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She's back in the US, and still looking for fun.
Highschool was always interesting, I was dating a guy that was on both the football and wrestling team, the total jock type. Which struck most as odd, seeing as how I was the punky goth girl who was usually very shy and timid. Most of my boyfriend's friend group consisted of jocks and the preps aka popular kids. Thus, I was generally absent when it came to parties or large gatherings where I knew everyone would be.

My boyfriend, Bob, and his friend, Jeff, always threw poker parties on the weekends with some of their guy friends. Girlfriends were almost always required to stay at home, being it was supposed to be a guys night out. Being the rule about females at the party, I was completely shocked when Bob asked me to tag along to a poker event. He knew that my parents were both headed out of the country for Missonary work with their church, leaving myself and brother in the care of my aunt. I still wondered why he had asked me to go along, I thought no girls were allowed. He told me that he knew I disliked having to spend time with my brother, let alone my aunt, so he asked the guys if it would be okay if I came, Bob being the 'leader' type, got everyone's agreement.

I was excitied and as Friday rolled around, I frantically thought of clothing ideas, I always dressed to impress even doing something as simple as going to the store. Finally deciding on an outfit; a red and white plaid halter dress that buttoned down the front, ending high against my thighs, high heeled sandles that tied against my ankles and a lace thong. I wanted to make a good impression, pulling my shoulder length hair into a ponytail and light makeup. Bob was late picking me up, offering a couple sorrys and that his mother made him help her fix a few random house things, I didn't really care that he was late, so long as we were still going to the party.

He commented on how sexy I looked, I could tell he wanted something from me and was blunt in asking, "I know you need something Bob, you never just outright comment on my looks." He told me that he wanted a little roadhead since we had never really gotten to before, of course I agreed, I didn't need to spoil my chances of getting to the party. Leaning over, I unzipped and unbuttoned his fly, sliding his semi hard cock from his boxers. I think that was one thing I really enjoyed with him, sucking him off. I licked my tongue against the tip, wettening the head, pressing it into my mouth with a sigh. He lowered a hand against the back of my head, pushing my mouth further along his thick dick, a couple small shots of precum dribbling into my mouth. which I really didn't mind. It when a guy tried to put the whole load into my mouth, then we had problems. I gave him head until we got to Jeff's, which was like a 10 minutes car ride, so he didn't get a chance to cum, but didn't care and said he would finish with me later.

After arriving at our friend's place which was in the richer part of town, we parked and went inside and downstairs to see everyone. There weren't quite as many guys there are I had thought would be, at most 6 or 7, cards tables were setup throughout the furnished basement while drinks and snacks were crowded on a folding table. Soon after arriving everyone started up poker, me not being a gambler or really a card player, sat and played video games for a while. My soda intake finally hit my bladder, and I hurriedly rushed into the bathroom to piss.

I had just sat down on the toliet and begun to pee when the door opened and in walked Jeff, not seeming phased or really caring that I was urinating. I began to shout at him to get out, feeling quite uncomfortable as he walked to sit on the edge of the tub across the way from me. [ Up until this point, I had never cheated on a boyfriend, I'll admit heavy petting had gone on, but never intercourse] I spoke sarcastically, "I doubt Bob would like you being in here while I am doing this." I was frozen with shock as Jeff just sat there and watched me pee, ignoring my warning and commenting shortly, "It's so fucking hot watching a girl piss..."

I finished, wiped, and stood up to try pulling my thong back up, however Jeff seemed to have other plans, for as I began to reach down to grab at my thong that rested about my ankles, he gripped onto my dress, hiking it and pushing me to lean against the counter, face forwards. I was pissed by this point, I came in here to pee and now am being manhandled by Jeff, just great. Protesting again, this time more seriously, "I really don't think Bob would like this Jeff.." He laughed, "Hey, he said if I gave him some cash, I could do whatever I wanted to you. Well, I made good on my end of the deal, now it's time for you to do the same." I cringed, scared of what the hell he had in mind exactly, I had heard stories from a few of his ex's about how he was rough, having done a little heavy petting with him myself, I could attest to his roughness factor.

I pushed myself back on my hands in attempt to knock him over or at least through him off balance, no luck either way as I only seemed to piss him off. He responded by giving a hard smack to my asscheeks and gripping onto my ponytail, yanking my head back a little, "Don't be a dumbass. Just go along with this and I promise to not tell everyone in school about it." Nodding as well as I could with my hair being forcefull tugged back, I agreed. With that I could hear him fiddling with his pants, soon letting them drop around his ankles, I could feel him moving around to work his boxers down, erected cock pressed against my ass as I just closed my eyes, waiting. He moved the hair grabbing hand down to grope and squeeze at my breasts, the other pushing me further down against the counter and began rubbing his cock head between my cheeks and down against my pussy. Pulling back, he dripped a little spittle onto his cock and rubbed it around, I was scared yet excitied at the anticipation of feeling him inside of me, doing as he wished.

With one hand gripped onto his dick leading it up inside of my tight pussy, the other harshly pressed my torso against the cold marble counter, my eyes occasionally glancing up into the mirror to watch him behind me. As he began to inch more and more into me, I had to fight and bury my face against my forearms to prevent myself from screaming in delight. He paused after getting near halfway in me, and started to pull out, I silently screamed for him to keep going, to keep this naughty feeling going on inside of me. As if he could read minds, or just felt how wet I was steadily becoming, he gave a harsh thrust and buried himself inside of me, I moaned as I could feel my inner walls stretching and trying to accomadate the large intruder. I wasn't given very long to adjust as he began to withdraw nearly to the tip and force it back in fully and roughly with a loud smack of his balls against my upper thighs.

I gripped tightly against the faucet spout as the savage pounding persisted. As his fucking grew faster and harder, I had to bite down onto my arm to prevent myself from screaming, my pussy felt as if it would never find mercy. His hands constantly switched from one gripping my hip and the other squeezing my breasts, to vice versa. My breathing deepend, I felt like I was going to explode, soon egging him on to go faster as my hips lifted and began to push back against his humps. "Unn Harder, fuck me harder!" Were the only words I managed to produce. A part of my mind told me to have him stop, but the other portion and my hormones were screaming for him to fuck me to tears. I inhaled sharply as my body began to shudder in orgasm, I knew he had to feel my pussy clenching down against his dick cause quickly after I peaked, his cock twitched within me and sputtered jet after jet of his hot cum up inside. My knees were weak and he pulled back, grabbing a hand towel and wiping the mixed fluids off of his dick, throwing me the towel and buttoned up his pants to walk to the door. "You are a good little fuck slut.. The question now is, you think you can handle everyone else here?" With that, he opened the door, my boyfriend was leaning against the far wall, smiling as another guy's head poked in and spoke back to Bob. "My turn?" I knew this was going to be a long, long night, and I hope somebody had brought the lube.

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2011-08-25 17:38:18
hmmmm 9/10. i agree. it wud b betta if u had written about all the guys scrwing the lil fuck slut


2008-01-02 15:53:31
I give you 9 because it could have been longer.


2007-07-01 22:37:35
oh I wish I was her. I gave your story a 10. I wish you had writen step by step all eight guys screwing her and have her begging for more. Sure it could be a missionary's daughter who else would be that hot for cock and I am aure she came up with a good excuse to an aunt and brother for being out. Maybe sunday school I just wish she had started out as a virgin like I was at one time. My first time was the best.


2007-06-27 17:55:40
a second story would be good


2007-06-19 12:13:49

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