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I just left my grandmas house to escape my abusive uncle, me and my mother are going to her "boyfriends" house, definitely a big change in atmosphere

"Oh, come the hell on Diane, don't start acting like your fuckin mother Theresa here now, Ive just got a lot on my plate here. You know I cant risk her being here."

"I promise Martin, the girls gonna keep her mouth shut, shes real good at that, shes real quiet too, you'll never even know she's here, PLEASE Martin, I PROMISE! the woman looked tho him with pleading eyes that at one point in her life, had gotten her everything she had wanted.

The large, broad man kept his back turned to the frail petite blonde for what seemed like an eternity. She finally got the courage to step up to him and lay a hand on his shoulder. In an instant, he swung around, frightening the small woman and making her question her own boldness. His eyes were menacing as the dark black coals seared into her, he was 6' 2 and 250 Ibs, hairy as a a wombat and honed dark indian features, as if his presence wasn't enough of an intimidation to the 4'9 petite, 110 Ib when shes soaking wet blonde, his dark nature was something he just emanated and filled the room with.

Martin looked down at the woman with disgust, her audacity infuriated him, just as he was about to bring a fist to knock her back into her place, the little rat squeaked. "Martin, PLEASE! haven't I done enough? Haven't I gained your trust enough?" He stopped midair, something suddenly came over him, he looked her in her eyes, the beautiful piercing deep blue eyes, so often hidden by the mess of a woman broken, she was quite attractive when she wasn't strung out and played her part very well in his life, not many women would go to the lengths that she has for him, well not willingly anyway, she definitely was special to him, probably the closest to love that he could ever reach for a woman. He reached out to caress her smooth porcelain skin of cheek, then without hesitation, he grabbed her by the hair, slammed her face into his solid oak desk, as her small body was slumped over, he hiked up her form fitting light blue dress and ripped her flimsy g string from her body, as he held her face pressed harshly to the desk with blood seeping from her nose, he began to unbuckle his belt and soon his 9 inch thick fat and veighny cock sprung free,he began stroking his enormous hard on and ordered the banged up blonde to spread her little butt cheeks apart for his thick brown anaconda and in no time he popped the head in and began ramming right into her dry, soon to be abused sphincter. Diane groaned and cried in pain as her "lover" literally starting fucking the shit out of her asshole dry and unrelenting, with each thrust slamming her slender bony hips and thighs into his monstrous oak desk. After about 15 minutes of the sodomy, his cock begins to twitch and after a few last harsh thrusts, he lets loose ropes of his gooey thick spunk into her aching and swollen bowels. Diane can feel the hot sticky baby cream filling her up and was thankful it was coming to an end and lay still on her stomach as he began to pull out his flaccid man stick from her aching depths. She remained still, continuing to spread herself, knowing he always enjoyed the view of her spreading her cheeks so he can sit back and view his handy work and watch his baby spunk, blood and shit ooze out of her red, swollen and gaping asshole after his assault.

"Okay, she can stay."

With that, he grabbed her hair and ordered her to clean him. As Diane sucked away the vile film of sludge on his dick and blood slowly seeping from her nose, she couldn't help but think it worth it, she finally was going to do it this time, she was going to be the mom that her daughter deserved!

As I was sitting in Martins daughters room, I could hear my mom and her boyfriend arguing, and what sounded like thunder, I was hoping he wasn't hurting her too bad, I wanted so badly to go to her, but I knew better and I knew it was over me, so still I sat and tried to block it out. I really wished his daughter would talk to me, I didn't even know her name, when I said hi, she just looked up from me from her down cast oval face and then looked back out her window and kept sitting quietly in her rocking chair, she was very small for her age but never the less pretty. It was strange because she looked nothing like him, she seemed dressed in her Sunday best in a beautiful pastel pink dress, with sheer white stockings with little pink hearts on them that covered her slender legs down to her beautiful sparkling bright pink mary janes, even her ribbons in her hair that held her pigtails in place matched, her complexion was an olive tan very similar to mine but she had big hazel green eyes and dirty blonde hair and oddly large but beautiful full lips, she was very slender and quiet. After a few minutes of sitting quietly and taking in the view of her beautiful, frilly room, I couldn't help but compare it to my little corner at my grannies house, if I were her, I would be happy all the time, having this beautiful house, nice toys and clothes and a rich daddy who obviously loved me enough to give me all the things. I automatically thought her a spoiled brat. I suddenly got up and decided that if she wasn't going to make the first move, then I was, so I stepped over to her Barbie dream house and asked her if she wanted to play as I grabbed a Barbie that was resting in the pool. Quickly, she jolted up as if she s going to pounce on me, but then thought better if it and sat back down and calmly, but sternly demanded I stop touching things and continue to be a good girl and sit quietly. I was taken aback and quickly thought of the promise I made mommy about being a good girl and staying out of trouble, so with a glare aimed toward the nameless girl, I descended back to one of her little pink sofas and sat and tried to telepathically reach my mother to tell her to hurry and come get me.

I looked out the diner window and saw the sunset and realized how beautiful life was right now. I felt a pang of guilt realizing what had to happen in order for me to finally have a relationship with my mom but I was going to enjoy it while I could. This was actually the first time I had ever eaten out with her.
Diane looked at her untouched plate and then to her small daughter and wondered if she was making the right decision, but then what other decision did she have? As long as she loved her little Dana, she knew love would conquer all, when she was a girl, she didn't care what hell she had to go through, whos cock was going to be in her that night or finger creeping over the side of the bed, as long as her mother would have at least loved her, she would have been fine, it wasn't the rapes or the abuse, it was the lack of love. She told her daughter the rules of the house and emphasized the necessity to be quiet at all times and never speak to martin unless she was spoke to and always call him sir, unless he asked to be called daddy, then in no instance should she ever hesitate to obey. As Diane, left the money and the tip, she said a silent prayer and walked out with her daughter.


Once we were back at Martins, my mother brought me up to her bedroom and took me a bath in her and martins bathroom, he was away on business so it wasn't that big of a deal that I was in there. As the bathtub filled with bubbles, Mommy began to strip me of my clothes and then begin to strip herself. It was weird because mommy never got naked with me before. she climed in, then I squeezed between her legs. We were having so much fun singing songs and playing hand clapping games, that I didn't even notice all the bruises on her until she lifted her legs to shave them. I asked her if they hurt and she said, not anymore, satisfied with her answer, I then looked on in amazement as she began shaving between her legs in her peepee, I was so worried she would cut herself and warned her to be careful. It was then that mommy put her shaver and cup up and said "Dana baby, can you pleased take your little hand and help me feel if I missed any spots please? I cant see down there."
"of course mommy"
and with that she guided my hand underneath the water and between her legs and guided it all over her folds and started rubbing it up and down her slit.

" I don't feel any hair mommy"
"mmm... okay baby, keep - look right here"
and with that, she clumped my fingers together and pushed them inside her, it felt so strange and mushy. I was confused because I had no idea anyone could grow hair in there and it scared me a little that one day when I became a big girl and grew big girl hair, that I would have to stick a razor in there. after a few moments of her sliding my fingers in and out of her pussy, she took them out brought them to my mouth. as I scrunched up my nose in disgust, we both started to giggle.
"Okay, now its your turn"
I was a little shocked because I thought I was way too young to even consider hair, but I guess mommy knew best, so I slid my back against her stomach and my head lay between her small breasts. As I lay back, she grabbed both my ankles and told me to put them on the edges of the tub, as I obeyed she latherd up her hand with soap and began rubbing my legs and thighs up and down with them.
"Oh wow, I didn't realize how dirty my little dana was!" She grabbed more soap and proceeded to rub her hands up my body past my tummy and to my flat chest and began swirling her fingers over my little inverted nipples to better clean them.
"Okay, now time to check for that hair!"
Slowly mommy began gliding her hands down my tummy and then to my privates. As she was exploring my tiny folds of my hairless coin slot cunny, it felt so funny and odd, It didn't feel like a mommy thing to do, but then I didn't really know what those things were, then out of nowhere, the funny feeling came to me and I couldn't breathe again, mommy must have found the button that uncle James did! I hated it, I hated the feeling, it made me feel so uncomfortable.
"Mommy, please don't, I promise, I aint got no hair there, it doesn't feel good"
"ssshhh baby, mommy still looking, be a good girl and be still and quiet, okay?"
with a wave of anxiety and difficulty breathing, I let out a muffled "okay" and proceed to put my head down and take it. all of the sudden, my body starts making these weird little spasms and my tummy begins feeling upset and im getting light headed, then mommy starts moving one of her fingers to my cunny hole and slowly slides her slender index finger in, it begins to hurt but oddly, feels a little good at the same time, im so confused by all my senses being overloaded that I begin tearing up and that's when mommys tongue starts going in my ear and it feels good and she whispers to me
"ssshhh baby, its okay, mommy is gonna make it feel good okay, just stay still and keep those legs and tight little cunny open for mommy"
She then begins to further insert her finger into my little pussy to the first joint and I already feel pressure and full, then she starts sliding it in and out and begins squeezing on my little button and that's when I cant take it anymore, my tiny hips are bucking and moans are coming from my mouth.
"Yes, yes, yes, cum for mommy, you little slut!"
"I'm gonna make that little pussy squirt baby, yes! cum for mamma!!"
I was so confused but couldn't say anything between her fingers working their magic on my little cunny and her expert tongue doing what it did best, I just exploded and became really lightheaded and a wave of intense pleasure came over me.
"Yes baby, yes, oh that's such a good girl" mommy said as slid her finger out and then put it in her mouth.
"my babygirl tastes so yummy" I was pretty confused and disgusted and said "mommy that's nasty"
"no baby, its not its natural, here, you have a taste"
she poked her finger in my little opening and up my slit then brought it to my mouth, reluctantly, I obeyed and stuck out my little tongue and surprisingly, enjoyed the taste.
"see, wasn't mommy right?"
"mommy, you didn't taste like that though.." I said curious as to why.
" well baby eventually, you will get a better chance to taste mommy, now lets start to get dressed, okay?"
just then, the door creaked open and to my shock, there was a sight to behold.
Martins daughter was standing there in a shiny looking vinyl crotchless jumpsuit and heels and a whip and cat mask. Her little cunny lips puffed out and seemed abnormally large for her little body. She had a look just as shocked as mine on her face. Alll of the sudden my mothers whole demeanor changed and in a cold shrill voice she said, "Did I give you permission to open my door you stupid little cunt?!"
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