My name today is Jack van Holden. I'm trying to live a simple life to keep out of the spotlight. Over the centuries I have been known by many names in many roles, because in reality, I am what people may call an Incubus.
My name today is Jack van Holden. I'm trying to live a simple life to keep out of the spotlight. Over the centuries I have been known by many names in many roles, because in reality, I am what people may call an Incubus.

I was born to a seer as an only child, before my people started counting time. My home were the deep forests and my tribe were the Cimbrians. We fought our enemies valiantly, but when I finally succumbed to a roman sword, I begged the great goddess for mercy. She granted me life again, on the condition, that it be dedicated to her. As long as I do her work, I may never die.

This is the story of my times in her service.


I was born in the times of the great famine, when my village began the long journey to the hills, looking for better land. My mother was the seer of our village, my father is unknown. I was conceived during the night of the spring ritual, when a multitude of men laid their seed into her, so any of the men could've been my father - or some of the women, if the stories are to believed, for they were said to be fierce and capable of impregnating, just like a man.

Being the seers son, I was raised with much regard and care from all people in my tribe, even though some of that seemed to be born out of fear more than love. My mother was believed to hold the future within her, and as we were going through hard times then, everyone made sure to treat her with utmost respect and reverence, for fear of angering the gods.

In fact, it was my mother who made us leave the village after two long hard winters, and wander towards the midday sun, looking for warmer soil to settle upon. In the years of our travel, I was raised among the other children as a warrior by day, and was taught the ways of the gods by my mother at night.

When we found the good lands, the fights began. We were valiant at first, defeating our foes in many battles and gaining good ground and plenty of land to settle on, but they would not let us be. Then, in the warm summer, they came back with a multitude of warriors, and it was our final battle.

I remember the day when the fields were golden with wheat, and the Romans marched towards us as a wall of shield and spear. We threw ourselves against them with all the fury of the gods and tore into their ranks. Yet, there were too many of them, and our warriors fell on all sides.

I remember feeling the sword of the roman soldier enter my chest, tearing through what little armor I had left and piercing me to the core. I remember falling, and laying there, feeling the earth shake under the soles of the fighters. I remember the voice of the goddess.

"Coris," she said, as soft as the summer wind. "Coris, you are dying." I tried to lift my head to look at her, but could not, as my body was hard and heavy as stone. All I could do was answer. "Yes," I said. "I am dying a warrior's death." Her voice was suddenly sad. "I grieve for you, Coris," she said. "Your mother was dear to me, and she has asked for your life many times." I was silent, thinking of my mother, who had died in the long years of the journey. "She can rest peacefully now," I said finally. "Her son died fighting, and will see her soon." She replied: "You don't have to die. I can give you life, provided you will live in my service."

I thought for a wile. "Our people are dying," I said finally. "Is it not right for me to die with them, so I can feast with the warriors until the final battle?" I must've amused her, because I could hear her smiling, though she still sounded sad. "But if you live, and do my work, Coris, our people will never die and live on forever." I fell quiet again, feeling my thoughts wander further and further away. "What will I need to do?" I asked.

"You will live among men," she said. "You will be unknown and unheard of. You will fight no battles and win no glory, and history will forget you. But you will take their women, and have them as you wish, and every woman whose womb you plant your seed into will certainly bear your children. And your children will all be mine."

I thought for a while. I thought of my mother, and what she taught me about the gods. About how the path of the goddess is strange from the path of the warrior, and the men will not understand it. About how sad she was, for she could see how the warriors will lead us into extinction, and death, while the goddess tried to save us all. About how she wanted me, most of all, to be true to the gods.

And I finally realized that what the goddess proposed, as unheroic and humble as it was, would ultimately make sure that all our fighting, all our wandering, the years of famine and suffering, would not have been in vain. "I will do your work," I said, feeling all my sense of pride and honor fall off of me, just as I felt my life drain out of the wound in my chest and seep into the ground. "Then rise," she said. "Rise, and go."

Suddenly, I felt that I could move my body again. I slowly sat up and looked around. The fight was still going strong around me, and I saw the soldier who stabbed me only a few feet away. I looked down at my chest, and the wound was gone. My sword lay on the ground besides me, and my first thought was to pick it up and go after him to avenge myself. But I could not. All the fight that was in me was gone. The quarrel and bloodshed seemed meaningless and disgusting to me, and I could not bear it any longer.

I stood up, and expected to be killed right there again, but to my surprise nobody seemed to notice me. I walked through the ranks of men, who were fighting all around me, unhindered and unnoticed, heading calmly to the edge of the battlefield. I remembered the words of the goddess: "You will be unknown and unheard of."

The longer I walked, the more I understood that I was invisible to them, that I could walk undetected right in front of their eyes, and they would never see me. With a strange sense of relief, I finally stripped off the rest of my armor, leaving it there as I walked away from the ranks of soldiers, the bloodshed, the tragedy, and never looked back.

At first I wondered if I had become like the spirits of the dead, who would wander the earth but could never take part in the company of the living anymore. After a while just walking through the fields, ever away from the battle, I noticed getting hungry. Surely, a spirit would never hunger?

I finally came upon a roman road and followed it for a little while, sweating in the summer heat. My hair and beard were long and red, and my skin was pale, so the sun burned it in these hot lands. When I came upon the roman camp in the distance, I stopped. My instincts told me to run away, afraid of being found out and killed as an enemy spy. But my experience on the battlefield taught me to trust the goddess and her gift, and so I walked on, cautiously.

I arrived at the gate, walking straight past the guards who did not blink an eye at me. The long rows of tents seemed ghostly as they lay quietly there, all the soldiers within them out for battle. I didn't know where to go, and so went through them one by one, until I found the kitchen. There was plenty of food - sausages and bread, cheese and grapes, wine and meat. I ate, finding out to my relief that I was still able to touch things, to taste food and even feel pain, as I hit my head against a board.

When I was finished, I sat on a bench and pondered my fate. Much of what the goddess had said didn't make any sense to me, but I realized she had gifted me with secret skills and I would need to learn more about them and how to use them. Being unseen would ensure my survival, even in hostile lands, so at the very least, I thought, I could just keep on wandering and live my life in obscurity.

When the sun went down, the army returned. The camp suddenly came alive with voices and noise, as soldiers carried treasuers and wounded and rushed to their tents. I remained where I was, watching them swarm all around me without anyone taking notice of me. I understood a little of the soldier's latin tongue, but not enough to follow any of their conversations. Finally, when things got more settled, I got up and walked to the general's tent at the end of the camp.

I passed the guards and went inside. The general was alone, and still at work to get out of the heavy armor. I wondered why there was nobody there to help him, as this seemed like a complicated and ardous task for one man alone, and indeed I saw him sweat and curse througout. When the plates of metal and long strips of leather finally came off, I realized why he wouldn't want any of his men to help.

The general was a woman. Under the light tunic she wore I could clearly make out a woman's breasts, and her shape seemed a lot more feminine than it did in the armor. Indeed, she started rubbing her breasts, as they seemed to be sore from the confines of the tight plates, reclining exhausted onto her divan. She had short black hair, like most romans did, which was damp from sweat, like the rest of her body. Her tunic clung to her skin tightly and I could see the dark patch of hair on her pelvis.

She grabbed a goblet of wine and started to drink, thirstily, then paused for a while. Outside, the camp got darker as the sun went down. Eventually, she sat the goblet down and called to the guards outside. I understood they were ordered to bring the slaves into her tent.

To my surprise, the two women that entered were Hild and Duin from my village. They were both in shackles, their clothes torn and hair dirty, but it was still clear they're beautiful and young. Hild was blonde and tall, her blue eyes as bright as a flower. She had a soft, round face and a nice smile, but she didn't smile anymore. Duin was darker, with brunette curls and a heavier build. Her shoulders were broader and her figure rounder, which made her look more feminine.

Both of the women stared at me as they entered, but didn't say a word. I didn't know if they could see me, but just to be sure I motioned them to be quiet. The general pulled their chain and made them kneel down on the ground, then asked them harshly if they were thirsty. They looked down, and nodded. So she pulled up her tunic until both could see her damp black pubes clearly, and pulled them closer towards her.

Unsure about what they were supposed to be doing, Duin looked at Hild and then up at the general. The roman woman grabbed her by the hair and pulled it back harshly, then spread her legs further and directed Duin's face between them. I could hear Duin gasp and sputter, when she was hit by the stream of pee that shot out of the dark damp mutt. The general only laughed and told her to drink, as it would be the only thing they'd get to drink for today.

Duin finally oblieged, sharing with Hild who just stared at the general in fear and shame. I watched them, strangely unaffected by the treatment, feeling something stirring within me that I would feel many mroe times after that, something I can only describe as the "touch of the goddess". Arousal overcame me, and desire, and lust, and strength, and I stood up and walked over to the three women and stood between the slaves, straight in front of the general.

She looked up at me, first in surprise, then with a sense of recognition as she leaned back and spread her legs wider towards me. "You have come," she said to me, spreading her wet roman slit wide for me. "You have finally come to take me like a barbarian, like an animal, to make me pay for all your brothers on the fields, haven't you?" The thought seemed to excite her a lot, as she pulled her breasts out from under the tunics fabric and began to rub them.

She had full, big, large breasts that hung down heavy and saggy, and must be terribly uncomfortable to fit into the armor she was wearing. She ran the other hand through her hair and I could see her armpit to be just as black as her pussy. I felt something growing in my loins, my dick getting harder and bigger than I've known it before.

The two women at my side lifted my garment and began stroking my cock, looking up at me. They both licked the shaft, sharing it between the two of them, as it grew to a size I've never seen before. I've been well endowed all my life, but the goddess seemed to have gifted me with the strength and size of a horse.

Finally, I grabbed the thick legs of the general and lifted them hard up, raising her hips along with them as I pushed forward. She moaned in expectation, and looked at me full of heat and passion. I remembered the goddess told me that she'd bear my child if I shot into her womb, and since that was the last thing I wanted for her to have, I aimed lower. She didn't deserve to have my seed, she only deserved to be fucked as rough and merciless as I could.

So I forced the thick swollen head of my cock between her sweaty buttocks, violently ripping her ass open as I entered her dirty tight roman asshole. She squirmed and squealed from pain, but held her composure as I took her hard and deep, forcing more and more of my long hard cock up her ass. The women at my sides watched and smiled, Hild massaging my balls while Duin pushed my hips forward, trying to make me thrust even harder into the woman, which lay wide open before us.

That night I fucked her violently. I raped her ass as hard and deep as I could, forcing her to take the whole length of my cock inside her. To my surprise, it was the treatment she wanted to receive, telling me to "fuck her with all my barbarian strength" and "show her what a worthless fuck hole she was". When Hild remarked on her "empty hole", she moaned: "Yes, my pee hole is not worth getting filled by this glorious rod. I deserve to be taken up my dirty end by the strong barbarian."

I finally came hard, shooting my seed deep up her ass. When I pulled out my cock, feeling it go limp, she sat up and began licking it clean, I think as a sign of gratitude. Wanting to give her the same treatment as she had given the girls, I released my bladder into her mouth as she was sucking the head, which made her drink greedily of my piss. As the stream subsided, she let the rest of it run down on her tits, then smiled at me and sank down on the diwan and fell fast asleep.

I turned to look at the two girls, but they, too, had fallen asleep, and no amount of shaking could wake them up. In the end I gave up and finally peered outside, where the guards were still poised, acting like they had not noticed anything. Somewhat relieved, I settled on another divan in the tent and went to sleep as well.

The next morning, I awoke when the general was already up, dressed and in armor. She didn't seem to see me, nor remember anything about the night before. The two girls however were treated much better, their shackles removed and their clothes changed, they were treated with care and respect, more like servants to the general than like slaves. None of them could seem to see me either, though I tried to touch them and make them aware of my presence, even speak to them in our language.

Confused, and bewildered, I left the tent, and the camp, to go for a walk in the nearby fields to have some time to think about what I had experienced and what to do with my situation. I was not gone for long, but the roman army was known for its speed and effectiveness, so when I returned, the camp was abandoned. I never saw any of them again.

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