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The affair continues.
I wake up in my bed the next day my eyes slowly open, everything is fuzzy and dream-like. Still half asleep I think to myself, It was just a dream. A wave of relief washes over me for only a moment before I'm rushed fully into the waking world and the truth sets in and my heart sinks. Like the calm on a rollercoaster as you reach the peak of the hill before plummeting back down to earth. I can't believe what happened, it can't be real, maybe it was a dream after all? Now I'm just blatantly lying to myself but I keep it up. No, it didn't happen, it couldn't have, it's just too unbelievable...too heartbreaking to fathom. I glance over at my computer knowing the truth lays on my hard-drive but I ignore it. It's stupid to even check, there's nothing there I scoff. I'm not doing a very good job at fooling myself though I am trying desperately hard to.

"Honey! breakfast is ready, get yer' butt down here and get ready for school!" My mom calls out, playfully.

School! no, I can't go to school! Colin will be there and he'll-...I-I just don't want to deal with him today, that's all. I quickly crawl back under my blankets and do my best to mimic a sickly moan. "Uuuhg, I don't feel too good mom." I hear her clamber up the stairs to my room and open the door.

"What's the matter honey, are you feeling a little under the weather today?" She sits on the edge of my bed and lovingly rests her hand on my leg in an attempt to gently soothe me. Though I am ill, it is not the kind of illness she thinks and her affection only makes me sicker. In that moment I peek my eyes out from under the covers and see my mother for the first time since I went to bed last night. Her bare feet are so dainty and small, with one leg crossed over the other her left foot tapping the air and her teeny little toes wiggling about. My eyes wander up towards her ankle and the bracelet lightly shaking with the motion of her feet "M-O-M" with a little heart, I made it in kindergarten, she still wears it. Further still towards her long elegant legs who's shape is exposed by the form fitting elastic jeans she's wearing. Her calves are perfectly formed to lead the eye towards and accentuate the shape of her thick fluffy thighs that erupt into a butt that is hard to imagine. Something to dive into and lose yourself in, and you could. Her stomach, tight but not hard, nothing about her is, she is soft and supple in every single way, every part of her body, every part of her mind. Her breasts are 34Ds, still firm with youth but pillowy and full as if the milk inside had been whipped into a light cream. It's enough to make you sick with desire but impossible not to look at, the contradiction makes me dizzy with lust. And her face, I could wax poetic about her hair being made of pure gold and eyes of perfectly cut topaz but it wouldn't do her justice, It is simply the sweetest face in the whole world. Morning sunbeams cascade through the window and illuminate it with a heavenly glow, the face of an angel, my angel.

And then all the lies fall away as if they were never even there and I think of what he did to that beautiful face. I can feel my eyes starting to well up, I shut them tight to seal the tears from leaking out. A sob rises up from the pit of my stomach and into my chest, I try desperately to close it off at my throat. My body tenses slightly and it slips out though due to my restraint comes across as more of a strange cough than a sob. "Oh dear, you do seem sick. I'll call the school and tell them you wont be in today."

"Mhm." I nod quickly and pull the covers back over my head.

"Aww, feel better baby, I'm heading off to work straight after I phone the school, call me if you need anything." And with that she gives me a playful pat on the bum and leaves me to my sorrow. As soon as she leaves I rush out of the bed and over to the computer, dropping my underwear to my ankles in the process. My hands are shaking so much its hard to direct the mouse pointer over the video file. I double click, I'm already hard, I was before my mother had even left the room. Squeezing some lotion into my palm I spend the rest of my day repeating the pathetic scene of last night. The tears, the hurt, the shame, the jealousy, the humiliation, the arousal, all of it. Over and over and over again I don't even know why it just seems like the only thing I can do. This is the closest I'll ever get to her but the farthest away I'll ever feel. I cum so much nothings even coming out anymore, I cry so much its the same. I imagine her patting me on the butt, it's the most sexual act I'll ever receive from her. She comes home later that evening, she's late and it's nearly supper time. I walk in from the kitchen to greet her.

"Hi honey, I hope your feeling better." there is something different about her, she looks flushed and disheveled.

"I am, why are you so late?" I asked and she seems to answer the question nervously.

"Oh....another work thing came up, sorry about that." another 'work thing'? like the work thing that came up last night, I swiftly put two and two together, she saw Colin again.....and she fucked him. Just like she did last night and just like she did during soccer practice. "C'mere and give me a kiss sweetie." As she stars walking towards me I notice something about her, she seems more...content? serene even, there is a bounce in her step and a healthy glow about her. But as she leans in to give me a kiss I focus on her lips, I know what she does with them...I know what he does with them.

"No!" I blurt out backing away she looks slightly shocked and confused. It's just a peck on the lips, this is how we always greet each other. I'm inches away from telling her everything, telling her that I know she has been sleeping with Colin, telling her how he picks on me, telling her how much I hate him. But I think about how it will affect our relationship, nothing will ever be the same again. No more affection, no more tender love, it will be awkward and uncomfortable forever. She will stop, I will swallow my pride and find a moment to tell her about Colin bullying me. Then she will stop. I'll keep the secret but things will go back to the way they were and she will feel so guilty she might even....that thought alone was enough. "I'm not a kid anymore, I don't want to kiss my mom on the lips." it was an excuse and a lie, I did want to kiss my mom on the lips, just not right now, not with his taste staining them.

"Oh, okay, sorry." she looks dejected, I feel bad. She just fucked my bully and I feel bad for hurting her feelings. The next morning dawns and I wake up listless and depressed. I know the sick act wont last forever and I'll eventually have to face my demons sooner or later, it might as well be sooner. "Jessie, come get your breakfast!" mom calls so I head downstairs and eat breakfast with her, it's nice, it feels normal. I get ready grab my backpack and head to the door to wait for her, this is where we part ways every morning. She goes to work and I walk down the street to the bus stop. "Alright honey, have a nice day at school."...I wait..."Um...Jessie, bye." Oh right, no more goodbye kiss 'I'm not a kid anymore'.

"Oh, uh, yeah, bye." I sputter out awkwardly, she gives me a look and chuckles slightly before heading off to work. I walk down the street to the bus stop and get on the bus. Everybody is staring at me as I walk inside, I know why, they all saw or heard about the video of Colin and my mom. There a few giggles and many knowing smirks, one of the kids mouths "Your mom" then mimics sucking a dick with the motion of his hand and poking his cheek with his tongue. I avert my gaze and begin walking towards an empty seat at the front of the bus Gabriel is sitting in the spot next to me, she is kind and shy but homely and unpopular, she speaks up as I sit down.

"Don't sit next to me, go sit somewhere else." It stings and it's humiliating. I keep walking down the isle with my eyes caste down at my feet, people mutter mocking insults at me under their breath as I walk past. I quickly find a seat with nobody else in it and stare out the window trying to ignore everything around me. This is going to be a bad day. I get the same treatment as I walk down the hallway towards my locker. Smirks, laughs, insults, shoves, it's bad enough from the guys but it hurts a lot more when even the girls are joining in. Everything will blow over I repeat in my head as I walk on. I get to my locker and as I'm putting in my combination somebody shoves me from behind causing me to smack my face against the locker door.

"Hey girl name."

"What do you want? just go away." I whine.

"Man, I've felt lots of pussy before, but your moms? that was something else." I ignore him and try to shove past but he is much too big so I have to squeeze by him instead. "You know, I felt her pussy tighten up when I called her a slut, that's how you know she's a whore." My fist tighten into little shaking balls, he can talk about me like that, I can handle it, but my mom? nobody talks about my mother that way. I turn around and swing hard at his face, my knuckles make a slapping noise against his cheek and his head barely moves. Colin looks down at me and punches me hard in the nose I flop backwards into the lockers. He swings again, hitting me in the cheekbone and I slide down onto the ground and try not to cry. I expect to hear people jeering at me but I don't so I slowly raise my eyes and see the principle standing over me.

"I-I, h-he-"

"Save it Jessie I saw everything from down the hall. First you're swearing at people, now you're starting fights? You are in serious trouble, both of you, go to my office right now."

Me and Colin sit silently side by side in the principles office waiting for him to come in and tell us what our punishment is going to be. He turns to me slowly, narrows his eyes and says accusingly. "I know what you did." I ignore him "You jacked off to that little video me and your mom made." I cringe inside but continue to ignore him, he's just trying to get under my skin like always. "You know how I know?"


"That file you opened had a little Trojan in it, wanna know what it does?" I'm still silent but curious, where is he going with this? "It silently installs itself onto your computer, opens up your webcam and starts recording." No way, he's bluffing, but still....I think back to my bedroom, I do have a webcam. It's sitting on top of my monitor pointed right at me. I never shut the cap, why would I? I never use it, I only got it to talk to my dad in Texas before he stopped contacting me and mom altogether. I almost forgot it was even there. "'Remote Access Technology' that's what the guy on the forum said it was called. He didn't believe me when I told him what I wanted to do with it but changed his tune when he saw the video me and your 'mommy' made together." Me and my 'mommy', why did he phrase it like that? I began to get worried. Wouldn't I have notice if my webcam was running? not again, it can't be happening again, he can't always win like this, it's not fair. Then he started to speak in a mocking tone mimicking my voice in the most unflattering way possible "Pleeease, not you 'mommy', not with him, don't do it I looove you." My mouth agape I turn my head and look at him silently, it was true, he knew. I didn't know what to say, I just stared at him doe eyed and helpless. "Don't fucking interfere with me and your mom and I wont show the whole school and her the video of you crying your eyes out and jerking off to your own mom, weirdo." I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out, just then the principle walked into the room.

"Alright you two, here is what's going to happen, I talked to all the kids who saw what happened individually. They all say you, Jessie, started the instigation by insulting Colin's mother."

"Heh." Snorted Colin.

"What! no! they insulted my mother!"

"I've heard that one before Jessie, remember? There seems to be a recurring theme here."

"No! they are lying because they are his frie-"

"Am I lying then Jessie?! are you saying I didn't watch you turn around and punch Colin for no good reason?"

"No, I'm not sayi-"

"Good then that clears everything up then. Colin you are free to go but don't think I don't know it takes two to tango buster, clean up your act."

"Yes sir." Colin says with the same tone of pandering endearment he used on my mother and walks out of the room.

"You however will be getting after school detention once again and will need to phone your mother and tell her yourself what happened and why you are in trouble once again. I've already called to inform her of the situation so there is no point in lying." I'm in total shock, the detention is minor, calling my mother will not be fun either but knowing what Colin has on me? that is a heavy weight that I am struggling to carry. I stand up and feel my knees almost buckle, my legs are weak, my hands are shaking, I am erect. That last one I don't understand but nonetheless there it is. I walk out of the office to take out my cell phone and start dialing mom.

"Hello, Jessie." she answers coldly.

"Hi, mom."

"Do you have something to tell me?"

"I got in trouble at school today."

"I heard, again Jessie? Maybe it's good that you were sick yesterday or this would be the third day in a row you're in detention."

"You don't understand mom, he started it."

"That's not what the principle told me and he said he saw it first hand. He also said that you were saying rude things about Colin's mother? how would you feel if Colin said things like that to you about me?"

"He, does!" I yelp.

"Oh yeah? like what?" she says unbelieving. The words get stuck in my throat as I remember Colin's threat, I can't tell her, he'll show the video to her and then what would she think of me? "That's what I thought." The Colin she is having an affair with is very different than the one that torments me at school and my silence only reinforces the image of him she has in her head, the false image. "God Jessie, it's going to rain tonight so now I have to drive all the way down there and pick you up." she says irritably, she is clearly annoyed with me right now.

"Sorry..." I quietly say in response.

"You better be, I'll be there to pick you up after detention, goodbye Jessie."

"Bye mom." I say dejectedly and end the call.

I spend the rest of the day sulking In detention, thinking about everything that had just occured. How quickly it all happened, it's like a blur, I think back to that day at soccer practice and how easily had persuaded her to have sex with him. What did she see in him? did she like guys like that? I wonder if she dated people like Colin when she was in high school, what did she think about guys like me? The principle walked in and told me I could go home now so I grabbed my backpack and headed outside into the rain. I stood under the overhand next to the parking lot out of the rain waiting for mom, where was she? it was taking a while. I hope she isn't so mad that she is going to make me walk home in the rain. My cell phone rings and I look at the caller ID It's mom, she's probably phoning to tell me where she is. "Hey mom, where are you?" I answer the phone, there is no response. "Mom? you there?" still no response. I think I can hear some faint noises, shuffling, creaking and heavy breathing, I turn my volume up and listen intently. I can now hear undoubtedly the sounds of heavy panting and I know exactly what is going on. I don't know how he got her phone but Colin is fucking my mom right now and that is what I'm hearing. The heavy breathing and moaning sounds stop for a moment and are replaced by the sound of wet lips smacking together briefly before returning to the breathed pants of my mother and deep grunts of Colin. It's amazing what I can glean about what is going on by just the sounds alone. I can tell the tempo of their lovemaking by the timing of their moans, I can tell the stride of his thrust by how long her moans are. I can even tell that he is fucking her deeply by the fact that her groans turn into an almost pained grunt at their peak. I shudder and shake the thoughts from my mind.

Colin's voice starts to speak. "Aren't you glad you stayed here with me instead of going to pick him up" My mother was in the middle of a long moan when he asked. I waited with baited breath for her response.

"Oouuh...yes" she she says, I feel my heart ache. "..Ugh..but I feel..Uh!'s raining."

"He needs...ugh...discipline, Uh..he's been lashing out lately..."

"Mmmh...why?" my mother asks, curious to know what's been going on with me these past few days.

"His pride is hurt...Ugh!" Colin grunts in time with my mother, interrupting himself, then calms down and returns to his slow rhythm "....He get's bullied a lot...uh, uh...I protect him...He's jealous of me." I hate him so much, I hate the lies he's filling my mothers head with.

"Oooh Colin.." my mother coos "You're such a, uh...sweet boy." the same honeyed words she talks to me with. "...mmmoh!.....let's stop talking about him now." the panting stops again and the sound of lips smacking together returns, I hang up, unable to take anymore. I now know, inch by inch, mile by mile, he is stealing her away from me. I begin walking home, It's cold, I'm soaking wet, and my erection is pressing painfully against the front of my pants. When I get home I see my mom sitting on the couch she turns to me "Hello, Jessie." she says.

"Why didn't you pick me up?" I already know the answer, but I want to hear hers.

"I was busy with work, I figured you could use the exercise."

"I'm freezing! look at me, I'm completely soaked! why didn't you phone me at least? I waited outside the school for 20 minutes." She cringes slightly when I tell her that, I think she feels guilty.

"Um...I'm sorry honey, I was so tied up up with work I completely forgot...Come here, let me look at your face." She says, trying to change to subject. I walk over to her and she puts her hand on my cheek, the tears running down them are camouflaged in the rain water. "Tsk tsk tsk." she looks at my wounds with concern.

"I think he broke my nose mom."

"Well, maybe you should pick fights with kids your own size then." That comment hurt, she was saying I was weaker than Colin. I pull away from her soft touch.

"Whatever, I'm going to my room." I say angrily, she doesn't respond.

In my room now I slip off all my wet clothes and fall down onto my bed, I rest my head on my pillow and feel something, something slimy. I lift my head up but the pillow sticks to me so I have to peel it off my cheek. There's some thick white goo smeared on my pillow. Then I see some sort of fabric laying under where my pillow was, it's soft and smooth. I pick it up and look at it, it's moms panties, the white ones from the video. Colin was here! that's how he got her phone. He came by after school while I was in detention and stole her phone then phoned me on it behind her back while they were having sex. Then he came into my room and squeezed my hand lotion onto my pillow as a prank, jerk. I look down at my mother panties, they are ripped on the left side from the waistband all the way down to the leg hole, I imagine it. He must have torn them off her that first night she went to visit him, they probably fell down her right leg to her feet leaving her completely exposed... or maybe they didn't, maybe they stayed on her thigh flapping and waving in the air as he violently fucked her. I don't know why I imagined it, but I did. I get hard staring at them, I can't help myself so I slide over to my computer and wait for the monitor to turn on. There's something on my desktop, a folder I've never seen before, It's titled 'your mom'. I open it and inside there are two video files the first video I recognize, it's the one Colin made of my mom, the second is untitled but I have an idea what it is. That idea fills my head with shame and arousal and fills my erection with blood. I play the video and instantly recognize the location, It's the inside of my bedroom, how though? And then I remember the webcam, it would have still been recording, it still is! I quickly jerk the cable out from the back of the computer. My mother is standing fully clothed in my room and Colin is taking his shirt off.

"I don't like this Colin, it feels strange."

"It's just a room, besides I want to be able to make love to you to beautiful music." he says, in his familiar pandering tone, why doesn't she see through it? Colin is at the computer now, he looks up at the webcam and smirks into it before looking back down at the monitor to find some soft music to play.

"I don't know Colin..." He turns around and starts playfully dancing towards her, my mother giggles as he grabs her hands and starts slow dancing with her in the middle of my room.

"It's just a bed baby, we can always clean the sheets." he whispers.

"..Alright." She responds. Colin begins undressing her as he dances with her, taking her top off as she wiggles her hips then unbuttoning her pants as she shakes her tits right in his face. My mother is blushing and totally enamored with him right now and soon they are completely naked, slow dancing together like teenagers at prom. I can see my mothers pussy and thighs are dripping with a syrupy nectar, she is so wet for him right now it's almost hard to believe. They kiss and tongue each other while dancing, Colin starts sucking on her neck, his solid erection is sliding smoothly between my mothers thighs. Her pussy lips are straddling the shaft and lubricating it as it glides around with the motion of their dancing, her knees buckle slightly and she moans passionately.

I look down at my hand, I still have my mothers panties clenched in them, I wrap them around my small dick and stroke myself. I am so sexually frustrated right now, my mothers pussy touched these panties and now my dick is too, this is the closest it will ever get to her. I can almost feel her pussy in the softness of the panties, but not quite, just enough to make me long for its touch more. Like running a cigarette under the nose of a smoker and then throwing it away, it only makes the craving worse. Colin grabs my mother firmly by her upper arms and pushes her away from him, she looks at him sheepishly, his grip is so strong and she is so fragile and helpless. "Suck me, make it wet for your pussy." he says. Mom gets down onto her knees and opens her mouth wide, very wide. She moves forward making care not to touch his cock with her lips, saliva dripping down from the roof of her mouth glazing his cock as she does. Then as she reaches the hilt she closes her mouth around the shaft and pulls backward sucking hard. "Oh yeah...more..suck me sloppy." She obeys, repeating the motion although this time she cocks her head to the side as she glides him in and then twists it to the other side on the backstroke. Her tongue coiling around him as she moves forward then coiling back as she pulls away.

I'm watching my mother learning and experimenting with ways to pleasure him with her mouth, she adds something new every stroke. Sucking his balls, massaging them, licking the head and the shaft, sucking the knob as she strokes the rest, sucking slow, sucking fast, sucking hard, sucking soft, deep-throating. All the while eagerly watching his reactions to see what he likes the most and adding it to her quickly growing repertoire. She is slobbering and drooling over his cock so much it's like her mouth is as wet for him as her pussy is. Strands of drool connect from her lips and chin to his shaft and head, she sucks him sloppy but slow. She pushes him deep into her mouth until I can see her throat bulge from his cock entering it and begins swallowing "UGH, oh yeah! that feels so good!" Colin grunts as her throat contracts and squirms around the head of his cock, her tongue lapping his ball bag as she does. Colin begins thrusting into her mouth and throat, my mother is surprised at first and gags slightly then tries to pull away but his hands are firmly gripped on the back of her head and he will not let her. She soon relaxes though and opens up her throat for him, I can hear loud wet sounds as she begins to suck again. Thick slimy saliva from the back of her throat begins coating his cock as he thrusts himself into her mouth for close to a minute. Colin soon has his fill of my mothers mouth and pulls her back by her hair.

"Get on the bed." He demands so she lays down with her butt on the edge of my bed and her feet on the floor and looks up at him. They are about a foot apart and staring at each other. There are no words, there doesn't have to be, they both understand. My mother slowly begins spreading her thighs apart, her pussy so wet that I can see a single strand of her slick syrupy pre-cum stretching from one thigh to the other until both are fully spread and it breaks in the middle, falling to either side and resting wetly on her silken skin. Her pussy is fully exposed now shining moistly in the light, it's so hot and damp that a light haze of steam can be seen visible rising up off the area. Liquid condenses on her inner thighs near her pussy like the sweetest morning dew, she is is so hot for him I can almost feel the heat radiating off her pussy through the computer screen. He moves in close, never unlocking his gaze from hers and leans forward on top of her, positions himself between her legs and presses his member into her just enough to make her pussy lips bulge out to the side slightly. My mother arches her back, closes her eyes and bites her lip in anticipation... nothing happens. She looks back at him, he is still staring dominantly​ into her eyes.

"Do it" She says "Put it in me" his stare is intimidating. She breaks eye contact and looks down, blushes slightly and then understands. Looking back up into his eyes, with purpose she says "Please put it in me." and he begins pushing himself inside of my mother, clearly pleased with her answer and she clearly pleased with his reaction. Her breaths are so short and gasping from the pleasure it almost sounds like she is hyperventilating. As he presses himself deep inside of her I notice something, her belly, it is rising, swelling slightly. It's his cock, it's so large I can see it as it pushes its way up my mother and into her womb. I'm not the only one who notices.

"Watch." he says as he puts his thumb onto her chin and guides her eyes towards her stomach. He begins to pull out slowly and the bulge recedes.

"Oooooh." my mother moans as her eyes grow wide watching it. Her pussy lips flutter and twitch as he's pulling back. "Oh god, you're so big I can see you in me, that's...that's.. so hot." He begins to push himself back into her pussy, her lips sputter and spit on his cock as he does and her other lips let out a moan. Her eyes are still fixated on the cock in her pussy as it distends her belly, she likes to watch it.

"Give me your hand." he says and my mother obeys thoughtlessly, he puts her hand onto her belly and I can see her lovely precious fingers rise slightly as he pushes in and fall back down as he pulls out.

"I can feel your cock inside me with my hand, It's just so...uuuuh." she trails off. My mothers legs begin to rise up off the floor slowly as Colins pace begins to pick up, they graze up along his his thighs as she raises them, then his butt. They start to move towards each other, her feet meeting above his ass and her ankles locking together, she has wrapped herself around him now. Colin picks up his pace and fucks her harder "Oh Colin! Oh god yes Colin! " she calls out his name "Fuck me! oh god you fuck me so good!" Her legs tighten around him now, like an anaconda, she wont let him go.

"Yeah, you like that you dirty slut." he says.

"Oh yes! I love it! I love your cock, it's so big! Fuck me deeper Colin, fuck me deeper!" Colin begins to position himself further on top of her, and her hips rise and tilt so he can completely root himself inside her pussy.

"Uh! I can feel something around my head, like a pocket."

"That's my womb! I can feel you in it too! cum in it Colin! cum in my womb!" I'm in shock, I never thought she would go this far, she is completely lost in a haze of lust right now. She is a glutton for his cock, her pussy is gobbling it up and completely indulging in the lewd and carnal gratification it offers. Her belly is undulating, as her pussy squirms and wriggles around his cock in an orgasmic frenzy. I take her panties and try to squeeze a dollop on lotion into them but to my frustration nothing comes out of the bottle, I'm all out. I remember the lotion Colin squeezed on my pillow, it is still there and there is plenty of it. I scrape as much of it off my pillow as I can and wipe it onto my prepubescent sized dick then wrap her panties back around it and continue shamefully masturbating. The lotion feels different than it usually does, it feels better than it ever has before. it's slick and slimy, gooey even but I am in too much of a vulgar fervor to care why. Her legs unlock now, rising in the air as her hips angle higher upwards. her knees unbend and her legs spread widely apart, her arms fall wide to her sides and her eyes roll into the back of her head. She begins shaking and convulsing on the bed in a seemingly endless climax, Colin, paying it no mind, continues thrusting forcefully into her cervix. Her grunts become pornographic and she begins drooling and slurring, he is literally fucking my mother stupid. With her feet spread as far apart as possible sticking nearly straight up and waving around in the air my eyes follow up her elegant legs and I see it. Shaking and rattling around her ankle as her legs twitch and jerk from his thrusts and her orgasms. "M-O-M" with a little heart, I made it for her in kindergarten, she's still wearing it. I begin to break out in tears, the most confusing ones I've ever known. Ones of sorrow as the sweet woman I made that for is being satisfied by the man I hate most in the world in a way I never could. And of joy as I see that she still cares for me, she thinks about me every morning she puts it on, she still loves me. I wish she didn't, it would be easier if she didn't, I could hate her then but she does and I love her too, I love her so much, she's my angel. My sobs aren't loud for fear of mom hearing, but they are intense and emotional.

Colin begins panting loudly, he is close. He stands straight up and grabs my mother by her ankles, his clammy fingers touching her anklet and begins thrusting hard and bluntly into her pussy and most likely her womb as well. He buries himself inside her as far as he can and stays there for a moment, I see a heavy throb in her belly, it's his cock blasting an enormous wad into her. "UGH!" he screams loudly my mother responds;

"I can feeeel your jizsh, It'sh sho thick." she says dumbly, I can hardly believe those words came from her pure innocent lips. Colin pulls back, then repeats the motion, another throb. I count them Jesus, how much is there left? he is jizzeming inside her so much her bulging belly is swelling slightly as her womb fills with his cum. He begins to gingerly pull his cock out of my moms pussy before suddenly and violently thrusting back inside one more time...ten. With that I came hard into my mother panties, the lotion feels so good, it's so thick and slimy it brings me to a euphoric gooey orgasm. I count my own feeble pulses, one...two...and that's it, I can't help but compare myself to him and I find myself inadequate in nearly every way. He collapses on top oh her and my mother seems to regain her composure her dignity, however, is lost. Not to me though, I still respect her even if she doesn't respect herself. "Oh Colin...before I met you I had no idea what an orgasm could feel like." Colin is lifting himself off of her, huffing and puffing.

" love it don't you."

"Mmhmm, I love it, so much."

They both stand up and look down at her pussy and wait for his cum to ooze out, but it doesn't, it's so thick it stays stuck up inside her like pancake batter. They share a laugh together when they both realize that it's not coming out, my mother looks up at Colin warmly and puts her hands over her belly where his seed is settling then raises herself up on her tippy toes to lean in and kiss him lovingly on the lips. It's the type of kiss she used to give me, a kiss I'll never feel again. I don't care what she does with her lips anymore, I just want to feel them against mine again, I miss them. Why did I have to say that to her? I should have told her everything then, none of this would be happening. That last moment she shared with him, it was too tender, too caring, it wasn't just an affair anymore, they were lovers now, this wasn't going to stop. My mother turns around to put her clothes back on, with her back turned Colin looks at the camera takes my pillow and wipes his dick off on it, it is coated in a thick layer of his cum and now my dick is as well, he and mom walk out of the room together hand in hand. I look down at my cum covered cock, disgusted at what I had done and how much I enjoyed the orgasm his natural lube gave me. But with no more lotion left I wrap her panties back around my dick, look back up at the computer teary-eyed, hit repeat and start all over again trying to ignore what the slick slimey lube I'm using really is.
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