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Every step i took, i felt i was getting heavier. My feet were on fire, my shins were aching and and my hair was matted to my head in my own sweat. It seemed we had been walking for hours since we left the bus station. We were heading to my grandmas house out in the country, and from what my mom says, were almost there. I had never been to the country before, it was so dark and quiet out here, there seemed to be alot more stars as well as mosquitos, which only made this journey even more laboring. As we were walking I kept playing scenerios in my head about how my first meeting with my grandma would go, I always wanted one, to bake cookies with and listen to old stories. I was a little scared though, the way my mommy talked about her, she seemed very mean.

I was finally beginning to make out a small light in the distance and inhaled a sigh of relief, finally, this horrid journey was coming close to an end. As we neared the rural farmhouse, the light got brighter and a gust of wind seemed to come out of nowhere, almost as to calm us for what was about to come.. I was just grateful for the breeze that seemed even cooler with the perspiration throughout my body, by the time we entered the property most of my sweat had evaporated and I was grateful that I wouldnt look so harsh upon my first meeting with the grandma i never knew. I was always told by strangers that i was an exotic beauty, but i always thought that that was just a nice way to say someone was ugly because that’s what i was always told by my family who were all pale with blonde hair and blue eyes. My looks were just one more reason why i hated myself from a very early age. I had actually created a believe persona that was full white with pretty golden blonde curls, cute red lips, and big blue eyes. She was even prettier than my sister.

We finally reached the large wooden white varanda and plopped down on the steps with a thud as all three of us dropped our bags and slumped down out of exhaustion. It turns out that the light in the distance were actually a pair of flood lights that were now blinding us.We were all suddenly startled when we heard the screen door swing open and There stood my grandma in all her glory. As evil I figured she was, I never expected her to be so beautiful.

Marie stood tall with her 5'9 frame standing straight as a rod, her strawberry blonde hair shining brilliantly and curving around her face and down her shoulders with every strand in place, her rather large double d bosom was standing at attention under her form fitting cashmere sweater that clung to her slim waist and ended right before perfectly curved hips that were made for bearing many children to tend the farm. She seemed oddly refined. She narrowed her silver blue eyes and, one by one, analyzed each girl. As she saw the small half breed one, she did all but stifle a sneer of disgust and looked to her daughter as if to ask where she went wrong to have led her to such a horrid mistake.

My sister Lori was the first to speak up and let up a nervous smile and meekly slipped out a "Hi Granny". My mother pinched her arm as my grandma walked over to her and grabbed her chin and pulled her closer to examine her features. She looked closely at the child. It had been years since she had seen her, her beauty only blossomed with age, as her once precious features began to change to lustful womanly features. Her face was no longer round with a button nose and big wide eyes, she was becoming the spitting image of her mother when she was her age, except even more beautiful with her handsome fathers features filling in where her mothers lacked, if there was such a thing as perfection, Lorainne was it. A strawberry blonde, 4'8, a flat stomach with the slight trace of abs from her sports training that were accentuated with the perfect "Y" where her lower stomach met between her hips. It seemed that she had gotten in her curves for Christmas this year and every boy in school had seemed to notice as well, her breasts seemed to be getting bigger every day for the past 6 months, she went from a near flat A cup to a full perfectly rounded C, with only more promise of growth, sophomore year had definitely treated her right. Though her and her mother were day and night when it came to their bodies, with her mother more comparable to an 11 year old boy, they were almost identical in their facial features. The girl had inherited her mothers most precious feature, her piercing deep blue eyes, that were an intense, almost aqua color that seemed to have dark hues of blue intertwined with it that made for a beautiful display of color streaming from the cornea. they were complimented with long beautiful light brown eyelashes, her cheekbones were a product of her fathers good bone structure, high and sharp, a perfect upturned slender nose with a sprinkle of freckles across the ridge, and all complete with a beautiful pair of pouty full ruby red lips, which she inherited from her mother as well, who coincidentally inherited them from her father. As she stared at the child she shook her head and removed her hand from the girls face and walked over to her mom.

Dianes face burned red from her mothers unsuspecting slap.


Another slap donned her daughters slender face.

"ESPECIALLY THAT MUTT!" she screamed as she pointed at me.

My heart was pounding a mile a minute and as I looked over to my mom, she was just staring silently at the floor of the porch, tears were rolling down her cheeks and even a trickle of blood came dribbling from her nose, yet she seemed to remained stoic. I was so torn between running to her and hiding and being trapped in place and silence through fear. We all seemed to be.

."Na, no... ma, mama..." Diane pathetically stammered.

"it aint nothin like that and you knowed it." Diane meekly forced out.
"I aint got nothin but respect for you, forgive me mama, I'll do whatever I gots ta do tah get in your good graces....... just don't do nothin to muh babies". Diane begged her mother pitifully, her head still bowed as she graveled to her sadistic mother.

I loved my mother unconditionally and would whole heartedly defend her every chance i got, but, even at my young age, i knew she wasnt a good mom, and she wasn't very smart either, in fact if it werent for her beauty, who knows where the hell we would be, she consumed dope more than she did food, and half the time would forget to feed us right along with herself, If it werent for my older sister Lorainne, I'd probably be a bag of bones just like her. What I didn't know was that my grandparents purposely kept my mother ignorant and uneducated so she would always come back to depend on then. Despite her enormous parenting flaws, never did i question her love for us, i knew she tried her best, and now knowing what her momma was like, I was sure of it, it must have been so hard for her to cone back here. I know for a fact my momma loved us more than she did herself, although that really want saying much.

Marie stared at her meek daughter with disgust. Marie in all her curves and splendor seemed to dwarf Diane. She was so petite and seemingly frail, she was about 4'9, size 1 on her hips when she ate that week and her breast were almost nonexistent, If it werent for the padding in her bra, you probably would miss them. She did have a drug and life long eating disorder, yet even strung out and extremely skinny, she was beautiful, her stringy blonde hair couldnt hide her bright, piercing aqua blue eyes and odd for a junkie, but good complexion, and hollow as her cheeks were, her lips were beautiful, rosy red and full, her two best features, as well as her curse and she just so happened to pass them on to her oldest daughter. Any normal persons heart would break for her, seeing the bruising on her beautiful face and thin line of blood seeping from her button nose, but her family was definately not "normal", nor were the men who gave her her dope and were attracted to her childlike body.

"You know you're disgusting right?" spewed Marie


Diane was now beginning to sway her body lightly back and forth as she kept her head bowed and a steady flow of tears running down her cheeks, she seemed to go from a 28 year old mother, back to the small abused child her mother took all her frustrations out on again within a matter of seconds.Still she kept silent as she could and took it like only a girl who was used to it could.
I felt so horrible seeing mommy cry like that, i didn't dare say anything to grandma, but i did finally boldly run to her and wrap my arms around mamma as tight as i could to try and quell her fear, as well as my own. As i locked my arms around mommas slender hips my grandma quickly grabbed one and violently flung me to the other side of the porch.
I was now whole heartedly crying and looking to my mommy with pleading eyes, as if to tell her to take as and run and never look back, surely this couldnt be our only option. She looked at me with pleading eyes and then to her mother.

"MOMMA PLEASE! Dont hurt her, what she is aint her fault, shes a real good girl and very smart and no diffrent than any other little girl, thats my baby!"
I shrieked as grandma layed another blow to my mommys already swollen face.
"You know there aint nothing lower than a goddamn Nigger Lover, Diane!! You and your mutt are both filthy!!"

"Just get in the godamn house already -and make sure to leave your mutt on the floor where it belongs."

"And Diane, you go into that tub and turn it scalding hot and scrub the filth from yourself!" With that she quickly turned and slammed the screen door behind her.
As soon as she was inside, we huddled to my mother and cried as she held us both to our bossoms and told us it would be all right, we just gotta stay strong and stick together. We then retreated into the farmhouse and shut the door behind us.

Even though I had never met my grandma until tonight, I had the unfortunate luck to have met and actually lived with my Uncle James for a brief time, who also happened to live here with Grandma. I was so glad he was not home, he hated my guts and found any way to torture me and took full adavantage of the fact that my mom was almost alwasy passed out or gone when he stayed with us. He had a pretty serious drinking problem and I'm sure he must be out at the bar.

Me and my sister took our bath together, and eventually my sobbing had died down to a quiet whimper. I had my head between her soft breast the entire time as she washed me. I loved her breasts, for some reason they comforted me and I loved diving my face into them when she gave me a hug, or when i was scared or sad, she would place my head between them and rock me to sleep as i sucked my thumb. They had such a calming effect on me, I wish my mommy had them. As I looked up I could see her nipple jutting out and pointing itself into the air, they were large a reddish sienna color, they were beautiful, for some reason seemed to be calling to me, I had an insane urge to suckle on that nipple, I was just a babe and had no sexual intention behind it, I was just drawn to its calming effects they had on me and never really noticed how it stuck out like that, for a child with an oral fixation, it was hard not to resist. Finally after a few agonizing moments of fixating on her supple nipple and feeling the vibration of her humming a lullaby resonating through her chest, I could take it no longer. I popped my little thumb out of my mouth and slowly leaned my face closer to it and slid my pink little wet and warm tongue out and ever so gently licked it. It startled her. She quickly stopped humming.
"Dana baby! What are you doing?"
"Please Lori, Im so scared, I cant just suck on my thumb, please let my suck on it, I promise I wont hurt it, whats it called?" I innocently asked as i ran my little finger over it. It seemed to have gotten even harder.

She pushed my head off her chest and I couldnt help but begin to cry as my only solace was seeming to be taken from me.
"Oh Dana, baby, please don't cry, its just that, thats not what sisters are supposed to do, thats actually what mommas do"
Confused, I said "Well thats not fair, Lori, mommy doesnt even have any, hers are really tiny".
Lori seemed to contemplate what her sister just told her, she wondered if that was why she had so many issuses and why she was always sucking her thumb, she should have been breast fed, but our mother was always strung out on dope that she never seemed to be able to produce breasts, let alone nourishing milk for a growing baby. She couldnt believe what she was about to do.
"Okay baby, but just be gentle, and dont tell anyone, okay? It will just be our little secret"
I was so excited as I happily nodded my head, "Of course Lori, I promise i wont tell no one!:
She told me to turn my body facing the door and sit on her lap, I did as I was told and looked up at her with anxious eyes.
"You ready sissy?"
"Yes Lori, please!"
I opened my mouth and my sister began to slowly slip her nipple between my little lips. I gently clamped down and it felt like heaven, better than any binky or thumb, I quickly sucked in a little more. I eventually forgot about everything going on as my sister rocked me while i suckled hungrily at her large supple nipple.

Lori was having an internal war with herself. She was beginning to get excited and her tight little twat was tingling and getting wet as her little sister was sucking on her tit.She wanted so badly to push her sister aside and get rid of these wicked feelings but didnt have the heart to push her baby sister off of her again. Her pussy was leaking her teenage, hormone fueled juices so bad now, it was aching to be rubbed and penetrated by her fingers. Her baby sisters eyes seemed to be in a REM like state, yet she was still suckling harder now, she slowly moved her hand to her slick peach fuzzed cunt and began stroking at the her clit, then gently began to squeeze on it, just like her uncle james had taught her.


As we were brushing our teeth and washing up before bed, I couldn't help but examine our reflection. It was hitting me again, the feeling of anger and sadness, all because of the way i looked. It was common knowledge that my dad was a dirty spick who my mom supposedly married for money so he could be legal, getting pregnant wasnt part of the plan though, but hey i guess you cant control those disgusting dogs around a beautiful white woman. Well the sick abomination of an outcome was, of course, me. Me and my mahogany colored hair that laid flat at the side of my face, limp and lifeless, my olive skin tone, my slanted brown eyes(uncle james said they were brown cus i was full of shit -and i believed him), my face was flatter and rounder and not sleek and pointed like theirs, although i seemed to have gotten the same nose and lips, they looked ugly on me, my nose looked too pointy for my rounded face and my lips just looked too big, they were a dull pinkish color instead of a beautiful luscious red like theirs. I hated myself and avoided looking in the mirror at all cost, but now that we were at my Grandmas it would be hard to forget how i looked because that was almost all my uncle james could ever seem to talk about around me, he even had a nickname for me, it was niggerbaby. Even though I wasn't part nigger, in James' book, if you weren't white, you were nigger, plain and simple.
That night I said a prayer and asked God to please give my mom strength to beat the drugs so we never had to come back here again and so she could stop getting hurt all the time and sometimes us when some of the men would get angry.
After we were done washing up, my mom gave us a kiss and a hug and told us to go to sleep on the pallets she had made us in the livingroom. I began to cry again, I didnt wanna leave her side, I was so terrified of what would happen to me here if left alone, knowing we werent welcome, especially me. Lori seemed to have read my mind and stroked my hair and bent down to my level, "Dont worry baby sister, I wont let you leave my side."
She gently kissed my forehead and we continued walking to the living room. We reluctantly parted and headed to bed. It took so long for me to be put at ease enough to go to sleep until finally i tugged at my sisters shirt until she awoke. Groggily she came to and asked me what was wrong. I told her I couldnt sleep and begged her to let me suck on her titties again. She took a look around to make sure the coast was clear and then reluctantly agreed. She lifted her shirt up to her neck and brought her braless pale smooth, round tit to my mouth once again. I greedily accepted it and began my suckling once more. After a few minutes I start to hear my sister moaning softly. She grabs my little hand and places it over her other breast and begins to make me squeeze it, I find it a little odd but not enough to stop my euphoric suckling. After a few moments she is moaning again and this time she moves my hand down her tummy and into her privates. She begins to bury my little hand deep in her fuzzy slick folds, her chubby mound was soaking wet and a felt a little gooey. I stopped sucking and was gonna look up and ask her what she was doing, when all of the sudden she grabs the back of my head and pushes me back on to her rock hard slippery nipple.
"No no, baby, don't stop just yet."
Im a little confused now, but I listen to my big sister and resume sucking on her tit. She begins to moan softly again as she takes my little index finger and begins to twirl it around a little soft button hidden in her cunny folds. Just then, we here steps, followed by a mans deep voice.

"Well, well well, what do we have here?" Uncle James chuckled.

Uncle James looked at the beautiful vision splayed out in front of him. The look of horror on his nieces faces, especially Lori, sweet, sexy little Lori. God, hes missed that tight, delicious little hot cunt of hers. Last time he saw her, she was just a little bitty tart with not a lick of titty on her. He couldn't help but replay their last rendezvous together, her bouncing up and down on his face as he shoved his thick long tongue into her tight little cunny hole. He always got a kick out of her little moans as he tongue fucked her and squeezed and fingered her tiny little clit, all while swishing around a mouthful of his cum he had just fed her. she learned her lesson the hard way of what happened to bad girls who spit or swallowed before being told to.

"Whats your baby sisters little hand doing down there, Lori?" He curiously asked in the sweetest, gentle voice.

A flush of red was consuming Loris' face as she stammered out "Its not what you think Uncle James, I promise."

"Uh huh, Well then do tell, my little sweet, cus it looks to me as if you're teaching her exactly what I taught you."

Lori looked to him in shame and then to disguist as he flicked his long fat tongue out at her, shivers went through her body as she realized what he was trying to remind her of him doing to her when he used "play" with her.
"Well don't stop on me, hell, the show was just getting interesting." Uncle james exclaimed as he grinned ear to ear.

"She was scared, so I let her do it, but shes okay now, so we're going to bed now, Uncle James." Lori stammered.

"Oh no you dont little lady, I'm going to help you finish what you started, its not good for your health to stop in the middle like that, you know? Not good at all for such a sexy growing girl like yourself, Lori."

James' big rough hands reached over to her silky tanned and athletically toned thighs and began to rub them up and down,starting from the outside and working his way to her inner thighs. Lori just sat still and looked down at the floor as her silent tears began to puddle on the cold hard wood beneath her, she knew exactly what was coming and there was no use fighting it. Trying hard to hold back tears and keep a calm tone, she told her little sister to turn the other way as she still grasped her small hand tightly.

James couldn't believe his luck. He hadn't seen his niece in years, except for in his perverted, twisted dreams. He had been without a girl for almost 2 months now, since the maid snuck out with her little fucktoy of a daughter one night. Man that little tamale fit his prick like a glove, he had even gotten her to start squirting for him. Stupid illegal spic should have just been grateful for having a roof over her head, although he'll admit, his mother was pretty rough on her, outside and inside the bedroom. This was the longest he had ever been without a little girl cumbucket to empty his balls for him since he was a preteen, then voila! look who shows up out of the blue. Lori was a little old for his usual tastes now, but there was something about her that he could never let go of and always be attracted to.
Lori shuddered and began crying harder as his hands began sliding slowly up her inner thighs to her hot, steamy little honeypot. She clamped her thighs shut and begged her uncle to please stop.

"Come on baby, open up for uncle, you know you'll be loving it and moaning in no time, maybe we can finish with your little sister too."

Just then, Lori began remembering all the times she had cheated fate, being her mothers daughter, the daughter of a dope whore. All the men she had outsmarted or narrowly escaped with her chastity intact, hers and her sisters. She was 16 and in two more years she was going to be free and take her sister and never look back, she would be damned if she would allow this to happen now, knowing she was old enough for more than just "playing" now, not after coming so far. With her lean, muscular leg, Lori delivered a swift hard, unsuspecting kick to her uncles face that sent him falling backward. Loris heart was pounding and she grabbed her sister and shot for the hallway and into the sitting room, heading toward the front door.

There she was, his little fighter. His nature seemed to terrify his girls into submission, but not Lori, she was something else, it was so fucking hot. Even as a young little cunt, if she was gonna be molested, she was going to take charge, riding his face like a pro, even with blood running down his chin, James couldn't help but chuckle, he hadn't been this turned on since he was fucking his sisters suffocating tight, bloody little cunt when they were kids.
It wasn't long before he caught up close behind them.
Just as Lori was undoing the last deadbolt, she heard a loud crack, followed by a scream and a thud. Her little sister was holding on to her leg tightly as she seemed to be pulled by her ankle by something. She quickly leaned down and tried picking her up.
James roared with laughter as he delivered a powerful tug and ripped the crying child from her grip and brought her to his feet with the rope, he literally roped her like cattle.
Lori looked on in horror as her little sister was now crying and desperately fighting to break free from her sadistic uncles grip.
"You know Lori, all this wrestling and your little slut of a little sister forcing me to feel up on her sexy little body is kinda makin me horny for her, maybe you should just go, let us have our fun."

"Don't you fucking touch her, you disgusting fat pervert!"

"Oh sweetie, I think you know theres only one thing to make me not do that.."

Her back against the door, Lori slumped down and finally admitted defeat. With her head bowed, she gave in.


"I'm sorry, come again, I couldn't hear your depressing voice over this hot piece of ass screaming and begging me to fucking split her open with my dick!"


"Oh no, It doesn't sound like you want that at all Loribug, why don't you tell me about how much you want it, hmm?"

"..I..want you to fu..fuck me..." Lori stammered.

"and theeen.." Uncle james pushed, drawing out the "then".

"and then... I...I want to suck your dick and drink your cum, uncle James.... just like a good girl."

"All right, now that's more like it, I knew you were a whore just like your momma" James laughed as he threw the whimpering girl to the floor.

Lori was so ashamed of herself, she felt so disgusting and weak. Even when he let go of Dana and she rushed to her and wrapped her arms around her, she still didn't budge. She had no idea how she was going to get through this.

James looked at his little niece, her thighs drawn up to her body and clamped shut, he couldn't wait to taste the smooth flesh. Her shirt was still around her neck and he could see her cleavage that couldnt be hidden behind her small hands and slim legs. His dick was rock hard now and streaming precum all over his jeans as he looked at her flushed face and swollen eyes. He couldnt take it any longer, he violently yanked her thighs apart as she yelped and dove his face in as close to her cunt as he could and took a whiff, it was heaven. She was pulling at his hair now and crying for him to stop, her blows were in vaine and had no effect on his animalistic lust. He pulled her shorts by the elastic in her waist and pushed her on to her back. As she reached down to protect her precious cunny, he couldnt help but smile as her titties flung in the fight. Her shorts came off fast and easy and she was left now in her panties and exposed breasts.

"Oh my, my Lori, look at these, aren't these pretty?... and quite slutty might i add."
"Do you wear these for your little boyfriend?" he sneered as he ran his fat finger between her smooth skin and the elastic, provoking goosebumps to arise. He looked down at his whimpering niece and began to slowly pull down the frilly thong panties with little cherries on them.
"How fitting" he chuckled to himself.

Lori actually did have a boyfriend, well, sort of, she wasn't sure anymore. And she actually did get them for him, she stole the thong from Victoria's Secret last month, she was so scared she was going to lose Jake, who was 2 years older and a senior. and her first real boyfriend, that she was finally going to give in to his ultimatum and let him break her cherry, it didn't go as planned though and now he hadn't actually called or texted her in 3 days. He was so furious that she backed out last minute that he kicked her out of his house and forced her to take the bus back home. Now she wished she had just went through with it, she didn't want her cherry to be popped by her disgusting uncle, if he was going to rape her, at least it wouldn't have hurt as much if she wouldn't had been such a fucking square baby. That's what jake called her when he removed his three fingers from her cunt while trying to loosen her up before the main event, all the while as she lay crying, not ready to be penetrated by him just yet. She just wanted to be normal like all her friends who lost their virginity to their high school sweet heart and not by incest, as if she wasn't enough of a freak already.
Lori was slapped into reality as he suddenly yanked her thong all the way down her legs and pulled them completely off. He knelt over her leasing and raised her legs to a 90° angle, then began to spread her into a spread eagle. The sight of her pink fresh young cunt was too much for him, he reached down to caress her pouting outer lips and this seemed to send her whimpers into full blown cries, as he ran his finger down hwr slit and tickled her clit, she tried to Scott away and begged him to stop, a quick, firce slap to the face set her right back in place though. By now lori had shut her eyes tight and out her hands over her face and tried her best to just get through it as her disgusting fat uncle continued to fondle and molest her. She felt a warm foreign object in her nether regions. Her uncle had traded his fingers for his tongue on his teen pussy exploration and was now tasting his teenage nieces pussy. He was was buried nose deep in her steaming little snatch as she began to twitch and buck her hips. He lifted his head from the girls cunt and began grabbing at her breasts. "My god Lori, your pussy is so fucking hot and wet and it looks like your fat little kitty cat has grown some fur too." He said as a he began to caress her downy golden peach fuzz. Lori was so ashamed of her flowing juices, all she could do was shut her eyes tight and try to think of Jake doing it instead of him. All of the sudden her whole body started tingling, his tongue was back in her little pussy and now flicking and nibbling on her clit as he began squeezing and tugging on her nipples even harder. Oh god no! Lori thought. She was getting wetter and wetter and starting to moan involuntarily, biting her lip as hard as possible to try and stifle them, her hips were beginning to buck now. All of the sudden she felt his fat rough finger tip at her virgin cunny opening, then slide slowly into the slick little girl tunnel, then came another. Now they were pumping at a steady pace in and out of her tight, wet fuck hole and Lori couldn't help but begin to buck wildly as a third was slipped into her tight little asshole that was slick with her juices as well, she hated herself, she was now grinding her pussy into his face and fingers. In her mind it was Jake though, her eyes were clamped shut still, she wasn't on the dirty cold floor in her grandmas house with her uncle sexually molesting her, she was in Jakes room, his Cowboys and Bulls throws were pinned over the windows, she was on his futon and he was telling her how much he loved her. At least until She was rudely awaken as she was about to climax by a harsh tug of her sensitive breast as her uncle ordered her to open her eyes and look at him, look at whos dick was really fucking her, and just as she came for the first time in her life, uncle James slammed his rock hard 9 " fat cock into her tight unsuspecting virgin cunt in one violent thrust, buried himself whole from tip to balls, ripping through her hymen and bottoming out into her cervix.
Lori screamed in agonizing pain and began to scream for her mother, as she looked in horror at her uncle James pumping in and out furiously into her now bleeding and torn pussy. She tried in vain to move out from beneath him as he had all his body weight on her and his arms locked at the side of her upper arms as he rested on his elbows, his hands on each side of her face, harshly pulling her eyes open and forcing her to look into his menacing eyes as he laughed in her face and kept pumping furiously away, getting harder with each cry. Suddenly Lori saw a ray of hope as her mother came to her aide and began to try pull him off, with her grandma soon following suit. He was still laughing hysterically and even growling with each thrust as the womens futile attempts were failing. He laid a hard closed fist blow to the girls pestering mother as he withdrew his large, engorged member from the young girls bleeding, torn vagina, only to flop her on her stomach and shove roughly shove it in once again. Lori screamed at the pain shooting through her stomach, she felt like she was being stabbed deep inside as he raised her thin body up to doggy style position and began pumping furiously until he finally laid one more final blow with his dick to the poor girls tortured pussy and popped the head into her cervix one more time before he pulled out his slimy dick and shot his huge load deep into her fresh womb. James then quickly pulled out.

"Hold on bitches, theres more where that came from!" James roared with laughter as finished emptying his load onto his collapsed victims back and even some onto the face of her bratty little sister and his own sister as well, who both had their arms wrapped around her neck and were crying with her, Diane had given up trying to pull him off, her strength no match for hom, so she did the next best thing and went to comfort her daughter through the brutal assault.
Goddamn! It was fucking hot, thought James to himself, a little family of whores, all coated in his cum, he wished he would have recorded it. Once he had spent all his baby cream on them, he ordered his slut of a sister and the little nigger baby to come clean their daughter and sisters cum, blood and juices off his dick and balls. Her daughters gasped in horror.

"You leave us the fuck alone, James! You got what you wanted, now PLEASE! Leave us be!" shrieked Diane.

James was completely enraged now, how dare the good for nothing whore talk to him like that!

"Don't YOU EVER-"
"TALK TO YOUR DADDY LIKE THAT!" Once james was done slapping his sister around, he grabbed her by hair and shoved her face in his wet, tagled and frizzy bush.


He looked at the little girl
"Are you gonna talk back to daddy too, little slut?!"

Dana cautiously crawled over to the big scary man and reluctantly stuck her little pink tongue out began to lap at the disguisting mixture of juices along side her mother. She began shaking as his big hands began roughly roamed her little body, fearing her fate might be the same as her sisters.

As they were sucking and lapping at his dick and balls, James couldnt help but start exploring his next conquests nubile young body. Dana's body was so light and soft and felt amazing as she was trembling before him, on her knees licking his dirty dick and balls with her mom on ones side, even if she were alone, her mouth was too small to fit the head in to suck on it anyway. He grabbed her by the hair and turned her around and pushed her head down to the floor, so that her bottom was in the air still.
Her little ass was so sexy in her hot in her stretchy little pink shorts, he squeezed on her little bubble and began rubbing her crotch to try and feel her chubby little cunny lips through the sheer fabric. He held on tightly to Dianes hair to keep her still, feeling her trying to squirm free. After a few moments he slid down her shorts and panties and admired her adorable little peach. Her little pink flower, still sealed, too young to bloom yet. He began caressing her little lips gently, his finger so huge compared to her little coin slot cunny. He leaned down and shoved his finger into the whimpering girls little mouth and ordered her to suck on it to get it wet. When he was satisfied, he popped it out and brought it back to her little flower.

"Ok Dana, now you be a good girl and stay still, and if you so much as let out a peep besides a moan, I'm gonna shove my big ol dick in you, just like I did your sister, you hear me?"

"ye..yes sir.." Dana mumbled through her sniffles.

As James opened her little lips, he commanded his sister to keep sucking. He slowly and lightly ran his tongue along her little slit, and then began full blown eating her out, slurping and sucking and nibbling on her tiny little clit. At no surprise to him, she began to breath fast and her little toes were starting to curl and as he began teasing her little opening with the tip of his tongue, she began to moan deeply. He was rock hard again and raised up and began to gently insert his fingertip while still massaging her little clit. She was so damn tight that he met resistance at his first knuckle as she began crying again out of pain.

"Come on baby girl, you take this or you take what I gave your sister"

"Now babyslut, tell daddy about how you want him to keep fucking you with his tongue and fingers"

"I want daddy's fingers and big tongue to fuck my little cunny"

"Please daddy, fuck my cunny hole"

"Ok babyslut, if thats what you want.."

As James began to his finger into little baby hotpocket pussy, Dana began to cry louder and James couldn't take it any longer, he expoded in Dianes mouth and began face fucking her as hard as possible, slamming her face against his pelvic bone and burying his dick in her throat and seed in her belly. He finally withdrew his finger from her suffocating little snatch and gave her bottom a little swat.

"Dana, baby, you were a good little whore, that was fucking hot, we're going to have to continue this a little later, but don't worry, I'm gonna break that tight little pussy in and have you begging for dick in no time, just like your momma and sister.

Marie was so fucking furious, she wasnt fighting James because he was raping her precious granddaughter and robbing her of her innocence and forever scarring her for the rest of her life, SHE WAS FURIOUS because she wanted to be the one to do it. As she stood back and watched the incestuous rape scene in front of her, she couldn't help but bring her fingers to her sopping wet, old hairy cunt. As soon as she let out the last scream as she could tell he was once again, bottoming out in her cervix, she completely lost it and came hard right there.

When Uncle James was finally satisfied we had cleaned him good enough, he went over to couch, fondled his balls for a second, then with a smile, passed out drunk. Meanwhile, we were left there, our lives forever changed that night.

My mother washed me up and gave me what im guessing was 2 pain pills. Lori was trembling and crying in the fetal position on the couch, she had refused to talk to me or my mother and didnt want to take a bath with us. Once we were out, momma gently touched her shoulder and Lori acted as if she wasnt there. She eventally slowly got up and limped toward the bathroom, i could see dried and caked up blood on her thighs. Poor Lori, I wish i could have done something, I felt so helpless. Me and momma snuggled together on the couch and she held me like I couldn’t remember she ever had. She told me she loved me and began stroking my hair and kissing me, she stroked my swollen little pussy lips and asked if it still hurt down there. Tears welling up in my eyes at the memory and the fear of him finally getting to push it in me and I gave a truthful nod to my momma, it did hurt, I can only imagine how my sissy felt if thats what his finger felt like. She then began gently massaging my prepubescent pussy lips in soothing, gentle strokes. Her kisses on my forehead began to turn to soft and warm suckling down my ear as she whispered how much she loved me and apologized for everything she had let happen to us, that everything was going to get better real soon. My pain wasn’t near as bad now, especially after she said all those things. I was on cloud nine. I felt like I was finally truly loved. I looked up at her and thanked her and told her I loved her too. I was so groggy from the pain pills that I could barely feel her finger begin to slip into my little cunny hole as her other fingers massaged my booboos on it, it felt so strange and good as I looked up at her, she smiled down at me and I then happily melted away into dreamland.
I awoke with a jerk as I groggily opened my eyes. Suddenly I noticed my momma was shaking me and telling me to get up and I realized that we were in a bus again, yet this time Lorraine wasn't with us.
Confusion was causing my to panic as i asked mommy where my sister was.
"Sshhh, baby, dont worry shes okay, were going away for awhile."
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