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This is the second story written by my very own sub. I think she has a lot of potential, but she doesn't think she's that good. Please give feedback.
I look down at my watch and realize it’s 9:30pm and I should be leaving for the hotel in 5 minutes in order for me to even get there on time. I look up at the mirror and run my fingers through my straight hair and then looking down the rest of my body making sure that the lingerie is where it needs to be. I fix my bra making sure that my breasts have enough cleavage and then sliding my garter belt since it’s seemed to move a bit and fixing my panties making sure they are flat against me. I bend over and slip on the black pumps and slide my hands up my stocking covered legs feeling the black lace as I move up to the top of my thigh tugging them up making sure they are as tight as can be and hooking them to the garter belt for security. I turn around and grab the trench coat slipping it on and tying the leather strap around my waist making sure that nothing is revealed, although my tights and the strap connecting to the garter belt are a bit in view but that shouldn’t matter at this point. I walk outside and get into the car to drive over to the hotel.

I arrive at the hotel around 9:55 and leave my car at valet. Naturally they gawk at me as I step out of the car because of course I seemed to have opened my legs a bit too wide and my coat opened up a bit revealing my lack of clothing. I make my way inside the door nodding and smiling at the doorman. I step inside and stop almost immediately, the entire lobby seems like it’s made entirely of marble and it’s so bright and so inviting I smile. I walk slowly towards the reception desk smiling softly as I hear the clack of my heels against the marble floors. And since it’s such a grand hotel there are naturally powerful looking people in the lobby checking in as well, men mostly since I can feel about a thousand eyes on my odd attire no doubt turning to look at what seemed to be the only heels touching the stone floor. I smile and nod at anyone who makes eye contact with me and head over to the desk smiling at the man at the desk.

“Dace, checking in I believe.” I speak smiling the most polite smile I can muster as he types something away on his computer quite impressively as well since he doesn’t really seem to be looking at the screen but at the top part of my coat that seemed to have loosened up a bit. I decided to just leave it open anyways, no doubt it would come off soon anyways.

“Miss, someone’s already checked in but asked us to leave a key and this.” He leaned down under the desk and brought up a small box with a note on the top of it. “Suite 2006 Miss, floor 25, you’ll need the last elevator to the left to access that room. Is there anything else I can help you with?” I shook my head taking the box and key and headed towards the elevator chuckling as I hear a faint “Enjoy your stay”, I’m only too sure I will.

I stepped into the elevator and opened up the note. In a very elegant it read “Slip this inside you and make sure to leave the coat. -Sir” I slid the note into a pocket of my coat and opened up the box revealing a small round object. I chuckle lightly and taking it out of the box I slide off my coat and leave it on the floor with the now unnecessary box. I move my panties to the side and slowly slide the cool metal looking ball inside me causing me to gasp from the sudden temperature change. I fix my panties smoothing them out again as I hit the floor 25 button and stood waiting staring up at the red numbers over the door. I whistled along with the music in the elevator and when I hit floor 23 I yelped and leaned back against the cold elevator walls as I felt my entire inside come alive with the vibrator inside me. I bit my lip as it increased once I hit level 24 and by the time I got to floor 25 I knew that I was already soaking since it seemed to increase even more. Thinking aloud I whisper, “His powers know no bounds now.” I step out of the elevator my legs shaking slightly as I keep stepping closer towards the end of the hall. He’s probably chosen the room at the end purposefully to keep this thing inside me longer. I walked as best as I could, stumbling, as with each step the vibrations seem to be getting more and more intense. I finally reaching the door and ever so slowly I lift my hand any movement on my part just seems to make the vibrator that much more intense. I barely knock on the door when all of a sudden the vibrations stop and I drop to my knees. As soon as I dropped the door opened and I saw Sir standing there looking down at me.

He smiled and stepped to the side. “Get up Ren, quickly.” I nodded and with my wobbly knees I stood and stepped past the threshold. “Take off the panties and leave them on the handle.” I exhaled loudly revelling in the small freedom I had now obtained as I slipped off my panties and upon investigation noticed that of course, they were not completely soaked but they definitely were very wet. I tied them around the door handle and turned around smiling at him. He shut the door behind me and smiled back and nodded towards the suite so I can continue walking forward. As I turned around I gasped as he smacked my ass causing me to giggle. I kept walking forward and again, I was immediately halted with the sight before me.

Only Sir would have us in a suite where the windows are the entire wall, ceiling to floor
and overlooking the street. I smiled and couldn't help the small chuckle that slipped through my mouth as I slowly made my way over towards the window to get a better look. As soon as I was close enough to the wall I felt a pressure on my back and gasped as I suddenly felt the cold glass against my body. I felt Sir pressing against my back and I moaned softly as I could feel his suit press against me pushing me further against the glass wall. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back slightly as he moved his hands down my sides gripping my wrists and pulling them up quickly and roughly putting them over my head hitting the glass. I pushed my ass back against him before I could stop myself wanting to feel him push against me tighter. I feel his hot breath on my neck causing me to shiver as I now felt his breath on my ear whispering. “What do you want now?” I bit my lip and whispering back, not to be seductive but because I’m nearly out of breath from the small attack and being pushed up against the wall, “Anything you wish to give me.”

“Good girl.” I could feel his body against mine as he chuckled lightly and pushed me against the glass harder with just his hands. I felt the rest of him move away and with those demanding short commands he begins instructing me. “Kneel.” and without even letting me kneel on my own he grabs my hair and pulls down causing me to gasp and moan at the same time as I felt my body come alive again as the vibrator began working its own magic.

I was now on my knees my head pulled back craning my neck to look up at him as he stares down at me. I feel his knee go into my back as he pushes me against the glass and he speaks again. “What are you Ren?” and he tugs on my hair making me gasp more.

“I am your submissive Sir.”

I say quickly closing my eyes wincing from the tug again. “Look at me when I speak Ren.” and he tugs my hair harder as I open my eyes looking up at him gasping. “What are you Ren?”

Again I answer the same thing and seeming pleased he nods and loosens up his grip on my hair but keeping his knee in my back still. “Good girl. Now, face down and ass up in the air.”

I felt his knee come up a bit so I can move back from the glass so I can lean forward. As I put my head on the floor I gasp and my back arches as I feel his foot on my back pushing down harder leaving just my ass in the air, my chest and head fully on the ground. “And what am I?” He pushes his foot down on my back more as I gasp slightly speaking.

“My Sir, my Dom.”

Seeming satisfied with that answer he moves his foot up and off my back. “Good girl Ren. All fours now.” and I quickly take a breath and get up on my hands and knees looking out at the view of the street and then up the window I can see his reflection, him in his dazzling suit and me on all fours waiting for him. In the reflection I see him step back a bit and with his foot he pushes on my ass making my face press against the glass gasping again from how cold it feels against me. “And what can I do to you Ren?” He pushes on my ass more.

“Whatever you feel like doing to me Sir.”

I vaguely see his reflection but I do feel his foot move away from my ass as I move my face away from the glass. I see him kneel down behind me and with a quick movement of his hand I feel it come down on my bare ass as I yelp from the surprise. The sting of the spank and the vibrations from the vibrator cause me to shake a bit from the pleasure. I again feel the sting on my ass as he brings his down on my ass again. He does this repeatedly and I quickly lose count.

“When will I stop Ren?” He keeps on spanking me and I bite my lip and he spanks me harder since I was quiet for too long. “When will I stop Ren?” he brings his hand down on my ass again, the burn still as strong. As soon as he moves his hand the cool air surrounds the heated area and the mix of temperatures has me rubbing my thighs together a bit, the vibrator still going inside me as I feel my own wetness on my legs.

“Whenever you wish to Sir.”

I gasp out as he brings his hand down on my ass again but this time keeps it there rubbing slightly as I sigh softly and relax against his smooth rubbing. He rubs my ass for a bit then moves his hand away as I look in the window watching him get up.

“Stand up.”

I move to stand without turning to face him. He pushes me against the window and grabbing my hands he puts them to the side of me and slides his hands up my back to the strap of my bra and unclasps it. He slides it off me and tosses it somewhere in the room. He then slides his hands down my side and back to my hands as he moves them behind my back. I feel his knee push in between my legs as he moves it to the left and right hitting my legs causing me to spread them. With his foot he taps the inside of my ankle to make sure I have my legs spread apart far enough. I can feel the vibrator moving around inside me as my legs pull apart and I shiver again from the feeling.

With one of his hands he pushes me against the window and I gasp from the cold glass touching my nipples instantly making them harder. The other hand moves down my back and following the curvature of my ass. He slides his hand in between my thighs and I moan out, loudly from the feeling of his fingers on my wet pussy. He takes a step forward moving his hand back around my ass and cupping my heated sex. He cupped it firmly and with a simple reminder he spoke into my ear,


And he moved his finger along my nether lips. His palm pushing against my clit as he slowly begins stroking me with his entire hand. I tilt my head back against his moaning as the pace he’s rubbing me at continues to increase.

The mixture of his hand on my heated wet sex and the non-stop vibrating ball inside me nearly is driving me crazy. I move my hips against his hand and against his own body wanting to feel more of him against me. I feel that small pressure tugging at my insides just begging to be released and I can only moan to articulate how much pleasure he’s causing me.

I feel myself being tipped over the edge and I know I must not cum, not yet. Even though he’s not given any orders for me to not cum he’s also not given me the permission to cum and I fight with my own will power. I can feel it building up inside me and without any warning he moves his hand away and turns me around. “Jacket and shirt off.” And I move to his side, legs shaking slightly from the near orgasm. I slide his jacket down his arms and toss it over onto the floor; watching making sure that the jacket was fine to touch the floor. Not noticing a negative reaction I slid my hands down his chest unbuttoning his shirt and then down his sides to get his cuff links, cupping them and putting them in the shirt pocket. Sliding his shirt down and away from him I tossed it lightly onto the floor by his feet and looked up at him biting my lip lightly. He slid his hands up my arms and onto my shoulders and gripping tightly he turned me back around and pushed me against the glass wall making me gasp from the cold glass once again.

I can hear his belt loosen and his zipper come undone and I nearly come undone as well just from the sound of that. He pushes against me letting my feel his dick right against my ass and I moan out again. He doesn’t give me what I thought would happen though, no. With no belt holding his pants up anymore they slide down allowing his lower half to rub against me, and rub against me he does. I can feel the heat of his dick rub against my own heated pussy and it feels like fire at that moment. The vibrator keeps on going and the added feel of his dick rubbing against me nearly causes me to pass out from overstimulation, and he’s not even inside me for this to occur.

I can feel him against me still rubbing along my back and his hand griping my hair and tug my head back. He slides his hand that was cupping my sex to my mouth. “Suck.” and I do not hold back. I open my mouth and lick up and down his hand getting most of my own juices off that way. I then take each finger into my mouth and suck slowly making sure to get each one and then all of them in my mouth and I can hear his chuckle. “If you want your mouth filled that badly.” and he moves away from me and spins me so that I’m facing him and pushes me down onto my knees, again with the one word command:


I move my face to his dick. I licked up and down his cock and I only teased myself at that point. I need his dick inside my mouth. First I started sucking on the head and then I stuck my tongue underneath his cock. Now I began a process of licking and advancing. Lick a little, suck a little, and move my mouth further and further down that cock. I wanted my nose in his crotch and his cock down my throat. When I had gotten to the halfway point the tip of his cock was tickling my throat. I took as much of it as I could, then decided to just move up and down his cock sucking on the way up and then licking his cock on the way down to where I could handle. He at first had his hands in my hair guiding my head down his cock, but as I started moving up and down his cock he put one hand on the glass and kept the other in my hair gripping and pulling me against his cock some more.

He pulled away from my mouth and without any warning other than the groan I heard I felt his cum on my face and I closed my eyes and kneeled there, as he finished cumming on my face. Naturally my face wasn’t the only thing that was hit, my hair and neck and chest were all covered in his cum and as soon as I didn't feel anymore I opened my eyes and looked up at him and smiled. “Don’t wipe it off. Come on.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the bed and pushed my down on my back, my legs dangling off the side of the bed. “I’ll let you cum on the bed.” and with that he turned up the vibrator to its max setting and began fingering me as well. I gasped at the surprise and did not hold in any of my moans. I was going to be allowed to cum and I knew that it would happen fast. I felt his thumb rub against my clit as two of his fingers moved around inside me with that ball that just would never stop vibrating. I was squirming and writhing against the bed panting as I felt the familiar tug inside of me. “Come on Ren, go ahead.” he must of felt it as well and before I knew it, on command I came moaning out loudly and arching my back digging my hands into the duvet as I came undone around his fingers.

He pulled his fingers out of me along with the ball and tossed it somewhere in the room and stood back as I looked up at him. He held out his hand and beckoned me to stand up. I stared at him and smiled as I moved my humming body over to him and stood in front of him. He bent down and wrapping his hand around my ankle he lifted it and slipped off my heel and repeating the process on the other foot as well. He grabbed a hold of my stockings and tugged them so they snapped from the garter belt and tugged them off as well. I took of my own garter belt and smiled at him as he took a hold of my hand and lead me to the shower.

He turned on the water and stepped inside pulling me in with him and I groaned as the hot water fell over both of us. We stood in the water for a bit letting it relax our muscles slightly and he grabbed my arms and placed them on the wall of the shower and I closed my eyes as his hands and the hot water cascaded down on my body.

“Stick your ass out a bit.”

He chuckled lightly and I did so only guessing what could happen next. He moved to the side of me and rubbed along my ass with his hand and quickly he brought his hand down on my ass, the water only adding that much more intensity to the sting. I winced and bit my lip, I knew it would hurt his hand as well but right now I felt the sting more.

“Good girl Ren, 2 more.”

He brought his hand down again on my ass and I fisted my hands closing my eyes letting out a gasp. The water made it hurt more but it still felt good and without missing a beat he smacked my ass but this time it felt differently and effectively brought me to my knees from the intense sting that was delivered. I looked up and saw that he had a loofah in his hand, the loofah part in his hand and the wooden handle sticking out and I knew, of course, that that’s what he used on my last spank and the mere shock hit me at that point and I felt a couple tears fall down my face. It didn’t cause me that much pain, I did fall to my knees and I am tearing up but that was from the mere shock of the incident rather it being anything painful. He smiled and kneeled down by me and wiped my face.

“Good girl Ren.” and of course I smiled back at him as thanks for the compliment.

We stood up shortly after and had ourselves washed. We dried each other off and I could already feel the aura of the scene leaving as he began drying my hair. We made sure to dry off really well and made our way over towards the bed. I watched him lay on it and moving towards the centre of the bed, I climbed on after him and curled up against his chest closing my eyes. He ran his fingers through my now clean hair and I felt him kiss the top of my head. “You were very good today, you know that.” I chuckled and nodded.

“You’re lucky you have someone as obedient as me. Getting out of the car at valet in nothing but underwear and a coat makes it hard to not show anything Sir.”

He chuckled and kept stroking my hair. “Probably made the valet’s night dear.” and I couldn't help but chuckle at the thought.

I fell asleep rather quickly considering I had an actual body as a body pillow and when I woke up I looked around, panicking slightly as I realised I couldn't see the clothes from the previous night. Sir wasn't there either. As I scurried round the room desperately looking for something to wear, I was about to start crying, because I didn’t want to be naked as I left the hotel, I noticed a little bag by the bed.

I opened it, not knowing what I’d find. I tipped the contents onto the bed. Out fell a dress, a small box, and a note. The note read, ‘these are now yours. Go straight home. We’ll go lingerie shopping soon, as yours have gone…walkabout. This is the outfit you will wear for me next time we meet.’

I looked at the dress. It was stunning. It was expensive. It was….revealing. I put it on, and looked at myself in the mirror. Wow. There was no back to it, and a slit that ran up my leg to my hip. The front of it plummeted too, down to my navel. It seemed like magic was the only thing keeping it from exposing me.

Next was the box, I opened it… was the metallic ball, and another note. ‘To be inserted whenever I tell you to. Do it now and only take it out when you get home’ I quickly slid it inside myself, wincing against the cold. I then left the room, and headed back to the reception. As I reached the second floor, it started buzzing inside me again. I pressed myself against the wall in shock. When I stepped out the lift, I made to exit the building, but the man at the desk called me over. As I got closer, the vibrations intensified again. I could barely stand! When I reached him, he gave me a small box. I could guess what it was. I opened it, and it was the remote for the ball, with a final note. It stated that I was not allowed to turn it off until I got home. I smiled a little, knowing that my Sir was both a bastard, and an evil genius, and yet….I drove home very carefully, with a massive smile on my face as he always knows how to keep me on my toes.


As I said, Ren wrote this, so be kind.

Any fans, well wishers, or if you just have any questions, suggestions or the like......oh and girls wanting to be a sub, kik me @ kendean11

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2014-12-21 09:28:29
This story was good. I will admit it isn't my typical style, but while I have read many stories such as those you write . . . it was cute to have a simple and soft story to read. She is a VERY talented girl and her Sir should be proud of her skill.

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