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7 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
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Chapter 24: "Amalgamation"

As we sat side-by-side upon a huge boulder in the forest,
Amy and I had been thoroughly immersed in a deep-rooted and
rather enlightening discussion over the past half-hour. We
were well away from the mansion and the other ladies, and
thus, this level of privacy and seclusion had allowed Amy to
open herself up to me. Of course, I was all ears.

It took some doing on my part, but I was finally able to
approach Amy earlier and get her to talk to me. Ever since
this past Sunday, which was three days ago, Amy had given
me the cold shoulder. The evening before that was when I
had left her birthday party, and did not come back.

The events that then took place that evening prompted me
to forget that there was even a party to return to. Pamela
caught me in the voyeur room and learned that I had been
spying on her and all of the other ladies without their
knowledge or consent. She became incredibly upset and, as a
result, slapped me across the face for my wrongdoings.

My (now) infamous discussion with Kristanna occurred a
short time later. I was horribly distraught and not feeling
right, worried that Pamela hated me, and that everyone on the
island knew about my dark, little secret. I was in a really
bad frame of mind. But Kristanna showed up like an angel
straight out of Heaven and helped quell my fears, then
professed her undying and ever-lasting love for me. I fell
asleep with her and, in the process, completely forgot all
about Amy and what was supposed to be her birthday party.

Thus, Amy had been quite angry with me. I could not
blame her. She had refused to even give me the time of day
recently. However, on this day, I came across Amy in the
central room and tried talking to her. She seemed to be in
a slightly better mood, so I was able to apologize to her
several times in succession. For whatever reason, Amy was
a bit more receptive today, and finally accepted my aplogy.

I took Amy by the hand and asked her to go on a walk with
me. I wanted to talk (and apologize) some more to her. She
and I came across this humungous boulder deep in the forest
where we were now. Amy seemed to enjoy the area, so she took
a seat atop the boulder and I did the same.

"I'm not the happiest person in the world, you know," she
told me, frowning, while also shaking her head. "I... I
sometimes look at my life, and wonder where everything went
wrong. When I graduated from high school 13 years ago, I
had plans. I wanted to be married by the time I was 22."
She pouted and added, "I wanted to be... happy. I was going
to get married and hopefully have some kids. You know...
grow old together with my husband. Live in a nice, little
house with a white picket fence. That's what I wanted. But
I'm 31 now. None of that will ever happen for me."

I squinted my eyes and asked, "What makes you say that?
I am 39 - much older than you - and thanks to Kristanna, I
feel as though the best years of my life are ahead of me.
Some people don't get married until even later in life - 50,
even 60. There are some who even get married much later than
that. Just because you haven't found the right man yet, Amy,
does not mean he will never come along."

"I've been put down so many times in life," she said,
again shaking her head. "People put you down enough, and
eventually, you start to believe it."

"I think you're a very bright, very special lady."

"Why do you feel that way?" Amy asked, laughing. "There
isn't anything special about me. I'm so screwed up." When
tears began to form within her eyes, she momentarily hid her
face to compose herself. "I come to this island of yours...
mainly because I wanted something fresh; a brand new start,
where no one knows of me or my reputation." Now upset, Amy
tossed her hands about wildly and fussed, "Lo and behold,
it's the same old thing. The same Goddamn thing! No one on
this island cares about me, or likes me. I'm the outcast!"

"What makes you think that? If anyone, Amy, you should
know that _I_ care about you. I like you. I always have.
I also know that Pamela likes you. So does Camille... and
Lindsay has enjoyed spending time with you as of late."

Acting defiant, the young woman shook her head. "You have
Kristanna, Devon AND Pamela, Jeremy! What possible reason is
there for you to have any sort of feelings or emotions for me?
Why would you care about me when your whole life is seemingly
perfect and all laid out in front of you? You have not one,
not two, but THREE women who would do ANYTHING to make you
happy. What tiny blip could I - little, insignificant me -
be on your radar? You have no need to even notice me."

"It hurts me, Amy, to hear you say something like that,"
were my words for her. "I care about you. I've cared about
you since the day that I met you. I even cared about you
BEFORE meeting you - all the times you and I would talk on
the telephone or via video chat. I have defended you and
many of your actions to the others. How can you sit there
and honestly tell me that you don't think I care about you?"
I hesitated for an instant, but then continued, "Have I ever
done anything to purposely hurt you? Have I ever ignored
you, or any request you made... any little thing you have
asked of me? I have done everything that I could to make
you happy since the moment you came into my life."

"Well, you did walk out on my birthday party..."

"I thought we were past that," I retorted, my eyes narrow.
"We just went over all of that and what happened - why it
happened - for a good 20 minutes. And you said you accepted
my apology. Are you having second thoughts now?"

Amy frowned. "No, not really. I did accept your apology.
Finally, I guess. I... I know something big happened that
evening between you and Pamela, and then you and Kristanna.
I'm not quite sure what since you refuse to give too many
details, but I take your word for it, Jeremy. I do. I
trust that you had a good, legitimate reason not to come
back to the party that night. I... I know that is the night
when you... you and Kristanna... became an item. But I still
do not quite understand where Pamela fits into everything."

"Do you honestly believe that I don't care about you?"

Amy let out a long-winded sigh, then shook her head and
glanced downward for several seconds. Eventually, she made
eye contact with me again and proclaimed, "You care about
everyone, Jeremy. You're that type of person. You're a
good, honest man... a good human being. But you care about
everyone... by default. It's second nature to you."

"I care about all of you girls on the island," I told her.
"Not just Kristanna, Devon or Pamela, either. I care about
you not BY DEFAULT, Amy, but as an individual person. I care
about you because you are a special and wonderful person. I
also worry about you. I care about Lindsay, and I am worried
about her. I care about Trish. I wish I could give her the
love and happiness that she so richly needs and deserves."

"Do you care about Camille?"

"Yes, I do," was my honest answer. "She and I may not be
on the greatest terms, but yes, I care about Camille. I care
about ALL of you girls. I brought all of you to the island;
I am responsible for every single one of you. I do wish that
things could be different between Camille and myself. I wish
that she and I could, at the very least, be friends. But I
hold no grudge or ill will upon her. If Camille came to me
and asked for help, I would do whatever I could for her."

"It's not your fault Camille doesn't like you," Amy sulked.
"Camille just flat-out hates all men. You should hear her at
night when we talk. She wants to rid the Earth of all men."

"Camille seems to care about you," I reiterated. "I know
for a fact that Pamela cares about you, Amy, and is worried
for you and your well-being in the future as well. You and
Lindsay... well, you two have had some interesting adventures
as of late. Lots of people on the island care about you."

"Camille is okay, I guess," Amy relented. "But I could
never be with her full-time. I am not a lesbian. Nor
could I sit and listen to her bash men day-in and day-out
for the rest of my life. Pamela? Pamela is a lot like me,
I think. You just don't realize it. Oh, Pamela is not a
raging nymphomaniac like I am. It's just... I think Pamela
feels that others - society - have wronged her as well."

"Trust me, I know all about Pamela and the way she feels,"
I informed Amy. "We have had many discussions together. I
need to get Pamela out of that mindset of being a stripper.
That is her biggest problem. I told Pamela that she is no
longer a stripper as long as I am in her life. My goal is to
make her completely forget these past 11 years that she has
been dancing. Pamela gets a nice, fresh start with me."

Amy gave a half-hearted chuckle and shook her head at the
same time. "Must be nice..."

"Maybe that is what you need, Amy. Maybe you need a fresh,
new start. You're going to get paid an awful lot of money for
spending these six weeks here with me on the island. You are
guaranteed at least $100,000. You may even be the lucky one,
and get the $500,000 payout. Instead of going back to Ohio,
why not start over and move someplace new? You'll be able to
afford it. Don't get a job at a place like _Hooters_. If
you're going to be a waitress, work at a family restaurant
instead. Meet someone new - someone good and decent - and
just... be yourself. Don't act all harsh and brazen. There
are hundreds of thousands of men out there in the world who
would do anything to be with a woman as special as you."

"What makes you think I am so special?"

"Easy," I nodded. "You're much smarter than you have ever
given yourself credit for. I think you are extremely honest
and have good values. And I like you, Amy. I always have.
I have seen through that wall you put up around yourself.
Underneath that aggressive exterior of yours is a very kind,
warm... considerate woman who has the need to feel wanted."

"Oh?" Amy replied, gulping her throat.

"You know what your biggest problem is, Amy? I'll tell
you - you don't believe in yourself. You're not exactly the
most positive, upbeat person in the world. I have said this
to you before, and I am sure I will say it again - you have
to stay positive if you want something positive to happen."

"You're positive, Jeremy," she frowned. "You happened..."

"You were positive when we first met each other. I am
sure you easily recall your first-ever day on the island?
You were the first girl here who approached me, and wanted
to get to know me. That first night, even..." I grinned
and added, "I became close with you... real quick. You were
full of life, vibrant... a light was in your eyes."

"Over time, Amy, I started to see you in a different way.
Perhaps you were excited that first day but eventually, I
saw hints of a very depressed person. I guess I did not
realize it until after the fact. But you are depressed.
You're moody... you can be quiet at times, and sulk. If you
want people to recognize you in a positive light, you have
to treat them like you did me the first day we met."

"I have to seduce people a few hours after meeting them?"

I laughed. "Not at all. You're a very outgoing and
infectious person when you allow yourself to be." After a
short pause, I kept going, "The Amy who came to my room that
first night was the woman that I had spent my entire life
desperately searching for." Those pretty green eyes of hers
swelled with emotion as I added, "I saw THAT Amy a bit the
next morning at breakfast, but I have yet to see her since.
She was replaced with down and depressed Amy, who seems to
go on wild mood swings at the drop of a dime. One minute
you are all nice and timid, caring. The next minute you are
aggressive and harsh, and whipping Lindsay with a belt."

I hesitated, unsure how to tell her what I had to say. I
decided to take the simple route, and be blunt and direct.
"Do you remember what I suggested to you your first week
here? Or maybe it was your second week, I do not remember.
Whatever, I want you to go and see a psychiatrist over in
Peru. I know of some good ones. I can set everything up
and take care of all of the medical bills. A psychiatrist
can put you on the proper medication, and it would change
your life. It would change your life, Amy, for the good."

"Ain't no pill going to help me."

I shook my head at her. "It won't even have a chance to
help you if you don't at least give it a try. I am on
medicine, Amy. I am on anti-depressants. I have been for
years. I didn't want to take them at first either, but I am
now glad I did. Anti-depressants can help stabilize you and
your everyday mood. You will not go through the highs and
lows that I know you experience every single day. Trust me,
I am speaking from first-hand experience here."

"You said Lindsay does not care or have any emotional
attachment whatsoever to anyone here," Amy commented, quickly
changing the subject. "Well... it doesn't matter. In the
end, though, it would have all been for nothing. I... I am
not the dominant type anyway."

"If you're not the dominant type, why were you that way
for Lindsay?" I insisted. "Why did you do something and act
a way that is entirely not you?" She shrugged her shoulders
as I continued, "You're a kitty cat, Amy. A kitty cat.
You're not a ferocious lion. You're a kitty cat. You are
submissive. That is your natural tendency."

"That's what I need out of life more than anything."

"What's that?"

"I need a strong, dominant presence in my life," the
red-head suggested. "I need someone - preferably a man -
to take total control over me. I need him to keep me in
check, and always make me remember that I am a submissive.
HIS submissive. I need a man to... put me in my place."

With those words, I suddenly had an erection. (?)

"It wouldn't have to be all sexual," Amy continued. "But
I could still be submissive 24 hours a day. I could cook
and clean. I could do chores around the house. I could be
given a list and go to the grocery store, and do all the
shopping. I would dress whatever way I was told to...
whether it be in baggy sweat pants and an old sweatshirt, or
go out in a slinky mini-dress looking like a cheap whore."

Amy closed her eyes for a moment, perhaps lost in her own
little fantasy. "Then I could be on my knees in the kitchen
at five o'clock, waiting... for my man to get home from work
and walk through the door. Maybe he would tell me to suck
his cock right then and there. Maybe he would tell me to go
to the bedroom and get ready for a spanking. Or maybe he
would tell me to start making dinner. Whatever the case, I
would be... I would be... happy. Real happy."

My eyes wide, I glared at her for several seconds. I
could not believe what she had just said to me. "And this
supposed man... he would have to whip and beat you, quite
the same way you did to Lindsay, for it to feel complete?
The relationship, I mean?"

"I'm not a pain slut like Lindsay is," Amy told me. "I
like pain, but I don't get off on it like she does. Being
a submissive is more mental to me. I... I need someone to
take control of my mind, and make it their own."

"Oh really?" I countered, suddenly very intrigued.

"Yeah," she affirmed. "I think a relationship like that
would be the cure for whatever ails me. The problem is, I
have yet to meet a man who quite fits that profile. Oh, I
have known many dominant men in my life. I have submitted
to many. But I have yet to find the _right_ one."

"You are naturally submissive," I reiterated. "You need
someone to come in and take control of you and your life...
someone who is not going to allow you to swing back-and-forth
like a pendulam with different emotions and mindsets like you
do from time to time. Someone to... stabilize you."

Amy sighed deeply. "A man like that would be ideal. It
would give me direction; a purpose, in life."


* * *

It was much later in the afternoon when, after a very quick
and refreshing swim in the outdoor pool, I toweled off and
ventured back into the mansion. My destination was my
luxurious suite, but when I passed the library, I noticed out
of the corner of my eye that someone was inside. Naturally,
I thought that person was none other than Pamela. After all,
Pamela had become totally synonymous with the library. Quite
the avid reader, the library had literally become Pamela's
private haven. Perhaps this would be an opportunity for me
to speak to her in a one-on-one setting of our own?

However, Pamela was not in the library. I was somewhat
surprised to find Kristanna - of all people - seated at the
center table within the library instead. She was seemingly
transfixed into a large book that dealt with - get this -
molecular biology. Puzzled at the unique (for her) choice,
I approached Kristanna and made my presence known.

"What are you reading? Molecular biology? Since when do
you have an interest in molecular biology?"

Kristanna put the book down and laughed. She loved to
laugh. Kristanna had a beautiful, highly infectious laugh.
"I was going to be a biology major in college before deciding
on archaeology. I wanted to be a biologist!"

"A biologist?" I scoffed. "You? A biologist? YOU?"

"Yes... me!" she giggled. "In fact, I had many career
aspirations and goals before deciding on archaeology."

"Is that so?" I grinned. "What were they?"

"I wanted to be a race car driver, a drummer, learn to
play the piano... be a jet-fighter pilot, a make-up artist
and then join the circus... walk the trapeze. I wanted to
be a ballet dancer, an actress, be a comedian, a sculptor
and then design my own clothing line. That's about it."

Kristanna went through all of that in quick, rapid-fire
succession, with such a goofy expression on her face, that
I momentarily found myself speechless. I believe she made
all of that up on the fly, without even any prior thought.
It was an ability that not many people could claim to have.

It had been actually quite funny to listen to her ramble
on about her aspirations. A race car driver? A jet-fighter
pilot? I could just imagine Kristanna at the helm of the
Norwegian version of the _F-16 Fighting Falcon_. That sure
would be a memorable sight to see! I could also envision
Kristanna threatening to bomb my island (jokingly, of course)
with missiles if I failed to meet her _demands_.

"Would your clothing line have those crazy Viking hats
and caps you like to wear on occasion?"

"Of course it would!" she told me. "I think that every
American should wear Viking hats! The United States is a
colony of Norway, you know. Leif Ericson - a Norse like me -
discovered it... not Christopher Columbus." Kristanna folded
her arms and offered me an impish expression. "You should
bow down, Jeremy, and kiss my Norwegian feet."

"Why don't you kiss MY feet instead?"

Kristanna made a face and exclaimed, "I'm not about to
kiss your dirty, smelly feet!"

I laughed at her reaction. "You're crazy, Krissy. Nuts.
Each time you tell me that Leif Ericson story, I can't help
but to laugh." I paused and added, grinning, "My feet are
far from dirty and smelly, too. They're clean and pristine."

"Clean and pristine?" Kristanna huffed. "Yeah... RIGHT."

"When was the last time you got a good ass whipping?"
Kristanna burst into hysterical laughter as I continued in
a playful tone, "You've had an attitude problem lately."

The 23-year-old shook her head and giggled, "When was the
last time YOU had a good, hard whipping, Jeremy?"

I smiled yet again. "I might need one myself, yes."

Kristanna displayed her energetic personality once more by
using a deep, over-exaggerated southern accent in saying, "I
gots me a 55 gallon drum of whoop ass and I be right fixin'
to pour it all over YOU."

I held both hands up in mock defense and chuckled at her.
"Anything but that! You know I couldn't handle that!" Her
accent sounded like she hailed from the deepest hills of
Kentucky. Kristanna was quite the character, indeed.

"How about a blowjob?" Kristanna wondered, licking her
lips. "When was the last time you got one of them?"

"Yesterday afternoon... from Lindsay," I answered. "She
went all non-caring on me, unfortunately."

"Oh, you over-reacted to what Lindsay said," Kristanna
advised me. "You and I talked about that this morning,
Jeremy. Lindsay may want to put a distance between herself
and the girls on the island, but I think she really likes
you. Lindsay respects and appreciates you, and what you've
done for her. She would be a fool not to." I frowned at
those words, so Kristanna then asked, "How about a blowjob
from me? Would you like that?"

"Ummmmm... yes."

With a smile on her lovely face, Kristanna rose up from
her chair at the table and then made her way over to me. She
placed her left hand on my hip and wrapped her right arm
around my body, then moved her lips toward mine for a kiss.

I slipped both of my arms around Kristanna's statuesque
figure and held her tightly as our tongues dueled together
between our open-mouthed kiss. My left hand ventured south
and cupped her firm, tight ass, while my right latched onto
one of her breasts and gently caressed it.

"Just to think..." I offered once our kiss was broken,
our noses touching and bumping. "When I went by the library
a few minutes ago, I saw a blonde head and thought it was
Pamela. I was actually hoping that it was her. But now, I
am even more glad that YOU'RE here."

"Pamela was here until just five minutes ago," Kristanna
informed me. "She said she was going on a picnic with Devvy
and Trish. I thought about going too, but decided to stay in
the mansion for the day. I feel like taking it easy."

"I had the strangest dream last evening," were my words.
"I dreamt that Pamela and Amy were having sex with each
other, and I was watching them from the voyeur room. Then,
all of a sudden, when Amy was going down on Pamela, Pamela
screamed out MY name instead of Amy's."

Kristanna seemed amused. "Someone screaming out YOUR name
when they're having sex with another person altogether?"
Kristanna giggled and added, "The only place that would ever
happen, Jeremy, is in your dreams. And it did!"

Gently chuckling, I lifted the hem of Kristanna's flimsy
dress and stroked the bare, supple skin of her ass. It was
beautiful. "You will never scream out someone else's name
when you and I have sex together... will you, peaches?"

Kristanna laughed at my suggestion. "Each time I have
sex with you, Jeremy, I always think of Valdemar."

"Valdemar?" I retorted. "Who is Valdemar?"

"Valdemar was the last boyfriend I had in Norway," she
responded, still giggling. "Whenever I am with you, Jeremy,
I think of Valdemar and that helps get me through it!"

Kristanna squealed and yelped as I offered her tight ass
a good, forceful slap underneath the hemline of her dress.
Her pretty eyes flashing, she then snickered and focused on
me. "Now what in the WORLD was THAT for?"

"For being a naughty girl," I answered, my hand busily
stroking and massaging her sweet ass. "And dreaming of that
Valdemar dude when you are having sex with me."

"Oh... you know I'm only joking!" she said, kissing me
on the lips. "I don't have many fond memories of Valdemar,
to tell you the truth. He cheated on me and I caught him."

"Did you judo-chop his ass?"

Kristanna laughed again, as I had referred to her martial
arts and defensive skills. "No... but I should have! I
really should have! It would have taught him a lesson!"

"I love you so much, Krissy," I told her, grinning, with
both arms now encircling her shoulders. "You're so nice and
sweet... and you ALWAYS make me laugh. I really should have
thought more about a relationship with you when we first met.
I should have married you a long, long time ago."

"I am happy for what we have now, Jeremy. You and me
could have gotten married and moved to Norway, yes... but
then we would have never met Devvy and Pamela. Or any of
the other girls, for that matter. Devvy would still be in
Pennsylvania. She would still be miserable. I just cannot
understand why Devvy's parents continue to condemn her for
what happened when she was 16 summers old."

"The drug incident?" I frowned.

"Yes," Kristanna nodded. "Devvy lost her best friend,
Kaylee. She died. Isn't that punishment enough? It is
not like Devvy is some sort of drug addict. She has never
touched any drugs since. The girl does not even drink or
smoke. How can her parents continue to condemn her for
something that happened so long ago?"

I shook my head. "I don't know, Krissy. I don't know."

"Devvy is the sweetest and most loving girl that I have
ever known," Kristanna mused. "She is such a babydoll to me.
I simply do not know how anyone could EVER be angry at her.
Then, there is Pamela. If you and I got married years ago,
Jeremy, Pamela would still be miserable too. She would
still be stripping in Maryland, with no light at the end of
the tunnel. But now, YOU are the light for her."

"Your idea of a four-way relationship with Devon and
Pamela really intrigues me," I remarked. "I admit that."

"I admit that I love you," the quirky blonde grinned. "I
love you with ALL of my heart and soul. I always have."

I stared at Kristanna for a brief moment, a series of
intense feelings and sheer devotion running all throughout
me. Then I pressed my mouth to hers and held her tightly,
both of my hands now resting at the small of her back.
Kristanna embraced me in return, trailing her left hand
over and across my shoulder blades.

"Do me a favor and turn around," I moaned once our kiss
came to an end. I placed both hands on Kristanna's trim
waistline and helped spin her around so she was facing away
from me. My precious sweetheart looked over her shoulder at
me, however, then giggled as I dropped down to one knee.

"What about that blowjob?" she asked.

"Eventually," I nodded at Kristanna, appraising those
long, sleek legs of hers with both my eyes and hands. God,
I said to myself. Kristanna's legs were heavenly. Because
she was so tall (5-foot-11), they literally went on forever.
I could devote an entire story, and ramble on endlessly,
about how absolutely perfect and divine those legs were.

I showed a little of my appreciation for them by gliding
my tongue from mid-calf to upper thigh on both legs. Next,
I began to splay random kisses all over while massaging her
legs with both hands. Kristanna let out a little moan and
reached downward with her left hand, caressing my scalp and
running her slender fingers throughout my short brown hair.

When I reached around Kristanna and patted the library
table behind her with my right hand, she got the idea and
took a seat on its very edge. I quickly spread her thighs
as her feet now dangled about, and was rewarded with a full,
unobstructed view directly up her dress. I smiled at her,
then reached in and pulled her little G-string down, and off.

My eyes now fixated on the intoxicating cleft between her
thighs, I kissed her right knee-cap and proclaimed, "The
blowjob can definitely wait. Will you lay down for me?"

Kristanna let out an exaggerated sigh. "You're going to
eat my pussy? Stop the presses! Stop the presses! Jeremy
is actually going to eat my pussy! Stop the presses!"

"Don't patronize me, woman," I chuckled. "Keep it up,
and I won't lick that sweet, delicious pussy of yours. I'll
leave you high and dry - and not satisfied."

"That wouldn't be a first..." Kristanna joked.

"HEY!" I scoffed, albeit playfully. "Better be quiet!"

Grinning, Kristanna slid her thumb and forefinger across
her mouth - as if she were sealing her lips shut. The zipper
must have immediately broke, though, because she was talking
up a storm just seconds later.

"I better take a picture so I'll always remember this
moment! You're actually going to go oral on me! You don't
do this all that often, Jeremy, you know." Kristanna lifted
the hem of her dress well above her waist, allowing me total
access to her tender, glistening pussy. It looked totally
scrumptious, nestled all nice and neat between her luscious
thighs - with a blonde patch of curls mixed in.

"I could go oral on you from now until the very end of
eternity," I told her, reaching up and grasping her left
hand. I gently stroked it with my thumb. "Believe that."

She giggled. "You'd rather have me sucking your cock."

"And I went oral on you just two days ago, too..."

As she lay upon the table, Kristanna raised both of her
knees and looked at me from between them. I maintained eye
contact with her and offered a smile, then leaned forward
and kissed her inner thigh.

Still holding Kristanna's left hand, I then moved my face
in and began to lash away at her soft, velvety slit with my
tongue. Kristanna moaned and arched her neck in response,
but then re-focused her gaze on me. Those eyes of hers...
they were glowing. Just glowing. "I love you, Jeremy."

I withdrew my lips from her succulent folds long enough
to again kiss her inner thigh. "I love you too, peaches."
An instant later, I was dining on that delicious pussy yet
again. I worked over her clitoris; swiping the sensitive
nub of skin with my tongue in a hot, frenzied manner.

Wanting to increase her pleasure, I changed my motion -
now dabbing at her clitoris with my tongue. Kristanna was
already in the process of moaning out her approval for what
I was doing to her. I _LOVED_ watching her beautiful body
squirm and writhe about upon the library table beneath me.

When I inserted a pair of fingers between the moist folds
of her pussy, Kristanna's excitement level seemed to triple.
Now under an onslaught from my tongue as well as two fingers,
she grasped my left hand even harder with her own and let
out a loud, shrill moan. I had her close to an orgasm...

"Oh, Valdemar!" Kristanna screamed. "Valdemar!..."

My head darted out from between the Norwegian's thighs and
I glared at her. Kristanna, as you may imagine, was now in
one of her infamous laughing fits. She nailed me good...

"You're gonna get it," I warned her, grinning, while
shaking my head. "You're gonna get it."

Still laughing, Kristanna offered me her most innocent
expression. "Oops! Did I say VALDEMAR instead of Jeremy?"
Kristanna then broke into another round of heated laughter.

I folded both arms and glared at her. "You're a funny
little girl... you know that?"

"And that is why you love me so much!"

"One of the reasons," I nodded. "One of many, actually."
I paused and joked, "What type of name is Valdemar, anyway?
I have heard of the name Vladimir before, but not Valdemar."

"I could have screamed out Dagfinn, too," she giggled.
"Dagfinn was also a former boyfriend of mine."

"Dagfinn?" I exclaimed, my eyes wide.

"Momma almost named me Alfhild instead of Kristanna."

I took a step back. "Alfhild? You... ALFHILD?"

"Those are all popular Norwegian names," she told me.
"My name - Kristanna - is pretty rare and unique."

"Well... you're a pretty rare and unique girl."

"Thank you," Kristanna smiled.

I hesitated - unsure whether or not to ask this - but
ultimately figured I would get a good answer. "If I was
born in Norway, dear, what would be a good name for me?"

"Oddmund," she replied, without hesitation.

"ODDMUND? What about a name for Devon?"


I laughed. "I'm sure Devon would LOVE being named
Magdalena. She would get her name legally changed."

"Norwegians would hate being named Devvy, Pamela, Trish,
Pamela, Amy or Camille. It depends on where you come from.
The names I say to you now are all popular in my country."
She paused and added, "Your name would be Oddmund, though,
because you are such an odd man." Kristanna laughed again...

"Alfhild would be a good name for you," I countered. "We
could call you _ALF_ for short."

"That's not funny..." Kristanna told me.

Actually, I was laughing pretty good right now. "What
about Pamela? What would be a good name for her?"


"I could see that now!" I chortled, barely able to contain
myself. I broke out my best impersonation of a disc jockey,
or emcee, with a very deep and bellowing tone of voice. "Now
ladies and gentlemen, coming out on center stage for your
viewing pleasure... give it up for the sexy SEBJØRG!"

"I rather see Oddmund dancing and stripping instead..."

"Oh, you would?"

"You know I would," the enchantress purred.

I lunged forward and latched onto Kristanna's shoulders,
then pulled her up into a standing position with me. I
embraced her warmly and held her hand upon my own shoulder.
"I love you, sweetheart," I reiterated, laughing. "I could
just sit and talk with you from now until the end of time,
and be happy. I really, honestly mean that. No matter what,
you always bring a smile to my face."

"I like making other people laugh," Kristanna commented.
"Especially you and Devvy. I'm always teasing you, Jeremy,
and I'm starting to do it for Devvy. She likes it too."

The 23-year-old squealed as I suddenly swept her up into
my arms. Kristanna hooked her left arm around my neck and
shoulder, then held on tight as I carried her over toward
the large, comfortable sofa. It was a scene reminiscent of
a new bride and groom in the hotel on their wedding night.
Maybe Kristanna and I would experience that for real one day?

"I'm not finished with you yet," I said, lying her down
across the plush sofa cushions. I deftly slid my right hand
between her thighs and tenderly massaged her little pussy
with a pair of extended fingers. I then made eye contact
with Kristanna and asked, "Do you know how much I love you?"

"Not as much as I love you."

I smiled at her heartfelt response while dropping to one
knee. My fingers still twiddling away upon her pussy, I
took a long, deep breath and simply stared at Kristanna for
several seconds. God, she was beautiful. The constant
smile across that face only made her even more attractive in
my eyes. But Kristanna's personality was the clincher. She
was such a charismatic and warm-hearted type of person. It
was an honor for me to call myself Kristanna's _man_.

"You know something, peaches?" I smiled and continued,
"I have always wanted to ask you what your first time having
sex was like. If you're willing to share?"

Kristanna made a face. "It happened when I was 16. It
was with my boyfriend at the time, Mubbashir."

"Mubbashir?" I exclaimed, very surprised. "Your boyfriend
was named Mubbashir? You're not making that up?"

"Mubbashir is a regular Norwegian name," she informed me.
"Anyway, when I lost my virginity... it's not a good memory.
Mubbashir and I snuck out to the barn on my family farm one
day after school. I will say one good thing for him, though.
He gave me the best _TWO-AND-A-HALF_ seconds of his life."

Once again, Kristanna made me break out into laughter. It
took me awhile to settle down, too. A long time, in fact.
Where does she come up with some of the things that she says?

"My first time having sex was with you, of course," I
recollected, smiling from ear-to-ear. "You were so young;
only 19. The roles were reversed, Krissy. I should have
been the one with all of the experience, and know-how."

Kristanna grinned and spoke in a dreamy tone, "I think it
turned out for the best... don't you?"

I growled. "Oh yes... I think it did. It was four years
ago, but I remember all of the details like it was yesterday.
In fact, I remember what happened every single second."

Kristanna giggled. "I told you to lay down on the bed,
and let me do all of the work. I remember it vividly too."
She reached out and trailed the back of her right hand across
my crotch. "Hmmmmm... you were rock-hard then, too - just
like you are now." I gulped my throat as she continued, "I
will say that you lasted longer than Mubbashir." Kristanna
snickered and concluded, "But not much longer..."

I laughed at her. "I lasted long enough to make you cry
and scream out in orgasm. I think I did pretty good."

"I was crying and screaming, yes," Kristanna nodded.
"But it wasn't in orgasm... it was in dissatisfaction!
_THREE_ WHOLE SECONDS of dissatisfaction! That was all!"

Kristanna shelved her comical and playful demeanor for a
spell by conceding, "That was a very special day for me.
Mubbashir was a virgin when I had sex with him too, but he
did not come close to comparing with you, Jeremy. Plus, I
was a virgin then too. Neither of us had any clue as to
what we were doing. But I will always remember that I was
the teacher between us, and you were the student. That's
what made it so very special to me." She paused and then
cooed, "_I_ popped your little, virginal cherry! ME!"

"That you did," I agreed. "That... you did."

"I was the one who turned you into the pleasure machine
that you are today!" Kristanna gleefully proclaimed.

"Pleasure machine?"

"All you have to do is ask Devvy, Pamela, Trish, Lindsay
and Amy," Kristanna mused. "Ask any of them except Camille!
Devvy gave you the best nickname of all, Jeremy. You are
like a _Sybian_ - a sex machine - always able and willing to
please on a moment's notice. A pleasure machine!"

"I don't know about that," I countered. "You girls have
done a pretty good job of wearing me out over the past three
weeks. The gas tank is running on fumes."

"I eavesdropped on your little conversation with Amy
earlier," Kristanna admitted. "I was in the voyeur room
with Devvy. Devvy felt a bit uncomfortable watching and
spying, but became concerned once Amy started talking about
how she is all depressed and has no future in life."

"Devon and Pamela both know about the voyeur room," I
surmised, shaking my head. "I would have never guessed it."
I frowned and took a deep, ragged breath. "It's what I have
been saying about Amy for weeks, Krissy. I stand by it.
There is a good, genuine person hidden somewhere underneath
all of her anxiety and aggression. It's begging to be set
free. Amy is nowhere near as bad of a person as some people
think she is. Nothing will ever change my mind on that."

"Amy is like a little, young girl," Kristanna theorized.
"A little girl who needs to crawl into her protector's arms,
where she will feel loved, cherished and safe. It would
calm her down, and set her on the right path in life."

"She is more submissive than I ever realized."

Kristanna giggled at my words. "That girl was BEGGING
you, Jeremy. Amy was BEGGING you to dominate her, and take
her. Take her wholly and completely, and make her your own.
I could see it in her eyes, her body language. It was clear
as day." Kristanna giggled yet again. "I could see you as a
dominant Master, Jeremy. You don't have it in you! You do
not have the mindset for it. It would never work."

"Oh, don't say that," was my rebuttal, my voice trailing
off. "I just might surprise you one day here, very soon..."

"Hey! I just remembered something!" Kristanna squealed,
wiggling herself out from underneath me on the sofa. I
looked at her in confusion as she chirped, "Cover your eyes!"


Kristanna laughed. "COVER your eyes!"

"Okay," I relented, bringing both hands to my eyes and
shielding them. "Are you up to something sneaky?"

"Keep them covered until I say so," Kristanna requested,
as I listened to her open the closet door here inside the
library. All of my senses except sight on high alert, I
soon realized that Kristanna was busy rummaging through the
closet. Eventually, the noises stopped, and then I got the
feeling that Kristanna had returned to stand in front of me
as I lounged about and relaxed upon the sofa.

"What are you up to?"

"You haven't done any peeking... have you?"

"Of course not," I told her, my hands completely shielding
my eyes, effectively blinding me.

Kristanna giggled yet again. "Okay... look at me!"

"This should be interesting," I mused, uncovering my eyes
only to quickly break out into another rage of laughter.

"I remember putting this in the library closet when I was
here two months ago!" Kristanna exclaimed, as I continued to
laugh at the sight of her in an aforementioned Viking cap.

The hat had two horns - one white and the other blue -
along with a gold trim, and a mixture of purple, yellow and
red across the top. In addition, the silly-looking hat had a
gold braid dangling from one side, and a purple on the other.

"What in the world are you doing with that thing on?" I
asked Kristanna, still unable to hold back my laughter.

"I'm celebrating my heritage," she answered, hands on her
hips. Kristanna flipped one of the braids for emphasis and
added, "As I said, Leif Ericson was a Norse - like me. He
and his band of Vikings, like we also discussed earlier, were
the ones who really discovered America - in the year 1004.
Not Christopher Columbus." Kristanna made a face and ended,
"So that means the United States is a colony of Norway!"

I shook my head at her. "You're crazy, woman."

Kristanna began to tilt her head from side-to-side in a
repeated, albeit exaggerated motion, causing the silly braids
dangling from her hat to bounce and flip about. At the same
time, she went into song - but the lyrics were in Norwegian.
"Jeremy er en tåpe. Jeremy har ingen hjerne. Jeremy er en
tåpe! Jeremy har ingen hjerne! Men Jeremy er MIN tåpe og
jeg elsker ham over alt. Ja! Ja! Ja!"

"What the...?"

Kristanna laughed again. After the uneasiness stemming
from my discussion with Lindsay yesterday, this encounter
with Kristanna was a very welcomed change of pace for me.
Leave it to Kristanna to bring a smile to my face when
times were bad. She had been doing that for me since the
first day we met. It was just her nature to do so.

"Jeremy er en tåpe. Jeremy har ingen hjerne. Jeremy er
en tåpe! Jeremy har ingen hjerne! Men Jeremy er MIN tåpe
og jeg elsker ham over alt. Ja! Ja! Ja!"

"What in the world are you singing?"

"Do you really want to know?"

"Yes!" I answered, somewhat exasperated. "In English!"

"OHHHHH!" Kristanna cackled. "You want it in ENGLISH?
Well, that will cost you 300 kroner."

"300 kroner?"

Kristanna giggled again, simply being her comical self.
"You know that translation is big money business, Jeremy.
Many people make a career out of the translation business!
I will translate the song, but my fee is 300 kroner."

I folded my arms and tilted my head at her. "I don't
have any of your crazy Norwegian money."

Kristanna shrugged her shoulders and grinned. "Oh well.
Looks like you are out of luck, then. S-O-L."

"Tell me what the song means," I said, my voice a bit
more serious than before. I loved Kristanna to death, but
she could be really exasperating at times!"

"Jeremy is a fool. Jeremy has no brain. Jeremy is a
fool! Jeremy has no brain! But Jeremy is MY fool, and I
love him so much. Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"Am I supposed to take that as a compliment?"

"You should."

I reached out and gripped the gold braid from Kristanna's
replica Viking cap and held it loosely. I then shook my head
at her and gently murmured, "This is incredible."

"What is incredible?"

"These past couple of days," I responded. "Today is
Wednesday. You told me, for the very first time, that you
love me last Saturday. That was four days ago." I shook
my head once again. "It... this is incredible, Krissy. It
is. I... I cannot believe how incredible this is."

"What?" she insisted.

"Me and you. You and me. I just... you've been my best
friend for so long. Years. Many years. Four years. But
the thought of having you as my girlfriend, my lover, my
wife, maybe - it never crossed my mind until last Saturday."

"We have been lovers for four years."

I nodded my head. "True, but you know what I mean."

"Yes. I wasn't your lover-lover. I was a friend-lover."

"I've told you everything about me," I breathed. "Every
little detail about my life, I have shared with you."

"You certainly do like to talk and open up," Kristanna
said. "No one has ever been so totally open and honest about
theirself than you have been with me, Jeremy. I love being
your sounding board. It is like I am a therapist for you at
times. I remember all the nights you and I used to lie awake
in bed and you would talk about you and your problems for
HOURS. I always did whatever I could to help you. But, on
the other hand, I have told you a lot about myself, too."

I smiled at her. "It's been a two-way street."

Kristanna grinned as well, then took a seat in my lap as
I was perched upon the edge of the sofa. My right hand still
playing with one of the hat's braids, I curled my left arm
around Kristanna's lower back and patted her waistline. "I
hope that you know me well enough, Krissy, to trust me."

She nodded her head. "I trust you completely, Jeremy. I
trust you more than I have ever trusted anyone in the past.
You are, without a doubt, the nicest and most sincere, most
honest man that I have ever met. Bar none."

"I would never do anything to hurt you."

Kristanna kissed the tip of my nose. "I know."

"Are you going to let me finish what I started?" I asked.
"Or should we keep talking about our feelings like this?"

"What did you start?"

"Your pussy," I told her. "I want to finish it off."

Kristanna smiled. "With your tongue?"

"Yes, with my tongue."

Even before I completed that last sentence, Kristanna had
dropped to the floor and then rolled onto her back. Her
thighs spread and knees high in the air, she offered me an
anxious expression while lifting her dress even higher.
Clutching its hemline near her breasts, it was obvious that
Kristanna wanted me to orally service her, too.

I offered Kristanna a glittering smile, then positioned
myself between those taut, inviting thighs. I began to lap
away upon that tasty, delicious pussy, which sent Kristanna's
luscious body into a squirming fit.

As she bathed in the ecstasy of my oral ministrations,
Kristanna got rid of her flower-print dress by slowly lifting
it up, and over, her head. Now clad in just a beige-colored
satin bra, Kristanna giggled as I reached up and squeezed
both of her firm breasts through it. Then, I yanked it off.

I began to work her bare breasts over with both hands, my
tongue twirling and darting about like a vibrator as it probed
Kristanna's tender pussy. The mere sight of the Nordic
goddess churning and bucking about in response to what I
was doing to her warmed both my senses and my heart.

When I brought my left hand upward to caress Kristanna's
chin, she quickly sucked my index finger into her mouth and
began to nibble away on it. Her eyes locked squarely on me,
she worked my finger over as if it were a real cock.

Once Kristanna let out a sharp, agitated sigh, however, I
quickly withdrew my index finger from her beautiful mouth.
I was bringing Kristanna precariously close to an orgasm,
and I wanted her to enjoy it fully.

I was so into the act of feasting away on Kristanna's
pussy that sounds of great hunger were actually emanating
from within my throat as my tongue continued to busily slurp
away. Kristanna's entire body seemed to tense up in total
arousal, then she squeezed her thighs tightly around my head
and arched her slender back high off the floor. An instant
later, she growled out in the midst of an orgasmic eruption.
Smiling, I continued to stroke her heavenly breasts as her
body now shook and rumbled beneath me in the sensations.

I enjoyed witnessing Kristanna experiencing such intense
pleasure. It gave me a tremendous amount of satisfaction.

Sliding up her magnificent body, I found Kristanna's lips
with my own and offered her a passionate kiss. "That was a
wonderful late-afternoon snack," I told her, grinning.

"Thank you, Valdemar," Kristanna giggled.

I shook my head at her. "You're bad. Very bad."

Kristanna wrapped her arms around my shoulders in an
embrace and squeezed tightly. "I could get used to this."

"Used to what?"

Kristanna kissed my cheek. "Being with you. Spending
all of this time with you. I really like it, you know."

"I really like it, too," I grinned. "And I like you.
Tell me something, Missy Krissy. Peaches. Did Valdemar
ever treat you as good as I do?"

"No way," she responded. "Valdemar cheated on me."

"What about Dagfinn and Mubbashir?"

Kristanna laughed. "Dagfinn... I never really liked him.
There wasn't that special spark between us. Mubbashir was a
really nice guy. But even though I lost my virginity to him,
Mubby and I never had much of a future."

"MUBBY? Now I know why you call Devon Devvy." I paused
and added, "You have told me about Helga before."

"Helga was my favorite girlfriend," Kristanna nodded.
"She was the one that Valdemar cheated on me with. I heard
a rumor throughout school that Helga was into other girls.
So one day I cornered her, and seduced her. I stole Helga
away from Valdemar! It was very satisfying. There was also
Aleksia. She was the first girl that I had sex with. That
also happened in the family barn... in the lofts."

"Was there anyone else?"

Kristanna smiled. "Mr. Ulseth."

"Mr. Ulseth? Who was that?"

"My arithmetic teacher in high school."

My eyes wide, I choked and murmured, "Your... teacher?"

Kristanna nodded. "I used to go to school in my little
schoolgirl uniform - a white top, checkered skirt, and
pig-tails. I was failing arithmetic, but Mr. Ulseth said
he would give me a passing grade if I would do something in
return for him." My cock reached its fully erect status as
Kristanna continued, "I told him I would do anything for a
good grade, so he ripped my top off and spun me around, and
shoved me against the chalkboard. It was so hot and erotic
for this older man - my teacher - to take advantage of me
like I was this innocent girl." Kristanna giggled. "But I
was FAR from innocent. Mr. Ulseth took control of me. He
threw me on his desk, and he fucked me so LONG and HARD."
She sighed. "Wow... I'm getting wet just thinking about it.
I will never forget my time with him that day!"

Gulping my throat, I soon realized that I was speechless.
That naughty, sinful recollection of a sexual encounter from
Kristanna's past nearly took my breath away. She had allowed
a teacher to have sex with her in exchange for better grades?
Just imagining the scene in my mind gave me goosebumps!

"I'm only kidding, Jeremy!"

"WHAT?" I exclaimed, caught off-guard.

"Just joking!" Kristanna laughed. "That never happened
for real." I let out an embroiled growl before Kristanna
admitted, "It did happen in my mind, though. I had such a
major, major crush on Mr. Ulseth. All types of fantasies!"
Kristanna took a deep breath. "Being a very bad, naughty
schoolgirl is a major fantasy of mine. It always has been.
I have always wanted to dress up like one, for somebody."

I coughed a few times in succession, trying to clear my
ragged throat. "You can dress up for me anytime, peaches."

"Can I give you that blowjob now, baby?"

I snarled and answered, "Of course you can."

After rising to my feet, Kristanna quickly got onto her
knees before me and began to tug at both my belt and shorts.
The young woman unlooped my belt while also pulling my
shorts and briefs downward. I stepped out of them and an
instant later, she was paying erotic homage to my cock.

I sighed and moaned in undeniable lust as Kristanna's
blonde head bobbed back-and-forth across my erection, her
lips sealed tightly around it. Her right hand stayed busy
by gripping the base of my shaft and stroking it, while
also twiddling away on my testicles with her other hand.

Next, I tossed my head back and growled in total desire
as Kristanna hungrily sucked and slurped away on my shaft.
This woman was, for lack of a better term, a true tactician
when it came to oral sex. Kristanna _LOVED_ sucking my cock,
and it showed. She also took a great deal of pride in it.

Soon, Kristanna withdrew my erection from her mouth and
started to swipe its full length in the open air - much like
it was a big lollipop. I bellowed out like a madman while
witnessing this, as her luminous blue eyes were focused and
trained on my face. Those eyes of hers were so pretty...

Once the lollipop-licking motion came to an end, Kristanna
fastened her little mouth onto my aching erection and then
swallowed it whole. Showcasing her immense talent for the
art of deep-throating, Kristanna kept her eyes locked with
mine as I reached down and placed both hands upon either
side of her head. Suddenly, everything was so clear to me.
I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this goddess...

When a noise of extreme hunger and desire emanated from
the far reaches of Kristanna's throat, something inside my
body snapped, and I simply lost control of myself. I roared
out my passion with a thunderous scream as I deposited a
thick, heavy helping of fresh sperm directly into Kristanna's
hungry mouth. Much to her credit, not even a single drop
escaped. She kept her lips sealed tightly around my shaft
and guzzled every last ounce of sperm down her greedy throat.
Good Lord... what a feeling of intense satisfaction!

After the delirious ecstasy of my orgasm had reached its
apex and then simmered down, Kristanna finally released my
cock from within her mouth. Still on her knees - with that
Viking hat atop her head - Kristanna smiled up at me and
proclaimed, "That was a good afternoon snack for me, too!"

My head still spinning in the aftermath of orgasm, I took
a moment or two to rest before sitting down next to Kristanna
upon the floor and wrapping an arm around her shoulder. I
kissed the side of her face and whispered, "Incredible..."

Kristanna offered me a heartfelt, genuine smile. "This
has always been my ultimate fantasy, Jeremy."

"For you to want to be with me just as much as I have
always wanted to be with you." Kristanna wiped away a
single tear from her face and added, "I thought this day
would never come. I thought it would only exist in my mind."

"These four days have been totally amazing," I observed.

"Yes, it has. I'm happier now than ever before!"

Suddenly, I got this intense feeling within me. I do not
know where it came from, or what exactly was fueling it.
But I felt as if I did not tell Kristanna what was on my
mind right now, I would most surely explode. The feeling
was so powerful and extraordinary, in fact, that it felt as
if it was multiplying exponentially with every passing second.

"Sweetheart, can I ask you something? I know it is going
to sound crazy, but I have to ask it. I have to be honest."

"What is it?" she wondered. "You can ask me anything.
You know that you can ALWAYS be totally honest with me."

After ten seconds of total silence - where I thought to
myself that indeed, I was crazy - I finally found the will
to speak. "Kristanna, I have spent the past 20 years of my
life running away and now, for the first time in a long time,
I want to run to something. To someone. To you."

"Oh God," Kristanna moaned once I rose up to a single knee
before her. Tears began to form in her eyes and she covered
her mouth with both hands. "Jeremy! You're going to ask..."

"I know it's crazy," I interjected, laughing, but also
short of breath. "I have only looked at you this way since
last Saturday. But we have been best friends for four years
and counting. No one knows me better than you do. No one.
And I cannot think of a better person than you to be with."


I grasped her right hand with both of mine and looked
deep into those tear-stained eyes of hers. She knew what
was coming next. "I have searched my entire life for a
woman as precious and as wonderful as you. I... I would
like to ask you to accept my love, my name, and everything
that I am. Please make me the happiest man in the world by
becoming my wife." I paused, allowing those words to sink
in. "Kristanna Sommer [Last Name]... will you marry me?"

Her hand trembling as I held it, and her face overcome
with emotion, Kristanna was speechless. For the first time
in her life, this ultra-outgoing and charismatic woman was
totally speechless. Thus, I found myself talking again.

"This was all so sudden on my part, dear. It wasn't
planned." I laughed, my own body full of the jitters. "I
don't even have a ring for you yet. But I swear to you...
I'll get you a ring, and make this proposal complete."

Kristanna massaged her throat with her free hand and
managed to whisper in a weak tone, "Yes... I'll marry you."
She then got rid of her Viking hat and hopped up to both
knees before me. After a moment where we looked at each
other through a dual collection of tears, Kristanna tossed
her arms around my shoulders and hugged me fiercely.

"Oh God, Jeremy... I LOVE YOU!" my new fiancee exclaimed.
Still embracing me, she then held both hands out and gushed,
"Look at me! Look at me! I'm SHAKING!" Soon, the embrace
from Kristanna came with a powerful, vise-tight grip. She
began to bounce and vibrate as both of us stood on our knees
before each other, locked as one. "I LOVE YOU, JEREMY! OH

A wide range of positive emotions swirling throughout my
entire body, I buried my face upon Kristanna's shoulder and
felt like crying. This was the happiest moment of my life!

<<<- End of Chapter 24 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

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