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Surreal escapade of a radio Deejay
In spite of its deion as "Fiction," this story is actually an embellishment of real experiences I had with a girl during my time on the radio. The first several chapters are absolutely true, save names and locales.

VII. I heard a car door shut, then a new female voice yelling, "Hey, you up there?"

Ashley yelled back, "Yeah, come on up!"

I heard footsteps approaching from behind, then Kim exclaim, "Holy fuck, girl, look at you!"

"I know, isn't it just so awesome?" Ashley seemed pretty proud of herself.

"For real. What's going on," Kim asked. Then, as an afterthought, "WAIT! Hang on, I gotta get a picture of this," apparently stopping just outside my field of vision.

Oh, please no.

"Well, we just came a few minutes ago, and I'm waiting to see if I can get him hard again and keep him inside me." Her deion was so, so casual. Ashley looked at me and playfully squeezed my deflated cock with her burning hot pussy.

"No shit?" A camera flash. "That's fucking awesome." She finally stepped into my periphery.

Ashley thought introductions were in order. "Vinnie, this is Kim; Kim this is Vinnie. Kim is sixteen, too, in case you were wondering." I sort of was, actually. "And on the pill." Not so much about about that part.

Kim quipped, "No it's not, his name is not Vinnie Black there is no fucking way."

Oh shit, here we go.

Ashley got excited. "Oh my god, you're right. I never thought about it. Go grab his wallet from his shorts over there."

Kim was all too happy to volunteer. "I got it," and she moved out of sight again. "Here it is." Then, a few seconds later, "Man, you shop at Costco?"

Ashley looked down at me accusingly. "Vincent Black shops at Costco?"

"No, Kim corrected, "Dean McCann shops at Costco. Dean McCann at 1136 Bramble Avenue, Lexington."

I was still trapped inside Ashley, and I wanted to just wish myself back in time about three hours, to when I was safe.

"Dean McCann? What's wrong with Dean McCann," Ashley asked. She looked at me comfortingly. "That's a pretty name."

"There's nothing wrong with it," I answered. "It's just not a very radio-friendly name. And even if it were, it's just customary to use a stage name in the business, anyway."

Ashley was quick to catch on. "Makes sense, I suppose."

I couldn't believe I was having that conversation, right there, right then. I was chained to a bench in a park, my deflated dick still resting inside the pussy of a fiery sixteen-year-old, who I'd just filled with all the jizz in the world, and her schoolmate was rifling through my wallet. This was the very definition of surreal.

Ashley again, "What time is it?"

Kim answered, "I don't know, I can't see. Like three fifteen or something." She paused. "Is he getting hard again, yet?" Was she impatient?

Ashley frowned at me. "No. I think I'm gonna have to try something else." This time, she virtually leapt from me with the agility and grace of a gazelle, and I was honestly impressed.

Now firmly planted on the ground next to me, "I'm going to have to remember to pay attention to where I put him next time; getting on is okay, but getting off is wicked tricky."

I silently started a meltdown at the mention of "next time," as Kim started laughing "'Getting off is tricky,' is it?"

Ashley looked at her friend. "Oh my god," and then joined her in laughter.

I wanted to laugh. I really did. I just couldn't do it.

Then Kim cried, "Holy shit, girl, look at you!"

Ashley suddenly looked worried. "What?"

"Look at all the cum falling outta you! Holy shit!"

Ashley looked down at herself in gleeful realization, and put a hand between her legs to catch the river still running out of her core. She then brought her hand up and showed the copious amount of fluids to her friend, then to me, then said, simply, "Wow," then unceremoniously wiped our mix of juices on my chest until she was satisfied her hand was dried as well as it going to be.

Ashley asked her friend if she'd brought any water, to which Kim replied that she had, but it was in the car, and left to retrieve it.

Ashley started gently stroking my chest as she stood next to me. "Are you thirsty, Darling?"

Ignoring the "Darling," I replied that I was. Very.

She tried to comfort me. "Okay, she'll be back with the water in a few seconds." She paused for a few moments before continuing. "Vinnie, or Dean, I know you must be upset, and maybe scared, too. Please relax. I promise I won't hurt you. I'll take really good care of you, and I won't let you get hurt. I want to play with you, but I swear I won't hurt you."

I looked up at her in bewilderment. I was trying to understand her. I needed to understand her. I needed to believe I was going to be alright. I was being forced to entrust my well-being to a sixteen-year-old girl, and as lovely and smart and cultured and benevolent as she appeared to be, I was most certainly not okay with that.

Ashley's eyes bore into me with rays of light and hope and tenderness, and for just that moment, I just let it in. I needed it to survive. I don't think she knew it, but I felt like I was breaking. Or I was being broken, and If I wasn't careful to keep myself together, I would leave this hilltop a broken man. But this once, just this once, I let this nubile goddess save me just a little.

I heard Kim return, and she brought a bottle to her friend. "Here you go, Ash."

"Thanks, Sweetie." She took several big gulps from the bottle herself, then turned to me.

"Are you ready?" I replied that I was, and she slowly started to tip the bottle over my mouth. She was concentrating intently, trying to afford me just the right amount as I greedily, yet cautiously gobbled up the water she offered. When my consumption slowed, she pulled the bottle away and asked if I was good, and I replied in the affirmative.

"Thank you, Ashley." And I meant it. Like everything else I'd seen her do, she'd done this perfectly. As she smiled down at me with comforting eyes, I could not help but smile at her. She was so fucking bright and beautiful and perfect I couldn't bear it. Could she see how scared I was?

"Holy shit, I got it," I heard Kim exclaim.

Ashley's eyes darted up to her friend. "Got what? Oh my god that's perfect!" She raced to Kim, leaving me cold.

Kim's voice again, "I found it in that bag. That's not your bag, is it? It's gotta be his."

Fuck. Kim had just rummaged through my bag, and I really didn't want to know what she'd found that excited her so.

"That is exactly what we need," Said Ashley

She soon reappeared at my side, holding a cock ring up for me to see. Kim finally stepped into view on my other side.

Kim was also a beautiful girl. She was taller than Ash, though from my angle I couldn't be sure of how much. She had long, straight Scandinavian blond hair, and a rounder, narrow face, and a tiny nose. Her lips were narrow, but this suited the rest of her face. She wore a red tank top, but this did little to hide her form. Her breasts were a little larger than Ash's. Everything about her was a little larger than Ash, but I suspected that her body was proportionate to itself.

"We're gonna put this on you, and get you hard again," said Ashley. "Okay?"

I looked at her, perplexed by the fact that she'd asked if that was okay. We both knew she was going to do it anyway. I just didn't get it. "Okay."

She smiled, and turned to my deflated cock, grabbing it tenderly with her left hand as Kim disappeared again. I began to wonder, if she'd never put a condom on somebody, how was she going to get this cock ring on?

She held me upright, and positioned the ring on top. I was still super slick with our juices, and I was eternally grateful as she began to squeeze the ring down on to me, a look of total concentration and focus on her face. The camera flash started again, and continued as Ashley said, "Oh, be sure to get our faces, kay?" Her instruction to Kim and the repeating camera flashes helped to keep me limp as she continued to massage the ring onto me.

It wasn't too long before she reached the base, and I was relieved. Ashley looked at my encircled manhood, then at me, and finally at Kim before smiling and stating triumphantly, "I did it."

Then, without warning, Ashley bent over and, holding me up with one hand, took my soft member into her mouth, sliding slowly up and down, and sucking firmly but gently. As she went to work on me, Kim started circling us, clicking away with the camera from every angle. I tried to ignore her.

Soon, I felt myself stiffening under Ash's attention. I began to feel her on me, again. I closed my eyes and just let myself experience the blessing she was offering. As I was growing in her mouth, I remember wondering if my life would ever be the same. When she felt me firming up, she hummed softly, as if in approval. Quickly, she had me hard yet again.

Slowly and gently she withdrew from my member. I opened my eyes in time to see her lovingly kiss the tip before slowly standing upright. She then looked again at Kim, who looked back at her before speaking.

"Wow. That was fucking crazy."

Ashley, "I know, right?"

VIII. Ashley appeared to assess the situation, looking back and forth between my face, my cock, Kim, and a variety of other subjects unidentified by me. She finally turned to Kim and asked, "Okay. You want some?"

I began to liken my brain to a dam, holding my thoughts and hopes together in a reservoir. Little cracks had been forming all over it for the past couple of hours. Ashley's last question had just sprung a leak.

Kim answered, "Nah, I'm good. The game wore me out."

"Suit yourself." Then they both started laughing. I was not amused.

Ashley looked down to find me frowning. "Oh, don't be like that. Everything's going to be alright, I promise. Cheer up. I mean, how many times have you ever had a couple of hot girls tie you up and trade you off?" She smiled relentlessly at me.

You'd be surprised. I returned her smile as genuinely as could. I was sincerely trying to not be bitter.

Ashley smiled brightly at her friend, and hopped slightly before turning her smile to me. "Okay, let's go!" She swung her leg over me like she'd done twice before. As she did this, a few drops of our sex sprayed from her onto my stomach, and I thought that this might be the dirtiest, sexiest thing I had ever seen. Even now, she still dripped steadily onto my shaft, helping her maneuvers seem effortless as she slid along me.

The anticipation was palpable Kim was close now, and I watched her in her wide-eyed amazement as she was about to see her friend slowly impaling herself on me. I wondered if they'd ever been with each other.

Ashley reached the part where she started backing onto me, but instead of reaching back for my sex, she looked at Kim and asked, "Would you mind giving me a hand?"

Kim had been about to start taking pictures again. Instead, she moved forward to her friend's side. "Sure. What do you need me to do?"

Ashley described the situation to her, and instructed her to hold me in position as she backed onto me. Kim said she understood, and I immediately felt her hand on me, along with the accompanying jolt from her touch. Her hand felt as if it was a little less confident than Ash's had been. It almost felt as if she was afraid she'd hurt me somehow, and I was inwardly amused by her trepidation, right up until I felt myself at Ashley's entrance.

She backed onto me slowly, and we again relished the slow joining of our bodies. She felt almost custom-fitted to my form, and she was still impossibly slick with our juices. The ring around my cock did little to lessen the sensations I received from my lover. Soon, I was well enough planted, and Kim removed her hand from me, but did not back away; she stayed close, observing every detail of my union with Ashley, studying, taking pictures, as focused as ever.

My member twitched involuntarily inside Ashley's still moving form, and she lightly shuddered, but continued back until I was again fully enveloped by her, and she lifted herself upright again.

Ashley exhaled, catching Kim's attention. The two looked and smiled at each other excitedly. They kissed briefly, then Kim backed off.

Ashley's eyes were locked with mine as she slowly rocked back and forth on me, her inner walls massaging my sex as her weight on me shifted. She brought her legs up, resting her knees at my sides and let her arms fall free. She was keeping herself upright now only by the positioning of her thighs and the movement of her hips, and I gasped at the knowledge of her suspension on me.

The camera flashes began.

Ashley kept her pace for a while, eventually closing her eyes, concentrating, savoring the sensations she was drawing from me. I briefly looked at Kim to find her again studying her friend intently, and I smiled.

After several minutes, Ashley's hands returned to my stomach, and she started fucking me in earnest. Now no longer content with the status quo, she wanted more, and she had a good idea how to get it. She brought her knees as close together over my chest as she could, pushing as much of her sex onto me as she could manage. I simply wasn't far enough inside her. Except this time she winced and froze. Maybe I was.

She returned her knees to their original position, again with a smile, and started riding. She began picking up speed, and I was in heaven. I watched her start sweating again. Her neck was breathtakingly beautiful. She was moving faster and faster and faster and faster with every stroke, and I could feel my member being pulled and maneuvered every which way, confined inside her tunnel, my flesh gliding effortlessly against and inside her own, our fury ever building.

I could feel her starting to shake on me, gushing her fluids out over me. The wet sex noises began again, the disgusting, dirty, beautiful noises. I actually watched her fluids splash out from our union. I wished I could join her. I started murmuring, "Please, please, please…" over and over, and a tear came to my eye in the midst of my frustration. I would have done anything to come with her, though I knew I would have the different satisfaction of watching her disintegrate on top of me, and it was happening now. Her movements on me stopped making sense, and she abandoned all attempts at keeping a rhythm. Now she was just flailing wildly, as if she were the object of exorcism. And in a way, she was. She was putting everything she was into purging a most primal and carnal spirit, and this time she would not be interrupted by my own exorcism. She would follow the road to its end as I looked on from the back seat.

Ashley started calling out with a random abstract noise. I did not think she was still capable of speech. The noise started deep inside her, and rapidly grew into an all out cry into space. She was the craziest, most beautiful thing I had ever seen as she started furiously slapping my stomach, her back arched impossibly, her head facing the skies to which she was calling. The moonlight reflected off the drops of sweat she was shaking from her body. She was a goddess as she finally stopped, frozen, her mouth wide open, and her sex tried to squeeze the life from my manhood.

She stayed that way for several seconds before she started to crumble upon me, and I became concerned she would lose her balance and fall to the patch of concrete beneath us. As if she'd read my mind, Kim rushed in to support her friend.

Several minutes passed like this, Ashley still precariously perched atop me, Kim still holding her up. There was an occasional movement or noise from her, but nothing material. Eventually, she raised her head and opened her eyes. She looked drunkenly at me, then at Kim, and kissed Kim, briefly but lovingly, then turned back to me and smiled. She dripped with sweat as she cleared her dry throat.

"Hi, Dean."

I smiled back at her. "Hi, Ashley."

Ashley then sat up, raised her hands high above her head, and stretched as far as I thought she could. I felt the flex of her muscles on my manhood, and I lightly shuddered. She stretched forever, then was done. Once she had returned to her natural state of rest (still impaled on my rock-solid erection), she looked at me, then at Kim again.

She dismounted me, slowly this time, apparently a little weak. I smiled inwardly in satisfaction. She bent over expertly to pick up a bottle of water, then began drinking eagerly as she walked and stretched her legs. Kim looked on.

Suddenly, I felt Ashley's presence next to my face, and I turned to her. She looked into me deeply and said, "Thank you, Dean. You did good."

Slightly impatiently, Kim inquired, "So, what are we doing now?"

Ashley thought for a few moments and said, "Well, I guess it's time to go." Then she looked back down at me and said, "I think you should drive home naked."

Eyes wide, I said, "I think you're wrong."

"Kim, Dear, would you grab his clothes?"

I looked over at Kim, pleading silently with my eyes. She didn't see me. She just smiled at her friend, nodded once, and said, "Got it."

Ashley looked back at me, smiling cheerfully and playfully patting my chest. "As I said, I think you should drive home naked." I just closed my eyes, trying to accept the futility of my situation.

From where I believed my clothes had been tossed, Kim said, "Okay, I'm going home, Sweetie." Ashley ran gingerly to her, and hugged her friend hard. Immediately, Kim shrieked, "Fuck, Ashley, you're getting sweat and cum and goo all aver me!" She was seriously annoyed, half-heartedly trying to shake Ashley off.

Ashley loosened up a little and offered, "Well, it wouldn't be the first time," to which Kim chuckled. "Okay. Drive safe," and Ashley released her friend. It was the first time I'd seen them side by side, and I noted that Kim was significantly taller than Ashley, possibly by as much as a foot.

"Oh, actually, before you go, give me his t-shirt," separating the small bundle of clothes Kim held. She pulled away my shirt from the bundle, unceremoniously reached it between her legs, and began wiping our collected juices from herself, squatting down a little to assure maximum effectiveness, then shoving the shirt back into to the pile. Kim laughed in amusement, and a part of me wanted to laugh with her.

"And one more thing," she said. "Gimme those shorts."

Kim said, "What?"

Ashley extracted the shorts now, and started reaching into pockets, looking for something. When she pulled her thong out and gave the shorts back, I smiled. "I might want these," as she held them up for Kim to see. Kim nodded in agreement.

"Okay, you may go now," to which they both started laughing. Kim then bent her head down to give her friend a quick kiss, turned to the cars, and was off.

As an afterthought, Ashley called out, "Oh, hey, send me those pics as soon as you download them!" Then, over at me, "I can't wait to see them." Kim didn't answer, only waved in acknowledgment as she continued walking.

Ashley then sauntered over to me, walking as she spoke. "Okay, where were we?" When she reached me, she began softly stroking my still slippery, and still rock hard member, and continued, "Why don't you take us home now? To your home, I mean. Then we can try to get this cock ring off you, and go to sleep.


IX. I really did not want to do this. I turned my situation over and over again in my head, looking for a way out. I was naked in a park, chained to a bench. There was a naked sixteen-year-old girl with me, stroking my cock; she was covered and filled with my semen, and my genitals and face were heavily coated with her juices. My dick was being kept hard (painfully, now) by a cock ring. My clothes were on their way back into town without me, with a different sixteen-year-old girl, along with a plethora of photographs of me being fucked by the naked minor next to me. The naked sixteen year old girl had just suggested that I take her home with me. I think that's it for the important bits.

I was fucked. Royally and properly fucked. I considered a specific cliche involving dreams and nightmares. Did Ashley intend to blackmail me? I was afraid to ask her intentions. Her thoughts so far had either thrilled me, or terrified me, or both. My head hurt, my breathing was shallow, and my mouth was dry as bone. I was dizzy and thirsty and I wished - God how I wished - I could just disappear.

"Okay?" Though still cheery, her impatience was evident in the exaggerated way she had repeated the word.

Suddenly, I remembered a very important aspect of her being a minor. I tried to speak but nothing came out. The dryness in my throat had stifled my words.

Ashley looked at me, a look of panic on her face. She released her hold on my erection as she said, "Oh my god I am so sorry! You must be parched! I'll get some water for you." She looked about her feet, took a few steps, and bent over again. As royally and properly fucked as I was, I still couldn't help but appreciate her body. She straightened again with bottle in hand and approached my face. "Same deal as before," she said. "Ready?" I nodded.

She tipped the bottle to me slowly and I started to drink. It was difficult for the first few moments, but I quickly adapted, taking more than enough to restore my voice.

Once I was hydrated enough to speak, she took the bottle from my mouth and began putting the cap back on as I spoke. "Your parents..?" I cringed as I heard the words escape my chapped lips.

"… Think I'm at Kim's."

Beyond that immediate concern, I was not inclined to object. "Okay, let's go."

She beamed at me ecstatically and nodded. "Okay."

She walked out of my field of vision for several moments, and when she returned, she had put her dress back on. She went first to free my ankles, saying, "Okay, just relax, and don't try to move too much." I didn't have the energy to remind her whose cuffs they were.

She bent over at the waist again (she had to be doing that on purpose), and removed the cuffs. I let my legs hang freely, not yet prepared to try to move them.

She rose up, winked at me, and moved to my side. She asked, "Okay, you're not gonna try to run, are you?"

"Really, Ashley?" I was not amused.

She smiled apologetically, and bent again to release my wrists from the handcuffs. My arms swung freely, and I sighed in relief as Ashley popped up again, observing me closely. "Just relax for a minute before you try to move."

"Thank you, Ashley, but I've done this before." I looked at her, and the disappointment on her face saddened me deeply. I wanted so badly to not want to comfort her, but I couldn't help it. It was like I was facing two different people: one a calculated and heartless plaything, using me to satisfy her whims, the other, an innocent schoolgirl, just trying to have a good time and keep everyone happy. It was one of the main contributors to my headache.

"I'm sorry, Ashley. I didn't mean anything by it, I'm just a little stressed right now." I meant every word, but even as I spoke, I couldn't believe I was apologizing to her. I must have been out of my fucking mind.

She started smiling again, cautiously though. "It's okay, Dean. I understand. You'll feel better once you're in bed." Then, she started in a realization. "Oh my god, when do you have to be at work again?"

I tried to remember when and where I was. In the past few hours, I'd somehow let the outside world slip away, as this hill had become its own little universe. "Uh… Monday evening?" I hoped that was right. "What day is it?" I genuinely couldn't remember."

"It's early Sunday morning. Like, Four Thirty."

Four Thirty. My eyes went wide with a realization. "Holy shit, early morning runners! We gotta get the hell outta here." I started rolling off the slab, and cursed having not been in a little better shape. My arm and leg muscles didn't ache, they fucking hurt. And my back lacked any flexibility, whatsoever. I winced in pain as I very nearly rolled uncontrolled onto the concrete pad beneath me.

Ashley reacted as soon as I had spoken, her face immediately shaping into one of severe concern bordering on panic. When she saw me starting to slip off the bench, she moved to catch me. I was inwardly amused by this as the momentary sight of her being crushed under my falling weight gave way to the recollection of her physique, and I considered that she might actually have the strength to keep my body from going over the side. Fortunately, we didn't have to find out, as I caught myself and re-stabilized.

She asked if I was okay, and when I replied in the affirmative, she took the cuffs back to the bag and shoved them in. She picked it up and returned to me. I had been able to sit up somewhat upright, and had turned to my side, touching the concrete with my feet for the first time in forever. She sat the bag next to me before offering me assistance down. I thought about refusing her help, but didn't want to disappoint her again, so I took her hands before standing.

I had difficulty straightening my body completely, but managed it after only a few seconds. I was aware that Ashley was now regarding me with concern. Did she somehow care about me? My wellbeing? She was an enigma to me. Was I her plaything, or her object of affection? I didn't ponder long, as I remembered my purpose.

Once I'd established myself vertically with confidence, I surveyed the park, looking for anything we might have left behind. The grass was bare, the park peaceful, and I momentarily appreciated the serenity before addressing Ashley. "You have my keys?" She held them up for me to see. I turned to recover the bag, and saw the scandalous mess we'd made of the bench.

One could clearly identify every spot that had supported me, as it was a heavily darkened shadow of sweat on the concrete. Then there was the still drying pool of sex that remained between where my legs had once been. It was disgusting, and I loved it, and I wished this night would just be over. I looked down at my slowly softening manhood.

I picked up the bag, slung the strap onto my shoulder, and turned back to Ashley. She moved to take it from me. "Let me take that for you."

I refused. "It's okay, I got it." She looked up at me, surprised, and clearly impressed by my undying sense of chivalry, even in the face of this insanity. She was smiling at me with what appeared to be admiration and adoration. Why did she have to be so young? I couldn't let the moment slow us down. "We gotta go."

We turned and started making our way back to the car. I was barefoot and my muscles were stiff, a hazardous combination navigating uncertain terrain. But this was what I called a "money park." It was almost religiously maintained, so I figured there must be some serious funding involved in its upkeep. As a result, I wasn't to concerned about stepping on something which might hurt me, as long as I stayed on the path.

It didn't take long for us to reach the car, Ashley clinging to my arm the whole way. I led us around to the trunk, and asked her to open it so I could deposit the bag into it. When the trunk was opened, I spotted the change of clothes that I'd always carried with me, but decided against trying for them. I didn't have the mental fortitude to verbally spar with her, and I knew she'd win anyway, so I just forgot about it. Once the task was completed, I led us to her door and opened it for her. She was still looking at me, still in adoration, and I found myself suddenly trapped in her. She looked into me for several seconds before reaching up a hand to pull my head to hers and kissing me passionately, forcing my lips onto hers.

I could not refuse her. I just couldn't. I wasn't afraid to offend her, I simply felt compelled to reciprocate. I needed to return her affection. I still didn't understand, I just knew that I needed to share with her, and it frightened me.

She released me from the kiss slowly, and allowed me to return upright, still gazing into her. She smiled, shook her head slightly, and huffed, as if in disbelief of me, then slipped into her seat. I walked around the back of the car to reach my own door, and sat down. Ashley's hand was already outstretched with my keys dangling from her index finger, as her thong had been hours before. I smiled and thanked her as I took them, and began the simple process of raising my roof.

Ashley protested. "Oh, why do you have to do that?"

My answer was direct and frank without being belligerent. "Because I don't want to get arrested."

She smiled at my answer and did not say another word as the top ascended into position above us, and I secured it.

Still smiling faintly, I fired the engine, put the car into gear, and started the twenty minute drive home.

X. We drove for several minutes without speaking. I wasn't thinking about anything, really, accept driving and reaching our destination. I'd reached the point of mental fatigue where I just didn't really give a fuck about anything anymore, and I just wanted to sleep.

It was Ashley who finally broke the silence. "Oh my god I just thought of something. Do you live alone?"

I had to consciously remember; all thought required conscious effort now. "Uh, yeah," and I actually smiled at the unfortunate and somewhat comedic implications if I hadn't.

"Oh, thank God. House or apartment?"

Again, thankfully, "House."

"Okay." At least she was demonstrating a little bit of wisdom, even if it was after the fact.

My contemplation was interrupted by her hands on my manhood, pulling uncomfortably, trying to remove the cock ring. I held my breath as she moved quickly. Her inexperience and urgency caused me to jump in pain a few times, but the whole episode lasted less than thirty seconds, and I was immediately relieved.

She dropped the ring on the center console, then gently stroked the tip of my spear, apparently recovering a small amount of fresh fluid. In my periphery, I observed her bringing the finger to her mouth before sucking it gently. She then looked at me thoughtfully, and maneuvered over the console to take my limp manhood gently into her mouth.

My God, she's insatiable.

I moaned softly as she slowly massaged me inside her mouth. I wasn't getting harder, and I knew I wasn't going to, but I thought that she probably also knew, and that her purpose was not to stimulate me. She was caressing me with her tongue, her lips. She sucked gently, then licked the outside with careful and evenly distributed strokes, kissing it here and there, and taking me back in to suckle me lightly. She was making love to my sex with her mouth. I didn't think I could have imagined anything so erotic before in my life. She bathed it, cared for it, worshipped it even, and I was in awe.

She continued like this as we drove, and didn't stop until we'd reached my driveway.

When we came to a stop, and I said, "We're here," She slowly and reluctantly withdrew from my loins, and allowed me to shift the car into Park. I just looked at her in amazement, and she at me. I just let myself adore her, now. Her hair was a mess and her makeup was smeared every which way, her eyeliner now long drips mixed with sweat on her cheeks. She was beautiful, and I adored her.

She broke the spell. "Shall we go inside?" I just nodded in agreement, and we both turned to open our doors. My rented home was outside of town proper. I did have neighbors, but not a real neighborhood, and there was more than ample space between the homes. The border of my property was lined with evergreens, so unless someone was making an effort to see (which no-one was), I was afforded a modicum of privacy for my walk to my front door.

Ashley met me at the front of the car, her little black purse in hand. I took her free one, and lazily led her up the walk to the house. I unlocked the door and opened it, then stepped aside to allow her entry first.

She said, "Thank you," and stepped inside, and I followed right behind her.

Once inside, I closed the door, locked it, and flipped the light switch that controlled a nearby electric socket, and the room was illuminated in the soft ambient light of my floor lamp. I looked at the clock on the wall: 5:08. I'd made it. I'd survived. I felt something break in my mind, but I didn't know what, exactly, it was, and I was too tired to care.

Ashley slowly explored my modest home. I had a pretty simple lifestyle. "Streamlined," I liked to call it. My home wasn't bare, but just simply furnished. While almost everything had a practical purpose, I'd taken care and time to select functional objects of unique or beautiful appearance. My home had character and peace, which was important to me when I sought refuge from the hectic and polluted outside world.

Ashley returned from the bathroom to inform me that I had no bathtub, almost as if she'd expected me to be unaware of the fact. Instead, I had an elongated shower, with the shower head at one end and small seats protruding from both. It was perfect for me. Sometimes, I liked to just sit under the hot spray, as if to rest as the water washed the difficulties of my complicated contemporary life away. More peace.

Ashley, however frowned at this, and I couldn't understand why. Suddenly, I realized that she'd intended to take a bath, and I was dissatisfied with my peaceful shower for the first time.

She saw my face reveal my disappointment, and spoke quickly to assuage me. "It's totally okay," reaching out to take my hand. "Come with me." She led me out of the entry way, and I deposited my keys in their customary position on the bureau. She led me slowly to the bathroom, where she released my hand and turned the hot water of the shower on.

She began to disrobe, removing her boots, and placed them neatly under the basin. Then her socks, tucking them into her boots. She reached down and pulled her dress over her head in one swift motion, and I again admired her grace as she place the dress atop her boots.

She then hooked each of her thumbs between the ropes of her thong and her hips, and fluidly slid it down, removing her feet from it one at a time. She brought it up in her open hand, and we looked at it together. "God," she whispered, and I smiled. It was completely soiled, utterly unclean. Then we looked at each other, and she joined me in my smile. This, she dropped next to her boots before turning to me.

She checked the temperature of the shower, made an adjustment, checked it again, made one more adjustment, and reached her hand into the spray to be certain. Once satisfied, she took my hands, one in each of hers, and gently guided me into the shower, to step in after me.

She positioned me under the shower head, facing away from her, and caressed my back as the water flowed around me. I just stood there with my palms in front of me against the side of the stall. I felt her hands leave me for a few minutes, but I did not move. A few moments later, her hands returned with my bar of soap, and she began washing me.

She washed my body meticulously from the top down, leaving no spot untouched. She massaged my muscles as she went. When she had finished the top half, she sat on the seat in front of me to finish the bottom. As she was taking special care washing my manhood, a book cover flashed through my mind: Zen and the Art of Genitalia Cleansing. I laughed inwardly.

When she had finished my feet, she stood, and I expected her to guide me under the water to rinse. Instead, she told me to kneel, and I complied as my heart quickened. She guided my head downward, and removed my ponytail from its band. She found my shampoo, applied a good amount to my head before setting the bottle down, and then began to massage the stuff into my hair as I stared blankly at the floor of the stall. Her hands on my head were hypnotic. She gently worked her fingers through the lengths of long, brown hair.

"Your hair is too long," she remarked, but I was too tired to care.

She finished, and without raising me guided my head back into the spray, keeping me on my knees. She rinsed the foam from my head gently but diligently, ensuring that no soap remained.

When she pulled me forward out of the spray, I opened my eyes and gazed up at her. Ashley was looking into me, smiling, and she was awesome. She wasn't cool, or great, or excellent; she was truly awe-inspiring. Wondrous, even. She continued to puzzle me even as I was too weak to try to understand.

As I admired her, she worked up a lather in her hands, and I closed my eyes again as she carefully washed my face, starting on my forehead and continuing until she had covered every inch. She even washed my ears, and behind them. I smiled as she was doing this and imagined what a goofball I must look like to her now, which made my smile expand into my cheeks. I hoped she was smiling with me.

She finished, and pulled gently upward on the sides of my head, instructing me to rise. When I did, my eyes were still closed, and I imagined myself to be taller than I had ever been, taller than any man had ever been in history. I imagined being great and magnificent and revered by anonymous masses who had come from miles to experience my greatness. I then realized just how exhausted I was, and started laughing at myself.

As she guided me under the spray, I heard her ask, "What is it?"

I knew I would be unable to articulate my sentiments, so I simply said, "Nothing. It's nothing," and somehow she was satisfied with that.

I rinsed, and once I'd finished, I stepped instinctively in Ashley's direction and opened my eyes to find her staring into me intently. I didn't freeze up so much as just stop moving as we looked into each other. We suddenly enveloped each other and kissed passionately, furiously, feeding on each other madly, running our hands all over each other's bodies. She raised a knee up against my side, and somehow, my manhood was again stirring. Our tongues danced frantically in each other's mouths until our kiss burned out, both of us gasping for breath. I looked at her long, again, and planted a long, tender kiss on her forehead before trading places with her.

I was out of steam, and had to sit. She did not seem disappointed as I thought she might be. I just sat and watched as she washed the night's activities from her pale skin. I was suddenly grateful for the extra large water heater that the landlord had allowed me to trade into the place. He had insisted that I pay for it, and I repeatedly affirmed that I would happily finance the operation. Having enough hot water was of paramount importance to me, as the long times under the soothing water afforded me uninterrupted lengths of peaceful contemplation.

I must have fallen asleep, because the next I knew, I heard Ashley turning off the water, and I opened my eyes to watch her peek out around the shower curtain. She must be looking for a towel.

"I got it," I said as I stood slowly, appreciating that my muscles had loosened remarkably since my entry into the shower. "They're in the hall closet." I didn't look at her as I exited and disappeared into the hallway. Once I'd retrieved the large beach towel and returned, I found her standing outside the shower.

Without missing a beat, I brought the towel purposefully to her head and began drying her hair. It amused me that my hair was longer than her own; significantly longer. I tossed her hair in the towel for several seconds before gently wiping the water from her face. I dried her shoulders, her arms, breasts, and belly before turning her around and drying her back, bum, and onward, carefully studying and appreciating her form as I went. She was art, and she was flawless.

Once I had finished with her feet, I stood, and began drying my own hair vigorously. She picked my hairbrush up off the wash basin and ran it through her hair a few times before putting it back. She opened my medicine cabinet and began surveying its contents as I finished my hair and went on to dry the rest of me. She picked up my preion bottle of antidepressants, looked closely at the label, placed it back without saying a word, and continued on with her inventory.

I finished drying myself off, and hung the towel on the nearby hook before reaching around Ashley for my hairbrush. I brushed my hair back, little by little, until the few tangles that had manifested under the towel disappeared, and I returned it to the basin. I brought the towel one more time to the ends of my hair to remove the last few drops of water that had been relocated there by the brush, then returned it to its hook as Ashley closed the cabinet and turned to me and spoke.


"Bedtime," I confirmed.

I took her hand and led her to the bedroom. My bed was unmade, as any single man's bed would be, but I was grateful that I had changed the sheets a couple of days ago, and they were still unsoiled. I turned to face her, kissed her softly, and said, "Can I get you anything?" She shook her head silently. "Okay. I'll be right back. She nodded and turned to move for the bed as I exited to the hall.

I went to the kitchen and poured myself a small glass of water from the filter by the light spilling in from the living room, then went to extinguish the light. I went to urinate, then took my nightly dose of Zoloft with the water from the kitchen before flicking off the light and moving to the bedroom.

Ashley was already curled up under the sheets when I entered, and I saw that she'd turned on the lamp on the nightstand, so I tapped the off switch for the overhead, and joined her in bed. Like everything else in my home, the bed was only as big as I needed it to be; full sized. I was touching her before I even pulled the sheets up to my chest. She was facing away, so I curled up behind her, reached past her to turn off the lamp, and settled with my arm around her. My face was nestled neatly at the back of her neck, my already sleeping manhood nestled in the part in her bum.

She turned her head to me as far as she could, and I looked at her. I kissed her slowly and softly. She returned her head back to its position of rest, as did I.

I squeezed her tightly to me, and she cooed softly. "Goodnight, Dean," she whispered.

"Goodnight, Ashley."
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