Lillian checks out the rumours of a glory hole at the old school gym
The lunch bell rang as Lillian Bell made her way over to the Old Gym. She was hungry but not really for food. The skip in her step was making her school skirt sway nicely. Had there been anyone observing her passage the shapely swell of her ass, legs and pink panties would've been shown off for their viewing pleasure. Lillian's gait was a product of both haste and excitement. Time to see if the rumours were true.

The so-called myth was known to most people around the campus and had varying details but the gist of it was there existed a 'modified restroom' where boys could get serviced by anonymous girls through the wonders of a glory hole. Supposedly only the senior girls were brave enough to go in and practice their skills on the eager boys but if any of them had gone in they were keeping it in their cliques. Before now Lillian hadn't cared much about whether it had existed or not, she'd had plenty of cock to suck and fuck, even at the age of sixteen. Why practice what had already been made perfect? The doings of the older girls were of no concern to her.

Now things were a little different. Many of her fallback fucks were not optional anymore. Claire, her best friend, was now unofficially a couple with Paul, her driver, so that was a no-go area. Her step-brother Rhys was on an exchange trip so exploring that prospect further was post-poned for now. At school, the arrival of new girl Rowena, the innocent beauty who had unwittingly become her rival, meant many of the guys who had once lusted after Lillian now had eyes elsewhere. They still lusted after Lillian of course, her blonde pigtails, shapely body and cute lips creating an image that practically screamed "fuck me", but somehow knowing that these guys held another in their thoughts made her bored of them.

There were still people out there she wanted to work on, Rowena's older brother for one, but no one at school in particular was worth pursuing, which is what made the glory hole idea appeal to her. No fuss, no messing about, just sex and release.

The lunch bell ringing meant that if anyone was going to show up they'd be arriving soon, hence Lillian's haste. She'd made up an excuse to get out of class early, wanting to get there before anyone else to take a look around.

The Old Gym had been mid-renovation before the plans were scrapped once more land opened up on the other side of campus to make room for an entirely new oval, gym and swimming pool to go together. Being surplus to requirement the Old Gym was out of use until something could be done with it. If the rumour of its extra-curricular use was true, Lillian suspected that might be why nothing else had been done with it yet.

The door was unlocked, and while a musty smell greeted her, Lillian could tell that some traffic still came through the building. The only light source was what the sun could get through the tinted windows, as the electricity had long been shut off. When Lillian reached the restrooms upstairs the light became even worse, as only a few small panes at the roof-line allowed in some illumination. The restrooms for both genders were next door to each other, and Lillian began to surmise how this might work.

The swing-door squeaked as the young blonde pushed through into the "Ladies" room. At least the noise would provide warning should someone else turn up. The dim light was almost ethereal in the restroom as there were even fewer windows. The white paint on the walls looked almost green, and while she could see the outline of the stalls and sinks the details were too hard to make out. Even looking into the mirror along the sink line she could only see her silhouette.

There were about 10 toilet stalls along the wall shared with the mens room. The toilets and plumbing had been removed since the building was no longer "in use", but as Lillian walked along them she could see little spirals of duct tape surrounding what could only be plugs in the wall. There wasn't just one glory hole, they all had them.

Tingles shot both up her back and between her legs at this revelation, and her lips cracked open to reveals her pink braces in a devious smile. Without hesitation she locked herself into a cubicle, dropping to her knees to investigate the plug. The hard floor was cold on her knees, but a little discomfort had never stopped the wanton nymph before. At the centre of the duct tape spiral the plug stuck out of the wall slightly, just enough for Lillian to pull it out with a small pop. The plug was fairly wide in diameter, she could have fit her whole hand through the hole. Probably to give the boys some self confidence although she hoped there'd be some large things to use that space. Also, since the plumbing for the toilets had gone into the floor, the wall between the rooms wasn't particularly thick, meaning there'd be lots of room for those things to pass from one side to the other.

Peeking through to the other side she could make out that the opposite cubicle looked pretty much the same but the door was open. Now all she needed was for someone to close that door and present her with something to suck on.

The next couple of minutes were spent applying more pink lip gloss to enable a smooth ride and loosening her red tie and white shirt for a bit more breathing room. Her adjustments halted when, through the hole in the wall, Lillian heard the sound of a squeaking swing door. The tiled floor echoed quietly with footsteps as someone moved through the opposite room. The noise came closer until the dark frame of a person came into view through her peek hole.

Without even being aware of it, one of Lillian's hands had snaked its way under her skirt and started rubbing gently on the outside of her panties in anticipation. The person on the other side may or may not have been able to see her eye at the hole, but the fact that it was open was obvious. The person moved into the cubicle and locked the door.

Lillian's rubbing had increased its pace, and she moved her face so that her lips were at the hole so her new friend could her her panting. The mewling sounds she was making must have been working because after some rustling and the sound of a zipper, Lillian felt the smooth, fleshy touch of a growing cock brush her lips as it was pushed through into her cubicle.

She didn't even hesitate. The cock had been in front of her for less than a second before she wrapped her lips around the swelling head, the sudden smell and brief touch electrifying her into action. Holding the flesh of a man in her wet mouth felt so good to Lillian, knowing that it was her luscious tongue and sucking lips that were making him grow rock solid. It was definitely a young man's dick, the flesh was smooth and unblemished, lacking the veiny bulge of an older man. Both were appealing in their own ways, but she'd take either in any case.

The slutty blonde moaned hungrily as her mouth slipped further down the boy's shaft, easily taking it in until her nose touched the duct tape. The wall may not have been thick but she wished it was thinner still so she could take in more of the hard shaft. Still sucking, she pulled her pink lips back to the head, taking the free hand not rubbing her pussy to start jerking the cock into her mouth.

As she jerked and sucked, Lillian's tongue was dancing against the sensitive tip of the cock in her mouth. She allowed some spit to drip out onto the shaft, lubricating her hand movements. Lust was rising quickly as she furiously jerked his cock, her fist solidly meeting her lips with each pull. Her other hand had made its way past her panties as well, moving firmly between her lips, making herself slippery and warm.

On the other side of the wall Lillian could her his grunts and moans responding to her aggressive attentions. She hoped he wouldn't cum yet, she'd been hoping this to last a few minutes in case no one else showed up. Just as that thought formed the squeak of the swing door announced the arrival of someone else, but this time on the ladies' side.

The blowjob went on uninterrupted but Lillian felt a moment of annoyance that another girl was there. More unwanted competition. She kept stroking the spit-covered shaft and turned her head to look under the door to see what the newcomer was up to, sending an unintentional wave of pleasure into the guy as one of her pigtails brushed across his cock.

Once again, quiet footsteps echoed until a sudden stop, and Lillian could see the petite feet of another girl beneath the door of her cubicle. Why the hell would someone stop there? For a brief second Lillian feared she might be about to get busted until a shadow covered the silhouetted feet. The girl outside had dropped her panties to the floor for reasons which became obvious when a long sigh echoed out from the darkness.

This girl knew a cock was getting sucked on the other side of the door and had started masturbating to it! In the blink of an eye Lillian went from annoyed back to horny. To ensure there was no doubt about her activity, Lillian went back to sucking with gusto, making wet smacking sounds with her lips and tongue.

From the sudden thud against her door Lillian could tell the other girl was now leaning against it as their moans grew in volume together. Lillian's were muffled of course by the cock making its way over her tongue but that didn't stop her from trying to keep up. Her fingers were moving inside her pussy now, sliding fast, in and out in time with the hand rubbing the cock. The blonde's pigtails were were flopping about as her head pushed back and forth over the cock head, slurping loudly. All her movements were frantic, trying to satiate her hungry libido. That particular stiffening and twitching of the cock in her mouth warned her what would be coming soon. Putting on a show for their observer Lillian stage whispered to the boy in her cute voice.

'Mmm, I'm ready for your cum boy. Spurt it into my mouth, I want to taste it so much, I'm gonna swallow it all. Cum for me okay?" The only response she got, from anyone, was further moans, which she took as a good sign.

Forming a circle with her thumb and index finger at the base of the cock where it came through the wall, the cock-hungry slut sank her head down until she was kissing her own fingers. Taking it all in and squeezing with her fingers and lips, sucking hard until the warm fluid started gushing into her waiting throat. Vagina muscles clamped around her sticky fingers in excitement at making the boy climax. She hadn't cum herself yet, but she was well on her way. A long moan escaped her, so the two people listening knew that she thought the cum tasted good.

The cubicle door started rattling, and when Lillian turned her head again to look, still sucking the last bit of cum from the tip of the cock, she saw the small feet and ankles quivering as the other girl brought herself to a finishing point. The shadows moved as she went up on her toes for a second before dropping back down with a satisfied groan. The feet stepped out of the panties handcuffing them together and a slender hand appeared to pick them up. Lillian's head stayed in place on the cock as her eyes followed the shadow feet around into the next cubicle. So she didn't like to just listen then, a cock sucking was in order there too.

Lillian finished up with the cock as it began to deflate in her mouth. She let it go with a slurp, making more lip smacking noises as she swallowed the load she'd been given, emitting a pleased "ahh", as if she'd just had a refreshing drink, which in a way she had. It wasn't enough though.

As if the world was hearing her thoughts the telltale sounds of the squeaking door answered her prayers. More samples coming her way. The cock in front of her pulled back through the hole in the wall and disappeared. While her satisfied customer put his trousers back on, Lillian quickly swept off her panties so she could access her cunt properly. She continued to touch herself, sticking her eye back to the hole to wait for someone new to arrive. She stuffed her panties into her pussy, rubbing the fabric inside her cunt for extra stimulation.

While the door was closed it was hard to tell what was going on in the opposite cubicle, shifting shadows and rustling clothes the only clue that someone was moving around. A little light was let in when the door swung open, the boy moving out to leave. From what she could tell in the extra light a few boys had come in, as shadows moved past to further cubicles. Girl-Next-Door, as Lillian began to think of her new neighbour, had a subject in front of her from the sounds of the hushed whispering and wet sounds that started up. The rest of the boys would be disappointed to find barely any girls had shown up so far, but Lillian was happy as before long one of the shadows came back and stepped into her respective cubicle, closing the door behind him.

He wasn't wasting any time either, the sound of a belt being removed came rattling through the hole. Lillian put her mouth up to the hole, waggling her tongue through for the boy to see, glowing pink in the soft light. An insistent pole came through the gap, pushing aside her tongue to shove deep into her mouth. To Lillian's credit she didn't flinch, nor did her head jump back more than a centimetre. She took that cock into her mouth like the willing slut she was.

This one was a little longer and a little thicker than the last, giving her a bit more to work with. Girl-Next-Door was going at it, the unmistakable glukking sounds indicating that she was attempting to deepthroat her first cock of the day. Whether it was or not, Lillian accepted that as a challenge. She yanked hard on the cock so the boy was forced to press himself up against the wall. Then, she placed both hands on the wall as well, bracing herself as she thrust her face down the dick's shaft. The tip of her tongue tasted dried cum on the duct taped wall as her throat let out a choking gargle at the sudden invasion.

She'd had much bigger cocks down her throat before, but guys always enjoyed it when they felt like they were stuffing her with their thick appendages. Over and over she rammed her head down, masturbating the cock with her throat. The competing sounds of her and Girl-Next-Door's facefucking echoed in their small cubicles, each doing their best to get some cum. Lillian's fingers curled as she tried to grip the wall to steady her wild thrusting. If only there were holes for the boy's arms so he could force her head down faster and harder, holding her head or pigtails in a firm and commanding grip.

The teen had done her job almost too well though and the owner of the dick she was deepthroating had never received treatment as great as this before. It was just unfortunate timing that when she pulled her head back to take a breath the cock let loose its load, aimed directly at her face. Like a hose starting up it spurted wildly, splashing across her nose, cheeks and eye, dripping down her delicate features in a gooey mess. The schoolgirl let out an indignant squeal, not at the fact that he had cum on her face but that he had done so far too quickly.

Lillian was tempted to make the boy go then and there, but as the cum oozed over her soft top lip onto her tongue the urge to punish him waned. The remaining goo on the boy's dick was quickly cleaned off by her dextrous tongue but that was all he got. She had his cum and he didn't deserve her slut talk. Once again the cock receded through the glory hole, service well received.

Her face was warm from the goo and it made her insides glow with slutty arousal. She hadn't had a facial in a while, maybe this would be the next best thing. Although if cum was going ot be splashing around Lillian had to take extra precautions. Off went the tie and school shirt, leaving her ample teen tits covered only by her white bra. It occurred to Lillian as she hung her clothes from the door's hook that things had gotten noiser in the restroom, and not just from Girl-Next-Door.

The wet sounds of cock sucking were much louder now, on both sides of the wall. Girly moans and gargling throats accompanied the rhythmic music of fellatio. Lillian didn't realise how lost she'd been in her aggressive face fuck. There must be a school girl occupying every cubicle now each giving head in their own favourite way. Turning back to the wall she saw another cock already waiting for her to get to work. This was more like it.

She was back on her knees in a flash, jerking and sucking the dick so she could get her facial. The cold wasn't bothering her too much but that didn't stop her body from reacting. Her nipples were hardening in the confines of her bra, becoming toys she couldn't help but reach in and play with alongside the meaty one in her mouth. The mixture of cold and heat was playing havoc with her senses, goosebumps rippling across her flesh and sending tingles through her cunt and spine.

The lithe girl pulled herself close to the wall, sitting up on her knees so she could rub her pelvis against it. Slowly she started to push her hips into it, rocking as if beginning to fuck another imaginary cock protruding from the wall. The soft fabric of her short skirt created nice friction against her thighs as she gyrated, guiding her pussy to touch the cold paint of the wall, sending more shivers through her pussy. These shivers echoed through the rest of her, only adding further to the vibrations her moans were bringing to the blowjob.

This one didn't take long either, Lillian caught the first ejaculation across her tongue before pulling her pigtailed head off to receive the next two on her face. Rather than licking it clean Lillian used her chin to wipe the cock off, hoping to cover herself as much as possible to fulfill this latest desire. She had the cum of two guys slathered across her beautiful visage, not to mention a third helping already swallowed, and was hoping for more.

Her wish was granted again and again as more cocks came through that hole in the wall. Lillian was a little suprised at the number of guys that must be here. She had no idea if they were all new ones, had come back for more or were even swapping girls. It didn't really matter though, as long as they kept cumming on her. With each dick that came and went her hip grinding would start and stop as well. She was joyously torturing herself with each break, only fucking the wall when she had a sweet cock in her throat. Each time she'd get close to the tipping point and the cock would explode, adding more warm goo to her face.

The slutty blonde's skin was alabaster to start with, but now it was stark white with all the cum across it. It had dripped over her chin and down her neckline to slide over and between her succulent breasts. The cups of her bra had small pools of cum forming in them, squishing warmly against her sensitive nipples. Oh well, it looked like this bra wouldn't be making it home today. As much as she got away with her boundless promiscuity, a cum drenched bra would be hard to conceal.

Time was getting on and the class bell would be sounding soon but Lillian still hadn't cum yet. Girls around her had squealed loudly with their own orgasms and only aroused her more. She was covered in cum and ready to go, she just needed one last push. And boy was the cock in her throat now the right one for it. Lillian considered herself a good judge of cocks, and if she was right the one she was gagging on wasn't owned by a school boy. The size and shape indicated that this was a man's, not to mention the hard way he was ramming it home. Whether it was a teacher, staff member or visiting parent, Lillian didn't really care, she just knew it was going to make her cum.

She removed the sturdy pole from her throat, jerking it slowly in front of her, talking in her cutest voice to her sex partner.

'Mmm, this is no boy's cock is it? You thought you could come in get sucked off by a young girl and she wouldn't notice the difference huh? I know when I'm swallowing a man's cock, tasting a man's cum. You fucked my tight schoolgirl throat like it was a cunt, so I think it's only fair I get to fuck your cock now.'

Without waiting for his approval, not that he'd have objected anyway, Lillian quickly turned herself around and stood up, pulling her wet panties, now just as unusable as her bra, from her cunt. She flipped her skirt up so her dripping pussy was free to lean back and engulf the man's protruding dick. The deep gushing groan she let out as she impaled herslef against the wall caught the attention of many of the horny teens engaged in their own debaucheries. Most of them were restraining their noises as much as possible because of their own inhibitions. Not Lillian.

'Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh yes, fuck this little cunt!' she screamed, encouraging the Stranger to thrust himself faster and harder into her. Her hands were under her bra, rubbing the sticky cum over her tits. That lovely, pink tongue was sliding over her lips to taste the cum covering them as it slid down her face. Her mouth hung open as squealing sighs left her with each shove.

The girl was bent over, pussy against the hole, while she was screwed, but she couldn't see under the cubicle walls now that she was standing. Ever flexible, the gorgeous blonde leant right down, folding herself, pigtails hanging, and changing the angle of how she was getting fucked, giving her a view to Girl-Next-Door. Whoever she might be, Girl-Next-Door was looking straight back at Lillian. Although he individual features were imposisble to tell in the dim light she was laying face down on the floor and Lillian could see she was also glistening with cum. Both arms were under a skirt and she was clearly fingering herself to Lillian's sexual endeavours again, fucking her hands and the floor similar to how Lillian had been grinding the wall earlier. They acknowledged each other with their girlish "aah"s but that was it. No further communication was needed, and while Lillian hoped she was enjoying the show, she had her own orgasm to worry about.

Her pussy felt so good with that big dick pushing ruthlessly into her, the contracting tight walls of her cunt gripping as hard as they could. The solid tip massaged her insides with its passage, drawing her closer to the orgasm that had been building over the past hour. Warmth was spreading across her body, a combination of the rising cum within her and the goo that splattered her face and chest. Keeping the awkward position of bending over whilst getting fucked from behind was becoming more difficult with her knees becoming wobbly from the impending climax.

Luckily she steadied herself back into a more standing position just as the orgasm hit. She squealed uncontrollably as her pussy dripped with the pent up juices of her torturous pleasure building. The Stranger had buried himself to the hilt during her orgasm, almost unable to take it back from her gripping cunt. Her cunt was a shuddering vice around his cock, and his own cum was on its way.

Lillian reluctantly pulled herself off the wondrous dick and fell in a heap back to her knees, stroking the cock to its finish.

'No-no Mr. Stranger, this cunt is for fucking, not cumming in. If you want to cum it has to be on my cute face. Cum for me Mr. Stranger. Spray your goo on this schoolgirl's braces and tongue. You'd like that hey? Cumming on my braces hmm? You love the idea of giving your load to a school slut don't you? Cum on my braces! Cum on-'

Her encouragement, probably unnecessary by that point but appreciated by the Stranger and Girl-Next-Door nonetheless, sent everyone into orgasm. Girl-Next-Door's yelps were audible during the slut talk as was her orgasm when Lillian's pink braces were covered by the Sranger's cum. Lillian held her face up to the cock to let the goo cover her teeth and seep through into her mouth.

Lillian let out little mews as she rubbed the cum into her face, playing with the goo in her mouth.

'Thank you Mr. Stranger,' she said between the completmentary clean-up sucks. 'Your cum is nice and tasty, I hope I can get some more one day.' Even after she'd got the last bit of goo from its flesh, the cock was still pretty hard when it was sadly pulled back through the wall.

Lillian couldn't believe that she'd sucked off so many cocks in such a short time. Her body was covered in goo. Tits, face, hair, arms, legs, all had cum on them. She used her ruined panties and bra to try and wipe as much off as possible, feeling salacious at the thought of going the rest of the day without them. It always turned her on when the males looked at her pink nipples through the white shirt.

A quick look showed her that Girl-Next-Door had disappeared. Lillian wasn't sure if she wanted to know who it was or not. Maybe it was more fun leaving it a mystery. Then again if she came back another time and found out by accident well that was acceptable too.

The bell for class was sounding, time to go. But she'd be back. Lillian always got so hungry at lunchtime.

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