A young man conquers 31 women in 31 days before falling into the dark, gay underworld.

Christmas break. My last work shift was done until the New Year. Since our warehouse serviced factories and manufacturers, we shut down when they shut down. Party time for the next two and a half weeks.

We were ensconced at our usual table at the Double Eagle. Ladies night. The ladies were drinking for half price. Great. Drinks all around. Pussy lube all around. Donny, Rico, myself. Danny was at a different table, with Susie, his on again girlfriend. Still sore about the raggedy fuck from night three. Let it go, dude. Too bad. Looks as if our Amigo count has dropped by one. Let’s hope it is temporary.

The celebration of Saint Nick was upon us. The bars were packed, and would be every night until Christmas Eve. Many folks were passing through our town on the way to the outlet stores and the road kill motels. The town center was churched up into a Christmas tourist trap. We officially changed our name to Christmas Ville on December the first of every year.

Decorations, lights and inflatables. Santa Clause and the reindeer every night. Sleigh rides, hay rides, maple syrup, hot chocolate, homemade baked goods, shopping in the little niche stores, you name it. It was quite amazing to see it all lit up and bustling.

The Double Eagle was decorated to overload. Twinkling, flashing lights were everywhere. Waitresses in little red hats. Good spirits and many glasses clinking. Another fine December evening.

Donny and Rico were totally blown away as I described the video of Darla the cashier. They nearly fell out of their chairs when I told them about Taylor the night before. How the shit would hit the fan if mother ever found out about daughter, or daughter found out about mother. Because sex was something mother’s and daughter’s did not share. The trucker ex-husband and current father of the teenager was an associate member of the Lost Stallions Motorcycle Club. He would not be a happy camper. The edge was indeed, an awesome place to live.

Better to be king for a day.

Regardless, the high fives and congrats came. I didn’t care about Taylor’s old man. The old fucker was pushing fifty and probably a walking coronary. I was the fuck king, approaching the prime of my life, and was invincible.

I drank my beer. Beers. The holidays were here. Beers and cheers. The Darlene video was crap quality but it had some great moments. Especially the face shots. The eyes closed, the face contorted and the mouth moving from slack to wide open fury. My hand in her hair, wrenching her back, almost snapping her neck. Pounding her from behind, doggy style, her pants and boots and jacket on. The camera was able to pick up the thick, smeared makeup across her old face. I was fucking a Halloween clown. Creepy, but hot. Good for you mom. Good effort. The video from the night before featured your sweet little girl. Too much. My balls were stirring already.

Four beers in. Ten thirty-five in the evening. I looked around the packed bar. Lots of regulars. Lots of strangers. No sign of Julie and her rock and roller. The guy was back in his safe bar, the smelly head banger place from the eighties. The Amigos hadn’t been there in years. Didn’t plan to, unless I was going to fetch Julie for a rerun. Not going to happen, at least until January. Then I might.

Amongst the bar strangers were plenty of females. Clutches of shopping, touring females. Without their husband escorts. The necessary ‘quality’ time with the girlfriends. Duets, triples, foursomes. Females enjoying the half price drinks.

Guess what?

Female strangers are the same as female locals.

They get plastered and horny when they drink for half price.

It was time for a tour. To find number eighteen.

Should I do an eighteen year old for number eighteen?

I enjoyed having sixteen year old Taylor as my number sixteen.

I pushed my chair back to stand up. Didn’t make it. The half price drinking girls were already here. At our table. Ready to party. Party all night long. Four of them. Three of us.

This was their big annual shopping expedition. Shop until they drop, then drink until they fuck. Then grab a motel. Shower and coffee in the morning. Go home to the family. Perfect.

The girls were beyond our age. I would say from thirty to thirty-five. All good looking. I looked closer. Two of them anyway. The third was average, and the fourth was a true dog. I looked at them again. Only one of them was good looking. Smoking. She made two of the others look plain and the dog was still a dog. They were all from money. All properly adorned. Expensive coats and sexy winter boots. The fancy scarves and handbags. Hair done. Lots of makeup. Designer label clothes. Tight, stylish pants and skirts. Silly and happy ladies.

Donny slipped away, I knew the plan. Grab Danny away from little Susie, meet us at Rico’s. Four Amigos, four strangers. Pass them around. Do them all. The good old days. I thought the strategy was sound. This would be the ticket for sad sack Danny. After a round of two or four girls, he would be cured and ready to rejoin the Wolf Pack.

All right ladies. Follow our car. We will head to Rico’s party central. Free booze. If you need to crash, no problem. Three bedrooms plus two large couches. If you want to split up, Donny’s place. Or Danny’s place. Or my place. Not. Nobody staying over at my place. There were big plans for tomorrow night. Evil plans.
I could not stop smiling.

The gods of everything were watching over me, this magical month of December.

Five past eleven. We are in Rico’s kitchen. The girls are drinking an awful mess of shit. Wine. Irish Creme shooters. Beers. Vodka and orange. I truly couldn’t stop smiling. I was the pleasantest, most happy go lucky guy in the world. My smiling masked my urge to laugh. Because when I started pile driving these ladies, shaking them to their cores, the awful mix of alcohol in their bellies would produce a fiery cauldron of splashing vomit.

The ladies were loud and laughing and exaggerated in their talk. They heard of the famous fuck stalker from our town. This Facebook thing was ridiculous. I piped up with the big lie, the super stud was on his way over. By giving Danny the recognition, the chicks would be all over him. Shake the boy out of his funk.

This resulted in faster drinking, more mixing, and more shooters. I was tracking the oldest of the bunch.

Carla. No, Carly I think her name was. I was taking a shine to the seasoned ladies. Charlene. Awesome. Cindy. Awesome. Old Darlene was good, to my great surprise. I wouldn’t want to wake up in the morning with a forty-six year old, unmade cunt on my pillow, but she was pretty exciting in the sack.

I was onto my sixth beer. I needed to be careful here. Four women. I needed to remember two of their names. Not all four. Only two, for my scorecard. If I did more than two of them, they wouldn’t count. Eleven fifteen. Time to work. I cornered Carly against the stove. Carly was thirty-five. A teacher. How wonderful. Grade six or something.

Who cares?

Me, at least for a second of chit chat.

I considered chit chat an acceptable from of foreplay.
Carly was very attractive. Good height. Almost as tall as Charlene. Thin, from being on her feet all day. Probably aerobics or yoga or the gym after school. Dark skinned, probably Italian or Greek in there somewhere. The same smoky, classy librarian thing going on. Must be the educated thing. Or the teaching thing.

The makeup was perfect. Earrings dangling and an expensive, matching chain around her throat. A female deep on her way into womanhood. I was starting to think perhaps this late twenty, early thirty age bracket was where the hottest women resided. Physically mature, financially secure, mentally aware of what they want. Far enough away from the silly teenage years and the bad sex, but close enough to the end of their run. The here and now would be the best time of their lives.

See, I was still learning new shit.

Carly the teacher. Perfect.

Teach me, bitch.

Librarian, teacher, educator, bookworm, lots of schooling and following the system, and being a good girl to gain traction in the profession. Now you were here. You made it. A teacher. It was time to break out of the lifetime mold of conformity. Time to go crazy. A little bit, anyway.

Are you married? Kids?

Some hesitation there, but finally the small nod. The slight blushing, from acknowledging the truth, from being in Rico’s small kitchen with six other adults, three of them complete strangers, and those three also being male and not your husband, and from drinking beer and wine and shots. Too much beer and wine, and too many shots. I loved the blush. The blush meant more was going to be happening, and it was going to be happening very soon. Maybe a little wrongness for Carly, the straight shooter.

Carly brushed the thick brown hair away from her face. Kind of a Cindy Crawford look. Yes. My second Cindy Crawford type in less than a week. Must be all those commercials on late night TV. ‘Look twenty-eight forever’. Dr. Sabat was indeed a genius. Those French melons must be amazing things.

Carly was not afraid to show me the blush. Even better. I laughed. She laughed. Back to hubby and kids and the good life tomorrow. Bringing home bags of gifts and joy from the outlet mall. And hopefully, a sore pussy and drunken memories of spending a few hours again as a love removal machine.

Do you want to skip the rest of the small talk and head upstairs to fuck?

Because I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

I loved using this line on these drunken, searching, envelope pressing, hardworking, living their own lives, types of career women. Carly. Cindy.

Wow, aren’t you foreword for a young man.

As her hand rifled up my chest, then ran down to my abs and waist, finally coming to rest on the small of my back, her answer was yes.

Yes, strange man who is not my husband, I will go upstairs with you, to fuck.

Let’s go!

Wasn’t that a song by some ancient band called the Cars?

Well, I love the nightlife baby!

Carly shot back her drink. Put the glass on the stove. Took my hand. I finished my sixth beer. Put the empty bottle on the stove beside Carly’s empty glass.

I looked at the two glass items. A tall, sleek, brown beer bottle. Empty. Glistening with sweat. A shorter, clear drink glass, empty, save a partial ice cube and a yellow stir stick.

The remains of the day.

If you took the contents of these glass vessels away, hell, take the glass vessels away themselves, would the things about to happen from this moment on, still happen?

For sure for me.

Probably not, for the married school teacher.


We pushed through the kitchen gang. Rico gave me the high five nod. Same with Donny. Both excited, both miffed. I definitely snagged the pick of this litter. They were left sizing up their selections. The remains of the day.

No sign of Danny yet.

The fake fuck king.

The other ladies seemed to be hesitating, waiting for a glimpse of the record chaser, before committing to the boys.

Six beers and I was feeling buzzed. Starting to roll. Carly was way ahead of me in her consumption. Her system was failing fast. Back home, these teacher ladies might drink on the weekends, but, wow, Carly pounded back four shooters, a beer and a vodka in the last twenty minutes. Plus the half price drinks at the bar. I checked my watch. Eleven twenty-five.

Better get a move on.

Up the stairs we went, Carly first, stumbling in her high heel boots. Beautiful boots I could see. Black, with a nice silver buckle, and classy, expensive heels. I noticed the dress. A long dress, not pants. The other three girls were wearing pants. This made me happy. Black heeled boots. A dress. The only thing in the way, were panties.

I guided her into bedroom number three. The same one I had used for Lauren. Before moving to Rico’s bed. Stoned out Lauren and stoned out Camden. The stoner sisters.

I backed Carly up to the bed. We were tight. Of course she wanted to cuddle, and kiss. They all want to start a new relationship with a kiss. Made them feel as if they were following proper courtship procedures, before getting to the raw sex.

Sure, kissing is good. A little necking would allow me to feel up the ass and tits and body. I felt Carly go limp, then strengthen up again. She was pretty hammered. Nipping around the danger zone of passing out. The bar booze was clashing with Rico’s kitchen booze. Her guts were roiling.

I paused in thought. It worked on the bodywork girls. And Carly consumed far more. I wonder. Would work on this classy, older lady?

My cock sprung to life.

I laughed to myself. Sure.

Why not?

Let’s see what happens.

Enough of the necking. I slowly turned the drunken teacher around, holding her tight around the waist, rubbing my growing crotch against her ass. As expected, her ass lifted, trying to accommodate me. I ran my hands over her silver silken shirt. Played with the buttons. Opened the shirt. Slowly, down to her waist. Carefully removed the shirt, all the while kissing at her neck and ear lobes, making the sweet, gentle love the ladies craved. Carly was in full moaning phase, her mouth lolling open, her eyes wide shut. I unsnapped her triple clasp bra, slid it off her shoulders. Down her arms. Tossed it onto the floor. Flexed my fingers. Reached for her tits.

Firm. Large. Low slung. Nice. I wouldn’t mind a suckle. Later. I brushed her nipples. More moaning. Surprise. I tweaked her nipples. They grew in my fingers.

Louder moaning. I moved her onto the bed. Onto her hands. Onto her knees.

I carefully rubbed her ankles through her boots. Then her calves. The black leather felt awfully good. My cock responded. I moved my hands to her bare thighs. They quivered under my touch. Spread her thighs apart. Bam. Right in the nose. The strong whiff of anticipation. Musky. Moist.

I slid my head under Carly’s dress. It was a sauna in here. Her smell filled my nostrils and mouth with her taste. My hands were on her bare ass cheeks. Nice and firm and round. Tight from lots and lots of exercise. My fingers found the panties. Tiny, barely there little thing. I slid the panties down off her ass, down to her knees. She actually backed up towards me. Pushing herself towards my face. Thirty-five years old and piss drunk, she knows what she wants. I got the panties over her boots and off.

I checked the glow numbers on my watch. Plenty of time to play. I met her push with my tongue. She squirmed on contact. Pushed harder against me. I held my tongue in position. Let her do the work. She did. Pushing down to my lips. Grinding there. Pulling away. Pushing down. Pulling away. Pushing down hard.
Slap! Her wet pussy on my face.

My head rocked.

I was not expecting…


I was still on the learning curve.

Carly had long, lanky arms. With one of them, she was able to reach back, fiddle under her dress, grab a handful of my hair, and pull me into her. I held her bare ass with my hands, helping her, pulling her hard when she pulled me. Harder and faster, the flood of superheated liquid spilled over my tongue and face. My cock was bursting in my pants. I could feel the pre cum splattering my underwear.

Carly finally let of my hair, panting, coughing and swallowing. Not yet baby, not yet. Let me help you get there.

I pulled out from under the dress, stood and whipped my clothes off. Time to crown this bitch. I flipped her dress up, exposing her smooth tan ass. No lines. A tanning booth bitch. My little teacher went naked into the tanning booth. What a rebel.

I heard commotion in the dark hallway. I turned and looked. I forgot to close the bedroom door. Damn my exhibitionist streak. Another couple was stumbling down the hallway to another bedroom. The party was on. The couple stopped at my door.

Fuck sakes! It was Danny!

Right on bro!

Good for him.

It was high time he left Susie at the curb. Finally, we could help him back into the Amigos. Pump him up. Man him up. One good night and he would be cured.
I looked to see which of the ladies he was escorting.

Are you kidding me?

It was Susie.

Danny, was with Susie.

Are you fucking nuts, dude?

I couldn’t believe it. The cocksucker dragged Susie over here. He knew we had four women primed and ready for him.

And he chose to stay with Susie?

Fine moron, but why drag her to Rico’s?

Why bring her upstairs? Past my room? To what?

Prove something?

To prove your love for each other?

Danny was staring at me through the open doorway. Me, buck naked, fully erect. Danny was actually staring at my cock.


First Donny and his fingering of my cum. Then Rico and the double fuck. Now Danny, eyeballing my package? The same package that bloodied his little Susie.

I didn’t have time for this bullshit. I was pissed. Pissed at the shithead Danny.

Fuck him.

I turned back to Carly. Wiggling her ass on the bed. Waving it in the air for my attention. I pulled her hips towards me. Grabbed her skirt and yanked it off. She was bare naked, save her classy winter boots. I stopped. My anger gave way to a fine visual. The beautiful tanned skin. The impressive large tits hanging down. The long legs, the thick, classy, salon hair. A perfect round ass and the black heels of beautiful boots.

My cock was standing straight out in front of me. Quivering, swollen, ready. I lined up my thick bell with her wet pussy. Contact. Lots of nice heat. Very, very wet. Oozing wetness. I pushed. Pushed some more. A gasp from Carly. I was in.

Checked my watch. Exactly fifteen minutes to go until midnight. Perfect. Fourteen minutes of pumping. One minute of shooting. I pulled her back over my cock, then pushed her away. Her ass looked small in my hands. Not as small as Taylor’s. I closed my eyes and recalled Taylor’s tiny, slightly flaring, baby ass. Opened my eyes when I heard more commotion behind me. The hallway again.

Now what?

I twisted and looked.



With Danny.

Both of them watching. Watching me. Watching me fuck Carly.

Okay. What was this all about?

Danny simply stared, a cast retard.

Susie looked perturbed. Angry.

Angry at me?

Whatever, you troublesome bitch. Watch the show, if you need to.

Really though Susie, you don’t need to watch, do you?
You already know what it’s all about.


Unless you wanted more, you conniving little cunt. No. Too crazy. Even for me. She couldn’t want more. She was blaming me for messing up her thing with Danny, and, and you know what?

Fuck the watchers.

I began to rock Carly good. She was moaning and thrashing at the bed covers, trying to find something to grip or strangle. Totally oblivious of our audience. I slammed her, in hard. Out. In hard. Out. In harder. All the way out.

Carly sagged on the bed.

“Don’t stop,” she breathed. “Fuck me hard.”

I turned once more. The two morons were still there.

Are you kidding?

Susie was moving into the room. Danny was trying to corral her. To pull her back. Susie was staring at my dripping cock. They were both pretty hammered. Jesus guys. Maybe take it easy on the booze. I twisted, giving them both a good view of my wet, angry, monster. I sensed Susie buckling at her knees.

Was it possible? Did she want more?

Fuck her.

I turned back and slid into Carly. She sucked air as I buried myself. Then she gagged. Exactly what I was waiting for. Time to stir the pot. I climbed onto the bed. With my strong hands I moved Carly, positioning her and myself for a side view. Giving full access to the two stumbling drunks making up my audience. Not Carly’s audience. The teacher had no idea she was being studied.

I began to slam Carly. Harder. Her tits shook. Her body convulsed. Her moans became yelps. She threw her head back, thick hair flying all over. I felt her squeeze on my cock and begin to cry out. Something in some jumbled up language. The middle aged woman, primal orgasm scream. Yes. That one. I kept pounding her. The two morons continued to watch.


Carly began to heave. Quick check of my watch. Three minutes to twelve. Time to dump my load. I ramped up the pounding. Bringing her to another quick multilingual orgasm. She began to heave from her belly. Perfect. It was happening.

I gave her a few more…hard…body...shaking…thrusts.

As Carly vocalized yet her next orgasm, a massive
convulsion rocked her. A room-shaking, gagging sound was followed by the gush of liquid. I was amazed at the volume of crap spewing out of her mouth. All over Rico’s headboard and pillows and comforter. The crap continued to spew as I drilled her home.

“Stop it,” I heard Susie’s discombobulated voice.
Say what?

I looked to my side. Susie was closer, plying at Danny, trying to break lose. Danny looked shocked. As in, is this what you did to my Susie? Hammered the fuck out of her? Left her to bleed to death?

Yes dipshit.

I fucked her to bleed.

Wasn’t difficult, seeing she was already on the rags.

Remember Mr. Dipshit, you told me to do it.

Danny looked as angry as Susie.

What a pair.

Fuck you, bitches.

If you don’t want to see, then for fuck sakes, don’t look.
I kept slamming Carly. She gagged as I rocked her soaked carcass.

Dry heaves.


I fucked the entire load of booze right out of her system. She flopped down onto the bed. A loud splash, as she landed in her puke stream. I pulled her ass back. Kept my entire cock in her pussy. Thought about the audience. Thought about Susie staring at my cock. Her pathetic cry for me to stop. Her buckling knees. Her night with me, forever etched into her brain and her pussy. Blood proof.

What about Danny?

The idiot. Staring at my cock. The monster. The destroyer of his precious little cunt. The monster you will never get over.

Poor classy teacher Carly. Naked, except for the boots. Lying in a pool of her own puke. Everything came to my head. Both of them. The madness. The power. The legend. I clamped down with my hands. The poor teacher yelping. Susie braying again. This time, I was growling. I let her rip. Spurting into the depths of the teacher. Over and over, and over.

Collapsing on the teacher, crushing her into her own mess.

I did the hug and caress and whisper thing. To no use. The teacher was already asleep. Or unconscious. I wrenched my cock out of her. Pushed back and stood up. My cock was still pulsing. Dripping thick cum. I looked at the doorway. The idiots were gone. I moved the teacher to the recovery position. I was pretty sure she didn’t have another ounce of liquid in her. She might even thank me in the morning for speeding her hangover recovery.

I checked her breathing. She was fine. The number eighteen rolled over on my counter. My night was only beginning. This scorecard entry was simple. Nothing less than the number nine. The potentially disturbing scene with my two watchers ended up being a nice plus. I began to wipe my cock on the comforter.

Stopped. No need. The next shopping lady would suck me clean.

I pulled the unused half of the blanket over the naked, booted teacher. She was definitely a hottie. She might be walking funny tomorrow. She might need a good explanation for her husband.

I dressed and left the bedroom. Left the door open. Didn’t know if anybody wanted these sloppy seconds.
Wow, did the room ever reek.

Pussy. Cum. Vomit. Body sweat.

Shake it all about.

It was approaching midnight. Time to find the next contestant. I better be careful. Susie is probably in the house. Mad at me. Wanting a good look at my cock. Stop it. Don’t go there. The chick hates me. Hates me enough to eyeball my cock. Hates me enough to call me off the horned up teacher.

What did she want, another turn underneath?

Is this what I believed?

Is this a normal thought process for a guy who has fucked eighteen different girls in eighteen days?

I walked down the stairs to the kitchen. I missed out on a lot more drinking. Everybody was obliterated. I didn’t think any of the girls were going to make it to any hotels tonight. I ask the boys, what is it with Danny and Susie? They were too drunk to respond.

Hole number eighteen was done.


Carly, hole number eighteen. Nice, dark, smoky Cindy Crawford looks. Nice, tight older body. Not old. Just older than me. A nine point five for sure.

The fuck until you puke?

A ten.


Front nine.


Back nine.


Time to start the next round.

I was actually seeing the finish line.

[to be continued............]

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