They continue to overpower her. What can she do?
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Yasmin woke up in a panic, trying to work out where she was. Strange smells and feeling...

She looked around in the morning light - the luxurious bedroom...oh yes. It all came flooding back to her: she was a prisoner.

She’d been dressed up as a fantasy maid, tied up, then dressed in a little bikini and forced to play with herself while her captors totally got off on making her have her first orgasm.

It was hard to cope with. Still, as her dad would’ve said, it could have been worse. Matthew had obviously wanted to do things to her but Sadie wouldn’t let him. Instead Sadie herself had sucked and stroked Matthew’s huge cock, lecturing Yasmin about it all the while, until he’d spurted stuff in Sadie’s mouth and all over her tits.

Yasmin just knew Matthew had wanted to spurt over her tits. They’d made her take her bikini off and then he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off them. Still, he hadn’t actually touched her.

She’d had to dress up in the maid costume again and serve dinner in it, then coffee and liqueurs in the living room, but that was all. At ten she’d been allowed to come up to bed, after watching Matthew screw a bolt to the outside of the bedroom door and hearing it being slid closed.

Now she had to get over the dreams she’d been having, about being skewered on that cock, tied up and helpless, and having more orgasms while it pumped in and out of her overstretched pussy.

Young as she was Yasmin understood, intuitively, that Sadie was manipulating her: building links between having thrilling orgasms and nudity and being washed and fondled and that impossibly big cock.

And in her dreams, at least, it was working already. Yasmin had played with herself during the night. Twice. And each time images of that cock, and of Sadie, had been floating through her mind while she did it.

The first time, in her dream-like state, she’d imagined he’d spurted stuff all over her. The second time it had been crammed inside her while Sadie had fondled her tits and clitty. Sadie had pointed out that babies came out of pussies, trying to persuade her that she needn’t be afraid, and Yasmin had stopped being afraid and had been massively fucked and cum like crazy.

It was obvious that he was planning to fuck her, in real life. And she couldn’t see how to escape it. What option did she have? Her dad said there were always options, but this time she couldn’t think of one. She couldn’t get out of the locked, security-glazed windows, and even if she did she’d be picked up by a gang or deported along with her mum and dad.

She could only do whatever she was forced to do.

Anyway she got up and had a shower in her novel en-suite. Showering was clearly important here, and so was smelling nice with the fragrant shower gel and shampoo, and then the scent Sadie had given her.

She put on the tennis skirt and translucent blouse as Sadie had told her, with panties but no bra. Her own trainers. She tried the door, found it opened, and went downstairs.

“Ah Yasmin darling,” Sadie greeted her in the kitchen, in a short robe, “just in time to pour the coffee, if you wouldn’t mind.” She and Matthew, who was in his suit, were sitting at the big wooden table. Both of them molested her thighs as soon as she came in range, but she realised she’d have to put up with it: if she tried to avoid them they’d just tie her to something again. And so far she hadn’t had to put on the collar and lead.

That was one option she’d kind of chosen, she realised.

Matthew was thinking this was a great start to the day. Their little slave was looking gorgeous in her little skirt and that top - her tits looked fabulous under it. And the way she squirmed when he stroked her lovely legs was enchanting.

“Did you sleep alright?” he asked her, to make her look at him.

“Yes thank you,” Yasmin looked at Matthew, trying not to think about his you-know-what.

Matthew reckoned there was something in her look...was she thinking about his cock?

“I expect things will seem a bit strange, to start with,” Sadie said kindly. She thought the girl looked a bit tired. Though not as tired as she was going to be.

The words made Yasmin think about how long they were planning to keep her here. “They are a bit strange,” she replied. “How long are you going to keep me?” There, she’d said it, out in the open.

“Just till the immigration case gets under way,” Matthew lied glibly, “I plan to be on it today.” Obviously he couldn’t have the slightest connection with the parents of a missing underage girl he’d imprisoned and was going to fuck senseless, but she didn’t have to know that. It reminded him he had to fake up some forms for her to sign though - he didn’t want her doing anything desperate.

Yasmin’s hopes rose. Perhaps it would only be a day or two? She almost asked about phoning her mum and dad so they wouldn’t worry, but decided her captors would say ‘no’ in case she said where she was. That’s why they’d taken her phone, of course.

She had breakfast with Matthew and Sadie, and like dinner the evening before it was delicious. It must be nice to have lots of money. Matthew went off to work and Sadie showed her how to load the dishwasher, then took her upstairs.

“Come along to my bedroom,” she said, and something about her tone made apprehension rise in the teen once again.

Once they were inside Sadie closed the door, and as Yasmin looked around she realised why: there were metal rings fastened round the edge of the bed now; hooks on the ceiling, and two more rings on the headboard. Matthew had screwed them on. On a chair were some thick pink rope and things that might be leather bracelets.

“No!” the frightened teen turned towards the door but Sadie was there, grinning.

“Yes,” said Sadie, and In a moment she’d wrapped the smaller girl in a bear hug. Yasmin struggled but it was hopeless.

“Now I’m just going to show you about some lovely sensations,” Sadie smiled, “and I don’t want to be messing about with you arguing all the time.”

“I won’t argue,” said Yasmin desperately. She’d hardly argued at all had she?

“So stop arguing now,” Sadie boxed the girl in, “if you’re not going to resist it won’t make any difference being tied up will it?”

Yasmin thought if she wasn't going to resist why did Sadie want to tie her up? But she didn't dare say so. She struggled on, but Sadie pushed her towards the chair, collected the rope, threw the cuffs onto the bed, then threw Yasmin onto the bed too, before jumping on top of her.

The slim girl and her athletic captor wrestled on the bed; one desperate, one having fun and taking her time.

In a very few minutes Yasmin's strength was exhausted and Sadie was sitting on her sliding a leather cuff over her right hand, grinning.

"Now you see," Sadie told her, "all that and it's happening anyway. You're going to have to learn to do as you're told."

Yasmin could see she was. Though at the same time Sadie was looking amused, not cross.

Sadie pinned her down on her back while she tied a rope to the cuff and then to a ring down the side of the bed.

Yasmin realised there was no point fighting any more and let the bigger, stronger woman slide her blouse off her free arm, cuff that to the bed like the other, undo the first one and slide that sleeve off then re-fasten it. She was tied and topless, with her prominent tits sticking up.

Next thing Sadie was pulling her trainers and socks off, then her skirt and panties. She was naked, with her freshly trimmed bush. Obviously her ankles were going to be tied now, and sure enough in a minute she was spreadeagle and completely vulnerable, in an X, with her pussy exposed and vulnerable.

A nervous shiver ran through her.

“I see your sexy little body is ready for your lesson,” Sadie was looking at her nipples, mocking her a bit. Yasmin was shocked to see they were erect! She could feel them, in fact.

Sadie slipped her robe off, as Yasmin realised it had come open during the struggle, revealing secret parts of the tanned-blonde body with its pert tits and bush, and her fragrant pussy. Her fragrant everything…

“Aaahh” Yasmin gasped as Sadie brushed her fingertips over her right breast and nipple.

Sexxxy girl,” breathed Sadie, rejoicing in the way her gorgeous young slave was developing already. Her sexuality had gone from about zero to a good seven already. And there was the whole morning to go, even if they left the afternoon for recovery.

Yasmin searched her mind for options as Sadie lay down next to her, the molesting fingers starting to rove all over her splayed, defenceless body. Some of them landed on her right knee and started creeping up. She made herself keep quiet, and still.

“Oooh,” Sadie felt cool, slippery moisture as she ran a fingertip gently up between Yasmin’s labia. The girl was trying to keep quiet about it.

Sadie started kissing her neck, to distract her while she slipped a finger inside. Was there a hymen? Yes. Just a small hole in it. That would have to be dealt with.

Yasmin didn’t want to admit she felt any disappointment at all when her blonde lesbian captor got up and left her, or any anticipation when Sadie returned and made her arch so a towel could be slid under her ass.

For a full five minutes Sadie kissed and gently stroked the young beauty spread out before her. So brown. Stunning. And so helpless.

Yasmin was finding it hard to keep still. Sadie felt so affectionate, though obviously she wasn’t really or she wouldn’t be molesting her. But the kisses and strokes and the warm, soft skin felt like affection, anyway. And when the sensual fingers brought her clit out and rubbed juice over it Yasmin couldn’t help gasping and even giving a tiny thrust upwards. She was tingling all over!

“Now this might sting a little,” Sadie whispered in her ear, and slid a finger through the hole in the young virgin's hymen. Yasmin was nice and wet, and not as tense as might have been expected.

Yasmin was thinking of her dad. Well...perhaps she did have an option, after all?...Either she could be a victim, or she could see if she could enjoy having the sex. Lots of people loved sex, after all. She’d enjoyed her orgasms in bed last night, hadn’t she?

She’d decided that her captors wanted her to be a victim. They liked having her helpless and making her do things she didn’t want to. Overpowering her and tying her up and talking about her being a slave Even looking like a slave, with being part African, which was racist wasn’t it? Now she thought about it. Though they did like brown skin, so perhaps it wasn’t. It was hard to know.

Anyway she couldn’t stop them physically tying her up and dressing her up and molesting her, but if she did WANT to do the sex, that would kinda beat them, wouldn’t it? She just had to pretend not to want it, to keep them happy. It would be her secret. They could tie her up and dress her up and whatever, but all the time she’d be having the last laugh.

Then sometime, even if she had to wait, a chance would come to escape. And before too long hopefully they’d drop their guard and she could phone home to let her mum and dad know she was alright. And meanwhile her sex partners would be attractive and rich, and her life would be comfortable.

Well...Matthew’s monster cock wasn't going to be comfortable, but eventually her little pussy would stretch and her insides would shift around, wouldn’t they? Now she was trying to think positively about it. You didn’t read about girls being killed by big cocks. And it looked like Sadie was planning to prepare her...

Sadie knelt and worked away on the young girl’s increasingly wet and distended pussy. She pumped her one finger in and out, and started seriously on the quite large and evidently sensitive clit with her mouth. She could feel the hapless nymph trying not to be aroused, but her pussy couldn’t lie.

She started working a second finger into the hole, using her other hand on the gorgeous, sensitive breasts, and felt the pelvis moving around. Yasmin was close to orgasm already.

Sadie kept going, and as the climax gripped the young girl she thrust up and down and side to side with her fingers, tearing the hymen. As it rent she quickly inserted a third and then a fourth finger, ripping the membrane right to the edges. Yasmin gave a short screech that sounded half ecstasy, half pain.

Yasmin lay puffing while Sadie wiped off the blood. It hadn’t been so bad. Now it just stung a bit, and Sadie, typically, was being quite tender.

Sadie was very pleased with how things had gone, so far. “So let’s take a break,” she said, “sexy girl.” Yasmin WAS sexy, too. It had been pretty easy to give her an orgasm, and breaking her hymen had gone beautifully. It had been a nice thin one, fortunately.

Yasmin was taken down to the kitchen to make and serve coffee in the maid outfit, then back up to the main bedroom.

“Are you going to argue this time?” Sadie asked her with a smile.

“I don’t feel like doing any more,” said Yasmin sulkily.

“Now that’s no attitude,” Sadie was a bit surprised to encounter the resistance, but it was fun wrestling her slave into submission again, stripping her and tying her up.

Yasmin soon found herself tied to the bed once more, on her back but this time with her legs pulled up by ropes going to the hooks in the ceiling. They were a long way apart, so her legs were wide open.

“Now I’m going to lick and suck your lovely pussy, that you plucked so neatly for me yesterday. Pay attention because then I want you to do the same to me. It’s time I started getting something out of this.” Sadie grinned at her.

Yasmin enjoyed her first ever eating; it felt amazing and she came quickly, then had a bit of a spanking on her vulnerable bottom until she agreed to eat Sadie. Which was fun too, feeling the strong, attractive blonde responding to her and eventually cumming over her face!

After that Sadie produced a vibrator and zinged Yasmin's clit and nipples with it, making her orgasm again, then slid it inside her till she came again, and again.

"No more, please," moaned the helpless teen as she lay twitching with the aftershocks.

"Just one more step, and then we'll be ready," grinned Sadie. "You're not even sore are you?"

“A bit,” Yasmin tried to find the best way to play it.

“You won’t notice once we start with this…” Sadie produced her king size vibe.

“NOOOooo,” Yasmin wailed rewardingly as Sadie waved the fat ten-incher in front of the stunning, exotic young face.

Sadie carefully coated the tip in the teen’s juice, rotating it as she started to ease the torpedo-shaped monster in. She had to grin as the inexperienced girl writhed in horror and thrust up with her sexy pelvis, accidentally impaling herself even further.

Yasmin was finding the role-playing came quite easily, and in some ways made things even sexier. Any guilt she might have felt about being a lesbo and taking a ridiculous vibrator up her little pussy was banished by the fact that it was being forced on her. She had an instinct that the thing was to relax, and sure enough her tired, well-soaked pussy was admitting the outsize intruder with only a little discomfort.

"Take it out, it's too big," she groaned, feeling it fill her and take her over while Sadie smirked.

"Your pussy doesn't seem to think so," the blonde said, working it round and feeding a little more in on each stroke.

Soon Yasmin was spasming in the throes of yet another climax.

Sadie let her finish then looked down at the gorgeous, exhausted little body and gently extracted the nine inches that the sexy girl had taken. Now she'd be ready for Matthew, later on.

Sadie untied the girl and cuddled her with her left arm, savouring the perfect skin and the supple, feminine body while she did herself with the king dick in her right hand. Yasmin’s aroma was the sexiest. Sadie span it out for quarter of an hour before a beautiful strong cum ripped deliciously through her.

They had lunch then Sadie put Yasmin in her room for the afternoon. “Get some sleep,” she advised. Then she called Matthew.

Yasmin climbed into the big, soft bed and fell fast asleep, exhausted.

Matthew made himself work a full day, and got home at quarter to six full of anticipation. He’d had Rona twice at lunchtime but now his balls were full of sperm again and tingling in anticipation.

Sadie brought the girl down and she was as gorgeous as he remembered, in her maid outfit. It was hard to believe she’d taken Sadie’s big vibrator in that slim little body. He stroked a lovely slender leg and she squirmed alluringly, trying to get away but his grip on her arm held her fast.

She shivered under his touch, no doubt dreading the inevitable. Six orgasms this morning. It was the sexiest, to have a girl so sexy she couldn’t help cumming, over and over, while she was being forced. Sadie was brilliant, to have taken her from nothing to this in a day.

He managed to wait until after the liqueurs. He waved his empty glass at the fantasy maid and when she came to take it he grabbed her wrist. She struggled deliciously while he pulled her panties down with his other hand, one side at a time.

She kept trying to pull them back up with her free hand, so the battle went on for a couple of minutes. Finally they were round her ankles and he trod on them with his foot, so that his lovely victim had to pull a foot out to keep her balance.

Matthew pulled her onto him, forcing her to straddle his thighs while he kissed her amazing, exotic young face.

“Mmmm,” he grinned at her, “you’re the sexiest maid ever. In fact, you’re just ‘maid’ for it.”

“No, don’t!” she pleaded with him as he ran his fingers up her thighs, towards her exposed and spread pussy. She pushed against his chest with her hands, trying to escape.

“Alright.” He stopped. The girl relaxed her futile struggle.

“As long as you’re dry,” he grinned again. “I wouldn’t try to force my cock into you if you were dry, that wouldn’t be nice.”

“You said you weren’t going to rape me at all,” the innocent beauty accused him.

“We lied, sorry,” Matthew smiled at the naivete. “But I won’t hurt you, I mean that.”

The girl cast her beautiful dark-green eyes down, evidently giving up hope. He ran a finger up to her pussy and discovered why: she was wet already. What a sexy girl.

He looked at Sadie. She produced a length of the soft bondage rope and as they’d planned pulled their slave’s hands behind her back and bound her wrists together. Then Matthew heaved and rotated over to deposit their bound, pantiless maid on her back on the sofa. Sadie had even remembered the towel.

For the first one Matthew had decided to do it in his clothes. It was kind of casual and dominant, and worth dry-cleaning his trousers. He pushed her knees out, kneeling on the floor between them. The fantasy maid dress meant her pussy was exposed, showing she really was wet. Did he even need to get her ready?

He undid his zip and worked his cock free. Experimentally he manoeuvred his big, throbbing cockhead to her labia and watched the glistening lips slide apart. He withdrew it and saw the tip was well coated in juice. Amazing. What a find this girl was.

“No, no,” she pleaded, belatedly, but Matthew thrust forward and her pussy accepted another inch. It felt fantastic. She groaned and flung her head despairingly from side to side.

He pumped another inch in, then out, then another. His length was coming out coated and slippery each time, showing the depth of his penetration. He pumped some more, taking it easy as the slightly-built and not very tall girl took five, six, seven inches of his very thick cock. It was electrifying to see as well as to feel.

The new slave was gasping and groaning as her impalement grew more and more extreme. He felt close to cumming already, the whole thing was so erotic. He lifted her so Sadie could unzip her maid’s dress, then pulled it off her shoulders to free her tits.

Ahh, they were gorgeous. ‘Plump’ was the word. Firm and full, projecting up with no spread even on her back; her big nipples projecting up too.

He started to fuck, savouring the feelings her tight young pussy was generating in his cock. He was close already. Well he had two women, he may as well let go...

He fucked faster and a bit harder - though not too hard - and heard the girl start to cum too! Incredible. He could feel her pussy pulsating, as his own orgasm started and he felt the jets of sperm being spurted deep inside.


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