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Girl captured for party finds herself in dark captivity
(School girl is taken for a gang member’s birthday party to be used for their entertainment.]. Her abuse continues and then she is held captive for the needs of the gang.)

They could see Jenna fading away but it was too soon for her to go. In a horrible thud Jenna fell to the ground as Hector had released the rope around her neck.
They cut the ropes keeping her arms behind her back and let her lay there, while they sat and drank beers in a corner away from her.
Unable to see them and desperate Jenna started crawl toward the door. Every movement was painful. They let the stupid bitch go, let her crawl like the pathetic piece of crap.

After the longest time Jenna was at the door. She got up on all fours summoning all her strength to get up. “AGGHHHHHHH” Jenna screamed as Hector smashed his boot down on her hand.
“Where the FUCK you think you are going. Stupid Pig.” “We are not done with you.”Miguel sent her sprawling away from the door pushing her with his boot. Filled with beer they aimed their cocks at her
laying on the floor covering her with two heavy streams of piss.

“That’s what the Anglo bitch has coming.” They aimed their piss over her body taking a perverse pleasure in a type of target practice. Laying in the piss, the teen looked up, helpless, begging.
Hector pushed her with his boot. Get over to the sink, we got to clean you up before we get
some serious fun. “Move it Bitch.” Jenna groaned as Hector kicked her sorry ass to get her moving.

At the sink Hector dumped buckets of water over Jenna’s head. Miguel tied her hands in front of her
holding on to a long rope. Hector put the bucket over the Bitch’s head and Miguel lead her by the
rope out the basement steps to the outside. Jenna heard people laughing and talking but couldn’t
see what was happening with the bucket over her head. Jenna staggered, forward pulled by Miguel.

Jenna couldn’t see but Miguel had invited a dozen of his gang thugs and their hoes.
Jenna could hear the voice of the people walking along side her. Hands reached out and grabbed her,
slapped her. BANG BANG. A stick hit the old metal bucket over her head. Jenna staggered turning
her head unable to see the blow coming. BANG, another blow to the bucket this time with a metal pipe. A stick prodded her to move. BANG BANG.
The stick hit the bucket by followed by the pipe.

“My Turn, give the pipe.” BANG. The pipe hit her and her knees buckled.
A foot stuck out and Jenna tripped falling to the pavement.
Sprawling on the ground the bucket was off her head. She could see she was in an alley surrounded
by young thugs, men and women in gang colors. The formed a circle around taunting her.
“Get the fuck up bitch.” “Get up Cunt.” Move it slut.” “White Trash.” They cussed at her in English
and Spanish.

“Get her to the warehouse.” Miguel pulled the pathetic Anglo teen to her feet.
One of the gang cunts grabbed Jenna’s hair. “We are going to do you.”
“We are going to fuck every hole like the piece of meat you are.”
It was almost a mile through the alleys. They made the barefoot, naked teen stumble
along the jagged pavement. Every step became more painful as her feet started to bleed.

Jenna saw broken glass and bottles on the ground and tried to go around. “Where the
fuck you going.” She was pushed walking through the glass. “AHHHHHHHHH”
Jenna screamed as her ravaged feet picked up pieces of glass. Laughing she was pushed
side to side so she could not avoid the jagged pieces. Now every step was painful.

Every place there was broken glass or pavement they made her walk through. The mile seemed
like 10 to Jenna. Every step became torture. Her raw feet were painful beyond reason.
Her tormenters kept up the the verbal abuse. She was shoved and pushed every step of the
way. Every time she started to fall they picked her up and pushed her forward.

Everything was spinning, ready to pass out, Jenna did not even realize she had made inside the
old warehouse. The old dirty dark building was perfect for the afternoon the gang planned.
Glints of light show through the old skylights. Pallets, old pieces of equipment were strewn everywhere.

Miguel threw the rope they had led her with over an old wooded beam and pulled Jenna up
to her tip toes.

Dirty, sunburnt, welted from the belt the pathetic teen hung from the beam stretched and
helpless. The girls were having fun while the guys watched. Jenna begged but they showed
no mercy. Hands ran up and down her body her sore bdoy. “UHHHH No.” Hands twisted her nipples
as the girls watched the tortured look on her face and listened to her sourfull moans.
“Stop. Stop. No more. Uhhh, No. AHHHH. AHHHH. Please.
The more the pathetic teen begged and whimpered the more the gang bitches
took their sadistic pleasure on her helpless body.

Their hands were all over her, pinching, twisting, probing. One pinched open Jenna’s
mouth and she spit watching the drool roll out. Another spit in her mouth and then another.
Two of the gang whores picked up her feet and spread her legs. “Come on Manny, come and get it.” Manny, a fat, ugly thug dropped his pants, grabbed her thighs and pushed his cock inside her.

He leaned forward pushing as hard as he could. He laughed in her face dripping with
spit. Her legs in the air exposed her raw feet. They were caked with blood, very little skin left.
Pieces of glass and gravel were visible. It was hard to believe she could walk at all.
One of the gang sluts grabbed a piece of 2 x 4, grabbed a foot and hit Jenna’s foot on the
battered sole.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Jenna let out a blood curdling scream. The girls
laughed as another grabbed her other foot whacking it with a 2 x 4 stub. Hearing her terrible
screams Manny thrust as hard as he could shoot his cum inside her. They pulled her legs far apart
while a new gangbanger took his fingers and spread her pussy lips. Little dribbles of cum dotted her cunt. He took two fingers and pushed inside her and then shoved them in her mouth.
“Swallow that. Fucking slut.” In a moment he was inside her and the gangbang began.

To Be Continued

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2014-07-11 06:21:25
Good story.

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