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7 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
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Chapter 23: "Remunerate"

"There you are..." I greeted in a nice, melodious voice,
as Devon entered and then approached me here in the gourmet
kitchenette on this tranquil Tuesday afternoon. I had been
patiently awaiting her arrival for the past ten minutes.

Smiling, Devon closed the distance between us and planted
a gentle kiss upon my cheek. "Hi baby," she cooed, before
turning her attention to the strawberry fields sundae which
I had just prepared for her. Beside it was a scrumptious
orange cream spritzer milkshake, which was for yours truly.

"Thank you!" Devon chirped, once I handed her a spoon.

"My pleasure," I grinned, as she sampled the sundae. I
pulled up a stool from across the kitchen and invited Devon
to take a seat beside me at the breakfast bar.

"Is anything up?" she asked.

I shook my head. "Not really. I just felt like taking
an ice cream break. I appreciate your company."

"Anytime," Devon smiled, nodding her head for emphasis.
She gulped down a healthy spoonful of her ice cream treat
and then seemed to focus all of her attention upon me. "I
have been thinking, Jeremy, and want to run an idea by you."

"Oh? What is it?"

"What do you think - if everything works out the way we
plan between us - about going on vacation to Norway for a
month? Me, you, Krissy and Pamela? You know, after it's
time for all the other girls to return home?"

I raised an eyebrow at her. "You want to go to Norway?"

"I'd love to!"


"So Krissy can be with her family," Devon responded. "No
other reason than that. You know how incredibly close she
is with her mom and dad. She even says her dad is her hero."
Devon smiled again. "A month-long trip to Norway would make
Krissy so happy." Devon shrugged her shoulders and added,
"I have no doubt Pamela would be interested in going. She
loves to travel, and Norway is a place she has yet to visit."
Devon curled an arm around my lower back and patted my side
with her hand. "What do you think, Jeremy? If anything, it
would be good for you to get away from the island for a bit."

"Why is that?"

"Oh, to get out and see the world a bit," Devon encouraged
me. "It would be good for you. It would be GREAT for Krissy
because she has been trying to get you to visit Norway for
many years. What do you say?"

"Have you talked to Pamela about this yet? Kristanna?"

Devon shook her head. "Just you. It's just an idea right
now. But I think it's a good one."

"We should talk to Pamela and get her thoughts first," I
countered. "Otherwise, though, I agree that it is a good
idea." Devon squealed and even clapped both hands together
three times in glee as I went on, "You are right. Kristanna
has been trying to convince me to go and visit Norway with
her for as long as we've known each other."

"With how incredibly close the two of you have become in
recent times, it only makes sense," Devon mused, spooning
and then sampling more of the ice cream sundae before her.

I offered a forced, wry smile. "Kristanna is going to
attempt to get me to move away from the island permanently.
I know that is her ultimate goal. It always has been."

Devon placed her hand upon my shoulder and tilted her head
to the side. "Oh? What do you think about that?"

"I like it here. This is my home. But Kristanna thinks
the island really holds a lot of bad memories for me. You
know, I have been living here mostly in solitude for the past
17 years. Almost as long as Lindsay has been alive. It has
always been Kristanna's opinion that I would lead a much more
productive and happy life elsewhere. Kristanna was only at
the age of 6 when I moved here. It's been that long."

"I was only 10," Devon said. "I do know that Krissy
thinks of the island as a negative place for you. She has
told me so. But more than anything, what I think she really,
truly wants, Jeremy, is for you to get out in the world and
start mingling with society again." Devon appeared lost in
thought for a brief moment. "Do you think Krissy would try
to convince you - us - to move to Norway with her?"

"It is a very likely possibility," I told her. "But I do
not see it happening. Perhaps I would be open to the idea of
living in normal society again, but it would have to be in a
tropical setting. I love the beach, the ocean, the sunshine;
I love it all way too much. I could envision myself living
in Hawaii, but only in La'nai because it is the only Hawaiian
island that isn't overrun by droves of tourists. I could
also see myself living in Anguilla. It is a very small island
in the Atlantic Ocean; it is my favorite place, other than
this island itself, in the whole, entire world."

"Anguilla? I've never even heard of Anguilla."

"What about you, Devon? Would you be open to the idea of
uprooting your entire life and moving to someplace like
Hawaii or Anguilla, or even Norway?"

Devon giggled. "I'm ready to rip my life up like a piece
of paper and start over. Whatever you and Krissy decide, as
well as Pamela, Jeremy, I'll probably be along for the ride.
I do not have much to go back to in Pennsylvania, you know."
She frowned momentarily, but then smiled and nodded her head
again. "I'm just happy that you are open to my idea about
visiting Norway here soon. I will talk to Krissy and Pamela
about it, and see what they say. Or, you and I could talk to
them together. Krissy is going to be ECSTATIC."

"I am sure we can work something out."

"Devvy..." came a familiar, quirky voice from behind us.
"Where oh where is my Devvy girl at? There she is!"

I turned and watched as Kristanna approached Devon from
behind and embraced her lovingly. She planted a kiss on the
crown of Devon's head and smiled down at her.

"How are you doing, honey? I see that you are enjoying
an ice cream surprise without me?" Devon scooped up a nice,
healthy batch of the gooey treat and lifted it to Kristanna,
offering her a taste. "Ahh... Jeremy's famous strawberry
fields sundae," Kristanna nodded. "It is delicious!"

I then noticed Pamela and Lindsay make their way into the
kitchen as well. I got the sense that they had been doing
something on the island with Kristanna, although I had no
idea what. The three of them had definitely been together.

"Where have you been, baby?" Devon asked Kristanna. "I
was starting to get worried about you."

"I took Pamela and Lindsay on a hike to the volcano," she
answered. "It was a long, gruesome hike, but we had fun."

"Trish didn't go with you?" Devon inquired. "Trish LOVES
to go hiking and do outdoors stuff like that."

Kristanna quickly looked at Lindsay, then focused upon
Devon. "I asked her, but Trish was not interested." When
Kristanna offered another furtive glance toward Lindsay, a
light bulb went off within my mind. Trish would have loved to
go, but declined once she learned that Lindsay would be along
as well. Trish wanted to minimize her time around Lindsay.

"Jeremy!" Kristanna greeted me in a peppy, energetic tone,
raising both arms and doing a little dance move, and then
reaching out and embracing me warmly. "How is Jeremy?"

I wrapped my arms around her in return and tucked my chin
over her right shoulder. "Why did you go to the volcano
without my knowledge? You know it can be dangerous there."

"We are big girls," Kristanna giggled, stepping away from
me and motioning toward Pamela and Lindsay. "We can take
care of ourselves." Kristanna hugged me yet again, but also
placed her lips to my ear and whispered in a hushed tone,
"Now is a perfect time for you to talk to Lindsay about Amy.
Butter her up, and give her what she wants." My eyes went
wide as Kristanna continued, "Lindsay said she wants to have
sex with you. Give her what she wants and make her happy,
and then talk to her about all the bondage stuff."

When Kristanna pulled away from me, I offered her quite
the supercilious expression. Did she really just tell me to
have sex with Lindsay? My possible wife-in-waiting was okay
with me becoming intimate with someone from outside our
inner, albeit newfound, circle? I was to _butter Lindsay up_
and then have that long-awaited discussion with her which I
had been putting off for days?

Kristanna nodded her head at me and smiled brightly for
extra emphasis. Indeed, this was what she wanted. After
all, I told myself, this was still the island and the theme
here for the past three weeks had been that of a sexually
open atmosphere. Most of all, however, Kristanna was not
the jealous type. She knew her place was firm in my heart.

Of course, there was also Lindsay herself. She told
Kristanna that she wanted to have sex with me? It had been
awhile since I had been with Lindsay in any sort of a
physical or sexual manner. Much too long! In fact, the
last time Lindsay and I got together was the morning after
the gang-bang with the big storm raging outside. That was
two weeks ago. Obviously, the girl drove me insane. Perhaps
I should let my guard down and have some fun with her?

Kristanna linked arms with Devon and pulled her away from
the kitchen stool. She extended her free hand to Pamela,
who graciously took it. "Let's go someplace where the three
of us can talk. Maybe the library?"

"Jeremy can come with us," Devon insisted.

Kristanna glanced at Lindsay for an instant, then smiled
and looked at Devon. "Little Lindsay asked for some time
alone time with Jeremy. Some happy time!"

"Oh!" Devon squealed, clearly getting the idea.

"Think we can give that to her?" Kristanna wondered.

When Devon looked at me, I shrugged my shoulders.

"I want you to meet up with us later," Devon told me,
stepping forward and snagging a quick kiss from my lips.
Kristanna did the same, but offered me a glittering smile
as well. Devon stole a kiss from Lindsay, then grabbed her
ice cream sundae and allowed Kristanna to guide her and
Pamela out of the kitchen.

Lindsay was blushing somewhat because of the kiss Devon
had bestowed upon her. She waited for the three ladies to
exit the kitchen, then turned and presented me with the
widest, most sincere smile of them all.

It should go without saying that I considered Lindsay to
be a sex goddess in training. Less than three weeks removed
from losing her virginity (to Trish and yours truly, noless),
Lindsay already seemed to be developing an insatiable lust
when it came to pleasures of the flesh. Lindsay seemed so
wholesome and pure, but with an added touch of naughtiness
hidden beneath the surface that was just starting to develop.

Basically, Lindsay had been raised as a _good girl_ and
was probably taught all along by her parents that sex was
bad. The thought had definitely been ingrained within her.
However, this good girl wanted to go bad. I was fine with
Lindsay wanting to dabble and experiment with things, but
felt some of her recent activities with Amy (mostly bondage
and submission games) had gone a bit too far.

Both Kristanna and Pamela tried to convince me in recent
days to sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk with Lindsay.
That was fine and all, but unfortunately, I felt as if the
tone of the discussion would be more father-to-daughter than
anything else. I had to go all _parental_ on Lindsay, and do
my best to convince her that Amy may not exactly have the
best long-term intentions in mind for her. First, though...

"Hi sweetheart," I greeted in return, eyeing her somewhat
dishevled appearance. Dressed in a tank top and a pair of
shorts, Lindsay looked as if she had just finished running a
marathon. Her hair was all wild, and she looked tired and
frazzled. Her mascara was a total mess too, but in no way
was I complaining. Lindsay still looked wonderful to me.

"Seems like you had a rather tough time at the volcano."

"I've never climbed something so big in my life!" Lindsay
exclaimed, before smiling again. "Kristanna told me that
the volcano we visited is called Mount Jeremy. That true?"

I nodded my head. "Yes, it's called Mount Jeremy. It's
3,218 feet at its highest point. We name things after each
other on the island. You've already been to Devon Falls,
sweetheart. And there is Kristanna Field, too."

Lindsay giggled. "Kristanna told me that the big deck
outside of your bedroom is called Pamela Pavilion."

"Pamela Pavilion?" I echoed. "I was not aware the deck
had a name. Sounds like a good fit, though. Pamela and I
had some pretty long and insightful conversations on that
deck." I smiled at the thought. "It sounds perfect."

"I'd love to mount YOU, Jeremy," Lindsay grinned, reaching
out and trailing a single finger along my shoulder.

My cock rustled about within my shorts as I laughed in
response to her suggestive words. "Is that what you wanted
this time alone with me for, dear? You... want to mount me?"

Suddenly, Lindsay pouted. "Yes!" Her eyes narrowed as
she continued, "Do you know it has been two long weeks since
I last sucked your cock? You have been spending so much time
as of late with Kristanna. Understandably so, of course."
Lindsay stomped her foot upon the floor in a tizzied huff
and complained, "You haven't had any time for me lately!"

"A lot has been going on around here, sweetheart," I told
her. "I am sorry I've been neglecting you."

Lindsay stepped closer, finally closing the short distance
between us. She pressed her nubile young body upon mine and
ran the palm of her little right hand up and down my side.
"Well, you're not going to neglect me today, at least. I am
not going to allow you!"

I took a deep breath and sighed once Lindsay trailed her
hand downward and gave my aching cock a healthy squeeze
through the cargo shorts that I had on. An instant later,
she brought that same hand up to her face, then opened her
mouth and pointed at it with an extended finger. Clearly,
this precious angel wanted to perform oral sex on me.

"Should I take my clothes off first?"

"Yes please," I replied, without hesitation.

Lindsay again smiled as she lifted her tank-top up, and
over, her head. She knelt down and unlaced her hiking boots,
then quickly got rid of them. I stood back and admired the
scenery as Lindsay slid her denim shorts downward and then
stepped out of them. Next came her white panties, followed
by her bra. Suddenly, the only thing keeping Lindsay from
being totally nude was a thick pair of gray hiking socks.
It did not seem she had any plans of taking them off.

"Oh God..." I growled, eyeing her luscious figure up and
down. Lindsay was so incredibly beautiful. She was living
proof that teen-age girls could grow up really fast. I
could easily envision her, just a few years ago, in braces
and pig-tails, with that shy and humble nature to match.
Now, Daddy's little girl had become an 18-year-old woman,
ready to totally indulge herself as she struggled to wrap
her glossy, pink lips around my throbbing erection.

After dropping down to her knees, Lindsay reached out with
both hands and tugged at my shorts. Once unlooping my belt,
she undid my shorts and then pulled them down. There was a
dreamy, wide-eyed expression upon Lindsay's darling face as
she reached into my briefs and fished my hard cock out. I
growled again, this time as she briskly stroked me off.

I placed both hands upon the stool behind me and leaned
against it for support as Lindsay now used her own hands to
vigorously pump and frig my shaft. Still, I needed to talk
to her about Amy and the direction of their relationship.
Believe it or not, but that was still on my mind.

"You've been spending lots of time with Amy as of late.
Is there anything going on that you'd care to discuss?"

"What do you mean?" Lindsay asked, extending her tongue
and swiping away at the very tip of my cock.

"I understand that you and her have been doing some pretty
outlandish things together," were my words. I suddenly felt
as if I was walking on egg shells here. I did not want to
come across as too parental, and possibly upset Lindsay in
the process. "You have been experimenting with bondage, and
pain. What can you tell me about that, if anything?"

"What do you want to know?"

"Do you enjoy it?"

Lindsay smiled and mouthed the head of my erection for
several seconds before answering, "Yes, I absolutely love it!
Though, Amy has not been talking to me since the night of her
birthday party. She is angry that I walked out on it. I got
mad myself, you know, because Amy and the others were making
fun of me. How was I supposed to know that something called
_Chicken of the Sea_ is actually tuna?" Lindsay wrapped her
moist lips around my cock and offered it a feverish, but
somewhat brief, sucking. "That's why I left the birthday
party." Lindsay was suddenly frigging my cock with both hands
like there was no tomorrow. "Amy shouldn't have been such a
big meanie, and made fun of me. That wasn't nice."

"Amy is quite angry at me too."

"Amy is mad at everyone on the island except Camille,"
Lindsay offered. "But she will get over it. We only have
three weeks left here. There is no reason to spend any of
it angry at the world like she is now."

I closed my eyes and sighed at the wondrous sensations.
When Lindsay was not talking, she was servicing my cock with
her magical mouth. It was difficult to hold a conversation
in this manner, but I trudged forward anyway.

"So you haven't been with Amy since the day of the party?"

"Uh uh," she answered, shaking her head.

"How have you been keeping yourself busy, and entertained?"

Instead of answering, Lindsay took my cock right back into
her hungry mouth and started sucking again.

"Do you actually enjoy what Amy has been doing to..."

"Let's stop talking," Lindsay insisted, cutting me off.
"I don't want to talk. I just want to suck your cock."

"I have something even better in mind," I informed her.

Lindsay looked up at me with a quizzical expression as I
withdrew my erection from between her pouty pink lips. Then
I grasped it with my right hand and rubbed its bulging tip
all over her pretty face and quivering lips. After grasping
a clump of her silky-smooth blonde hair, I wrapped it around
my cock and started stroking. I really could have blew my
load right there, but knew my sperm was needed elsewhere.

Letting go of Lindsay's hair, I pushed my hips forward
until my cock was jammed in her mouth. I used both hands
to cradle her head as I started off with a slow, thrusting
motion. I pulled my shaft out, until just its tip was
encircled by her lips. Next, I plunged it back into her
mouth until it was fully embedded within her throat. Then, I
repeated the process... over and over again.

Eventually, my fingers were twisting and twirling their
way through Lindsay's hair. I could see her throat swell as
each hard thrust pushed my cock deep inside her. It was not
too long before I was pounding away at her, at warp-speed.

After several seconds of this physical, harsh treatment,
I hammered my cock into Lindsay's mouth one final time and
began to blast a load of sperm deep into her hungry throat.
I screamed out in maddening desire as Lindsay stared up at
me, squealing wildly, with absolute lust in her eyes. I
then watched with amazement as her throat rippled, while she
guzzled down each of my thick, heavy doses of sperm.

I let loose a long, drawn-out moan, which was followed by
me withdrawing my cock from the confines of her mouth. It
was still coated with sperm, so Lindsay's head darted forward
and she sucked it dry. Obviously, she wanted every drop.

I sighed once again while finally pulling my shaft free
from the wondrous, warm clutches of Lindsay's sweet mouth. I
took a step back and sighed deeply, saying, "Incredible..."

"I like that!" Lindsay squealed, grasping her chin with her
right hand while opening and closing her mouth in succession,
stretching her jaws. "Sliding your big cock in my mouth like
that!" Suddenly, Lindsay was all bubbly. "And I swallowed
every last drop, too! That's a first for me!"

"First of many," I said, short of breath. I leaned down
and gently patted the back of her shoulder. "Let's go off to
my room, dear. There are much better places for this than
the kitchen floor. Don't you think?"

Lindsay stood up, then reached down with both hands and
rubbed her kneecaps. Unfortunately, they were red from
being on the floor. "Linoleum is a killer on the knees,"
was her comment, as she then made a motion to retrieve her
clothing. I stopped her, however.

"You don't need your clothes."

"But I don't want to leave them here in the kitchen!"
Lindsay whined.

"You don't need them," I reiterated, my voice sounding
firm and authoritative. Lindsay hesitated for a moment,
looking at me, but then relented and nodded her head in
agreement. Feeling as if I was about go on a power trip of
my own, I pointed toward the general direction of my personal
suite and ordered, "Get moving, Lindsay."

She offered me another look, but then turned and began
walking off. I pulled my own shorts and briefs back up and
dutifully followed her. I let Lindsay lead the way to the
luxurious suite that I shared with Kristanna, my lecherous
eyes trained upon that tight, little ass of hers. There
were a lot of things I suddenly had in mind for that ass...

Once the long trek from the kitchen to my suite was
finally complete, Lindsay turned toward me and I admired her
from head to toe. She had a magnificent body. There was no
doubt about that. Of particular interest to me were her
firm, taut breasts, and the patch of blonde curls nestled
between her thighs. But I did have an idea in mind that
could, quite possibly, improve her physical appearance.

"Lindsay, sweetheart... can I ask you for something? It
is perfectly okay if you say no. I would understand."

"Sure," she replied. "Ask away."

I offered a cautious smile. "There is something I have
always wanted to do to a woman... but have never had the
opportunity. As I said, it's okay if you say no."

"What is it?" Lindsay did not appear apprehensive at all.
She seemed more interested and curious than anything else.

I smiled once again, then turned and retrieved a can of
shaving cream and a straight razor from the nearby dresser.
When the 18-year-old caught a glimpse of what I had in my
hands, her pretty blue eyes widened in obvious shock.

"You... you... you want to shave my pussy?"

I gently shrugged my shoulders and said, "Yes, I'd like
to. If it's okay with you. If not, it is perfectly fine.
I won't hold anything against you."

Lindsay paused for a moment, apparently lost in thought.
She seemed to be debating things in her mind. I just stood
there, holding the can of shaving cream in one hand and a
razor in the other, awaiting her reply.

Lindsay looked up at me and reached between her thighs,
and ran her palm across her silky bush. "I've never even
thought of shaving my pussy. I... I... the thought... it
has never even crossed my mind!"

"It's okay if you say no, dear," was my response as she
continued rubbing herself. "I would understand perfectly."

"No," she countered. "I want you to." Lindsay's posture
straightened and she spoke with confidence, "I want you to.
I want you to shave my pussy."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," she replied. "Sure as I've ever been. If it will
make you happy... then I'm all for it. You have done so much
for me and my family, Jeremy. I can do this for you."

I nodded my head at her and returned, "Excellent. Get up
on the bed and lay down... and spread your legs for me."

My cock was starting to pulse with newfound life as I
made my way over to Lindsay, the shaving cream and razor in
hand. I knelt down between her widespread thighs and took
in the sight of her lovely, little pussy. It was partially
hidden below a nest of blonde curls - but not for long.

I applied a generous helping of shaving cream to my
fingers and completely lathered up the silken joining of her
thighs. Lindsay's body was trembling with an obvious mixture
of apprehension and arousal as she lay on the bed, her head
raised and looking at me. Soon, her eyes darted toward the
razor which I held in my right hand, dangling it before her.

"You sure you want me to do this?" I asked yet again. I
wanted to be absolutely positive that it was okay with her.

"Yes," she answered. "I'm just a little nervous... that's
all. You know, that big razor and all..."

"Ahh, don't worry," I soothed her. "I'll be real careful
with it. Just relax, sweetheart. Just relax..."

I sprayed a helping of shaving cream all over my left
hand, then lathered Lindsay's tender pussy and inner thighs
up some more with it. Another helping was applied shortly
thereafter. Soon, Lindsay looked like a whip-cream sundae.
All she needed now, it seemed, was a cherry on top. But I
had already taken the most precious type of cherry from her...

"Oh my God!" the teen-ager breathed as I pressed the
razor upon her right thigh, and started moving inward. Her
body tensed as nearly half of her silky bush was taken away
with a series of short, quick swipes. I pulled the razor
back for a quick moment and shook it vigorously, causing any
excess cream to fling off.

"See?" I said, kissing her kneecap. "That didn't hurt...
did it? Just a bit more and I'll be all done."

Using the razor, I now worked on the opposite side.
Being both gentle and extremely careful, I shaved away the
curly blonde patch while Lindsay continued to sigh and breathe
beneath me. I think it was exciting her for me to do this.

I pulled the razor back and shook it out again. Now, the
last remaining areas for me to take care of were above
Lindsay's pussy and either side of her clitoris. I swiped
away the upper portion with relative ease, but knew extra
caution was needed to take care of her little passion-nub.

The vixen flinched as I gently placed the razor next to
her clitoris. I moved the blade outward, swiping away any
fuzz. Then I did the same on the opposite side. Now, save
for a couple places I had missed here-and-there, I was just
about finished. Just a few razor swipes later, and Lindsay's
pussy was completely shaved bald.

"Oh my God!" she breathed, reaching between her thighs
and feeling herself. "It's all gone!"

"Hold on, sweetheart," I said, raising to my feet. I
quickly went to the washroom and got a warm cloth, then
returned and pressed it between her thighs. I rubbed away
all of the excess shaving cream and was rewarded with the
full, unobstructed view of a beautiful, little pussy.
Finally free, it literally glistened in the natural light
from the nearby window! It looked a little lonely, though.
I would have to take care of that here soon.

Lindsay continued to rub herself for several seconds,
breathing deeply, before finally offering a smile. I think
she was enjoying the way her bare pussy felt upon her hand.
Seeing her smile made me do the same in return.

Of course - by now - my shaft was as hard as a rock. I
am not sure if anyone had ever gotten me more hard than I
was right now. Although it was short in length of time,
shaving Lindsay's pussy had been an incredible experience
for me. It was something I had always wanted to do to a
woman, but never had the opportunity. Believe it or not,
but I found it to be special and something I would always
remember. I was a sucker for things like this...

"I hope you like it," I told her. "No blood, either. So
I didn't nick you anywhere with the blade."

"Like it?" Lindsay responded. "I LOVE IT! I love how it
feels. I... I feel more exposed now. I love it!"

I smiled at her while tossing the wash-cloth elsewhere in
the room. "May I be the first one to lick your bald pussy?"

"Of course!" Lindsay exclaimed, opening her thighs even
further. "By all means, please!"

I moved between her thighs and gave her damp slit a long,
thorough lash with my tongue. Lindsay gasped at the initial
contact, then reached down with her right hand and gently
fingered her clitoris. I watched this for a moment, then
made eye contact with her and smiled.

I dropped to my knees and settled between her thighs. As
I started swiping away at her pussy, Lindsay hooked a leg
around my shoulder and upper back, and sighed in lust. She
moved her fingers downward, across her pussy, but kept them
wide enough so I had ample access to her wetness. Lindsay
groaned in arousal as I worked her over with my tongue.

With her free hand, the young woman grasped one of her
firm, exquisite breasts and squeezed it tightly.

"Feels so good!" she cooed, her eyes fixated upon mine as
I stared up at her.

I licked and slurped away upon her velvety pussy, and paid
special attention to her tiny slit. I brushed my lower lip
across it, to which Lindsay squealed in response. It was
quite obvious that she was really turned on right now.

I kissed her womanly folds as her body started to rumble
and vibrate upon the bed. She brought both hands downward,
between her outstretched thighs, and pried open her nether
lips with several fingertips. I used the invitation to
plunge my tongue even deeper into her wet recesses.

As I then pressed a finger to her anus, Lindsay's body
began to buck and thrash about wildly. She screamed in lust
at the new sensation, just before I used the opportunity to
clamp down hard upon her pussy with my lips and mouth.

Lindsay bellowed and cried in passion as a powerful orgasm
overtook her entire body. A split-second later, a stream
of female love-juice was oozing from the confines of her
folds. Of course, I greedily lapped all of it up with my
tongue. I did not stop, in fact, until her pussy had been
thoroughly licked and cleansed dry. That was not for awhile.

"OHHHHH..." the little angel sighed in the aftermath, her
blue eyes closed. "You made my pussy feel so good, Jeremy.
You really did. Oh my... that was something wonderful!"

I finally withdrew my face from between her thighs, and
offered a gentle smile. "It was my pleasure, Miss Lindsay."
I kissed one of her kneecaps and asked in an easy tone, "Do
you masturbate a lot?" Lindsay's face reddened (I loved that
look from her) as I added, "I saw you touching yourself."

Lindsay pouted, perhaps too ashamed to speak.

I kissed her kneecap again. "It's okay, honey. This is
my island, my mansion. This isn't Ohio with judgmental
family members and friends around to condemn you for any
little thing that they think is wrong." I stroked her leg
with my right hand and stressed, "Lighten up. I want you to
be totally open and honest with me. I will never hurt you,
or wrong you. There is no need to be embarrassed or shy.
Now, you were touching yourself when I was giving you oral."

"I couldn't help it," she confessed, avoiding eye contact
with me. "I... I just couldn't help it. Your tongue... it
made me... it made me... so hot. So incredibly hot."

I smiled at her words, thinking to myself that Lindsay was
such a sweetheart. A total sweetheart! Still, I needed to
nudge her some more. "Do you masturbate a lot? Tell me."

"Yes," she answered quickly.

"How often?"

Lindsay gulped her throat. "Every... day.."

I smiled and nodded my head in response, once again
kissing her kneecap. "If I was a woman and had a body
like yours, sweetheart, I couldn't resist touching myself,
either." Lindsay giggled as I continued, "It is perfectly
normal. Everyone masturbates. Everyone."

"They do?"

"Everyone," I reiterated. "I think you're a good girl,
Lindsay. You were raised to be a good girl." I smiled at
her. "But part of you wants to be a bad girl. Correct?"

The blonde vigorously shook her head, although I could
tell that she was hedging somewhat to my lewd suggestion.
"No! I'm a good girl. Bad is well... it's BAD!"

I tilted my head to the side and smiled gently at her.
"Good girls don't whine and complain when they don't get to
suck cock - like you did earlier, to me." There was that
irresistible blush from her again! "And you could never
call a good girl a blowjob machine." I smiled at her once
again. "Know what I call you, Lindsay?"


"A blowjob machine. Know what else I call you?"

Now, Lindsay was fidgeting. "What?"

"A bad girl." I ran my right hand over and across her
inner thigh, relishing its firmness, as she still lay upon
the bed in front of me. "It's okay to be bad, sweetheart.
It's GOOD to be bad." I paused for a moment, allowing my
words to sink in. "Tell me. Are you a bad girl?"

"Yes," Lindsay said, still refusing to make eye contact.

"Yes what?"

She squealed and shook her head, not pleased that I
wanted some specifics. "Yes, I'm a... bad girl."

"Good girl," I praised her, grinning. "You admit it.
Do you want to have sex with me now?"

"God yes!" Lindsay exclaimed, sitting up upon the bed and
finally looking me square in the eyes.

"Be graphic about it. Tell me what you want."

"What do you mean?" she asked, confused.

"Talk like a bad girl would," I urged her. "Tell me what
you want. Tell me what you want me to do to you."

Lindsay gulped her throat, but pressed forward anyway. "I
want you... I want you to... fu-fu-fuck... me."

I smiled and nodded my head, raising from my knees and
taking a seat upon the bed beside her.

In what was a more controlled and subdued environment,
Lindsay still felt shame while using _nasty words_ and acting
all promiscuous. That was obvious. Bring Amy into the mix,
though, and things would suddenly change. Lindsay could be
quite vocal and foul-mouthed when Amy had her going, and was
pressing all the right buttons to get her hot and bothered.
Lindsay had two different sides to her personality.

"Word on the street, honey, is that Amy has used a dildo
on you for anal sex." Lindsay cast her eyes downward as I
went on, "Probably more than once, too. Is that something
you would like to try and experiment with... with me?" I
brought a hand to her face and stroked it lovingly. "I would
LOVE to try it with you... if you would be interested."

"Oh... I don't know about that," Lindsay fretted in
response. "I mean... your cock feels so big and huge in my
pussy as it is. Would it even fit in my... butt? I mean,
Amy has only used small, thin dildos on me... down there.
You... your cock is a lot... bigger."

"I'll make it fit."

Skeptical, Lindsay fidgeted again. "I bet it will hurt!"

I nodded my head and countered, "Yes, it may hurt. It
can hurt if the man does not know what he is doing. If you
ask Kristanna, though, she says that I know what I'm doing.
She has always enjoyed anal sex with me. Of course, it can
hurt even if the man does it right. Depends on the woman
herself, I suppose." I smiled at her and promised, "I will
do everything in my power to make it NOT hurt for you,
sweetheart, and for you to enjoy it."


"Yes what?"

She made eye contact with me and clarified, "Yes... you
can do anal sex with me. F-Fuck me... in the... ass."

Although an incredible rush of excitement went through my
body because Lindsay was granting my request, I still found
myself chuckling at her sweet, innocent nature. With that
charming, humble demeanor of hers, Lindsay was nearly too
much for me to handle at times.

"Have you ever said a bad word in your life?"

"Not until coming to the island," Lindsay responded.
"That `F' word... my mom would skin me alive if she heard me
say that. We don't talk like that in our household."

"You're 18 now, sweetheart. You can say what you want."

"My mom would still skin me alive if she heard me say
that word," Lindsay reiterated. "As long as I am under her
roof. You just don't talk that way in my family."

"You're not under that roof anymore," I reminded her,
tightening my hold upon her shoulder. "You're under mine."

"Yes," she agreed. "So it's okay for me to say that."

"It's okay for you to do _whatever_ you want," I told her.
"That includes getting up on your hands and knees - so I can
fuck that tight, little ass of yours." Lindsay blushed as I
used the most direct, blunt route I could. I usually do not
speak that way myself, but right now, it was justified.

"Yes, sir."

My heart literally skipped a beat as Lindsay wiggled free
from my clutches and got on all fours. She offered me a
sultry, steamy glare over her shoulder, then wiggled that
beautiful ass for my adoring eyes. Soon, I reached into the
drawer of the night-stand next to the bed and retrieved a
tube of anal lubricant. I waved it before Lindsay's face.

"This is called Astroglide," I informed her. "Whenever
you want to try anal sex with someone - whether it be me, or
someone else - you need some sort of lubricant. The type
that Kristanna prefers is this - Astroglide."

"Amy went in dry on me with her dildo!"

"That's not very smart, or healthy," I advised her. "I
want to take care of you, and know you are safe. Now I'm
gonna smear some Astroglide on my finger, and put it in you."

"Yes!" Lindsay squealed, her hips undulating about in a
lewd, forbidden manner. "Put it in my ass!"

Enjoying Lindsay's newfound attitude, I applied a generous
amount of lubricant to my right index finger and slowly but
surely inserted it into her rectum. Lindsay's body tensed in
response and she sucked in a hard, deep breath as I nudged
my finger into her bowels. I wiggled it about in leisurely
circles, eliciting a squeal and moan from Lindsay, before
pulling it out. Next, I spread a large amount of lubricant
over and across the tight, puckered entrance of her anus.

"You like that, honey?"

"Your finger felt all big in there!" she huffed. "I
still don't know how you'll possibly fit your cock into me!"

After getting rid of my shorts and briefs, I made the
final preparations by smearing my erection with Astroglide.
Then I got onto my knees behind her upturned ass and placed
both hands upon her hips. "It will fit," I promised her.
"Trust me on that, honey. It will fit. I'll make it fit."

Lindsay grunted and moaned with forbidden desire once I
pressed the head of my throbbing cock to the air-tight
crevice that was her rectum. I took a deep breath and
forged my way into her, albeit in a very gentle manner.
Beneath me, Lindsay's entire body was flexing about due to
the sensations as she rocked her face from side-to-side.


It seemed as if I was trying to break down a brick wall
as I attempted to insert more of my erection into her anus.
Once I was halfway in, Lindsay made her right hand into a
fist and began pounding it in succession upon the mattress.
I could not believe the highly animated reaction that I was
getting out of her. I had not even begun to thrust myself
into her yet! But she was already screaming.


"You okay, dear?" I sighed, my hands grasping her hips.
I leaned forward and growled, "Everything okay?"


"Oh wow..." I moaned, now realizing that the full length
of my shaft was now embedded within Lindsay's tender anus. I
was stuffed so far into her that my testicles were pressing
upon her upturned ass. I grasped her hips even tighter with
my hands and tossed my head back, enjoying the sensations.

"How does it feel, honey?"

said to myself. Good enough answer. Lindsay then flailed
both arms about and roared, "I'VE NEVER FELT... OH GOD! IT'S

I chuckled and told her, "It can't be much different than
when Amy put that dildo inside of you."

"Oh, it is different!" she assured me. "It's different!
It feels a hundred times better, and much more intense!"

"Do you like me taking control, Lindsay, and being strong
and forceful with you?"

"I do!" she whined. "I do!..."

Now, it was time to shift things into a higher gear.

I offered the right side of Lindsay's quivering ass a
quick, stinging blow with an open hand. She grunted and
looked over her shoulder at me, the expression upon her
lovely face now full of total arousal. With such a good
reaction, I slapped her ass again.

"OH GOD!" she growled, her eyes glazed over. "YOU'RE...

Throwing caution to the wind, I now slapped her ass with
both hands - on each side - as I began to thrust my erection
in-and-out of her bowels at a good, steady pace. Soon, I
slipped a pair of fingers into her pussy and imbedded them
there. Lindsay was screaming incoherently now, but at least
she was nodding her head. That told me to keep going.

Suddenly, I lost control of my senses and began ramming
Lindsay with absolute, brute force. Alternating between the
deep thrusts and the stinging slaps on the reddened ass in
front of me, I inserted two more fingers into Lindsay's little
pussy - making the total four. The heavenly angel was crazed
with passion and even through my wild, animalistic rage, I
could tell that she was enjoying what I was doing to her.

Lindsay continued to scream as she dropped down from her
hands and knees to her shoulders and knees. She leaned all
the way over, her shoulders and the side of her face upon the
mattress, her arms limp around her. Not only had I cruelly
spanked her ass with my right hand, but I also penetrated her
pussy with four fingers from my left and pistoned my
throbbing cock in-and-out of her anus - all at the same time.
It now seemed as if she was willing to let me have my way
with her in any fashion I saw fit. Indeed, Lindsay had just
went all-out, total submissive on me.

The searing, incredible amount of friction as Lindsay's
ass literally gripped and clutched my cock like a tight,
unforgiving vise got to be too much for me to handle. I
jammed the entire length of my shaft into her rectum and,
with four fingers still buried in her pussy, I used my thumb
to massage and stimulate her clitoris. That seemed to set
off a four-alarm fire within Lindsay, who did nothing but
scream as her nubile, young body bucked and squirmed about
beneath me in the hot, wondrous throes of orgasm.

An instant later, I felt the familiar explosion inside as
my cock emptied its spermy load deep inside of Lindsay's ass.
Both of us were now screaming, our bodies rocking together
on the very brink of madness. I used both hands to slap and
spank her ass until the orgasmic sensations reached the
boiling point and then faded away. Once that happened, I
simply collapsed on top of Lindsay. I was totally spent.

* * *

In the wreckage that was our bodies following such a
spirited, lively encounter, we were still on the mattress,
nary a word spoken, for at least a minute. I realized that
my shaft was no longer in her rectum once Lindsay began to
gyrate her hips in a nasty, suggestive manner upon my pelvis.
The move caused me to grab a clump of her long-flowing blonde
hair and gently pull on it, bringing her head up so I could
curl my face in for a deep, salacious kiss upon the lips.

"Oh God... I n-never... Oh God... I never dreamed..." the
young woman babbled on, shaking her head in the aftermath.
She then looked over her shoulder at me and giggled, "I never
envisioned you, Jeremy, taking... me... like that."

At this moment in time, I wondered to myself if there was
such a thing as too much hot, 18-year-old pussy. Perhaps at
one time she truly was Daddy's little girl in her suburban
Cincinnati hometown, but on this beautiful island of mine,
Lindsay was transforming into a hot, brazen nymphomaniac
before my very eyes. That lovely face, snug pussy and tight
ass of hers was the stuff that erotic dreams were made of.

Not only had I been the lucky one to pop Lindsay's
virginal cherry (with assistance from Trish, mind you), but
I had now blazed a hot, forbidden trail into her anus as
well. Never mind that Amy got to that part of her body
before I did. I could at least take solace in the fact that
I would forever be Lindsay's first man.

Indeed, this good girl was definitely going bad. Lindsay
was quickly becoming a certified blowjob machine and, I cannot
forget, she just allowed me to take a razor and shaving cream
to that scrumptious pussy of hers. What will my three main
ladies - Kristanna, Devon and Pamela - think once they learn
that I am the one responsible for Lindsay's new, freshly-shorn
look? What would the others think about it?

I placed my right hand atop Lindsay's head and ran it
throughout her long-flowing blonde hair several times in
succession. "Do you trust me, sweetheart?"

"Oh God... you know I do, Jeremy," she quaked in response.

"You value my opinion and what say, what I think?" I
placed both hands on either side of Lindsay's torso, and
literally flipped her over so she was now facing me.

"Of course!" The young woman fidgeted about somewhat and
asked, "What's this about, anyway? You're acting strange all
of a sudden. I'm not sure I like it."

"Not strange, just concerned," I told her, before taking a
deep breath. It was time. "What happened between you and I
right now, it was okay. It was fine. It was a little over
the top, but not too much. We are two consenting adults."

"Yeah?" Lindsay appeared totally confused.

"It's okay to play a _bad girl_ every now and then," were
my words. "It's okay to go outside the norm, so to speak.
But both you and I know that in reality, 99 percent of the
time, you are not a _bad girl_. It's not you. You are a
_good girl_. It's your rightful calling."

"I don't quite understand what you're saying to me..."

It was time for me to be blunt and straightforward. "I
believe that Amy wants to do things to you, Lindsay, that
are not right or healthy. She wants to take you on a path
where, instead of being a _bad girl_ one percent of the time
and only with the person or people you truly love and care
for - and more importantly, care about you and your welfare,
you are a _bad girl_ 100 percent of the time. That is what
Amy wants. She wants to corrupt you."

"I'm still lost..."

"I hear this talk about Amy going back to Cincinnati with
you, and GIVING you to a group of her boyfriends. I even
hear that Amy says she is going to SELL you, and make a
profit off of you. Is that what you truly want? How do you
go from being an untouched virgin three weeks ago to now, a
full-blown submissive who enjoys being whipped and beaten?"

Lindsay made a face. "Amy does not BEAT me. That is way
too harsh of a word. And I enjoy the pain and discomfort.
It may be something different, but I like it."

"Amy is leading you down a road, sweetheart, that you
should not be travelling."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't want myself, or this island and its atmosphere,
to be responsible for you living in shackles and chains ten
years from now while servicing an entire group of men - all
the while wondering where your life has gone, and where it
went wrong." Lindsay again made a face as I continued, "No
one on the island wants that. No one... except maybe Amy."

"Do you think I'm really going to allow Amy to just hand
me over to five black guys?" Lindsay retorted, now a bit
frazzled. She understood what I was trying to tell her now.
"Truth is, once these six weeks are up, I doubt I will ever
see Amy again. I'm not planning on it."

"Amy lives mere minutes from you back in Ohio," I reminded
her. "Why wouldn't you see her again?"

"Because I have no reason to," the 18-year-old shot back.
"I am enjoying my time on the island and everything here. I
am having the time of my life. I may look back 50 years from
now and think that these six weeks were the greatest six
weeks of my ENTIRE LIFE." She held up a finger and waved it
about before me. "But when it's time to go home, it will be
time to go HOME. I will leave EVERYTHING that happened to me
on this island - and EVERYONE - here. Including Amy. Why do
you think I don't want to pursue a relationship with Trish?
Trish is an amazing girl; a wonderful girl. But I didn't
come to the island for a relationship. I came here because
my family needs money, and this is my way of helping out."

Lindsay was silent for several seconds, then shook her
head and offered me a peculiar expression. "Do you think I
am going back to Ohio and becoming a submissive for Amy?
This is all fun and games here, Jeremy. That's all it is to
me. I'm having a blast, but I take nothing serious from
this island nor do I want any sort of commitment. When I go
back home, Trish, Amy and everything else on this island and
from this island will be a distant memory to me. I do not
care if Amy is my next-door neighbor. Everything she has
done, and will do to me, will remain on this island. I do
not envision having any sort of contact with Amy at all."

Suddenly, I was crestfallen. I felt badly depressed. "So
EVERYTHING on this island is just a game to you? A pay-day?"

"Why else would I come here?" Lindsay countered. "Why?"

"I thought all of you girls were the past the money thing,
and simply enjoying yourselves and the vacation time here,"
was my sullen rebuttal. "Most of you, at least."

"I AM enjoying myself," she insisted. "But I do not take
much of anything here seriously. Has the island opened new
doors for me? Yes. Has it shown me a new side of myself?
Yes. Did it show me new avenues - like being a submissive
and enjoying bondage - that I could one day pursue and enjoy
for fun on the side? Yes, it has. Did it show me that I
could, as you said, be a _bad girl_ and enjoy myself? Yes."

"But to imply that I am going home next month and will
allow Amy to turn me into... well, a carbon copy of herself,
that will never happen. I will NEVER be like Amy." Lindsay
paused and added, "I've made up my mind. Instead of becoming
a teacher, I'm going to get involved with the church. It was
either/or, but I've made up my mind now. I want to be a
minister like my father was before he passed away last year.

"You may not associate a minister-to-be spending six weeks
of her life in a place like this - the island - but I did it
for my family. We needed the money because Dad did not have
any life insurance. Bills were piling up even before he
died. So, in coming here, I made a sacrifice. Else, my
family would be bankrupt and we would lose our home. But when
it is time to go back to reality, all of this will be left
behind. Trish, Amy, the island... everything. I am here for
the money. It has and always will be the only reason."

Over the course of the past few moments, I had realized
something. It was the primary reason why I suddenly felt
so down and depressed. I thought back to all of the great
times I had with Lindsay over the past couple of weeks.
I recalled taking her virginity. The morning of the
massive electrical storm when Lindsay was so distraught and
upset, I was eventually able to calm her down and she wound
up putting on her cheerleader outfit and dancing for me.
That had been a memorable, special experience for me.
All of the little, friendly conversations she and I had
shared together. All of the laughs. Of course, what
transpired right here a short time ago - first shaving her
pussy, then getting to perform anal sex on her. I thought
back to all of that, and many other things.

Everything I had experienced with Lindsay had been bought,
and manufactured. Nothing we had done together was genuine,
or pure. Nothing was _real_. If Lindsay did not care about
the other ladies and wanted no part of them once returning
home, she had the same opinion of me. That hurt.

Oh, I was not upset that I would not have a place in
Lindsay's life. I did not want a place in her life. I had
Kristanna, Devon and Pamela for that. I just thought Lindsay
and I had a special little thing going. I cared about her,
and I thought she cared about me. Clearly, she did not.

Perhaps the most magical night of my entire life thus far
was when Trish and I helped take Lindsay's virginity. I had
never been with a virgin before. I will probably never be
with one again. Not everyone can honestly say that they took
another person's virginity. Nor can most 39-year-old men say
they did it with an 18-year-old. But I did not look at it as
a notch on my bedpost. I was not the type to brag, either.

Rather, I had always viewed that evening as something
incredibly special. Lindsay and I may never get married, I
always thought, but we liked and cared enough for each other
for her to offer me the opportunity to be with her on what
was typically a very momentus occasion. She and I would go
to our graves, I imagined, remembering how special it was.

Now, I realized that that evening - and everything else
Lindsay and I had done together these past few weeks - was
artificially manufactured. It was bought and pair for -
with no emotional strings attached whatsoever. This was all
a job to her; a duty. Did she actually even enjoy herself?

Indeed, I now felt terrible.

<<<- End of Chapter 23 ->>>

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