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7 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by:
Chapter 22: "Quatern"


"Let's start with the easy stuff," Camille commented to
Trish, as both ladies lounged beside the infinity-edged pool
out back. "How long have you known that you're a lesbian?"

Trish, like Camille, was decked out in a two-piece string
bikini. The sight of these two ladies - as I eavesdropped
on their discussion from the voyeur room - was total eye
candy to me. Trish's bikini was a light blue with white
dots speckled about, while Camille's had flower print designs
with multiple, flashy colors. Trish and Camille, with their
raw sexuality, were most definitely a pair of beautiful,
bombshell divas. No one could ever argue that point.

"I'm not a lesbian," Trish responded, making a face.

Camille appeared amused. "Okay. Okay... you're NOT a
lesbian. How long have you been bi-sexual? Can you tell
me that? How many women have you been with in your lifetime?
That is, before you came to the island?"

Trish pouted and fidgeted about somewhat within the pool
chair. "You are kind of forward with your words, Camille.
I'm not used to people asking me these kind of questions. I
am not quite sure why you are so curious about me, either."

The lovely, busty Mexican shrugged her shoulders. "You
never get anywhere in this world unless you ask questions.
I always believe in being up-front and straightforward with
others. That way, there is no confusion."

"Very well," Trish said flatly. "Before coming to the
island, I had been with two women. I had a wild, one night
fling years ago while I was still attending university with
a close friend of mine. Her name was Victoria."

"Victoria?" I scoffed inside the voyeur room, violently
shaking my head. My ex-fiancee was named Victoria. The
same ex-fiancee who left me standing at the altar in front
of my friends and family for another woman nearly 20 years
ago. Victoria. That was a bad name in my book. Ewwwww...

"Victoria and I had a little too much to drink, though,
and the next morning, she blamed what happened between us
the previous night on all of the alcohol," Trish explained.
"I really kind of shrugged it off myself, though I was not
against the idea of having sex with Victoria again. But
what happened between us totally freaked her out. I guess
you can say that it ruined our friendship forever. Within
just a couple of weeks, it was like we were strangers. It
totally disgusted her that she had sex with another woman.
I kind of liked it, though. I liked being with her. I...
I would have liked to have a loving relationship with her."

"You said there were two women," Camille mused. "Tell
me about the other one now."

"Melina," Trish nodded. "I met her three years ago and,
for whatever reason, there was definitely a very strong and
mutual attraction between us from the start. Though I had
been with Victoria years earlier, it took me hooking up with
Melina to finally realize that I am bi-sexual." Trish took a
deep breath and smiled. "We had a great relationship that
lasted for two-and-a-half years. We were so much in love."

"Why aren't you with Melina anymore?"

Trish frowned and shook her head. "I wanted to spend the
rest of my life with her, but things just did not work out
in the end." Trish frowned again. "Actually, things turned
pretty ugly. We had a series of fights and arguments which
led to our downfall. It was all pretty sad."

"Did your parents and sisters know about Melina?"

"Oh yes, they knew," Trish replied. "My family has always
been extremely supportive of me no matter what I have chosen
to do. They may not have understood why I was bi-sexual,
but the only thing that mattered to them was whether or not I
was happy with Melina. I was, quite obviously, so they were
happy, too. My mom and dad, and my two sisters treated
Melina so well. Melissa, my baby sister, really looked up to
Melina. Actually, my whole family thought of me as a lesbian.
It was cool, though, because none of them ever looked down on
me. My family is really awesome... they were happy for me."

"But you're not a lesbian, right? You are bi-sexual?"

"I adore men," Trish answered. "I absolutely adore them.
I will never be a lesbian because I am so attracted to guys.
If I had stayed with Melina - or even Lindsay - and was never
with a man again for the rest of my life, I'd still consider
myself bi-sexual. I could never cross that line between
being bi-sexual and being a lesbian. It's a big jump to me."

"I told you this last night, but it bears repeating,"
Camille offered. "I'm about as close to being a lesbian as
any woman can possibly be... without actually being one."
She extended all of her fingers and held her right hand just
below her chin. "I've really had it up to here with guys."
Camille shook her head and shivered as if a cold chill went
down her spine. "I've been engaged twice, but both of those
fuckers cheated on me before our wedding was to take place."

"I had a boyfriend before I was with Melina," Trish said.
"His name was Chris. I caught him cheating several times
and finally, I decided to pull the plug on our relationship.
He tried to get me to change my mind for the longest time,
but I wouldn't. Chris told me over and over that I was the
girl for him. If I took him back, I knew he'd cheat again.
I just did want to go through that again."

"Men," Camille sighed, flipping her hand out in a very
negative manner. "If you were the girl for Chris, he would
not have gone out and cheated on you behind your back."

"Exactly," Trish nodded. "But I could never stop liking
guys. I will always like them - no matter what." She took
a swig of her strawberry drink and smiled brightly. "Jeremy
is really, really nice, you know. He's a good guy."

Camille shrugged her shoulders. "Maybe..."

"What do you mean, eh?"

"Guys are NOT to be trusted," Camille told her friend.
"Each time that I start to feel comfortable and have good
thoughts about Jeremy, he does something wrong which makes
me have doubts in my mind again." Inside the voyeur room,
my eyes narrowed at those words as Camille kept talking,
"I cannot believe that he walked out on Amy's birthday party
two nights ago and never came back. That was classless."
Feeling guilty, I sighed and lowered my head. "I have known
plenty of guys in the past who seemed really good and nice
at first. But then they turn out to be total dogs."

"You never have really liked Jeremy from the beginning,"
Trish observed. "Everyone else here is either in love with
Jeremy or thinks of him as incredibly nice and friendly. I
look at Jeremy and think of him as a friend. He and I have
had a couple of really long and insightful conversations.
He has also treated me like a true gentleman should. I have
no problems with him at all. None whatsoever."

"What about when he vanished from Amy's birthday party?"

Trish shrugged her shoulders. "Knowing Jeremy, I am sure
that he had a reason for not coming back. Personally, I
would not pass judgment on him until I heard his side of the
story. It is really none of my business, though, so I doubt
I will ever ask him. Still, I KNOW he had a good, legitimate
reason. Besides... I was not at the party, either."

"You were sick, though," Camille countered.

"Yeah," Trish frowned. "I was..."

"Amy said that Jeremy told her that him and Pamela had an
argument," Camille offered. "That was his reason for not
coming back to the party. I asked Pamela about it, though,
and she would not tell me any details. All Pamela would tell
me is that everything between them is okay now, and that
Devon and Kristanna are part of their relationship now too."

"I think that is wonderful!" Trish grinned. "The four of
them seem to go together really, really well. I really hope
it works out for all of them in the long run."

"I just think that you cannot trust men as far as you can
throw them," the 25-year-old from California mused. "A lot
of it has to do with personal experiences of mine. I can
never see myself falling in love with another man. I find
other women to be much more trustworthy... and sexy."

"What are you going to do over the next three weeks?"
Trish wondered. "We have three more weeks on the island
with Jeremy before it will be time to go home. Are you just
going to do whatever you can to avoid him?"

"I have done a fairly good job of avoiding him thus far,"
Camille commented. "I had sex with him one time - during
that big gang-bang two weeks ago. I do not really count it,
though, since Amy literally had to beg me to go to his room
and take part in the gang-bang. Besides, do you remember
what Jeremy told us during our first couple of days here?"


"We can do whatever we want over the course of these six
weeks," Camille reminded her. "He also said that we do not
have to have sex if we do not want to have sex." She nodded
her head and continued, "I WANT to have sex with the girls,
but I don't think I could say the same about Jeremy anymore.
As I said, each time I start to think of him in a positive
light, he does not something which knocks him back down in
my book. But that is to be expected. He is a man."

"That is kind of narrow-minded, Camille."

"How many times have you had sex with Jeremy?"

"Twice," Trish answered. "The gang-bang, of course, and
the three-some we had with Lindsay where she gave us her
virginity. I haven't had sex with Jeremy in over two weeks."

"You don't like him that way?"

Trish shrugged her shoulders. "I like Jeremy a lot. As I
told you earlier, I consider him a friend. I hope that he
looks at me as a friend, too. If things were different, I
would be REALLY interested in him. But, you know... he is
with his three favorite girls now. I respect that."

"What do you mean if things were different?"

"If I did not fall in love with Lindsay right off the bat
and Kristanna, Devon and Pamela were not so interested in
being with Jeremy," Trish replied. "If he was not focused on
anyone in particular, I would really like to try my hand at
a relationship with Jeremy." Trish nodded her head for
emphasis. "Yes, I would. But Jeremy has hooked up with
Kristanna, Devon and Pamela. I respect that; I am happy for
all four of them should it work out. I see no reason why it
wouldn't. So I will not allow myself to look at Jeremy as
anything more than a friend. A good friend, yes, but a friend
nonetheless. I would never interfere in their relationship
that way. I could never hurt Pamela, Devon or Kristanna like
that, either. All of them have been too good to me."

"You're not going to have sex with Jeremy again?"

"I have no idea how that is going to work out," Trish
spoke. "Is he going to stay monogamous with Kristanna, Devon
and Pamela now that the four of them seem to be building a
relationship together? Or is he still going to play with
the rest of us? Either way, I would be fine. I would like
to have sex with Jeremy again, I guess. I enjoyed both of
my times with him. Neither was one-on-one, though, and I
would really like to see what that is like with him. But if
Kristanna, Devon and Pamela don't want that to happen, I
would be fine with that as well. I would understand. I
just do not want to cause any problems whatsoever."

"I seriously doubt Jeremy will ever PLAY with me again,"
Camille sniped, turning her nose up at the mere idea. "I
cannot see myself hooking up with him again. Not after what
he did to Amy by walking out on her and not coming back. In
my book, at least, that is deplorable. Totally classless.

"I am positive there is a good reason for that," Trish
reiterated. "Jeremy is the one who orchestrated the party
in the first place. Why wouldn't he return to it? There
HAS to be a reason for it beyond the fact that he and Pamela
had an argument. Maybe their argument was THAT huge. But I
simply think there is another reason, too."

"There is only one reason," Camille said. "He is a man."

Offended, I flipped the audio switch for the outdoor pool
off. I had finally heard enough from Camille.

I certainly do not want to say that it was a shame, but
how a woman as beautiful and as stunning as Camille could be
so turned off from men was a great mystery to me. I mean,
Camille had the type of body that dreams were made of. She
stood a tall 5-foot-9 and weighed 135 pounds, with a very
thick, toned frame that hinted at her love for exercise.
With an awe-inspiring figure that measured out to 36d-26-36,
and long-flowing black hair and dark eyes, one could easily
make the case that Camille belonged in a pin-up magazine.
With all of that extreme beauty, though, it was perplexing to
me why Camille had all but sworn off men. She _HATED_ men.

From what I was able to infer over the past couple of
minutes, Camille had been engaged to two different men in
the past. Yet both of them, she had claimed, cheated on her
before the ceremony was to take place. That in and of itself
was a mystery to me. How could anyone cheat on a woman as
gorgeous as Camille? Was there a single woman in all of
California (where she lived) who was more attractive than
Camille? What in the world were those two guys thinking?

Whatever the case, it seems a lot of Camille's disdain
for my gender comes from the fact that both of her ex-fiances
cheated on her. Camille made mention of both guys, but did
not elaborate, other than to say they had cheated on her.

Having been jilted in the past by a fiancee of my own (the
devious Victoria), I understand that Camille must have went
through a great deal of mental pain and anguish. But on the
other hand, there did not seem to be any justification for
Camille to literally swear off _all_ men because of what
two brainless fools had done to her in the past. There are
billions and billions of men in this world, many of whom are
good and decent. Had Camille met any of them yet? Had
Camille even allowed herself to meet any man like that yet?

Thus, I decided that one of my pet projects over the next
few days, and possibly few weeks if necessary, was to become
friends with Camille. I had no hidden agenda with her
whatsoever. I was not looking to seduce Camille, or lie to
her. I simply wanted to be friends with her. I wanted to
prove to her that there were plenty of good men in the world.
I also wanted her to know that _I_ was one of them.

It was not right for Camille to lump my entire gender
together and label us a certain way because of what two guys
had done to her. Or maybe it was more than two guys? Maybe
every single man she had ever met seemed to hurt her one way
or another? Still, that was no reason to give up, or group
everyone together in a negative manner. There are good and
decent men all over the world. Wonderful men. I should
know, simply because I like to consider myself as one.

Most importantly, how many men are out there who would
devote their entire lives to a lovely woman like Camille?
Men who would never cheat on her, never hurt her on purpose?
Men who would do everything in their power to make sure that
there was a smile on Camille's pretty face at all times?
Personally, I think Camille had to search for these types of
men. She had obviously not found one yet. But for that to
happen, Camille had to _allow_ it to happen.

Of course, in no way, shape or form am I implying that
the man for Camille is me. I already have Kristanna, Devon
and Pamela, and they are more than enough for me to handle by
themselves. Rather, I simply wanted to attempt to restore
Camille's faith in men. Could that be done? Maybe... maybe
not. But I believed that it was worth a shot. Why not?
Otherwise, she would continue to bad-mouth me behind my back.
That was something which I did not appreciate at all.

* * *

Today - Monday, June 24, 2013 - was officially the three
week mark of the ladies' visit to my little corner of
paradise here in the South Pacific. Three weeks in, and
three weeks to go. Needless to say, I sure had an eventful
time with all of them thus far.

There were nagging issues to be found everywhere, but I
suppose that only was natural. How could you toss seven
beautiful women together in a confined area for an extended
period of time, and not expect even minor issues and
squabbles to arise? Again, it only seemed natural. At the
current time, though, I faced two problems that were anything
but minor. They were major and quite serious, and had the
potential to turn monumental at any given time.

Number one, Amy was still incredibly angry that everyone -
except Camille - walked out on her birthday party two nights
ago. Trish did not even show up to it. Trish had asked me
days prior if she could skip it because she did not want to
subject herself to being around Lindsay that particular
evening. I told Trish that she could, but only if she stayed
in her bedroom and played _sick_ the entire day. She agreed.
Amy was not too pleased that Trish no-showed.

Of course, Lindsay made several ignorant comments that
evening about _Chicken of the Sea_ canned tuna and if the
ingredients found within were actually something different.
Mostly everyone was laughing hysterically at her misguided
words, so she became quite upset and thus, stormed out of the
dining room. I felt the need to go after Lindsay and find
her - I wanted to bring her back to the party - but that set
off a chain of events that sent things spiraling downhill.

I was under the impression that Pamela became upset herself
because of something that Kristanna and Devon did, so she
decided to leave the party as well. Moments later, Kristanna
felt the need to leave so she could try and find me. Soon,
Devon went off searching for the both of us. And all of a
sudden, Amy was left with no one but Camille at her party.

Amy was fuming at everyone whom she believed had wronged
her that particular evening, but I was her primary target.
Since coming across Amy very early yesterday morning in the
kitchen when she let her feelings be known, she had
subsequently refused to speak to me. Amy even went as far
as to completely ignore my presence throughout the remainder
of the day yesterday, and then all of today. I tried
talking to her on two different occasions so I could offer
up more apologies, but she simply would not have it.

Everyone ditching her birthday party really upset Amy
(for good reason, obviously), and the person she held the
most responsible for what happened was none other than yours
truly. Amy was at a point right now, it seemed, where she
_loathed_ me. It was quite troubling for me to say the
least, but I really had no one to blame for it except myself.

Since the party's unravelling, Amy had spent most of her
time with Camille. Camille, of course, was the only one who
did not walk out on her. Amy was pretty upset with everyone,
acting aloof and disinterested toward her counterparts here
on the island all of yesterday and today. And the sad thing
was, not all of them even understood what they had done to
anger Amy in the first place. Some of the ladies figured
that she was having a bad couple of days, and chalked it up
to that. After all, Amy had been known to be quite moody.

The other major issue that I found myself burdened with
was the newfound side of herself that Lindsay had been
exploring in recent times with Amy. A Bible-touting virgin
a mere three weeks ago, Lindsay was now a sexual submissive
for Amy who enjoyed being placed into hardcore bondage and
having her body beaten by painful whips and straps.

First it was Pamela, and then Kristanna. Both pleaded
with me to step in and put an end to what was transpiring
between Lindsay and Amy. Basically, they claimed that Amy
was simply using Lindsay without any thought or consideration
for her as a person. They were worried that Amy was leading
the young and impressionable Lindsay down a path in life that
she should not have been traveling. And they feared that
eventually, Lindsay would be unable to find her way back.

While I agree that the BDSM games that Lindsay and Amy
seemed to enjoy together were more than a bit disturbing and
troublesome, I still would have preferred to keep my distance
and let them do as they please. It was all consensual -
Lindsay told me so herself - and it was their business. What
possible right did I have to intervene if both of them were
content and in agreement with everything they did together?

However, Amy crossed the proverbial line recently when she
informed Lindsay that once they returned to their hometown of
Cincinnati, she was going to _give_ the burgeoning submissive
to her group of five black boyfriends for their sexual use
and enjoyment. Amy even told Lindsay that she planned on
_selling_ her to others for a financial profit.

After hearing those words, I really had no choice but to
step in and do something. I do not believe Lindsay realized
the slippery slope that she seemed to be on here. Kristanna
told me over and over again that I had to _protect_ Lindsay
from not only Amy, but also herself. Kristanna was right.
Amy was attempting to use Lindsay's youth and inexperience
to mold her into something that she had no business being.

But, I still found myself at the same impasse where I was
several days ago. I had no idea how to approach Lindsay and
have this discussion with her. I did not know how I could
tell her something she enjoyed doing was in fact horribly
wrong, and could damage and alter her for the rest of her
life, without coming across as too parental and perhaps
upsetting her. Again, who I was to tell Lindsay how to live
her life? What right did I have to do so?

If there was one good thing that stemmed from the debacle
that was Amy's birthday party, it was that one of the people
she was really angry at was Lindsay. Mind you, Amy felt much
more bitter toward me. But Lindsay was on her list, too.
She was the first to walk out on the party, and Amy had not
forgotten that. Thus, she had not spoken to Lindsay since.

What that meant, of course, was that Lindsay and Amy had
not done anything sexual with each other in two days.
Judging by Amy's attitude lately, it may be several more
days or even a week before she conceivably starts even
talking to Lindsay again - let alone have sex with her. So,
I had a bit of a reprieve here. I had some extra time to
formulate an action plan and come up with ideas on just how
to present my case to Lindsay.

The hesitation that I felt was quite simple, really. I
feared that I would come across in the wrong way, and
ultimately upset Lindsay and cause her to be angry at me.
Plus, I honestly did not know what to say - or just how to
say it. That was the biggest problem.

* * *

"I cannot believe that it took me this long to finally
realize that you and I belong together," I said to Kristanna
later that evening, as she and I relaxed upon the bed in our
private suite. Yes, _our_ private suite. Kristanna and I
were officially room-mates, and hopefully Devon and Pamela
would be joining the brigade soon.

Lying flat on my back, I gazed up at the ceiling as
Kristanna, who was nestled all nice and snug beside me,
rubbed her right hand over and across my chest several times.
"I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Krissy."

Kristanna smiled at my heartfelt, genuine remarks. "You
know, Jeremy... you are the perfect man in my eyes, and Devvy
is the perfect woman. It has been my ultimate dream in life
to have both a husband AND a wife." Kristanna giggled.
"That sounds crazy, I know, but it is what I want." She
patted me on the shoulder and added, "Look at you. What man
would not jump at the opportunity to have two wives? If
things work out with Pamela, you may even have three!"

"I do not deserve three wives the looks and likes of which
that are personified by you, Devon and Pamela," I grinned.
"I do not even deserve one."

Kristanna pecked my cheek with a kiss. "Yes... you do."
Suddenly, she pouted at me in an very exaggerated manner and
whined, "Jeremy, I am hungry. Can you get me anything?"

"A sandwich from the kitchen?"

Kristanna's depressed expression suddenly turned playful.
"I need me some MUFF."

"Some muff?" I laughed at her. "You want a woman?"

"I really want some muff tonight," Kristanna pouted, again
putting on one of her patented comedic performances for me.
"But Devvy-wevvy-girl is with lickable-Lindsay, and assey-Amy
is sharing a room with straight-as-a-circle Camille. Lest we
forget, pretty-pretty-Pamela is with kissy-Trishy. All of
that hot MUFF is spoken for right now. What's a girl to do?"

"How about some strudel instead?"

Kristanna giggled hysterically at my moniker for the male
penis. "You are a funny man, Jeremy! Very funny!"

"You gave nicknames for everyone but yourself," I told her.
"How about kooky-Kristanna?" I laughed and added, "Nah... I
think I will stick with Kristanna or Krissy."

"I do not care what people call me - Kristanna, Krissy,
Kris... even Krista or Kristy. Any variation is fine."

"Kristanna is such a pretty name, though," I countered.
"It just rolls off my tongue so easily. Kris...tanna."

"Peaches," she smirked. "You called me _peaches_ earlier
today. I kind of liked it."

"You're sweet as a peach," I informed her. "Name fits."

"I'll call you _cough syrup_ from now on."

I raised an eyebrow at her. "Cough syrup?"

"I'm sweet as a peach. You are sour like cough syrup."

I shook my head as Kristanna laughed at her own joke.
"You sure are something else, woman."

Kristanna again shrugged her shoulders and offered me a
coy expression. "I'll be cock-sucking-Kristanna."


Kristanna laughed at my reaction. "Look at what our
conversation has deteriorated into. X-rated material!"

"Is that such a bad thing?"

"No..." she returned, her expression playful and demure.
"Sometimes residing in the gutter isn't all that bad."

I traded a series of smiles with Kristanna, then hugged
her. "You are most definitely one-of-a-kind."

"Yes!" the Nordic goddess chirped, pressing her lips to
mine for a loving, pleasure-filled kiss. "Hmmmmm."

I smiled. "Tonight, my dear, it is a Kris...tanna and
Jeremy type of night. You and me. I am gonna give you
something special tonight. You are all I want tonight."
Soon, my mouth closed over top of hers for another kiss.

Kristanna moaned with arousal as I soon began to grope and
massage her breasts with both of my hands, kneading the ripe,
taut flesh through the thin night-shirt she had on. A mere
instant later, Kristanna's hands were roaming my back - her
fingernails scraping my own skin in a tantalizing manner -
as she returned my heated kiss with one of her own.

As things began to intensify between us, I rolled on top
of Kristanna and really bore down on her mouth with my own.
My tongue had shifted into high gear, and suddenly I was
kissing her with mad passion and unquenchable lust.

The 23-year-old vixen responded to my strong advances by
wrapping her arms around my shoulders, and squeezing tightly.
I tilted my face to the side, allowing myself better access
to her mouth. Then, I literally jammed my tongue clear down
her luscious, velvety throat - wanting to taste all of her.
As a result, Kristanna moaned and sighed in delight.

The erotic sounds subsided momentarily as I broke off our
shared kiss, only to press my mouth to her neck and nibble
away on it. Kristanna purred out in satisfaction as she
brought her hands to my head, and ran her fingers throughout
my hair. She tilted her head backward upon the mattress,
allowing me better access to her tender, delicate neck.

"Oh yes... I like that," the lust bunny cooed out. "Oh
yes, Jeremy... that feels so good. I like that a lot."

"I like it too, sweetheart," I breathed, while in the
process of literally devouring her neck. Soon, I slid a
bit lower and nibbled on her collarbone and shoulder.

Kristanna let out another squeal as I lifted her thin
night-shirt up, and over, her head, exposing her firm, bare
breasts. My mouth went lower yet again, but this time came
to a halt once reaching one of those ripe, juicy nipples.
Obviously, Kristanna had foregone the use of a bra. I was
delighted that she did not have any panties on, either...

Kristanna cooed and sighed in approval as I squeezed that
breast with my right hand, while taking its nipple into my
mouth. I trapped the sensitive bud between my teeth and
tugged on it ever-so-gently, while flicking my tongue over
and across it in a leisurely manner.

I continued paying oral homage to that breast for quite
some time, until offering Kristanna's lush cleavage a full
swipe with my tongue. I did it once more, then moved my
mouth even lower and dabbed my tongue in-and-out of
Kristanna's belly button several times in succession.

"Are you going where I think you're going?" my precious
angel asked me, a happy tent to her squealy voice. "The pot
at the end of the rainbow? The land _down under_?"

"You're very perceptive, dear," I replied, before sneaking
my head between her thighs and offering her exposed slit a
full, sweeping lick with my tongue. Kristanna's body tensed
as she growled in response, and then she dug her fingers into
my scalp once more and massaged me there.

"It's all pink and pretty down here," I quietly mused,
giving the young woman's slit another lash with my tongue.
"All pink and pretty... and VERY delicious. Hmmmmm... muff."

Once my tongue started swirling in a continual fashion
on her tiny nub of a clitoris, Kristanna's body tensed and
she let out a series of loud, hoarse moans. Those sounds of
of passion and sheer arousal were absolute music to my ears.

Kristanna squealed as I latched onto her hips with both
hands, holding them tightly. Soon, she clamped her thighs
together around my head - which I _LOVE_ - and let out her
loudest, most intense growl of passion yet.

"You like that, honey?" I asked, my tongue only pausing
long enough to say those words.

"Hmmmmm..." was the sound Kristanna offered in return.

I chuckled and said, "I'll take that in a positive way."

"You should."

An instant later, I added two fingers to the mix as they
joined forces with my tongue. It was at this point in time
when Kristanna and her loud sounds of arousal became more
prevalent and continuous. Again, it was music to my ears.

With Kristanna's fingers knotted in my hair, she soon
clamped her muscular thighs even tighter around my head and
really started to bellow out her passion. Her knees bent,
she placed her feet upon my back and used it as a way to
lift herself, and arch her torso high off the bed.

When I added a third finger to the hot, erotic parade,
Kristanna simply lost control of herself.

Her screams and cries of passion flooded my senses as the
orgasmic juices flowed from within her pussy. Of course, I
lapped up all of that delicious nectar with my tongue. I can
say nothing about her juice, except for it had a very sweet
taste. But what else would one expect from Kristanna?

Once the blonde's body finally settled back down upon the
mattress, she released that vise-grip with her thighs (around
my head) and let out a content, satisfied sigh.

"Oh wow..." Kristanna murmured as I withdrew my head from
the joining of her thighs. "That was wonderful, Jeremy."

"It was for a wonderful person, dear," I said, leaning up
and offering her mouth a slow, languid kiss. "You."

Kristanna grasped my aching, rock-solid erection through
the trousers I wore and pumped it rather harshly. "Hmmmmm...
maybe it is time for me to re-pay you for going oral on me."

Kristanna hesitated for a moment, her eyes trained on my
face, then pressed her lips to mine and kissed me in the most
tender of fashions. Within my body, a sense of unspeakable
love seemed to wash over me all at once. I cannot even begin
to stress what this incredible woman meant to me.

"Hmmmmm..." the exotic temptress purred, withdrawing her
lips from mine for a short second. Kristanna heightened the
intensity on my cock, however, gripping and squeezing it
roughly through the pair of trousers that I had on.

She offered me another kiss, then pulled back and studied
my face for a moment. I am quite positive that Kristanna saw
a look of lust and undying devotion in my eyes. She enjoyed
it, too, because her lips were soon kissing mine yet again.

"Oh God..." I moaned against our kiss, as she unbuttoned
my trousers and dug her right hand down deep into them. A
sudden rush of pleasure cascaded throughout my body as she
then slid that hand into my briefs, and found the naked flesh
of my throbbing cock. Kristanna busily frigged it while
slipping her warm, soft tongue into my mouth for a taste.
At the same time, she rose to her feet, but kept her lips to
mine by maintaining a full, bent-over posture.

With her left hand, Kristanna grasped my right and pulled
it toward one of her taut, heavenly breasts. She placed my
hand onto it and offered a soft nudge, which instinctively
caused me to cup and squeeze the lovely mound of flesh.

She broke our kiss and offered me a very playful smile.
Kristanna then pecked my cheek with her lips, and trailed
them down to my neck. Shivers resulted as she nibbled on
the sensitive skin of my neck, her hand still frigging my
erection. My hand, however, seemed to lose contact with
her breast. That was unfortunate.

Then, I growled like a madman as Kristanna slowly but
surely dropped to her knees in front of me. She reached
upward and placed her right hand upon my chest, then trailed
it all the way down to my waist in a very sensuous manner.

"Just call this my late, after-dinner snack," Kristanna
cooed, pulling my trousers and briefs downward. "Strudel!"

"Oh God..." I moaned once more, as my hard cock sprung
out and wobbled before Kristanna's adoring blue eyes.
Grinning, she offered me one more glance before latching
onto my shaft with her hand and squeezing firmly.

"You could have this from me, as well as Devvy-wevvy-girl
and pretty-pretty-Pamela, every single night of your life
from now on," the vibrant enchantress purred, an instant
before opening her mouth and literally swallowing the full
length of my cock into it. I tossed my head back and moaned
wildly as Kristanna began to bob back-and-forth on my aching
member, her hot, skillful mouth working my entire body into
a dizzying, passionate frenzy.

Perched upon her knees here in the bedroom, Kristanna was
absolutely ravenous and insatiable, her velvety mouth gliding
back-and-forth across my erection as if it were her first meal
in weeks. Indeed, Kristanna was the ideal woman for me. But
the same could be said for Devon, too. Devon was the ideal
woman for me as well. Pamela, too! All three of these
ladies were perfect in my eyes.

Sounds of pure passion and hunger were emanating from deep
within Kristanna's throat as her blonde head continued on
with its wicked, non-stop bobbing motion. Soon, I had to
place both hands behind me and lean upon the bed. Without
its support, I may have toppled over.

There were so many emotions running throughout my body at
this moment in time. The reason for that, of course, was
because I loved Kristanna so very much. I wanted to spend
the rest of my life with her! Why did it take me such a long
time to finally arrive at that realization?

Kristanna gripped the base of my cock with her right hand
and squeezed it roughly, her pretty eyes flashing with wanton
desire as she withdrew its length from the confines of her
mouth. The 23-year-old looked up at me and smiled warmly.
Now, Kristanna seemed to know that she had me curled around
her finger - as if she did not know it already.

"Oh yes," Kristanna grinned, her hand now a blur as she
frigged my erection. "Are you gonna cum for me, big boy?
Are you gonna shoot it all over my face? Yes! Cum for me!
Come on, Jeremy... cum for me. Cum all over my face!"

"OHHHHH!" I roared out in arousal, as the first jet of
thick, gooey sperm erupted from within my shaft and landed
on Kristanna's forehead. The second followed, hitting her
square in the nose. Kristanna then took my cock back into
her mouth and sucked on it fiercely, coaxing the third and
fourth explosions in rapid-fire succession. My knees weak,
my entire body vibrated in the sensations. Unbelievable...

"Hmmmmm," Kristanna growled, her lips still snugly wrapped
around my shaft, as she squeezed every last ounce of semen
out of it with her hand. God... what a wonderful, glorious
feeling! Finally, Kristanna withdrew my satisfied cock from
her mouth and offered me yet another winning smile.

The gobs of semen I had sprayed all over my sweetheart's
face had saturated it completely. Her face was covered with
my wet, sticky juices, and she was obviously enjoying it.
Kristanna was always smiling when she had cum on her face...

Kristanna nodded her head at me and said, "I know what I
want, Jeremy, and you're gonna give it to me." She then
rose to her feet and turned her back to me. Now glancing
back over her shoulder, Kristanna leaned over slightly at the
waist, jutting her magnificent ass outward. She twitched
her hips seductively, flaunting that ass for my appreciative
eyes, and said in her most sultry tone, "Fuck me, Jeremy."

A tremendous amount of life and energy suddenly forged
its way into my cock. It was as if my shaft was a balloon,
and it was being pumped full of air by a helium machine.
Kristanna's words and actions were the primary reason for
that, too. In fact, they were the _sole_ reason.

"Fuck me, Jeremy," the Norwegian purred, still glancing
over her shoulder at me, her hips rolling and undulating in
a slow, wicked manner. "Come on... fuck me. Put your cock
in my pussy. Pound me with your cock! Do it! Do it now!"

That was it.

With an animalistic growl, I stepped forward and latched
onto Kristanna's hips with both hands, then thrusted my cock
hard and fast into the silken depths of her little pussy.
Kristanna tensed up for a brief moment, then placed her hands
upon the nearby night-table and held on tight, using it for
support, before glancing over her shoulder at me once again.

"Fuck me, Jeremy!" she demanded. "FUCK ME NOW!"

I did not need any further coaxing. My hips were already
a blur as I hammered myself in-and-out of Kristanna at a very
powerful, blazing rate of speed. Almost on cue, Kristanna
began with her verbal tirade, which had never failed to get
me even more excited than I already was while with her.

"GOD, YES! YES! Fuck me! Fuck me! HMMMMM... pound me
with that big cock! Hurt me with it, Jeremy! Yes! FUCK

My whole body was seemingly in a different reality as I
drilled Kristanna with every last ounce of strength I could
muster. I could not believe, at this time at least, how I
could have possibly survived without luxuriating in this
magnificent body of hers for the first 36 years of my life.
Even more amazing was the simple fact that it took me an
extra three years before I finally came to my senses and
realized that I wanted her in my life. She was an angel!

"HMMMMM... FEELS SO GOOD!" Kristanna continued, her cries
and screams echoing loudly throughout the suite. "FEELS SO

The sound that my pelvis made as it crashed hard into
Kristanna's upturned ass with every forward stroke was
violent, and almost scary. I was certain that I had never
pounded her pussy with this type of excessive force before.
I was not afraid of hurting her, though. This was what
Kristanna wanted. She wanted me to be forceful with her.

Of course, we were in the most naughty of positions, too.
Kristanna's legs were widespread and she was bent at the
waist, holding onto the night-stand, as I battered into her
from behind. I wondered if the other ladies in the mansion
could hear us. We were making quite a ruckus...

"You know what, Jeremy?" Kristanna asked, her voice now
low and controlled, yet still tented with erotic passion.
"This is OHHHHH... how the rest of our lives are going to
be! We are gonna get married, and we're gonna have sex like
wild animals from now until the end of eternity. Better than
that, we're gonna have LOTS and LOTS of children together!"

In response to those words, my body received a new, even
greater burst of energy. Where it came from, I do not know.
But as a result, Kristanna was the beneficiary.


My breathing ragged, it felt as if my body was going to
spontaneously combust. My head literally in the clouds, I
gave Kristanna everything I possibly could in terms of power
and effort. It was only a matter of seconds before her
words proved to be prophetic. Kristanna screamed out in an
intense orgasm, while I lost grip of my own self-control.

The action hit a fever pitch once I pistoned my cock into
her swollen, little pussy one final time. An instant later,
I roared out - screaming at the top of my lungs - while
depositing a fresh batch of sperm into the vixen's exquisite
pussy. I pumped my thick seed into her womb for several
seconds, while both of us continually rocked and rumbled
together in the throes of sweet orgasm and release.

Before I knew what happened next, Kristanna had dislodged
her pussy from my shaft and dutifully dropped to her knees.
She then swallowed my cock whole, and began to milk whatever
juices remained in it down her hungry, greedy throat.

Kristanna then wrapped both arms around my waist and held
on tight even as I took a few steps back, so I could lean
against the wall. That exquisite mouth, of course, never
once released its warm, slippery grip upon my deflated shaft.

I then took a deep breath and sighed in pure satisfaction,
while glancing downward and admiring Kristanna's blonde head
as she still slurped away on my cock. I touched her face
and caressed it with my right hand, which caused her to look
up at me with an overwhelming sense of devotion in her eyes.

"I love you, Jeremy!" she cried, a thick, gooey strand of
sperm dangling from her chin in a very nasty, obscene manner.
"God, Jeremy... I've always loved you! And I always will!"

As Kristanna swallowed my lifeless shaft and began working
it over with her mouth again, a feeling of love to overtake
my body all at once. I realized that everything I had spent
all 39 years of my life desperately searching for was now -
_FINALLY_ - right in front of me. Yes, the search was over.
Thanks to Kristanna, Devon and Pamela, the search was over.

"I love you too, Kristanna."

Suddenly, there were a series of knocks on the door.

Kristanna scurried to retrieve her thin night-shirt and
literally tossed it over her head and onto her luscious body.
She quickly reached down and picked up my trousers, which had
been lying upon the floor, and motioned for me to put them
on. Once I had my trousers on and in place, Kristanna turned
her total attention toward the adjacent entrance and called
out, "Whomever it is... come on in."

"DEVVY!" Kristanna squealed seconds later, overcome with
joy, as the main door to our suite swung open.

"And Pamela, too," I observed.

"Is it okay if we come in?" Devon inquired.

"Devvy!" Kristanna exclaimed, offering her a fake pout.
"This is as much your room as it is ours! There is no need
for you to ever knock or ask if it's okay to come inside."

"We did not want to intrude," Pamela offered.

"My God... neither of you could EVER intrude on us,"
Kristanna insisted. "Step right in!"

As Devon and Pamela made their way into our spacious room,
I smiled at them and greeted, "Something up, ladies?" Where
was Trish and Lindsay? According to Kristanna, Trish had
been spending time with Pamela, and Lindsay with Devon.

Devon strolled over to Kristanna and grasped both of her
hands with her own. "I just wanted to tell you how happy I
am that you and Jeremy finally reached this point in your
relationship." Pamela stepped back and moved off to the
side as Devon gleefully continued, "The two of you are like
a dream come true! You seem so right for one another."

"It has been an interesting past two days," Kristanna
murmured. "That's for sure."

"You are the ideal wife for any man, Krissy." Devon was
bubbling with positive emotion. She seemed totally overjoyed
at the recent shift in my relationship with Kristanna. What
this told me was that Devon was not the selfish type at all.
Despite her strong feelings for me, Devon was genuinely happy
for us. It did not faze her one bit that the first woman I
chose to pursue an _official_ relationship with was Kristanna
instead of her. Of course, the eventual plan was for Devon,
as well as Pamela, to have equal standing in the relationship
with Kristanna as well. But that was going to require a lot
of work from all involved to execute and make into a reality.

"I can just imagine what you will look like with a wedding
dress on!" Devon gushed at Kristanna, pulling her hands to
her midriff and squeezing them tightly. "You will look so
radiant and beautiful! Hmmmmm... I can envision it now."

Kristanna turned her face away from Devon for a brief
instant and even blushed at those complimentary words. It
was not all that often when someone would catch Kristanna
off-guard or unprepared with a comment like that. It was
even more rare when Kristanna blushed at anything.

"How about Jeremy in a tuxedo?" Devon purred in a very
lush, sultry tone, her pretty blue eyes now fixated on me.

I chuckled at her suggestive demeanor, but then frowned.
"I haven't worn a tuxedo since my FIRST wedding day."

Kristanna placed her hand on my back and rubbed it over
and across my shoulder blades. "I promise you one thing,
Jeremy - you will eventually forget that Victoria ever hurt
you. Even more than that, you will totally forget that she
ever existed in the first place. That is our mission right
now. Is is our goal as a group. Devvy, Pamela and I will
wipe Victoria from your memory completely."

Pamela, whose left arm and hand had been hidden behind her
back since she entered the suite, suddenly revealed it and
presented Kristanna with a single red rose. "I picked this
for you out back," Pamela explained. "It was the closest
thing that I could come up with for a present, considering
we're on a remote island with no places to shop. More than
anything, the thought is there. Consider it a present from
me for finally hooking up with Jeremy."

"Oh... thank you!" Kristanna gushed, taking the red rose
from Pamela and sniffing its petals. "I just love roses! Do
you know that after Jeremy and I met for the first time...
once I went home, he had _120_ roses shipped to my farm in
Norway? Ten dozen roses! Momma and Papa did not know what
to think! I did not know what to think, either. Momma
wanted to know if I had gotten engaged, or something!"

"Every woman loves roses," Pamela cooed. "I know I do."

Devon laughed. "If someone sent me 120 roses, I guarantee
you that he - or she, whatever the case - would definitely be
GETTING SOME from me the next time we got together." Those
words seemed to pique my interest as Devon ended with a
happy, cheery giggle, "I can promise you that!"

"Let me go and put this into some water," Kristanna said,
referring to the gift rose, as she stood up and then walked
over to the adjacent washroom. "Looks like I'll be getting
Devvy 120 roses a couple of times a week from now on," she
joked. "It will be my way to GET SOME on demand!"

Devon waited for Kristanna to enter the doorway and then
disappear before turning and giving me her patented, genuine
smile which I had never once failed to find captivating. "I
am so happy for you, Jeremy! So happy! I cannot say that
enough! I realized from the very first day that I met
Krissy, you and her belong together."

I grasped Devon's left hand with my right, then brought it
to my lips and offered up a gentle, soothing kiss. "How are
things with you, sweetheart? We have not all the opportunity
to talk all that much as of late. You seem... vibrant."

"I'm just happy that you and Krissy are together," Devon
swooned. "I have known she wanted to be with you from the
very outset. She told me herself her second day here. I...
I'm happy. I'm happy! I'm happy for both of you!"

"Where is Trish and Lindsay?" I not only asked Devon, but
Pamela as well. "I was under the impression that the two of
you were spending time with them tonight?"

"Lindsay was feeling tired and went to sleep," Devon
responded. "Pamela said that Trish was going to take a
bubble-bath." My senses suddenly aroused, Devon added, "I
met up with Pamela in the kitchen, and we both decided to
come here and pay you and Krissy a surprise visit."

"Amy and Camille are together right now," Pamela mused.
"They have their own little faction going on at the moment.
Amy has been in a bad mood all day. I don't know why. She
was all moody and grumpy yesterday too, for that matter."

With those words, I momentarily hung my head low and
sighed. _I_ knew precisely why Amy was in a bad mood...

"HEY!" Devon screeched, an instant after getting clocked
upside the head with a pillow. I turned and watched as
Kristanna, who must have snuck back into our bedroom, laughed
and snickered in triumph after hitting Devon with the pillow.
Needless to say, it was done in a very safe, playful manner.

In retaliation, Devon grabbed the nearest pillow and took
a wild swing at Kristanna. It landed on her stomach, which
prompted Kristanna to blast Devon upside the head yet again.
The whimsical Norwegian quickly followed that up by jumping
onto Devon and tackling her to the mattress. I watched with
a grin across my face as the two ladies wrestled and played
together for several seconds. Soon, Kristanna attached her
lips to Devon's mouth for a kiss, and devoured it whole.

"HEY!" It was my turn to say that as, out of the blue, a
pillow came crashing onto my own face. I turned and glared
at Pamela, who was now laughing and giggling up a storm.

When I made a move to lunge at her, Pamela screeched out
and scurried away from me. I went chasing after Pamela and
eventually tracked her down on the opposite side of the
suite. With Pamela cornered against the wall, I grabbed a
nearby sofa cushion and was about to re-pay her.

Suddenly, the back of my head was assaulted with a pillow,
quickly followed by the back of my knees. Not expecting it,
I crumpled down to the floor, then turned and watched as the
duo of Kristanna and Devon began to pepper various portions
of my body with pillows. Pamela grabbed the aforementioned
sofa cushion and blasted me with it as well. My knees bent
and raised, I used my hands and arms to shield my face as the
three ladies took their shots at me. Again, everything was
done in a very playful sort of manner. This was all in fun.

"I give up!" I exclaimed, laughing. "I surrender! I give
up! Where is the white flag when I need it?"

Fortunately, Kristanna, Devon and Pamela had mercy on me.
When the incoming pillow/cushion shots ceased, Kristanna sat
up and took on a rather serious expression. "Okay, Mister
Jeremy... it is now time for your sentencing!"

"My sentencing?" I asked, my eyebrows raised.

"You surrendered," she explained. "You are our prisoner.
You've been tried and convicted of being a sex machine!"

"He's a _Sybian_!" Devon exclaimed, giggling.

Kristanna nodded her head at me and proclaimed, "You are
sentenced to 50 years of marriage - to ME, DEVVY AND PAMELA!
During that time, you will _SPREAD YOUR SEED_ and get all
three of us pregnant on more than one occasion! Three or
four times each, to be precise. That is for me, at least."

"Spread my seed?"

Devon and Pamela both snickered as Kristanna added, "When
the 50 year term is up, you will serve an additional sentence
of marriage - this one lasting for ALL OF ETERNITY - as me,
you, Devvy and Pamela live on that big island in the sky."

I laughed at her. "You're nuts, Kristanna. Just nuts.
I don't think a marriage with all three of you would qualify
as a _sentence_. It definitely would not be a punishment."

"Just think, Jeremy!" Kristanna gushed. "Think of our
children. Why... they could have my perfect, sexy body...
and your big, fat, ugly head! Wouldn't that be a sight!"

I laughed again. "That wasn't very nice!"

Kristanna made a face and offered me some mock empathy by
saying, "Oh... you poor baby. Did I hurt your feelings?"

I flashed a playful pout. "A little."

"Do you think a kiss would make you feel any better?"

I eagerly nodded my head at her. "Yes, I do."

Kristanna smiled. "Give Jeremy a kiss, Devvy."

I was expecting that cheer-me-up kiss to come from
Kristanna herself, but had no complaints once Devon found my
lips with her own for a tongue-laced exchange. Realizing
that this woman had aspirations of spending the rest of her
life with me as well, I wrapped my arms around Devon and
embraced her quite lovingly. I must confess that Devon
really, truly seemed _at home_ in my arms. I got the feeling
that she sort of belonged there.

"Can I kiss him, too?" Pamela asked Kristanna.

"Sure... go right ahead!"

Once Devon retracted her lips from my own, they were
immediately replaced by Pamela's. The kiss that Pamela and I
shared was slow and languid, but also very pleasurable. I
found myself with my right hand on the small of her back,
and my left arm also encircling her shoulders. Of course, I
got the immediate sense that Pamela belonged here as well.

"Have you been sucking cock again?" Devon asked Kristanna,
once their lips parted from their own private kiss. "You've
got cum splattered all over your mouth. I can taste it."

Kristanna smiled at her. "Tastes good... doesn't it?"

"Oh yes," Devon agreed, grinning. "Very good."

Kristanna shot me a playful gaze and cooed, "If there is
a cock around, rest assured that I'll be happy to suck it."

"What about a pussy?" Devon purred.

Kristanna looked at her and responded, "This mouth of mine
is a full-service, equal-opportunity mouth." She glanced at
Pamela and said, "Why don't you spend the night with us? You,
me, Devvy and Jeremy... we could all fall asleep together in
the big bed. How about it?"

Pamela blushed and smiled, but shook her head. "No... I
think I'll pass." She shook her head again. "I'm not ready
to jump head-first into things like you and Devon are. You
and Devon already had a strong commitment and relationship
with each other before all this talk of a group marriage came
about for me. I need a little more time to get acclimated."

Kristanna thought things over for a moment, then nodded
her head and offered Pamela a reassuring smile. "We do not
need to have sex. The four of us could stay up and talk for
awhile, then just fall asleep. That would be fine."

"I don't want to rain on your parade, so to speak," Pamela
countered, again shaking her head. "If you want to have sex
with Jeremy and Devon, Kristanna, by all means... go ahead.
I'll go back to my room. I'll be perfectly okay."

"And let you spend the whole night all by yourself?" Devon
exclaimed. "I don't think so! You can stay with us tonight,
Pamela. Seems as if Krissy has invited you to spend the
night with us. You don't want to disappoint her... do you?"

"Maybe Trish is done with her bubble-bath by now," Pamela
mused. "I would not have to spend the night alone."

"Stay with us!" Kristanna encouraged her, even pleading.
I loved how she had extended her lower lip, and was giving
Pamela a highly exaggerated pout for added emphasis. In
fact, I found it to be incredibly sexy!

"I love to talk," was my offering, as I looked at Pamela.
"A lot of times, I enjoy honest conversation more than sex.
But I think that you should know that about me by now."

Pamela nodded her head. "Yes, I do know that." Next, she
let out a tiny giggle. "I slept here in that wonderful bed
two weeks ago. Now I get to do it again? The bed was so
comfortable." Pamela tapped a finger on her chin as if she
was deep in thought. "Hmmmmm... sounds like a plan."

"So are you going to spend the night?" Kristanna inquired.

Pamela grinned and answered, "Yes, I am. To talk."

"What are we going to talk about?" Devon wondered.

"Ohhhhh... let's talk about how beautiful and how much of
a sweetheart you are," I said in response to Devon, curling
my arm around hers and gently pulling her down to the bed
with me. I planted a simple kiss on the side of her head
as Kristanna tenderly caressed her kneecap at the same time.

"We could go on FOREVER about how beautiful Devvy is, and
what a sweetheart she is," Kristanna told me, grinning.

I nodded my head at her. "There are not enough words and
adjectives to accurately describe just how much."

Devon giggled and playfully slapped my shoulder. "Oh...
stop it, Jeremy! You and Krissy are too much!"

"Just telling the truth," Kristanna gently offered, before
turning Devon's face toward hers and kissing her on the lips.
"You are so gorgeous, Devvy. So incredibly gorgeous."

Still standing, Pamela watched the three of us and our
little verbal exchange. She offered a faint smile and said,
"You three are so happy together..."

One thing was readily apparent to me - Kristanna and Devon
were _crazy_ for each other. Once they got together, it was
damn near impossible to pry them apart. I was well aware of
the high regard that Kristanna held Devon in. Since her
return to the island, Kristanna had been gushing about Devon
and how she wanted to be with her non-stop. It was clearly
obvious that Devon had a similar opinion and thoughts as they
pertained to Kristanna. Not only were Kristanna and Devon in
love, but they were proud of it and certainly not afraid to
broadcast it to others. Both were very vocal about it.

The trick here, of course, was going to be finding a way
to weave Pamela into the fray while making it feel seamless
and natural. That was our goal. We had a long way to go,
though. From the very outset, Pamela had made it clear to
me that she wanted a one-on-one relationship. She did not
seem to be into the idea of sharing like Kristanna and Devon.

I shall harken back to Pamela's third day here, and the
conversation she and I had following a sexual encounter that
began with her showing up unannounced at my door and then
offering me a strip-tease and subsequent lap dance. The
following are excerpts of what Pamela said to me that day.

"I really understand the way you feel now,
Jeremy. It is natural. You have a whole group of
beautiful women here with you. All of them like
you, want to get to know you better. You want to
get to know them. You think, maybe, that you
jumped the gun a little by telling me that I am
your _dream girl_ on just my second day here.
Considering the circumstances, and the theme of
this place, it's okay. If I were you, I'd want to
look around a little bit too, before deciding
which girl is best suited for me."

"It is my job to show you - to PROVE to you,
Jeremy - that I really AM your dream girl.
Eventually, you will not even THINK about another
woman. I am all the woman you will ever need.
Just wait. You'll see."

"You better be glad that I am not the jealous
type, though. Carrying on with all these girls
like you have. It's really, truly okay. I know
that you'll ultimately choose me in the end."

"Your sex resort idea is a fantasy for me, too.
I have been able to let loose and be totally
carefree with Amy. She is the quite the
interesting girl, with many layers and facets to
her personality. I've enjoyed my time with her
thus far. But I would trade all of it for a
one-on-one commitment from you."

"When you are ready to make that commitment,
Jeremy, I'll be waiting for you." Pamela followed
those words up by kissing me flush on the lips and
concluding, "You're worth the wait."

In more recent times, of course, I got the sense that
Pamela harbored a serious amount of resentment and jealousy
toward Devon. A mere two nights ago and just moments before
she caught me red-handed in the voyeur room, Pamela had been
having a rather animated discussion with Trish. Again, I
will share a few quotes from her. Mind you, this was before
the massive revelation that took place between Kristanna and
yours truly (i.e. the status of our relationship).

"Devon is trying to steal the man that I love!
What makes it even worse is that Kristanna is
constantly telling Jeremy how incredibly right
Devon is for him. I have it on good authority
that Kristanna has even told Jeremy that Devon is
a better fit for him than I am. That Devon would
even love him more than I ever could!"

"I was with Jeremy FIRST! I was with him before
he had anything to do with Devon. Our very first
time together - in the library during my second day
here - Jeremy and I were both hinting at marriage
and commitment. We had sex for the first time, and
I felt as if I had died and gone to Heaven. I was
in love. Every fairy tale ending I had ever
dreamed of was coming to life."

"Then Devon steps in, LATER THAT VERY SAME DAY
NO LESS, takes him off for a bike ride and seduces
him in the forest behind my back. She starts
talking about relationships and commitment, too!"

"No! Everyone on the island was well aware of
the fact that Jeremy and I were together from the
second day on here. Everyone knew that I really
liked him and he really liked me, and there was
the distinct possibility of something long-term
and ever-lasting between us. I was also with him
my third and fifth day here, too. Truth be told,
Devon should have respected that and decided to
_BACK OFF_! I had sex with Jeremy before Devon
even touched him for the first time. I had sex
with him on three different occasions before Devon
got to him a second time. I know it is a foreign
concept on this island... but to me, sex is still
a sacred and special thing."

Perhaps I was analyzing things too much and being my usual
paranoid self. A _lot_ had transpired on the island over the
past 48 hours, and because of that, I was hopeful that Pamela
had since changed her tune on several of the previous remarks.
Judging from her time with Kristanna yesterday, at the very
least Pamela seemed willing to give the idea of a four-way
relationship a try. That was a good sign.

What _was_ a bad sign, however, was the simple fact that
Pamela seemed to have no romantic feelings toward either
Kristanna or Devon. Oh, she was friends with them. And
despite her outburst concerning Devon from two nights ago,
Pamela had always seemed to get along with her just fine.

But Pamela did not have that _connection_ with either of
them. Kristanna and Devon were totally wild and crazy for
each other. The only special connection that Pamela had -
at least in my mind - was the one that she shared with me.
There was not a fraction of that emotion for Kristanna or
Devon. Without even a tiny spark as a starting point, would
it be possible for things to ever develop and grow? Could I
honestly envision Pamela one day feeling as strongly for
Kristanna and Devon as they did for each other?

Again, I could have been wrong on all of this. I sure
hoped I was. If not, though, then Pamela would simply never
fit into the scope of what Kristanna and I ultimately wanted.
Our life was going to be together from now on.

<<<- End of Chapter 22 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

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