way toward the capital of the empire central building, word began to spread quickly that there was a survivor of the royal. Jim rode beside her in the speeder as they approached the building. The last 20 council members were there to greet her.
Standing up in the speeder she announced" I am princess Amber last surviving daughter of the emporer Kenneth I stand before the council to claim what is the birthright of my family."

As many crowded around, a huge cheer went up from the crowd the council stepped forward the oldest spoke " we must have confirmation of your identity" he said as he bowed (though he wasn't certain it was her it was always better to be safe than sorry) a special scan unit with the dna samples of the royal family was brought from a locked and secure vault. As the female tech started to scan her then over her stomach the tech's mouth dropped open and Amber looked at her and mouthed not to say a word, the tech smiled in understanding and stepped back. Straighting up she stated "it is the princess Amber daughter of emporer Kenneth."

A huge cheer again went up from the crowd as the remaining council members all bowed lowed then the rest of the crowd. Amber leaned back against Jim as a wave of nausea swept over her and she stifled a feeling to heave up all over the speeder, concernrd he held her close as many of the council stared open mouthed and cleared the way to make her way into her old home.

not done there is still more

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