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A group of lost paratroopers on D-Day stumble across a group of soldiers with an interesting souvenire.
I remember that day so clearly... the green light flashed on and we jumped. We jumped not knowing what wold happen to us... Not knowing if we would see the person who jumped before us or after us... Not knowing why we were there in the first place. I had heard the sounds of gun shots and explosions through the open door of our plane, but it wasn't until after I was pushed put that I realized what those sounds meant. Orange fireballs flashed everywhere around us, streams of light that could be traced back to the ground wisped passed us, and human and plane alike fell from the sky. I landed in an open feild miles from my intended drop zone and a man from the 82nd land a few yards away. I saw him land and ran over to him, drawing my rifle as I went.
"Flash!" I yelled.
A few seconds later I heard him yell thunder and we aproached each other.
He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face, "Aren't you from the 101st?"
"Yeah," I replied, "that must mean one of us is in the wrong DZ."
"Or both of us," he said drawing his pistol.
"Where's your rifle?" I asked.
"I must have lost it on the drop," he said pulling a spare magazine from his front pocket.
We walked through the field, following the sounds of gun-shots in the distance. Niether of us had any idea where we were. As we aproached the end of the feild we came across a wooded patch. Between the trees we could make out the silloettes of German storm troopers in a bunker. We walked scilently toward them and waited for them to stop to reload, then we made a quik dash around them.
As the night progressed we ran into more and more of good guys. As morning drew we entered a small village were a few other paratroopers were held up. There were four soldiers in a barn crowded around a horse stall. As we aproached we saw that they had three beautiful French girls tied to the gate. From what I could tell they were sisters. I walked up to them and they turned to greet us with a startled look.
"Flash," I said sarcasticaly and leaned against the stall, "what's this?"
One of the soldiers looked at me, "These are three French hoes... and there tripletes," he said with a greedy east coast accent.
I nodded and walked outside. What happened next was even worse than watching men around you get killed. One of the men walked towards them and the three others followed. He pulled out his knife and pressed it against the neck of one of the girls. They couldn't have been older than 17. He traced it down to her dress and slit it between her tits. She gasped as she realized what was happening. He grabbed the ripped flaps and ripped them apart. Her beautiful tits bounced free and a grin crossed his face as he took one in his hand squeezed and pulled violently. The three men watched for a moment then crowded around another one of the girls. The first girl arched her back into the mans hands. The other men ripped off the other girl's clothes in seconds. Their hungery faces disapearing behind her exposed body. The two girls screamed and moaned as the third sat crying between them. The first soldier reached down to his belt and whipped it off then pulling down his zipper. He reached into his pants and pulled out his stiff cock. A look of horor crossed the girl's face. She let out a squeel wich was quickly muffled by his large errect cock plunging into her open mouth. Scilenced moans slid between her lips and his cock. He pushed it down her throat, her eyes widening as she gagged. Her hips bucked and he thrusts in and out. Meanwhile two of the soldiers lick and qrope the second girls tits while the fourth soldier licks and bites at her pussy.
He slides his finger up her ass while he spreads her pussy with the other hand. She screams in plessure and pain. It was the kind of scream that can only come from rape. The unwanted plessure streamed from her body in the form of sweat and a rushing orgasm. The other man grabbed the girl's head and slammed it onto his cock as he blew his load down the throat of the young girl. He then slid down his cock down the girls body, across her tits and belly-button, down between the lips of her pussy, He rocked his hips moving his cock between her thighs then slam it into her pussy. She screamed as he broke her hymen and arched her back while her tits bounce up and down with each forcefull thrust. She screamed as his balls slapped against her ass. The other three men had also began fucking there girl. One soldier had her on his lap rocking her hips against his crotch while his cock slid in and out of her ass. Another was between her legs ramming his cock in her sweet virgin canal. The last soldier was standing over her with his hand on his back and his cock dipping in her mouth. The girl came so violently that she shook unctrollably. The man who was fucking her pussy pulled out and shot his semen onto her chest and the man deapthroating did the same. The man getting anal simply came into her ass. He pulled his cock out and a waterfall of hot seed poured out after. They stepped off the girl and moved over to the next one. The last victem lay panting and yurning for more attention and it came in the form of the first soldier standing her up and bending her over the gate. He slid up her pussy from behind. She screamed in french with each thrust. The other girl lay without her clothes on while a soldier walked up to her. He pulled out his pistol and traced it around her nipples licking the other. She gasped with fright and plessure. He moved it down her body placed it at the opening to her pussy. She looked worried and sweat ran visably down her body. He slid the gun up her pussy while he pressed fermly against her stomach with his free hand. She moaned louder with each dangerous movment of his gun. She closed her eyes and her head fell back as her back arched. The other soldiers stood watching, stroking their cocks, and waithing. After a few minutes the both girls being fucked screamed to a climax. The first girl fell to her knees and the soldier who had been fucking her colapsed against the wall. Two soldiers took the frightened girl who had been violated by a pistol and bent her knees. One soldier knealed on each side of her. one slid his cock up her ass and the other fucked her throat. She gagged and moaned as the cock pushed further down her throat. The other soldier took the first girl and flipped her on her knees and slid his cock violently up her pussy and pulled her tits aggresivly. The two girls moaned and arched their backs trying to heighten the plessure. The two men giving ass-to-mouth came simoltaneously with their victem and colapsed on her. The other man blew his load into the girls hot pussy as she screamed to her final orgasm. They all lay in the hay or against the walls panting.
I turned around to see the rest of my men jacking off to the picture of the two blonde and one brunette girls getting gang banged by American troops. I yelled to them to pack up and we continued on our journey to find our companies.


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2009-09-10 18:03:40
You should really learn to spell:( Also, mabey u should give the girls names or something, u know, so it is easier to follow. It was a decent story overall.


2008-03-21 20:39:55
Totaly Bullshit as I was there


2008-01-06 19:13:46
Yay! Shoot him with an M1 garand ;p


2007-12-31 21:01:10
Dude Go kill yourself. This was an Insult!


2007-06-11 13:13:46
To all of you who disliked the story...

Welcome to war

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